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Things To Do In Luxembourg This Season

If you’ve been looking for the perfect country to visit with you and your besties, then you need to consider Luxembourg. From its fascinating history to its unbeatable cuisine, there’s more than enough excitement and wonderment to go around. What are you waiting for? Your dream vacation awaits you in this beautiful country!

When you think of fun places in Europe to jet off to with your girlfriends, what comes to mind? Do you automatically think of Paris or Rome? If you’re looking for an amazing vacation destination for you and your cadre of gal pals, and you’re not sure where to set your sights, why not take a closer look at Luxembourg? Not only does this small country offer a surprisingly big variety of thrilling things to do, but it’s also literally the perfect place for you to escape to when you need a break from your 9-to-5 life. While you’re there, make sure you spend some time checking out these five incredible points of interest!

1. Travel back in time to the Grund

Very few parts of Luxembourg are as idyllic and peaceful as the Grund. Tucked away in the heart of Old Town, the Grund is a cozy little district in the southern part of the country. When you find this gorgeous town, make sure you spend some time strolling along the Alzette River to take in all the sights of this charming little nook that is found just a brief jaunt south of Luxembourg City. If you work up an appetite during your time there, be sure to pop into its Michelin-star restaurant, an Italian eatery called Mosconi. Yes, even though it boasts a population of less than one thousand, it still has one of the most delicious restaurants in the world hidden away there!


2. Explore the underground tunnels at Casemates du Bock

Way back in the late tenth century, there was a count who had taken one look at Luxembourg and decided that he definitely needed to set up his castle there. He chose the highest point of the Bock to build his home, and it served as his castle during his time as the region’s count. While the castle is in a serious state of disrepair these days, the Casemates du Bock are still available for you and your besties to explore. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, however, because these underground tunnels span some ten and a half miles beneath the city!


3. Do some shopping in the Kirchberg district

If the Casemates du Bock defines the historic aspects of this country, then the Kirchberg district undoubtedly embodies its more modern, hip side. Of course, there’s so much to do there than just go shopping. Once you get your fill of the myriad of boutiques there, why not take a breather in one of the many parks found there? If you want to stimulate your mind and please your eyes, you’ll want to make sure to check out the Museum of Modern Art Grand Duke Jean MUDAM, designed by the same architect who crafted the glass pyramid above the Louvre. You’ll never want to leave!


4. Wander around the village of Mullerthal

The quaint town of Mullerthal has often been called the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg, and for a good reason. Its lush and rolling green hills are largely reminiscent of the original Switzerland, transporting anyone who visits it to a brand-new country without leaving Luxembourg’s borders. To really make the most out of your stay in Mullerthal, you should pack a picnic lunch and try your hand at the nearly 70 miles of hiking trails that cut through the stunning community.


5. Indulge in a treat at the Chocolate House

One of the arguably most popular attractions of Luxembourg is its world-famous Chocolate House. After all, who wouldn’t want to sample the tasty fare offered up there? The Chocolate House, found in Luxembourg City, draws visitors from all around the world, luring in people who want to taste their incredible desserts. If we may make a suggestion, though, may we advise that you wear your stretchy pants while you’re at the Chocolate House? You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of room to sample all of the scrumptious desserts that they offer!

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