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Best Electronic Earmuffs For Shooting (Range-Tested In 2023)

It's hard to find the perfect pair of shooting and hunting earmuffs. Luckily for you, these affordable pairs come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

best electronic earmuffs for shooting

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Peltor Sport - Tactical Hearing Protector

Top-rated: 10,317 ratings

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Suppresses harmful gunshot noise and amplifies low-level sounds.

Helpful review: "Suppressed the booms effectively, even from a 5.5” barreled AR pistol. Comfortable, nice seal around my ears. Not too tight. No headaches from head squeezing. I could easily hear my instructor. Didn’t need additional foam plugs underneath. A friend who is 82nd Airborne & an RSO recommended these. He wears foam plugs underneath, but he’s shooting or on range for long hours, regularly, if not daily. For a casual shooter, I don’t think you need foam plugs underneath. Very happy with these and they didn’t break the bank. I tried a different brand that are more like music ear buds, but marketed specifically for shooters and they are not even close to enough protection. I can’t mention the name in this review or it won’t post. Unless you’re going with custom-fitted in-ear protection (runs about $1,900), I think you can’t go wrong with Peltor. Wish I had gotten them long ago!" — Sunny
Trending review: "I could write a short story about these. The comfort, durability, functionality of these hearing protectors is probably unparalleled. In a previous line of work I was issued a more "tactical" version of these made by Peltor. Those ones issued to me were my favorite piece of gear. When I came across these online I figured I would give them a shot based on my previous experience with this brand. Without fail these headsets function to the same high degree as the higher end ones I once had. The noise shut off is quick enough to block out gunshots, circular saws, air compressors, children crying, and engine noise. If I plug the 3.5mm headphone male to male extension cable into these and my phone I can take phone calls with these on. These combined with the noise cancelling technology of the iPhone 6s plus allow me to be in the test room with a two cylinder diesel engine running and talk trouble shooting tips with the engineers. Or I can listen to my favorite podcasts or music while working in my personal shop making furniture. If the battery dies these still function perfectly as hearing protection. The headset folds into a tight and secure ball which is convent for put them in my tech bag or into a carry-on bag. Works great for noise cancelling on an airplane. If you are looking for a headset of this type this is the one you want. If you are looking for a poor-mans version of a $370 noise cancelling headphone set, this is what you are looking for. Sawdust, dirt, swarf, debris, nothing has effected this headset." — TheGuy
Reassuring review: "I've used quite a few sets of hearing protection, ranging from $20-$600, unfortunately, I can't keep the Comtac's, so I had to search for a less expensive alternative for when I go to the range outside of the military. I have owned these for close to a year, and have used them about a dozen or so times. I wore them at a range for about 5-6 hours straight, and they were comfortable almost throughout. (Mind you, o have pretty large ears, so headphones/hearing protection tend to hurt often. The volume knob is easy to use with or without gloves on and there are beeping notifications when you hit max volume or shut it completely off. There is an AUX cable that comes with them, in case you'd like to listen to music or something while shooting, at first I found this useless, but as I started going to an indoor range solo, I've realized some tunes wouldn't be so bad, so kudos for that. The only downside for me is that they won't fit when I'm wearing a helmet while, training with the army, but I didn't expect them to, and most of the slim fit hearing protection costs a pretty penny. OVERALL: this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to Peltors, I've seen a few people mention other brands they like, but the tried and true 3M Peltors work for me excellently, and if these were to ever get lost/stolen/broken I would definitely pick up another set." — Ginger
Most-discussed review: "I will review these in comparison to the Howard Leight Impact Sport. First of all, both are excellent hearing protection that I would recommend to all shooters. The electronic amplification they provide allow shooters to hear those around them without sacrificing their hearing to gunshots. If you care about safety, having these is a no brainer. Both sets of hearing protection claim 22-NRR, which is great for lower caliber firearms. If you are firing higher, louder caliber rifles I would recommend "doubling up" by wearing foam ear plugs underneath. This doesn't mean that you'll get the 22-NRR plus the 30-NRR of your ear plugs for a total of 52-NRR, but it does mean that you'll get over 30-NRR and preserve your hearing. The amplification is great for those who double up, so they can still hear those around them while receiving the best ear protection possible. Now the differences. Both do claim the 22-NRR rating but the Peltor 100's provide a better seal and thus better noise reduction. The Howard Leights tend to be looser on the bottom of your ear, which can allow sound in. Not only do the Peltor's offer a better seal, but they're quicker to put on and get the seal right. With the Howard Leights, you'll find yourself constantly adjusting them while the Peltor's hardly need any adjustment. Regarding size, both offer a slimmer profile than most other ear muffs. At their greatest width, the Howard Leight's are slimmer, but the Peltors are chamfered to be slimmer near the bottom of the ear. Both work great on rifles when it comes to size-- they allow you to get a good and consistent cheek weld. In terms of quality, the Peltors do seem a little more durable, notably at the head band." — Braden Cleveland
Favorite review: "I purchased the Peltor Sport Tactical 100's as well as two other well known brands of electronic hearing protection in the same price range (Walker and Howard Leight). The Peltors were far superior. They sealed around my ears the best, were the most comfortable, and the sound quality is really incomparable to the other two. The Walkers sounded like you had your head in a bucket, produced static when walking around and didn't actually seal around my ears to my head. The Howards were a mild improvement due to a better seal and comfort, but they still sounded very digital/artificial as opposed to the natural tonal quality of the Peltors. With the Walkers and Howards, sure you can hear people talking but actually understanding them is difficult. With the Peltors I felt like I could actually hold a normal conversation. Between the natural tone and the comfort I truly can wear these for hours and forget that I have them on.
Something to note- These Peltors actually shut the active audio off for a moment when a loud noise is detected as opposed to compressing the noise like the other two. This takes some getting used to, but I actually prefer it to the compression method of the other products- I just never felt like the compression was enough to protect my ears, and working as a professional audio engineer, I know that compressing something that much (enough to be safe), fast enough would be really hard to do, especially for fifty bucks. Peltors all the way!" — Ari K.
Updated review: "Had these for almost 2 years now. These ear pros are really effective a muffling loud noises. I started with a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport and this Peltor is a lot better in comparison. For example, the bottom of the cups are rounded so when you try to adjust your cheek weld on your rifle the cups don't really move around (the rounded bottom rolls along the top of the butt stock), whereas the Howard Leight's are kind of squared so when you tilt your head forward the corners tend to get in the way, if that makes sense. Also, these Peltors are really "proactive" at suppressing loud noises, where my Howard Leight's are reactive. Example, if you have the Peltors on at the highest volume, and clap as loud as you can in front your face (sounds ridiculous, but trust me), the Peltors will dampen the sound instantly as if you didn't have the volume on at all. The Howard Leight's, however, does not do this quick enough, so you'll hear you claps then everything after that, is dampened. By all means, the Howard Leight's still gets the job done, but these Peltors do it better. My only gripe is that the adjustment "prongs" slips around too easily making the bow sit a bit loose on my head, but it's not that big a deal. Maybe it's just mines, but I don't know. These are a little more expensive than the common Howard Leight Impact Sports but you'll know where that extra money went once you try these out." — Charlie C.

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2. Walker's - Adjustable Hunting Hearing Protection

Top-rated: 54,143 ratings | 819 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Most recommended and best-selling hunting hearing protection muffs.

Helpful review: "I had a pair of the HL brand that grew legs at my local range and walked away from me. I just happened to catch a deal on these Walker brand, and definitely find them more comfortable to wear for extended use. The noise reduction seems on par with the previous brand. Neither is as good as a larger heavy duty passive set, but the electronics work properly, and there's nothing like not having to yell at your range buddies and vice versa. I can't say about battery life since the originals are going strong 2 months in. Hopefully they won't live up to the name Walker, since my old set "walking" is why I had to buy these! Over all they seem like a great buy." — N5S-Matter
Trending review: "As an avid fun owner I shoot almost every weekend. Whether I'm shooting my pistols, rifles or shotguns I can easily go through several hundred rounds of ammo at a time and as every shooter knows it is imperative to have a GREAT set of ear protection (for obvious reasons). One should never damage ones hearing when it can be so easily prevented. I have personally tried 4 different brands of ear protection. The Walker brand is by far, hands down the best. Comfort: They are very snug almost to a fault. However having loose fitting ear protection is counter productive. I have been using this pair for 6 months now and they have not loosened up at all. They are comfortable to wear and wearing them for extended periods of time, even with glasses, doesn't become uncomfortable. I do think the passing could be a little thicker and more breathable but I still give it high marks for comfort. Protection: The Walker Razor electronically muffles the shots to a low popping noise and yet you can still hear someone talking at a wisper 15 feet away. Even shooting a 18 inch shotgun with a 20 round drum as fast as I can pull the trigger means I can pop of 20 round and still be able to hear anyone around me without issue. No ringing in the ears with the Walker Razor's. Sound quality: Let me start of by stating a fact. There are better products out there. That being said if you take the cost of the Walker Razor's there isn't a better product for the price. The Walker Razor's sound like your in a steel tube. There is a obvious lack of bass. The sound you hear is completely in the upper dB range. The Walker Razor's lack any ability to hear where sound is coming from compared to much higher priced items. Wind seems to be my biggest complaint. I do most of my shooting on my 5 acres of land that is very open and up in the mountains of Virginia. When it is windy it can become a nuisance. Overall I give the Walker Razor's an A-. Do they protect your hearing? A resounding Yes!" — Chris
Reassuring review: "The amazing thing about these range devices is that you can actually carry on a conversation and hear each other talking back and forth normally, but as a firearm is discharged, the loud sound is suppressed. It is amazing how well they do work either on an outdoor rifle range or and indoor shooting range. You can clearly hear the range officer giving instructions without having to lift the ear piece to hear him or her." — Charles X. Kieffer
Most-discussed review: "So I've taken these out shooting twice. I have shot with these and listened to others shooting. The sound amplification feature is a game changer. I can hear people talking without them having to shout. I can hear what's going on on the firing line without having to be right next to it. When the shooting starts, the speaker cuts out just long enough to muffle the initial clap of the gun, but comes back in quick enough to hear the echo of the shot. Rapid fire shooting isnt a problem with it cutting in and out quickly, it cancels out loud noise regardless of how fast it comes and how much of a pause is in between each shot. I listened to others shooting mainly handguns and .223 caliber ARs. More than enough hearing protection for these calibers. When I started to shoot, I started with a 9mm handgun. Plenty of hearing protection, and with the sound amplification, I could hear my friends talking crap behind me, defenitely a nice feature. I progressed to an AR, here is where I had my first issue with these, they did get in my way a little bit as far as cheek weld goes. Not as bad as bigger style of muffs go, but it was noticeable. The hearing protection was again adequate. After shooting my AR, I switched to an M1A scout squad, it's a. 308 caliber rifle, with a muzzle break. Muzzle break= super loud. This was the only gun I was worried about hearing protection with these muffs. I was shocked at how well these worked. Also, surprisingly, these didn't interfere with cheek weld at all like they did with the AR." — John B.
Favorite review: "Is the sound quality the most awesome thing ever? No. Do they work amazingly so that you can understand all of the people around you without taking them off? Heck yes. Totally work the cost compared to the ones that are double or even quadruple the cost (which I have tried before). I'm a huge fan and I wear these for all of my loud activities now, not just hunting. My 3 year old also likes to wear them when I run the vacuum for too long. The biggest rub I have with these is that they are a little snug so they are not great for folks with a wider head. I would definitely buy these again." — Acastle
Updated review: "USMC Machine Gun instructor checking in. We conduct a machine gun shoot once a month, firing 5.56, 7.62, 50 cal, and 40mm grenades. We routinely shoot over 15,000 rounds per machine gun range. I have had these muffs for the last 6 ranges and they are fantastic! They work as advertised and protect my hearing from full auto machine gun fire from less than 3 ft away. The batteries last a while (I keep the volume about half-way, which makes normal conversation sound normal). I wear them for about 8 hrs. at a time and they are as comfortable as a $60 pair of muffs should ever be. They do not interfere with cheek weld or any shooting position I have used. Walkers Game Ear Razor Slim Electronic Muff should serve any shooter well if they are looking for cheap, reliable, sound amplifying ear pro. My pair has been going strong for literally hundreds of thousands of rounds. These are a solid deal and I recommend them to anyone who inquires about them." — Chris

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3. Howard Leight by Honeywell - Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs

Top-rated: 8,934 ratings

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance, adjustable headband for secure fit, and compact folding design for convenient storage.

Helpful review: "I was able to test drive these a couple days ago while shooting in the mountains, and I must say that I was very pleased! You're able to hear what's going on around you with ease, and the gun shots are brought down to a safe DB level. I read some other reviews and some people say that the shots are still way too loud, and I have to agree (somewhat), as it's not as quiet as the foam earplugs, but I think that is the way it's supposed to be. Remember these are electronic & amplified, and the point is to be able to hear. I actually liked hearing the shots, and it wasn't overwhelming to my ear drums. After shooting my ears weren't ringing, I didn't feel/sound as if my hearing had worsened. I haven't tried these at the range yet, so it may be a different experience, and once I go if it turns out to change my opinion on these I will update this review. I recommend this product. My nephew bought a pair as well and kept raving about them, so you have his recommendation too! Give them a try, worst case scenario is that you don't like them, and if that's the case just return them. I will be keeping mine." — Jason
Trending review: "My husband has partial hearing loss from working around F-16's & F-15's most of his life. So I wanted the best quality ear muff for target shooting for him that I could get my hands on. We tested these out this past weekend and he loved them! Super comfortable even over regular eye glasses. When he first put them on he said, 'I can hear better wearing these than I can without them." So what does he do? Walks around the house wearing these crazy things so he can hear the chickens in the back yard, the dog, the cats, and the TV from around the corner in the kitchen. Our garbage is picked up on Friday mornings - I find him tinkering in the back yard. He had forgotten to take the garbage to the curb, so when I heard rumbling I panicked and hollered for him to get the cans to the curb because the garbage truck was coming. He hollers back to me "not to worry" - it's the next door neighbor starting up an old vintage Ford truck from the 40's. So indoors, I couldn't tell the difference between rumbling exhaust sounds - outside with these on and with a substantial hearing loss, my husband could distinguish the difference between a garbage truck that was over 2 blocks away and the truck out front. I finally had to tell him to take them off, they weren't hearing aids! *sheesh* Anyway, they block out noise from indoor shooting areas (acoustics are different than outdoors), and allowed us to talk in a lowered tone of voice due to the amplification effects. Love, love, love this technology and especially great for the hearing impaired person." — Lunar Mermaid
Reassuring review: "What’s your hearing worth? If you shoot, you need hearing protection and these fit my needs. I wasn’t about to impress others on the range with a $200 set of headphones. Reviews said these are good and they didn’t lie. Technology has come a long way in regards to headphones. You can carry on a normal conversation and immediately start engaging targets. No fussing around with pulling one side off or yelling at each other just to be loud enough to hear what the other is saying, or a range/safety person. If I needed another pair, I would buy these again. Try them. If they don’t work for you, send them back." — Danny D.
Most-discussed review: "I love the way these work. Hunted as a youth. Worked my way through college doing heavy construction. 29 years in the US Army. I’m hard of hearing. With multiple power tools and yard work I want to save what I have left. With ordinary hearing protection I have to take them off to have a conversation. With these I just have the conversation. they offer better protection than my other hearing protection. In quiet forest with the volume up I can hear bird song and wildlife better than with my hearing aids. They have stereo mics and are effective in locating wildlife by sound. Loud noise is controlled with the mics on or off. I’m not yelling at folks when I’m wearing them. They are uncomfortable with glasses or my hearing aids, but they are so effective I don’t need my hearing aids when wearing them. I only wear glasses for protection, which is most of the time I’m wearing these. I’m considering goggles with an elastic band. I sometimes watch tv with them instead of my hearing aids. If they get knocked off in the garden or forest they are easy to find. If I loose them they don’t cost a couple grand to replace. Great value. Highly recommended. Wish I could plug my phone in them. I think they would make a great stereo headset." — Joannah Powers
Favorite review: "This headset is phenomenal. I’ve been using this since 2013 and I own 2 of them and gifted one to a friend and he loves them. You can get gel cup upgrades to make it even more comfortable. This ear protection also works well with the Army issued ACH, you just have to readjust the ACH pads for it to fit properly and comfortably. This ear pro works great with every caliber even the largest artillery caliber 155mm HE shell. I wore these when I fired both the M109 Paladin and the M777 howitzer. I also used these when I was firing the 105mm round out of the M119 howitzer. Highly recommended, it amplifies your hearing and suppresses loud noises. Idle noises such as vehicles is the only downside and you would have to adjust the volume without complications." — Andree Resurreccion
Updated review: "So much better than using passive ear pro. Might not be as effective, but I'm always having to take the passive ear pro off to hear people next to me or the range master while others are shooting. These you can leave on the whole time. I also bought replacement gel pads, so they're much more comfortable to leave on. I read a lot of reviews preferring the Walkers over these but went with HL because the biggest complaint about Walkers was they were too tight. I have a big head, so I chose these for the presumed comfort. Can't compare the two, but I don't have any regrets about getting these. Also, if you're comparing prices, the Walkers without the auto shutoff sometimes price lower. But on an apples to apples comparison, HL with the auto shutoff is cheaper than the Walkers with the auto shutoff. My guess is you'll be happy with either pair." — AC Island Boy

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4. ACT FIRE - Ear Protection for the Shooting Range

Top-rated: 12,546 ratings | 203 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: You can adjust the amplification effect. Can help you lower noise exposure by 23 db.

Helpful review: "I've wanted a set of electronic earmuffs ever since I saw my drill sergeants donning them at the range. I've always thought they would be super expensive, so I never picked them up. Recently, a colleague of mine showed me his set and told me they are actually pretty affordable, so I went looking on Amazon and came across this set - affordable and of great quality. The set feels very durable when you handle them. They've got a good amount of resistance, which maintains their slim fit design - great for wearing underneath a helmet, if you're a service member, law enforcement, or into Airsoft, etc... They also come with a nice American flag patch on the side, which is definitely an added bonus for service members. The tactical brown color is also nice. The listing makes a huge deal of saying the paint job is from Japan. I don't know how much additional quality a Japanese paint job adds, but the paint job is nice, nonetheless. The earmuffs themselves are definitely noise-cancelling, and work amazingly well to snuff out sound, even when the electronic assistance is not on. When powered on, you have a wide range of volume, from mute to very, very sensitive, meaning the mics on the headset allow hearing from 30 feet away.
I tested this in my house and could hear the sensitive low volume voices down the hall in the kitchen from my bedroom, which spanned about this distance. When I took the set out to the range, I took them unknowingly with a weak set of batteries. When I first turned them on, you could hear the earmuffs zero out the sound of gun shots, as well as any immediate high decibel sounds, such as my female friend exclaiming something at a high voice. Disappointingly, I found out that the headphones have some kind of chirp when they are running with low batteries (I did not realize this at first). However, this is where I learned that even with the power off, these headphones still provide a great amount of sound muffling - much better than the headsets that the range itself provides. Lastly, the headset folds very slim, so that it makes for easy storage in a small area, such as when you're packing them away in a suitcase or backpack. I love this aspect of these earmuffs, as they make it so that the earpieces slide down into shape when you need them, but slide back up into a small confined package when you don't. Overall, a great set of earmuffs that I would highly recommend for anyone looking for noise-cancellation earmuffs for shooting, as well as any other large noises that they may want to control or avoid." — Kim G.
Trending review: "I had been using hearing protection that you heated in hot water and then molded to your ear. Over these I wore a non-electronic hearing protection. Problem was there was no way to hear any conversation. With the ACT free hearing protection I wore only these without the moldable ear plugs. The noise level from the gunfire was less that my old system and I could still hear others talking or the range officer giving commands. I should have bought these years ago. I also read about one indoor range that would not allow you to shoot without electronic hearing protect as you had to be able to hear the range safety officer." — Carroll B.
Reassuring review: "This is my first pair of this style of hearing protection, they are fantastic!!!! Easy volume button, fit well and they do as described! I could not believe my ears! You still can hear everything around you but when firing a my 40 cal. The noise was reduced in such a way I can’t even explain. Highly recommend these to anyone who works in a noisy environment or a trip to the range!!!! I even shot my 223 super sonic rounds which are very loud and again the noise was reduced to a level that you just need to try these to experience what they do!!! Best I have purchased in quite some time, truly the wow factor for me! Buy and enjoy!!!!!" — Johnny Hershberger
Most-discussed review: "These are the first electronic muffs I have tried so I didn't really know what to expect. When I opened the amazon box, I was glad to see these come is decent, simple packaging without a whole lot of waste and plastic. My first impression when I pulled these out of the box was they are great quality and not a flimsy, cheap product and everything that is removable is very secure while in place (battery door, aux jack cover, etc...). The real magic happened when I got batteries in these. When I first put them on it killed the sound drastically and I turned them on and I was skeptical but then the volume kicked in and I could hear everyone clearly, even when they had their heads turned away from me and whispering. I could tell what direction, with very near to pinpoint accuracy, a sound was coming from and from good distances away. After being blown away with the build quality and the sound quality I decided it was time to test out the cancellation ability of these and clapped as loud as I could. But all I heard come through the muffs was a muzzled bump and my mind went crazy. I started telling people about them 30 seconds after the clap.
When I got home I loaded up my 12 gauge and emptied a few magazines and no matter how fast I fired or what shells I loaded, these muffs killed the sound of the shots while letting person to person conversation through clearly. I hooked these up to my phone with the included 3.5mm stereo cable and can actually listen to music AND carry on a normal conversation at the same time, it's amazing. The one downside (which really isn't a down side at all but a product of the high quality of these) would be how tight fitting they are until you get them wore in and the headband stretched out to fit your head (which is great because they fit snugly even on small heads). Another reason I would say these are tight fitting is my head is pretty big, a freaking basketball noggin. But once you were them a few times and the band flexes out to your size they fit comfortably. I'm still recommending these to everyone I know that would benefit from them, even some that I have just met (it was literally the second thing I said to this GC on a job site after hello). 10/10 will buy again." — Daniel
Favorite review: "I was pleasantly impressed by these muffs. I’ve been shopping noise canceling electronic muffs for a while and finally decided to give these a shot. Was a bit skeptical for the price but couldn’t be happier. I literally put these things through the paces before actual use because I already have hearing loss and don’t not play games with my ears anymore. The first thing I did when they arrived was put them on and walk around the house. I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t come on until it hit me, batteries. Popped in some juice and they worked right away. Tested in the house that evening and was very pleased with the amplification and sound quality.
Any time I slammed something down or slammed a door the noise cut out promptly. I later tested their overall fit/function under heavy use. I have a small frame head and these fit very well without gaps to allow excess noise in. They are not so tight that the give you a headache like some of the older muffs, 45 minutes of wearing proved quite comfortable and I’m confident that longer would be no issue. Some of the cheaper muffs also can have problems with being too loose. These do not suffer that issue either. I started by walking around and they didn’t move, I progressively progressed my walk into runs and sprints up to 50 yards and they never wiggled around or jeopardized their muffling ability.
Dry fire drills proved to not interfere with cheek weld like older bulky muffs. After doing all of the above with them I was convinced they were good enough for the range. Range time proved perfect performance. Through many rounds, iterations and platforms the muffs did what they were supposed to do successfully. They now have a place in the Jeep full time for trusted use when needed. The only thing I didn’t test was the input jack because it’s not something I normally use but I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t perform as advertised." — Joseph Allen Ingram

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5. Pro For Sho - 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

Top-rated: 21,508 ratings | 385 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: The padded headband ensures you can wear these ear muffs all day long without getting a headache from the band being too tight.

Helpful review: "Got these for my grandson's S&W M&P AR15-22 with a Lepers Bugscope. The risers it came with are LOW. But with the OD Pro34s, there is plenty of ability to get his head down for a good cheek weld. Based on my and Granma's testing, these are the quietest passive earmuffs we've used, priced right and really comfortable, even with with eye-protection on. These are true winners. And the case we found for $12 on Amazon made for the Pro34s fit the muffs great and keep them from getting messed up when the young'un throws everything into his rang pack. We just bought three more sets and the Hermitshell cases to go with the ear protection.
Granma decided these were the best, beats the "good" ones she had; the 7 year old granddaughter wants to learn so she got a set and the 3 year old wants what everyone else has, so that's another set. At this price and the cost of the sturdy case, I know EVERYONE's ears are protected. With all the colors made, everyone knows which set is their own. The grandson wanted the camo-green when we first got him to the range with the 22LR rifle, "because it's what SWAT wears!" Granma wanted gray, "(because it will go with whatever I'm wearing," like that counts), but happy spouse makes a happy house. The granddaughter's fave is purple so she didn't get asked and was WAY happy surprised when the box was opened. The 3 year old looked at the colors and pointed to one and said THAT one. I asked, "Teal?" and the response a week later was him putting on his earmuffs with a huge grin, pointing to the muffs and loudly announcing, "Teal 'cause Granpa loves me." He nearly got another set to make the smile permanent! Based on all the other 5 star reviews we got that first set. Now everyone has a set and everyone likes using them." — ALdude
Updated review: "Highly Recommended. I was using the standard earplugs that company's provide and needed something else. These are lightweight, easy on/off and fold up when not in use. They are lightweight and you hardly know your wearing them. I work in a beverage factory and around machines 8-12hrs per day, and you hardly know your wearing them. The noise reduction is way better than the standard earplugs by far, dare I say, maybe even double. I've had them for a month and no problems, I even dropped them once on a concrete floor and no scratch or crack. Durable and lightweight." — David
Reassuring review: "I purchased these for use at an indoor range that allows anything up to a .300 Winchester Magnum, which if you're not familiar with firearms, is HUGE. So even if the biggest thing you're shooting is a .40 caliber pistol, you're going to want some serious protection. You never know when someone in the lane next to you is going to break out a .44 magnum or a high-powered rifle. I had been using the bulky red earmuffs for years, mainly shooting outdoors. For that purpose they served quite well. One day while shooting at my indoor range, I had borrowed a rifle and with the first shot, the recoil bumped my earmuff on the right out of place. I paid the price for that for a couple of days. So, I figured it was time for an upgrade. I quickly found that slim earmuffs that wouldn't interfere with shouldering a rifle didn't seem to offer the protection I wanted. If I wanted that, I had to go for gigantic ones that would get in the way when shooting a long gun. That's when I stumbled onto these. I haven't tried shooting a rifle while wearing these yet but I'm confident that I'll be able to do so. I have, however, been to my indoor range and they work like a dream. To be fair, though, I double up with these earplugs which I also recommend. I didn't think that I could get the kind of protection that I was looking for at such an affordable price, but here we are. I know that some users have found these too tight and put them on the box overnight. I didn't feel this was necessary but your results may vary. I also appreciate that the headband part of these are padded, whereas you can see the old ones I had been using, it was not. I can't recommend these earmuffs more highly! You don't have to spend $70+ to get good hearing protection. Buy these and some good earplugs and you'll be set." — Justin
Most-discussed review: "I bought two of these to use in my workshop. The reviews were very high on them so I was expecting them to work well. I was not disappointed. It gets pretty loud when I’m using my woodworking tools. These muffs block out all that loud noise. They keep the noise out well enough that when I was working on a project yesterday, I put my earbuds in then put these muffs on and I was able to easily listen to music without needing to crank the volume up. They are also comfortable to wear. I worked around 5 hours in my workshop yesterday and had them on most of the time. With some ear muffs, my head is always sore around my ears after wearing them for a while. These didn’t bug me at all. If you need good hearing protection then these are a great option. They are comfortable to wear and protect your ears very well." — Michael Leonard
Favorite review: "These noise canceling headgear do the job they were designed to do. They are easy to adjust and they fold up when done and take up little space. They are also very comfortable when you have them on. Very well engineered. You won't be disappointed. They are very affordable. I recommend them for your protection. I ordered the grey set and they look really good on also. I hope this helps you in making your mind up..." — MJS
Trending review: "I bought these to sleep in, not to wear at a gun range. Neighbors keep getting roosters who are crazy loud. Once they wake me up, there's no going back to sleep! I tried a number of other solutions, including ear plugs, and nothing was letting me get a decent night of sleep. I sleep in a hammock flat on my back, so these muffs work perfectly for me to sleep with -- I don't think they'd work at all for a side sleeper. They are comfortable and not nearly as warm as I expected (I live in the tropics and the nights lately have had my room at about 80F). They completely eliminate low noises, like the whirr of a fan, but I can still, just barely, hear my alarm. The roosters and the dogs can still be heard very clearly, but the sound is muffled and not as aggressive -- it comes ignorable. I tend to fall asleep without the muffs and the minute the roosters start around 3AM and wake me, I slip on the muffs and then go straight back to sleep, with future crowing not bothering me at all. I have tried to sleep all night with the muffs, but would either take them off while sleeping or wake up with a headache (they do clamp very tightly) so just putting them on as needed is working better for me.
The muffs look very nice (I bought them in pink) and I would definitely slip them in my purse to go to events where there's loud music (as folks here like their music LOUD and my ears just can't take that much volume). I'm very happy with my purchase and with the post-purchase communication from the manufacturer advising me to let the muffs sit clamped to the outside of their box for a day to let them loosen a bit." — Rae Crothers

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6. Awesafe - Electronic Earmuffs for Noise Reduction

Top-rated: 6,100 ratings | 87 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Our favorite color is Army Green, but there are many to choose from.

Helpful review: "This is my THIRD set. I bought another when I found out for a few more dollars you can have a hard case. I wanted the case that only holds the earmuffs because it is of course smaller than the one with room for glasses. I bought these for shooting but have also used for lawnmowing and to work quietly in the office. I usually have the mic off unless others are around to communicate with at the range. I have also turned the mic off and worn apple earbuds inside the muffs because the sound is somewhat better than connecting to the headset. Plugging into the headset requires turning up the volume and that seems to let in other noise in addition to the cord. So I think I have it figured out and these are really excellent. I have bought 3 pairs so that my sons can each have good protection and we can still talk. I also sometimes wear foam plugs under the muffs for a super quiet experience, and the neat thing is you can then turn the mic up and hear somebody talking really well but still have maximum dB reduction. I have a family member with a bigger name brand set that looks identical, and I think the Awesafe is every bit as good. In fact, the HL has some static when they are on, but mine do not." — Randy D.
Trending review: "I got these to use for when I'm working in the yard with my power tools and want to protect my ears, but also want to be aware of when my children or other people are around. These electronic earmuffs did the job and were comfortable enough to wear for a few hours with no issues. Bonus, I was able to plug my phone in and have some tunes playing while I worked. Down side, I tried using an audio book, but could not get the volume of the book to be loud enough. It could be I was using a louder tool and the cutoff feature of the earmuffs kicked in. Anyway, they are a great product for the price point." — Bret R. Thorson
Reassuring review: "This was my first experience with this type of ‘headphone’. Honestly, I didn’t really understand how the product worked. It detects the volume of sound around you and it somehow knows when to start blocking the sound. When wearing in a low volume setting like a conversation, these permit the sound to come to your ear through the built in microphone and the basically plays the sound with a built in speaker. So you can wear these while having a conversation and when something ‘loud’ happens, it shuts down that microphone immediately. Also has an aux input if you wanna connect to your cell phone to speak to someone or listen to music. This product serves its purpose very well!" — Dave, York PA
Most-discussed review: "These muffs work great for shooting. The first day I had them, I was at a range with about 20 other shooters. Overall, the whole group fired several thousand rounds. These muffs suppressed the sound of each one. Yet I had no trouble hearing the range officer's commands or other conversations during breaks. They are very comfortable to wear over extended periods of time. I left them on for over 4 hours straight because it was cold and they kept my ears warm. I did experiment with trying to listen to music from my phone through the aux cord and couldn't get any sound. I'm not sure if it was the cord or what. I plan to continue to experiment." — Eric
Favorite review: "Nice headset. I purchased two, One for me and another one for my wife. This was my second pair of amplifying earmuffs, and I love them. The speakers transmit and amplify normal sound, and immediately adjust to block out loud noises. I couldn't believe how well they worked the first time at the shooting range and had to do a comparison and take them off to really hear how loud the sound is. HK P2000 was next to me without them on to appreciate how well they blocked noise. The set is a nice weight and is well balanced and the earcups are comfortable, so you can comfortably wear them the whole time at the range and have normal conversations with everyone and not have to worry about fiddling with them to try to hear people. I also use it when operating my table saw and miter saw. Good product that I would recommend my friends to buy one." — Kyle W.
Updated review: "I bought these for shooting but have also used for lawnmowing and to work quietly in the office. I usually have the mic off unless others are around to communicate with at the range. I have also turned the mic off and worn apple earbuds inside the muffs because the sound is somewhat better than connecting to the headset. Plugging into the headset requires turning up the volume and that seems to let in other noise in addition to the cord. So I think I have it figured out and these are really excellent. I have bought 3 pairs so that my sons can each have good protection and we can still talk. I also sometimes wear foam plugs under the muffs for a super quiet experience, and the neat thing is you can then turn the mic up and hear somebody talking really well but still have maximum dB reduction. I have a family member with a bigger name brand set that looks identical, and I think the Awesafe is every bit as good. In fact, the HL has some static when they are on, but mine do not." — Frederick Han

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7. Walker's - Razor Slim Passive Earmuffs

Top-rated: 10,551 ratings | 110 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: NRR 27 protection from noise. Compactly folds up for easy transport and storage.

Helpful review: "These Walker Razors work great for me. I tried the Peltor Shotgunner II Low-Profile muffs, but it prevented me from getting a good cheek weld on my rifle. With the Walker Razors, I think because they have a flatter bottom, I'm still able to get a good cheek weld. There's still some contact between the stock of my rifle and the muffs, but it's not bad. The sound dampening on the Walker Razors are excellent as well, however, I only shoot at an outdoor rifle range so I don't know if the sound dampening would be sufficient for an indoor range. It's rated at 26 NRR, but you may want to pair it with in-ear foam earplugs or something similar if you're at a much louder indoor range. As far as comfort, the fit seemed to be pretty good. I wore them for a few hours at the range the other day without any issue. Overall, a great purchase, especially for the $30 price tag." — Bodhi
Trending review: "So, I work at a busy outdoor shooting range. I've used custom fit silicone earplugs for a long time. But, recently I got some sort of allergic reaction/infection thing in one of my ears and had to stop wearing the plugs for awhile. In the meantime I wore these muffs from Walker's. They are low profile. I site in a lot of rifles for people with new scopes and these don't get in the way. As far as noise cancellation, they're almost too good. With my old silicone plugs, I could easily hear my coworkers voices. With these Walker's, I can barely hear anything. I'm not complaining though. Just saying, they cancel, I'd say without exaggeration about 80-85% of all noise. They are a tad tight but, they're brand new so, that's expected. I know they'll loosen up over time. As far as warmth goes (the rating page asked for a 1-5 star on this point, they are hot after prolonged use. If your goal is warm ears, these like most muffs are great. Here in Florida, holding heat in is rarely a good thing. Hence my 1 star on this point. Again, not complaining, just letting everyone know. I got the Gadsen "Don't Tread On Me" flag pair and the graphic seems like it's going to last. That's a good thing." — Pale Horse
Reassuring review: "A lot of these walkers have bad reviews but honestly, if you’re like me and you’re a beginning shooter, they are the best thing you can buy. They are THE BEST! My ears are small because I am a petite female, and they cup my ears perfectly, blocking out the loud sounds of a handgun and shotgun. I wear them with the small additional ear pieces that go inside the ear (these are given to you at the range). And I swear this was the best muffs my money could buy. I almost got discouraged by the bad reviews and almost spend $100+ on a pair with a bunch of different features, but seriously you can’t always go by reviews. Sometimes you just have to buy a product and see if it’s for YOU. I am glad I bought these, they are simple and they are effective which is exactly what I needed!" — Nena
Most-discussed review: "I purchased these for both woodworking with power tools and occasional use with a shotgun. It's worked flawlessly for both. I can still hear some noise around me, including people speaking to me. It's heavily muffled, of course, but as long as people speak loud and clear it's no problem to hear them. At the same time, I feel very protected against the high volumes of my power tools and shotgun. I would say it's a perfect balance between the two. I also find them very comfortable in general. Sometimes while working with power tools, I end up leaving them on for longer periods (maybe a couple hours straight). Never had a problem with discomfort of any kind. They are lightweight but also very sturdy, and I expect them to last a long time. There's only one minor thing I would improve. When I take them off momentarily and have them around my neck, the position of the ear cups makes it difficult to hold my head in any way except tilted up slightly. So I usually end up just taking them off entirely. Not a big deal, but if they swiveled a bit to allow for more head movement, that would be more convenient." — NYguy
Favorite review: "I've been carefully looking for noise cancelling headphones for a while. I wanted to make sure I got something perfect as I'd probably be using it daily. These are PERFECT! They fold up to the size of a grapefruit for storage/travelling. They're SO comfortable! I can wear these while I'm laying in bed on my side (with the headphone on the pillow) and they're still comfy. I can also wear them for a long time without getting sore. The noise cancelling is not 100%, you can still hear talking but it's muffled. (I prefer it this way honestly)." — Phil
Updated review: "I made the mistake a few days ago of firing a shot inside my ground blind without hearing protection. That will never happen again. I was searching for a slim profile type earmuff for future use, and found these. Especially for my intended purpose, they're perfect. The profile is contoured so that the muffs don't interfere with shouldering my rifle. I chose the black ones to blend with my all black clothing and head/face covering. Great product!" — Kevin

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8. Howard Leight by Honeywell - Shooting Earmuffs for Indoor and Covered Ranges

Top-rated: 3,908 ratings

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Designed for handgun and pistol shooters looking for high NRR; perfect for indoor ranges, covered ranges or other extremely loud shooting environments.

Helpful review: "These are the best set of ear muffs I have used. The noise reduction rating is among the highest I have seen. In high school I never used ear protection when I hunted and as a result, I have constant ringing in my ears. I have vowed to never again shoot without good ear protection. This is easy to do at the range, but when hunting, I want to be able to hear what is going on around me. The electronic amplification these provide enable me to hear everything while I hunt. The best part is there are microphones on each ear cup which provides stereo sound. Not only am I able to hear, I can pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from just as well as I can with my naked ears. The ear cups are big and a little bulky, yet very comfortable. I can wear them for an hour straight and don't feel like my head has been in a vice when I take them off. Due to the size of the ear cups, shooting a rifle feels a little cumbersome at first as the ear cup hits the stock. After a little use, I didn't really notice anymore. Even at work, I use these for range training with both the Remington 870 and my AR-15. They don't interfere with either except for the clicking as the plastic touches the stock.
If you are a pistol shooters, these are perfect as they are extremely comfortable and the size doesn't make any difference. The auto shutoff feature is a big money saver as I never remember to turn them off when I'm done shooting. Battery life is very good. I can't remember the last time I have replaced the batteries and on average, I probably use them an hour a week with the amplification on. I hunt coyotes a lot and sometimes I like to listen to music or books while I am on a set. It is great to be able to pipe the music through the ear muffs with the included cord. It didn't seem like an important feature until I used it. Now I really appreciate it. I don't use it often, but when I do, it's a great feature to have. The only thing about these that occasionally bugs me is being near power lines. From time to time, I hunt beneath high voltage power lines and the EM field from the electricity will induce a hum in the speakers that is irritating. In these situations, you can always turn the volume off and use them as normal earmuffs. All in all, these are a great set of hearing protectors. They are comfortable and have a great noise reduction. The stereo electronic amplification seals the deal." — CC
Trending review: "I bought these for ear protection while using my M&P Shield 9mm. This is a quick impression as I have not yet been to the range. These are quality built and are highly recommended. Please understand what these are; they are ear muffs with passive noise reduction. The electronic part is only for amplification of ambient sound up to 85 db. That is not a criticism, that is a description. It's exactly what I expected but it can be a little confusing if you haven't used this style of electronic ear muff before. A couple of weeks ago I needed some ear muffs quick so I bought some electronic ear muffs from Harbor Freight for $12. Big mistake, complete waste of money, they will not protect your hearing and of course I took them back. They use cheap translucent plastic so sound goes right through them. The wiring is thin, the Harbor Freight muffs use cheap open foam, look cheap and are cheap. I told you that story so I can tell you this one. The Howard Leight Impact Pro are the exact opposite. Excellent sound damping, thick wire, thick plastic and the seal at the ears is solid and comfortable without being too tight.
Everything about this ear muff is quality. I love music so my hearing is extremely important to me which is why I bought the ear muffs with the highest sound damping I could find. I have large Klipsch speakers RF-83 (three 8" woofers) and RC-64 (four 6" woofers) capable of reaching 125 db. Playing my system as loud as I dared the HL Impact Pro kept the sound to very acceptable levels even as my chest was thumping with the sound of the Klipsch speakers playing extremely loud. A 12 ga shotgun hits 165 db, a regular gun shot is 145 db, pain sets in a 125 db. Your lawn mower is about 95 db and typical speech is 55-65db. The HL Pro Impact is supposed to knock down about 32 db, and I believe it, from a subjective point of view. After I get to the range or some outdoor shooting I'll come back and update my evaluation. I am expecting I will not be disappointed." — WV Shooter
Reassuring review: "I have used ear plugs instead of ear muffs my entire life. I found them easy to put in, and since I always wore them inside my helmet while riding my motorcycle, I always had an ample supply. The problem with wearing ear plugs at the range is that it makes it much harder to hear people who are trying to talk to you. (especially when they can just remove their ear muffs for 5 seconds to have a quick chat and you have to mess with rolling your plugs and waiting for them to expand.) Enter these ear muffs. I absolutely LOVE this set. Not only does it reduce noise like gunfire to a much lower level, they allow you to speak easily with someone as if you weren't wearing anything over your ears. Surprisingly, they also amplify ambient noise to a level that is actually higher than you can normally hear.
For example, when I went to an outdoor range, I had the volume all the way up and commented on how loud the crickets and other insects were that day. When I took the muffs off, I could barely hear the insects. They work similar indoors as well. On a medium volume you can hear normal conversation, but if you turn them all the way up then you can hear all the exhaust fans running along with every piece of brass getting kicked around on the concrete between shots. I should note that if you are talking with someone and a loud noise happens, then the electronic protection kicks in and ALL noise gets reduced, so you may miss words here and there. They also easily adjust and you can bend the top to open them up a bit and make them less snug as they come very snug out of the package.
They also seal around glasses really well, and you really need to make sure your glasses or goggles are adjusted before you put these on as they squeeze pretty tight and adjustment takes two hands. I have found no indication of the hissing noise that I see other reviewers mention. Since the headset amplifies ambient noises that you can barely hear, I wonder if they may just be hearing amplified background noise and not realizing it. The single downside that I can find with these right now is that I wish they were larger around my ears. Other than that, I have had zero issues with these." — Mike In Cleveland
Most-discussed review: "With an NRR (noise reduction rating) of 30, these have the ability to successfully mitigate very loud blasts from high powered rifles and handguns. I use it for my AR-15. I also bought the low profile Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (B001T7QJ9O) thinking I would use it for rifles, and the Impact Pro for handguns. My original theory was that the bulk of the Impact Pro would prevent a good cheek weld on a rifle. Howover the Impact Sport only has an NRR of 22, which provides less protection than NRR 30, and I've been able to obtain a good cheek weld even with the Impact Pro. So I wind up using the Impact Pro almost all of the time regardless of the gun type. Both models work by passively blocking noise. They are NOT noise reduction headsets, which actively generate negative or inverse sound waves. These mitigate sound exactly like any other shooting earmuff - by blocking the noise with baffling materials. Where they differ is they have two microphones, and two speakers (one for each ear). With a volume control, they amplify all sounds of interest (voices at the range, or animals moving while hunting). But since they limit the maximum amplitude, sounds are reproduced at reasonable not damaging volumes. You of course can control the volume levels. I still double up with ear plugs, but then set the volume high enough to just overcome those blocks. As an entire system, it works very well. Two more comments: First, the earmuffs are stereo, i.e. each mic in each ear faithfully reproduces the sound in just that ear. This provides for directional hearing, i.e. you can tell if the noise is coming from the left or the right. And second, I find it helpful to orient the mics facing forward when hunting (because that's where you're looking) and to the rear when at the range (because that's where the Range Safety Officer instructions would come from). These are great earmuffs. I know the Impact Sport is a bigger seller, but I think these provide the best protection for your ears and work equally well. My recommendations are to go with the Impact Pro." — A. Ray Miller
Favorite review: "I have never used a pair of electronic ear protection headphones. I bought these based on reviews from users here on Amazon because they are recommended for both indoor and outdoor gun ranges. I have not been to the range with these yet, but I can tell you what I have used them for so far and why I think they are amazing. I put them on and fired up my chainsaw (it's really loud) to cut down a tree in my yard. While the saw was off, I could hear the wind blowing, the birds chirping and the voice of my neighbor in his yard. As soon as I got the chainsaw fired up, the hearing protection kicked in. WOW!!! It was really cool because I could hear the motor in a way I had never heard it before. I heard the actual sound of the exhaust ports and the motors internal sounds rather than the loud sounds I am used to hearing when I run that beast.
Next, I fired up the blower, then the weed eater and then the lawn mower. All were the same, where I could hear the true sound of the motor, more so than the exhaust noise. The amount of volume you want to let in is totally up to you. For the most part, I left it up where I could hear the motor noise a bit... but then my wife started talking to me about something and I tried lowering the volume as much as I could... BONUS application for these headphones. I could not hear anything she was saying...I was 6 feet from her and it was like blissful silence had come over the earth. I think she was saying something about a "project" she had for me to do...who really knows what she said. I just kept nodding and then went back to my blissful silence. One thing I was concerned about was if I could wear a pair of sunglasses without causing a leakage of sound around the arms of the frames These headphones quickly sealed up around those arms with no problems. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that is capable of plugging into some phones. I don't know if that works yet...I don't really want to talk on the phone while I am shooting. But, pipping in some killer tunes would be nice. Nothing like rapid firing an AR-15 to a soundtrack of some hardcore rock. Overall these are amazing. I am super happy with the purchase. I also got the Caseling Hard Case and my headphones fit in it like a there is a small pocket in the case for a spare pair of batteries and the 3.5mm cable." — Ralph
Updated review: "I had attended a training course in the recent past, and while the hearing protection that I was wearing was very effective but I had difficulty hearing the instructor with them. He lent me a set of the Howard Leight Impact OF Electronic earmuff (you can read my review of it here: [...] and the difference was like night and day. Based on wearing the aforementioned Howard Leight product, I purchased these to wear when I was not running a long gun. They allow me to converse with my shooting mates and provide excellent protection from shooting noise; even from the guy in the next lane that launched some projectiles from a 12-gauge shotgun with no warning to others - or the guy in the lane to my right that was shooting full-load .44 magnum ammunition. I normally turn them on until I just hear the air conditioning of the indoor range and back them off slightly. If I am not conversing with someone, I simply turn them off. My wife hates when I wear them, because they really provide me with selective hearing :>) The second time that I used them, I forgot to turn them off when I left the range proper.
The following weekend, when I was readying to go to the range, I remembered that I had not turned them off. I placed them on my head and, sure enough, no amplification could be heard. However, I turned them back off and then on and they came on as normal; the digital circuitry has reset and the automatic shut-off had done its job. I never go to the range without them and my old hearing protection languishes on the shelf. I have read some complaints about the battery box being difficult to open, but I had no problem with it. The cover snaps shut and has not removed itself yet. Since my hearing has degraded from years of abuse, I tend to run the unit a little "hot" but, as I mentioned previously, I tend to turn the volume down a bit when I start shooting, and in most cases leave the unit off until I have to converse with someone. These are very comfortable to wear. I normally wear a cap of some sort when I am shooting and these have enough adjustment to go around the cap and around my ears tightly but perfectly. An excellent choice should you decide to have one for your own." — Daryl D.

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9. Walker's - Electronic Quad Earmuff

Top-rated: 786 ratings | 22 answered questions

best electronic earmuffs for shooting


Highlight: Very comfortable headband.

Helpful review: "These are great for shooting. The fact that they amplify sound but instantly cut out any loud noise such as a gun blast makes them perfect for the gun range. Being able to actually hear others talking is a major safety advantage. All my shooting buddies have these too. When we go to the range we can talk in a normal voice while shooting from different stands and hear each other with ease. We can even hear other shooters from several benches down talking to each other. They are very comfortable to wear. If using a rifle they don't hit the stock like some ear protection does. They are kind of odd at first and getting used to the super hearing takes a few minutes every time. The only downside to them is you loose directional awareness. Meaning that if you had your eyes closed and someone walked around you in a circle talking you wouldn't be able to tell where they are because the sound is equal from both speakers no matter which microphone picks up the outside sound. With cheap ear plugs you still can determine direction. It would be nice if they could add in directional surround sound like some pc headphones have. But I would imagine that would raise the cost significantly. With them being non directional I couldn't recommend them for hunters. But for a range visit I do recommend." — DHumps
Trending review: "These work great! I have some upper and lower range hearing loss from years of rock concerts, loud power tools and yard machines and guns. With these, I can hear leaves falling, rain drops or dew drops hitting leaves, birds chirping, small animals rustling in the leaves and a deer walking. When I take them off, the forest suddenly becomes silent. I had no idea how much I was not hearing or missing. I paid close attention to the perceived source of sounds and found that the 4 microphones did an excellent job of helping identify where sounds were originating. I listened to some crows calling while I was sitting in the woods. They were clearly behind me and to my left. As they flew closer, I looked to where their caws seemed to be coming from and there the birds were. I easily located and followed them just by their noise. I would ignore some of the YouTube videos of guys testing the sound direction capabilities of these headphones and saying that they don’t work. Their testing process must be faulty or maybe they got a defective set. Mine worked exactly as advertised and as I expected. The fit is snug but not painfully uncomfortable. I occasionally would lift them one side off my ear or adjust the fit to relieve pressure. The tight seal around the ears improves the sound quality. I found them to be comfortable overall. They fold up into a nice, neat package that fits in the palm of my hand and takes up minimal space in my backpack. I keep them in a small side pocket on the backpack. They adjust for fit by extending the support wires from the earpieces, not from the headband. I cannot comment yet on battery life. I have used them for hours on several hunting trips with the original batteries. I would not hesitate to buy these again." — JT
Reassuring review: "These things are great. One of the biggest dangers of shooting is not being able to hear your surroundings while wearing regular ear protection. If you cant legally own (or cant afford) a suppressor, these are the only thing that will allow you to both maintain situational awareness AND protect your hearing while shooting. For those of you that don't know, the way they work is the external microphones allow you to hear normally (or even amplify sounds around you if you turn up the volume). But when you fire a gun, the mics shut off momentarily and then come back on. so the gunshot is muffled and your ears are protected, yet you're still able to hear normally up to and immediately after the moment of firing. In terms of personal hearing protection, these are even better than a suppressor because even with a suppressor/silencer, the shot is still loud enough to cause hearing damage. Plus they are a lot cheaper and don't require all the paperwork, taxes, and 12 month waiting period that come with purchasing a suppressor!" — TXguy
Updated review: "I was skeptical to get mic'd earphones, and this was my first pair I've ever purchased, and I have to say, I'm not disappointed. These work incredibly well and the omnidirectional mic's really make a difference when you have them on and you're moving around. You can hear every spec of dirt under your feet, they pick up everything, and it's very functional when you're at the range, during a cease fire, or giving you more ability to hear instructions/directions that are very important when you're at the range. When it's chilly out they're great cause you don't have to take them off. I use them when I mow the grass or use a yard tool like a leaf blower or a weed trimmer. Really nicely designed and they've been flawless so far, I use them almost every day, the batteries seem to last a long time as well. Highly Recommend." — MH
Favorite review: "I have hearing loss. So when I'm hunting and the deer come up behind me, I cannot hear them. My boyfriend bought me a pair of these and they work fabulous! I can actually hear better with them on. When I shoot, my ears don't ring afterwards. They are protected!! Thank you Walker's for making this product!!" — Ashley
Most-Discussed review: "A couple years ago I ordered the other popular brand of ear muffs. They didn't fit my head at all, so hubby said he would use them. The poor man wore those even though they were terribly uncomfortable and the volume adjustment did not work for him. I got a pair of the Walker's Quad 360 for myself and have been very happy with them. Mine are the older style with the adjustable head bands which are not made now. A friend needed electronic ear muffs and while researching for her, I found these and asked hubby if he wanted them. He said YES. He said these Walker Razor Quad ear muffs are GREAT! They provide good sound reduction when shooting handguns outside, and the volume can be adjusted for his comfort level, but the best thing is that they don't press into his ears and hurt like the other brand did! Four stars for noise cancellation because they are what almost all electronic muffs are: OK, but not fantastic. I never use electronic muffs for shooting indoors without using foam plugs in my ears under the electronic ones because none of the electronic ones provide proper protection for the greatly increased volume of an indoor range. We have both had ear muffs in the past that cost over $250 a set, and these relatively inexpensive Walker muffs do a much better job for us in all ways." — V. W.

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