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  • Ray Campbell

I Ranked And Reviewed The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners In 2022

Keeping your pool crystal clear and free of debris is actually easy with the right robotic pool cleaner. It will regularly take care of your pool maintenance, while saving you time and money.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool (Vacuum) Cleaner

Top-rated: 10,485 ratings

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool (Vacuum) Cleaner

Highlight: Easy to use and ideal for in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet, this cleaner will leave your pool sparkling clean in just 2 hours.

Helpful review: "I purchased a suction cleaner for $200 and it worked well, but I still had to deal with the hose and cleaning out the skimmer, backwashing, etc... When the suction vacuum went bad last year, I purchased a Polaris 360 side wall pressure cleaner about a month ago. I was excited since I have 3 output ports so I could use the skimmer and the Polaris vacuum at the same time!! The Polaris 360 would go in circles, never leave the deep end. I also came home and found it floating in the pool!! I called Polaris and they could not help so back to Amazon it went.
Next I researched the robotic pool cleaners and found the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. It arrived, I read the easy setup paper that came with the cleaner, I cut the packing plastic off the front and rear rollers, checked the inside filters that were already installed. Put the vacuum in the water, hooked up the blue power cable to the power supply timer. Plugged the timer into the GFI outlet on my house. Pressed the power button on the timer/power supply and away the vacuum went. My pool is a oval in ground vinyl pool 34 feet x 18 feet its 8-1/2 feet deep and 4 ft in the low end.
This vacuum went up the walls, went around the edge , even over the skimmer, down into the deep end over the bottom drain and into the low end. It tried to go up the steps but couldn't do it. In approx 2-3 hrs the pool was crystal clear! I opened the top of the cleaner, removed the 4 filters that came straight out easy, then I un-clipped the filters and cleaned then with my hose. Finished in 2 minutes and could not believe how much gunk this vacuum found. Reinserted the now clean filters and I'm ready for the next pool cleaning. OMG, this is an incredible machine! I put my manual vac and hose back into the garage. No more vacuuming for me! I will let the Dolphin Nautilus do it!! This vacuum is like having another filter roaming my pool. I bet I will not have to back wash very much anymore. Will update by the end of the summer.
WOW what a great summer with this easy clean pool cleaner. I wanted to give a tip, I could find anything that tells me how to winterize so it works perfectly next summer. So I emailed the MFG and they told me exactly what to do. They said keep the unit in an area that does not go below freezing and turn upside down and keep the weight of the machine off the rollers. Did exactly that and put the unit in my basement. So we will see next year!
START OF SUMMER (3rd year)
Vacuum Robot is still working perfectly. Found a small hole in one of the clear filters. No problem ordered a new set of filters on Amazon today and I still have another set of the paper filters that came with the robot that I am using. The beauty of this robot is you do not have to backwash you filter as much because this vacuum collects all the large and small dirt in the pool. Best Vacuum ever!" — Danny Kirk
"After putting up with a Polaris 360 for way to long, I happily replaced it with the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The pool was filthy and had a heavy ring of grit around the bottom of the circular deep end, plus the entire pool bottom needed a good cleaning. The Dolphin was in the water within a few minutes of its arrival -- heavy grit filters in place -- and did a remarkable job needing only one filter rinse. We have a 22' x 38' free form pool with a circular deep end and a rectangular shallow end. It has a vinyl liner, steps, swim out and no 90 degree corners. I put the fine filters in the next day and ran it again, even though the pool was cleaner than it had ever been, and was surprised at the amount of dirt and grit it picked up. It does a good job with the walls and coping, and actually goes up into the swim out which before I always had to clean manually. I don't understand how the cleaver clean system works since it appears to be random but it did a great job of cleaning the entire pool in only 2 hrs. Hi highly recommend this product but do suggest you get the caddy for it as well: not necessary but it makes storing pool side much neater.
UPDATE: I've had the Dolphin now for about 5 weeks and am still very happy with my purchase. I use it every 2-3 days as needed and it always does a good job at cleaning the entire pool in about 2 hrs. A couple comments: 1st, separating marketing hype from reality, the cord absolutely does tangle however the swivel connector near the end of the cord does its job beautifully so line tangling does not interfere with performance. I only mention this because trying to neatly roll up the cord on deck is a daunting task made much easier with the stand. I find it best to unplug the cord from the controller, pull it out straight and then coil it onto the stand. I then plug it back in so it's ready for the next use. 2nd. it goes into the shallow swim out several times each cleaning and occasionally (not every cleaning, not even every other cleaning) gets stuck needing help to get out. Personally I don't find this to be a big problem. Finally, the Dolphin can be programmed to run every day, every 2nd day or every 3rd day. I don't find this helpful since it does not have a clock setting so if I wanted it to run at say 5am I would have to put it in the water at 5am and select an option. And according to the manual the setting is only good for 7 days. So, again, I don't find this feature helpful but I don't leave the cleaner in the pool anyway so I have no need it." — Charlie521

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2. AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (2022 Upgrade)

Top-rated: 5,479 ratings

AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner (2022 Upgrade)

Highlight: Say goodbye to wires thanks to the Aiper Pool Vacuum's 100% cord-free design.

Helpful review: "I recommend this cleaner for a small pool. I have an above ground pool that is 28ft in diameter. I would not recommend this for a pool near this large. The unit runs for about 30 minutes on a full charge, not 50 minutes as stated, and it takes about 4 hours to recharge. At this rate it will take about a week of cleaning to cover the entire bottom. It does an OK job of cleaning the area it covers, the filter always has some stuff in it when I pull it out. If you have any small wrinkles in the liner it will glide over them but not clean along the edge of the wrinkle. Because of the way it is designed it will also not clean the last 6 inches at the wall.
Update: I have upgraded my review from 3 stars to 5 stars due primarily to their customer service. The company contacted me unsolicited within hours of posting my review and offered do what ever they could to make me happy. They far exceeded my expectations in solving the problems I had with the unit. Great customer service, I would highly recommend this company and their products." — Steven Ward
"I have a 18'x52" above ground pools it says in the description that the battery lasts 50min I charged it fully & it ran for about 40mins on the first charge so I charged it again about 4 hrs the light turned green which indicates a full change it only ran for 39mins (I timed it with a watch) then I charged it again 4+hrs this time I got 43mins so not the 50mins it says in the description not only does in not run the time stated but after running a "full" cycle & the water settled down what looked clean was not it just distributed the dirt evenly over the pool & for this kind of money I would expect it to clean much better good thing I'm still in the return window.
UPDATE (5/24/22): After reaching out to the seller with my issues they were very prompt in responding to me we discussed the issue I was having they suggested a few things & we straightened out the Issue this company is by far the BEST Company I have dealt with here on Amazon the customer service is impeccable. I purchase a lot of things here on Amazon so I'm reaching out to different companies all the time. THANK YOU SO MUCH AIPER. YOU ARE THE BEST!" — Robert Bedford

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3. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Top-rated: 6,671 ratings

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Highlight: Clean your pool with the touch of a button: schedule the Nautilus CC to automatically clean your swimming pool each week using 3 settings (every day, every other day, or every 3rd day).

Helpful review: "I've owned an inground pool for the last 10+ years. Over time, I've tried many different pool cleaning products. Suction side cleaners, Kreepy krawly, battery powered vacuums, etc. Each of them had their own limitations and caused more frustration than they were worth.
Should not have waited 10 years to buy this! Over the past few years, I've been manually cleaning with a battery powered vacuum. And this meant the pool was never 100% clean. My neighbor had a robotic pool cleaner about 8 years ago, but I was skeptical from buying because his kept getting tangled in its own cord.
After reading some reviews, I thought I'd give the Dolphin Nautilus a try. It was simply a miracle. After dropping it in the pool, you just walk away, and it does its job with no fuss. I leave mine in the pool all the time (except when shocking). The timer is set to run every day for a 2 hour cycle. The pool is crystal clean all the time. No more nagging from the wife to clean the pool. The nautilus has a cool buoy holding the cord upright, so it NEVER tangles.
I'm attaching a video of the Nautilus in action. I dropped it in the pool right after opening. As you can see there is a lot of debris. The nautilus cleaned up everything like a champ. The filter bucket is easy to clean. The only (small) gripe I have is that the cycle time is preset (about 2 hours). For pool openings, the robot needs to run for longer. So I had to go outside every few hours and reset it. But now after opening, the 2 hour cycle is perfect for daily maintenance.
Would suggest to also buy a small pool box to cover the voltage converter, controller and extension cord. The instructions say to not use an extension cord. I bought a heavy gauge outdoor extension cord from Home Depot and it works fine. Mine is connected to an outdoor rated electrical junction box all the time. The robot stays in the pool and is set for a daily cycle. This can be adjusted to every 2 days or every 3 days depending on need. I also bought the ultrafine filter set. But I didn't really need it. Most of the debris that I get is larger, and gets picked up fine from the normal filter. I also have a DE filter which captures more fine particulate. So you might consider trying out the normal filter before shelling out the extra money for an ultrafine filter.
The more expensive versions of this robot have other features: caddy, longer cord, Bluetooth, etc. I thought about all of this and decided against. Those other features are nice, but I really didn't need them. Turns out the Dolphin nautilus is perfect for my needs.
Don't be like me and wait 10 years to buy something like this. It was worth every penny, and more than paid for itself. I bought this with my own money and received no incentives from the manufacturer to write this review.
UPDATE: Nearing the end of my second season with this robotic pool cleaner. It still works great. The color on the plastic has faded due to sun/chlorine exposure. The rubber tracks are still good. This morning I noticed that the nautilus had problems moving, and would get stuck. After watching some youtube videos, I realized that something might have jammed the ball bearings or the impeller. It was easy to take apart. I found a wad of hair in the impeller blade. After removing it, everything worked wonderfully again.
Apart from this, no major problems with this robotic cleaner. Would still definitely recommend." — sgopal2
"So far so great, I've had it for 2 days... Live in Arizona next to a dust bowl and Palo Verde droppings. I knew it was coming soon so I didn't clean the pool for a week. It was easy to get started and after a couple hours it picked up all the big stuff and got the pool looking half way descent. Filled up the catch basket and it was easy to clean. They sell a holder for this that I thought was expensive. Being in a hot climate, I wanted to leave it close to the pool and out of the sun since I intend to take it out when not in use unless we are going to be out of town. I got one of those plastic cargo boxes with a snapping lid and it fit perfect with the controller and cables. They suggest that if you are not using their holder to store it upside down - which is ideal for this box anyway.
I have a swim up bar that has electric and hides it well so I am set. Very happy with the price compared to others I looked at. Oh yea, very few items such as phones, cameras and some electronics need to have extra insurance but I think this is one of those items. For $14 they offer a square trade extended warrantee giving you 4 years of piece of mind. I've had square trade coverage on a phone before and they do take care of you. If it can't be fixed, they'll give you a full refund which they did for me." — Dennis R. Bickers
"I have been trying to convince myself that the expense of a robotic pool cleaner was worth it. After my 3rd year of being a pool owner and lugging out the manual vacuum, pole, hose, submerging the hose, fussing with the pump I finally broke down and bought this one. OMG I love it. You drop it in the pool, turn it on and it runs and picks up everything on the bottom of the pool. Our deep end is 8' and it will be all the way at the bottom and crawl all the way to the water line. It is pretty amazing. I can sit and watch it work for hours (ok thats an exaggeration but still) as it is very interesting how it creeps around the pool in what seems like a haphazard formation but in about 2 hours there is not a single leaf or speck of dirt anywhere on the pool. The control box sits easily under a bush and you can set it to run automatically daily, every other day or every 3 days. The filter container is amazing at filtering out the smallest of sand particles. Im amazed every time I pull it up to clean it out that there is so much sand in the basket. We have recently put the solar cover on the pool for our "cold Florida winter" and I was curious how it would work with the cover and crawling up to the water line but it has not had any problem. I do not have any issues with the Dolphin at all. I have to say it was money very well spent thus far. I have not had to lug out the old vacuum since I bought it.
Update as nearing our 2nd year with the Dolphin: It still runs and cleans great. No issues at all. its starting to get a little discolored and scratched up but its 2 years old and spend nearly 100% of its life in a chlorinated pool so I would expect it to fade out. Only issue is that one of the rubber treads keeps coming off. I think it has stretched out a little and somehow it comes off. I don't understand how since i have to really tug on it to get it back on so not sure how it just pops off. It doesn't happen all the time so its not a huge deal and i can put it back on. It continues to run and work just as good with just 1 track, it may not climb as far up the wall but it still works. Still well worth the money to not have had to spend Saturday mornings out in the sun manually vacuuming up the pool." — Shawn L.

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4. AIPER Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

Top-rated: 7,022 ratings

AIPER Cordless Automatic Pool Cleaner

Highlight: No hose, no clutter cord, no hassle!

Helpful review: "We ordered this pool cleaner to use in our average size inground pool. This cleaner is a bit smaller than our other one, and even though it’s designed for a smaller space than ours, we chose this one is because it is lightweight and cordless. We just opened our pool, we always open it early, and it takes a little while to get it warmed up, the chemicals ready, and operational. This time of year we use our auto cover much more frequently to hold in heat and repel dirt and debris. The advantage of this little guy is we are able to clean the pool with the cover on. This is a huge advantage and the fact that we were unable to do this with our pool cleaner became a bit of an issue. My husband also likes to leave the pool cleaner running while we are trying to use the pool, which can be a bit awkward. It’s early in the season so we haven’t run into that but the cordless operation of this cleaner will allow us to operate it and swim with a little more comfort. It only takes a few hours to charge fully, as I was reading most of these require an overnight charge, and it’s doing a great job getting our pool spring ready. Check out my video for a demonstration, thank goodness for my underwater camera I was able to capture this little guy in action. I’m excited to turn this cleaner loose this pool season, as I cannot recommend automatic pool cleaners and particularly this one enough." — MBA Squared
"We have an above ground vinyl pool that is constantly in need of leaf and debris removal from the bottom. Before we would have to actually get in and kick all the gross debris up with our feet and then scoop it out with the pool net, NOT ANYMORE! This cordless pool vacuum is AWESOME!!! It took less than 3 hours for the 1st initial charge. There is a convenient charging LED indicator light on the AC plug that stays red while charging and turns green when done. The soft silicone debris "scrappers" were super easy to click into place on the underside of the vacuum along with the plastic handle on top. You do need a screwdriver to attach the top handle but the two screws were provided. The power button on the bottom of the vacuum is easy to push on and off. I submerged the unit depressed the power button with one click and then let go of the vaccum unit and it drifted to the bottom of the pool and stayed upright, once it hit the bottom it took about 3 to 5 seconds and started up and went to work!
The vacuum has surprisingly powerful suction! I can't believe how well it sucked up all the dead insects and leaves along with the dirt and grime!! Now, of your pool was like mine and way overdue for a proper cleaning be prepared to empty the debris collection chamber every 5-8minutes. I used the provided hook on the end of my pool attachment pole and was able to fish the little robot vacuum out of the pool fairly easy, make sure you lift it out of the pool and reach in and turn it off before you bring it up out of the water otherwise it shoots water all over you hahaha learned that lesson real quick. Lift it up out of the water as straight and level as possible to prevent any of the debris coming out of the suction ports. The 4 snap closures on the top of the unit take some finger strength but not too much, it has a sturdy feel to the plastic components, and was super easy to clean.
The micro mesh filter on top of the debris collection chamber is really fine and captures and traps all the dirt and grime I was beyond impressed! It was powerful yet gentle, there was no snagging on the vinyl of the pool and it didn't try and climb the sides of the pool more than just an inch or two before redirecting itself! Amazing little unit! I couldn't be happier!! Once we got all the major debris cleaned up and swept out with this vacuum, it did an amazing job of keeping it clean! Once we removed the larger stuff from the bottom of the pool and started using it for maintenance cleaning every other day or so depending on how much the wind blew into the pool, we only had to empty it once the vacuum went through a whole battery cycle, which was about an hour, more than enough time to clean the whole pool!" — Ardena

Get it from Amazon now: $289.99


5. Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool (Vacuum) Cleaner

Top-rated: 4,493 ratings

Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool (Vacuum) Cleaner

Highlight: The E10 does not require any additional pumps or hoses to get the job done. Dolphins are super energy efficient with an average operating cost of 5 cents per hour.

Helpful review: "Let me start by saying I read a million product reviews for a million kinds of automatic vacuums and handhelds alike. I noticed Dolphin had better reviews than most. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm using this on a 16' Intex above ground . The pool itself was $200. The after market pump was $250. This vacuum was twice the cost of the pool.
I have a pool beneath a tree and I don't like to cover it. It's a pain in the ass to constantly fiddle with a cover. I have an Intex skimmer and it does an ok job. But I don't like to run pump constantly either. The way I do things requires a decent vacuum.
I tried the Intex automatic vacuum and it was good for a season and failed this year. Same with the Intex vacuum that came with the deluxe maintenance kit. Down two vacuums after just a season, I was done buying cheap solutions.
This vacuum took less than two minutes to get in the water and running. Its a good weight, sturdy, feels well built. It cleaned my pool bottom spotlessly in one cycle. Despite what people say, it did go up some of my pool sides. It does occasionally wheelie around.
Removing it was simple, pull the cord until you can grab the handle. There's a simple push latch for topside filter access. Hosing the filter down is easy and pieces detach from filter housing for further cleaning access .
The track came off my unit one time. I put it back and haven't had a problem since.
It was expensive compared to many other solutions. However, my pool is now the cleanest it has been and I don't have to fuss with covers, manual vacuums, attachments to pumps or hoses. Just plug it in, drop it in, and walk away.
If you're reluctant, don't be. It's a great unit for an above ground pool. If you can afford it, it's worth the money for the sake of automation and simplicity." — PawtyLife
"I've waited to write this review until we used this robot for a decent amount of time.
I can say that it is a real time saver when it comes time to clean the pool. Almost every time I clean my pool it covers nearly every inch of the pool and it cleans very well. There have been a few times when it didn't get the entire pool floor, but it generally does great. I think one of the best things about the robot is that it has a self contained filter basket. So there's no hooking it into your filter. I have many trees around my pool and they drop a good amount of dirt into the pool. Typically I put the robot in the pool every day because there's dirt on the pool floor. All the dirt is captured in the robot's filter basket. This means I need to clean my pool filter much less often. When the robot is done cleaning I take it out of the pool and put it in my shed. Then I clean the filter basket which takes about 30 seconds. All in all I spend maybe 5 minutes a day putting the robot into the pool then taking it out and cleaning the filter basket. I used to spend 30 - 45 minutes every other day with the vacuum that connected to my pool filter via hose.
This robot has done and incredible job cleaning my pool and saving me time.
So why only 3 stars? Two reasons.
1. On the Amazon page for the robot it says quite clearly "The E10 is backed by a 2 year manufacturer's quality warranty protecting your investment." That was one of the main reasons I bought it. When you spend this kind of money you expect a longer warranty. My opinion is the warranty should be at least 3 years but there are few robots, if any, with a warranty that long. However, even though the listing says it has a 2 year warranty, when you get the robot and you look at the warranty card you can see what the warranty really is. The warranty card says 2 years for plastic parts and 1 year for cable, power supply and motor unit. Why not make that clear in the listing?? If you look at one of my images you'll see the actual warranty card statement that I put a red box around. It's highly unlikely a plastic part is going to fail in 2 years. It's way more likely something mechanical or electrical will fail. So they are being very deceptive about the true warranty on the unit. I did buy the extended warranty through Asurion, but I'm not holding out much hope they'll actually be helpful if needed based on reviews I've read about them. Hopefully I never have to find out.
2. Customer service appears to be non-existent. When I received my unit the filter basket had a hole in it. I know that sounds bad but it was in a place where it didn't really have a negative affect on the operation. However, being a new unit and being quite expensive I wanted to get the filter basket replaced with one that didn't have a hole in it. I called their support line and got no answer. I then sent an email and got no response to my email. So I'm assuming they don't really have a customer support group. Or if they do then they just don't care about actually helping their customers. I ended up having my wife sew up the hole in the basket. If you look at my other image you can see where she sewed up the hole. Filter works fine, but like I said, this is an expensive item and I should be able to expect quality.
I do recommend the robot. Just keep in mind the 2 year warranty is not a complete warranty and good luck with their customer support if you need it.
After my review went public I the company responded to my comment almost immediately. I emailed them at the email address they gave in the response to my comment. They apologized for the lack of customer support during my initial attempts to reach out to them and they sent me a new filter to replace the one that had damage when I got the product new. So apparently I was just unlucky when I first tried to reach them. Since writing the review my experience with their customer service has been stellar. I still think the warranty statement for the product on Amazon needs to be clarified, but because of the great customer service I finally got I'm not going to remove any points for that. If I could give 4.5 stars I would. But all in all the product works great and customer service took quickly took care of the issue once I was able to reach them." — JSF

Get it from Amazon now: $539.00


6. AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum (Upgraded Dual-Drive Motors)

Top-rated: 2,412 ratings | 163 answered questions

AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum (Upgraded Dual-Drive Motors)

Highlight: Easily remove the pool vacuum from the pool with the included floating rope. No need to get into the water.

Helpful review: "This is a convenient little pool cleaner to have. It does its job well. It easily removes the dirt and debris that gathers at the bottom of the pool. It doesn't take long to complete its job. I have a 16x32 pool and it worked for about 2.5 hours on it. It did require some light setup, but that took only a moment. Charging from zero takes only a few hours. I usually just plug it in overnight if I want to use it the next day. Its strong enough to pick up twigs, leaves, bugs, etc. I have zero complaints about its suction strength. Cleaning it out is so easy. You take the top off, hose it out, and its done. A 10-second task. The one part about this that I'd change if I could is that it doesn't go up the walls very well. It'll do the bottom curve of the walls, but wont climb them. I like that this cleaner doesn't come with cords that need to be all in the pool. No cords means no tangles. You can even swim in the pool while this cleaner is working. Very convenient." — TLM
"I purchased an Aiper Smart cleaner to clean the bottom of my inground pool. My pool maintainer was brushing the walls and adjusting chemicals. However, leaves and dust were accumulating on the bottom of the pool. I started searching for a traditional hose-connected water pressure powered cleaner. These types of cleaners are priced in the range of several hundred dollars to over $1,000. Therefore, I kept looking for an alternative. During my search process, I noticed the existence of hose-less robot cleaners. This appealed to me because of a lower price range and the no-hose design. I specifically selected the Aiper Smart cleaner largely based on some very positive reviews. Be aware that some video “product reviews” you may find on places like YouTube, etc. are nothing more than feeble attempts by shameless competitors to slam the Aiper product in favor of theirs. After using this product, I wrote this review.
Why I purchased this product
1. Reasonable price
2. No-hose design
3. Preponderance of highly favorable customer reviews
1. No-hose design. This means that you won’t have daily problems with a hose getting hung-up or tangled. You also won’t need to maintain a second pressure assist pump in your filtration system. That’s one less thing to worry about when it breaks/fails.
2. Autonomous design. This robot is self-powered with a rechargeable battery. Charge battery, drop in the water, 90-minute clean period, remove from pool, clean collected debris, repeat.
3. It is easy to open the debris collector and clean it with a simple garden hose.
4. The suction capability seems to be quite good. The robot was able to collect all leaves, sticks and other debris of reasonable size.
5. Dust. The robot has a broom (bristles) across its bottom. The combination of the brush and strong suction resulted in exceptional effective cleaning of the dust at the bottom of my pool.
6. Coverage. I have what I would call a mid-size pool in somewhat of an ‘L’ shape. The robot uses a random back-and-forth technique that achieved full coverage of the bottom on both sides of the ‘L’. The steering nozzles (2) can be adjusted to experiment with different patterns to get full coverage in your pool shape. I’m not sure if the robot uses an algorithm to get full coverage, but it sure does get full coverage in my case.
1. 6-hour recharge. This seems to be a long time to recharge the battery. However, you can recharge it overnight and won’t care how long it takes. The problem is when you want to get two full passes in one day. You’ll have to wait 6 hours for the charge in between passes. That’s just the way it is. You need to plan around these recharge periods.
2. Battery life. At this point. I have no idea how long the battery will operate until it will no longer take or hold a charge. I plan to use this robot hundreds of times in its life, and I would prefer the battery still work through all those charge cycles. I cannot find a product specification for this.
3. Replacement Parts. There are several parts of the robot I fear may fail over time. I have searched around on the company website and Amazon to see if replacement parts are available to replace failed ones. Nothing found. I prefer directions for replacement parts be prominently posted. Therefore, I have no confidence I will be able to get the parts when I need them. The user guide provides an email address for product support. I hope this will lead me to what I need at that time. I believe the product comes with a two-year warranty. I worry the following parts may fail over time under normal usage: bottom side brush (there are many bristles across this brush. Over time, I expect the bristles to start falling out), 4 wheels (the jets provide for robot locomotion, so the wheels don’t need traction. But I worry that the wheels may crack over time through the cycles of moving into and out of the pool), 2 jet flappers (these appear to be made of rubber or plastic. I worry that time and usage may break them down), top-side rope to pull the robot out of the water (This small rope feels like it may break over time after pulling the robot out of the water many times), swing pate ( I fear that this plastic plate sticks out such that one may accidently break it while moving the robot around) battery ( as stated earlier, I don’t know if the battery life may be limited and no longer be able to hold a charge at some point, rendering the robot useless). I am not confident I can get replacement parts for these if I need them.
4. Fragility. I am quite sure the robot would not survive undamaged from a drop at waist height or higher onto a hard ground like my cement pool patio. I expect lots of cracked body and wheel damage if this were to occur, unfortunately.
5. No walls. This robot will not clean vertical walls. I find this OK. The robot keeps the bottom so clean, all I have to do is brush the walls as an easy chore once a week.
I have been using my Aiper Smart Pool Cleaner for a full week now. I am very happy with my purchase and am very impressed with the cleaning results. I have discovered some concerns and limitations as enumerated above. For months, I have been struggling with dust, leaves and acorns at the bottom of my pool while relying on an incompetent pool maintainer. Now, my efforts have been reduced to keeping the robot running and lightly brushing the sides of the pool. The pool looks spectacular now with beautiful clear water is satisfyingly sowing off the blue colors of the pool. I spend hours staring at it. Overall, I recommend this product as per my experience above. By the way, I named the robot after my previous pool maintainer (Eduardo Jr.).
Support Update: After checking Amazon one more time, I did find a path to product support: Go to your order on Amazon, Select “Get product support” in the yellow button, select “Get product support” in the yellow button again on the new page. You will be presented with options to call or chat with Amazon to get support. This should lead you to what you need." — Steve Schultz

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7. DOLPHIN Proteus DX3 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Top-rated: 2,535 ratings

DOLPHIN Proteus DX3 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Highlight: The Proteus DX3 will clean your pool in just 2 hours.

Helpful review: "So I'm in florida and my pool is 15x24 ft and about 9.5 ft to 3.5 deep. I did not clean my pool for about 6months. Local pool cleaners charge me 200 dollars for chlorine and weekly cleaning per month. My pool was extremely dirty with leaves at the bottom. Water was clear cause I added chlorine as per schedule. This robot handle I would say maybe 5 to 7 good shovel scoops of leaves out of my pool. I received it today and ran it immediately. 8 hours later and stopping it to clean the filter 5 times I will honestly say it's clean. I bout the dx3 model. It was stuck once at the end of the nite mind you is 1223 am but I released the filter and sent it back out there. I bout the 3 year protection plan and cost me 700 total. If it last 4 months I feel I got my money worth.
Everyone is complaining it gets stuck sometimes but in reality it's saving me money and I have company over and BBQ and prefer a pool leaf and debris free. It's a good deal glad I crossed over from the pool guy. With the protection plan if it has issues I will update on that process but so far so good and I encourage other pool owners to try to manage it as well. Pro tip: if your pool as algae at the bottom this robot will try its best but I had over 5 months of growth. It tried but left streaks. I scrubbed it myself and when it settled it did pick up all the residuals. I will update if anything changes." — Ratch
"Great service from Pool Supply Warehouse! Another Amazon supplier sent the wrong (cheaper) model and I had to finally cancel after weeks of delays. The DX4 works great - cleaned up a Winter & Spring's worth of algae in hours. I started with the ultra fine filter basket to filter the algae and muck. I was disappointed that it didn't climb the walls to the waterline or pick up all of the leaves. But after the water cleared (solid green to clear), I switched to normal fine filters and it picked up everything and climbed the sides and scrubbed the waterline. Much better than my very old Polaris. Our pool is in the woods - so lots of natural trash. DX4 cleaned the swamp so I may name him Donald. And made in Israel, not China! Sorry if the pics are sideways - Amazon did that. 2nd shows waterline cleaning. Oh, electric cord doesn't tangle." — Mary Lou Lohrentz

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8. Seagull 1000 Robotic Pool Vacuum (2022 Upgrade)

Top-rated: 907 ratings

Seagull 1000 Robotic Pool Vacuum (2022 Upgrade)

Highlight: With inbuilt Self-parking technology, Seagull 1000 robotic pool cleaner will park near the pool wall when the battery is low or after completing a cleaning cycle for easy retrieval. Easily remove the pool vacuum from the pool with the included floating rope without getting into the water.

Helpful review: "After the first week, I was about to send this back. My inground pool is pretty large and deep (8+ feet) and kidney shaped. The first several times I used it, the robot would soon head toward the deep end and would never return back to the shallow end. I changed both angle settings to around 10-20 degrees and that seemed to help. Now, it makes the climb up the incline with ease, even when the battery is getting low. Not sure what changed besides the angles, but it gets most of the pool covered.
I tend to use the robot almost daily and gets the majority of stuff on the bottom of the pool. Hope it lasts for a couple of years - it will certainly have been worth the investment. It's kind of cute looking to - I enjoy watching it from the window do it's job - it's like having a pool pet. :-)" — Steve-a-roni
"I have a large above ground pool. We have tried various cleaning solutions but we have a problem with leaves. If we use a pump based vacuum, even with 2 skimmers, leaves work their way into the pump impellet and it has to be disassembled to clean.
I bought this vacuum, although it seems a bit pricey. However, I have been very satisfied with it. Now, this thing wont pick up 25 lbs of leaves from a filthy pool, but it will scoop up a fair dinkum. It runs for about an hour before shutting off. It is rechargeable in a couple hours. It scoops up leaves and such onto a screen grate on the bottom that just pops off to clean. Other than the fact that the unit is not particularly small, it is easy to clean.
I gave it 1 star for remote since it does not have a remote. You have to lower it into the pool to start and then retrieve it. It parks itself against the wall so it is easy to retrieve.
This is a great product to keep the bottom free of small to moderate amounts of debris without clogging your pump.
Also, I want to give the company kudos for product support. Mine stopped working after a couple months. After a bit of troubleshooting back and forth by email, it was determined that the motor had failed. They shipped me a new motor and it took about 20 minutes to remove and install the new motor. I could do it in 10 now that I know there are no tiny parts that might fall out. Just 4 screws and swap the module and put the screws back in. Customer support was very helpful and professional. The replacement has worked without a hitch." — Charles Jones
"Aiper sent me this unit for evaluation. I have previously owned a similar unit that I purchased back in 2020. I must say that this new Seagull unit is markedly improved over its previous model. Rightfully so, as would be expected from a company that evolves by taking comments from its end users seriously. I see that they have made very good improvements over the suction power. I have a 21x12 pool with a vinyl walls and floor. The older version worked well enough but would oftentimes not get all the dirt out of the folds in the vinyl floor. This unit works wonderfully well at doing that. Aiper have also worked at improving the endurance of the battery. I was able to run this unit twice without charging. Finally, I do feel that this new model is lighter than the older one, and my back and arms thank Aiper for that. I have written about the wonderful customer service in another review, and I would like to mention it here again. Aiper service is very, very good. They do take customer suggestions seriously, as is evident from some of the changes that they have made to his unit. I am very pleased with this eval unit." — Ameet Jayawant

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