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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Montenegro

If you want to go somewhat off the beaten path during your next vacay with your best friends, then you seriously need to visit the Balkans. And if you’re going to be spending a few days in Montenegro, you absolutely need to pop into these six places while there.

When it comes to countries that literally offer it all to their guests, Montenegro checks all of the required boxes. Beautiful beaches with inviting waters? Yep. Rugged and breathtaking mountain ranges for the adventurous type? Indeed! Sure, you and your girlfriends could jet off to Spain or Italy when you visit Europe, but why limit yourself to places that are just going to be packed with tourists?

1. Ostrog Monastery

When you visit the Ostrog Monastery, there are two things that you’ll notice about it right away. One, it’s an incredibly dazzling white color, and two? It’s carved directly into the side of a sheer cliff face, one that peeks over a stark 900-foot drop below. Gulp. If you can set your acrophobia aside, though, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this impressive building. Named after Saint Basil of Ostrog, this historic building was constructed in the 17th Century and draws over a hundred thousand pilgrims to it annually.


2. Budva

When you and your besties arrive in Budva, you’ll wonder why you took so long getting there. You’ll want to waste no time grabbing yourself a cold drink to enjoy on the pristine sandy beaches, and when you grow restless of lounging around by the sparklingly clear waters, pack up and head back to your hotel for a wardrobe change. Why? Because the non-stop nightlife of this town is calling, and it’s not going to wait around for you. We guarantee that you’ll never want to leave!


3. Velika Plaza

Velika’s Plaza is Montenegro’s very own Long Beach. In fact, that’s what it translates into in English, and its name is quite an accurate description for it. This beach spans an impressive 8 miles in length, and it still manages to cram quite a bit of excitement into its size. Not only does it feature a warm sea for you and your gal pals to go swimming in, but it’s also a paradise for fans of kitesurfing. If you get hungry, pop into one of the quaint restaurants dotting the waterfront for a bite of delicious local fare.


4. Sveti Stefan

While you may have to jump through a few hoops to get to it – or at least hitch a ride on a boat! – the sight that greets you when you finally set your eyes on Sveti Stefan will all be worth it. This quaint resort village is nestled away on an exclusive island, making it a little bit of a feat to get there. However, its prestigious reputation is justified. It boasts rosy-sand beaches and breathtaking clear azure waters. Make sure you plan ahead, though, as it’s only open to guests from May through October.


5. Kotor

Make sure you set aside an entire day to fully immerse yourself in the wonder that’s known as Kotor. This tiny little town is hidden away in Boka Kotorska and has earned itself the title of being one of the most beautiful bays in the entire world. You’ll want to spend plenty of time hiking up to the San Giovanni Fortress while there, and Kotor’s Old Town also can’t be missed. This city is a medieval town, which means that you’ll really be feeling the centuries of history when you stroll down the cobblestone streets there.


6. Porto Montenegro

If you want to be blown away by a port town that somehow manages to balance affluence with friendliness, then look no further than Porto Montenegro. This bustling seaport not only is the home to the luxurious yachts, it also is very welcoming to visitors. Bring comfortable shoes, because you’ll want to wander around this thrilling town for hours. Once you’ve had your fill of the sights, though, make sure you set aside a chunk of time to indulge in the local cuisine. There’s nothing better than working up an appetite after breathing in the salty air of Porto Montenegro!


See? What did we tell you? Grab your best friends and book your tickets, because Montenegro is the place to go for your next trip!


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