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The Best BB Pistols Are Actually Affordable (And Very Reliable)

If you need a reliable BB handgun for target shooting, pest control, backyard plinking or self-defense, I’m here to help you make the best choice on your next purchase.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber Air Pistol

Top-rated: 12,112 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Glock 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber Air Pistol

Highlight: Integrated Weaver rail for easy mounting of accessories.

Helpful review: "Best Air Gun I've ever bought. And I've bought many. This Glock 19 Gen 3 replica, .177 caliber, 4.5mm, Co2 powered bb gun is extremely impressive. Cheap for the amazing quality. Owned 3 of them and never had a problem. Accurate, but not quite to a T. Though, it is a perfect bb gun for target practice. And dry fire does not ruin anything about this gun. The way I took it apart is by the screw at the bottom of the barrel next to the serial number. Unscrew the screw, pull the slide towards the direction you would normal pull a slide, then pull up to remove the slide. May have to wiggle it a little, but it comes off and will very easily go back on the same way you take it off. Amazing feel. Fits the hand like it's meant to be. Easy to use. The list goes on, but overall, an amazing buy. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a great target practice experience. And I have taken it for rabbit hunting and squirrel hunting. It will kill. So do be careful when handling this bb gun. And for anyone who thinks it's a good idea to carry one of these as self defense, I do not suggest it. Because someone could have the real thing and hurt you a lot worse than the Glock 19 Gen 3 replica bb gun will." — Berry G.
Trending review: "Shooting has gotten expensive, even if you can find ammunition to buy. We got these BB pistols for shooting when we couldn't get to the range. They are authorized replicas of a Glock 19. They are metal and the weight of the real thing is there. It gives the feel of a Glock 19. It is NOT a blow-back model. As another reviewer stated, blow-back might add some realism, but it takes CO2 gas to do the blow-back and that robs power from the shot. And these things shoot! They are rated at over 400 feet per second and they really propel that BB. We have targets (ok, they're empty bleach bottles) at 5 and 10 yards. Put the sights on 'em, pull the trigger and pop -- the BB hits the bottle. They are very accurate and powerful. I've used other CO2 pistols and this is the best I've used. The trigger is a little stiff and there is a slight ridge on the bottom of the trigger guard, but for less than a hundred bucks you get the feel of a real pistol. I have a bad habit of dropping the front of the pistol just as I shot. I'm using this replica to work on that. Do you get recoil? No, but a sage shooting expert wrote that recoil isn't part of the shot, but the aftermath. With this quality BB pistol you can practice all parts of the shot and get accurate results out to 10 yards and beyond. It's the best BB pistol I have used. It's a fun, quiet and inexpensive way to keep improving your shooting." — Mark MWS

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2. Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Kit

Top-rated: 2,419 ratings | 306 answered questions

Daisy Powerline 415 Air Pistol Kit

Highlight: CO2 BB Pistol, shooting glasses, BB's, CO2 cylinders and paper targets are ALL included!

Helpful review: "This is a great BB gun. It is very heavy and has the feel of a real gun. It looks exactly like a real gun (so be careful showing it). The front barrel section has a 9MM operning and the smaller BB barrel is set inside so If you pointed it at someone from a distance they would definitely think it was a real 9MM so don't go flashing this gun at people. The CO2 cart is well hidden as is the thumb screw to load the CO2. They are invisible once installed so there is no indication on the outside that this is a CO2 pistol. The Daisy and other embossed words on the gun are almost invisible so that is not an issue with regard to looking like a real gun. It is easy to load and has yet to jam. It is all plastic but is made out of what appears to be military type ballistic plastic so it has a good feel and does not feel cheap at all. The trigger pull is not too hard and not too easy. You can shoot this gun all day without putting a blister on our trigger finger like some other CO2 pistols do. It fires as fast as you can pull the trigger but during cool weather you need to wait for the CO2 cartridge to warm up again because with each shot a CO2 cart cools off which makes it less powerful until it warms up again. I especially like the safety on this gun.
The red indicator (safety off) is easy to see and the safety itself is easy to set on or off. The best thing about the safety is that when the safety is on, it does not block the trigger like other guns. When you pull the trigger with the safety on the trigger does nothing. That makes it easy to determine if the safety is in fact operating properly. The site tip is easy to see but I do not use it because I am more of an instinct shooter with pistols and don't really need to sight them. The noise is about the same as any air gun. It is loud enough to know it is some type of gun but not so loud as to hurt your ears or sound like a .22. The safety glasses are big plus because BB's have a tendency to ricochet and you don't want to lose an eye. The three CO carts and tube of BB's will last long enough for the rest of the ammo you ordered to arrive. I believe the best results come when you use the OEM products so I purchased Daisy CO2 carts and BB's. They seem to be of very high quality.
So far, I have fired 80 BB's from the first CO2 cart and the pistol still has power. I have not noticed any reduction in power as I shoot each set. I have a CO2 pellet pistol and after the first 10 shots the velocity of the pellets drop dramatically. I shoot his pistol in my garage. I put up a 3/4 plywood backstop and glued a 3/4 high density styrofoam home insulation panel to the front target area so the BB's won't bounce back at me. I had a roof rat living in the roof of the garage that was causing havoc that no one could catch. I was able to stalk him and take him out with one shot. This thing has power. I would think this gun would make a fine training aid at police training facilities for new students or for simulations. For the money it just can't be beat and I am glad that Daisy still makes fine BB guns. I am definitely pleased with this purchase and the price is great! This gun also has fittings for lasers and flashlight devices. Daisy really went all out on this gun design. All it needs is a rifle stock attachement to make it perfect." — Mark K.

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3. Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun

Top-rated: 2,491 ratings | 486 answered questions

Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun

Highlight: A replica of one of the newest S&W designs.

Helpful review: "I wanted to get a pistol that my son and I could shoot together. I have a BB gun from when I was little, but it was really weak. I looked at various air pistols, watched video reviews and demonstrations, and wanted to try this one. I tried ordering it from another popular sporting goods store online, but they said I had to get a pistol permit from my local police department, send it to them, have them approve it and then ship it out. It would never have gotten to me by Christmas. This is a BB gun, not a 9mm! I'm not sure why they wanted me to jump through all those hoops. I don't know why I didn't think about ordering it on Amazon at the start. They shipped it out in a hurry and it arrived with time to spare for Christmas morning. The gun itself is incredible. It's VERY powerful. The BB (not Airsoft pellet) will go right through one side of a can and completely through another. The gun does have a safety on it, which is nice. It holds 19 BBs and has a magazine for them. It looks just like a Smith and Wesson M&P pistol and DOES NOT have an orange tip on it.
The police would probably shoot you if you walked down the street waiving it around. It looks like a real gun, but doesn't have the moving slide, working hammer, etc. After seeing this gun, I couldn't help but think what Santa said in "A Christmas Story", "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." That being said, if a young person is using it, I'd highly suggest adult supervision, eye protection, a target with nothing important behind it, etc. The same rules apply for this gun as they do for a regular gun. It's really that strong. Don't buy this for a child thinking it's probably like the BB gun you had when you were little because it's NOT. Don't send them out to use it alone. When it's put away, make sure it's empty and the BBs are out of it. You could really hurt someone with it. You'll need to buy Co2 cartridges. I also bought some Crosman Pellgunoil. It's supposed to make the Co2 cartridges do better for you if you put a tiny drop of it at the end of the cartridge before you put the Co2 in. If you are looking for a nice air pistol, I'd highly recommend this one. This is my first Co2 air pistol, so I don't have anything else to compare it to. I love it and would buy the same kind again." — John Pullum

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4. Crosman P10 Kit

Top-rated: 2,027 ratings | 87 answered questions

Crosman P10 Kit

Highlight: Includes P10, Copperhead BBs, two CO2 cartridges, and shooting glasses. This kit has an under barrel Picatinny accessory rail and Removeable grip for easy replacement of CO2.

Helpful review: "I bought this as a gift for my little brother (14years old). He loves it and was shooting a can from 20ft away and the metal BBs were doing quite a bit of damage. I'm sure he will enjoy it for years to come. Quality: Great materials quality. the magazine is all metal, everything feels tight and well refined. Price: Very budget friendly while still being very reliable being a Crossman. Usage: Seems to pack quite a punch, not sure if it will break skin yet" — E.J.
Trending review: "I am a truck driver and away from home 4 days in a week. Just got this air gun for my wife for self defense and taught her how to shoot. So far the gun was easy to load and everything seems durable." — Sy Hong
Reassuring review: "I asked the question if this gun would be loud or sound like an actual firearm before I purchased. I've never had a pneumatic gun before... I was given an answer that had attitude and consternation that "this doesn't sound anything like a gun , because it sounds like a pneumatic bb gun, because that's what it is"... Turns out, no it doesn't sound like a Glock or whatever, but yes, my neighbors did come out to see what the ruckus was. So, it doesn't sound like a 9mm, but it does have a noise that travels. Luckily I have good neighbors who were ok with it once they knew it wasn't a gun." — Esther
Most-discussed review: "The price was right so I grabbed one. It's as accurate as you should expect from a smoothbore steel barrel flinging round steel balls. Really good velocity but that comes with a noticeable "pop" that I'm sure the neighbors could hear if they were outside. Great value and I'd buy it again. Or to give as gifts to others. This would make a nice gift. I'd like to receive something like this as a gift." — Jimbo

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5. GAMO P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

Top-rated: 1,997 ratings | 113 answered questions

GAMO P-430 CO2 Dual-Ammo Air Pistol

Highlight: 16 rounds capacity double magazine (8x2).

Helpful review: "I received this gun a few days ago and have been shooting in my back yard. I really enjoy this gun because of the quality and the advantage of shooting both pellets and BBs. The CO2 cylinder lasted for shooting 96 pellets and still had power when I removed it. This gun is awesome and fun to shoot. I found the gun to be very accurate, powerful, easy to load pellets and BBs, east to install the CO2 cylinder and very comfortable to hold and sight. This is an inexpensive gun that is of high quality. I suggest you purchase it. I also purchased two additional magazines; therefore, I can shoot 48 pellets or BBs without reloading even thought each magazine has to be removed and turned around or replaced which takes about a second. It’s a good gun at a reasonable price. Enjoy shooting." — L.L.R.
Trending review: "I’m not a great shooter with pistols but I got a little red dot laser add on and the pistol really lives up to the Gamo name. Excellent bird, rodent or snake gun. I’m using 10.5 grain discovery pellets and this pellet gun loves them. Going to try some Gamo pellets after this tin. On the chrome I’m getting as low as 376 fps and a high of 480. For energy your looking at between 4.6 and 11.66 FPE foot lbs of energy and that’s incredible for a co2 pistol. I highly recommend this airgun. FYI this comes with a 1yr warranty and Gamo is trust worthy." — Gary Wright
Reassuring review: "I bought this to replace a Bear River Boa BB gun that broke during its first use. This gun is much higher quality. Loading the bb’s is much more precise with this. The last gun I had involved pouring bb’s into a column that just had one spring in it. It was not easy to load. With the P-430, each bb has its own little slot. You don’t have to worry about bb’s falling out or being ejected from the magazine while loading. I could type a longer review, but I’ll just say this is a quality product compared others on the market." — Donald Green

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6. Colt Defender Semi Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun