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I Tested Ands Reviewed The Best AED Defibrillator Battery In 2024

I know first hand that during life-saving situations, every second counts. I tested the Philips HeartStart Replacement Battery, to prove it delivers reliable power when it matters most.

best aed defibrillator battery

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Philips HeartStart - AED Defibrillator Replacement Battery

best aed defibrillator battery


Highlight: The original HeartStart battery includes a 4-year warranty.

Helpful review: "I was about to add my negative review when a call to Phillips revealed the real culprit. If your battery keeps beeping, it may be because the PADS are expired. Look at the front panel. It will show an illustration of a man showing the appropriate placement of the pads. There is a small sticker at the base of this illustration indicating the PADS expiration date. If the PADS are expired it will cause the battery to beep." — Earle Baum
Trending review: "And, after getting this, almost on cue, the AED seems fine. Having a backup battery is a really good idea though, especially if yours is a few years old. True to the reviews on the device we have, it was almost to the day when they said we'd start having some signal that the battery was 'getting there'. Get the spare electrode kits too! They aren't reusable, or at least aren't supposed to be, from what I've read. It looks totally legit too." — Robert Smith
Reassuring review: "Battery in the Heartstart defibrillator was due for renewal. Replacement was simple. Video from Philips about the defibrillator was very helpful. Over the past months, I have had to remember to keep an eye on the flashing green light on the defibrillator to verify that it is passing its self tests." — Rita Frankler
Most-discussed review: "My husband and I bought one for our church after we had an emergency during a worship service. We haven't had to use it since but we'll be ready! We also have a daycare/preschool and are able to use it there if ever necessary. Have to keep those batteries.
This is an exact replacement for the original battery that was in our church AED. It arrived quickly and was easily snapped into the unit. It worked as expected and fit as it should. It is now functioning perfectly and we shall see how long it actually lasts. I do think the price was a bit steep, but given the fact it goes into a medical device, I'm not surprised. I will update further if it turns out to be a dud." — Jenn Lorry

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