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I Stayed At The Rochari Mykonos And Here’s My Personal Review

Nestled in the heart of Mykonos, the family-run Rochari Hotel combines traditional Greek charm with American luxury. With ocean views, a private pool and affordable suites, this is an island getaway you won’t want to miss.

rochari mykonos review

Before I booked this trip, my only knowledge of Greece was from binge-watching'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'. In my mind, the island of Mykonos consisted of white houses and endless steps, all surrounded by clear ultramarine water. And, yes, I admit – I thought maybe, just maybe, it could be a place to meet a lovely Greek man to sweep me off of my American feet. (Because let’s be real, I’d need someone to carry me after all that walking, wouldn’t I?)

But first, I would need to book a hotel where I could set down my bags, soak my toes after a long day, and sleep peacefully before I leapt into the next day’s escapade.

Enter the Rochari. This wasn’t just a hotel. It was the home base of my adventure, and I quickly learned it was also a doorway to the vibrant Greek culture. While it’s technically considered a 4-star establishment, after my week-long stay I honestly think it’s better suited as a 5-star experience of affordable luxury.


A Centrally Located Vista

rochari mykonos review

Philanthropist Lord Harold Samuel coined the phrase: The three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. And that couldn’t be truer with the Rochari. Perched smack dab on the western slopes of Mykonos Town, it offers stunning ocean views without jeopardizing convenience. Even better, the windows are double glazed, so you’ll hear absolutely nothing when they’re shut. Meaning that on those quiet nights in, you won’t hear the bass echoing from the clubs in town.

Although the Rochari is practically in the center of town, it’s surrounded by greenery, giving a peaceful vibe. And despite being on a hillock, it's only a 10-minute walk to the old port. That beautiful harbor, once the main ferry entrance to the island, is now a charming waterfront of colorful buildings and fishing boats. In other words, everything I imagined Mykonos would look like.

Take my word for it, this island is best explored on foot, and the location of the Rochari couldn’t make it any easier to do just that.

rochari mykonos review

Pro-tip: Like a secret passageway at Hogwarts, at the back of the hotel is a wooden backdoor. Through the door, you’ll stumble into a hidden alley that will lead you directly to town. I’ll admit I witnessed a few walk-of-shamers sneaking their way out in the early morning hours (as I made my way back after a night of dancing).

By the way, the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle with one of the nicest drivers I’ve ever met. He told me stories about the island, and gave me nightlife tips and advice on what to do and where to go. The shuttle from the port (if you travel by ferry) is also complimentary.


My Room For The Week

rochari mykonos review

The suites at the Rochari blend traditional Greek aesthetics with contemporary comfort. They’re renovated and have a gorgeous minimalist design with no unnecessary decoration.

If you’re a coffeeholic like me, you’ll enjoy the room’s Nespresso machine with complimentary capsules, and at night you can unwind with a cuppa tea thanks to the nice electric kettle.

Rooms are cleaned daily, and there’s even a night shift housekeeper, meaning you get a cleaner twice a day! Their Molton Brown bath and skincare products are top of the line, and even include shaving and dental kits. Plus, you get your own bathrobe and slippers.

rochari mykonos review

You can choose between eight different room styles, starting at deluxe rooms all the way up to mansion suites. With such a range of options, there’s space for every type of traveler – from the singletons like me, to couples on romantic getaways, or families traveling with the whole brood.

Oh, and can we talk about the views? My suite, like most others, had a balcony that opened up to the Aegean Sea, which stretched like a sparkling paradise, absolutely mesmerizing.


Eggs-traordinary Breakfast

rochari mykonos review

Breakfast at the Rochari is served between eight and eleven and offers an all-you-can-eat buffet as well as individual menu options, all included with your stay.

The menu is a lavish spread of local and international flavors and you’ll definitely want to tempt your tastebuds. Think fresh fruit, pastries, and of course, Greek yogurt (which is so much better tasting when you’re in Greece!). Personally, I loved the crepes with honey and cinnamon.

rochari mykonos review

You may think it’s too much food, but trust me when I say, breakfast rings different in Greece. Probably because so much of the food tastes like a dessert, but hey, you’re on vacation! Embrace it.


Amenities In Paradise

rochari mykonos review

Of course, Mykonos is an awesome place to get your dance on and go club hopping, but you’re probably going to need a break at some point. And sometimes the best part of vacation is doing absolutely nothing. AKA relaxing at the hotel spa and pool.

While there's a modestly equipped gym for those who want to stay active, personally, I got enough steps in walking those cobblestone streets, and decided instead to lounge at the pool. And no, this is nothing like your neighborhood motel pool.

This place is an experience. The fresh water pool not only has spectacular ocean views but a full wine bar with a food menu of fresh dishes. I highly recommend the fried cheese croquettes and the veggie spring rolls. You’ll need those carbs before you head out, and even better, you can order a glass of Pinot with your meal. I’m not sure I can think of a better way to pregame than by lounging by the pool.

But what if you decide to stay in?

Well at night, the pool only gets better. Every Tuesday and Saturday there’s live music from the Starlets with hits from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

rochari mykonos review

The spa at the Rochari is an experience to behold. I tried the Signature Detox Sea Foam Massage and the Polynesian Exotic Ritual. George, the only spa therapist on duty, is a Greek man with magical hands. I swear I walked out with fewer wrinkles. Bye bye crow's feet!

rochari mykonos review

I really think you should aim at making yourself a priority, so sometimes you have to just let go…. and have a spa day! With holistic massages, as well as face and body treatments geared towards enhancing youth, be prepared to walk out feeling five years younger.


Dinner By The Stars

Dinner at the Rochari is an event, not only because of the first class cuisine, but because half of the restaurant is situated outdoors on the lounge terrace where you can eat among the stars. Literally!

The hotel’s restaurant serves up a tantalizing array of dishes with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. I highly recommend the burger with home fries. But if you’re craving something else, you’ll be pleased to know that the Rochari has separate menus for pizza, pasta, fish and seafood.

rochari mykonos review

You can indulge in these for lunch too! And, yeah, there were also menus for salads and what they call ‘Healthy Era’. But as someone who was on her ‘Vacation Era’, I chose the fats and carbs, thank you very much!


No Traffic Jams Along The Extra Mile

rochari mykonos review

As if all that weren’t already impressive, the service at the Rochari is exceptionally attentive and hands-on.

The owners of the hotel, the Kousathana family, welcome you like family rather than guests, something that you’d be lucky to find here in Orlando, FL. So although I was worried about the culture shock of feeling like an outsider, my shock came actually from the staff’s kindness. Even if it’s your first time visiting, they’ll greet you like veteran guests. Not only are they friendly, but they’re walking encyclopedias of everything Mykonos, and they’re more than happy to give you all the tips and tricks to the Island.


Greece, I’m Going To Myth You.

rochari mykonos review

While I didn’t fall in love with any Greek men on my trip, I can definitely say I fell head over heels for Mykonos, and that’s honestly because I had such a great place to stay.

With their welcoming staff and beautiful scenery, the Rochari met all my expectations and more. It's easy to book online, and it honestly gave me the feeling of luxury without killing my wallet. You can even order a personal trainer, a shopping assistant and yacht services for surprisingly affordable prices.

So if you're looking for a place that encapsulates the beauty and soul of Mykonos, Rochari is where your search ends. I honestly can't wait to come back to this paradise!


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