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I Tested And Reviewed The Plano All Weather Case On My AR-15

Gun owners know just how important it is to have a dependable tactical rifle case. I tested the Plano All Weather Case on my AR-15 and it actually exceeded my expectations. Read on for hands-on reviews.

best hard rifle case

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case with Pluck-to-Fit Foam

best hard rifle case


Highlight: Pluck-to-fit foam for easy customization to keep your firearms in place and protected.

Helpful review: "This the second attempt to get a case with keys. Success! This case is incredibly secure and TSA will have NO issues with it if you travel via air. If your rifle is 38.5" with a scope it should fit easily into this case. Always measure your rifle and take into account the inside dimensions of the case.
The nice thing about this case is that it has two layers of foam. The top egg shell foam is glued to the top, which is not the case with some gun cases. The bottom of the case has two layers of foam - one for the bottom and the upper is the foam that you cut to fit the rifle. This makes it easi-er to get a good tight fit and better protection for the rifle and scope. (If you have a case with foam slipping around, use Gorilla tape and Gorilla glue to hold it in place. Put books on top of foam for 4 hours. It will be permanently glued to the case sides.)
This case has wonderful locks. The description says nothing about locks and keys. The hasp locks hold the case very tightly making it impossible to get even a screwdriver between the two halves. Add two small TSA locks in the provided holes and you have four locks. I have two extra TSA looks that make getting into it near impossible. You can never be too secure for TSA. The keys can create a hassle if TSA wants to get in since you will have those in your pocket. If you have a rifle that is NOT semi-auto with a simple magazine, TSA will leave you alone completely in most situations if another lock goes through the magazine well of the receiver. You can't be too safe with TSA.
No loose ammo in the case. No liquids. Never assume that TSA will not notice something. They are rewarded for catching problems. If you have doubts about something, CALL your airlines and TSA.
Wonderful case and I'm thrilled that Amazon took back the first one that did not have keys.
One last thing. This World Traveler always puts his cases in a duffel bag. I never advertise that I am carrying a firearm. Amazon carries some really nice duffel bags that will fit almost anything. A 50" duffel (also from Amazon) handles this case nicely. Remember to always declare your firearm at check in. Always, always. always.
Before buying this case, I purchased a different brand at half the price, since I only needed it for some relatively lightweight air guns. The quality of the cheap brand was so far below the minimum necessary to protect my small investment that even replacing the terrible foam it came with would push the cost over buying a Plano case, so I returned it and bought the 36 inch Plano. This case is moderately heavy duty, the foam is good density, and the latches are good as well. I doubt the weather proofing seal would withstand submerging the case, but it should handle heavy rain. On the downside, compared to the Plano case I purchased years ago, this is a step backwards in quality. The older Plano case I have for one of my rifles has thicker plastic, stouter hinge pins, the lid stays open upright (this one lays flat), is more rigid, and has latches on the ends as well as the side (which prevents the case from flexing if over packed). But, this new case is still the best for the money, in my opinion.
Trace outlines onto the foam. Cut and pluck inside the tracings (an electric carving knife and a full size straight shaving razor both work well--don't use scissors, or your cuts will be less even due to foam compression at the cut). Use contact adhesive (I used Uhu Glue) between pieces where the foam is loose. Clean up the edges the best you can, but don't worry if it doesn't look perfect--it will get better after the next step. Spray with Plastidip (you might need 2 cans if you also spray the top eggcrate foam). Use multiple light coats, and keep the spray can at least 10 inches from the surface. Don't dwell too long on any single spot, or you'll have patches of odd texture (I had a couple). It is a lot of work to do it well, but you'll end up with a very tough and durable custom-looking case." — Joshua Klein

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best hard rifle case



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