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I Tested And Ranked The Best Cordless Drills In 2024

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts know that the ultimate cordless drill/driver is a game-changer. I personally tested the best ones on Amazon to help you narrow down your options.

best cordless drills

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. DEWALT - 20V-Max Drill/Driver Kit

Top-rated: 41,718 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Delivers 300 Unit Watts Out (UWO) of power ability.

Helpful review: "I'm no stranger to cordless drills. I have 3 Hitachi (now Metabo), 1 Makita hammer, and 1 Dewalt 999 Flexvolt hammer. I also have a boatload of corded drills, hammer drills, rotary hammers, and demo hammers. The Hitachi's are 22 years old and running strong with a lot of use. I didn't need this drill but it's smaller and lighter than the others. Then I inherited a Dewalt Flexvolt 4"/6" angle grinder with 4 Flexvolt batteries, so I thought I'd get some Dewalt tools. I wasn't expecting much but I was surprised.
The batteries came partially charged but weren't strong enough to do what I needed. Rather than waiting for one to charge I used one of my Flexvolt batteries. This drill will use Flexvolt batteries but I don't think you get the advantage of Flexvolt with this drill.
I drilled [8] 9/32" holes through both sides of 1/2" X 1/2" tube steel, 1/16" wall. I used a portable drill press and did not drill pilot holes. I also used vegetable oil as cutting oil because I couldn't find my cutting oil.
I laid hard on this drill on all 8 (really 16) holes and it took about 10 seconds to go through one side and another 10 seconds to get through the back side. I did not get any burning smell coming from the drill nor was it hot which really surprised me. I personally think 9/32" holes in steel, even 1/16" walls, are big for this drill but I had no problems. I'll probably use this drill for drywall screws and wood holes no larger than 1/4" but it's good to know it will do larger holes. Might wear out sooner drilling large holes especially paddle bits and hole saws.
- Performs as advertised. Light and powerful. I don't ask for a lot of cordless tools, but this one has effortlessly taken everything I've thrown at it. Great value if you luck out and get it at a factory-sale price.
- The high-speed transmission with 2-speed variations is a boon, allowing for a wide range of drilling and driving applications. Whether it's assembling furniture, hanging pictures, or more heavy-duty drilling, this drill has the power to get the job done efficiently.
- One aspect that stands out is the inclusion of a 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that provides a tight bit gripping strength, ensuring the bits stay in place during high torque applications. This feature has saved me from the frustration of bits slipping out in the middle of a task.
- The battery life is commendable, providing ample run time to complete my projects without constant recharging. Batteries charge quickly and hold their charge between jobs, which is a big plus.
- The kit could benefit from a better selection of included bits. The basic ones provided are good to get started, but for more varied tasks, you'll need to invest in additional bits. However, this is a minor hiccup considering the drill's performance and affordability.
- The keyless chuck doesn't grip as tightly as I'd prefer. I have to wrench it pretty hard to keep the bit from spinning in the chuck when drilling sheet metal.
- The single-LED light could/should be brighter.
I'm impressed. One of the better cordless drills I've used, light-years better than my old Makita. It's lightweight, but sturdy. The battery seems to last forever. I would definitely recommend it. Five stars." — Steve Evans

Get it from Amazon now: $179.00 & FREE Returns


2. BLACK+DECKER - 30-Piece 20V-Max Kit

Top-rated: 36,797 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Wide variety of bits and accessories for drilling and driving tasks.

Helpful review: "For $60, you can't beat this kit! I would consider myself to be an ‘around the houser’ when it comes to using tools. I'm not doing any voluntary DIY projects, but hanging pictures, fixing door handles, putting together furniture (you get the picture) is normal for me.
After reading through different reviews on Amazon and watching youtube videos I decided on the Black and Decker and I'm very happy with my purchase.
- The battery life is great. I've never done anything where I needed to stop halfway through to charge the battery (plus you can get spares). I think another reviewer said it lasted him around 4 hours.
- The torque is great. I've never had one problem drilling or removing screws.
- Hard to explain, but I feel as if I have more control over the speed / power im putting out vs my old dewalt drill.
- Relatively lightweight and ergonomically designed.
- The accessories are decent. The bits seem like cheapish steel to me, but the assortment is nice to have / I saw it as a bonus anyways.
- There are no glaring cons, assuming the fact that you treat this like the starter kit it is. But It's not the most powerful drill, isn't the most complete kit, doesn't come with a drill case or bag, etc.
- The one thing I didn't realize was they didn't include any Allen bits, which stinks because I specifically bought the drill to put together an IKEA desk.
All in all, this is a great drill kit for the value. I give it a 5/5.
Bought this thing 6 years ago as my first power tool and I’ve used it for everything from polishing wheels and cleaning headlights to mounting solar panels and drilling solid concrete for anchors. It’s performed every job I’ve asked it to, most of which were completely out of its league. It’s fallen 3 stories onto solid concrete and it’s been used in rain more times than I can count. I moved a year ago and it got lost somehow, now that I’ve found it, the battery won’t take a charge. I assume that’s just a result of the lithium battery sitting. This thing owes me absolutely nothing and I’m happy to buy another battery to get it going again. If you’re considering getting this thing, do not hesitate." — Caleb Banks

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


3. Milwaukee - Fuel Installation Drill/Driver Kit

Top-rated: 1,265 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Offset Attachment provides ultimate access to tight corners and will not damage or mar finished materials when fastening.

Helpful review: "I do maintenance at an apartment complex that’s spread out over three blocks so I do a lot of walking back and forth. I carry all of my tools in a tool backpack (Veto ProPac). I used to carry my Milwaukee Fuel 18v impact in my bag and often would need to go to the shop to get my 18v drill when I needed to do some drilling.
Since I got the Milwaukee installation tool I have dropped some weight in my bag and it fits more comfortably since the 12v tool is smaller. Also it has mostly cut out the need for me to go get my drill as I just use the drill chuck attachment instead. Now I still have to get my 18v drill for things like cutting door knob holes and drilling into concrete as this isn’t a hammer drill but it’s rare that I need to do those things so the 12v Milwaukee Installation tool has become my daily use power tool. It’s lighter, quieter and gets into more places with the right angle and offset attachments.
Love this tool, especially the magnet on the front for holding different bits or even extra screws so I don’t have to worry about fishing through my pockets for one. Highly recommended. This tool is powerful and has no problem sinking 3” screws all the way down into solid wood. And it’s easier to use overhead since it’s lighter and smaller. This tool has made my life so much easier, thanks Milwaukee.
At first I thought it was a little gimmicky, then I got a ton of cabinets to install and a guy I know leant me his Bosch installer. Nice and handy but I'm Milwaukee M12 already so I took the plunge, the offset head is a life saver for cabinets, the angle head works with all other accessories and you can get almost anywhere with this set. I keep two extra batteries in the soft case along with bits and some hex drill bits and I'm knocking out these cabinets like there’s no tomorrow. Plenty of torque, and, unless you constantly drilling into masonry, you go all day with two batteries. I do keep a couple spares in the truck with ym other M12 tools, but so far have not needed more than two batteries.
Have several of these now. Bit storage in the handle is an excellent improvement. Excellent power relative to other M12 drivers. Button on top for forward and reverse takes getting used to, but becomes easy to hit with thumb. Speed levels are a good improvement as they don't tank power like the older units. Multi-head is easy to switch and provides a ton of versatility, although the standard bit holder is on mine 90% of the time. The offset has been great to use on certain instances." — Scott Holloway

Get it from Amazon now: $139.99 & FREE Returns


4. FASTPRO - 232-Piece 20V-Max Lady's Repairing Kit

Top-rated: 2,421 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Kit includes a cordless drill driver, slip joint pliers, groove joint pliers, an adjustable wrench, long nose pliers, a magnetic screwdriver holder, screwdriver bits, a utility knife, a tape measure.

Helpful review: "I work with tools a lot doing renovations and yard work. I got this item wanting a nice bag to carry tools in my car with so I don't have to keep all my good expensive tools in the car and worry about the car being broken into. This item is great! I bought one for myself, my 27 yr old daughter, and my mom.
My mom loves it because my dad used to steal her tools and not put them back and with these tools being pink, they are hard to miss. The drill works nice and the tools and bag are actually of a pretty nice quality. Easy to carry and store. Drill is lightweight, but gets the job done. Everyone in my household is very happy with this product.
The only thing I had a problem with is the box cutter. The cap that slides off to allow you to switch out the blades keeps sliding off of the one box cutter, but the other two work just fine. Can't glue it because you need to be able to remove it to switch out the new blades with the old ones. However, even with that, we are very pleased and would highly recommend it.
I absolutely love this set! I have two teenage boys who are always tinkering around on something. Whenever I need a tool, I can never find what I need as they don't put things back. So I bought this all pink set in hopes to keep everything together and identify the culprit when they try to steal my tools! Haha! I honestly cannot say there is anything this set doesn't have or needs to improve on. The driver is great, good battery life for odds and ends. All the attachments are perfect and work with the driver or manual one. The razor blade is really sturdy too. Not a cheap feeling at all. Highly recommend it. I came back and bought another set to give as a gift! I only wish it came in other colors. I would get my two boys each a set so they knew who’s who. Lol
I was visiting my daughter and she didn't have tools to do the simple household maintenance jobs, so AMAZON, Help! This tool kit, while inexpensive, is a well rounded set that covers most of the needs around the house. The electric driver is good enough to fulfill the need today and for years to come. It isn't meant to be used daily for heavy jobs, but the light household use will be great for years. Everything you need for the odd job, light car work, kids toys and all those other things that pop up is right here. The bag has compartments to separate items so they aren't just piled up. There is also enough room to add things over time like screws, wire etc. so the bag is actually useful. A good purchase that my daughter will enjoy for years."— Sheila Weiss

Get it from Amazon now: $139.99 & FREE Returns


5. DEWALT - 20V-Max Impact Driver (Bare Tool Only)

Top-rated: 9,928 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Delivers 1825 in-lbs of torque and 3400 RPM to drive large diameter screws.

Helpful review: "I love this driver so much I bought 3 of them (so far). Our crew uses them for almost everything, so I may buy more. We drive screws with it, drill holes, drive lag screws and tighten nuts onto carriage bolts. They get used so much, it's the tool of choice when we're building wheelchair ramps.
The only time I prefer a drill to drill holes is when it's a really big hole or I need a hammer drill for concrete. Small holes in the end of deck boards to prevent splitting are much easier with this. It's so light, and even the light 2.0 Ah battery lasts forever.
It has a brushless motor for more power and less maintenance. It has TONS of power. We don't use nails in our ramps, only screws--so it gets a workout. I bought the kit that came with the charger and two 2.0Ah batteries (and case). I also bought several other bare DeWalt 20v tools, but decided to try Enegitech batteries, since they were so much less expensive. After more than a year, I'm sold on generic batteries, so save your money.
Shop carefully, though. Prices are all over the map. They are 5.0Ah batteries, and although I usually stick with the smaller DeWalt 2.0Ah that came with my kit (they're lighter so the driver is a little more balanced that way and much easier for smaller people to use), if I don't have a charged 2.0Ah ready, I just pop in the 5.0Ah and it runs forever.
For my usage, I almost always keep the driver set on the middle power setting: 2. When set on 1, it doesn't have enough power to drive most screws for me, but if I need precision, it's a good way to get a screw started. However, after some experience, I find I can handle everything I need to do on 2. A bigger lag bolt might require 3, but not often. On 3, it's too easy to drive the screw halfway through the board if you're not careful. 2 is perfect for most of my requirements.
Having a magnetic attachment is handy to hold your screws. I haven't found one I love yet. But for driving screws, I can't recommend this highly enough. You will love it! I strongly advise spending a bit more on this brushless one over the brush versions. More powerful and longer lasting.
Well, first off, I bought this to replace my 12v black and decker matrix because the battery life on those is absolutely pathetic. This thing is a beast, its compact, light weight, and the power it has is very very impressive. The only reason I rated it 4 stars is because I feel like 2nd gear could be more evenly split between 1st and 3rd. But in 3rd gear this thing broke my 3/8 square adaptor from ace. I upgraded to the dewalt 3/8 square adaptor and it seems to hold up a lot better.
I’ve had this gun for a while now, still performing flawlessly. I'm not sure why but it seems to have a problem with the 3/8 square adapter. I’ve broken 4 of them so far, I've tried ace brand x2, Dewalt, and some amazon 99 cent special adapter. I have no clue why but I have yet to break a 1/2 or 1/4 adaptor with it. Nonetheless I wouldn't let that stop you from buying it because it's a very handy tool. It goes to work with me every day, gets used everyday, and I have yet to find anything I don't love about it. It does have the power to break lug nuts loose. I've torqued them to 140 ft lb and that's about its limit which is right on spec with the description. I have since found that the Performax brand 3/8 adaptors are pretty good. They still break but they are only 99 cents so I usually grab about 5 at a time and keep them in my toolbox at work and I have yet to break one in the 2 weeks I've been using it." — Kevin Bastian

Get it from Amazon now: $149.00 & FREE Returns


6. BLACK+DECKER - 100-Piece 20V-Max Drill Kit

Top-rated: 3,878 ratings

best cordless drills


Highlight: Upgraded ergonomic design for extra comfort.

Helpful review: "I got this via one of the Amazon deals for about $60. I read all the reviews, did some research, and it seemed like a good deal. I am definitely happy with the purchase. For me, there were some projects around the house I wanted to handle but didn't have the proper power drill. After getting it less than two weeks ago, I immediately started to handle things around the house. Some of them needed a drill, some just were easier using the power screwdriver.
Here are a few of the things I took care of:
- Replaced the door knob in the hall bathroom. A drill wasn't required, but it helped me remove the old screws very quickly.
- Installed child proof latches in the kitchen, this was VERY important since the kid liked to open things. The drill was critical for this aspect
- My son has one of those outside basketball hoops, the screws ripped out in two spots. With the drill I was able to drill some holes, and mount some hardware (bolts etc) to get things working again.
This kit has many different accessories, and honestly it helped me start doing some of the "handyman" projects around the house that I needed to take care of and for the most part the kit had what I needed. It is very small and fairly light, which is useful. If you are a "power" user, you may want to consider something different or at least a spare battery but for light projects around the house this is perfect.
Black & Decker Drill kit is good for a beginner who wants to be independent, with a can do attitude. It is a quality tool, well built and feels good in hand. The problem comes with lack of storage cases, as well as the description of the 100 pieces of accessories. Some of them I couldn't figure out at first. Finally, it turned out they were socket adaptors for the ratcheting screwdriver included. Said screwdriver is available separately, with a 40-pc accessory set nicely organized in a case, not stuffed in a little bitty cardboard box. The other bits are available separately as well, in their respective cases. While here I ended up with a mess and tons of accessories sans storage for such. Some accessories came in the small bags with faint warnings about dangers of suffocation but not a word what they are for, let alone storage ideas. So I returned this kit. If not for lack of storage, I would have kept the kit. Next time I will make sure that storage for accessories is included, as well as the description. You live and learn. Thanks Amazon for accepting my return.
I am sure most everyone who has written a review on this product agrees that it is unfathomable that the inside of this case is a ridiculous oversight. They did a great job on the outside where they picture all the small parts snapped in place to the molded case. Then when you open the case, you get a look of bewilderment on your face when you notice not even one snap in a molded spot to retain your drill motor and charger. How could they put so much detail into the external small parts and just do nothing at all for the main component you are buying?" — Victor Reeder

Get it from Amazon now: $69.99 & FREE Returns


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