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  • Noah O. Thompson

A Personal Ranking Of The 3 Best Full-Auto BB Air Rifles On Amazon

Looking for a CO2-Powered BB air rifle with dual action capability? I tested the 3 most popular options on Amazon and here's my ultimate ranking, along with hands-on reviews.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Black DPMS - Comfortable and Realistic

Top-rated: 7,278 ratings | 627 answered questions

Black DPMS - Comfortable and Realistic

Highlight: 6 adjustable positions make the gun easy to shoulder and handle.

Helpful review: "This gun is so much fun to shoot! Full auto mode leads to spontaneous giggling from the shooter and spectators alike. Weight and balance are very much like the real thing. Charging handle, safety/fire selector, are very realistic, although the forward assist is non-functional. Did I say how much fun it is to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The attached photo is from my 1st 100 shots. The tight clusters are from 3 25-round full auto bursts. The others are from semi-auto file as I tried to use the flip-up sights. All were at 30 ft. The flip-up sights aren't much use, at least for my eyes. In most lighting conditions, I found that the smooth inside surface of the cylindrical rear sight aperture was too reflective, causing enough glare to block out the front post sight entirely. It is far too loud to be back yard friendly, if neighbors are close. The loading tool is temperamental at best, jamming frequently. It is made of light plastic that feels like it will break at any moment. When it's functioning properly, it is a major improvement over hand-loading, but of 10 loading attempts, I only had 1 load the full 25 BBs without failure. In summary, if you are interested in this gun at all, BUY IT NOW. Once you fire it, you will honestly wonder why you waited at all. Ignore the loading tool. Buy your BBs in the dispenser with the little tapered spout. Just hold the bb follower back with your thumb (manual says "lock it back", but that's a misprint), tip the mag so the top end is a bit downward, and pour the BBs into the feeding hole till the slot is full. Release the follower. Don't worry if you spill some, cuz you'll be spilling a lot more real soon. Order extra magazines! The 25 rds go so fast, you'll be glad you spent the $50 a piece, just so you can keep shooting. Mount a Red Dot reflex optic or Laser for better point and shoot target acquisition." — DrewLuvsKarin49
Trending review: "I Bought one, fell in love with it. Then immediately bought a bunch of gun accessories: laser sight, red dot scope, flashlight, 4 extra magazines, an extra speed loader... I even got slip-on quick pull tabs for the mags since you have to take them apart to load the C02... and a harness to tote everything around with. This summer I'm gonna be going zero dark 30 on the extra rabbit population around here. It's seriously so sick. It's like having a full auto AR in your back yard, which is the closest a lot of people are going to get to owning something like that. And its a blast to shoot! So far everyone I've had over try it, and can't help but smile when they flip the switch and let off that first crisp burst. It's still decently loud. Not too loud so you'd need earplugs, but it let's you know you're technically shooting a weapon. I like to describe the noise as a small air powered jackhammer or nail gun. It's actually pretty dam accurate too, and the red dot scope even lines up with the laser I mounted and holds a pretty tight grouping at about 15 yards. I'm almost wondering how long until they ban full auto bb guns, because it's way too much fun to be legal. Just gotta make sure to buy plenty of ammo and C02 cartridges with it because it eats them. One full mag of CO2 is good for like 200 shots. So fill up 5 and you got yourself a pretty fun afternoon. I plan to be ordering a steady supply of them off Amazon (packs of 40 C02 cartridges for 15 bucks) or just stock pile them because it's that much fun to shoot. I also just barely ordered an Umarex m712 Mauser Broomhandle as a backup with another spare mag as well. Super excited to have that as my "sidearm" carry when I'm plinking in the backyard. Apparently that also has a full-auto selector switch. I've definetly found my new hobby. I used to have bb guns when I was a small kid but this is a game changer. It's like being able to collect and own weapons I always dreamed of. but safely and affordably." — Owen

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2. FDE DPMS - Most Affordable Option

Top-rated: 2,346 ratings | 159 answered questions

FDE DPMS - Most Affordable Option

Highlight: Removeable pop-up sight and adjustable rear sight to have you stay on target.

Helpful review: "Purchased this to practice with the price of bullets and get my girlfriend use to the AR platform. I LOVE this thing. So much fun and gave me a chance to run drills without blowing all my ammo. My uncle has been shooting his entire life and let him play around with it, next week he ordered one for getting rid of chipmunks around the yard. I’ve had 5 friends shoot it and they all walk away with a smile. The fact that you can break it down and clean it like a real AR is super impressive. I would recommend oiling everything down as you would a real rifle as it makes it function a little smoother or at least sounds like it does. Accuracy drops off after a bit as the gun gets cold. Warm the rifle and mags up before use and it shoots very accurate. I was shooting 25 feet away and kept my shots within 4 inches compensating for drop. Get an extra mag to warm the spare up in your pocket if it’s not warm out and it’ll keep it accurate." — Chris Anderson
Trending review: "IGNORE PEOPLE WHO ARE COMPLAINING. As long as you lubricate prior to use, and maintain the rifle (like you would with a real AR ), you should be fine. I suspect most people didn't do that - hence why they have so much trouble with it. You wouldn't drive your car without oil - so why wouldn't you lubricate working metal parts? Now, it's accurate to about 10 feet. After that, expect the equivalent of spray and pray. But this is SO MUCH FUN!! Reloading is easier if you manually load BBs. A straw will be helpful to hold the BBs. Single-shots will yield 15% more C02 than full auto. Decent control when shooting in bursts of 3-4 bbs. Expect 8-10" of accuracy at 40ft for the first 50 shots in semi-auto. As long as you APPLY lubrication to the tops of CO2 canisters ( oil not provided ), you should get a decent lifespan from the rifle. Compared to my 4 ARs - this feels REAL. You can also add a faux reverse threaded barrel shroud at the end to eliminate the SBR aesthetic. It has the right weight, the right balance. Breaks down just like a real AR. Pop two pins, remove "BCG" and clean/lube for longer life. Use charging handle, fire select, mag eject, or BCG release just like a real AR. *forward assist is only there for aesthetics. C02 cartridges are WAY cheaper than 5.56mm rounds. Rail is plastic, but it will easily accommodate a Holo or other optics. Add a cheap ACOG style scope, you can achieve a decent aesthetic if you so desire. Overall - This is a 10. I can't emphasize how much fun this is." — Robert Cordero
Reassuring review: "I originally bought this to start teaching the kids about rifle safety and how to shoot/handle the AR platform. While it does function as a pretty good training tool before we step up to a 22lr, it's also just a barrel of fun. For the money, there's few better ways to spend a couple of hours on a warm afternoon. Now, it really has good C02 life... I get about 14 (or 350 bbs) magazines per pair of cartridges running full auto, and about 16 magazines if I run semi-auto. Muzzle velocity and therefore accuracy drops after about 8-9 magazines, but moving a few feet closer to the target when that happens negates this change. This functions about 85% the same as a standard AR rifle, so its a great platform to introduce the kids on. Accuracy is pretty good for an inexpensive bb gun. We shoot it between 5-10 yards depending on weather conditions and C02 charge, and it makes consistent hits on the target (6" rubber "gong" in a homemade bb catch box). My rifle has been 100% reliable since I've owned's had somewhere around 2500 bbs down the barrel. I do lubricate the rifle each time we change C02. But keep in mind that the included sights are junk. I put a spare set of UTG flip-ups I had laying around on it and they've been much better. Trigger pull is a bit heavy for young kids... I have to squeeze the trigger for my 2-year-old as she learns to point and steady the rifle, whereas she can work the trigger on our Crosman PSM45 pistol on her own. I haven't put a gauge on it, but I'd estimate it's about a 7-8lb pull. I don't have a whole lot of luck with the included speed loader, but it only takes about 20-30 seconds to load the magazine by hand. I have a few spares that are on backorder, so it'll be nice to have those. The screws that push the C02 cartridges in place use a hex key (one is included). This is fine, but I'd rather just have a phillips slot so I could just use a regular screw driver. Overall, I've been very satisfied with this product... Yes, it's mostly plastic, but it's well made and if you take care of it and realize that at the end of the day it's a toy, it should last for a long time. I'll probably end up ordering another one so we can shoot more than one at a time." — Colby Moritz

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3. Bushmaster - Ideal for Training

Top-rated: 1,295 ratings | 174 answered questions

Bushmaster - Ideal for Training

Highlight: Red dot sight included!

Helpful review: "I had to do my homework when it came to ordering this air rifle. My husband whom is a giant child, wanted good quality and full auto, in the style of his beloved AR-15. He simply would not want anything plastic or pump action. So after searching high and low, all stores and sites, I came across this gem. I saw the price and almost did not get it. But quality comes with a price, so he is the big show off right now. It is a replica basically, it shoots beautifully in full auto, tore through the targets they made. His twin got the DPMS, and they both say this is one to buy if buying such a type of air rifle. And I mean it is made by Bushmaster, same as his AR, so it speaks for itself. He is happy with his new toy, as he promised to rid us of some evil possums, and he got to "one up" his twin. I am happy he is happy!" — H. Martinez
Trending review: "So I bought this hoping for the best. I have several AR’s and never get to shoot them because of time and money for ammo. This gun is incredible and gives all the feels of an actual AR. It sounds like a suppressed 9m when firing. The blowback action provides legitimate firing inputs and all major functions are the same as the AR. The only difference is when you extract a mag there is nothing in the chamber. Unlike an AR that would feed a round. All of the action is in the mag so unless the mag is in you can’t go bang. Accuracy is as good as you need. I added a Sig Romeo 5 because I had it handy and the red dot that comes with it is super cheapo. It works fine but is low and hard to obtain. I wouldn’t have changed it if I didn’t have another optic available. Really, so much fun! Fire hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rounds for the price of a 30rd 556 mag. Great training platform and a blast to shoot." — Jay
Reassuring review: "Wow! I own several AR15's and the realism of this air rifle is spectacular. It's got a picatinny quad rail an actual AR15 adjustable butt stock. It even breaks down like an AR15! With the speed loader it's a breeze to load and the fully automatic mode is exciting to say the least. My only complaint is that my RMR optic had a cracked lense but still works. The beauty about this air rifle is you can customize it just like you can an AR15! Highly recommend!" — Jean Marin

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