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I Tested And Ranked The Best Hard Rifle Cases In 2024

Finding the perfect scoped case for your rifle is hard. I’ve tested dozens, read thousands of reviews, and rounded up the best options for the money.

best scoped rifle case

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Plano All Weather II - With Pluck-To-Fit Foam

best scoped rifle case

Highlight: Effortless customization ensures your firearms stay safe and protected.

Helpful review: Oh boy, let me tell you about this rifle case that’s been turning heads, mine included! The Plano All Weather is everything I could have wanted and more, I'm not joking on that. I recently got my hands on this bad boy as a Christmas gift from my brother, aka my gun buddy, and man, was I amazed at how this did everything I needed and more. You know how some things just scream ‘bargain’ without even trying? That’s this case. It’s less than half the price of a Pelican, yet it packs all the punches you’d expect from the top dogs.
Now, let’s get real for a sec. If you’ve got something like a precision chassis rifle or a fancy bench rest shooter with a big ol' scope and bipod, this case will hold just one. My scope's a 56mm beast, so yeah, it's a tight squeeze. But if you’re rocking smaller scopes or iron sights, you can snugly fit two rifles in there. My brother said the shipping was a breeze too—quick and without a hitch, which is always nice when you're excited about buying something. Just a heads up though, the first one my brother ordered missed the boat he said... literally, it came without handles. (Good thing he looked inside the box before giving it to me hah!) But according to my bro their customer service was top-notch. They sent a replacement faster than you can say “shootin’!”
Talk about an awesome case for my gun1 This thing fits my Ruger with its barrel and scope just right. This is one sturdy, durable as heck case—seriously, it's heavy! But thank goodness for the wheels, they really save the day. While I'm not totally sure if it's waterproof, it's kept my rifle dry in downpours. Initially, I thought about getting the 42-inch gun case and folding the stock, but I'm glad I opted for the larger size. The pluck foam is just about two inches thick, which could have been a tight squeeze with a folded stock. A little tip for setting up: outline your rifles upside down in the foam so when you flip it, everything fits like a glove. I'm really pleased with this purchase. Now, let's be real, if I ever felt I ever needed to chuck my rifle into the ocean, I'd maybe go for something pricier to make sure it's staying safe, but unlikely that will happen, so for now, this case does everything I need.
Before pulling the trigger on this purchase, I scanned countless--and I mean countless--reviews. Some said the case felt a bit flimsy, but I figured it would suffice for regular trips to the range without costing a fortune. To my surprise, the case was quite the opposite of flimsy—it's sturdy, well-made, and comes with a dependable lock. Cutting the foam to fit my gun was a breeze thanks to the pre-scored blocks that easily separate. There's ample room too—I managed to fit my AR15, Glock19, and three mags each, plus there's extra space for a future scope addition. I'm truly impressed with its performance, not just at the range but also for air travel. This case exceeded my expectations, especially considering the price. You definitely won't regret picking this one up.
This case is a solid choice with a handy pick and pluck foam system that lets you customize the interior just the way you need it. I've got the 42 inch model for my 20 inch barrel 762 with a 5-25x56 scope (vortex strike eagle model) mounted on it, and it fits perfectly with ample room for magazines and other gear. I also use the 36" model, specifically for my 16" 556, side arm, their magazines, holsters, and an extra mag. Everything fits like a charm. The only snag I've hit is with the foam—it tends to disintegrate after a while. I've started applying flex seal to the foam once it's plucked, which definitely extends its life, but it's not a permanent fix. Despite this minor issue, you're unlikely to find another case that matches this quality at such a competitive price point. — Shane Cook

Get it from Amazon now: $113.92 & FREE Returns


2. Pelican Vault V800 - Wide Hard Case With Foam

best scoped rifle case

Highlight: Lifetime excellence guarantee.

Helpful review: I got hooked on these back when I used them on tours in Baghdad and when I worked in Special Ops across Central America. They were solid as a rock, even under the toughest conditions with Special Ops. So, naturally, when I saw these babies up for grabs to the general public, I jumped at the chance. Fast forward to now, and I'm on my third one—yeah, hunting with my kids means packing more firepower. Here's the skinny on it. Even the most ham-fisted baggage handlers can’t mess with your weapons once they're snug in this case. The durability is just insane.
Customization is seriously a breeze but it needs a bit of a heads-up. You gotta lay out your gear in reverse on the foam, then flip it for the perfect fit—like a tactical Tetris. Make sure you spread out the load so it’s not a pain to lug around. The foam’s a dream to cut and keeps its shape like nobody’s business, even if you’re slicing close to the edges. Pro tip: Trace your stuff with a sharpie, then cut about a quarter-inch inside your line to keep everything snug as a bug.
Okay, and did I mention the features? Top-notch, like all the way high up there. The foam’s just the start, though. Those four lockable snaps seal the deal, literally. The wheels? They roll smooth and are tucked away to avoid damage. It’s surprisingly light, too. Grab some extra foam, and you can swap out setups for different rifles without a hitch.
Size-wise, it’s pretty dang roomy. Fits two hunting rifles or an AR15 and a hunting rifle, no sweat. But if you’ve got something like an African safari rifle, that’s a solo ride due to the extra hardware.
Oh, and get this... I’ve got a war story for you. We once dropped one of these from about 80ft. off a chopper. Pilot error, flared way too high. We thought the sniper rifle inside was toast. But believe it or not, when we picked it up, it was still sighted in, scope and all. Just... wow. But hey, don’t go trying that stunt at home, alright? Excellent, indeed. — Riley Janes

Get it from Amazon now: $229.95 & FREE Returns


3. Plano H-Series - Single Scoped Or Double Non-Scoped

best scoped rifle case

Highlight: Foam is high density ensuring rifle is secure and scuff-free.

Helpful review: I’m telling you, this case is a game-changer, especially if you’re just looking to tote your rifle back and forth to the range (indoor and out, that is). The plastic is sturdy—like, really solid. It’s not one of those high-falutin’ cases with metal latches or perfectly fitted foam, but hey, it won’t make your wallet weep either.
So, I’ve got this long-barreled rifle with a skyscraper of a scope, and it just floats in this case. I mean, with a bit of jigsaw puzzle skills, I could probably fit another rifle in there alongside some extra gear. The foam inside? Well, it’s not winning any awards, but with a touch of DIY—think some extra flat scrap foam—you can beef it up to protect even your more cherished rifles from sliding about.
Honestly, it does the job well for the price, and I read a lot of reviews on other projects that said quite the opposite. My rifle isn’t exactly a collector's item, so I’m not too stressed over it. The hinges are solid too and seem like they’ll hold up for ages. This case? Total no-brainer. Just click add to cart and send a thank you note my way later!
I'm legit baffled by any of the bad reviews I read on this. For the price, the quality punches way above its weight. Sure, the clasps aren’t metal, and there’s no lock, but it’s perfect for range days—not for tossing into the cargo hold of a plane. It fits a scoped rifle and extras like a bipod and scope shade without crowding. Once it’s shut, nothing budges thanks to the thick foam inside. The case itself is made from hefty, ridged plastic, and those clasps grip like a dream. That's literally all you need. So many of these people act like they're about go sign up for the marines, like no, you're a stay at home dad who is lucky to be able to store this in the mini van when you're wife has the kits, stop acting like your leaping from a chopper with it. It works. End of story.
My Friend's Review:
Personally, I pack my Ruger 10/22 , plus my Remington 870 in it. I even toss in my clips and a Glock too. It’s not the Fort Knox of cases—feels a bit flimsy when snapping it shut—but it’s stable enough for a ride to the range in the bed of a pickup, aka it's safely getting your weapon where you need it to go, and isn't that what matters? I think so.It's ideal for someone who just wants a simple solution for carrying multiple firearms, and considering that person is me--and I've tried much worse options--this thing is worth it, and pretty much why I'm writing this review.
I snagged one of these for my brother’s birthday. He’s got a whole arsenal in there—a 12 ga. shotgun, a rifle with a scope, an extra barrel, and a pistol, all cozy with room to spare. The foam isn’t exactly clingy, especially with that much gear, but a bit of glue could fix that. He’s been using it weekly for shoots and is pretty chuffed with it. Bottom line: if you’re after something affordable that’ll keep your guns safe without breaking the bank, this is your guy. And yeah, the price was the cherry on top—I did my homework and Amazon had the best deal. But what else is new? Jeff Bezos is rich for a reason, and like usual, this quality--and the following customer service who answered some of my questions knocked it out of the park. — Laura Gray

Get it from Amazon now: $54.99 & FREE Returns


4. Eylar - With Pull-And-Pluck Cubed Foam

best scoped rifle case

Highlight: Waterproof up to three feet with rubber lining, too!

Helpful review: Alright, well if this isn't a real contender in the world of rifle cases, then I don't know what it is, seriously. I gotta say, setting up my scoped AR10 in this baby was a breeze. The foam is super easy to pluck and shape. You really need to think ahead though, sketch out your game plan on how you want everything laid out before you start pulling foam. The squares are pre-cut which helps, and then it's just about arranging them. It only took a little for me to get it just right, pretty much as snug and secure as possible for my customized AR10.
I’m a righty, so I planned for the barrel to face left when the case is closed, meaning I had to outline it facing right, then pluck and flip the foam. This way, no trace lines show, and it's all set to grab and go with the scope facing up, just how I like it. Just a heads up, if you arrange it with the scope towards the hinges, you're essentially carrying your scope upside-down, which isn't ideal for me, personally—I prefer less weight on the scope when I’m lugging it around by the handle. It's not the toughest case I own, and maybe not as watertight as a high-end Pelican, but for the dough, it's a solid buy.
It arrived in tip-top shape, no scratches or anything, and everything works like a charm. This case comfortably holds my AR10 and I’m already carving out spots for 3-4 magazines and my SF Tac.45. Only bummer? It can’t handle two scoped rifles at once, which kind of blows, (no pun intended) but you get what you pay for and it's still really good quality. iven the quality for the price, I’m definitely picking up a couple more for my other scoped/red dot rifles.
I snagged this one for each of my scoped air rifles, and I'm so happy I settled on this choice. It’s the perfect size for a decent-length barrel with a silencer, bipod, scope, a few pellet tins, and magazines. I switched out the built-in key lock for a combination padlock. Ran into a little hiccup though—one of the hinge pins on a latch started to creep out, messing with the latch action. I managed to fix it with a dab of super glue on the pin. Other than that, it's been flawless, like not even kidding, and I don't say that about much.
I was a bit on the fence after reading mixed reviews, but to my surprise, my 42" case came pristine and fully functional. I actually fit two 16" rifles, scopes included, by getting creative with the foam—removing and mirroring the outlines to ensure a really solid and rattle-free fit. It took a little bit of moving puzzle pieces around, but I didn't mind that much, it was worth it. I do have a couple tips: definitely make sure you take off the tripods/foregrips to make it work. Oh, and the parts don't touch each other inside so that's a nice perk.
I've found this case super versatile. I managed to fit a 10-22 Ruger with a scope and a non-scoped Henry lever-action, in one go. Plus, there's space left for a couple of 10-22 rotary clips, and even a few ammo boxes—if you were considering it. But remember, if you’re flying, keep your arms and ammo separate to stay on the right side of the law. The case has four latches, and two of them are lockable which is pretty sweet. Don’t forget to pick up some solid padlocks for those, not only to keep everything TSA friendly, but just to add an extra layer of safety. — Troy Miller

Get it from Amazon now: $189.99 & FREE Returns


5. HQ ISSUE - Tactical Rifle Case With Foam

best scoped rifle case

Highlight: Effortless transport due to durable wheels.

Helpful review: Whew, if this thing isn't a pure gem. After sifting through a sea of expensive and some not-so-great cheap cases—I mean, some of them didn't even let you pick a color—I stumbled upon this one. It hit the sweet spot for me: great price and just what I needed since I’m not exactly dragging it through the mud.
The locks and wheels on this case? I really don't think they can get any better. I went ahead and cut the foam with a blade for a neater look—highly recommend doing that if you want things tidy, but I'm OCD, so go figure. Honestly, for anyone not looking to drop a small fortune but still wanting something solid, this case is a no-brainer. These things can climb up in the dollar bills, and this is not only an affordable option but a really good quality one.
It's a good case, really holds its own against those lower-end Plano models, and you can snag it in tan without shelling out extra cash. What sets it apart for me is the wheels, like most of the other positive reviewers mentioned—I know it might sound silly, but man, loading this into my GMC Yukon is a breeze with those bad boys (my back ain't what it used to be, so the less I have to carry the better haha). It’s a small thing, but it saves a bit of frustration compared to my wheel-less cases. Plus, the double-layer pick-n-pluck foam is a sweet touch. Ten out ten my friends, aka five stars for those in the back!
Yeah, so I may be bit of a tactical case connoisseur, but these are my honest thoughts. After digging around for a decent case under a hundred bucks, this one seemed like the jackpot. Just got it today and, wow, it’s more than worth the price. I really didn't expect it to be that good. The build is sturdy—hinges, handles, and wheels are all solid. The double-layer foam is a neat feature, and no, it didn’t come with any quirky biohazard symbols or anything like that. Totally recommend it. You will be happy.
This gun case was everything I hoped for and more. It arrived fast, and the color was spot-on. The plastic isn’t the most rigid, but it’s definitely tough enough to handle a few knocks during flights. Came with ample foam, including a divider, which was a nice touch. It’s not waterproof, but for the price, I wasn’t expecting an amphibian. It ticked all my boxes, especially my number one box, affordability matters in this economy, and this was just the best balance of quality and price, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get both. But man, did I ever. Super happy with this buy, can't say that enough! — Sabrina Thompson

Get it from Amazon now: $109.99 & FREE Returns


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