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I Tested And Ranked The Best Hard Rifle Cases In 2024

Finding the perfect scoped case for your rifle is hard. I’ve tested dozens, read thousands of reviews, and rounded up the best options for the money.

best scoped rifle case

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Plano All Weather II - With Pluck-To-Fit Foam

best scoped rifle case


Highlight: Pluck-to-fit foam for easy customization keeps your firearms in place and protected.

Helpful review: "Very happy with this rifle case. The price was amazing compared to Pelican at less than half the price. Had all of the features of a leading product. Follow the instructions, and you will have no trouble shaping a perfect fit for your rifle.
Unfortunately, it will only fit one rifle (if it is a precision chassis rifle) or a high end bench rest rifle with large scope and bipod. My scope has a 56mm objective so it takes up all the space that a second rifle would need. But it would fit two rifles with small scopes or iron sights. Great price, shipped quickly, arrived on time, no damage, and the product worked as advertised.
I need to disclose that this was a replacement shipment, as the first case arrived missing all handles. Nevertheless, great customer service, so that's another reason to highly recommend this case.
The 52 inch Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case was the perfect size for my Ruger Precision Rifle with a 24 inch barrel and the Burris Eliminator III scope. This is a nice heavy duty case. Emphasis on heavy!! You will be thankful for the wheels on the case. I don't know if it is waterproof, but it will keep my rifle dry in the rain. I had considered purchasing the 42 inch case and just storing the rifle with the stock folded, but I am glad I went with the longer case. The pre-perforated pluck foam is only two inches thick, so it would have been a tight fit with the rifle stock folded. Make sure that when you outline your rifle(s), you do it with the rifles upside down in the case (for when you flip over the foam). I am very happy with this case. If I was planning on throwing my rifle overboard, I would consider paying almost three times the cost for another brand. But this case suits my needs.
Before I bought it, I looked over the reviews and found that many people said it was filmy. I thought that since I would just use it to and from the range, it should be enough for me, especially considering the money. When I got it, I was surprised. It's very sturdy, it's of very good quality, and it has a lock. I opened it and cut the foam according to my gun's outline. I found it was very easy to cut the foam because they made it into little blocks, and each block is connected with others by disconnecting foam. The space is big enough to hold my AR15, Glock19 and three magazines of each of them. And I still have space to leave for my future scope. I am very pleased with it. It is good for range as well as for travel on a plane. This case is beyond my expectation. The price is very good. You won't regret it.
It's a pretty solid case with a nice and easy pick and pluck system inside to customize to anything you want to put in it. I also have the 42" for my 20" barrel 762 and 5-25x56 vortex strike eagle scope. The scope is mounted and it fits well with plenty of space for magazines and other accessories. This rifle is mounted with a bipod as well, which is folded to meet the handguard, and still there's plenty of space in the case. The other case I have is the 36" for my 16" 556 along with my side arm, magazines for both firearms in the same case, along with my holsters for my side arm and an extra magazine. They all fit perfectly! I love this case, and the only downside is that the pick and pluck foam eventually falls apart. I use flex seal to solidify the foam once I have plucked, and that makes it last a little longer. But still, it will eventually fall apart. Other than that, you won't find another case close to this quality or close to this price point." — Shane Cook

Get it from Amazon now: $113.92 & FREE Returns


2. Pelican Vault V800 - Wide Hard Case With Foam

best scoped rifle case


Highlight: Comes with Pelican's Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence.

Helpful review: "We used these for our tours in Baghdad and Central America with Special Ops and never had a problem, so when I saw the pelican case on civilian purchase I snared one years ago. This is my third one, as I now hunt with my kids and that means several weapons.
Bottom line: the gorillas at the airline baggage system cannot hurt your weapon or scope once it is in this case.
Customization: Layout your items reverse of exactly how you want them so you can cut the foam, then flip it over to get the correct layout. Be sure to distribute the weight as best you can so the case isn't awkward to carry. The solid foam inserts are easy to cut but hold their shape well, even when thinned out when cut close to the edge. I'd advise you to use a sharpie to draw an outline of whatever it may be you'll be carrying in the case, and proceed to cut a 1/4 of an inch inside the outline to ensure a tight fit around your possessions to eliminate any movement in the case. I used an electric fillet knife to cut the foam. I cut the foam on my bar top, pulling the foam over the edge of the table as I cut to let the knife pierce and cut freely. I got the best cuts by holding the knife straight up and down at a 90 degree angle.
Features: The foam is just the beginning of the protection. The case seals solid with 4 lockable snaps. The wheels roll well and are protected. It is relatively light and easy to handle. Buy the extra foam and you can use it for more than one type of rifle, just switch out the custom cut layer.
Size: I can fit 2 hunting rifles. Or even an AR15 and a hunting rifle. You can also cut out for one rifle and optics. It will only fit one African safari type rifle due to barrel length and muzzle brake.
War story: we once accidentally dropped one of these cases with a sniper rifle in it from about 80 feet off the back of a chopper when the pilot flared in a aggressive pattern too high. When we got on the ground and recovered the weapon, it was still sighted-in and the scope was intact. Don't try this at home." — Riley Janes

Get it from Amazon now: $229.95 & FREE Returns


3. Plano H-Series - Single Scoped Or Double Non-Scoped

best scoped rifle case


Highlight: Soft, high density foam padding ensures your rifles stay scuff-free and secure for optimal protection.

Helpful review: "This review is for the Plano Single Scoped Rifle Case. This case is excellent in so many ways. Very sturdy and thick plastic. If you're looking to protect a rifle to and from the range (indoor or outdoor) then this case is for you. Granted, it's not a high-dollar case with metal latches, form fitted foam, etc... But you're also not spending a couple of hundred dollars on it either!
I have a long handled rifle with a very high mounted scope, and my rifle practically swims in this case! I honestly feel with some finagling I could possibly get two rifles in here, with other gear as well. The foam isn't the greatest, and it's really the weakest link for the whole setup, but with a little bit of work and some flat scrap foam, it could be made thicker, which would keep a more valuable rifle from sliding around inside.
As it is, I really don't have much worry over that happening, but then again, my rifle is rather inexpensive. The hinges are sturdy as well and don't look to be wearing out anytime in the near future. Overall, for the money, this one is a no-brainer. Click add to cart and thank me later. Seriously.
This is a great quality case. I do not understand the negative reviews on this one. The price is very low given that the quality is as good or better than the other higher priced ones I have used. Note that the clasps are not metal and there is no locking capability. But come on, this is a range case, not a shipping or air transport hard shell. It has great room and fits a scoped rifle without too much crowding. I have room for a 22 inch scoped rifle, a detached bipod and a scope shade, with an inch or more of clearance around each item. Once closed, nothing moves due to the thick foam cushioning inside. The shell is very thick plastic and ridged. The four clasps grip very well. I wouldn't trust it to a baggage handler at an airport but I don't fear dropping it a few feet off of the back of the truck or a table either.
I have my Ruger 10/22 and Remington 870 in this case. My 22 has a scope and a bi-pod as well. I can easily fit clips and my Glock in there as well if I want to. This case is NOT heavy duty. I bought it because I wanted something to carry my guns in, for instance when I go to the range. This works very well for that, but it is kind of flimsy. I noticed this more when I closed it than at any other time. When all four snaps are shut, it carries nicely and feels stable. But if you plan on having this case shipped and banged around, then I would spend more money on a better one. If you are like me and just want to transport multiple guns at one time in the back of a pickup, this will work just fine for you.
I bought this gun case for my brother's birthday. He has in there a 12 ga. shotgun, a rifle with scope, a spare barrel, and a pistol. They all fit in there with plenty of space. However if it gets jostled around, the foam padding does not help to hold them well. I can't blame the case since there are so many items in it. He has had the case for over a month now. He takes it out shooting close to once a week and he really likes the case. The only thing that bothered me about it is that the foam padding is not secured onto the case. But glue will fix that! All in all, I would recommend this case if you are looking for something that is inexpensive and will keep your guns protected. Also, the price was very good. I shopped around online and went to a few sporting goods stores, and the best price was on amazon." — Laura Gray

Get it from Amazon now: $54.99 & FREE Returns


4. Eylar - With Pull-And-Pluck Cubed Foam

best scoped rifle case


Highlight: Patented IP67 waterproof protection (for up to 1 meter when fully-submerged) with a rubber gasket lining.

Helpful review: "The foam was easy to pluck and remove in order to fit my scoped AR10 perfectly. It requires planning and thinking ahead to see in which direction you want it, then outlining the rifle as carefully as possible to the squares you will remove. I followed the outline of the pre-cut squares (and stayed mostly within those pre-cuts), it came out great, snug, and secure for my customized AR10.
I wanted my rifle scope up when the case was closed, and I'm right-handed so the barrel needed to be facing left. I outlined its barrel facing right, then plucked and then flipped the foam over to face correctly. No tracing shows that way, and it is scope up towards the handle and ready for a right hand take out. If you pluck so the rifle is scope towards the hinges, then you are carrying your scope upside-down towards the bottom of the case. It's a matter of choice, which way you carry it, but I want less weight on my scope as I carry it by the handle. It's not the hardest shell case I own and probably not as waterproof as a high-dollar Pelican, but it is great for the money.
By the way it came undamaged, in perfectly new condition, and the clasps and keys are all working fine. This case will hold my AR10, and I'm plucking out some more areas for 3-4 of its magazines and my SF Tac.45. Since it is such a decent case for the money, I will probably get two more for some of my other scoped/re dot rifles. One downside, it will not hold two scoped rifles.
Bought one for each one of my scoped PCP air rifles. Perfect size for a decent length barrel with silencer, bipod, scope, and a few pellet tins and magazines. I opted to use a combination padlock instead of the built-in key lock. The only issue I've encountered so far is that one of the hinge pins on a latch had worked its way out about an eighth of an inch and would hang up while trying to latch the case. I pressed the pin back in a couple times, but it kept working it's way out. I finally fixed it by putting a little super glue on the pin before pushing it back in. Other than that, it's been perfect.
I was skeptical about buying this after reading some of the reviews about the quality. My 42" case arrived in perfect condition, no damages, and all features are functioning. I was able to fit two 16" tactical rifles with scopes, by positioning one into the 2'' foam, after removing the plug and pull foam outlined to the rifle shape, and placing off-set/mirrored on top of the untouched foam. It was a bit tricky, I'll admit. The case is able to close and lock without rattling, and the individual parts do not touch each other. NOTE: the tripods/foregrip have to be removed to make this work.
This is a great case and easy to fit a rifle or shotgun with the handy pluck foam. I also got one 10-22 Ruger scoped and one Henry lever-action non-scoped in a single case. Also room to add a couple 10-22 rotary clips. If I wanted to add a couple plastic 100 count 22lr cartridge boxes or 50 count .357 boxes, there is room, also. However, if you want to travel, you have to keep your arms and ammo separated, so don't do it. Two of the four latches are lockable, but remember to buy a couple padlocks that only you have the keys for to be TSA compliant." — Troy Miller

Get it from Amazon now: $189.99 & FREE Returns


5. HQ ISSUE - Tactical Rifle Case With Foam

best scoped rifle case


Highlight: Sturdy wheels for easy transport.

Helpful review: "After browsing a bunch of expensive cases and cheap ones, for which you couldn't even pick colors, I came across this one which is perfect for my needs. The price is also perfect, since I won't be putting it to extreme conditions. And I really feel confident about the locks and wheels. I cut the foam with a blade to make it look cleaner. I would highly recommend this item, especially if you want something good without spending hundreds of dollars.
Good case overall, just as good as the low-end Plano cases. Plus, it's available in tan without adding more $$$. One thing I like more than my two other similar-style Plano cases is that this one, although being short, has wheels. When loading this into my GMC Yukon it's always nice to have the wheels to help roll it in the back. Sounds dumb, I know, but I always get aggravated over this with my other cases. I also like the double stacked pick-n-pull foam.
Did some extensive research for a good $100 tactical case, and this one appeared to be the best option. It came in today, and I’m happy to say that its quality far exceeds its price. The hinges, handles, and roller wheels are quite robust. The double layer “pick and pluck” foam is a nice feature. And no, it didn’t come with the biohazard emblems or the Umbrella Corporation plaque. I highly recommend this case.
Gun case was exactly what I wanted, and really I wasn't expecting it to be the high quality it was. Shipping came fast. Color was what I hoped for. Plastic is NOT super ridged but.... good enough for it to be safe while flying and getting banged around. It came with plenty of foam for padding, including a divider. Isn't waterproof, though that's to be expected for the money. It checked all my boxes and above all was affordable. So I'm happy with this purchase." — Sabrina Thompson

Get it from Amazon now: $109.99 & FREE Returns


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