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I Tested And Ranked The Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

I tested the best outdoor table tennis tables on the market, and I was pretty impressed with these affordable options. Here's my ranking of the ones you can get on Amazon right now.

best table tennis tables

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus - Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: An indoor brand that you can now play outside.

Helpful review: I read reviews that this was going to be a difficult delivery process, but honestly it was awesome. It was in perfect condition when it arrived, and I liked that I could pick from different time slots and that the delivery people even brought it into my house for me. The packaging was great to make sure it stayed safe and there were coverings on the corner and on the surface.
In terms of set up and assembly, I recommend putting it together with two people, although I think it’s possible for one person to do it, it will just take a little extra work. Make sure you put the wheels on the legs first, and there are extra brackets to keep it in place and tight, and wrenches will come in handy to keep it tight. The biggest reason that you’ll need two people is because you’ll need to set it up while it’s upside down, and then flip it over.
Once you start playing, there’s something us husbands out there should be prepared for: our wives will likely beat us. It’s an inevitable consequence of purchasing this, and it hurts as much as when you have to admit that you’re wrong in an argument. Alas, it’s still worth it, though.
There’s so much good about this ping pong table, that I had to write this post, and trust me, when I say, I don’t make a lot of reviews, unless I’m either really disappointed or really excited about whatever I’m doing. There’s a little clamp that attaches the net to both sides of the table, but beware that they do bump into each other a little bit, and make sure that you use a level to ensure that both sides are even and flat. If you’re unsure about making the jump and buying this, well take my wife’s word for it: you won’t regret it! — Terry Gagnon

Get it from Amazon now: $599.95 & FREE Returns


2. STIGA XTR - Best for All-Weather Performance

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: Opens and closes with ease and legs self-open.

Helpful review: It only took me and my girlfriend about an hour to put this baby together, and wow, I just love it so much. The material is durable and sturdy, but just beware that both sides of it are pretty heavy–that’s what makes it so sturdy, so I think it’s actually a positive, but just keep that in mind in case you decide to set it up yourself. I’d also recommend bringing in a wrench because that will help you tighten up everything.
The instructions were okay, but they definitely could have been better. Because of that, there was some difficulty putting everything together, so keep that in mind. However, my girlfriend is smarter than me, so she managed to understand the crappy pictures that were part of the instruction manual so we could figure out how to tighten the plastic part.
Once we finally did this, it got a lot easier. I also really liked that it came with a level thing that allowed us to know if the two sides of the tables are flat, so that was pretty cool! From the outside, it doesn’t look like there’s much of a difference between an indoor ping pong table and an outdoor ping pong table, and I think that’s actually a positive, honestly.
My favorite move with ping pong is doing spins, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do that with this table, but lo and behold, I could spin without effort! To my girlfriend’s annoyance, I beat her in the first game, but I think she’s getting better. The table is smooth enough that it’s easy to learn for beginners but strong enough that it’s great even if you’re already skilled. Outdoor models are really good for not getting wet, which is pretty cool, too. Overall, I love this thing! And so does my girlfriend!
Not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical about this before I bought it, mainly because it said that it was going to come completely assembled, and boy, was I surprised when it came actually put-together. It did require a little bit of a final touch on my part, but that only took about fifteen minutes, so really wasn’t something that annoyed me. I put it outside in the grass, and although it wasn’t level ground, it was really easy to find some pavers to put down so it kept it even, and it worked great!
Keeping it level is really important, so if you’re unsure about putting it on uneven ground, I’d recommend putting in a patio or deck just to make sure, or you can use a level to keep both sides flat. This is important because you need to clamp the net so it goes on both sides evenly. Even so, it doesn’t have to be one hundred percent perfect, so keep that in mind! If anything, adding the net on there, it actually keeps it even more level.
The best part about this table? The bounce is beyond perfect! You won’t be disappointed even in the slightest. I might be bragging a little bit, but this seriously amps up my game. I recommend getting outdoor rackets to amp up your game, it will help make it more rounded! My annoying dog ate the ball, but that was my fault for not watching him better. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me more than anything is that it was packaged so perfectly that it took too long to open the box. Read that again folks! That was my only complaint. Oh, and my dog haha.
No, I didn’t get rid of my dog–or the table. I kept this thing outside in Florida summer (which if anyone knows it’s all that heat and rain) and it actually lasted perfectly! I love it. — Cory Anderson

Get it from Amazon now: $599.99 & FREE Returns


3. GoSports Medium - Best Small-Size Ping Pong Table

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: Paddles and balls included with the package.

Helpful review: My older sister really wanted a ping pong table, so I ended up getting this for her for her birthday. We used to play a lot as kids, so she really wanted one to remind us of when we were younger, and I’m so happy I ended up spending the money on this. We couldn't stop playing it, and it was like no time had passed. I love that they shipped it in almost perfect condition in extra packaging. I was expecting assembly to suck, but it was so much easier than I expected.
Now, it is three quarters the size of a regular ping pong table so that may be part of the reason that it was easier to set up, but who knows. I can still fold it in half, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do, so that’s awesome, and I’m glad about that. It’s great for us, you really can’t tell it’s smaller unless you play ping pong like Forrest Gump. We’re just doing this for fun, to keep our hand eye coordination in tippy top shape, and to make sure we don’t get old, apparently it can actually help keep our brain sharp!
The durability and construction of this ping pong table is so much better than I expected. The table is so smooth, the balls bounce without effort. It’s a lightweight table, but you honestly can’t tell, the aluminum frame is really solid. Now keep in mind, if the balls hit the aluminum they do bounce like crazy, but it’s not something that happens every time you play. We’re not playing professionally by any means, it’s more just for fun. I expected the set up to take hours, but honestly it was so fast, I didn’t even break a sweat. I love that I can still store it. It folds in half, and there’s a little case to store all the equipment in, which is really cool. It’s not going to win you any ping pong championships, but honestly, if you’re looking for an easy, fun ping pong able to play with friends and family, then this is it. — Jason Bergner

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


4. JOOLA Inside 15 - Best Single Player Playback Mode

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: Wheels are lockable and effortless to move around.

Helpful review: Talk about getting your bang for your buck! This thing is some serious value for the money, you’re not going to be mad about buying this baby! It’s affordable, it’s constructed super sturdy, and it’s packaged so securely. It didn’t even take me half an hour to assemble this together, it was that easy! I do recommend watching some YouTube videos just to make it easier, though!
Also, the Joola website has an instruction video that is super helpful, so I also recommend watching that, too!
While one person can assemble this on their own, I really recommend using two people to put it together, it will make it that much easier, trust me on that! The wheels are really the last step, and then you’re ready to go! It’s a walk in the park to put the net on, too. And the net was really solid in its quality, so I appreciate that, I’d read some negative reviews about other tables being good except for the net, so I’m happy to say all around, it’s good!
Now, the only negative: the box is freaking heavy! Like almost two hundred pounds heavy, and with so much stuff in there, I wish they’d given an unpacking manual. So I compiled a little list to make your life easier lol.
Tools you’ll need: box cutter, screwdriver, pliers, and something to remove staples (although screwdrivers can do that too!). Once I cut the outside straps with a box cutter, I opened the box to find a bunch of particle board that was used to keep everything from shifting around inside. I really appreciate that, and I think that’s one of the reasons that nothing was damaged–despite the outside of the box being a little bumpy and ripped, nothing inside was! Then the trick is moving the pieces of the table, and that’s where it gets difficult, because everything is really heavy, and it would be nice to know which is best to take out first. At the very least, extra help to remove everything out of the box is necessary.
The last step is locking the wheels, and this is one of my favorite parts, and one of the reasons that I ended up wanting to write this review to begin with. The locking wheels allow the table to stay steady and sturdy so it doesn’t rock back and forth when you use it. This table is worth the price, seriously, you’re one hundred percent going to get what you pay for. It’s great quality, it’s sturdy, and it’s seriously one of the best options on the market. I can’t recommend this ping pong table enough! Trust me, you’re going to love it. — Liam James Glover

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


5. JOOLA Rally TL - Best Tournament-Grade Table

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: This full size ping pong table stands up against competitors.

Helpful review: When it comes to something like this, I barely ever write reviews, but honestly I have so many positive things to say about this, I had to just do it. But before I get to the positive part of it, I will warn that there were some hiccups beforehand. The delivery wasn’t the best, and it did take about three weeks to get here. They also said it was going to be noon and it came a few hours later. The box also showed up damaged, which wasn’t promising, however as soon as I ripped into it, I found that it was packed so well that it wasn’t an issue at all.
The manufacturers packed it with protected board and protection. The instruction manual could have been written better, but having put it together, this is what I can tell you: make sure you lay it flat and upside down with the top sides down when you’re putting it together, and then make sure you’re putting in a towel or a blanket. This will make sure it’s not scratched, too.
There was a spot where the screws were supposed to go in, but there were no holes for the screws to tighten in. I used hot glue but that made it work! You might need to retighten a few things, as well. There’s also levers to adjust to keep it flat, so that’s helpful. Once you get it connected, you might need two people to lift it right side up, at least that’s what I recommend, just to make sure it doesn’t topple over, because it can be kind of heavy. You might still want a level to ensure that it’s actually extra flat.
So that was a lot of me just being nitpicky, but onto the good part–this thing is freaking incredible. It hit every expectation I wanted and more. So yeah, set up can take a while, but once it gets rolling, you really can’t get a better ping pong table. The quality is so durable and ever since I’ve started playing, my game has improved. Maybe it’s because it’s a new table, but I don’t know, I think it’s a game changer–literally! — Tony J. Macgregor

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


6. STIGA Advantage Lite - Best for Easy Assembly

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: Assembly for this table was a breeze.

Helpful review: If you’re somewhere in between a great player and a beginner, then this is the table for you. I’m so impressed by this ping pong table, I just had to write a review. Let’s get to it!
- At about four hundred dollars, this is an average sized ping pong table, but that’s about all that’s average about it.
- The quality and construction is top notch, and with eight bolts, I don’t have to worry about it collapsing, either.
- It is a mid-grade table, which means it’s not exactly professional level, but honestly, I don’t think I need it to be that level in order to be good at it. I’ve used low grade tables in the past, and you could really tell the difference, especially when it came to the clips that hold the net in place.
- With assembly, I meant to put it together all by myself. I am a six foot tall dude, so that helps, but it wasn’t that hard to figure out, and I’m not the smartest tool in the box when it comes to handyman stuff.
- The packaging was also really solid, so it didn’t come damaged which was nice.
- The net had a hole in it which was kind of annoying, because of all the things to get damaged, you wouldn’t expect that to happen of all the parts, but it’s obvious that of all the aspects of the product, the net is the one that’s the cheapest.
Other than that, I really can’t find a lot of cons about it. After using a bunch of cheap tables, this one is definitely a step up, and I’m really happy with it. I don’t know if I’ll ever end up going with a more professional one, and honestly I’m not sure I’ll need it, because this one hits all the points I was hoping for. It’s really a great table, so if you’re on the fence about it, take this as your sign! — Rick Campbell

Get it from Amazon now: $423.45 & FREE Returns


7. JOOLA Midsize - Best for Under-Bed Storage

best outdoor ping pong table

Highlight: Ping pong table is compact and easy to store.

Helpful review: I’ve always played ping pong on the normal full sized tables, but never played on a smaller one before. I’m surprisingly happy with how this thing came out. My husband and I needed a new table after downsizing once the kids flew the coop. We’ve always loved ping pong and we’re disappointed about when we had to sell our old one. I decided to surprise him as a housewarming gift with this Joola Midsize table, and we have both been so happy with it. I love teaching my grandkids how to play. It’s actually even more fun to play with the kiddos because the table is better fit for their size.
Being in our seventies, we expected this would be difficult to put together, but it was so easy, I think I could have done it myself, and honestly I really like how easy it was to set up.
Storage is also really easy, you just have to pin the legs back and because there’s no wheels on the legs it actually makes them easier to move back. It did take a little time to figure it out and get used to it, but after I did it once, I found I could do it a lot faster the next time. It’s lightweight too which is really nice and I think because of the weight, the wheels aren’t really necessary.
I think you have to adjust your skills a little since the table is smaller than the larger one, but honestly I think that playing on this sized table will actually make me a better player, as odd as that sounds. It forces you to focus faster and move faster because the ball spends less time on each table. The price is quite fair in my opinion, especially when you consider that a full time ping pong table is almost 600 dollars.
My husband decided that we were going to play ping pong for chores, and needless to say, I haven’t lost a game yet. Ten out of ten, highly recommend!
For a midsize compact table, you’re going to get a great deal with the Joola ping pong table. Not only does it open effortlessly, it stores away just as easily. I love being able to teach my children how to play ping pong, something I always used to do with their grandparents. The surface is smooth, and even though the size is smaller, the bounce is honestly perfect.
The best thing I love is that when I’m done playing I can just fold it in half and put it behind the couch. It’s small enough that you don’t even realize it’s there, but big enough that once you start playing, you’re never going to want to stop. It’s not only made me a better player, but has forced me to get out of my comfort zone when I teach my children how to play. I think this is a great table for younger people to learn on. It’s not going to be the best if you already know how to play, mainly because of its size. But for children or beginners, it really is just perfect. Think of it like the training wheels before you hop on a motorcycle.
Another really cool thing, you can separate both sides of the table and play like Forrest Gump did–push it against a wall and play the game with yourself! The only downside to this is that my kids are now challenging me to island ping pong, where you’re throwing the ball to different parts of the table, even without it being against the wall. It’s keeping me young, and keeping me feeling alive! I really can’t recommend this table enough! — Gary T. Damiano

Get it from Amazon now: $219.95 & FREE Returns


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