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I Ranked The Best Fashion Museums In The World

For most people, visiting a fashion museum will be a once in a lifetime experience. But there are many great choices to explore, and you probably won’t regret the experience either way you go.

When you hear the word “museum,” what is the first thing that you imagine? Chances are, it’s probably not fashion. Most likely, you’re thinking of science and world history museums. But, wouldn’t you know it… there are actually fashion museums out there that can probably rival the impressiveness of world-renowned science museums. This is especially true if you are a self-proclaimed fashion buff. So, if you are looking to travel the world and only want to stop at certain locations, consider stopping by some of these museums.

1. Christian Dior Museum and Garden, France

This establishment is located in Granville, France. As with many of the best historical museums, it’s well known for its alluring atmosphere. If you don’t like the color pink, though, you may not want to go inside. As for the items that are present, this museum places an emphasis on the signature designs of Christian Dior. Hey, it’s not named the Christian Dior Museum and Garden for nothing! Fashion lovers will be eating this one up, as the beauty and history on display are truly jaw-dropping.


2. Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto

Do you like shoes? No, let’s ask that again. Do you like shoes? Everyone wears shoes and we all appreciate the protection that they provide for our feet. But, some of you out there (you know who you are) are fascinated by footwear beyond the basic benefits that they deliver. For those of you who are obsessed with shoes, you may want to take a trip to Toronto, Canada. The capital city houses the Bata Shoe Museum and it’s a must-see for shoe aficionados everywhere. Any type of footwear that you can imagine -- from virtually every country out there -- can be found in this museum. However, if you have an obsession with buying shoes, you may regret walking inside to see all the ones you can’t have.


3. Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent, Paris

Whew, this one is quite the mouthful. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to tell all your friends and family that you are going to visit this museum in Paris? After a while, you would just need to shorten the name. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, this museum is basically a shrine of Saint Laurent. It captures everything related to his creations, from physical drawings to some luxurious accessories. Paris is known for its fashion, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to one of the most brilliant fashion museums on the globe.


4. Costume Institute at the Met, New York

If you live in the United States and don’t want to leave the country to see an excellent fashion museum, consider heading to New York. There, you will find the Costume Institute at the Met. Even though it’s located in the United States, it houses fashion from all across the world. Spanning over seven centuries of history, this establishment is home to fashion from five different continents. With over 30,000 accessories and clothing items, it’s sure to turn some heads.


5. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Fashion and history have never gone together better. In London at the Victoria and Albert Museum, this is something that you can discover for yourself. Even better is if you are tagging someone along who isn’t necessarily enamored with fashion. This museum offers more than just clothing items. Then again, it nails this to a T. Oh yeah, if you like hats, get ready to salivate at the wide assortment of headwear that is shown off here.

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