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  • Audrey Owens

I Ranked And Reviewed The Best Fingerprint Gun Safes In 2023

A fingerprint gun safe provides quick and easy access to your pistol while keeping it secured. I've tested the most popular options on Amazon, and here are hands-on reviews of my top 12 picks.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. SentrySafe - 100% Accurate Scanner

Top-rated: 4,084 ratings

SentrySafe - 100% Accurate Scanner

Highlight: Improved gas strut for long-lasting performance.

Helpful review: "I was primarily interested in a quick access gun safe for my Springfield XD-S that could be placed bedside. I looked at the reviews for three of what seemed to be the most popular such gun cases and ultimately decided on the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe, Model QAP1BE. I have grandchildren who visit frequently and I needed something that gives me quick and reliable access for personal protection at home, yet at the same time be secure from inquisitive little folks. First of all, I wanted a safe that would set on top of my bed nightstand and not be difficult to locate and open in the dark. I didn't want the hassle of having to open a nightstand drawer to access it. Besides, I would have to make sure the drawer is open wide enough to allow the top of the gun safe to open all the way. To me, storing it inside a drawer increases access time as well as makes for more noise.
The first gun safe I looked at was the GunVault. I really liked the dimensions of the safe and the fact that it was biometric and used a code as well to open it. However, the reviews were less than stellar for reliability in opening using the fingerprint so I steered away from it. Another gun safe that I reviewed was the Barska Biometric Top Opening Safe. It received better reviews as to reliability than the GunVault safe, but some reviewers still reported issues with first-time open attempts using the fingerprint. A deciding factor for me not choosing the Barska was the outside dimensions. The Barska is 14.75 by 11.25 by 5 inches. This was larger than I was wanting setting on top of my nightstand. The Sentry is smaller at 12.0 x 9.9 x 3.2. While the inside capacity of the Barska is larger than the Sentry, my XD-S and extra magazines fit nicely inside the Sentry.
The five star reviews of the Sentry convinced me to give it a try. When I received it I noticed that it was pleasingly heavy, weighing in at just over 13 pounds. The construction seemed very sturdy. It comes with predrilled holes in the bottom for screws if you choose to securely mount it, but my choice was to set it out where I could quickly and quietly reach it when needed.
To prevent the metal case from sliding and scratching the wood on my nightstand, I placed four of those clear plastic cupboard door bumpers on each corner underneath. They work great to keep it in place and prevent scratching the wood, even when the top door pops open. Unlike the other two gun safes which hold something like 30 fingerprints, the Sentry holds only four fingerprints, so my wife and I each coded in our forefinger and thumb. Once we coded them in, neither of us has had one failed attempt at opening this safe in the two weeks 2-3 weeks since we've had it. The lid pops open completely each time using the gas strut. I try it on a regular basis just to practice and also make sure it is operational. We've tested trying to open it with other fingers and found that it will only open with the coded fingerprints. Would I buy the Sentry gun safe again? Yes, definitely. Would I recommend it to a friend? Again, definitely. I am not affiliated in any way with Sentry, Barska, Gunvault or any other gun supply business." — Vaughn

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2. VAULTEK VT20i - Best Interactive Smartphone Experience

Top-rated: 1,655 ratings | 255 answered questions

Highlight: The advanced Bluetooth feature allows you to monitor your safe. An included rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides power up to 6 months, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included charging kit.

Helpful review: "I looked for a long time for a gun vault/box I could trust. The most important thing I found about this one is the support. Vaultek cares about their product after they sell it and will work with you to get it working right. More importantly, they fix the inventory because they have to ensure you get the best product. Mine came with an "upgrade" note inserted into the box, stating that the issue with jimmying the lock had been fixed. So many of the manufacturers out there are working to keep their product at sub $100 or even <$150. Vaultek costs more. For a damn good reason. It works. And they care about the product they ship, even after they ship it. So my experience... Got the vault, took ten minutes to figure it out and set it up. Easy. Every single thing worked as advertised and per instructions. the note was in there about the fix/upgrade. All parts accounted for and functional. Instructions were easy to follow and I had my code and fingerprint coded in no time (~10 mins) and my weapon snuggled in it's foamy compartment. Concerns from other reviewers and my experience:
1. The lid opening is loud. Yes and no. It is not silent, it makes a distinct click. That being said, it's not that loud, about the same loudness as flicking a disposable lighter. If you are thinking stealth, note that the clip being inserted or a round being chambered, will be much louder (and recognizable).
2. Yes the finger print swipe needs one to activate it and a second one to open. A feature they might consider if the device is plugged in, then the pad is active, when on battery it goes on standby. That is NOT in this product, just my thought on it.
3. The fingerprint reader is consistent with just about every other fingerprint reader on the planet. It will fail to read your print on occasion. No such thing as a perfect reader out there and not Vaultek's fault. I am sure they bought the best available, while still keeping the product in the price point they needed.
4. Use the keypad for quick access. Seriously. It works EVERYTIME. And frankly is faster if you're using a four digit code. so if you hear someone bashing in your door, use the code. If you're dog is low growling, then swipe twice and fingerprint it out.
5. Don't lose the hard key. They give you two. Give one to a trusted relative/friend or into a safe deposit box.
6. I fit my Sig P228 with a clip in it and an extra with some room to spare.
Final thought, I bought this to keep kids and visitors from gaining access to the weapon. High up in a closet under a sweater just doesn't work for me. It works perfect for that, as well as quick access to the weapon if someone is kicking in the door. Don't make your code 1234 (like on your luggage) or anything else kids might guess. I am now a loyal Vaultek customer based on this experience." — Just Me

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3. Awesafe - Most Popular Biometric Safe

Top-rated: 2,060 ratings | 77 answered questions

Awesafe - Most Popular Biometric Safe

Highlight: For added convenience, this compact gun safe is lightweight, for use whether you’re home or on the go. It's easy to conceal under car seats, in spare tire wells, between mattresses and other out-of-the-way locations.

Helpful review: "This thing is a tank of a handgun safe! And I repeat, safe! Heavy duty, thick walled construction. The lid opens effortlessly, and more importantly, quietly! Fingerprint access has worked well! The touchpad is a great addition along with the mechanical locking system. This thing will hold two handguns and two mags. Also, very stylish for what it is. It looks great on my nightstand. I can't say enough about this value! Great job Awesafe! Awesome!" — shockvalue68
Reassuring review: "Purchased this safe 2 years ago for my daughter. Unfortunately she let the battery run down and couldn't find her key to access safe. I contacted costumer service and after providing proof of purchase they sent a replacement key. Service was quick and efficient. They didn't even charge me for the new keys. Special thanks to Bob in Customer Service. Morale of the story: replace your batteries regularly and remember that safe place you stored your key." — Debra Porter

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4. RPNB - Most Popular Bedside Safe

Top-rated: 8,508 ratings | 228 answered questions

RPNB - Most Popular Bedside Safe

Highlight: Upgraded smart biometric scanner.

Helpful review: "Small, compact and sturdy, what I wanted. Great price. Easy to set up and change passcode. It does open very fast when you enter pass code. I have not set up fingerprint yet but will. I use to it secure my duty weapon, 2 mags, badge and ID card with a little room to spare. I don't need it for quick access but it would work well for that purpose. I then hide it in my basement which is very easy to hide and feel good that my gun and ammo is both secure and well hidden. I use a gun magnet by my bed that hides my other gun very well gives me very quick and east access for home defense. Gun is out of site and takes me 3 seconds to access it and have it ready to fire. This box would work well for that purpose with added security if you have kids. I really like this lock box and though it is a great price!!" — Big T.
"I bought this as a way to lock up my EDC when not carrying. I have 5 kids and needed to secure it at night. I knew going in an inexpensive model might not function well but that hasn't been the case. I expected to have the batteries fail and it not open but o have had it nearly a year and it has never failed to open. It is nice to have a key, combo, and fingerprint. The fingerprint reader can be finicky at times but if you give it a few seconds, it will usually read it on the second try. Combo has never failed. I have it set with a 5 digit combo and can type it in less than 4 seconds. It also comes predrilled so you can bolt it down. I haven't had a single issue with this safe and would recommend. It's easier to get into than my other dial single gun boxes I have around the house. It also holds two pistols I have a compact and full-sized pistol in mine and the both fit without holsters. If you want the holster stored with gun, it will only hold one." — SPW

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5. MAXSafes - Best for 2 Guns

Top-rated: 253 ratings

Highlight: Unconditional one year warranty.

Helpful review: "I will start by saying the value of this safe is excellent. It appears well built and I could not find any visible flaws. It came very well packaged. The buttons are large and the biometric feature works very well. I was actually very surprised at how well the fingerprint reader worked to open the safe. I was also pleased it stores up to 50 different finger prints. The inside of the safe is spacious and it is lined with nice padded material. It locks securely and positively and it springs open very well. So if you are looking to have a quick access safe which will keep a firearm safe from children at an inexpensive cost then this will do the trick. If you want more features and a more secure safe, AND are willing to spend 2 to 3 times as much, buy a Vaultek." — Eric B.

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6. HOLEWOR - 2-Pistol Capacity

Top-rated: 27 ratings | 11 answered questions

Highlight: LCD Display of time, temperature and humidity.

Helpful review: "I purchased this safe as a gun safe for my sub-compact pistol. I have 2 young children who need to be safe not only from intruders, but also from the dangers of a firearm in the wrong hands (mainly their own).
Build Quality: Consistent with what I read in other reviews, this safe is hefty. It's made of thick metal, and I have no concerns that there is any easy way in (aside from the 3 entry methods: code, fingerprint, or key). This will work perfectly to keep my children out and also anyone quickly rummaging through my house if I were not home from easily accessing my firearm.
Setup: I have yet to look at the instruction manual. Based solely on the reviews I read/watched prior to purchase, I did a full setup of my prints, setting a new code, and silencing the safe in under 5 minutes (easily). Couldn't be easier.
Sound: When I received my safe, the first thing I did after putting batteries into it was hold down "1" for a few seconds to silence the safe. Even when silenced, you can still hear a fairly quiet mechanical release of the locking mechanism when opening with the fingerprint scanner or the code. The key entry just has the "click" that any spring loaded item that is released should be expected to have (due to surfaces of multiple components changing how they are interacting). All the sounds I hear are what should be expected, and give me confidence in the quality, rather than concern or a feeling that it is "too loud," etc. If an intruder were close enough to hear this, they would already know you are there, and sound would not be a concern. These noises only occur when the safe OPENS, meaning you now have access to your means of protection, so things are about to get loud anyway. (It's still very quiet, just addressing the nay-sayers, if any exist)
Key Entry: Key feels solid, slides in super easy due to the rectangular shape with grooves rather than being a jagged edged key. As I said, it is the quietest method of entry (even when the safe is silenced). This being said, I plan to hide the keys pretty well and do not intend to use the key except if I fail to keep up on the batteries. Keeping a key nearby is asking for trouble with kids IMO.
Code: Code was easy to setup. As some have said, if you choose a shorter code (I did 4 digits for now), it will make it clear when an incorrect 4 digit code is entered--so someone will not needlessly try to guess 8 digit passwords. Unless someone has extended access to the safe, I don't see this ever being an issue--and if you are concerned about someone with regular access continually trying to enter, it may be a good idea to have a longer code, or more likely--not keep a firearm in the house.
Fingerprint scanner: I set up all 10 of my prints super fast. I only did one per finger. When placed square-on like when I registered, there is almost never a time when it fails. Registering multiple angles/areas of the fingers I will actually use is something I will probably do in the future (rather than including my pinkies, which is super awkward to even setup, much less use in a real life scenario. I haven't tried tons of unregistered fingerprints. I am curious to know if unregistered fingerprints have a failure rate (opening the safe). If this is a concern you have and you expect people to regularly try to open your safe that shouldn't, you can just not setup any fingerprints and rely on the other methods (or not keep a firearm, if there is cause for concern).
Battery life: I haven't had it long enough to speak to battery life, but the batteries I put in it are not high quality, and I haven't had any issues yet. I plan to monitor battery life and then setup a regular replacement schedule based on how quickly it seems to get low, rather than letting them get close to dying before replacing every time.
Space: This safe easily fit my 2 sub-compact pistols with an extra mag each and a kydex holster. I since sold one of the pistols, but its a large safe, I believe it would be hard to find 2 (modern) pistols of any size that would not fit in this safe together. The foam on bottom and sides protects your firearms from scratches. The foam on the bottom is easily lifted to anchor the safe to another surface. You can also remove it, line the bottom of the safe with cash, place the foam back on top and still have room for your firearm(s). The safe has plenty of height to allow for this.
Customer service has already reached out to me, and seems like they will be phenomenal if any issues do arise. Super pleased with this purchase. 5/5 all day." — Jon

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7. BSTTEK - Best for 4 Handguns

Top-rated: 152 ratings