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I Tested And Ranked The Best Electric Bikes In 2024

I tested the best electric bikes for adults on Amazon, so now I know why ebikes are such a rush! Check out my personal ranking and read hands-on reviews to find the one that's perfect for your needs.

best electric bikes for adults

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Jasion - 25-40 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: Upgraded LCD Display provides powerful data support, such as accurate percentage power display.

Helpful review: "Unboxing and assembling took me about 15 minutes - came 75% charged. It comes with the rear wheel attached, just have to lock the front wheel on, replace a protective cover on the steering shaft with the handlebars - pop the seat on and you’re ready to ride. All the wiring is hooked up other than the front light which is a simple connector.
My front brake disc seems just warped enough to rub a bit. I will try to correct this myself if it becomes problematic. I’m just thankful to not be flat on my face anytime I have to use the front brakes anyway.
I am 175 lbs and wear a backpack when I ride. My test ride was about 4 miles where it went from 75% to %14, and I was admittedly torture testing it a bit. Riding with just the throttle, or taking off from stopped with the throttle, uses a noticeable amount of battery.
I kept it usually around level 3 out of 5 pedal assist modes for the trip. I live in a very hilly area so half the trip was uphill essentially. I am not sure exactly how the gear ratio affects the battery, but I kept it in the top few gears for the trip, and the whole ride barely felt like a light workout with PAS.
The horn is nice, but I did not get a single person to move, one of their dogs heard me at least. But, everyone has air pods these days. One of these instances they saw me coming, but didn’t move, so I had to drop off a curb, which knocked the tail light off. I’ll reattach it with zip ties, instead of a stretchy rubber strap.
The cable that comes with the rear light, is not even half as long as needed to reach the port on the battery. I have a long one lying around easily, but it was something I noticed. The included rear light seems to be from a separate manufacturer so I am not really upset.
The main thing I wanted out of this bike was to make my commute easier, living in an area where if I can coast downhill for miles, I have to essentially walk a normal bike back home, from how steep uphill it is on the way back. However, this bike made the hills barely noticeable.
Very happy with the purchase and I will update this review with further experience and insight on the battery life and range. If I used about 60% of the battery with leisure use in my conditions, and went 4 miles, I would guess a more realistic full trip in my conditions would yield 7 or 8 mile range tops. Again, I will have a better idea with more trips that start with a fully charged battery.
I made 2 trips to a place 11 miles away starting with a %100 charge, and in similar conditions as my first ride, the battery got down to about 30%, but again, that same percentage might show 40-45% once the bike is stopped. I would say in my hilly conditions a full charge would get you 15-16 miles, maybe a bit more, especially if you ride in a way conscious of the battery life.
I messaged the manufacturer to ask if they would sell a spare battery and they said they wouldn’t have spares for another few months. Very happy with my purchase, well worth the money
I've had this thing for nearly 2 months now and thought this review deserves an update. For the first review, my legs were weak. But, I have been taking the EB5 to commute to and from work every day - 22 -25 miles/day.
So, with that exercise, my legs and stamina have gotten stronger. Now, my legs put so much power to the ground that PAS doesn't even kick in until set to level 3 or 4. After my 11 mile commute - and being conscious of when to tax the battery and when to just get a bit of pedaling in - I can get to work or back home with over 65% of my battery left, even with a rack and loaded basket.
Given that, it could be assumed that in the same conditions, since 11 miles used about 33%, one could comfortably go 33-35 miles before the battery dies.
- Don't keep your bike in gears 6 or 7 just because the motor is helping you.
- Keep the bike in whatever gear you would normally pedal in - turn PAS to 0 and find that gear -
- Where your legs aren't spinning freely but also not needing too much force. And then work your way from PAS 0 to whatever mode you feel it kick in. Then, once you are at a healthy cadence for whatever conditions you're in - imo 12-17 MPH - turn down again to PAS 0, and now the pedaling is super easy as keeping a cadence is much easier than pushing yourself from a stop to a high cadence. Maybe kick PAS back into 1 to allow yourself to manually use the throttle to get back into a cadence, and then down to PAS 0 when your legs can help again.
This way, you are getting some cardio, you are engaged and aware, and maximizing the life of your battery and actually the motor as well - and when you are close enough to your destination, you'll have so much percentage left that you can comfortably give your legs a break and rely more on the throttle.
I had been asking the company if they offer spare batteries. They said not until March. They offered to give me a discount on their new bike if I reviewed it - however not an actual discount, but instead, a partial refund, meaning I cannot afford the initial cost of the new EB7. Through this conversation they maintain that they do not yet sell spares for the EB5, despite it being halfway through March.
- The screw for the handlebar adjustment comes loose once or twice per ride - it's a quick fix but very annoying, the handlebars become wobbly.
- The screw for the rear brake adjustment comes loose as well - again, a quick fix, but dangerous, and some people who don't know might go over-adjusting the brakes at the handlebar level, or deciding their brakes need replacement, without realizing that the screw actually just comes loose.
- You cannot remove the rear tire completely. There is a motor cable running into it, which has a point where it seems it should disconnect, but does not actually disconnect. I'm sure if you brute forced it you could jerry rig it back together easily but it does not comfortably break away for maintenance on the rear tire. Changing tubes and tires is a bit of a hassle because of this.
- There are not enough holes for attaching accessories. There is an unused screw hole on either side of the rear forks, and again unused holes on either side of the seatpost hole - for attaching a rack. However, that is it. No other holes. No indicator as to what kind of screw or thread goes into these holes either.
- The connector for the battery is nearly proprietary. I found out it can be found online by searching for "RETENTION OUTPUT CONNECTOR" - Retention being the company who makes the cases for the battery used by this bike. It's just a + and - prong but I would have loved, loved, loved to see instead an XT60 or XT90 connector capability. Now, to add my own spare battery, I have to rig up a connector and find a place to strap the default battery since its mount would block access to the battery port. I don't like when companies make DIY harder, that's all.
- The rainwater and road dirt in my face and eyes got old pretty quick, so I did add an aftermarket fender. You can't use a regular fender in the front as the headlight blocks where it would normally go, and again, there's no holes for accessories to have any other place to move it to. But you can use the flexible fenders which attach with zip ties, if you are crafty enough to avoid it rubbing on the tire.
- I don't know if this company is just a couple of dudes in an office in China with a couple workers putting together the bikes out of the different parts coming from all kinds of different companies ("Jasion" really just seems to be the frame). But given it does seem to be a quality product and sold as described, I am happy with their efforts and the bike.
Otherwise, all in all, I'm happy with my purchase. I am getting exercise, I feel great, I haven't been run over yet:)" — Tom Hawk

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2. Oraimo - 28-45 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: 12-month warranty.

Helpful review: "I couldn't be happier with the Oraime Monster 100 for the cost. An excellent bike for an excellent price.
Customer support, though, is lacking. No user manual is available for download on the company website. I contacted the company via chat, and requested a link from which I could download an electronic copy of the user manual. I was told no such link exists. They said that an electronic copy would be emailed to me within 24 hours, and that they'll make a suggestion to management for a link to be added to their website. It's now been 5 days; still no link, still no emailed file. I'm disappointed with the company regarding both of these issues.
I also wish the company would offer more of a selection of accessories for sale. As is understandable, for this price, the bike is bare bones. It would be convenient to be able to purchase fenders and a rear rack directly from the website without having to worry about fit and compatibility. Unfortunately neither is available from the website. I suspect the website is still growing, but it can't be very difficult to include those types of items for the customers' convenience.
The bike deserves five stars. The company loses a star because of lackluster customer service.
After 4 months and 600 miles, I've now given this bike and the company a 5th star. With approximately 600 miles on the bike, I have no complaints. My original 4-star review reflected my disappointment with the responsiveness and follow-up of the company. Since that time I've interacted with the company several times to request information.
Other than my unanswered initial request mentioned above for a digital manual, the company has subsequently responded to each request immediately with exactly the information I've asked for. Including the digital manual. I asked a second time, and they emailed me a link within 12 hours which allowed me to download the digital manual.
So now at the 600-mile mark, I have to say I've had zero issues with the bike. It continues to perform flawlessly and is a joy to ride. I have another E-bike that's faster, but it was three times the cost and I don't need the additional speed for the type of riding I do. And I absolutely love having 21 gears. It pedals effortlessly without the motor engaged, and if I were ever to run out of battery (which has never happened to me with this bike), it would be very easy to pedal home. The gearing makes it easy regardless of the grade and speed.
I would unhesitatingly recommend this bike to a family member or friend who is looking for a minimal-cost, entry-level E-bike.
I am so happy I made the choice to purchase this. Really amazing product, customer service, and value. Light frame, nice welds. Everything just works. A few steps above an entry level. I am getting about 60 miles out of the battery in PAS MODES 3-4. I am peddling on my own when power is not needed. Very responsive and smooth. A few issues. The pedals and the tires are cheap. The display is big and bright but super simple. It only shows speed, trip and odometer.
I would love to give this five stars but I’ve ridden some five star electric bikes, they are usually in the $2000 to $3000 range. But nonetheless five stars. This one is SOLID 4. Shipping took a little longer than expected. The site said if it was purchased before the weekend it would ship before the weekend. However, it was purchased before the weekend and not shipped until after the weekend. Nonetheless once it was shipped and it arrived quickly.
Took about 30 minutes to put together. Please make sure not to use power tools. I hand tightened every screw including many of the screws already pre-assembled. Many of the screws are mid range quality and would strip easily with power tools.
Very smooth, ride sturdy build, very basic electronics works nicely. Throttle mode is responsive, PAS mode is not quite as responsive as more expensive bikes, but really kicks in in four or five. Using PAS, I was able to get it up to about 25 MPH on a flat, and up to 32 MPH downhill using both manpower and battery-power.
The display is very simple, and very bright. Easy to read and operate. I wish it had a USB plug to charge my phone. I will probably upgrade to a new display with USB. The seat is pretty comfortable. But I did have to change it out to a more comfortable seat after some long rides.
On the initial ride. The left pedal needed to be tightened. It was making a clicking noise. I did have to tighten up the handle stem considerably to stop it from slightly shifting forward and back.
I am really enjoying the bike. It is smooth, fast handles well and a pleasure to ride. It could use some more comfortable rubber handles. I am in the process of making some upgrades to the bike. The great thing is this bike is easily upgradable. Just added a stem riser to bring the height of the handlebars a little closer. Fantastic upright ride." — Mr. K

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3. Jetson Foldable - 15 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: Easily folds for taking up and down stairs or sliding under desk.

Helpful review: "First off, I wanted a portable e-Bike for 3 primary uses, the first two involve putting the bike in the trunk and driving to another location:
1. Exploring other cities (typically a 10-12 mile loop at low to modest speed)
2. One-way transport (to get my car serviced or return upriver from kayaking – expect 5-6 miles)
3. Occasional errands (pick-up small items at a local plaza – typically 3-5 miles R/T)
As a result, portability, dependable range, and reasonable cost were my priorities.
This is a very good choice for casual use like exploring cities or occasional return transport where speed and range fit fine, especially if you’re will to do some amount of pedal assist. Size and weight are the key – some folding eBikes offer more speed or range, but they are typically over 60 lbs (too heavy to easily lift in/out of a trunk). For the price, it’s an exceptional deal, since it has high quality materials and most competitive models are well over $1000. As a result, you can buy two (as I did) to go explore those cities with your partner or friend.
However, it’s NOT the e-Bike you would buy if you want a sporty ride or will be commuting and can use a full-size model with higher speeds and longer range.
Its folded size is 46.5L x 19.3W (pedals) x 23H and weighs 43 lbs, so it’s easy to lift and fit into my Tesla 3 trunk.
Quality & Comfort:
It’s well-built with quality materials – strong frame, sporty wheels (for 14”), dual disc brakes, easy folding handlebars, and good controls (brake levers and twist throttle). Everything is solid and flat-black. It rides smooth and stable. The spring suspension seat helps cushion modest bumps. That said, it has 14” wheels, so you ride closer to the ground and the fully extended seat is a bit low (for my height).
It has a low-torque motor (36V, 350W) with a single gear that reaches 15.5 mph max speed and the option of manual pedaling. Overall it operates very efficiently but not at all sporty. Acceleration is smooth but slow. On relatively flat roads, it will scoot along at 15.5 mph (which you’ll wish was closer to 20 mph). Going up inclines, it operates OK up to around 4% grades (slows to around 10 mph but keeps going). By 10%, you’ll be down to 3 mph and need to pedal assist. Going down declines it picks up speed and at 4% grades it will reach 20+ mph without power. Pedal-assist is very easy with the motor on, which hugely improves performance and efficiency.
It claims to offer about 15 miles on a charge, however terrain will make a huge difference. On a trail ride, we traveled 7.7 miles (with some modest hills), in exactly 30 minutes, for an average of 15.4 mph, with over 50% battery remaining. We used an 80/20 duty cycle (80% electric only, 20% pedal assist for the uphill areas) which was both easy and efficient. That would translate into about 15 miles of range on varied terrain, assuming you pedal assist going uphill.
In addition, the bike can go indefinitely with just manual pedaling, which is pretty easy on flattish terrain – and makes it inherently dependable and superior to a scooter (which is dead weight if the battery runs out).
So, all in all, I have to say the quality is great, value is exceptional, and performance is modest (wish list for 20 mph).
I hadn’t done any serious bike riding for about 50 years and a friend wanted me to get this bike so we could ride together around town. I wasn’t sure if I’d use it much, so spending a lot of money on a bike didn’t make much sense.
I’ve ridden it about 1,500 miles in 9 months, partially for fun and spending time with my friend. Partially because my hip has become problematic and I’ve been unable to walk for exercise. Bike riding is much easier on it. It works, it’s fun, it zips around town.
It’s not well balanced and you have to keep both hands on the handlebars or you’ll take a spill. And more importantly, the battery has a short life. I’m about 190 pounds and when it was brand new the most I ever got out of it was 14 miles using just pedal assistance and almost no use of the throttle (other than to get going from a complete stop). After about 150 re-charges of the battery it’s down to a 7 mile range, and it’s dropping fast now. It’s not easy to replace and a professional has to do it, assuming spare batteries can be bought. The website has shown spare parts to be nonexistent for months.
I understand the battery retails for something like $150 without labor for its installation. The rear tire also has become bald within my biking. The chain has stretched a lot and is in the ballpark of needing replacing I suspect. So probably $250 worth of repairs needed on a bike within 9 months of use and it only costs $400 to buy a new one.
It’s been a nice intro bike, and it served its purpose. But I’ve bought a different brand for a replacement. It cost $1250, but it has a battery reportedly good for 50 miles of riding per charge, and larger size tires (so not so fast to go bald)." — Ken Lowe

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4. Heybike - 31-40 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: 7-speed, front fork suspension and large LCD display.

Helpful review: "I'm going to list the Cons before the Pros, just because this is going to be a long review and I want to make sure people are aware of any potential problems. However, I want to point out that despite the cons, this bike is still worth a 5/5 from me, with the primary reason being the price. I spent literally dozens of hours searching and this was the only bike with a motor and battery this good for this price, from a proper Brand that can be contacted reliably for support.
The most common issue, which based on reviews here and elsewhere seems to be happening to 1 in 20 people lately, is the packing plastic spacer on the left side of the front wheel breaking, leaving plastic wedged into the axle without anything protruding to grab the plastic by to pull it out, preventing you from putting the quick release rod through the axle in order to put the wheel on the bike. If this happens to you, Heybike will send you a video instructing you to simply ram the quick release rod through the axle to push out the piece of plastic.
Based on other people's comments on videos, that seemed to work for most people. But if you happen to be very unfortunate, like me, and the plastic is wedged in there so bad that you actually bend the quick release rod in the process of ramming it for hours, then fear not. When I had that problem, I contacted support and they sent me a new quick release rod, which took a week to arrive. This inconvenience cost me an opportunity, but I'll cut them some slack because it's still a great bike.
Another con is that the company does not cover the return shipping cost if you end up having to send the whole bike back. According to their policy in the book that came with the bike, you will be responsible for paying the shipping cost on returns. However, you do not have to pay the shipping cost on replacement parts if something arrives faulty. Most of the time if there's a problem on arrival, it's just a part, not the bike frame, so that should be fine.
And, as usual, the built-in speedometer says you're going a little faster than you really are. Apparently it's typical for manufacturers' displays to present a speed that is 10-20% faster than reality in order to upsell their bikes, so I wasn't too upset to see that this bike was showing speeds around 5-10% faster than my phone GPS was giving me. Other than that, the display looks good, it's bright and can be adjusted for visibility at day and night, and it's easy to use. More expensive bikes will come with more customization options on their displays, but bikes in This price range tend to have basic displays, and this one is still better than average.
The battery life is great. Most e-bikes only get about half of the range they say they do, but this bike can actually get a little MORE than what they say it gets. They state 30-40 miles to a charge. The parts I needed only just arrived, so I haven't gotten a chance to deplete the battery yet, but at 10 miles of riding in pedal assist 3 mode with my speed generally between 12-20 mph, I only took the battery down to 80%, so that might mean 45-50 miles to a charge. And I weigh 215 pounds, so if I can get that kind of range, you'll probably have no problem. Expect 25-30 miles of range on throttle, 40-60 with pedaling.
The battery's charge indicator leaves some to be desired, as when it is fully charged it will have 2 red lights and 3 green lights. At first glance one might think that means 60% charge, but it does in fact mean full charge. The battery can be locked to the frame with a key, which is important to prevent people from stealing the battery off of the bike, though you will still need a bike lock to protect the bike so they don't just steal the whole thing. Get a U-lock to go around the frame, not a cord lock which can be cut. There's a reason U-locks come with theft protection and cord locks don't.
The 500W motor, as used by this bike, should be the new standard for e-bikes. In Europe the limit is 350W, so I understand why people make them, but if you live in the US like me, then you can use a 750W in most places, and 500W pretty much anywhere. I weigh 215 pounds, and the motor was enough to bring me up to 19.8 mph in a few seconds, and a few more seconds of rigorous pedaling got it up to 23 mph, which felt faster than I was expecting it to. Most places limit e-bikes to 20 mph, and this will get you to that.
The handlebar grips are a nice touch, the front suspension is better than nothing, and the seat is a little wider than a typical bike seat, but still pretty basic. These were nice touches that you wouldn't normally see on a bike this price, and it shows that they wanted this to be a finished product, not just the bare minimum that they could get out the door. If you weigh 200+ pounds and plan on riding dozens of miles, hopping curbs, and riding on the under maintenance roads and sidewalks that a lot of us are subjected to, then you might still want to buy a more comfortable bike seat and upgrade your suspension, but if you're just an average 140-pounds, it will probably be good for you.
This is a big bike; bigger than I was expecting. The 5'4-6'4 height range sounds accurate. If you're shorter than 5'4, then when the bike isn't moving, you'll have to lean over on one foot because you're not touching the ground with both feet at the same time. At 5'9 the bike feels great, and it still has a lot of room to raise the seat more.
The brakes are plenty strong enough to stop the bike fast.
The stock headlight is good enough for city riding. If you were going somewhere with no lighting at all, you'd probably want a stronger headlight to feel safe going full speed knowing what lies ahead. The tail light is bright and adjustable, so drivers know you're there. As standard, it's got reflectors on the wheels so people on the side can see you at night too.
The bike looks great. If you want your bike to look like a bike, this bike is for you.
It's heavy, like all e-bikes. For a bike this big, with this powerful of a motor and this big of a battery, it's actually lighter than average. But if you're a smaller person then you might want to just go ahead and buy a smaller and lighter bike, because I imagine this would be difficult for a smaller person to pick up and carry.
Their phone support answers fast, but it is a bit limited and feels like it's only there to receive calls, not resolve them; after you tell them what your problem is they'll redirect you to their email support which will take longer to respond (12-48 hours), but they were helpful and they answered my questions and helped solve my problem.
I've got 320 miles on the bike so far, and it's running great. I've gone over some sketchy stretches of road and I was really worried about the tires when I heard the sounds of metal and glass pieces flying out from under them, but there are no punctures and everything's still fine. I've heard that stock tires on bikes tend to be cheap, but these seem like some good tires and I'm happy with them so far.
The traction is great, and when I apply the brakes fully from full speed, the only thing that slips is my own body as I brace for the deceleration.
And speaking of the brakes, they work great, and they were silent at first, but I've gotten them pretty dirty from doing deliveries in the rain, and they're starting to squeal; I'll need to get some brake cleaner and scrub off the brake pads, but other than that the brakes are good.
The waterproofing on the motor and battery seems to work well enough; I've ridden in the rain for hours and I've gone through lots of sitting water at 20 mph, and it hasn't gotten into anything. Just remember to keep those rubber covers squeezed tight into the ports on your battery and you'll be fine in the rain. I bought a more comfortable seat with suspension, and that combined with the front suspension is working great to cushion me on long rides on choppy roads.
I adjusted the front suspension to a level that works well for me, and I really appreciate that that's an option. Also, it took me a few weeks to get my legs back in shape, but now that I'm used to it, this bike actually works great for regular pedaling as well.
A common problem with most heavy fat tire e-bikes is that their weight and resistance makes them difficult to pedal without motor assistance.
But I've done a lot of riding with the motor turned off, and I can maintain 17 mph without the motor when I'm on good roads, though it definitely helps to use the motor to get up to 20, then turn the assist down to 0 and use my legs to maintain speed and save the battery, since I sometimes do deliveries for 4-6 hours before taking a break to recharge the battery. I've also gotten a lot of compliments from strangers about the bike, and that's fun." — Lewis Shrader

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5. Sailnovo - 20-50 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: Dual Disc Brakes allow a faster, more reliable and controlled braking, even in extreme weather conditions.

Helpful review: "Was scheduled to be delivered Wednesday or Thursday and arrived on Monday morning via FedEx. At first I thought the handlebars were put on backwards and twisted them where everything looks like it should. I weigh 210 and am 5 foot 7 3/4 inches and took it out before charging it for 2 different times for a total of a mile. .3 miles and then .7 to get used to riding it. Got it up to 16.3 mph with my weight on a sort of flat road. And it still was accelerating.
It is worth every penny I spent on it to ride around in our small town of 6,000+ people. Friends live 4 blocks away and other friends about a mile away. Good for any type of trip. Got it charging in the kitchen for 12 hours. Finally found the kick stand and now it stands on its own. The charger shows ‘charged’ with the yellow light on but I know from previous electric bikes that they need to be charged for 12 hours or so and then just charge it every time I finish riding it each trip.
Solidly built and so far no complaints except I ain't figured out how to tighten down the seat. Ahha it clamps down. Clamps for handlebars and speedometer and brakes throttle etc.
It is heavy but rides smoothly. The headlights and tail lights are very bright. I don't know why others had problems with their scooters. Bought for the speedometer and seat. Have balance issues while walking and can't walk very far but now don't need to walk anywhere. I can glide on this marvelous piece of work.
I'm not some seller writing this review. Just a 60 year old man who now has mobility. I would purchase this item again if given the opportunity. Going to ride it to friends tomorrow if I remember to. Happy riding everyone! Oh yeah, did I mention you should get one yourself? Lmao 🤣. Came partially charged and seems to hold a charge will update my review as I use it more.
Took it out for a spin (had a busy day people due to come over.) and rode it .4 miles and got it up to 18.6 mph on a downhill slightly to a stop sign on road tar. Wouldn't accelerate above 18.6 seems to be governed at that speed. Average speed about 10 to 15 mph most of the time except when had to make precise maneuvers like sidewalk sharp turns.
I am in lust with this item. It is one of the best purchases I've ever made.
It's been a month since I got this and I just rode it today 11.2 miles and have the charger on it. Rode it for 110 minutes total but stopped to rest a couple times. Riding in 33 to 58 degree weather. Takes a hurting from the cold but still performs well. Probably work better in 60 plus weather. Says the bike in the description is waterproof and someone else said yes it is waterproof. I've ridden across flat items of moisture but not in the rain. Electricity and water do not mix as anyone knows. The battery being in the frame will keep it dry. Only thing I'm concerned about is whether or not you can actually ride it without worrying it will stop working.
I rode a mile in the rain and rode through some wet streams but avoided any deep ruts or holes with water in them. Was coming down good. The seals on the motor keep the motor dry as long as it isn't immersed in water. Don't use it to go through flood waters and bury the motor under water. But rain ain't gonna hurt it one bit. Almost all electric motors are waterproof but some are not. You have to use at your own peril.
I'm happy with this purchase so much I bought a 2nd yellow e-bike for my ex-girlfriend who is getting her life back in order. Kind of a Christmas and birthday gift for the year early. She came up with half and I put up the other half. So I truly recommend these bikes. They pedal easy with the motor throttle helping you go with ease up almost any hill. I've used the bike 🏍 as a cane and walked up a steep hill to get the weight off my waist and the momentum of the bike steadied me without any problems.
The speed is adequate and stays chugging at the road even when down to 1 bar out of 5 on the battery. It has been 3 almost 4 months and tires up and battery still holds its own except the cold does seem to make it a little sluggish. You can tell when you're putting a strain on it and need to pedal home to charge it. Best investment I've made from Amazon!
Friend informed me that when sitting on it the rear tire is beginning to look a little low. Been 7 months that I've owned it and it still performs well, but I've noticed that it drains quickly riding it full throttle all the time. Probably would do better keeping your speed 10 to 13 mph which would use less juice.
I've contacted the seller to find out about any warranty since it's only been 7 months and the battery seems to discharge a little bit quicker. Most of the time it still performs rather nicely. But I want to figure out if it's the battery which is defective and still under warranty. Otherwise I'd still buy another one.
Contacted salvanio and they are sending me out a new battery since it is under warranty and after doing the suggested things to check the battery it is the battery. I am very pleased with the customer support they provide. No hassles, just great customer help.
I've traveled 218 miles so far. It goes fast enough and is reliable. I find that traveling at a slower rate like 10- 14 mph instead of full throttle 18.6 that the breeze from that speed aids in the coolness of the heat during summer. It also allows the battery to not drain as fast which is a plus also. Happy with purchase. Didn't buy any extended warranty so I'm glad this product exists. Would definitely buy it again." — Jim Valle

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6. TotGuard - 28-60 miles Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: LED headlight for safe night rides.

Helpful review: "My wife and I both love cycling and we have manual bikes. Never gave a thought about e-bikes ever unless recently I got a 2-scooter that is so convenient to ride and use. Hence, I decided to try a battery bike as well for myself. Just like the scooter, I like how easy it makes it to go for long rides.
My detailed comments are below after using it for a week and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an e-bike in this price range.
My 2 cents are below:
- This bike ride is very smooth overall. It handles well in bumps as well because of the front suspensions. Has 3 modes to ride the bike: ebike, assisted bicycle & normal bike.
- Shimano 21-speed transmission system in form of gears and that should satisfy all the needs for any terrain of biking.
- Has a maximum speed of around 20MPH. I am not sure about you but riding a bike over 15MPH is something my wife and I both don't prefer for safety reasons and hence it delivers as per our needs. It has a 350W high-power motor and immediately catches the speed on pressing the trigger.
- 36V battery gives around 20.5 miles range on a full charge when it is fully electric mode and it is more than enough for any home or basic use. It can go around 37.3 miles in the least level of assisted mode- Digital HD led display is very fancy and intuitive but I wish it was colored.
- Front suspension is lockable as well to suit your needs.
- Has disc brakes in both front and rear wheels. It worked great overall for sudden and usual brakes while riding it.
- Buttons for horn/headlight are very accessible being under the display facing your side. It is very easy to control even while riding.
- Central b/w display visibility is nice even in sunlight. The screen is very bright and has no issues in reading values even in bright light.
- Headlight LEDs are bright enough for night rides as well. We usually tend to ride in the evening or when it is about to get dark and hence we liked this.
- Overall this e-bike looks fancy and targets youth customers. It would be a great choice for anyone in the '30s.
- Even tires have good grip overall and we did not feel it skidding as if now.
- Great build quality and structure feels very strong from any angle.
- It is easy to charge with the access point in a nice area. It charged from zero to full in around 5 hours and I found it to be true to what the manufacturer claims.
- Battery compartment is removable and is IP54 waterproof.
- Comes very well packed and there was no damage at all.
- Bike comes in big packaging with most of the assembly already in place. Just had to fit some parts and screw them up. It was overall an easy assembly but sometimes you may need 2nd hand to get it done easily, especially for hooking the front wheel.
- Detailed manual provided and should cover any question you may have during use, however, there is a con as mentioned in the 2nd section.
- Manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the bike.
- Has multiple (4 to be precise) color options to choose from.
- Very reasonably priced in this category of product and it is a bank for the bucks.
- I wish this bike had a bike lock inbuilt, preferably an electronic one just like how you have in motorbikes for that convenience to take it anywhere.
- I really wish it had rear fenders for dirt protection and a rack to keep something. This bike is made for mountain biking and so mud or water coming on the rear body of the rider is not a very appealing thing.
- Taillight is just a reflector and not a brake-operated electric light. When the battery exists with 2 disc brakes in the bike, then the tail light should have been included in this bike.
- There is a wire going very next to the front tire and it touches the tire sometimes on sharp turns. I had to put a cable tie and wrap it properly so that it remains far away from the tires in any situations.
- There are no assembly instructions included in the manual that comes along with the bike.
- Height of the seat is adjustable but there is a limit. For example, my wife with 5 feet of height barely was able to make it to the ground with the lowest seat setting. However, the manufacturer has clearly stated this in one of their listing pictures.
Of those I've tested, this bike is the easiest to ride like a traditional bicycle. It's *relatively* light for an e-bike. It's powered by a motor that can assist you in pedaling up to 20 mph. The battery, which is not hidden in the frame but is still removable, takes approximately 5 hours to charge fully and will last you about 2.0.5-37.3 miles, depending on your riding style. Other nice touches include a display that's clean, low-key, and easy to read. Right off the bat, I can tell you that the performance isn’t exciting thanks to the low-power 350W motor and 36V electrical system, but it still works quite well. It won’t get your adrenaline pumping, but it will give you an enjoyable, leisurely ride. The pedal-assist system provides a nice, relaxed boost, and the throttle lets me be lazy if I want the bike to do most of the work." — Richard McKenzie

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7. ANCHEER - 22-40 Miles per Charge

best electric bikes for adults


Highlight: 85% pre-assembled.

Helpful review: "So, I bought this bike for my wife. We live in Manhattan. Don’t let anyone tell you there are no hills in NYC. Believe me, there are. We were heading over the Queensboro bridge to Long Island City. I told her not to leave me behind. The incline up and over the bridge is not all that steep but it’s pretty long.
I’m 70+ years old and pushing my old fanny up that incline on my non-powered bike was somewhat difficult. Not for my wife though. She just put that baby on the second level of power and BOOM she was gone. It was about then that the thought occurred to me that maybe I should get one of these for myself. So I did. Which leads me to this review. The bike arrived in about a week. It comes about 70% assembled. Yes, the instructions leave a little bit to be desired but truthfully you can probably put this thing together even without any instructions if you have the bare minimum of mechanical ability.
They even give you all the tools you need to complete the assembly. The only trouble you might have is mounting the front wheel, getting the disk inside the disk brake.
Plus, afterwards you’re gonna hafta adjust the brakes. There are no instructions that come with the bike on how to do this; but, with a little know-how or looking on the interwebs you should be able to do this without too much problem. Which brings me to support. I didn’t need any when assembling my wife’s bike but when mine arrived, one of the screws/bolts that tighten the handlebars to the stem was missing (one of four). I checked the shipping box thoroughly but it was gone. Probably loosened up and fell out during shipping.
I contacted Ancheer through Amazon - it was a weekend so I wasn’t expecting an instantaneous response via email. On the next business day they got back to me. Pretty good, I thought. I explained about the missing screw/bolt and they were quick to tell me that they would send me a couple replacements. It’s been about a week now and although the screw/bolt hasn’t yet arrived, I’m willing to be patient as I understand that the part likely has to be sent from China.
I’ll update this review in so far as support goes as needed. As to the bike: it’s a little heavy and it's a little small. I’m about 5’ 10” and it’s OK for someone my size (and my wife who is shorter) but if you’re over 6’ tall this bike might be a tad small for you.
I’m not an expert on how to size a bicycle; so, that’s something you need to consider. Weight - yeah, it’s pretty heavy. Off the top of my head, I think it weighs in around 54 pounds (that’s with the battery). We haven’t run these babies enough yet to make an honest assessment of them but I’ll adjust this review as we get more ride time.
Oh, the saddle, you might wanna consider buying a different saddle. We did but then again we’re a couple of old timers who thought a nice padded seat was in order. Like I said, I’ll adjust this review as time goes by but for now with the little ride time we’ve had with them (and with the quick response we got from support), I’m thinking this is a pretty good value. I’ll adjust as needed.
The screw/bolt that was missing arrived by FedEx this morning. Pretty good support considering the stuff had to come from China. They sent me four by the way. I needed one. Pretty considerate I'd say.
Now as to the ride. The wife and I took them out last Saturday. All told the ride was about 14 miles. We had done the same ride about a month before on the non-electric bikes and the difference this time was like night and day. Just a pleasure.
Little incline coming up? No Problema! Just give them pedals a little push or thumb that throttle and off and up you go. Joyous! We both used about a quarter of the batteries for the 14 miles. So, there was PLENTY of juice left. In the review below, I suggested you might wanna invest in a more comfortable saddle.
Here's another recommendation: think about a handlebar stem extender. What we found (both of us) was that we were pitched too far forward and by the end of the ride our hands and wrists (and my left shoulder) were hurting. Too much weight/pressure on the hands/wrists. I had noticed this in other reviews. I bought two extenders. Don't worry about installation. Just check on YouTube for instructions. It's idiot proof.
The extenders make a BIG difference. You sit much more upright without stressing your hands/ wrists. Now, I can see people kvetching about having to buy a different saddle and handlebar extenders but hey, you wanna be comfortable? Well then spring for the $30-$40 extra or suffer. But don't complain. We're taking the bike out again this weekend for another 14-15 mile trip.
If needed, I'll update again but I'm liking this bike so much already that I upgraded the review to 5 stars. I just noticed that these bikes are currently unavailable. I'm guessing' that's because they're temporarily out of stock. That's what happened to me when I tried to order our second one. I'm also guessin' that they're out of stock because Ancheer can't keep up with the demand. So, snatch one of these babies up the next time they become available.
OK, so after taking these things out several times now, we, the spouse and I have noticed a small but nonetheless worthy of mentioning flaw - the kickstand. It positions the bike in too far an upright position and the kickstand is not adjustable.
I can almost guarantee you that if you put the kickstand down and turn the front wheel to the right, the bike will fall over. Even with the front wheel turned to the left, the bike is still too unsteady; such to the point that I bought and installed two adjustable kickstands and mounted them just forward of the original kick stand (removed the original kick stands). The bikes are now much more stable when at rest. I’m hoping Ancheer is listening because this would be a simple fix for them.
OK, It’s been just about a year now since I bought two of these for myself and my spouse and we are totally satisfied with the bikes. I realize posting this edit might in fact be pointless as this particular model is no longer available but for anyone who stumbles across this review, I will say that the Ancheer products that we bought have been 5 stars (both the product & support). I did notice that Ancheer is offering other models now and for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase or recommend them. Yeah, there are better e-bikes available but not at this price point (IMHO)." — Ken Gordon

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