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Experimental Cinema



The Tryouts Project is an experimental film, seeking to follow the lives of unique personalities who do not fit within the traditional mold of popular culture.

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The Tryouts will be made up of one-minute monologues, which will be promoted online on Instagram, edited into an Extended Cut to be screened at my upcoming exhibition, and redacted into a 50-minute feature to be submitted to film festivals.

The film is experimental, so you can play yourself or your alter-ego. A creative voice can take on so many forms, and my goal is to have you take it out of hiding and bolster your creative toolset.

You will be asked to submit at least one monologue per week for the 12-week duration of the project's first phase. During that phase, you’ll record your monologues yourself, as the idea is to follow your life as a creative individual.

Compensation: credit in the film, copy of the film

*additional pay is negotiable if film is accepted to film festivals

Monologue examples:


Check out my Instagram for more clips 

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