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The Best Street Food In New York City Is Actually Quite Conventional

Planning on visiting New York? Here are some must-try street foods that New Yorkers love. You’d be surprised to find out how conventional these dishes are.

New York is a destination that virtually everyone in the US (or even outside the country) wants to experience at least once. And while there certainly are many sights and sounds to behold, New York is also known for its delectable foods and treats. If you plan on visiting there or even stopping there for a short time, be sure to try out some of the following dishes.

Good mornings start with fresh bagels and coffee

If you talk to the residents of New York, they may tell you that it’s the water over there that makes the bagels taste so incredible. Whatever the reasoning, there is a distinct taste to most bagels from New York. We know what you’re probably thinking. How could a bagel really taste all that different from what you currently eat? Well, it’s amazing what happens when you take an ordinary food dish and couple it with love, proper ingredients, and care. Gee, who knew that food needed to be treated like people? Stop kidding yourself, you know that we as humans are inferior to perfectly created food.


A warm bowl of ramen is all we need

Many of you might have had bad experiences with ramen. But you’re not going to New York to eat the packaged ramen that you lived on in college (good times). Instead, you can go there and enjoy some good old-fashioned homemade ramen. Clearly, unless you go outside the U.S., the ramen you eat will only be so good. Yet, there are some shops opened up in New York that have brought their ramen in from overseas. It’s these restaurants that you need to focus on, as you can enjoy some darn good ramen.


Life is better with fried chicken

Out of all the foods in the world (which is a lot), fried chicken is always one that is exciting to try. Everyone has a different twist on how to make it. You could try 10 different pieces of fried chicken from 10 different chefs and they may all taste a little different. This is the beauty of it all. When traveling to New York, you’d better believe that you’ll be able to find some irresistible fried chicken. Whether you want it mild or spicy or want a specific portion, you will be able to find it. Don’t forget the sauces, though, as they can really put fried chicken over the top.


You can't make everyone happy. You're not pizza.

Come on now, you knew that this was going to get brought up. Pizza is one of those rare dishes that you can pretty much find anywhere and still be amazed by. And if New York is known for anything, it would be their pizza. Avoid the major retailers that you enjoy on a weekly basis (pizza is good enough to eat every day if we’re being honest). Instead, seek out local mom-and-pop pizza joints as they often produce the best flavor and satisfaction. Though you’re not going to be able to try out every pizza joint (can you imagine how amazing that would be?), you’ll find some excellent creations. This could be a double-edged sword, though, as you may not want to go back to traditional pizza afterward. Who are we kidding, can anyone really get tired of eating pizza?


Unless you are the pickiest eater on the planet, you should be able to find some dishes in New York that please your stomach. It’s home to thousands of amazing meals, and you’ll have plenty of options at your disposal if you go. If you run into some locals, ask them what their favorite joints are. They’ll steer you in the right direction.

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