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My Weekend Getaway In Edinburgh Was The Best Trip I’ve Ever Booked

Without a doubt, Scotland is one of the most wonderful places in the world to visit. From its royal history to its offbeat sense of humor, you're sure to be entertained, impressed, and amused during your stay in this picturesque city!

Okay, picture it now: you and your gal pals nestled up in the rolling hills of Edinburgh, surrounded by local culture, incredible food, and oh yeah – did I mention the incredibly gorgeous local accent and all those local men in their kilts? Sure, when you first start thinking about planning the ultimate girlfriend getaway, your thoughts may go to some tropical destination, but after a couple of hours on the beach, what’s left for you to do? On the other hand, Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland – has so much more to offer you. If you’re looking to go somewhat off the beaten path, yet is still a fast-paced and thrilling locale to visit, then Edinburgh is seriously the place for you.

1. Start with a stroll down the Royal Mile

As soon as you deplane, you’re going to want to make a beeline for the world-famous Royal Mile. This collection of streets nestled away in the Old Town district of Edinburgh has some of the most impressive points of interest in Scotland. Along this stretch of road you’ll encounter the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is where the queen of Scotland resides. You’ll also find the Scottish Parliament, which offers free tours to visitors. Admire the stained glass at St. Giles Cathedral, then finish up with a tour of Edinburgh Castle.


2. Dazzle your mind at Camera Obscura

Your inner child will want to come out to play when you and your besties pop into Camera Obscura & World of Illusions. This museum isn’t just any old stuffy museum that you’ll find anywhere else. It’s actually a tribute to a wide variety of thrilling brain teasers and puzzles, which will be sure to delight and amuse you and your friends. As one of Edinburgh’s oldest tourist attractions, you’ll find over a hundred different illusions on five different levels. Who said museums had to be boring?


3. Get your shop on at the historic Grassmarket

You may be wondering what kind of shopping can be found at Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. After all, it sounds suspiciously like a place where you can buy a lawn, doesn’t it? On the contrary, the Grassmarket has been around since the 15th Century and got its name from the livestock dealers who sold their cows and horses way back when. Today, though? You’ll find an assortment of quirky fashion boutiques, pubs serving up delicious food, and even a weekly farmer’s market.


4. Enrich yourself at the National Museum of Scotland

Scotland has such a fascinating backstory to it. While it would seem ambitious to try to cram all of that history under one roof, the National Museum of Scotland succeeds at doing just that. Sure, you’re not going to find everything about Scotland at this museum, but you’re definitely going to walk away with a bounty of new insights and knowledge when you finish your tour of it. The National Museum of Scotland features not only artifacts that date far back into Scotland’s history, but it also offers a glimpse into other cultures, as well. You’ll also find displays that divulge details about science, technology, and oh yeah, did we mention dinosaurs? Yep. It’s got dinosaurs, too.


5. Hike an extinct volcano at Arthur’s Seat

If you and your ladies are the adventurous types, then you absolutely must take the hike up to Arthur’s Seat. Don’t worry, there’s room for more than just the venerable King Arthur up there. This landmark, which is appropriately named after the fabled King Arthur of the Round Table, is actually perched atop a real-deal extinct volcano. While that can seem a little bit daunting, don’t worry – that means it’s no longer active, so you won’t find any lava while you’re up there. The views of the city below you will seriously take your breath away. Of course, if you happen to find any swords crammed deep into any stones, you may want to leave them alone -- lest you accidentally find yourself becoming the next monarch of Scotland!


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