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I Tested And Reviewed The Best Air Shotgun For Home Defense

It's hard to find an air gun you can rely on. I tested the Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun and it's perfect for training and home defense. It's also a high-quality paintball marker. Here's my hands-on review.

best air shotgun

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Umarex T4E HDS .68 Caliber Training Shotgun and Paintball Marker

Top-rated: 895 ratings

best air shotgun


Highlight: Shoots .68 caliber rubber balls, pepper balls and paintballs.

Helpful review: "Just to preface this review, I purchased this weapon for home defense. I'm a military veteran with 10 years real world experience and 4 deployments under my belt. I have children and a wife and want to keep them prepared and safe. I'm not interested in dealing with the emotional and physical baggage of maiming or killing a home intruder nor am I interested in worrying about the safety of my family with accessible firearms.
The HDS Shotgun is perfect for my situation. It provides the simplicity, comfort, and familiarity of an actual firearm while also providing me with the confidence that the stopping power is enough to thwart any potential attacker. Thus far I've fired dozens of rounds with this weapon and have yet to experience any issues in jamming or misfires (knock on wood). I'm so confident and impressed by these alternatives to real firearms that I purchased the T4E PPQ and the TR50 as seen in the image.
I used a new 12gram CO2 with each weapon and only fired a single shot (2 shots with the shotgun) from the same distance. All three weapons are incredibly impressive with the TR50 revolver doing the most damage surprisingly. The key to making these weapons effective is round placement. With rubber steel Powerballs you want to aim for the face, waist, or genitals to stop your attacker. After testing this weapon out, I purchased the TR50 and another PPQ for my wife.
Don't listen to all these people who would ridicule this alternative. If you take the time to make a plan, be comfortable with the weapon and practice using it, It's definitely enough to put ANYONE on the ground.
I'm not a fan of firearms-witnessed a double homicide early in life, and have shied away from firearms ever since. So when I wanted something a little more than a baseball bat for home security, this seemed like a good idea for me, a co2 lupara for pepperballs. I was impressed with the build quality, and the weight of this thing. I did the velocity mod, and while I don't know the exact numbers, it hits hard with the riot balls I bought, enough to knock the wind out of you at ten feet- I won't be doing that again. We tried the pepper balls as well, and shot a tree a foot from my head. Won't be doing that again either. Had to hose me down before I could even get the shirt off, the pepper powder got into the fabric and kept dispersing with every movement. I think it will definitely slow down a home invader, hopefully long enough to escape or at least long enough to get at them with a bat. Outside of that, I've been having a ton of fun with it. The groundhogs have learned to stay out of the garden. All of the empty cans are dead. This will destroy a splatter burst target in four shots. It is as accurate as one would expect, pretty good to around 10 yards or so, then gravity takes over. Realistically, if I have to pop a pepperball at somebody breaking in, it's gonna be a lot closer than that anyway. Is it cheap? Not really, you can get a single shot .410 for less. I think Wally world sells a pump 20 ga for less, if that's what you want. For me, though, this is awesome. Use it for fun, use it for peace of mind, or both.
I took a military grade rubber ball in the gut to test it "one barrel". I will not be doing that again! It is definitely a valuable tool for my work. It’s extremely accurate especially with a green laser on it. I love the riot balls I ordered. They’re perfect for you home defenders. I will be using the pepper ball in one barrel and a riot ball in barrel two. Five of my friends and co-workers have already purchased one after shooting mine. I wonder if I will get a kick back lol." — Trent A. Wilson

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best air shotgun



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