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Best Five Places To Visit In Portland, ME

Not only does Portland have magnificent views and amazing food, but you can also get your shop on while forging unbeatable memories. Honestly, what more can you ask for? After you visit Portland, absolutely nothing!

When you think about Maine, what comes to mind? Many people are admittedly somewhat stumped when it comes to this northernmost state in the Northeastern United States. Sure, it’s the home of prolific author Stephen King – who, to be fair, has written some pretty great books in his life! – but what else does Maine have to offer to you and your girlfriends? You may be surprised to learn that Portland is so much more than just the most populous city in the state. It’s also a remarkably hip and thriving hot spot.

1. Take a stroll down the Old Port

Portland sprung to life largely in part to its location right on the Atlantic Ocean. And while the Old Port is definitely a part of its history, it’s so much more than that these days. It’s also a charming and gorgeous little nook hidden away on the coast. Meander down the cobblestone streets, pop into the cozy brick shops that line the waterway, and inhale in the fresh, salty sea air. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, grab a bite of some clam chowder in one of the many restaurants nearby.


2. Pay a visit to the Portland Museum of Art

The incredible thing about the Portland Museum of Art isn’t just its sheer scope and size. Sure, at over 18,000 pieces of artwork housed within it, it certainly has its share of stunning pieces for you to view. No, it’s the fact that you can see with your own eyes some works from some of the most famous artists in the world. You’ll find masterpieces by greats like Claude Monet, Andy Warhol, and Edward Hopper. Make sure you budget plenty of time to wander around this museum, as you won’t want to miss a single thing while there!


3. Admire the historic Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion isn’t just a gorgeous house that was completed way back in 1860. It was actually the most expensive house ever built in the entire state at the time. You’ll want to make sure you spring for a guided tour, as the locals know all the juicy details about this beautiful piece of architecture. It’s remarkably well preserved, which means that as you take your time going from room to room, you can actually start to feel for yourself how the wealthy Victorians lived during this time!


4. Breathe in the views from the Portland Head Light

One of the most awesome things about Portland isn’t just the friendly locals and delicious foods. It’s also the fantastic views of the ocean, too. And you know what? There really is no better place to soak it up than from the vantage found at the Portland Head Light. This lighthouse offers breathtaking views of both Casco Bay and Portland Harbor. Even better, this picturesque lighthouse also has its own museum hidden inside it, allowing you to learn more about its history of protecting the Portland coast.


5. Go stargazing at the Southworth Planetarium

There’s seriously nothing cooler than the Southworth Planetarium. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of astronomy, you’re going to fall in love with this planetarium found inside the Science Building on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus. You’ll want to take in the 360-degree dome so you can see all the stars dotting the evening sky at a glance – even if it’s still daylight outside! You can take a gander of the massive nighttime sky from the perspective of the Hubble Telescope, too, or you can try to imagine what life is like on Mars. Are you and your girlfriends excited yet?


So, what do you think? Did we convince you that Portland, Maine is totally a must-see for you and your friends?

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