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  • Ray Campbell

The Best Hunting Rangefinder Is Actually The Cheapest

Hunters know just how important it is to have a laser rangefinder that you can rely on. These 10 affordable options are the real deal, and will ensure an accurate shot every time.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. AOFAR Hunting Range Finder HX-700N

Top-rated: 6,208 ratings | 73 answered questions

AOFAR Hunting Range Finder HX-700N

Highlight: You can easily identify targets with continuous scan.

Helpful review: "This range finder works very well, it is accurate. I measured out several different yard makers then used the range finder to check the distance of them. It was dead on. I only went to 100 yards in 20 yard increments. It has all the features that the expensive ones have, clear viewing and two buttons that controls all the features. If you feel like, you can even measure the speed of vehicles in your neighborhood for fun. I’m a retired police officer and the Lasers we use to measure speed are very expensive, so this little device kinda blew my mind. It’s small a lightweight (palm of your hand). I highly recommend this item." — Keith A. Smith
"I really like this rangefinder. It works and the results are consistent. If I got a big name one for way more money and it got lost or wrecked that would really suck. This baby has a pretty beefy feel to it. The buttons are not flimsy. I thought the camo was a little cheesy, like the range finder was going to give you away, but that's okay. It does what it's supposed to. Recommended ." — CapeCod

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2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder For Hunting And Golf

Top-rated: 3,835 ratings | 105 answered questions

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder For Hunting And Golf

Highlight: Easy to use.

Helpful review: "My Bushnell died after 3 years, the jolt feature jiggled itself to death. Not wanting to spend that much money again, I opted for this GoGoGo unit. Works fine. Slightly cheaper build quality, and uses batteries instead of USB charging like some others, but gets the job done at 1/4th the price. Accurate where I have comparison data. Pinseeker technology. Same operation as Bushnell. Good optics. Having a laser rangefinder really improves my golf game, helps me select the right club whether its to reach the pin or avoid a hazard. And I say that as a high handicapper senior golfer, not a young pup Rickie Fowler flat-brimmed Puma cap wearer wantabee. At this price why would you not have it in your bag?" — Bob Miksch
"This is a great RF for the money, the 6X eyepiece is great, focus adjustable, the view of the target is bright and clear and sharp. It is light and easy to carry. I use the RF for archery target and 3D and have a 30 yd course taped out using landscaping measure and this RF was dead bang on at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 yds. I imagine that accuracy will hold out to greater ranges. It has a slope compensator and angle indicator which is essential for long uphill and down hill shots. The cost of this unit is 1/6 of other units that don't do any more. My only concern is that it does not say water resistant which might be of concern in the rain but that is to be determined. I am very happy with this range finder, it was a good purchase for the money and does exactly what I need it to do and accurately." — Nyfiken

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3. TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder With Rechargeable Battery

Top-rated: 3,208 ratings | 51 answered questions

TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder With Rechargeable Battery

Highlight: Capable of enduring the harshest hunting conditions.

Helpful review: "I like high-quality brand-name products. I like Leupold scopes and Nikon binoculars. I figure buy cheap get cheap! This is not the case with this product. I had no problem spending $200. more for a range finder if I got more for my money. This rangefinder does everything right with all the features you want. Compact size, lightweight, ease of use. and a great case. It uses a magnet for closure instead of velcro for quiet opening. I generally do not take the time to write reviews. With this product, I felt compelled and happy to do it! I did buy the "WOSPORTS Hunting Range Finder" and sent it back and bought this one. I could not be any happier!" — Harry McKenney
"For the money I don’t think you will find a better range finder. I love how compact it is. It is rechargeable which is great. The case has a magnet instead of noisy Velcro which is a plus. It gives a reading instantly instead of a 1-2 second delay like other brands I have used. I would definitely recommend this range finder" — Trout

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4. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800

Top-rated: 2,153 ratings | 150 answered questions

Vortex Optics Ranger 1800

Highlight: Capable of ranging up to 1,800 yards.

Helpful review: "Purchased this after the reticle in my Leupold RX-1000i suddenly deteriorated such that more than 50% of it has dead spots making it unusable; and after only 4 years (no more than 25 hours max) of use. Decided I wouldn't be buying that again. I've slowly been transitioning to Vortex because of their quality, which is backed up by their VIP warranty, and have yet to be disappointed. This holds true for this unit too. Compared to the RX, it has better ergonomics, the optics are just as clear (if not clearer), uses the same CR2 battery, and weighs the same (8 oz). This is definitely the best value when considering quality, functionality, performance, and the warranty." — AtlasV
"I was looking for a rangefinder that could consistently range 1000 yards. This one does just that and then some. The furthest I’ve been able to range was 1400 on the dot against tree foliage. I think in a perfect controlled environment you could achieve the 1800 mark. I bought this for archery first and the ability to ring steel at 1000 years second. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase. My first copy had an issue with the threads for the tripod mount. I called vortex and they offered to fix or replace it with no questions asked. They quoted me a 2 week turnaround time. Since I had just purchased it as a prime member, I opted to just do an exchange through amazon in order to have the issue resolved in a few day. Great product, great customer service from both vortex and amazon. Buy with confidence!" — Jeffery Fisher

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5. Halo XLR1600 Range Finder

Top-rated: 2,962 ratings | 130 answered questions

Halo XLR1600 Range Finder

Highlight: Precise readings at realistic hunting ranges.

Helpful review: "Compact size, accurate readings at realistic hunting ranges, comes with a battery. Easy to use. Fast “On”. Bow and .22 Long Rifle shooter’s delight for zero, ranging and hunting. Bests estimating ranges by steps. Some users mentioned having problems using this device wearing glasses. I was able to use it wearing glasses, although I did have to press them close to my face. I tried it out at dusk to simulate ranging near the end of legal hunting hours. No problems. Yes, the aiming box was sometimes hard to see, but not enough to downgrade my rating. One reviewer suggested tilting the device towards a brighter background to read results and this worked great for low light conditions. I was able to range livestock and tree trunks well past 100 yds easily. 450 yds was no problem with a large enough object to reflect the laser light back to the unit. Suggest ranging known landmarks in advance if low light/range is an issue. My first laser rangefinder purchase after much research. Would highly recommend this item/brand and will consider it as a future gift purchase!" — K.C.
"Used this on a recent hunting trip. Distances measured matched up with the distances given by the guides. Compared distances with my buddy's range finder and they were within a yard or two of each other. Display is clear and easy to read. I played around with these when I first got them and while the unit isn't lit, if what you're distancing is lit up you may be able to read the display in low light/night. I was able to distance a car under a streetlight down the street at night. The reviews seemed mixed on this but I'm glad I snatched it up when it was a deal of the day. Came in handy on the hunt. I was able to get some readings of 453ish meters but that was the max I saw which is fine since this claims only 450m capability. The controls are easy it's only 2 buttons. 1 changes the modes yards, yards with angle, meters, and meters with angle. The other turns it on and is used to get the distance. Focus ring works well too." — Christopher

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6. Bozily 1000-Yard Rangefinder

Top-rated: 1,107 ratings | 79 answered questions

Bozily 1000-Yard Rangefinder

Highlight: 12 month warranty for any product defect or customer dissatisfaction.

Helpful review: "The rangefinder is actually smaller than I think, came with a nice small case that fits perfectly in my golf bag side pocket. In flag locking mode, the readings were quick and accurate.
I also like the slope switch technology and It put some science behind my usual guess work. When the position of the flagpole is higher than the position we are standing at, for the same distance we need to hit it further to get closer to the hole. Not many golf rangefinders have this function, which I believe is a great innovation.
It is a bit tricky to stabilize the rangefinder because of the lack of stabilization mechanism but this is a common issue among these kind of devices, hopefully someday new technology can improve the situation.
So far I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and precision of the device. The true test will be in how long it survives.
So far so good, recommend." — Amazon Customer
"This is an updated review of this product. I had received this item the first time and it did function as expected at all. The seller contacted me and replaced the item within 3 days without any delay. I would have to say with that kind of customer support it was well worth it and the new product is working great. We all would like to get everything we purchase without any problems, but sometimes there are some bad eggs. I was very happy with customer support and their concern to ensure that I received a working product quickly. Thank you!" — J. Berry

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7. BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder

Top-rated: 1,659 ratings | 41 answered questions

BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder

Highlight: Provides fast and accurate measurement with +/- 1 yard and +/- 45°accuracy.

Helpful review: "Bought this for mostly archery deer hunting. I have several tree-stands & always had to guess the range of step it off. Used it in the back yard to sight in my crossbow. I was well pleased with how well it worked, the nice case, the camo pattern. Well worth the price & definitely recommend to my hunting buddies, & family." — Robert Wisener
"Exactly what I had in mind. Works right out of the box (easily installed supplied CR 2 battery). First used to range ‘known building distance’ to test - passed. Menu and other control buttons easy and intuitive to learn, on the fly. (User manual looks good, just more fun to figure out on my own.). Small & light, simple to operate and comes with an outstanding travel case - pleasant surprise! Optional wrist loop/strap is a nice ‘insurance’ and convenience item, included. In my case, won’t help my golf game (since I suck), but will very likely improve shot selection, on Big Game (which I suck less). It might help me ‘up-size’ caught/released fish stories?!? All-in-all, nice gadget, up to Par!" — JG

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8. AILEMON 6X Laser Range Finder

Top-rated: 968 ratings | 22 answered questions

AILEMON 6X Laser Range Finder

Highlight: Measuring range from 5 to 1200 yards (depending on weather condition), with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification.

Helpful review: "This thing is pretty badarse. It gives a very clear picture, has a focus adjustment, and works in meters or yards. I bought it simply to use for bowhunting as it does angles. My bushnell does not. I took it on a scouting trip into the high sierras over the weekend and compared yardages with my bushnell, it was within .5-1 yard. The angle compensation feature is money. I set mine to mode 2 in yardage. This is essentially the mode that gives two reading, one linear and one with angle compensation. Once set you never have to alter anything. When you turn it back on to get a range its setup in mode 2. It also has a feature that vibrates slightly once the range is determined. At first I was meh on that but I actually like it a lot. Lastly, the charge holds well. I have a usb compatible solar unit that will charge it, so screw batteries. The furthest range i got was 897 yards. Essentially this range finder will do you well in bow or rifle hunting in my opinion and is at a very hard price to beat. The only other range finder id recommend over this is a vortex due to lifetime warranty." — Blake
"I have only verified its accuracy to 300 yards but it has been accurate for me for every distance I’ve verified within a half a yard. The box and carrying case are really nice. Personally I would have preferred some of that effort to go into the plastic housing of the rangefinder. It feels a bit cheap to the touch but not fragile by any means. I’m comparing that to how my Barska binoculars feel which are heavy and rubberized." — Samuel Lee

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9. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder - Bone Collector

Top-rated: 2,044 ratings | 104 answered questions

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder - Bone Collector

Highlight: Quality HD clarity.

Helpful review: "Great little range finder and a real bargain. But, before you buy be sure you understand what its intended for. I see where some reviewers complain that it didn't work at 350 yards on a Antelope or a bull elk 850 yards away. This is a 200 yard max range finder for deer and larger game animals. You can certainly range on other objects (trees, large rocks, buildings, signs, etc.) to get a good idea how far out your target is but you're still looking at 600 yards max. I hunt Whitetail with archery and a 30-30 in Northeastern Oklahoma where most deer are taken between 50 and 150 yards. I believe that's the sweet spot for this product. If you need more, if you expect more, plan to pay more." — Ken Andrews
"This is a great item! Got it to give as a Christmas present for my 16 year-old son. He and my husband both love it. It seems very accurate and functions very well. On an interesting note, the battery listed here in the item description is not the battery it needed. I bought a CR 2 battery as the item description stated. To my surprise, it needed a 9 volt battery. Luckily, we had one on hand. Although the clock by my bed is temporarily out of commission, at least we were able to fiddle with the Christmas gift on Christmas morning. We were able to measure the distance from the window to the door in the living room as 12 yards. That was correct! Measured it myself. My son measured the distance from the porch to the cedar tree by our barn as 236 yards. My husband says that sounds about right. I don't plan on measuring that one. My two mighty hunters are out even now measuring stuff and making plans for how they will use the range finder in their future hunting adventures. I myself am adding a 9 volt battery to my shopping list so I can reload the alarm clock by my bed. Thanks for a great product and fast, efficient delivery!" — Jill Jolly

Get it from Amazon now: $179.99 & FREE Returns


10. WOSPORTS Hunting Range Finder

Top-rated: 1,763 ratings | 43 answered questions

WOSPORTS Hunting Range Finder

Highlight: Lifetime customer support.

Helpful review: "This basic rangefinder is super solid and more than worth the price. No bells and whistles (e.g. distance adjusted for angle, etc.); just reliable, simple, accurate distance measurement. It feels a little big in the hand (vs. other more expensive and ergonomic models). However, it is light and the finish on the device gives a little friction so it does not slip. (A more expensive competitor is a nice rangefinder but is slippery and light so doomed to fly out of your hand at some point!). The visibility of the readings is superior to that of some other RF's that cost twice as much. It is early days still, but the accuracy of the measurements seems quite reliable and repeatable. I was seriously tempted by far more expensive models--I love high quality tools and devices. There is no doubt that the super high-end RF's (e.g. Vortex, Leupold, etc) are amazing, however the key question is this: How (and how frequently) are you going to use this?
In my case, I will use it every month or two to range targets and perhaps a time or two hunting every season. However, I'm just an average shot so I will be able to see at a glance whether I should take the shot or not without having to rely on an RF. So it is really just a tool to satisfy my curiosity and better train my eye to more consistently calculate distances. For such uses, this Range Finder is absolutely rock-solid. I just returned another RF that cost more than twice as much after a head-to-head test because I fully preferred this more economical model. (And I was fully prepared to keep the more expensive model). This is a great little unit and quite a deal at the price." — Clan Gardner
"If you’re reading up on this piece of equipment, please read this review!!! If you’re wanting a great range finder at good price, this is the one for you hands down. No need to try and compare other ones because this will definitely be worth the buy. I am so pleased with this purchase. This is perfect for people on a budget needing a range finder. I use it hunting and target shooting very often. It has the golf mode, I haven’t taken it golfing, I’ve used it on fence posts and it’s really locks in that way. I’ve ranged 600+ yds with this thing just playing around and it reads it. It has the focusing knob on the sight that helps with distances. Really accurate in my mind, reads in decimals, not full yds. So 24.3 yds. 25.2 yds. 31.7 yds. And so on. I needed a range finder but didn’t want to drop big money on one. This has been worth every penny. I bought it in July or August of 2019. And it’s October 25 2020 now. Haven’t changed the battery yet. (Will probably crap out on me in the middle of my next hunt now that I jinxed myself) It reads the distance instantly, reliably, and accurately.
If you have small objects in the sight path of your desired target like small limbs, leaves, tall grass. It will range them, so be sure it’s on the target. Just hold it steady and it will read fine. Probably just like any other range finder out there on the market. On the Foggy Dusky mornings it has trouble reading or won’t read at all, which I understand. I’m sure all range finders do that. I’ve used a Bushnell range finder before, and I prefer this one (WOSPORTS) 10 to 1. I am very happy with this and how well it has performed over the past year. It comes with a carrying pouch, wrist strap, battery, and cleaning cloth for the lenses. Very compact, fits in your pocket if you like. I carry mine in my hunting bag. I’ve had it in the rain before. I try not hold it out in the elements the entire time, just when I need to use it. So to me it is very durable! Like I said prior. I am very pleased with this piece of equipment and definitely recommend it to anyone!" — Marcie

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