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  • Ray Campbell

The Best Rifle Cases Are Actually Soft (And Totally Affordable)

Rifle cases help keep your firearm safe and protected. Here are the 20 best on the market, and I promise you'll wonder how you went so long without one of these in your life.

The Best Rifle Cases Are Actually Soft And Totally Affordable

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Savior Equipment Tactical Double Rifle Bag - American Classic Series

Top-rated: 11,935 ratings | 332 answered questions

Savior Equipment Tactical Double Rifle Bag - American Classic Series

Highlight: Holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols; has additional pocket compartments.

Helpful review: "I must've gotten the only lemon so far. Got it and loaded it up. Has tons of space, I fit my savage msr in, 450 rounds of 556, 250 rounds of 9mm, my silencer and light, and plenty of room left for my two handguns. First time swinging it over my shoulder though, and the shoulder strap ripped right off. Everything else seems great. Tons of space, solid zippers, the other shoulder strap holds up on its own. Will re-rate once I get this replaced.
**UPDATE** They called me literally within an hour of posting the review and are next day air mailing me a replacement. I didn't have to do anything. Best customer service I've ever experienced." — Will

Get it from Amazon now: $99.99


2. HUNTSEN Double Rifle Bag

Top-rated: 2,284 ratings | 39 answered questions

HUNTSEN Double Rifle Bag

Highlight: Interior removable divider enables the carrying of one or two rifles with adjustable shoulder strap to secure your guns in place.

Helpful review: "Purchased the 42" for husband's 40" rifle. While there are reviews complaining about the dimensions, please mind that these are the dimensions of the bag itself, not necessarily what it can hold. Bag fits a 40" perfectly without stretching the case (about 1/2 inch clearance to the zipper for those that are curious), making it easy to pack and unpack. Rifle stays snug within both Velcro straps. Am very pleased with the thickness of the foam divider and padding throughout the case. Strap was very easy to secure to the outside of the bag and metal fasteners appear to be sturdy.
If your rifle has a mounted scope, it may be easier to store the scope unmounted from the firearm. The measurements specified on this site are true to the product I received. If you are doubtful what will fit, use a flexible measuring tape, like those for sewing around your rifle before placing an order." — Caterina H.

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3. Savior Equipment Double Carbine Bag - Urban Warfare Series

Top-rated: 8,447 ratings | 257 answered questions

Savior Equipment Double Carbine Bag - Urban Warfare Series

Highlight: Protected by unquestioned lifetime warranty.

Helpful review: "Very high quality/heavy duty materials. The build of the case is excellent. Great stitching, zippers are strong as is the Velcro. Sleek and balanced design. Not too many pockets. Just the right amount and size. Lots of storage without being cumbersome.
Comfortable shoulder and backpack straps. The backpack strap secure points are customizable. So if you have wide shoulders, you can widen where the straps are secured on both ends of the strap. They can also be “hidden” in a zippered slot in the back. Great feature for storing the case.
Inside is well protected by a center padded divider and a padded liner that runs along the zipper line. Center divider can be removed if desired. It fully covers the weapons so there’s no clanking together of the weapons. Bag lays totally flat when open. This is an upgrade from their previous model that “clam shelled” when fully unzipped.
This is as perfect of a bag as I’ve been able to find. Everything about it appeals to me and the operations I use it for. I would highly recommend this rifle bag to anybody and everybody. And I don’t take my endorsements lightly. This is a rare gem among the other mediocre rifle bags out there." — M R Bigler
I am very satisfied w/this double rifle bag. Velcro tie-downs keep rifles stable, and interior pockets for stock/muzzle are a plus for securing longer guns. Backstraps and handles are strong, well made, and carries the weight of all contents without stress. Zippers are sturdy, and open/close without binding. Additional padding at top and bottom, protects scopes, etc, regardless of orientation inside. Removable center divider pad extends to the top of interior, forming secure, separate compartment for each rifle. I am confident that this bag will last.
I bought the 46" bag for longer rifles and a shotgun. I have 1" recoil pads on the 44" rifle, and a 45" shotgun. Both guns fit interior pockets without effort. The exterior pockets are versatile and large. One pocket for protection gear, another for significant ammo and mags. Interior web pockets also have sturdy zippers and webbing is strong. I consider it the best bag for my needs and budget. This is my first double case, and I am satisfied. I can carry ammo and mags, rifles, shotguns and handguns without taking 2-3 bags. Personally, I like the convenience and efficiency.SlyDog54/66

Get it from Amazon now: $77.99


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4. M&P by Smith & Wesson Padded Rifle Case - Duty Series

Top-rated: 3,006 ratings | 45 answered questions

M&P by Smith & Wesson Padded Rifle Case - Duty Series

Highlight: A full length, oversized double zipper on the main compartment allows for quick and easy rifle access.

Helpful review: "I bought this for Christmas for a grandson. He loves it and says the M&P 15-22 I got him when he became a teenager fits perfectly. This is not a high end secure case. It simply provides ample padding to protect your firearm during transporting it to and from the range or . And if you have a teenager who wants a carry case for their M&P 15-22 they might say they think it's really "sick"... which I think means something like cool, sharp, rad etc." — CW&D

Get it from Amazon now: $43.99 & FREE Returns


5. NcSTAR Deluxe Rifle Case with External Magazine Pockets

Top-rated: 4,079 ratings | 110 answered questions

NcSTAR Deluxe Rifle Case with External Magazine Pockets

Highlight: Great Value for the price!

Helpful review: "Having used a hard-side case for years I decided I wanted to try out a soft case, and having had success with a variety of VISM by NcStar products I immediately decided to try this one for a couple reasons: being pleased with their prior products, and the cost compared to other gun cases such as 5.11, Blackhawk, and Condor.
Upon receiving the case I was again very pleased with the quality of the product and the materials used. The exterior is a tough "Cordura Nylon" type material that I expect to last a long time. The interior of the case is of a soft cotton type material that I would not expect to last as long as the exterior. The handles on the bag are substantial, and have a padded velcro wrap that wraps around both handles holding them together and the bag in a closed orientation. There is a shoulder strap on the "fold" edge of the bag, which is one of my complaints about the bag, although it does not detract from my overall impression of the bag. Being on the bottom or folded edge of the bag if you use the shoulder strap it will cause the bag to be inside-down, meaning make sure your bag is zipped shut or anything in it will fall out if you use the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is attached by a metal "D" ring and a metal clasp hook that seem to be of substantial quality. My shotgun scabbard from VISM by NcStar had a nice long cushion on the shoulder strap, which I was hoping would also be on this gun case, but alas no such luck, it is just a 1-1/2" wide nylon strap.
On the one side of the bag is a small windowed ID pocket, big enough for an ID tag. The other side of the bag has five pockets. The pockets seem designed for one AR or AK style magazine since they are tapered at the bottom in a manner that most suitably fits one magazine, however I was able to easily fit two magazines, although they don't stack evenly, and the flap is designed to easily fit over having two magazine in each pocket and still velcro shut. Interestingly, the velcro on both the flap and the pockets is the same width, meaning if you only have one magazine in each pocket the flap will not attach with the velcro if you pull it all the way over, you must leave space in the flap. I would have preferred each pocket to have it's own flap, and also to have the flap close with a snap rather than velcro, but those are also minor points for me that do not detract from my overall impression. The zipper has two pull-tags that have locking rings on them, so you can lock the bag through the zipper pulls when zipped shut. The zippers are also double stitched making them stronger.
I ordered the 38" x 13" bag, which are the dimensions of the exterior of the bag when empty. The interior dimensions are 37" x 11.5", and my particular rifle with optic is 10.5" from top of optic to bottom of grip, meaning I can not keep a magazine in the rifle while in the bag. My rifle with the stock fully extended is 37", meaning it has a snug fit in the bag with the stock extended. The same rifle is 33" with the stock collapsed so I'm sure it would have fit in the smaller bag, I just chose this one. There are no straps in the interior, bummer. The padding on this case is great and I expect it to protect my rifle well enough.
I also ordered the tan bag, which in reality is what I would call a darker green tan. My pictures make the bag look like a pink tan, but I assure you it is a greenish tan, and darker than my pictures indicate. There are white dots at each corner of the pockets, indicating they used a marking pen to mark on the fabric where to sew the pockets, and I will have to scrub them, but they do appear to be cleanable. Overall I am extremely pleased with this bag, and expect it to give me years of value. Great price!" — Kevan

Get it from Amazon now: $38.40 & FREE Returns


6. WolfWarriorX Tactical Long Rifle Case

Top-rated: 1,267 ratings | 39 answered questions

WolfWarriorX Tactical Long Rifle Case

Highlight: Constructed of high quality water/dust resistant material; perfect for both hunting and the shooting range.

Helpful review: "Bought this to put my 2 Tacticool Timmy Ticklers in, easily fits my scoped AR and my AK with muzzle brake and fixed stock. the MC Black is well balanced and the padding is soft with a good quality foam, its firm but has give.
the pockets are roomy, i saw that another buyer said 3 AR mags but i was able to fit 4 30RND Magpul Gen3's in on of my front pockets. The MOLLE webbing seems solid, i have 2 matching MC pouches attached with 2-300 rounds for each gun and its holding the weight.
what drives me mad, and if your a YKK fanboy like me, is the zippers and buckles are like putting steelies on a Mercedes Benz, the plastic parts on this are back to school backpack grade and its such an insult to the quality of the rest of the case but they do hold up so far with it loaded up. it does have interlocking zippers for you to throw a lock on which is a nice feature.
All in all, you won't find something better than Airsoft grade at this price except this case, it does have 2 pistol holders or a AR/AK pistol or even an SMG or Shockwave shotgun, a similar case to this with better hardware is double if not triple the price but the quality is there just in need of minor improvements, would recommend." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon now: $62.99 & FREE Returns


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7. VISM by NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard

Top-rated: 1,878 ratings | 207 answered questions

VISM by NcStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard

Highlight: Designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting.

Helpful review: "I purchased this product because the VooDoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard that I own was too small for my new Mossberg Shockwave with accessories. I read multiple contradictory reviews and questions regarding whether the Shockwave will fit in this VISM Scabbard. Upon receipt, I can confirm that this scabbard does in fact work for the Shockwave.
As information, I have the following accessories mounted on my Shockwave: Crimson Trace weapons light attached to a GG&G mount; Mossberg parkarized heat shield, Laserlyte Center Mass laser and Magpul sling. Even with all this equipment attached to the weapon the Shockwave easily slips into this scabbard. I read a few reviews where the author was stating the trigger group and birds head grip stuck out of the scabbard. I find that difficult to comprehend as the bottom is totally adjustable and can be lengthened to allow for the Shockwave to be completely concealed. Plus, it is plenty wide enough to accommodate a wide variety of accessories.
The scabbard is well made and looks exceedingly durable. I like the fact that it has both a carry handle and a shoulder strap. Plus it has the Molle webbing on the outside to allow for the attachment of the Condor Tactical 25 round shotgun shell holder. Overall, I really like this scabbard and highly recommend it for Shockwave owners to allow for easy carrier and access." — MickeyRay

Get it from Amazon now: $25.87 & FREE Returns


8. Savior Equipment - Single Scoped Long Rifle Case - Patriot Series

Top-rated: 4,649 ratings | 104 answered questions

Savior Equipment - Single Scoped Long Rifle Case - Patriot Series

Highlight: Additional large pouches with adjustable flap & fast pull tabs to fit your magazines and other accessories.

Helpful review: "Internal straps to secure rifle +1. Many others at twice the price do not have this feature. Very high quality construction. Adjustable Mag pouch flaps are nice touch. Did NOT come with described and illustrated sling. No issue for me, just be aware. Ordered a second for my other AR I liked this so well. Fits 16" collapsible stock AR very well. 18" looks like will work, snug, will report when I put that upper on the rifle.
Update: regarding sling, second bag (black) came with sling. This will fit 18" barrel AR15 with collapsible buttstock." — MoparMaster

Get it from Amazon now: $33.99


9. AUMTISC Tactical AR-15 Case with 5 Pouches

Top-rated: 1,122 ratings | 20 answered questions

AUMTISC Tactical AR-15 Case with 5 Pouches

Highlight: Heavy-duty tactical webbing on shoulder straps and contact points.

Helpful review: "Didn’t wanna drop $60-80 on a soft case so I chose to gamble on this case, fits my rifle nicely so no complaints there. Can easily fit 2 mags per pocket, holding 10 total. It was nice to find that the padding wasn’t thin like common cheap cases, and the sewing and construction is well done overall. Love the carrying strap on the back and mag pouches.
UPDATE: have had this travel case all year and it’s holding up great! No issues or fading/ripping/etc." — marlin95

Get it from Amazon now: $39.98 & FREE Returns


10. VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Scabbard

Top-rated: 2,703 ratings | 252 answered questions

VISM by NcStar Tactical Shotgun Scabbard

Highlight: Expandable to four positions for various barrel lengths.

Helpful review: "I have looked quite some time for a scabbard for my Mossberg 590 Shockwave. There are several out there, but they don't cover the trigger guard. If they don't cover the trigger guard they are worthless to me. This VISM scabbard does. It is thick and I have no doubt it will fulfill the protection I'm looking for. Its not too snug either. I think you could even add a shell saddle and you could remove it with no issues. I adjusted the bottom strap all the way up and you can see what sticks out in the photo. If you want more of the handle sticking out just stuff a filler in the tip. It has 4 D rings for various shoulder strap adjustments. The molle webbing will come handy as well." — Ski boy

Get it from Amazon now: $33.06


11. Savior Equipment Tactical SBR Rifle Bag - Specialist Series

Top-rated: 1,511 ratings | 75 answered questions

Savior Equipment Tactical SBR Rifle Bag - Specialist Series

Highlight: Molle panel in the interior for full customization; hideable backpack straps for convenience.

Helpful review: "Was ordered yesterday. Received today. Great low key bag that’s affordable. Saw this bag on Instagram and decided to purchase it. Just like the 511 M4 shorty bag but with much more functions. Also the price is about half of 511 bag. Got the 34” and it fits perfectly for a 16” AR15 with collapsible stock. The material is great, design is great and the quality is very impressive." — Superwawa

Get it from Amazon now: $79.32


12. SKB Hybrid Breakdown Shotgun Travel Case for 33.75" Barrels

Top-rated: 1,468 ratings | 96 answered questions

SKB Hybrid Breakdown Shotgun Travel Case for 33.75" Barrels

Highlight: Specifically designed for breakdown shotguns.

Helpful review: "This is one of my top purchases from Amazon. I love this case!!! My Browning 725 High Rib Sporting w/aftermarket adj comb & butt plate fit as if the case were made specifically for my shotgun. I did have the stock shortened to LOP 13 1/2, so I don't know how it works for longer LOP guns. I think the LOP would have to exceed 15" to potentially cause a problem w/fit in the case.
It is not a "soft case" so to speak. The foam which comprises the compartments is very solid, which I like. I shot a SKB gun last year & I appreciate that their cases do no require the fore end be placed back on the barrels before putting them in the case & then the fore end needs to be taken off to assemble the gun & then of course, reattached. SKB cases have a separate area to store the fore end, which makes perfect sense. I haven't used the shoulder strap, so I cannot comment on that. One reviewer called the case "a little pricey," I can only assume he hadn't shopped for cases before. This one is a fantastic value.
A little while ago I was driving from my gunsmith's shop & I had my 725 in the Browning box in the back seat of my CRV. I stopped at a gas station to buy some coffee I returned to my car to find a couple younger adults scrambling away from my car. I assume they had seen "Browning" on that box & wished I had left the car unlocked or that they could find a way in. For me, the primary benefit of this case, beyond its functionality is -- it doesn't scream "shotgun here!!" The case could be easily confused for a variety of other types of cases. That gives me peace of mind as I often drive w/the shotgun in my car. I don't feel like I have a box that cries "steal me" sitting in my car.
Overall, GREAT value, Amazon has a GREAT price. For the money, you can't go wrong with this one. Do not hesitate." — Barbara J. Christensen

Get it from Amazon now: $118.99 & FREE Returns


13. Feastoria Double Rifle Case - American Eagle Series

Top-rated: 1,335 ratings | 38 answered questions

Feastoria Double Rifle Case - American Eagle Series

Highlight: Enough storage for your war simulation games, training equipment and other outdoor activities.

Helpful review: "I've tried a number of different solutions for carrying my rifle to and from the range. First I tried a more traditional soft-case, which was okay, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. So I tried a hard-case, and I found that put too much weight on one arm and just wasn't convenient/comfortable. I still have that, because it'll be perfect if/when I travel. I also tried a backpack that's designed to hold a rifle in an extendable section - but it was really awkward getting the gun in and out. Might have been easier with a shorter gun, but I'm currently using a DMR with a longer than normal barrel for an AR and the backpack could hold it, but not well, and it was really awkward to get it in and out of the bag. Then I got this thing and tried it, and it seems to be the best of all options. It's easy to get the gun in and out, without having to pull the stock in or anything like that, and it has a handle that's convenient for short carries and backpack-style straps if I need to carry it further. I put a MOLLE magazine pouch on it as well. This thing is perfect for my needs and I'm very impressed." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon now: $69.95 & FREE Returns


14. HUNTSEN Soft Case for Rifles and Handguns

Top-rated: 1,393 ratings | 30 answered questions

HUNTSEN Soft Case for Rifles and Handguns

Highlight: 1 big and 2 small pouches for magazines and accessories.

Helpful review: "The case came only a few minutes ago and I'm so blown away that I had to write this review. While this is my first real gun case I have had many musical instrument cases and heavy-duty ski boot bags over the years so I know what a good case should look like. Like many earlier reviews, this case exceeded my expectations. Forget about how inexpensive it is. It is a very good case- period. The only proviso is that it is not a rigid case like a Pelican, IMO far more practical for most purposes.
The first thing that I noticed was the weight. Without anything in it it weights 7.5 pound, heavier than the rifle itself. It is made of very robust materials with pockets everywhere. I mean, the pockets have pockets. Zippers, velcro, elastic tension cords, nylon clips. The shoulder straps even have a chest strap to keep it secure when you're hiking.
When you open it there is a large main compartment with a padded divider to you can put 2 rifles in this area. While this is not a rigid case, if only carrying one rifle I suppose one could make it more rigid with acrylic or masonite inserts with some extra padding if you had to make it gorilla-proof for airplane travel. The main zippers even have an overlap where you can install a luggage lock, though I haven't checked the diameter of the loops to see what type of lock would fit.
What I like about this case better than a rigid case is that it eliminates the need for a separate case for my handguns and ammo and accessories when I go to the range. The only downside is that I think it could get heavy as the case and rifle without anything else start at 15 pounds. Add a few handguns and 5 pounds of ammo and 25-30 pounds isn't out of the question. But then again, it beats carrying an 18 pound Pelican case (before inserting rifle) plus all the extra stuff to be carried sepearately that you can't pack inside the Pelican.
No, it's not gorilla-proof or waterproof. You can't run your truck over it and expect your rifle to escape undamaged. But for basic protection, general ruggedness, build, cargo capacity this the designers didn't miss a trick. If there was any single negative it would be that the main zipper could have been heavier duty, but I suppose these will hold up fine unless you abuse the case. For around $65 you aren't going to find anything better." — Vincent DiBona

Get it from Amazon now: $79.99 & FREE Returns


15. LUXHMOX Long Rifle Case - American Classic Series

Top-rated: 1,347 ratings | 27 answered questions