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I Tested And Ranked The Best Home Safes In 2024

Looking for a serious home safe to protect your valuables? I tested and ranked the best options for the money. Read hands-on reviews of my top picks.

best home safe

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. SentrySafe - 1.23 Cubic Feet Waterproof & Fireproof Biometric Safe

Top-rated: 8,886 ratings 

best home safe


Highlight: 24-hour protection in water up to 8 inches deep.

Helpful review: "If you are like me, you have debated buying a home safe for awhile. You have researched. Walked by them and tested handles in the store. Looked at the price. Then looked at the price again and decided you can wait. I've done all of that for too many years now and finally decided to go ahead and spend the money and buy one
 I couldn't find any that were "affordable" that didn't have some kind of poor review. I think people spend the money, get the safe, and realize that what they got was a safe. And that it's not much "fun". That all being said, I am so happy with this SentrySafe! I sure don't like long reviews, but this one will be a little long.
The safe arrived in a box with 3 pieces of cushioning material. One on the bottom and two on the top on each side. The owner's manual and other documentation was tucked down along side the unit. The keys (for "double" locking the safe) and other documents are inside the safe. Keep in mind, this baby is heavy. About 90 pounds or so.
Upon opening I noticed immediately a nasty dent. The packaging wasn't damaged so I'm not sure if this was a damaged unit repackaged, or if somehow it got dropped onto the corner of something and the box sprung back afterwards. Either way, I cannot give a poor review for something like this. I did some quick research and found that as long as the shell isn't punctured it will not affect the fire/water rating of the safe.
I contacted Amazon Customer service and they offered to replace the unit immediately at their expense, refund my money, or give me a discount for keeping the safe. I chose to keep the safe.
Now for the fun part. Get 4 AAA batteries ready. Keep your documentation away from the safe! Don't be tempted to put them inside of it and close the door or anything! Your key code is on one of the documents and if you lock them inside... well, I don't have to tell you, it will be a huge headache.
Follow the instructions in the owner's manual from here and you will be set up in no time.
My safe came with Lag Bolts to bolt down to the floor. Keep in mind, if you opt to bolt this safe down, it immediately voids the "water" portion of the warranty! I did not know this. But, I am sure that with some high quality silicone a person can still make sure that water will not get in. Though I doubt that Sentry would recommend this. I do not live in a flood prone state or area so that is the least of my worries.
There is one lock box included. I absolutely love it! It helps me keep things organized and I have just ordered another one (Sentry Safe Locking Drawer 913). The drawer locks into the grooves and the top locks when you turn the key. I am the only one who uses the safe, so I just leave the key in there.
One drawer is my "grab and go" drawer in case of emergency. I keep important documents, some emergency fiat money, etc in it.
The LED lights that come on when you open the safe are awesome! They completely light up the inside of the safe well enough to see everything inside.
You can program them to stay off, stay on for 30 seconds or 60 seconds. The manual states that if you set them to 60 seconds it will drain batteries faster. But, I don't care... I want the light on. The manual also states not to ever use rechargeable batteries. I'm not sure why.
The keypad is nice and big with an audible beep for each key pressed. You can turn the beep off. The instructions on how to do this are in the owner's manual. So it's really easy to set up, and the biometric fingerprint scanner works excellently.
Keep in mind, that if you take too long to push the code in, it automatically resets itself and you have to start over. You can program two additional codes that will unlock the safe, but the factory code cannot be changed.
The door opens and closes easily and locks and unlocks flawlessly. The handle is easy to turn and you only have to turn it about an inch or so to lock and unlock.
There are a couple of small "bins" inside the door for small things like rings, thumb drives etc. Also, there are key hooks!
The safe is much bigger inside than I imagined. You can easily keep 8" X 10" size pieces of paper inside (so a regular sized manila folder fits just fine laying down).
In conclusion, I am super happy with this safe. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to get one. There is no such thing as 100% risk free when it comes to valuables. But *minimizing* the risk of having everything of value stolen from us is the key.
With this safe bolted to the floor and filled to the top with stuff, it would be a huge pain for a burglar who is in a hurry to grab and go. It is heavy and awkward and would most likely take two people to get it out of the house after they pried it up off the floor etc. Prying the door open doesn't look like an option. It would take a torch or C4 to get it open.
So if you are shopping for a safe and are just "not sure", stop shopping and just buy it.
The 300$ you spend may well save you thousands if some crazy loon burglarizes your home (or if you have shady family members that like to "borrow" without asking). If you have any questions about my experience with this unit, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading my lengthy review. :)" — Michael Cameli 

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2. TIGERKING - 2.05 Cubic Feet Security Home Safe

Top-rated: 4,227 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: 1-year warranty.

Helpful review: "First, I would call this more of a safe box than an actual safe. I waited about six weeks from when this safe box arrived till I reviewed it to give myself time to give it a thorough trial.
Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase, but there are several things potential buyers should be aware of.
The quality control of the interior leaves much to be desired. Case in point is the very poor way the covering is attached to the inside of the bottom of this safe box. The covering arrived peeling away from the inside. While this didn't really bother me, it points to very poor quality control and sloppy workmanship.
The door actually comes off! I discovered this when I tried to effect repairs on the covering mentioned in the previous point. I tipped the safe box over to better access this area when the door actually fell off. It's designed to come off, apparently. The hinges are held in place by the weight of the door itself (which is hefty).
I'm not sure if this could compromise the contents. I personally doubt it, as you'd need much more clearance.
The only reason the door came off was due to me intentionally tipping the safe over as I attempted to repair the covering. The door popped right back into place - but it did surprise me a great deal. I'd recommend the manufacturer secure the hinges in next upgrade.
At about 60 pounds, you are getting an item that could easily be carried off even if the safe box is fully loaded - granted you'd need two people, but it could be done. Potential buyers should be aware of this. You can bolt it to the floor or to the wall. In my case, living in an apartment, this is not a good option for me. I would not keep anything of really high value in this safe box.
Because of the weight issue just addressed, this safe box WILL NOT be a 'one-size fits all' solution. It is, I believe a very good solution for individuals like myself who live in apartments and don't want to damage walls/floors by attaching this with the provided bolts.
For me, this safe box fit my needs because I don't live in a high crime area and there are other security precautions in place in the apartment. I also balanced my expectations on this safe box by considering price, storage capacity and weight.
For where I live, my choice would have been a much heavier safe with perhaps bigger capacity, but this would have cost two or three times as much. I consider this safe box a reasonable accommodation to my housing circumstances.
This is one area where this safe box exceeded my expectations. It is quite roomy, especially if you remove the shelf, you can get a surprisingly large amount of things inside it. First, there is a box 8.1 inches by 3.5 inches on top that you can hold things inside for added safety.
ADDED BONUS: there is another area that you can store items in. The very bottom shelf lifts up and you have an additional compartment about 10 X 14 inches and about two inches high.
For the capacity you get, the price is quite good. Actual safes in the 2 cubic feet range will run you at least twice the cost of this safe box. Granted, a regular safe will have added security features and a lot more weight.
You can set this safe box to need access with just keys or just by combination. I like that you can set your own combination, which I did with ease.
There is even a audible alarm that sounds for about 30 seconds if 3 bad attempts are made at entry. It's not all that loud, however. My alarm clock is louder than this audible alarm.
Look, I bought this accepting that it had limitations. I consider it a good safe box, not a safe. I wouldn't use it to store anything of high value. I do use it to store some computer flash drives, papers, and moderately valuable coins in my collection.
I would not recommend this to store firearms, but it could be used for this purpose. I suggest consulting storage requirements in your State or country if you intend to use it this way. It would NOT be compliant with the State of California requirements.
I don't believe it be too difficult to break into this safe box if a determined thief wants to get at it, they will find a way to do it. Of course, the same is true with almost all home safes. If used in conjunction with a security system in the house/apartment, it offers adequate protection.
Understand the limitations of this lock box BEFORE buying. I still would recommend it AS LONG as these limitations are understood. I found it to be a good compromise between price, capacity and security for my living situation." — Mo Lacourse

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3. RPNB - 1.8 Cubic Feet Deluxe Safe

Top-rated: 3,342 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: Double-cylinder latch for improved safety and reliability.

Helpful review: "If you think it through, people who are out to steal from you in the middle of the night only have so much time. This is not a Brinks truck. However, it held. They hammered the outside, pulled the keypad, tried their best to rip it open, but to no avail! Nonetheless, they ripped it out and stole it.
I'd recommend you put one of those little trackers inside. I had no tracker. However, even though this was not a common case (and I won't go into detail), I was able to recover the safe and everything inside. In hindsight, I would of course get a little tracker. I haven't researched it yet, but I will get one and find a way to glue the tracker inside so it's not noticeable.
Whoever is stealing your stuff is not going to be able to crack this open on the spot so would naturally take it with them, and if they do, they'd be nailed if you have a tracker inside it.
It's made of stout steel and has holes drilled in the bottom and the backside for securing to a floor or a wall. Only thing I would suggest is buy your own lag bolts, or drill through the floor and use long enough bolts to go through the floor with a nut and lock washer from the basement or something. The provided screws aren't going to stop much of anyone from taking your safe. Other then that, this safe gets a 5-star rating from me.
Keypad is easy to use, and in case the keypad battery goes out, you always have the two override keys.
So, all in all, I'm very happy about this purchase. I feel there is no better deal for the money as this one has proven to be very hard to defeat. I'm glad I bought it and I'm going to buy another one. It's money well spent." — Al Brooks

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4. Amazon Basics - 1.52 Cubic Feet Steel Home Security Safe

Top-rated: 26,781 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: Live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges.

Helpful review: "Overall I'm happy with the safe for the price. It has a substantial weight and can be secured to the floor in a chosen location.
The size allows me to fit what I was planning to put inside. Next to a Sleep Number bed, the height is just above the frame and it's workable as an additional night stand. The top shelf is easy to reach for items you need to be able to reach from bed.
The electronic lock works well so far, and the two mechanical backup keys are sturdy. The walls are single layer steel, but certainly of a heavier gauge than sheet metal on any car. The locking bolts are sturdy enough that they're oversized (a good thing) in relation to the rest of the construction.
The electronic pad can take 3-8 length keys. The keypad can beep or be silenced and there are not-brighter-than-necessary lights that give visual feedback. The keypad has a lockout feature for some deterrence. As mentioned above, there are pre-drilled holes in the back and bottom to allow permanent fixture to the wall/floor.
In purchasing a safe at this price point there should be a lower expectation of security. The bolts on the door lock are sound but with the single wall construction otherwise on the door I believe it would be easy to penetrate the unit above and below the lock with a sledgehammer.
The weight was manageable to carry inside by one barely-in shape person, which, while convenient, also suggests bolting the safe down if you're worried about it ever walking away. However, the mounting holes as well are larger than they need to be and there isn't a mechanism (other than a carpet for the floor) to seal them with what the safe includes.
If keeping someone from learning the nature of the contents by peeping through the mounting holes on the back and bottom is a concern, it's something to consider. The back wall is more spot than seam welded but adequate in relation to the door.
My biggest gripe with the unit is the door fitment and specifically how it rubs on the bottom. It takes a good tug on the door at its rest state to pull it open, which makes a distinctive noise as well.
If pulling up on door while opening it, there's almost no rub and the noise is nearly inaudible. While acting quickly in the middle of the night it could make more sound than you might prefer (but at this price point there's probably a fair bit of deviation between the units).
Another shortcoming was that only three anchor bolts were included, when the unit has 4 holes on both the back and floor for mounting, and one of those bolts is so wedged under the bottom door frame that I haven't been able to pry it loose. This may be affecting the door fitment.
In all, the benefits of the size, top shelf position and cost make this a satisfying purchase. Is it fireproof? Briefly frame retardant I'd guess at best. Will it take someone with a sledgehammer more than a minute to be able to fit their hand inside the door? Likely not.
But will it be effective in keeping children and not-too-determined house cleaners & home visitors out? For this price that's a great application. Will it stop a projectile? Probably not all of them.
But maybe you're better off purchasing something affordable like this and strategically camouflaging it to outsmart a thief, versus buying an expensive safe and putting it in a typical location for a typical criminal to find it." — Andrew Zaccaria

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5. VAULTEK MXi - 0.7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Biometric Safe

Top-rated: 431 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: 14-gauge carbon steel body and 12-gauge steel door.

Helpful review: "After buying my 5th handgun, I figured it was time to start looking for a gun safe, but not your dads or granddad's gun safe. This baby is high tech!!
The setup was very easy, the instructions were clear and to the point. They do a great job of leading you in the right direction towards configuring it the way YOU want it.
The biometric option is totally worth getting, especially in a moment's notice. Being able to configure the sounds and lighting to stay stealthy in the night is very helpful.
The impact detector has 3 configuration settings, including off. I keep mine on my nightstand so setting it to High sensitivity made it go nuts when I set my keys down next to it, so Medium might be best for most non-paranoid people.
One of my very small annoyances is the fact that my Canik TP9-SFX cannot fit into the rack with a magazine in it. The +2 magazine extension makes the gun rise in the back and brushes against the drawer on top.
However, I bought another rack so I can house my Taurus PT1911 (with compensator), Taurus PT92 ( with compensator), and M&P Shield 9mm. My Glock 19 is my carry gun and can easily sit on the top drawer since it gets the most fresh air.
In a tight squeeze, I would have to reach for anyone but the Canik since it'll be the only empty one in the safe, but there's plenty of room to keep the magazines for it so, small annoyance.
The other small annoyance is the mobile app. Can't speak for the iOS version but the Android version could be better. It makes you setup a security pattern to access the app in case your phone is ever lost or stolen, strangers couldn't get into the app and unlocked the safe, great idea!!
Problem is I've had to uninstall and reinstall the app 3 times now because it wouldn't take my pattern after I've set it up. I find that I have to draw the pattern VERY SLOWLY in order for it to accept it.
But hey, once you're in, you can make configurations very easily and it provides very useful information about your safe when you're near it.
Right now I'm very happy with this safe, looks tough and keeps people out while looking good, what more can you ask for? I'm recommending to all my friends who are gun nuts." — Corey Edwards

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6. Amazon Basics - 0.7 Cubic Feet Steel Security Safe

Top-rated: 38,126 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: Electronic lock and 2 emergency override keys.

Helpful review: "I bought this to store a loaded handgun instead of keeping it in my nightstand where it used to be. My little one is to the age now that she likes to get into anything so I got it before that became an issue. I keep it up high in my closet where she can't even reach with a stool.
So far, I like having it. I will warn you, it is very front heavy, but if you put ammo in the back or something heavy to hold it down then you won't have a problem. It is very easy to program and it is a piece of magic for storing. For the price and size you cannot beat this.
The handgun stored (for anyone wondering about size) is a canik tp9sf. It is pretty large. You won't have an issue. There is room for it in every direction, as well as an extra mag, bullets, and holster. Great unit. Would buy a bigger one if they made one to the dimensions I need it to be.
So, yeah, I really like the safe. But I should also mention that it's not high security by any means. This is simply a great box to keep something out of sight and prevent opportunistic theft.
HOWEVER, the safe has very loud beeps each time you push the key pad. It is annoying and everyone in the house will hear you opening the safe. Not stealthy... I took off one star from the review because there is no way to mute the sound. I did find a permanent solution for those who MUST HAVE SILENCE.
If you want to mute/ silence the safe permanently do the following:
1. Open the safe and locate the black cover/panel on the back of the door with the batteries. There are two Philips screws to unscrew (one next to the battery compartment, and one on the side by the two metal bolts that come out). Unscrew both screws and the black cover/panel will come completely off.
2. You will see a beige panel with wires coming from it. On the lower right corner or so, there will be a protruding black cylinder module sticking out. This black cylinder is the beep generator. Take something thin, like a pocket knife edge (careful, knives are sharp), and wedge it behind the cylinder. Gently pry it out towards you. The black cylinder noise module will pop out. Remove it.
3. Test that the keypad still works and the mechanism locks. You should hear no more sounds, but the screen will still show the green unlock icon and everything else should work. It's that easy.
4. Put the cover/panel back on and install the two screws.
You're welcome!
So... all in all, this is not Fort Knox. It is the equivalent of a hotel room safe. It would fit nicely in a closet or under a bed, and will keep small children away from things they don't need to get their hands on. For basic needs, it is a great little safe" — Greg Pastuszka

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7. SentrySafe - 1.23 Cubic Feet Fireproof and Waterproof Steel Safe

Top-rated: 5,286 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: UL Classified to endure 1 hour at 1700°F; ETL Verified to withstand a 15-foot fall during a fire and remain closed.

Helpful review: "I was thrilled to see my safe delivered in my garage when it arrived. The first thing I noticed was how hard it was going to be to move the safe where I wanted it to be placed; it needed two people and one of those fork lift things that the ups workers use... Don't laugh, I'm not savvy.
After getting it to its destination, I opened it up (upside down, but that's my fault) and the vault was already unlocked, but in a closed manner, and had all of the paperwork (lifetime warranty, readme, license, etc.) in the box but outside of the safe.
The code for the safe comes on a sticker on the back of the readme booklet and it CANNOT BE CHANGED. The company states that this can be a benefit to the user if you choose to register your safe with the company, and they can retrieve your code.
It also comes with two keys, the keys do not override the combination lock, only adds another layer of security (which I enjoy).
Also, I would like to take some time to explain a CON that most people would complain about that I'd like to bring to justice a little bit. The hinge for the safe is on the outside of the container. However, the hinge is very solid and bolted together on both ends. It would take a mass amount of force to break the seal off of the hinges.
But let's say that an intruder DOES break the hinge off. The way the indentions inside of the safe are made, you will not be able to pull the lid off of the same without being able to close the metal bars of the door. This will not happen without the key or code (or both) if it is locked.
The safe was also made possible to bolt into the floor and it comes with the bolts and nuts to do it, but I find it unnecessary.. it will be hard enough getting it out the door.
I suggest putting the safe under a desk, shelf, or under some items that can add to the complexion of removing your safe. (Adding 30 pounds of items into your safe will already change the weight to over 120 lbs.)
Heavy, very secure, change-able shelf racks, dual security feature, keyring hangers, waterproof, fireproof, worth the price, comes with one absorbent pouch which will last for a while.
Cheap inner shelf (Not for things over 15-20 pounds), password cannot be changed*, may sit unevenly**
* The company (Sentry Safe) states that the code cannot be changed and it for YOUR security, just in case you lost your password they can send you your code or key again. If your like me, you question the reasoning and security behind this, but hear me out. In order for you to get another copy of your code/keys you have to fill out a form that they send you (originally, with the safe) and you have to fill it out entirely, giving your first/last name, address, and all the usual stuff, and also your unique ID number for your safe. That happens to be located inside your safe and on the sticker with your password on it, so if you wish, you could keep it a secret or even destroy the ID number so not even the company who designed the safe will be able to tell what code/key you need. Hope that clarifies questions.
** I also believe I have an uneven floor, but I've read another guy's review stating the same thing. I just slipped the package of screws they gave me under the corner.
I love my safe, I'm sure they're are better and more secure beasts, but for the money you CANNOT beat it, it gets the job done. Hope I've helped. Cheers!" — Eli Berkowitz

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8. KAPUCI - 0.78 Cubic Feet Minimalistic Auto-Open Safe

Top-rated: 349 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: Features a detachable shelf and built-in led lights.

Helpful review: "This is a basic anti-theft option for your home. Just know in advance, it's not fireproof. So if you want something that will protect certain valuables in the event of a fire, this isn't it. I understood that in advance, before ordering. So there's no reason for me to give it less than five stars. It does exactly what it's supposed to. Basically, this safe is meant to "keep an honest man honest," as my Dad used to say. Meaning that anyone with experience, time, and effort on their side might be able to get into it. But if you're just looking to keep anyone that breaks in from immediately getting your stuff, it works just fine. Ideal for certain prescription medications. Cash, jewelry, a couple of handguns. Easy enough access, right sized to sort of hide in some places. Just avoid letting anyone know where it is. Overall, I'm happy with it. Keep your expectations realistic about it, based on the price. But if you're on a fixed budget for a safe, it's not a bad choice." — Sandor Clegane
Trending review: "Once my toddler learned how to climb I knew we needed a better way to keep things out of his hands, such as medications and small valuables. This safe is really nice and works perfectly for those needs. It’s well made and very durable. The inside is covered in soft fabric and there’s a glass shelf, which is so clear I didn’t even realize it was there at first. Setup was easy. The instructions are very clear, which I always appreciate. It was easy to change the passcode and the door has opened every time I’ve entered it without fail. There are two keys included that do work and a battery power supply should the internal batteries go dead, so you’re not going to end up locked out. If you’re intending to store valuables in this safe I definitely recommend using the included bolts to secure it to a wall. It is small enough that if someone broke into your home they could leave with it, but if you bolt it down they’d have trouble. I’m really happy with this safe and it gives me peace of mind knowing that my toddler is protected." — Wendy Bowen
Reassuring review: "I don't often get fairly small boxes that weigh as much as the box this safe came in! So I knew it was substantial before I even opened the box. Next, I thought, for a safe, it is fairly attractive. Oh, not in some sort of, place on the coffee table for everyone to admire, kind of way, but it's white and modern-looking with the round keypad. I think of safes as those big gray monstrosities at old banks, almost as big as a VW Beetle! Anyway, this safe is sturdy and fits nicely in the closet where it holds all my valuable documents and a few heirloom trinkets that may not be monetarily valuable (but they are, non-the-less extremely valuable to me, having been passed down from my deceased grandmothers to me). I am so pleased with how this safe works and that it is just the right size for what I want to keep in it. Definitely worth having!" — Cat Martin

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9. JUGREAT - 0.23 Cubic Digital Security Safe with Induction Light

Top-rated: 6,228 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: Features intelligent lighting technology.

Helpful review: "I now have two of them because while moving, the batteries popped out and I lost the keys. I ordered another one after I tried to break into the safe. Let me tell you, no matter how many YouTube videos you look at, you won't be able to break into it if anything happens. Due to the location of the locking mechanisms, banging on top, bottom, sides will NOT work. So, after attempting to break into it, I bought another. I contacted customer service and they sent me out the key to my original safe. It came quickly and I opened it, popped the original batteries right back in, and reset the code. It works perfectly. It is well worth the money. Don’t lose the key or drop it causing the batteries to pop, you won’t be able to open it without ordering a replacement key." — Kevin Townes
Trending review: "I bought this for my Mom's assisted living room. There have been some thefts there. She loves having her jewelry on sight and we wanted to protect her valuables. This safe is perfect. Very easy to set up. You select your own combination (and if they forget it, there is a key that will open it). It comes with long screws so it can be attached to a wall or shelf. It is light enough to move around, but very sturdy. As an added bonus, it has an interior light to view the contents. I would definitely recommend this safe." — Darlyne Wilson
Reassuring review: "I bought this to keep my gun safely away from my 6yr old grandson. He's quite the "Inquisitor", and gets into everything. I chose this model because of its Dual-Unlock system making it harder for him to get into. Also, it's easily mounted to the wall and more spacious than I thought it would be. Great for the price. Not at all flimsy. Well made. Allows for either keypad entry or using your key. Might take you a second to get the hang of using the key and turning the handle how it wants you to, but after you've done it once, you'll have no problems. I use the keypad, it's just faster." — Maryann Collins

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10. Stalwart - 1.67 Cubic Feet Digital Home Safe

Top-rated: 3,136 ratings

best home safe


Highlight: LED keypad can be programmed with master and guest codes 3-8 digits long.

Helpful review: "For the money, this is a really nice safe. Please: this is not the strongest safe out there and it weighs only 41 pounds, not the 49 pounds in the description. However, what I like about this safe is you can bolt mount on a table or floor. You can also bolt it to the wall as it has 4 pre-drilled holes in the back also. This isn't a high security safe but will keep house guests from snooping in your private paperwork, tax returns and some low value jewelry. The highest security is a safe deposit box, but for around the house to store a gun or just keep out spying eyes. You should definitely bolt this down. I bolted it to a small 2 drawer file cabinet so you can't easily walk off with this 41 pound safe. It has lots of room and the digital keypad is easy to set. It has a keyway also that is hidden behind a plastic tab in case your batteries die and you need to open. What I like about the hidden keyway is nobody knows it can be opened with the 2 supplied keys. I keep the keys hidden. For low security paperwork or low end jewelry or a gun this safe will keep nosy guests out. I recommend." — Joey Caps
Trending review: "Extra Large, is not really large at all I ordered this, hoping to put in some items that were in relatively small plastic storage containers. No go. I'll find something to put into it, but for now, it's not large enough to hold what I wanted it to, so it's a 45 pound paperweight, holding my floor in place. I guess it would be alright for holding guns in, but I'm not wild about having 4 pre-drilled holes in both the back, and the floor of the safe, as far as gun storage goes. It comes with 4 screws, with washers, etc, but they look more like concrete anchors, than something expandable for my wall or floor. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot and get some 150 pound rated expanding wall anchors to mount it. Overall, if you need a little safe, for a hand gun or maybe something you just don't want your kids to find, and put in their mouth, then this should do the job fine. Just don't let the words Extra Large mislead you to it's real size. I'll probably need a 3 cubic foot safe, to store what I wanted to store in it... and next time, I'll make sure it's fireproof as well." — Charles W. Hayes
Reassuring review: "This is an amended review. After having this safe for some time I must admit it was a very good product and what I consider a great home safe. It is/was strong and a good vehicle for whatever you deem important enough to be safeguarded. The lock always performed with both the access code and safety key when needed. The room inside its compartment is ample, while not too much of an inconvenience wherever it is stored. The reason I'm citing that it was strong is because, unfortunately, due to some personal business, the combination to the safe was misplaced, along with the key. As I needed to get it opened rather hastily, there was no other option UT to have it broken into. So I can really vouch for its durability and protection rating. It was nearly impossible for this to be done. And, fortunately for us, turned out to be a rather comical situation. Needless to say that I would and intend to repurchase it for our home needs." — Joann Fennert

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11. Paragon - 1.8 Cubic Feet Electronic Safe

best home safe


Highlight: 11-gauge solid steel walls.

Helpful review: "This safe is exactly what it was designed and built for, to keep prying eyes and fingers out. It won't stop a determined burglar with burglary tools but a teenager with a couple of screwdrivers might be very disappointed. The outer frame is not as thick as the door and doesn't need to be. It is seamlessly welded all around and is virtually impossible to break open. It is heavy enough to deter someone from just picking it up and walking out with it and has mounting holes pre-drilled in the bottom and the back. It comes with bolts and anchors. I am not afraid to put my guns and valuables in it. I replaced a Sentry safe with this one and other than the fact it is not fireproof it is twice as secure as the one I was using. I would recommend it to any average homeowner." — Tucker C. Uible
Trending review: "I received my safe in 2 days (free 2 day shipping with AMAZON PRIME) and I am very satisfied. The ONLY negative thing I can say about it is accessing the key mechanism. The documentation doesn't adequately explain how to remove the key cover, so sadly, I broke off one of the plastic tabs during removal. No big deal though as I attached a 1 inch piece of hook & loop velcro with sticky backing and it is fine. Other than that, the safe is great! It came with 4 AA batteries and 4 anchor bolts which is cool. The safe appears to be sturdy. I have seen safes of similar size which are much sturdier, those also cost about $300! You really can't go wrong here. If the idea is to keep things safe, this thing is great! Just make sure you secure it down with the included bolts. Just because a thief can't get in it, doesn't mean he won't take it with him!" — Christian Mann
Reassuring review: "I have a few different Paragon Safes, now, and you get what they tell you'll get! They are well made, and I LOVE the inner hinges on their safes, and the welds are pretty good for the price. I'm happy with all my Paragon Safes, and when I run out of room in this one, I'll be buying another one to set right on top of this one! I only wish Paragon made something a little bigger than the largest safe they make. Maybe something to think about, I'd buy a BIG safe from Paragon, if they made one. Other than that, I have no complaints! Thanks Paragon! Yall make solid safes!" — Doug Wilson, Jr.

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