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I Tested And Ranked The Best Chlorine Pool Tablets In 2024

I use chlorine tablets against bacteria, algae, spores and small insects. Here are the best affordable options you can get on Amazon right now to ensure a sparkling clean pool with a healthy pH balance.

best chlorine pool tablets

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. In The Swim - 3-Inch Individually-Wrapped Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Top-rated: 15,344 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Eliminates bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants, keeping your pool exceptionally clear all season long.

Helpful review: "I ordered this 25-pound bucket of 3" chlorine tables (In-The-Swim brand) from Amazon knowing that both Amazon and In-The-Swim are great businesses. However, delivery was so fast, it was almost as if I clicked on the order, and FedEx Ground had delivered it to my front door. If I am not mistaken, it was delivered the following day. Amazing!! So I can't say enough good about the product and service.
Earlier this year, I ordered a new in-ground pool liner from In-The-Swim, and now that I've completed the installation, I can report that the liner is very high quality, looks great and fit our pool like a glove. Again, amazing!! High level of quality control. Impressive packaging AND delivery. Very fast for a custom-fit pool liner (1-week from click to delivery). Regarding this 25-pound bucket of 3" chlorine tablets, I'd like to make two other positive notes.
First, each 3" tablet is protected and individually wrapped in plastic (which protects the tablet from shipping deformation and presumably preserves each individual tablet better). Whatever their logic, the tables arrive in perfect condition and they work great to keep the water properly chlorinated.
Second, the top has a very clever "un-locking mechanism" built-in to the bucket's lid. You just squeeze the red lever, and rotate the lid counter-clockwise, and you have instant (no hassle) access to your 3" tablets. Great idea, In-The-Swim.
Packaging of the bucket was also very good. The bucket was protected by a heavy-duty cardboard box, and was clearly and correctly labeled to my address. Next day delivery? Third time, Amazing! Why would I buy somewhere else? I could not be more pleased with Amazon's delivery. No other charges. Great deal. Great packing. Great shipping. Perfect!
I LOVE these 3 inch chlorine tabs. It is hard to describe, but they are not as "hard" or compressed as most 3 inch tabs. Some of the tabs might be a bit crumbled in their individual bags, but this is NOT an issue! Open your floater's top and pull the baggie apart with your fingers, or use scissors, and just dump it right in the top of your floater. Each tab is individually wrapped in a plastic bag, which is nice when reaching in the bucket to get 1 or 2 and your hands don't get that horrid chlorine dust on them. AND the smell is greatly reduced too. I find that the quality of the tabs, chemically speaking, is better than what I used to get at the local Leslie's pool store. One of these tablets per week in a floater in 10-12 thousand gallon pools keeps the chlorine level at 3 to 3.5 when the CYA (conditioner/cyanuric acid) level is between 35-50 in temperatures below 90 degrees. Use 1 and a half to 2 tabs when over 90 degrees based on water test results. This product saves me a HUGE BUNDLE for my pool business compared to the 3 inch tabs that I used to buy at my local Leslie's pool supply! Better quality chemicals. Tabs last longer. Better price. What's not to like?" — Troy Mertin

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


2. Rx Clear - 3-Inch Individually Wrapped Chlorine Tablets

Top-rated: 4,012 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Provides more available chlorine in each tab at a much lower cost (compared to other brands).

Helpful review: "I still consider myself a fairly new pool owner, even though I am in my third summer season. I have slowly weaned myself away from the pool company, and now take care of pretty much everything myself. The last step was to move away from the expensive chemicals they sold me, including getting those same brand chemicals cheaper on Amazon. After reading the reviews, I decided to give these pucks a try.
I was previously using the Bioguard Smart Sticks. I liked that they dissolved slowly and not much at all, unless water was flowing over them in my skimmer basket. I was concerned that these pucks would dissolve even when water was not flowing over them, thereby creating a high concentration of chlorine in my skimmer basket when the pump was off. I am pleased to say that they dissolve very slowly and also seem to require running water to dissolve quickly. I initially put a couple in my skimmer basket and then a couple in a floater I have. The ones in the floater hadn't dissolved hardly at all after a week. The ones in the basket were nearly gone after a week. That was exactly the result I was hoping for.
Most of the pucks arrived in one piece although a few were broken. I know the broken pucks work the same, but the surface area is different, which means they dissolve at a different rate. I prefer to know the rate of chlorine going into the pool (after tracking chlorine levels and number of pucks used). I tend to be very precise in my maintenance (and in life). Overall, I think the packaging is sufficient and it is expecting too much for every puck to arrive intact. The vast majority were, and that is good enough for me.
Lastly, this is true for any pucks of stabilized chlorine, but you really need to monitor the stabilizer if you use these. Chlorine gets used up constantly but the stabilizer doesn't. It is possible to end up with too much stabilizer in the pool and that can reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine, requiring you to use more chlorine. The more pucks you put in, the more stabilizer gets added, thus creating a vicious cycle. My plan is to use these in the beginning of the season when my stabilizer is low after lowering the water level during winter. Once the stabilizer level gets to the high side of normal, I will switch to liquid chlorine. Liquid chlorine is more of a pain, but it allows me to better control my chemistry.
My last observation about these pucks is that their pH is pretty low at 2.7. I like this about them. When I use liquid chlorine, my pH tends to slowly rise over time. When I started using these pucks, my pH would go down over time. Why do I like this? Because I can raise the pH without the use of chemicals. I cannot lower pH without using chemicals. I have a submersible pump to throw water into the air, which raises pH when needed. I have also been able to adjust the return nozzles to break the surface of the water to counteract the slow pH descent creating a balance so I don't have to use the submersible pump.
The bottom line is that it gives me more control and the ability to create a balance. If you are not familiar with aerating your water to raise pH, I highly recommend you read up on it. Overall, these pucks are an excellent buy with great value and I couldn't recommend them more." — Sam Duncan

Get it from Amazon now: $240.92 & FREE Returns


3. Doheny's - 3-Inch Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Top-rated: 2,521 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Each 50lb bucket has a childproof locking lid for safety.

Helpful review: "I've owned a pool for 9 years and used various brands of chlorine. None have done the job like this brand! My first time using this brand and have not had ANY issues with algae like I've had with other brands, and that's with using the same amount of tabs. Most tablets are not broken although they do contain some dust in the individually wrapped package, but I always use gloves and open them underwater in the skimmers to keep the chlorine dust from becoming airborne. Really happy with these!
Wouldn't purchase any other brand because the difference is remarkable! I have had a pool for over 30 years and this is the best bar none! I also use their shock, which is great too (and you don't have the cloudiness if you aren't always using it). The water stays clear. I have been telling all my friends, when they ask me how I keep the pool so clear, that it's the Doheny's brand that keeps it it way!
Still, I’d like to make these points:
(1) It’s 50lbs, so if you can’t lift 50 lbs don’t buy it.
(2) They are each wrapped, so if you don’t want wrapped tablets don’t buy them.
(3) A few are cracked, so throw them in your skimmer basket.
I’m 67 years old and I've been doing my own pool work for 26 years. I live in Houston TX, and my pool is 88 to 90 degrees all summer. The water is always clear and I add 2 pounds of shock every week in the summer. These are of great value.
These tablets are great! They keep my little dough-boy pool in great condition. This whole bucket lasts me all year. I only need 1 tablet every week or so. They are super easy to use. Just drop one in the floater and you're all set. I find it pretty convenient to break one up and drop it into my pool filter too! I love that they come in a huge bucket, and that it is delivered right to my front door.
I was buying chlorine from Costco because the price was good, but I was constantly fighting to get the lid of the container open. That battle was frustrating! So when I finally finished it up, I decided to buy the chlorine from Doheny's, because everything I've ever gotten from them has been top notch and their customer service has been great to deal with. The big barrel-like container is easy to open and the tablets are all individually wrapped, which is great. It means less breakage and less loss of potency. I only used a few tablets prior to closing the pool, and I'm super pleased with the product, the packaging and the seller. Thanks Doheny's!" — Steve Owens

Get it from Amazon now: $249.94 & FREE Returns


4. CLOROX - XtraBlue 3-Inch Long-Lasting Chlorinating Tablets

Top-rated: 20,303 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Prevents equipment corrosion, surface stains and scale.

Helpful review: "After the kinda crappy reviews I got a little scared. But when my package arrived, I had as many tablets as I was supposed to have with very little of them broken up. About 95% intact. And also, I must say that all the inside packages were handled with a lot of care. So Idk if I was just one of the lucky ones or the supplier took note of all the bad reviews of them coming crushed and did something about it. Either way I'm satisfied. The price is not the best but with the chlorine shortage that's to be expected.
This is the first summer that we didn’t have any algae issues, and we know it’s because of this product. Our pool is 100% in the sun, and we always have issues with algae blooms. We’ve spent a fortune in the past trying to keep up with the algae. We even discussed getting rid of our pool because it was just too expensive, but after using this, we don’t have the issues anymore! We actually have slacked tremendously this year on pool care, and we’ve gotten a lot of rain (which usually wreaks havoc on the pool). BUT somehow our pool is still crystal clear. I cannot stress enough how happy we are with these tablets!
Okay, here goes. We have been buying this product for a number of years even when the price went through the ceiling. Prices are a little better now, but that is not my complaint. The lid... they have to find an easier way to open the container! I am a senior citizen and I'm not as strong as I used to be. There are no tiny children or animals around to get into this product and we keep it locked up. What was the reason for making this white lid hard to open? I could not get it open to save my life, so I had to get my husband to open it. It took an act of God to get the darn thing open, and we were a total wreck when we were done trying. Also, it nearly tore our hands up trying. Needless to say, hubby is gonna find another container to put the tablets in. Please give us an easier to open lid on your product! Great product, but I just can't get the lid open!
My hot tub is of about 400 gallons capacity, and I keep the temperature at 102 degrees. I cut the 3' pucks up in quarters and placed one piece in my "duck" style chlorine dispenser. It is usually 3 or 4 days until I need to add a new piece. When I was using Big Box store brands, I was usually adding another piece every 2 or 3 days. These last a full day longer per quarter or 4 days per 3" puck, and there is less variation in chlorine level through that time. I will buy these when I need more." — Lana Ivette

Get it from Amazon now: $35.99 & FREE Returns


5. Pool Mate - Jumbo Swimming Pool Chlorine Tabs

Top-rated: 2,715 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: One of the strongest chlorine tablets on the market.

Helpful review: "Chlorine tablets are not just chlorine tablets. The ones you buy at Walmart are not the same quality as you get at the pool specialty store. These, however, are cheaper than what you would buy at Walmart or the specialty store, and they surpass them in quality! They dissolve at an even and consistent speed and keep my chlorine at desired level. AND they came directly to my door.
These are actually the best on the market. I’m telling you, within a week the water was near perfect. Huge Difference! Use the Pool Essentials Shock Treatment once a week WITH these tabs and you'll have no problems all season!
Also, I love that they are individually wrapped, so I don't have to handle the tablet with my hands and the bucket doesn't knock you over with fumes every time you open it. The packets open easily and I don't have to carry scissors to the pool to open them like I have with other brands.
I was sick of getting high priced products at the only pool place in my area. They literally charged double for everything. This was a great deal for a much better product. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the bucket to find each tablet was wrapped in plastic. You don't get overwhelmed by fumes due to this packaging. The high-priced pool store never had this kind, and when they did, you could never open up their chlorine in a closed area. Also, many of their tablets were broken and chipped. This is such a great deal. I will never buy from the high priced rip-off pool store again. Very happy customer.
This one is really a great buy. The price was much cheaper than buying it at any pool supplies store. Plus, the fact that it was shipped was great. I didn’t have to lug it around a store and keep it in the car, making the car smell of chlorine chemicals. What I like the most is that the tablets are individually wrapped so that it keeps from smelling. Plus, you don’t have to put your hands directly on the tabs, giving you that chlorine smell on your fingers all day. Also, it kept my pool blue and clean. Overall, great buy, great product. I would highly recommend it." — Gene Flores

Get it from Amazon now: $94.99 & FREE Returns


6. HTH - Advanced 3-Inch Chlorine Tabs

Top-rated: 832 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Advanced formula.

Helpful review: "Package arrived in one piece. Very pleased with the whole process. Cheaper than in my area. Moreover, this is the best chlorine brand I've ever purchased. Why? Because it contains Algicide! This is the first year I didn't have to treat my pool for algae and perform extra vacuuming and scrubbing to remove that nasty algae. It just did not exist.
What about broken pieces? Yes, it did have a few. I just put them in my skimmer to create the amount that would be a whole piece, even the granules, and then I just poured them into my skimmer.
Excellent product. I would recommend it to anyone with a pool. But now, a question to the seller, why can't I get it delivered to my door when I try to order it again?
I have not needed any other pool cleaning products all summer! These work just fine and I highly recommended this brand. And, yes, just using these tablets in the floater has been working great!
I bought this product the other day, and it was super easy to use and effective. Very convenient too. We just put it in our pool and were good to go. I’m glad I got the five-pound package because I hate having to go to the store for pool products all the time. Each lasts about a week. I’d say it depends on your pool. Mine is an above water pool I got for the summer, and these tabs do a heck of a job cleaning it!! By the way, I read the reviews and they said some of their tablets came broken. I must say that all of mine came perfectly intact. Not broken at all! I was scared they would be.
I had bought a different tablet from the same company a few months ago, but I ran out and the expected delivery date was too far out. That's why I settled for this item. It was delivered today and I immediately opened and put some in our pool. All but one tablet was whole, perfect, and I got them for a good price too." — Kay Ortiz

Get it from Amazon now: $52.00 & FREE Returns


7. BioGuard - SilkGuard Complete 3-Inch Chlorinating Tabs

Top-rated: 764 ratings

best chlorine pool tablets


Highlight: Patented technology softens the water by attaching to hard water components and metal surfaces.

Helpful review: "I’ve been using these for a couple of years and have been very happy with them. As summer progressed, I knew I was going to need about 20 pounds more to get through the end of the season, and on impulse I picked up a 25 lb. bucket of a different brand chlorine tabs at the hardware store. For about a month I would use the Bioguard tabs in one skimmer and the new tabs in the second skimmer, thinking that I might still get the full Bioguard mojo, even though only half my chlorine tabs were Bioguard.
It was fine for a week or two. Then we had a big storm and some mud washed into the pool, which happens maybe once a year. I brushed, I shocked, I put in a clarifier, I cleaned the filter cartridges, I added more tabs (half Bioguard) and expected it to come clean pretty quickly the way it has under similar circumstances in the past. Well, it didn’t. It was still cloudy after a week, with clouds of gunk on the floor and walls. Algae started to form on the walls and in the corners pretty aggressively.
So I brushed and brushed without discernible improvement, and then shocked, brushed, clarified and cleaned the filter cartridges again, adding more chlorine tabs (still only half Bioguard).
My tests said the water chemistry values were in the right ranges. I even went to the pool store to have them double-check — values were fine. I was brushing every day and not seeing the improvement I expected. More algae spots were appearing and reappearing.
After another week I decided to try using 100% Bioguard Silk Complete chlorine tabs instead of part Bioguard, part other brand. By the end of the week I saw an improvement. At the end of the second week using 100% Bioguard, my pool was crystal clear. The gunk clouds and algae spots were gone, and stuff wasn’t clinging to the pool walls.
I learned my lesson. From now on I’m using 100% Bioguard Silk Complete tabs for the entire season. They have powerful mojo.
I have used a lot of stuff for my swimming pool and I’ve had a lot of issues with algae! a few summers ago, I did a lot of reading and somehow came across Silk Guard Complete from BioGuard. Was kind of pricey, but I thought about all of the expensive stuff I've been using for my pool. So I decided to take the plunge and get these! Guess what, they're amazing!! They actually work. I haven’t had issues with algae for years now, and I just won't buy anything else. I love this stuff. It’s even more pricey these days, but I will always buy it.
The chlorinating tabs I had been using were not doing the job (a countrywide pool store product whose name shall not be disclosed). This BioGuard SilkGuard Complete is just what it says. My water is crystal clear, and it has been ever since I started to use it. I have only used a clarifier twice since then (due to debris from a huge storm we went through). My chemical use to adjust levels is almost nonexistent. The maintenance has been very minimal, and this pool is over 47 years old. Sweep the walls and vac/backwash once a week and this is what it looks like. It is such a pleasure to walk out and see it looking so great." — Heather Cangini

Get it from Amazon now: $199.99 & FREE Returns


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