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I Tested And Reviewed The Frigidaire Ice Maker In 2024

I use the Frigidaire Countertop Ice Machine to make clear, chewable bullet-shaped ice. It’s probably the best affordable option you can get on Amazon right now to ensure you never run out of ice.

Frigidaire Ice Maker

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Frigidaire - Best Compact Ice Maker for Countertops

Frigidaire Ice Maker


Highlight: Choice of bullet ice in two different sizes.

Helpful review: "We are always running out of ice and this has solved the problem. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago.
This ice maker is excellent and will delivery the 26 lbs. of ice per day. What a lot of people don't understand about countertop ice makers is that when the ice is made it is about 27 degrees and the ice maker is not a storage freezer. Think of it like that: the ice that was just made will sit in the ice maker, which is like keeping ice in a cooler. It won't get colder. It will just slowly melt and then get turned back into ice again.
Keep in mind that when you pull ice out of your kitchen freezer, it's been in there for several hours and is around 0 degrees VS. ice off a countertop ice maker that is around 27 degrees. So, ice from your freezer is going to last a lot longer in a drink. That may not be ideal for some if you are having a drink outside on a hot day and not using an insulated cup. So for best results, take the ice out of the countertop ice maker and put it in a gallon ziplock bag and place it in the freezer for a little while so it will get down to the 0 degrees.
That is not necessary though. The ice that comes right out of the machine is plenty cold for drinking beverages indoors. If you want to use the ice outdoors just place the ice in an insulated cup.
- Very quality built machine.
- Very easy to use.
- It uses lights to notify you of the status (rather than annoying beeps).
- It really does make 26 lbs. of ice in an hour.
- First ice in about 8 minutes.
- Full basket of ice in about an hour.
- Pauses itself when ice basket is full and will resume ice production automatically as soon as some ice is removed.
- Light comes on when water needs to be added (keep in mind you still have a full basket of ice when this triggers).
- Melts very slowly, and if you leave it on overnight it only comes on once or twice to replace the ice that melted.
- Quite operation.
- It doesn't take up a lot of countertop space, so we are able to leave it out and it matches our stainless steel fridge.
- It comes with a nice ice scoop, which is great for parties.
- This ice maker keeps dropping ice every 8 minutes.
- The cord is very long so it doesn't have to be right up against the outlet.
The only con I have about the machine is the draining. There's a drain plug that is a little tricky to use because you can't see underneath the machine and you can't just turn the machine upside down to drain it per their instructions. What I found to be a great solution is, instead of using the drain plug I use a microfiber towel to soak up all the water left in the machine. That only takes a quick second and you don't have to move the ice maker over the sink to drain it. I then leave the lid open to make sure it dries out.
So it really isn't a con if you use a microfiber towel. It's so easy this way, which means I never mind using the machine even to make a small amount of ice. So all in all, I highly recommend this gadget. It's affordable, easy to use, and it really looks cool on our countertop." — Rick Roan

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Frigidaire Ice Maker



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