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My Visit To Alaska Was A Life-Changing Experience

It’s okay if you didn’t realize that Alaska was such an incredible place to visit. Most people are surprised to learn this, too. What matters is that you know now, which means you have no excuse not to grab your best friends and plan a trip today!

When you think of Alaska, what comes to mind? Is it the wide-open tundra with breathtakingly beautiful glaciers and unfathomably blue lakes? Perhaps it’s the stunning snow-capped peaks that define its landscape? No matter what your impression of Alaska currently is, if you’ve been avoiding it because you didn’t think it had much to offer to you, think again. Not only is Alaska an inviting winter paradise with tons of exciting things to do, but it’s also the perfect spot for your next spontaneous vacation with you and your besties!

1. It has the tallest mountain in North America

If you’re going to spend any amount of time in Alaska, then you absolutely need to carve aside some time to pay a visit to Denali. Once known as Mount McKinley, Denali – which got its name from the indigenous term for “the high one” – is the tallest peak in North America. Towering above the world at an impressive 20,310 feet above sea level, Denali is the third tallest isolated peak in the world and is worth the visit while you’re in Alaska.


2. The aurora borealis (northern lights) are a must-see

The science of the northern lights is fairly simple: the dazzling colors are caused by supercharged gas particles colliding high in the atmosphere. No matter what causes them, though, it doesn’t change the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous to behold. And while you can get a glimpse of them elsewhere, Alaska has no light pollution or smog to block them. You can simply sit back and enjoy the show of greens, purples, and blues to your heart’s content.


3. The glaciers are a slice of world history

From deep lakes to towering mountains, we have these glaciers to thank for these formidable natural features. But if you want to see them up close, then you need to take a trip to Alaska to really admire them. If I may be so bold, may I suggest that you and your friends take the journey up to Matanuska Glacier, which is just a two-hour drive north of Anchorage? Once you lay your eyes on the glittery white landmark, you’ll never want to leave.


4. The wildlife is nothing like you’ll find anywhere else

Living in the city is hard for animal lovers. If you want to see wildlife that’s not a pigeon or a raccoon, you’ll have to go to a zoo. But what if you want to see animals in their natural habitat? Then you need to go to Alaska, of course! Alaska is the home to many different species of wildlife, including hulking Kodiak bears, bison, and even the charming arctic fox. Make sure you bring your camera with you, though, or nobody’s going to believe that you really got to see these majestic beasts!


5. It’s the perfect place for people who love the evening

Because Alaska is situated so far north, the normal laws of daytime and nighttime simply don’t apply there. Wait…what? For those of you who aren’t fans of sunshine, then you need to head to Utqiaġvik. For about two months out of the year, the sun just doesn’t want to rise in the morning. Sure, that can be a little bit disorienting, but if you’re wanting to soak up the star-studded sky (or you hate sunblock!), then you’re going to be completely smitten with the around-the-clock darkness that can be periodically found in Alaska.


6. You don’t have to worry about stepping on toes

Alaska is admittedly sparsely populated. Now, if you’re the type who thrives in the presence of many other people, then you may want to stay closer to Anchorage. But if you and your girlfriends are wanting to break away from civilization, then you should plan a drive along any of Alaska’s scenic highways. Forget traffic jams; they’re not going to happen here. And if you’re wanting to just take a leisurely hike without worrying about crowds, then Alaska is the place to be.


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