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I Tested And Ranked The Best Soft Rifle Cases In 2023

Rifle cases help keep your firearms safe and protected. Here are the best options on the market, and I promise you'll wonder how you went so long without one of these in your life.

best soft rifle cases

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Savior Equipment - Tactical Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 10,088 ratings | 265 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols; has additional pocket compartments.

Helpful review: "I do not usually review items I purchase but I have been so impressed by this product that I simply felt the need to post a review so everyone can enjoy this tactical bag! I have only had it about three weeks.
It is the smallest size they offer on Amazon and it fits my S&W MP15 perfectly. I have a buddy who ordered the same size bag (in olive green) for his AR15 who let me see the bag with his weapons and AR in it, so I already knew exactly which size to order.
The Savior bag I purchased arrived early and was packaged very nicely. Upon unpackaging the bag, the very first thing I noticed was how durable and well-made the bag was. The fabric on my bag is quite thick and has a rugged feel to the touch. It feels like heavy-duty nylon.
The stitching on the grab-handles and backstraps is double-stitched and reinforced ("X"). The zippers and teeth all around the bag are heavy duty, as I already have mentioned, and all the zipper pull-tabs have para-cord attached to the eyelets for easy grab and pull. (Get your minds out of the gutter, folks).
The three large pockets on the front exterior of the bag are perfect for loaded mags, eyes and ears or whatever else you wish to carry in them. All three pockets have quick-release closures and para-cord drawstrings.
There are also two extra zippered storage pockets with Molle webbing on them, one pocket at each end of the front of the bag. The top and bottom of the bag has quick-release closures which lets you snug up the bag nice and tight once fully packed.
There are two main compartments; one for rifles and a second, slightly smaller, compartment for pistols. The rifle compartment has room for two rifles, or two tactical shotguns, or a rifle and a tactical shotgun, each separated by a seemingly just thick enough pad hinged between the two guns.
In fact, if I have any complaints about this bag, it is that the divider pad could be thicker; but I believe it should be enough as is to protect the rifles from each other. Each rifle compartment has two corner triangle pockets, for tucking in and for securing each end of each gun, further protecting them.
Finally, each rifle compartment provides two Velcro straps for securing each rifle, one strap towards each end of each rifle. With this system, I feel very comfortable that my rifles will be safe and secure in this bag.
Everything in the pistol compartment is held in place securely by zippered enclosures (extra storage pockets- one vertical and one horizontal) or by Velcro (pistols). There are also two fiber D rings, one on the outside of each pistol pocket.
Overall, I must say that I am very pleased with my Savior bag. I have had other tactical bags in the past made by other manufacturers that have claimed to be durable and tough but did not make the grade. I was very surprised when my Savior bag arrived and I could feel how rugged and durable it was.
My buddy had said the same thing- he also was quite impressed. It was funny that I turned him onto the bag on Amazon. He ended up going right home and ordered it before I did. In fact, when I saw his Savior bag, I was so impressed that it only made me want to hurry up and order mine. (The only reason I hadn't already was because I was in between pay periods).
Keep in mind I have only had this bag for almost a month now, but so far I have had no issues whatsoever with it. I will update this post after I have had the bag for some time, but I don't expect to have any issues with this bag. It is much more well constructed than any other bag I've owned before. This is a great tactical bag for a great price. You can't go wrong with this- just buy it already!" — Ryan Oak

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2. Tacticon - Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 3,687 ratings | 73 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Combat veteran owned company.

Helpful review: "Bought a new gun, needed a new bag. Researched extensively as I always do. After 2 weeks of fairly focused analysis I kept coming back to this case. Veteran owned and operated along with the positive reviews was ultimately why I "pulled the trigger" and got this case.
The case arrived the day it was scheduled, boxed and bagged neatly. Immediately upon unwrapping it I could feel the quality, forethought, and durability in my hands. The material is heavy duty without being uncomfortably heavy. The seems are flawless and rock solid.
The zippers are perfectly aligned and sturdy. The zips, pulls, flaps, pouches, and compartments are well designed to centralize or distribute weight per the user's choice and access is a great mix of secure and simple.
This 36" bag very comfortably holds my AR 15 (stock collapsed) but my AK (the new gun) is about 1/2 too long even diagonally packed.
First of all, I'm the dummy that didn't measure my gun (I erroneously trusted the dimensions in the manual and posted online, those rascally Serbians), but... removing the flash hider/muzzle break (a cinch with a classic AK) and it fits snugly when diagonally packed with no excess strain on the zippers or fabric at the corners or anywhere else. The packable shoulder straps are perfect.
The height of the top of the strap distributes the weight just under the shoulder blades (ergonomically correct position for short or long term hauling), the padding is comfortable without being bulky, and the chest strap keeps the whole thing from sloshing around on your back when you're on the move.
The luggage-style hand strap is wide enough not to cut into your hand but not too big to cause hand fatigue. It has a burly Velcro fold-over flap that aids in securing the handles as well as ergonomic feel. The whole bag can be cinched tight with strong straps and heavy duty clasps for even less sloshing in transit.
I've only used the bag once to go the the range but it performed flawlessly. The bag holds 2 handguns, 6 mags (or more if you get creative), 2 assault rifles, 6 rifle mags (more in the dump bags if you want), and room for more stuff if you use the 2 molly sections on both ends of the front of the bag.
Frankly I'm staggered at the value (quality for cost) of this bag. From novice to special ops soldier, this bag should meet and exceed all your needs. Thanks Jake and the whole crew at Tacticon for your military service as well as your continued service producing high quality products like this.
Note: don't be a dummy like me... just measure your gun before selecting bag size." — Wesley Lauterbach

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3. BLACKHAWK - Tactical Carbine Case

Top-rated: 4,430 ratings | 109 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Heavy-duty tactical webbing on shoulder straps and contact points.

Helpful review: "I would have preferred to give this 4.5 stars, but I will error on the up side. I have one complaint and one complaint only about this bag. It needs a padded shoulder strap of some sort. This is the first dedicated range bag I have owned.
My wife and son have shown enough interest in shooting that it made sense to get something that was always ready to hit the range with. I remember reading the reviews before I purchased this bag and a lot of people complained that it was too big. It is pretty big, but the space is always necessary, at least for us. If you only shoot by yourself and only take one gun and limited ammunition, it might be wasted space.
With that said, I just emptied it after a two person afternoon at the range and everything fit easily. Three guns, a Glock 27, Charter Arms snubbie, and a M&P Shield, two eyes, two ears, eight boxes of ammo(400 rounds), maglula loader(still need to review that...AWESOME product), two bottles of diet Dr Pepper, a few targets, and some misc. crap, and there was still a little room and an empty pocket.
I've only had it for a few months, but durability has been excellent so far. It is made of a very heavy fabric (nylon?) and it should stand up to anything short of a knife blade. There are several pockets on one side, one on the other and two inside. It has MOLLE webbing on the other side as well, but I have no real use for that, so whatever.
All of the zippers and VERY heavy duty and I highly doubt I'll ever wear them out. Now back to that darn shoulder strap. Geez...For such an excellent product, how they neglected this part is beyond me. I didn't weigh the bag with all of that in there, but it had to be over 30 pounds, and carrying that much weight on nothing more than a nylon strap is to say the least is freakin painful. I usually just carry it by the handle.
I am going to take a removable shoulder strap pad off of an unused camera bag and put it on there and it should work fine, but it is a disappointment that Blackhawk missed this. I shouldn't have to "mod" my range bag to make it work. But anywho... I would still recommend this bag. As I said if you are going by yourself and taking limited gear, this might be a bit of overkill, but if you are like us, you will appreciate the extra space." — Gary Howard

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4. HUNTSEN - Classic Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 3,734 ratings | 43 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Interior removable divider enables the carrying of one or two rifles with adjustable shoulder strap to secure your guns in place.

Helpful review: "Purchased the 42" for husband's 40" rifle. While there are reviews complaining about the dimensions, please mind that these are the dimensions of the bag itself, not necessarily what it can hold. Bag fits a 40" perfectly without stretching the case (about 1/2 inch clearance to the zipper for those that are curious), making it easy to pack and unpack. Rifle stays snug within both Velcro straps. Am very pleased with the thickness of the foam divider and padding throughout the case. Strap was very easy to secure to the outside of the bag and metal fasteners appear to be sturdy. If your rifle has a mounted scope, it may be easier to store the scope unmounted from the firearm. The measurements specified on this site are true to the product I received. If you are doubtful what will fit, use a flexible measuring tape, like those for sewing around your rifle before placing an order." — Caterina H.
Trending review: "I ordered the 52in version and it fits all the guns I need it to. It’s frustrating that a lot of these soft style cases are exactly the right size to be absolutely worthless. Idk if people put air rifles in them or what. The 52in version fit the longest gun I own which is a shotgun with 28in barrel. Also fits hunting rifles with scopes that have large objective lenses. This seems the idea size to be useful and has an external compartment for ammo or whatever. Plus a little of molle so you can add something if needed." — Ken
Reassuring review: "I have a .22 with an 18 inch barrel that is ~36 inches long and it fits perfectly in the 38 inch bag. The sides and bottom are nicely padded, however, the padding for the front and along the top is somewhat disappointing. While carrying the case, I can see where my barrel is pushing up against the top front of the case and there is only about 2mm of material there. Considering the crown is one of the most vulnerable pieces of the firearm, I wouldn't put much faith in this case protecting the rifle if something smacked the front or it was dropped. I certainly wouldn't throw this case in the back of a pickup truck and go off-roading or carry it around traipsing through the woods like the poorly photoshopped ad pictures show. Several other reviews also mention the shoulder strap being a potential failure point, and they certainly don't seem very strong. As to why it still got five stars, simply put I wasn't looking for a heavy duty case or expecting such a cheap case to be that robust. I just needed a slimmer and shorter case that would fit in the back of my car easier for range trips compared to a full 51 inch rifle bag. This bag fits that bill and I'm sure with some modification I can add some additional padding to the front (I might even use the divider since I only have one rifle). Another added benefit is that you can fit a small padlock through the zippers for some added security. Obviously this wouldn't prevent theft of the whole bag, but it does allow for safer transport and keeps your firearm (relatively) safe from unattended access." — Kyle

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5. DULCE DOM - Double Soft Bag

Top-rated: 4,033 ratings | 48 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: No questions asked, lifetime guaranty.

Helpful review: "So, my disclaimer is that I bought this bag to transport airsoft guns. I have a different brand bag (very similar) that I use for my AR and other guns. I wanted something cheaper, but still a soft sided bag similar to what I already had.
Overall, I tend to start with the basic belief that whatever it is I’m buying should meet it’s base functions first and foremost. A keyboard, for example, should type well and not miss any keystrokes. With a bag, that may seem a little less important, after all, yup, it’s a bag so it met its base performance, right? Sort of.
First, the zippers glide smoothly and don’t get hung up on corners or other spots. There are several large pockets and it has ample storage. The padded section in the main gun compartment feels thick enough to actually provide padding. All good things.
There are velcro straps in the main compartment to hold your guns in place, as well as corner material to put the muzzle and butt of your gun(s) in to aid in keeping them in place.
The backpack straps seem solid and the stitching looks good. They have their own zippered compartment to store them and I love the ability to carry this style bag on my back (that’s what I love about my other bag and why I wanted a similar style again).
If there has to be a negative, it’s the 2nd zippered pouch. Behind the 3 clasped pouches on the front of the bag is another zippered pouch. It is smaller than the main compartment but larger than the 3 separate pouches on the outside of the bag.
Unfortunately, this pouch is not well padded, making it less useful for storing handguns or other smaller items that you might want to protect. There are no straps, no separators, no pads, or anything else. It’s just one big zippered compartment.
It would have been much more beneficial to have a modular compartment that the end user could configure to suit their needs, including some type of padding. (Look to camera bags for modularity. They have pieces of material with velcro at the ends and/or sides. They can be moved around the compartment and easily fastened in by the velcro to fit whatever equipment you need in that spot).
Be warned that if you put handguns or other items in this area, they will simply slide around and collide with each other. If you are trying to keep these items looking good, you may want to wrap them up in something or use one of the outside compartments. The outside compartments are not padded either, but at least your gear will not slide from one compartment to the next.
Now, I just received this bag, so I cannot attest to the true durability of it (only time will tell), but out of the box, it feels well made and I cannot see any defects in the stitching or zippers. The straps, clasps, etc., all feel solid and work as they should. I’ve tugged and pulled on handles, straps, zippers, and flaps and nothing feels loose or cheaply made.
Overall, I’d say this bag is a really good value for the money and I would definitely recommend to others. I just wish the 2nd zippered storage area were a little better, but that’s no reason not to buy this bag." — K. Lauder

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6. Feastoria - Double Rifle Case

Top-rated: 1,676 ratings | 38 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Enough storage for your war simulation games, training equipment and other outdoor activities.

Helpful review: "I've tried a number of different solutions for carrying my rifle to and from the range. First I tried a more traditional soft-case, which was okay, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I tried a hard-case, and I found that put too much weight on one arm and just wasn't convenient/comfortable. I still have that, because it'll be perfect if/when I travel. I also tried a backpack that's designed to hold a rifle in an extendable section - but it was really awkward getting the gun in and out. Might have been easier with a shorter gun, but I'm currently using a DMR with a longer than normal barrel for an AR and the backpack could hold it, but not well, and it was really awkward to get it in and out of the bag. Then I got this thing and tried it, and it seems to be the best of all options. It's easy to get the gun in and out, without having to pull the stock in or anything like that, and it has a handle that's convenient for short carries and backpack-style straps if I need to carry it further. I put a MOLLE magazine pouch on it as well. This thing is perfect for my needs and I'm very impressed." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "Amazing bag. I was hesitant at first, but after getting this bag I am extremely satisfied with it. There is tons of room for storage and accessories. Each of the two front mag pouches hold 4 30 round magazines. The middle pouch can hold 4 more if needed. I use it for pistol mags. The first large pocket has space for two handguns. I have a full size and a sub compact in separate Velcro pockets. Also more pockets for storage. I use it for an AR and a 18.5” shotgun and both fit with plenty of room. The backpack straps are nice but honestly I just carry it by the handles. On the front are a few Mille straps to hook other things or even add an additional pouch or two. The divider between the guns in the main area is padded to help avoid guns hitting each other while stored away. This is my go to range bag for taking rifles. Don’t hesitate to get this bag if you are thinking about it!" — Derek Novotny
Reassuring review: "Bought this product for storing and carrying my M-4 and Ruger 9m along with ammunition. Proved to be a perfect for my use. Has plenty of storage compartments inside and out as well as exterior magazine compartments. Additionally, it has straps on the backside for carrying around like a backpack. There is room for two handguns and two rifles. Folds and straps can help secure the rifles from sliding around and the handguns fit into independent compartments that Velcro shut. Even has the ability to add two small molle pouches next to the built-in external magazine pouches. All-in-all, a great quality case for the money. While not quite the 1000D waterproof nylon I wanted, it came very close at 900D." — Erik R. Bow

Get it from Amazon now: $81.87 & FREE Returns


7. Savior Equipment - Double Carbine Bag

Top-rated: 659 ratings | 8 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Protected by unquestioned lifetime warranty.

Helpful review: "Very high quality/heavy duty materials. The build of the case is excellent. Great stitching, zippers are strong as is the Velcro. Sleek and balanced design. Not too many pockets. Just the right amount and size. Lots of storage without being cumbersome. Comfortable shoulder and backpack straps. The backpack strap secure points are customizable. So if you have wide shoulders, you can widen where the straps are secured on both ends of the strap. They can also be “hidden” in a zippered slot in the back. Great feature for storing the case. Inside is well protected by a center padded divider and a padded liner that runs along the zipper line. Center divider can be removed if desired. It fully covers the weapons so there’s no clanking together of the weapons. Bag lays totally flat when open. This is an upgrade from their previous model that “clam shelled” when fully unzipped. This is as perfect of a bag as I’ve been able to find. Everything about it appeals to me and the operations I use it for. I would highly recommend this rifle bag to anybody and everybody. And I don’t take my endorsements lightly. This is a rare gem among the other mediocre rifle bags out there." — M R Bigler
Trending review: "I am very satisfied w/this double rifle bag. Velcro tie-downs keep rifles stable, and interior pockets for stock/muzzle are a plus for securing longer guns. Backstraps and handles are strong, well made, and carries the weight of all contents without stress. Zippers are sturdy, and open/close without binding. Additional padding at top and bottom, protects scopes, etc, regardless of orientation inside. Removable center divider pad extends to the top of interior, forming secure, separate compartment for each rifle. I am confident that this bag will last. I bought the 46" bag for longer rifles and a shotgun. I have 1" recoil pads on the 44" rifle, and a 45" shotgun. Both guns fit interior pockets without effort. The exterior pockets are versatile and large. One pocket for protection gear, another for significant ammo and mags. Interior web pockets also have sturdy zippers and webbing is strong. I consider it the best bag for my needs and budget. This is my first double case, and I am satisfied. I can carry ammo and mags, rifles, shotguns and handguns without taking 2-3 bags. Personally, I like the convenience and efficiency. — SlyDog54/66
Reassuring review: "I've owned this bag for nearly 2 years, and it still looks as good today as the day I received it. The zippers always work great, and it very nicely keeps 2 rifles securely held inside. I love how many options it has for carrying, with the normal side handles, the permanently attached handles on the back for picking it up vertically, or the backpack straps. I didn't realize how big of a deal the "shipped flat" perk of these bags is, until I went the cheap route when getting a second rifle bag from another brand. Oh my goodness--getting these other bags that are not only bent in half, but actually wrapped up tightly in plastic while being bent in half, they're absolutely destroyed from day one, and can never be picked up and retain their shape when empty. Lesson learned: don't cheap out on a bag; make sure to buy something that will actually get shipped correctly without intentionally damaging the product just to save a buck on shipping costs!" — Mr. H

Get it from Amazon now: $109.99 & FREE Returns


8. Smith & Wesson M&P - Padded Rifle Case

Top-rated: 4,018 ratings | 46 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: A full length, oversized double zipper on the main compartment allows for quick and easy rifle access.

Helpful review: "I purchased two of these - a 34" and 40". The 34 is for my S&W M&P15-22, and the 40 is for my Ruger PC Carbine so that it don't have to be disassemble to place in a case. The only problem has been the fit of the magazines. The one for the S&W gun has flaps that could be a little longer, although they will just reach to fasten. The one for the Ruger won't fit the larger magazines since they are longer, but will easily accommodate anything from 10 to 20 rounds, but then again, this is not made for this gun. Otherwise this is a great case for materials, fit and all around quality." — Fishing Show
Trending review: "I bought three S&W M&P 15 Sport II AR-15 5.56 rifles this past month and more than enough room in these for even more padding if needed to protect optics, use large optics, carry more magazines inside and comfortably fit the rifle with red dot / scope combo, or full length scope. 3 new S&W M&P AR-15s deserve a new bag for each and this is a great price. I didn't want to rate what I couldn't honestly rate by experience - reliability, but based on my replaced rifles and bags, these bags seem more like they'll long term hold their shape and not weaken in shape as best I can estimate. The added velcro strap over the inner strap is great as I am a guitarist and guitars are much heavier, and they really do the job holding the hand grip together well and comfortably so no worry about having to keep pressing it together (the velro strap), if it's like my guitar bags have been over years under more weight-strain. One happy buyer! Now gotta make up my mind on optics." — Bluesytunes
Reassuring review: "I actually ordered this item without paying attention to the size. After I purchased it, I realized that the size was the smallest available. I didn’t know what to expect at that, wondering if my MP sport 2 would even fit comfortably. Long story short it fits perfectly, even with the holographic site attached. It has pouches on the exterior for clips of ammo as well. So I’m 100% satisfied with this purchase for sure, fits like a glove." — MR. G

Get it from Amazon now: $43.99 & FREE Returns


9. NcSTAR - Deluxe Rifle Case

Top-rated: 2,921 ratings | 61 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Great Value for the price!

Helpful review: "Having used a hard-side case for years I decided I wanted to try out a soft case, and having had success with a variety of VISM by NcStar products I immediately decided to try this one for a couple reasons: being pleased with their prior products, and the cost compared to other gun cases such as 5.11, Blackhawk, and Condor.
Upon receiving the case I was again very pleased with the quality of the product and the materials used. The exterior is a tough "Cordura Nylon" type material that I expect to last a long time. The interior of the case is of a soft cotton type material that I would not expect to last as long as the exterior. The handles on the bag are substantial, and have a padded velcro wrap that wraps around both handles holding them together and the bag in a closed orientation.
There is a shoulder strap on the "fold" edge of the bag, which is one of my complaints about the bag, although it does not detract from my overall impression of the bag. Being on the bottom or folded edge of the bag if you use the shoulder strap it will cause the bag to be inside-down, meaning make sure your bag is zipped shut or anything in it will fall out if you use the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is attached by a metal "D" ring and a metal clasp hook that seem to be of substantial quality. My shotgun scabbard from VISM by NcStar had a nice long cushion on the shoulder strap, which I was hoping would also be on this gun case, but alas no such luck, it is just a 1-1/2" wide nylon strap.
On the one side of the bag is a small windowed ID pocket, big enough for an ID tag. The other side of the bag has five pockets. The pockets seem designed for one AR or AK style magazine since they are tapered at the bottom in a manner that most suitably fits one magazine, however I was able to easily fit two magazines, although they don't stack evenly, and the flap is designed to easily fit over having two magazine in each pocket and still velcro shut.
Interestingly, the velcro on both the flap and the pockets is the same width, meaning if you only have one magazine in each pocket the flap will not attach with the velcro if you pull it all the way over, you must leave space in the flap.
I would have preferred each pocket to have it's own flap, and also to have the flap close with a snap rather than velcro, but those are also minor points for me that do not detract from my overall impression.
The zipper has two pull-tags that have locking rings on them, so you can lock the bag through the zipper pulls when zipped shut. The zippers are also double stitched making them stronger.
I ordered the 38" x 13" bag, which are the dimensions of the exterior of the bag when empty. The interior dimensions are 37" x 11.5", and my particular rifle with optic is 10.5" from top of optic to bottom of grip, meaning I can not keep a magazine in the rifle while in the bag.
My rifle with the stock fully extended is 37", meaning it has a snug fit in the bag with the stock extended. The same rifle is 33" with the stock collapsed so I'm sure it would have fit in the smaller bag, I just chose this one. There are no straps in the interior, bummer. The padding on this case is great and I expect it to protect my rifle well enough. I also ordered the tan bag, which in reality is what I would call a darker green tan.
There are white dots at each corner of the pockets, indicating they used a marking pen to mark on the fabric where to sew the pockets, and I will have to scrub them, but they do appear to be cleanable. Overall I am extremely pleased with this bag, and expect it to give me years of value. Great price!" — Kevan

Get it from Amazon now: $37.99 & FREE Returns


10. VISM by NcStar - Tactical Rifle Scabbard

Top-rated: 2,022 ratings | 202 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting.

Helpful review: "For those that own shotguns with under-mounted lights and pistol grips this scabbard will work for you and its far from a tight squeeze unlike their actual shotgun scabbard. It has more than enough room as oppose to their shotgun scabbard. I originally purchased the original shotgun scabbard, and it wasn't doing it for me due to the light I have mounted on my gun. It created a tight fit, such a tight fit that I damn near needed assistance removing the shotgun from the scabbard (which could be bad for any HD situation), and on top of that the space inside the shotgun scabbard is so small that the sharp edges from the flashlights mounting bracket were starting to rip the inner lining of the scabbard every time I took it out or put it back in, you have no worries with that when using the assault rifle scabbard. With the assault rifle scabbard the only thing you'll have to do is store your shotgun upside down, yep you read right, upside down and I'll explain why. If you store the shotgun the correct way it is intended to be stored it wont fit properly due to the fact that you barely have enough room for the pistol grip to protrude and catch on to the quick release buckle, simply because the whole gun fits inside the scabbard, and that bottom portion with the zipper which is intentionally used for an AR mag. Well doesn't exist on shotguns, (unless you have a saiga). So you'll need to find a way to properly secure the shotgun and wrap that quick release buckle around the pistol grip to keep it from floating freely in the scabbard. And my answer to that was to put the shotgun inside the scabbard upside down, so now you no longer have to worry about the shotgun tilting upward in the bag and floating all around while you're wearing it. But I can say that I am happy with this scabbard as it allows me to securely store my flashlight mounted shotgun (Mossberg 500 Persuader) without it floating in the scabbard or being so tight that I cant get it out of the scabbard, I also went ahead and purchased a Condor Black 25 Round Shotgun Shotshell Reload Pouch MOLLE which is affixed to the scabbard via MOLLE straps." — R.M.
Trending review: "Ok I really like this scabbard came in a big ridiculous box with more than enough packaging, I guess so it wouldn't lose its shape in the mail. Has like a flexible polycarbonate sheet that gives it rigidity sturdiness which I like a lot. Comes with all kinds of d rings that you can link up to it and stick to things it has four molle straps that you can move around. When I first looked at it I was like oh this is way too small but I saw on evike someone mentioned that it could fit the airsoft AA12 in it and when I'm looking at it I was doubtful. But it totally does! tower sites and all with no hassle in its short form! Almost like it was made for it. It fits my h&r 12 gauge perfectly, my 870 is really long like four feet from tip to tip it fits it in its long configuration but your not going to be running around and definitely not pulling it off your back or anything, I got a little silly and put my aliens pulse rifle in it and surprisingly holds it but it's definitely not designed for something so oddly shaped. It will most certainly fit your M4, M16 and all that, if you put it in the right way secure it correctly. so long as you don't have a skyscraper site, if it can fit my big ridiculous AA-12 tower sites it should fit your M4 just chill on your big ridiculous sights. Now for the bad. When doing all this I saw that I had the same problem as another reviewer. The inner lining was ripped in the exact same place and I was completely happy with my purchase and was ready for a five star a but seeing that really got under my skin. The price you get it here it's pretty good I'm glad I didn't buy it from the airsoft stores or evike because they were selling it for 36 to $40 and it just a little cheaper here. But that rip is definitely annoying I haven't even had it for a full 24 hours yet and it's just inexcusable. Guns are supposed to go in and out of it and no bit of putting a gun in it should cause it to rip so easy especially in a spot where the gun doesn't really snag on it or anything. All in all I like it but the rip bums me out." — DG

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11. Savior Equipment - Single Scoped Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 725 ratings | 74 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Additional large pouches with adjustable flap & fast pull tabs to fit your magazines and other accessories.

Helpful review: "Internal straps to secure rifle +1. Many others at twice the price do not have this feature. Very high quality construction. Adjustable Mag pouch flaps are nice touch. Did NOT come with described and illustrated sling. No issue for me, just be aware. Ordered a second for my other AR I liked this so well. Fits 16" collapsible stock AR very well. 18" looks like will work, snug, will report when I put that upper on the rifle. Regarding sling, second bag (black) came with sling. This will fit 18" barrel AR15 with collapsible buttstock." — MoparMaster
Trending review: "I use this for my AR10, works great. Not the stiffest case, but not flimsy at all like others I have purchased on Amazon. I just ordered a second one for my brother he will use for his AR. And he already has a soft case for his AR that he paid over a hundred for. The only thing I really dislike is the velcro on the large pocket. Although the pocket works great with lots of velcro, I prefer zippered pockets. Even at 50-60 this would be a good value case, however if the pocket were zippered, I'd place the value at about 70. Amazon doesn't let me tell people how I feel most of the time as I'm fairly critical on products, however in this instance as long as you order the length you need you should be very satisfied with the case and value you have received." — Wes McCage
Reassuring review: "35” case was perfect size. Appears to be well made. Bought 2 more as gifts. Nice moveable tie down straps inside to keep everything secure. No issues when trying to close from full open as others have said. Just had to pinch the zipper halves together in front of the zipper to get it going." — Mike

Get it from Amazon now: $27.99 & FREE Returns


12. VISM by NcStar - Tactical Shotgun Scabbard

Top-rated: 2,881 ratings | 247 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Expandable to four positions for various barrel lengths.

Helpful review: "I can't speak highly enough of this product. After extensively reading reviews and shopping for a shotgun scabbard, I decided not to spend a ton of money and just get this value-priced Chinese one for starters and I could always upgrade later.
After receiving the product, I don't think I'll ever need to upgrade!. The only question I have about it now is which color to buy next!
Some reviews mentioned thin single stitching on the MOLLE straps that didn't hold up. This must have been a design flaw in earlier versions because mine came with well-stitched MOLLE straps and firm stitching on all seams.
The nylon material is durable and of good quality. Nothing about it seems cheap or flimsy. Even the metal components seem to be steel as they are magnetic.
The carry strap is fully adjustable for length and has a sliding shoulder pad. The barrel end of the scabbard has an adjustable plastic clip so that it can be folded up and attached to shorten the overall length of the scabbard, or let out or unclipped to lengthen the scabbard by several inches to accommodate anything from as short as an 18" barrel to (probably) a 24" or 28".
In my setup, I have a 12ga Mossberg 500 with an 18.5" barrel, plastic heat shield, Maverick 88 forend, and ATI top folding stock. The reason I wanted a scabbard and not a mere shotgun sling was so that I could attach the whole package to the side of a bag using carabiners or MOLLE.
This scabbard absolutely does the trick! It's amazing how easy it is to carry the scabbard on my back with the folding stock collapsed to form a compact package. I highly recommend using this scabbard with a folding stock of some sort to attach your shotgun to your pack or other gear, or to just carry it on your back if that suites you.
Soon I will be attaching a shell carrier to the MOLLE, but for now I have just stuck a few extra rounds in the MOLLE loops (this is not their intended purpose, but they are strongly enough stitched that a few of the looser loops can accommodate a handful of extra shells. The scabbard even comes with 4 button snap MOLLE strips.
I use 3 of them to fashion a strap that holds down the folding stock so that it doesn't bounce around and stays close to the scabbard so it doesn't get caught on anything. Yet the shotgun can still be pulled free from the scabbard without having to undo any of the straps. You can thank me later.
The only possible issues to be aware of are that the scabbard is fairly tight (there is a little wiggle room but not much). So double barreled shotguns, shotguns with thick forends or bulky accessories (flashlights, lasers, bayonet lugs, vertical foregrips, etc.), shotguns with bulky muzzle devices, shotguns with bulky heat shields or sidesaddle shell holders, and shotguns with tall optics that do not easily detach may have trouble fitting into the scabbard.
Overall, if you have a relatively clean, common profile shotgun with either a standard or folding stock, this scabbard should go a very long way in providing a comfortable, tactical, and versatile way to store, transport, and protect your gun. I highly recommend it!" — Alejandra M.

Get it from Amazon now: $30.35 & FREE Returns


13. Savior Equipment - Tactical SBR Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 239 ratings | 39 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Molle panel in the interior for full customization; hideable backpack straps for convenience.

Helpful review: "Was ordered yesterday. Received today. Great low key bag that’s affordable. Saw this bag on Instagram and decided to purchase it. Just like the 511 M4 shorty bag but with many more functions. Also the price is about half of 511 bag. Got the 34” and it fits perfectly for a 16” AR15 with collapsible stock. The material is great, design is great and the quality is very impressive." — Superwawa
Trending review: "First of all, I don't know how many backpacks I own... but I know this one cost the least. I cannot drive and one of the ways I deal with that is by having the right backpack for every situation, and I don't buy cheap bags because I've learned they don't hold up. So I was nervous about this bag, but it has the features I needed and it didn't have that annoying tacticool aesthetic. So, I've accumulated an embarrassing mound of quality packs. The build quality on this one ranks with bags at 2 or 3x the price. I do not know how they are making a profit. There is SO MUCH quality stitchwork on this bag. I have to assume machines automate the molle stitching, but I'm still impressed. The only way I can rationalize the price is that this bag is pretty hefty compared to my more expensive bags. You will be surprised at the heft when you pull it out if the box!" — P. Daw
Reassuring review: "OK, I have to admit that when shopping on Amazon, there has been orders I made with poor or questionable quality with the product. But with this bag! It was not what I expected at all! Thinking it was going to be a thin, low quality, not durable rugged bag, I was surprised! It came in a cardboard box, wrapped in single layer of plastic. I pulled it out with the plastic on. As I was pulling the bag out from the box, I can feel the bag as if there was a strip of cardboard helping out keep its contour inside it. Well, after ridding the plastic covering, the feel of the bag was not what I anticipated. Like other bags I've bought on Amazon, this was nothing like it. The quality and durability of the material was the best. Rugged and tough. Weatherproof feel with long lasting expectation. When I opened it, there was nothing but the accessories in it. No cardboard to keep its shape during storage and shipping. I overstuffed the bag to see how much punishment it would take. Also, wanted to see how much of a quality bag it is. To my surprise, this bag held up very well! The feel of the material felt like it was going to last a long time. It felt durable, rugged, and not cheap! For the price sold on Amazon, I'd say go for it. It fitted multiple items inside with the use of its Molle system built in and some of the straps it came with. It's a great bag! Great deal! I may buy another one!" — Kenkoy

Get it from Amazon now: $73.99 & FREE Returns


14. SKB - Hybrid Breakdown Shotgun Travel Case for 33.75" Barrels

Top-rated: 1,645 ratings | 96 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Specifically designed for breakdown shotguns.

Helpful review: "In the last 20+ years, I've owned more than my share of nice shotguns. In all instances, I felt compelled to protect my pristene beauties with a worthy hard case.
The problems I always had with the $200+ luggage cases were a) that they usually weighed more than the gun itself b) still followed the gun to move around a bit, c) their cost and build warranted being gentle with the case itself as to not beat it up.
Note: this case even comes with a matching black storage bag.
Enter an online friend whoe highly recommended this case for a new purchase of mine. I was sceptical at first but gave it a try given the cheap money! Wow! I love this thing!!
First, "soft" is a bit of a misnomer here. I'd call it semi rigid. Certainly harder than any other nylon case I've owned. Yes, the inside is semi soft and covered in a smooth fur like cloth. However, the outside is covered in a reinforced ballistic nylon skin and is actually quite rigid. There are screws holding this thing together BTW... Construction and design are great with a place for everything I want to keep with a particular gun. While the pockets aren't lockable, the main case itself is if you added a simple luggage lock across the duel zippers.
My state requires locked transport.
Still, The best part is that I don't throw my back out or beat up the walls trying to get the gun from the basement to the range.
As for the fit, I have tried six different O/U and a single barrel trap gun in this case. Everything from a Ultra light CZ 28 ga to my BIG Citori Trap fit very well. ( Just use a wad of cleaning cloth to take the barrel space on the shorter barreled guns.)
I will say that I also had a similar snug fit with my Citory Trap that a previous reviewer had noted. In my case, the 32" barrels fit fine (even with extended chokes) but the heel of the butt does interfear a little.
My solution is to put the takedown lever to center and then slip the receiver/butt stock into the cavity heel first. This way, the piece fits nice and snug (but not tight). No, it does not lay perfectly flat in that space but is craddled nicely and super well protected.
One MINOR gripe, the straps that tie the cover to the base are a little short and don't allow you to leave the lid open. Gravity/wind will usually close the cover if you let go. A velcro disconnect or extra 1/2" here would be nice to allow you to stay open.
P.S. I ordered my first from another sporting company. Paid more and waited weeks. Ordered a second from Amazon and had it in two days. I like the build and price of these enough that I will likely get one for every breakdown shotgun I own. At this price, it's a no brainer." — David A.

Get it from Amazon now: $109.88 & FREE Returns


15. LUXHMOX - Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 281 ratings | 22 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Constructed of heavy-duty industrial 900D PVC nylon that has proved to hold up in extreme conditions.

Helpful review: "This is the perfect range bag, and at an awesome price point. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. This case has more pockets and hidden compartments than I know what to do with and is capable of supporting a lot of weight. I still have room for another rifle and handgun, and I haven't even used several of the available storage compartments. Also, the backpack straps are a huge bonus if you're going to an outdoor range and have to haul your gear. Once I fill this one up, I will be buying another." — Jonathan
Trending review: "This is an awesome product I would 10/10 recommend to anyone needing a rifle case. It has a lot of padding all around it and in between where the two guns would sit. Gives me the comfort of knowing my gun isn’t going to be banged or dented up while it is in this case. Also has many storage pouches for a pistol or two as well as accessories. Makes this the perfect all around range bag. And if that isn’t enough it also doubles as a backpack with the straps on back making it that much easier to bring it along with you. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and will definitely be recommending it to my family and friends." — Kelly Allen
Reassuring review: "I am a very detailed person and I search for the best value, the best durability, the one that has the most of what it has to offer and this one out of all the ones I ordered was the winner!!!! The rest went back. This one is stitched better than others and is made of a thicker more sturdy material. It has more pockets than others, ones you can use for hand guns also. It has a velcro padded divider which you can use as a mat. I took it to the range and it held my Keltec sub 2k plus 4 30 round mags, my Springfield Hellion plus 6 30 round mags and my Ruger precision rim fire with scope. Outer large zipper pocket was perfect for targets! Removed the backpack carrying straps and just used the carrying handle!!! This case is a MUST have accessory for the range!!!!" — SN

Get it from Amazon now: $86.42 & FREE Returns


16. Bulldog - Tactical Shotgun Case

Top-rated: 1,921 ratings | 117 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Fits most pistol grip and tactical shotguns.

Helpful review: "If you are looking for a compact case for you AR15 Carbine, this could be it. Just received today, had some concerns about the interior size, but it fit my AR15 with CAR stock collapsed, with a little room to spare. I have to remove the 30 round clip, but with clip removed their is plenty of room to leave Red Dot sight in place (on A3 upper). Clip can stay inside case with AR, or fits nicely into on of the exterior pockets. Would be nice if there were some straps in-side to hold clip in place. At this time it is free floating and I suppose it could more around and ding a few things. Turns out to be just the right case for my need." — Snappy
Trending review: "I needed a new travel case for my Beretta 1301. I really liked the original hardcase but after adding my light, optic, and sling, it didn't want to close very well. This case is the same OAL as the hardcase and fits really well. I wanted something that was not bulky and this works well. As far as durability....time will tell, but overall good for my immediate needs." — Michael L.
Reassuring review: "Very nice case, fits my Benelli M2 Tactical perfectly! My shotgun is 40" long and has an 18.5" barrel, pistol-grip stock, side-mounted light (M3X on a Nordic clamp) and a stock-mounted 4-shell holder (Mesa). The case measures closer to 41" but fits all of the shotgun's extra protruding bits easily. I don't think the case would be tall enough if I had a red dot mounted on a top rail but it's pretty much perfectly sized for my current setup. The zipper doesn't lock but runs smoothly and has a nice larger-sized pull. There aren't any sling attachments but there is a small D-ring for hanging the case up for storage. The two pockets both have elastic loops for 6 shells each but can hold more shells or other items instead. The fabrics used on the inside and outside are both fairly soft and flexible. Combined with the amount of foam/padding used, the case is able to conform to the shotgun but still protect everything. Overall I'm really impressed and I think this is a great budget-friendly case. I'll update my review if I my first impressions change." — RD

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


17. ArmyCamoUSA - Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 1,525 ratings | 41 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: A dual-rifle main compartment with integrated padded dividers and hook & loop straps to secure your rifle.

Helpful review: "Just took this out to range this past Friday. Product exceeded expectations. Had my AR10 and Ruger 10-22 along w 2 pistols. Worked great. For this price I expected cheap zippers and materials. Definitely not the case study main zipper. Durable fabric. Well designed w kits of pockets for mags, pistols and other items. Only possible knock would be weight but its heaviness is likely indicator of build quality. Honestly I would have paid more for this." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "I bought this 2 nights ago (really yesterday around 1am) and got it today! 1st impression was the design and color. It’s darker than on the picture on Amazon but I like it even more. I have a 36” Savior bag and I love that bag for the quality and padding to protect both my AR-15 and this new bag is 38” and a bit wider too so I can fit my pistols and other gear easier. A lot of storage areas for more magazines 👍. The bag material quality feels the same as my savior. The zippers are metal but not as beefy as the savior bag but they work well. The inner padding between rifle is thick and it unfolds to make a nice mat to work on. I really like the thick padding protection around the rifles. This was definitely a great purchase as I’m picking up my new rifle in two weeks." — RipHop
Reassuring review: "I’m a lifelong shooter, military, civilian law enforcement, and have had all kinds of rifle cases in my life. I can tell you, for the money, this is one tough soft-sided rifle case! Holds the AR-15 perfectly and has pockets and compartments for plenty of magazines and range gear. You can even use the other side of the rifle compartment for paper targets. It’s made out of the same heavy weight nylon material as some of the ballistic carriers I’ve had. For toting the rifles from the safe to the range you can’t go wrong!" — ARdude

Get it from Amazon now: $65.99 & FREE Returns


18. Allen Company - Ruger 10/22 Scoped Rifle Case

Top-rated: 2,567 ratings | 43 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Fits Ruger 10/22 scoped rifles up to 40" long.

Helpful review: "I read like 100 comments before I ordered one. I believe it's all about the height of the scope? Mine fits fine. Though I won't be able to fit mine in the case with its bi pod, I can take that off due to the quick release. It's all about knowing the measurements. This is a great buy! Great price, too!" — Kirby H.
Trending review: "This case is just the right size for the Ruger 10/22 carbine. Other cases can be too long for a particular rifle but not this one. Even with a scope mounted the case is the right size in height and length. The extra pockets are a nice addition and the quality of the construction is what you'd expect from Allen. A great case and value." — WM Powell
Reassuring review: "I bought this case because the older "classic" 10/22 case can only fit your scoped 10/22 as long as you keep the regular sporter-style stock on it. If you put on an ATI, Tapco or other type of stock which has a pistol grip on it, it will not fit in the classic case. The Flagstaff case fits my 10/22 in a Tapco stock with a scope on top, so I'm very happy with it. Additionally, the zippered pockets on the Flagstaff case are larger as well.and can easily accommodate spare magazines and ammo. This is an excellent buy and perfect for your 10/22." — BasinBictory

Get it from Amazon now: $44.99 & FREE Returns


19. Bulldog - Pit Bull Shotgun Case

Top-rated: 1,765 ratings | 50 answered questions

best soft rifle cases


Highlight: Ballistic Nylon!

Helpful review: "I got this for my 1944 M39 Finnish Mosin Nagant which measures 46.5" and it fits perfect. There's actually a little extra room which is fine with me. The quality is at least twice what I would expect for the price. The padding is just the right amount for a range bag and the nylon feels very sturdy. The zipper feels smooth and zips closed about 1 inch past the butt of the stock so when hung from the plastic loop at the muzzle end its less likely to open. No frills but for $16 I'm pretty stoked." — Human Unit 4.2 bil.
Trending review: "This fits my Mossberg 590A1 12ga. First impression is it seems moderately durable. The padding is thick but kinda soft, so I don’t think the case can take much of a beating. But for going to and from the range, it’ll work just fine. Also a good price!" — CB
Reassuring review: "I bought this to carry my Marlin, model 60, .22 rifle. I'm very happy with it. Fits my rifle perfectly and has padding to protect the contents." — JDcamper

Get it from Amazon now: $24.97 & FREE Returns

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