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  • Writer's pictureMegan MacGregor

I Bought And Reviewed The Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag In 2024

I'm a particularly savvy traveler, so I don't know why I didn't order this Marc Jacobs crossbody bag earlier this season. It holds everything I need without weighing me down, and I get compliments everywhere I go.

marc jacobs crossbody bag

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Marc Jacobs Women's Snapshot Crossbody Bag

marc jacobs crossbody bag

Highlight: Travel sized, but spacious enough for what's important.

Helpful review: "Alright, I just seriously can't get enough of this stylish little bag and I just have to tell everyone, even internet strangers. Well, definitely internet strangers who are reading this wondering if they'll love it as much as me. Spoiler alert: you will. And nope, I'm not getting paid to write this haha.
Okay, so where to start? If you’re the kind of person who prefers not to lug around everything you own and then some, this chic, durable bag is totally up your alley. Honestly, it’s a perfect match for those who value style just as much as practicality.
Now, the bag itself is a stunner, I mean that's obvious on the outside. But the inside? Yeah, the stitching is great. It's so beautifully crafted with really detailed workmanship, including structured leather and a thick, durable strap.
Now, trust me, I know first hand that sometimes having something a bit lighter, is nice. For those fancier nights out, the original strap on this baby might feel a tad bulky. It wasn't a big deal—I found a slimmer strap on Amazon that fits the bill perfectly. Highly recommend if you'd like to use as a more slimmer version of itself. Oh, and did I mention all the compliments I'm getting? They just keep rolling in whenever I step out with this bag. It's like a bullet proof to strangers in bad moods, keeping away glares. I've worn it to concerts, a soccer game, and the airport, and seriously everywhere I go, someone comments on it. I also love how it holds its shape without bulging—sleek and secure, just how I like it. But remember to zip it up. Take it my from my fail, you don’t want your bits and bobs escaping during a night out.
I've gotta say though, a second best winner behind the bag is Amazon. They really came through for me on this one. It was tough finding this bag in local stores, but a couple of clicks and a short two-day wait, and boom—it was at my doorstep, with a nice little discount to boot. Now, I'm practically inseparable from it, if you can't tell haha. And honestly it's kind of become my security blanket, and it feels like I can't step outside without someone throwing a compliment my way.
And let me tell you about the repeat appeal—I loved this bag so much that when I saw another in a darker shade, I didn't think twice. Snagged that one too! It’s perfect for city living—accentuates my outfits, stylish, and it fits all my essentials. And when I'm getting to where I need to go, this is when I mainly use the secure strap. I don't have to worry about it slipping either. The strap it comes with is comfy and secure and honestly it's a huge plus when I'm darting through busy streets.
But here’s a twist: despite its compact look, this bag is surprisingly roomy. It’s become my go-to for carrying everyday essentials, like tampons, my extra contacts, even my little extra wallet. Oh and my phone, which is obviously very important. It really strikes this sweet balance between functionality and cuteness—a total win in my book.
So, if you're on the hunt for a new sidekick for your daily adventures or special nights out, this bag is most definitely likely your new best friend. I named mine Georgia :). Trust me, she’s a keeper!" — Megan McGregor

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marc jacobs crossbody bag


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