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  • Casey Wilson

I Ranked The Best Lightweight Hiking Boots For Men In 2023

These 15 pairs of men's hiking boots are popular for their lightweightness and durability. They provide superior weather protection, as well as support for challenging off-trail treks. Read these hands-on reviews.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II - Best Cushioning

Top-rated: 27,293 ratings | 362 answered questions

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II - Best Breathable Boots

Highlight: Lightweight, durable midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return.

Helpful review: "I bought these hiking boots for my trip to London England. When I got to change my shoes after a long flight, I was able to feel how comfortable these boots are on my feet. I’ve got peripheral neuropathy, and it’s painful at times while wearing different boots that I own. When I first tried out my new hiking boots, I was quite impressed with just how much comfort and grip that helps my balance. But, it’s the comfort of my boots that I really love. I walked the streets of London, Paris and Cardiff Wales with these boots. And I’m very happy to be wearing my new Columbia hiking boots, when I climbed up to the top of Cardiff Castle with very narrow steps. I’m very happy with my new boots, I love them." — Willie
Trending review: "This is my second pair. The first pair survived 4 to 7 miles a day on mostly city streets for nearly 2 years. The soles on the heels have worn down considerably over that time, but the rest of the boot is beautifully broken in, and the footbed is still super-comfy. I am using this pair just the same as I did the first, and so far (after about 60 miles intown), they're getting broken in and looking great." — Robert
Reassuring review: "Bought these for Burning Man and man did they deliver! I didn't have to break them in or anything. They kept my feet safe from the alkaline dust. Then just last week, I took them to Six Flags Magic Mountain where we put in a cool 21k steps in the rain! They never hurt my feet and kept them safe from the elements. Not bad for an $75 boot! I have a wider foot and the 8.5 fit me just fine. Will definitely buy again." — Danny L.

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2. Skechers Men's Relment-Pelmo - Best Air-Cooled Memory Foam

Top-rated: 17,121 ratings | 250 answered questions

Skechers Men's Relment-Pelmo

Highlight: Relaxed fit.

Helpful review: "I’ve had these boots for 14 months and the left one just now got a small hole in the left side where the rubber meets the leather part. I’m a trucker that hauls steel on a flatbed and sometimes I need to get on top of the load to adjust a strap and these hiking boots work just fine. They aren’t too stiff and they bend really well. I sprayed them with extra waterproofing protection before I wore them for the very first time. They haven’t been penetrated by water, mud, or snow until the other day when the hole appeared. I’m ordering a new pair right now and will keep my older pair I have now for mowing the lawn or working around my property. Very Comfortable!" — Shane Lucas
Trending review: "These were a gift for my husband and he loved how light they were. He usually wears stiffer work boots but these were the most incredibly light weight but functional boot. These do not have a safety toe but he is able to work without that. The only problem is the wide is just not wide enough. My husband has worked in construction for years and has the feet to prove it. Unfortunately, he has broken his big toe several times and requires an extra extra wide. If these came in a 3E he says they would be best shoes ever. As they are they still deserve a 5 star for comfort." — Jennifer Winkelman
Reassuring review: "We are now buying a 2nd pair of these boots because my husband finds them very comfortable. He is on his feet all day everyday and his feet are nearly always sore, but these boots… they were comfy from day one until they started falling apart from being worn so hard. Skechers are nearly always very comfortable and these boots were no exception. They fit as expected and do not crowd your toes, even while wearing thick work socks." — Lisa

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3. Timberland Men's White Ledge - Best Ankle Boots

Top-rated: 58,046 ratings | 908 answered questions

Highlight: 100% waterproof leather.

Helpful review: "These are the most practical shoes I’ve ever owned, I’ve bought 2 pairs. I primarily use these fishing off the jetties and hiking. These things are great for taking a beating & keeping your feet dry! I’ve had my feet/knees entirely submerged in mud on one occasion and my feet were 100% dry. The grip is awesome for climbing over wet boulders & doing long hikes in tough conditions." — Chris
Trending review: "These boots are amazingly comfortable out of the box with minimal breaking in needed. I bought two pairs of these at a payless shoe store 20 years ago, and have been buying them ever since for an everyday comfortable around town pair of boots. Are there higher quality boots out there, of course... but at 80 bucks give or take a pair, I don't worry about damaging them or get salty when I tear a hole in a pair out hiking like I would with a 400-600$ pair of custom boots. I have fairly big wide feet and wear thick boot socks so I get the size 12 wide and they fit like a glove every time. If you're in the market, I definitely recommend trying a pair." — Pepperhead
Reassuring review: "We live on extensive rural acreage where the only pavement is indoors. Much of what I do is strenuous and stumbly... often on muddy or very wet footing. Traction and ankle support is essential. I believe these are my third pair of White Ledge boots. They fit true to size, with comfortable support, and each pair lasted longer than I expected, considering the abusive application" — David A. Buckley

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4. Merrell Men's Moab 2 - Best For Wide Feet

Top-rated: 13,534 ratings | 247 answered questions

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid - Best For Long Hikes

Highlight: Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape.

Helpful review: "Finally a hiking shoe that is wide in the toe box. This 2E size 9 is wider than many other name brands. Also lots of room in the instep for my high arches. Required no break-in time, they felt comfortable out of the box. Wore them for an entire weekend of camping immediately after receiving them. One night was raining steadily, while wearing a rain suit and walking around the campsite for hours, these kept my feet dry. Probably have about 10 miles on them so far, can't find any faults other than they can be a little hot in warmer weather." — Craig Sheppard
Trending review: "No complaints at all about this shoe! I knew that I needed some new trail shoes for my day on the South Rim Trail at Big Bend National Park. This trail is 12.6 miles with an elevation gain of 2800 feet. rates it as strenuous. These shoes were delivered to me in time for only a couple of shorter walks. Nonetheless, they gave wonderful, comfortable support on all parts of the trail, including on the extremely rocky Boot Canyon portion of the hike. I'll be buying more of these!" — Steve
Reassuring review: "Gave my husband a pair of Merrell shoes a few years ago to have something other than tennis shoes to wear with casual pants/ jeans. He refused to wear them for nearly a year. Once he decided to try them, he was sold. He loves their style and especially the comfort. I recently bought him hiking boots, then forgot that I did and bought these. Now he won’t wear the others because these are so much more comfortable." — C.L.A.

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5. NORTIV 8 - Best EVA Midsoles

Top-rated: 10,702 ratings | 102 answered questions

NORTIV 8 Ankle High - Best Lightweight Trekking Boots

Highlight: Lightweight and Flexible EVA midsoles.

Helpful review: "I have fairly chronic pain from arthritis in my feet. I normally wear Red Wings for work but after a few hours my feet are aching. My wife and I are going on a small hiking trip with friends so I thought I should try some hiking shoes. When they came I figured I would wear them a bit to break them in and boy was I surprised! I can wear these shoes all day without pain! They are not perfect and probably will not last long for work, but for the money Ill just keep ordering more. I already ordered a second pair." — Steve Diny
Trending review: "I walk on average 6 to 7 miles a day. From the first day these boots were acceptably comfortable. Now, with more experience I find them exceptionally comfortable. They are also water proof which I have thoroughly tested by deliberately walking through puddles. All told these boots are great value for money. An extra, I am no longer a long distance hiker, being 80 years old, so how they would be on long hike I cannot attest to." — O. Legg
Reassuring review: "These shoes worked extremely well for me. I was about to leave for an 8-day trip to Colorado where I would be going on many long hikes and the Merrell Moab’s I have had for the last 4-5 years disappeared off the face of the earth. I bought these because they seemed to have good reviews, looked nice, and were a great price. I christened these boots with a 9-mile hike on my second day in Colorado and they worked great! I ended up hiking over 40 miles that week and they held up really well, never wore blisters despite being new shoes, and were VERY comfortable to wear for sometimes 10-12 hours and 10-12 miles at a time on rough, rocky terrain. I would recommend these shoes to ANYONE just getting into hiking and even to someone more experienced just looking for solid shoes at a great price. I would definitely buy these again!" — Isaac Nunn

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6. Columbia Men's Suede Newton Ridge - Best Long-Distance Boots

Top-rated: 10,655 ratings | 145 answered questions

Columbia Men's Suede Newton Ridge Plus II - Best Long-Distance Boots

Highlight: Lightweight cushioning.

Helpful review: "I got caught in a rainstorm that came earlier then was thought. This rainstorm was pretty heavy as it was the remnants of a hurricane recently here where I live in Maryland. I try to ride my motorcycle as often as possible including light rain during the year. I have about a half hour commute typically each way and today I got caught in BAD heavy rain and the temp was low 30s. With all the rain and traffic my boots were completely dry when I got home. I am so impressed that these boots got me through a tough storm and my feet were not super cold like they would have been if my feet actually got wet. Hats off to Columbia on these they just got tortured and survived. For the price I don't think I could ask for anymore . Perfect fit. Perfect price. Perfect protection." — Roadcomando
Trending review: "I was looking for some comfortable, lightweight hiking boots for relatively short day hikes or weekend camping or fishing trips. I wanted something with an aggressive tread pattern, waterproof uppers and that was also lightweight and comfortable. I considered several other brands and then found these. The reviews were very positive, so I ordered some in a 13 wide. I'd had good experience with Columbia jackets, but never their footwear. I was also a bit curious of what kind of quality I could expect for less than $100. It turns out these are exactly what I hoped for. They are lightweight and comfortable pretty much right out of the box and should break in a bit more with time and use. I love the red laces with the light brown color and they can be tightened up nicely around the ankles for additional support, if necessary. The tread pattern will provide plenty of grip in almost all conditions. I haven't had a chance to put their waterproofness to the test yet, but will update this review if they fall anything short of expectations. As for drawbacks, the insoles are pretty thin and ordinary and might need replacing before the rest of the boot gives out, if not sooner. Additionally, there is double-stitching in parts, but not throughout the entire boot, so I'll have to make sure it holds up and be quick with any needed repairs down the road. Overall, these are a great pair of boots for the money. You can certainly spend more on better quality boots that will take a long time to break in. If you're looking for boots you wear every day (or almost), that might be a good choice. But for the more occasional hiking boot that you want to be comfortable on the first hike and every one after, these are a good choice for all but the most demanding buyer." — Bill Jitsu
Reassuring review: "I use these boots for work. I'm a mechanic and walking around on concrete floors working on cars I needed something durable but not to heavy. I dislike steel toe boots so having these was a game changer. They fit absolutely perfect and so comfortable, I can move at an extreme fast pace and drive stick shift with ease like if they were a sneaker. The colors are great to choose from I have mine matching my uniform so I look professional. I have about these at work and other employees have now bought some as well. They are awesome.must have." — Chris

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7. Timberland Men's Mt. Maddsen - Best Anti-Fatigue Boots

Top-rated: 10,368 ratings | 155 answered questions

Timberland Men's Mt. Maddsen - Best Anti-Fatigue Boots

Highlight: Made specifically for people who spend long days on their feet.

Helpful review: "My feet stay dry and comfortable. They're great for walking quietly. Great traction in the winter. They slog through mud with no problems, the waterproofing is great for rinsing off. Bust up pallets, trek through a thick thorny berry patch, kick smoldering logs around the fire pit. They'll do whatever you want to do and look and feel great doing it. A pair will survive a year of mild abuse, 6 months of what I consider regular abuse. Boots are dead when the sole starts coming off and the seams are giving out. I feel that a man should own three pairs of boots, 1. A pair that they can beat to hell, 2. a pair that they can wear to dinner at the neighbors but also wear while helping a stranger whose stuck on the side of the road, 3. a pair for formal settings or just for looking good. These will work for opt