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I Tested And Ranked The Best Heavy Duty Trailer Tires In 2023

Whether you’re pulling a trailer, RV or boat, having the right tires will help you avoid unwanted issues on the road. I tested and ranked the most popular option for heavy loads, and I guarantee they’ll ensure a quiet ride.

best trailer tires on amazon

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Before we begin, here's a tip. When you buy tires from Amazon, you can have them shipped to your home, work, or a selected service center. Here are my top tire picks with hands-on reviews.

1. Free Country - Set of 4 Premium Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 2,783 ratings | 139 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Scuff Guard ring on tire wall for better tire-side protection.

Helpful review: "I installed two of these tires so far and like them over my older tires. They appear to be slightly larger (diameter) than the older tires I have. This isn't a problem as it's only a slight difference. The extra ply tires and higher load range than my current set should provide more protection for my trailer on those long hauls to distant camp sites. I've been fortunate enough to never have a blow out, but with these tires I feel more confident that those chances have been lowered even more. They were easy to install using a Harbor Freight tire changer. The old tires came off and these new tires pop right on the rims. Applying air and sealing the tires against the rim they air up fine and the bead seats at around 30 PSI. The tires air up to a max of 65 PSI and did so without issue. I installed solid valve stems and a wireless TPMS senders on the valve stems, took the two tires I have done to be balanced and then installed those two on my travel trailer. Two more to go this weekend and all four will be on and ready for my Labor Day trip to Colorado." — J. Flores
Trending review: "I bought these to replace an older set on my goose neck 3 horse trailer. They arrived on time and I took them in to our local tire dealer for mounting. He remarked that the tires looked like a Goodyear Marathon knock off. He also told me that most trailer tires sold in the US and Canada come from China! They mounted OK and I've been using them since, though it's too soon to have an opinion on wear. Good tires at a great price!" — Jack Russo
Reassuring review: "Only time will tell how good tires are, but these seem to be just fine. They have a higher load rating compared to what I was replacing. I didn't have them balanced because I have never balanced trailer tires, but I may have to with these. When my trailer is empty, I can feel some vibration between 55 and 65 mph. After 65 it seems to go away. I would definitely buy them again." — Thomas L. Brown
Most-discussed review: "I’m always skeptical of ordering tires online. These were a great purchase in my opinion. I mounted them myself on a tire change and the were not hard to get beaded. This review is being written at the campground on maiden voyage with the tires. 95 miles one way. Trailer pulled very nicely. It’s a 30’ sportsmen with a 12’ slide. Dry weight 6900# out loaded weight is closer to 9000#. Date tag on tire was about 6 months old. That’s great for online tire purchase." — Josh Schultz
Favorite review: "Ordered these tires on a Wednesday and all four arrived the next Thursday. Date stamps all match and they were manufactured four months prior to when I received them, which is completely fine considering these tires come from China on a slow boat. Time will tell how they do on my dual 3500# axle open trailer I haul my S2000 track car on to-and-from the track." — Leah S.
Updated review: "Bought these after reading reviews. Replaced tires on a 16x7 enclosed trailer before a 800 mile trip and these worked flawlessly. If you have 3500lbs axles, these tires will be rated for more weight than your axles are, so you really should not worry about overloading your tires. Easy to mount, easy to balance, pull straight. No complaints!" — Adam Piel

Get it from Amazon now: $335.98 & FREE Returns


2. Free Country - Set of 2 Premium Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 2,564 ratings | 102 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Full Nylon Cap Ply for extra strong structure and tread-separation prevention.

Helpful review: "First, I would like to say that I did not receive old tires. I ordered four and they all had manufactured this year. I’ve used these tires on my small 19’ camper, with two 3000lb axles in the past and they do well. Ordered a d load range for extra security, as I had a blowout years ago with a c range tire (not Freestar) that did quite a bit of damage and I don’t want to risk it again. These seem to be a decent tire for my use which is camping, some dirt road usage but mostly highway. I have ordered both tires and brakes/backing plates from the seller previously and they were the only place I could find a decent price on 185/80/r13 d rated tires." — Rushell Dyer
Trending review: "These tires are great and replaced 6 ply tires which were C rated. Its not very clear to see inflation on tire, I did the research, manufacture of these tires recommends MAX of 65 PSI. Most trailer manufactures state keep tires inflated at upper end of MAX PSI for better life and to prevent damage to tires. I coated mine on both sidewalls of tire with Black Magic THICK silicone to protect the rubber for repeated boat ramp in salt water. And prevent UV damage also bought tire covers for when parked to protect the tires. I have had these up to 90 mph with no issues. Boat weighs 1500 lbs. I really like the price and quality hope to find these as needed as my tires need replacing. NOTE With proper care tires for trailers these can last 3-5 yrs replace earlier if low tread or signs of damage. Even if tread is alright should replace at 5 yrs regardless" — Greg Solomon
Reassuring review: "Bought 5 sets of these tires (10 tires total) and am so far I am very pleased. Easy to have mounted at Walmart with lifetime balance and rotation, but no road warranty for trailer tires, only personal/commercial vehicles. Installed these on two separate 2-horse bumper pull trailers and one spare for each. A very good tire with two dots marked on the exterior of each for balancing, which I have only ever seen on higher end tires. A very good, beefy-yet-quiet tread (yes, that's a self proclaimed technical term I just used there) that effectively pushes water out of the tires and provides an excellent grip. These are a grade higher than what I needed as these are D rated where I only needed C, but for the price and quality I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again and again. I am very pleased with this purchase." — Jewlz Hurst
Most-discussed review: "Great tires for the money so far. Bought these 205/75/15 load range D tires in March. Put just over 2,000 miles on them and they are holding up fine. They ride smooth and are a load range heavier than needed for the trailer for peace of mind. The date codes were only 6 months old on these when I received them. Biggest note is do not let the tires sit in the dirt or grass. I used a 24”x24” paver to park mine on. I will be getting tire covers soon to help with the Florida sun. Great tires!" — William F.
Favorite review: "Installed on a 8 x10 single axle utility trailer. Replaced original tires on this unit that only gets occasional use out of concern about age. Excellent price for 8 ply tires. Had no issues with mounting or inflation. Switched out and aired up both in half hour." — G. Johnson
Updated review: "I’ve had the tires for about 2 weeks now and have had trailer loaded multiple times since. I went from a 6 ply to these 8 ply. I noticed they are a little less wobbly when loaded. They are smooth and quiet. I feel next time I get another set I’ll be going to the 10 ply. The price is great and tires have good grip" — Henry Woodard

Get it from Amazon now: $141.99 & FREE Returns


3. Carlisle - Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 2,475 ratings | 195 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Greater heat resistance.

Helpful review: "I have been researching tires for my tandem axle trailer (7'x16' enclosed) for over a year now. This seems to be the best deal by far. I need this tire for the high temp rating, low friction, high speed, and 8 ply rating to haul motorcycles across the desert from L.A. to Dallas at max load. I got them today and the date of manufacture is only 4.5 months old. This appears to be the super deal that I have been searching for. Outstanding!!!! ......I am editing my post. I just returned from my travels from Los Angeles to Houston and Dallas around trip. I traveled 70mph in record breaking heat. (118 degrees in Arizona). 4k mile trip. Tires held up great. No problems at all and no visible wear. 6000 pounds." — Brett Baker
Trending review: "Fast shipping and a quality product that exceeded my expectations. Shopped replacing six trailer tires on two trailers following a blowout on a heavy trailer that resulted in me changing that 8 bolt tire and wheel along I 94 at 1:00 AM in the morning because my Premier AAA Membership failed to send out anyone to change this tire. I waited 3 hours and was told the service would arrive within 40 minutes. Three hours later and 3 phone calls back to AAA resulted in me doing it all myself with cars racing by at 70 mph plus and not Needless to say I do not want to experience that again so I purchased replacements for both my trailers because I noted sidewall cracking especially on Goodyear product that failed. Seems they are prone to that because the brand I replaced them with seems to hold up much better. I was quoted almost double the price for this name brand and higher pricing for off-brand tires. These arrived in a couple of days in good order and were mounted by my local tire shop for 40 bucks. Because they are heavy-duty tires I am taking them to another shop for balancing and will have piece of mind again that I will be trouble-free on future trips." — Ricky Barajas
Reassuring review: "I purchased these tires for my tandem flatbed trailer in February and have several thousand miles on them. I typically haul 3000-5000 pounds and have seen no wear signs so far. I am tired of the local tire shops charging $20-$30 per tire to mount, so I purchased a bead breaker from Amazon and now mount my own tires and save $100+ each time I replace tires. I was impressed with the 5 star rating and gave them a shot. I have several trailers and change tires every 5-7 years because I live in AZ and they dry-rot out here. If these continue to wear as they have so far Carlisle will get all my tire business. I will update this review if I experience any issues down the road." — Larry O.
Most-discussed review: "These are tires that receive high praise from other travel trailer owners that use them. I was hoping to get a higher load range than the load range C tires that came on my trailer so these will help me feel a little more safe. Made in China, made the eighth week of this year, so they're new enough for me to be happy. Good deep tread should last a long time, I got almost 15k miles out of the original Rainier brand tires and I'm looking for at least that much with these. So I took two trips totaling about 400 miles, and no problems so far. I've got about 6,000 pounds on these tires max and the tracking and ride is fine. Tires hold air very well. Braking is fine. No bad weather driven in so far. Happy with these tires so far." — Luce Cruz
Favorite review: "This tire is mounted as the spare on my flatbed trailer. I mounted the tire to the wheel using a manual tire machine. It was tough, being a "ten-ply" tire, but I managed. The tire was freshly made (last month) and was in good condition." — Troy McGee
Updated review: "Bought these tires to replace the tires on my 7,500Lb landscaping trailer. These tires might be a little more expensive than similar tires in the market, but there is no comparison to quality. These tires are well made and hold up to a beating. Other tires blow out and wear very easily but these tires do not have these issues. Will check in and update when I have more miles on them." — Alex Dorsey

Get it from Amazon now: $102.00 & FREE Returns


4. Carlisle - Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 2,371 ratings | 108 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Compatible with popular utility and cargo trailer brands such as Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, Quality Trailers, Remeq, Road Force, Teske, Top Hat, Triple Crown and Wells Cargo.

Helpful review: "These tires are a very good value and are ideal for what they are intended to do -- used for a small trailer on a 100 mile or less trip. These tires are NOT for cross country towing. That kind of towing would require an investment in a much better tire. But if you plan on using these for reasonable short trips, you can't beat the value. I have had a set on my utility trailer for a year now with no problems. Remember to carry a mounted spare for emergencies." — David Bartlett
Trending review: "Took the stem out of the rim after getting ready to bead. After the compressor reached 100 PSI, I squashed the circumference and applied the air until the tire was completely beaded. Then I replaced the stem and filled the tire to 90 PSI. The problem I have had with these tires is you need to fill them to the cold pressure recommended. I used to fill them to 40 PSI and most light loads you can get by but inflating them to the prescribed pressure will make them last for miles and miles." — Marcus Marin
Reassuring review: "I did not have a spare for my 12 inch utility trailer tire, and damaged a tire on a Sunday. Les Schwab was closed. On Monday, they mounted this tire on MY RIM, but charged me $97. This tire without a rim on Amazon is about half the price. I had to return it only because I found this with a rim and am using it as a spare on my HF utility fold-up trailer. Great tire, great buy." — Lark Kent
Most-discussed review: "The tires are replacement tires for my boat trailer. The ones that I took off my boat were the exact same ones these are. I had the old tires on the boat for 20 yrs and they finely gave out from dry rot. The old tires gave me good service and I think I got my moneys worth, so why change brands." — Piper Palacios
Favorite review: "Very nice tire and at a great price. I had a blow out on my boat trailer so had to limp home on a spare. Ordered and received this tire super fast. Swapped the tire out on the rim from the blown out tire and was ready to go again. Have out over 100 miles on it since installing and no issues. Rides and tows great. I highly recommend this brand" — Sean Cuevas
Updated review: "The tires were delivered on time and in good condition. Exact replacements for the boat trailer tires that had worn out. The first time out they caused tremendous vibration, but it settled down after several miles. I suspect this is just a characteristic of small bias ply tires. Very happy with them now." — Ron Berger

Get it from Amazon now: $56.00 & FREE Returns


5. Carlisle - Sport Trail Bias Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 962 ratings | 124 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Premier stability in harsh weather conditions..

Helpful review: "Just because a seller shows a display with other parts to it (besides the part in the description) does not make them liars. It says right in the title that it is a "TIRE". Not a MOUNTED TIRE. If you would read more carefully you'd know immediately there is no rim included. You should also be able to tell by the price this doesn't include a rim. This is a great trailer tire. We've had no problems with the Carlisle Sport Trail Boat Trailer Tires. Appreciate the good pricing and the free shipping! We're going fishing on Saturday now that we've got good tires on the trailer." — Ben Conrad
Trending review: "Was having problems from uneven wear on our camper tires, so I took the axle out and had it checked. Trailer center said it was in good working order, so maybe it's the construction of the Chinese tires on it, which were checking and crazing after only one year. I went with these Carlisle St tires and couldn't have been happier. They track well and don't squat as much as the old ones with the same tire pressure. I've learned my lesson, sometimes a great deal, really isn't." — Lu Reilly
Reassuring review: "Using as a spare on my kayak trailer so it's not going to have a heavy load on it. 8" rims and tires on a boat trailer can get sketchy if your driving much distance so if you can put a larger rim on I would do it. It's tough on the bearing. Mine it going short distances and is fine. Regardless, this is a name brand tire that I had bought before. I'm pretty satisfied so I recommend it to others." — Dave Giles
Most-discussed review: "Great tire. Unfortunate for me I was in a rush on ordering. Did not find the disclaimer on the wheel not being included until I went back to the listing after order arrived. I think if you are selling a product that does not include what you are showing in your representation photo, it should be branded on the photo, "does not include wheel" or whatever it is you are not including from the photo. That would help with the misleading representation." — Walt Donovan
Favorite review: "I was really happy with the speed of the shipping. The tires were not old or outdated, which meant the warranty on them was good - a sigh of relief!! I bought four of these off the bat and the ride down the road was very smooth for a 24' boat. If you want a quality tire that will last and is build in the USA, then this is your best bet. I hope this is helpful." — B. Filip
Updated review: "I bought this for a spare and haven't run it yet, but the two load-star tires (comparable) on the trailer performed well on a 1000 + mile trip, average speed was 70 mph, 80 on occasion. So I do speak from experience, writing this review. The main thing is keep proper air pressure and bearings packed and keep the tires out of the elements when not in use. I'm a satisfied customer. Let me know if you have any questions." — Stanley Mays

Get it from Amazon now: $26.14 & FREE Returns


6. Libra - Set of 4 Heavy Duty Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 856 ratings | 19 answered questions

best trailer tires on amazon


Highlight: Specifically designed for year-round use.

Helpful review: "The tires are Load Range E which are overrated for my 6x12 trailer. I went with these tires because the lower load range tires wasn't that much cheaper. I have another set of these tires - Load Range D mounted on my 5x8 trailer. I haven't had any issues with them and they have been on that small trailer for 3 years." — Jeff F.
Trending review: "Ordered and put these on a 16' flat bed that we use for hauling hay. I put 6,000 pounds of hay on this trailer when I get hay, and these tires have held up very well. I don't run the max psi and they still don't get smashed down from the weight. Would definitely purchase again." — C. Bernal
Reassuring review: "I bought these tires for my car hauler trailer. Despite the critical reviews, I’ve had zero issues. I used steel valve stems and keep them inflated to proper tire pressure." — Dan H.
Most-discussed review: "Tires look to be of great quality. They are a 10 ply tire and for the money a great value. After having the tires mounted on the rims, I still save close to 20 dollars in buying these. Have not road tested them at this time but will be rea soon." — Bobby Ayers
Favorite review: "Nice tires with heavy load rating. Actually these tires are rated for more weight than the rims they are on. I haven't used them enough to know if the claimed load rating is accurate or how they hold up on the road." — Brett Pugh
Updated review: "They must have put them through a some machine to compact them. I had to stick a short 2x6 in them to spread the bead out for them to seal on a rim. Still look like a decent tire. I'm pretty satisfied to be honest." — T. Dunlap

Get it from Amazon now: $315.67 & FREE Returns

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