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  • Casey Wilson

The Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag Is Actually Affordable On Amazon

Planning your next backpacking adventure? Here are the best ultralight sleeping bags that are both affordable and maximized for comfort.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag for Warm & Cool Weather - Lightweight and Waterproof

Top-rated: 19,383 ratings | 103 answered questions

Highlight: Great quality for a great price; Amazon best-seller.

Helpful review: "During the Arizona summer I slept nicely in my RV with this (and my air conditioner of course). Then during the New York fall season I still slept nicely with just the sleeping back. And it’s surprisingly tough, I sleep with 2 large dogs who like to push me out of my blankets. So I have to rip this out from underneath them, and not a single rip! My dogs have ripped many a blanket doing that, but this sleeping bag is tough." — Joey
Trending review: "I liked that the thickness and distribution of the filling focused on the upper torso of the body so as to have maximum softness where it mattered. The bag squeezes to small but the filling really expands when it is allowed to. It worked well with a packable foam rubber sleeping mat at crater lake in Colorado when the temperature was in the upper 50's at night.." — Dr J.
Reassuring review: "We bought 75 sleeping bags from this seller (Oaskys) to give out to homeless, people in need. Before buying a large quantity, we bought a sample from each seller to compare the quality and temperature rating. We chose to buy this product from this seller because of the quality and great price. The smoothness of the fabric is very pleasant. The temperature rating is good for winter and raining season. It is not bulky and could be used for summer camping too. Seller is fast in responding to email. Seller also offer us extra discount when hearing that we are doing charity and buying a large quantity. A++." — Chau Le

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99 - $39.99


2. Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids

Top-rated: 7,236 ratings | 40 answered questions

Highlight: Perfect balance between waterproofness, breathable-ness and warmth.

Helpful review: "I bought these bags for camping in the Boundary Water Canoe Area of Minnesota, 45-50 degree Fahrenheit lows. The bags are very compact and lightweight. They survived rough treatment (24 portages and 7 camp setups & teardowns)! We ran inflatable bag pads underneath each bag. I treated the bags with a permethrin insecticide before the trip with no ill effects on the filler or liner materials. The bags required a machine wash and a line dry when we got back home, cause they had some stank. This is usually when a sleeping bag fails, but these bags survived! No lumpiness in the filling or anything ill. These are great bags for mild weather. I would not take them camping when expecting really cold weather unless I was dressed adequately. Good for couch surfing, jam bags, office crashing, and as an emergency blanket for vehicles. The only wrinkle we experienced was: There is a bit of hook and loop closure (like Velcro) near the head. My wife woke up with her hair in the hook and loop a couple of times and it took her some time to extricate herself while I giggled… I highly recommend this bag to you as a great value and a quality product. Thanks for reading through! I hope this helps you make an informed decision." — JCG
Trending review: "Camping one night in mid 50 degree temps. First time I've ever stayed warm in a bag without long pants/shirt/socks in a tent at that temperature-normally I wake up chilled and feeling damp. Bag even comes with a "mummy bag" style hood that feels more padded than usual. Only complaint is how narrow the bag is. Hard to roll on side in bag and still have that hood on the bottom as a pillow. Also if you frequently find yourself putting your arms in and out of blankets, this will be more frustrating to get used to. Overall, I'm glad I spent the money on the bag, it packs up much smaller than other bags and is warm enough for most camping experiences." — Allicia Hayes
Reassuring review: "I bought this sleeping bag because I needed a sleeping bag for my trip to Arizona where we planned on camping at the Grand Canyon. This meant it needed to be small enough and lightweight enough to fly in a checked bag, but also warm enough for freezing temps. This sleeping bag did the trick! While it wasn’t always super easy to get it back in its bag it definitely was able to and it was more than sufficient to keep me warm at the Grand Canyon when the temps dropped down into the 30s. It was warm enough that I was able to take off my winter jacket while in the sleeping bag in the tent. So if you sometimes need to fly to get to your camping destination then this sleeping bag is perfect!." — Shannon Jeropke

Get it from Amazon now: $23.99 & FREE Returns


3. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults

Top-rated: 10,811 ratings | 307 answered questions

Highlight: Can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Helpful review: "Great bag, keeps me super warm, I live in Colorado and do lots of camping and in the cooler months , this bag has been great . I actually became hot throughout the night ,when it was about 20 degree out side and snowing. I love the hood part , you can wrap your pillow in it and then pull the strings to fit your comfort level. Zippers work great can pull up when inside bag. Stuff sack is okay, I'd like it if was a little smaller . It's a little two big for back packing, which sort of sucks ,bc this is one reason why I got the bag. Other than that , it's a great bag." — Jaye34
Trending review: "I just wanted a budget sleeping bag to use it from time to time when going camping. I have to admit that this Coleman sleeping bag is much better than expected. It is really comfortable and warm; the zipper doesn't get stuck. The only downfall may be that it's a bit big when folded, but I don't care about that because it's going to be carried in the car mainly.." — Andres
Reassuring review: "I just got this sleeping bag and cannot wait to try it out on a cold night. I did get in it for a few minutes to see how it felt, and to be honest if it was cold in my home, I could have easily took a long after work nap right then and there... this thing could make a guy lazy... Lol. This bag is so comfortable it's amazing, like laying in a giant marshmallow... not that I've ever done that, I can only imagine it. Before I bought this I read lots of reviews, and I noticed the biggest issue with most was getting the bag back in the cover. So, before I used this, the very first thing I did was slowly pull it out the cover, and unrolled it taking notice how the factory did it, from there I just simply reversed the process and it went right back in the cover. However, in doing so it's not so easy, it does require you to keep it "tightly" rolled up while putting it back in... you can't let it get loose, gotta "keep" it tight. After two successful tries it got easier to do, it's a bit tough but it is doable. I would however recommend flipping the cover inside out first, this way it can be practically rolled back on the bag from the top side, so that draw string doesn't catch. Fighting that draw string will hang you up and the bag could get loose on ya. One thing I was concerned about was the size of the bag, it says for big and tall, but to be honest I don't see that it is??? I'm only 5'9", 155lbs, I had room to spare but I could not imagine or like it if this bag was any smaller. I don't see how a big person could be comfortable in this solely for that reason, not from the lack of comfort but from the lack of room. Personally I like some moving around room, so it fit perfect for me, but if you're bigger and don't mind snug then you might be happy with it. If you're real big, you might wanna look for a bigger bag... just sayin.
Overall it's a good purchase, and from using it for even a few minutes I had to get out of it cause it was getting pretty warm really quick. It's designed for cold temps, but I bet if you used a thermal maylar blanket inside of it, you could easily use it well below zero temps. And for those who may not know this, before you sleep in a sleeping bag outside, or even inside a tent, always law news papers down under the bag, or something equivalent, and never sleep in the clothes you wore that day. The news paper will keep moisture off the bag from the ground, and the clothes you wore will draw moisture during the day, which will make you feel colder at night even inside a sleeping bag. Always change your clothes before you sleep while camping, you do NOT want to trap moisture inside a sleeping bag at night, "dry" is the key and keeping a sleeping bag covered while not in use is imperative... fact!." — BackSpace

Get it from Amazon now: $79.99 & FREE Returns


4. Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Teens and Adults

Top-rated: 10,088 ratings | 32 answered questions

Highlight: A weather-resistant, waterproof sleeping bag.

Helpful review: "I work at a church that serves the homeless. I buy 4-5 sleeping bags at a time and keep them on hand for our homeless friends when they are new to the streets or have lost theirs due to theft, etc. These are perfect for distribution and are very economical." — Carlene Wood
Trending review: "I purchased 2 of these sleeping bags (one in blue, one in purple) for my twin daughters to use at an overnight school field trip to an Indian reservation, where they were staying in a cabin and doing outdoor lake activities like canoeing, fishing, hiking, etc. They slept on bunk beds but this facility didn't provide bedding, so I thought this would be the most efficient way to equip them vs. sending sheets, blankets, etc. They loved these sleeping bags! We live in the south, so we did not need them to be too thick. They are just thick enough to keep you quite warm, but you can unzip it accordingly to adjust your body temp. I love the fact that these sleeping bags have extra room around the head, so you can have softness under and around your head as well. It rolls up easily into a little bag, so packing and unpacking it is a breeze. I highly recommend these sleeping bags!." — Southern Grandeur
Reassuring review: "I could not believe how warm this bad boy was. I purchased for car camping, and used it nightly. I was actually warmer in it with the less clothes I wore. it was good down to 37 degrees comfortably, then I started adding more clothing. The hood is roomie, which is a really nice feature and it was super long, and enough room to spin in... I am 150lbs 5'8". I thought having a footbox zipper would be colder, but I ended up having to unzip it, because I was so toasty sometimes. I don't recommend washing it a lot, though. The construction quality is a bit shoddy, so a washing machine could take it out.." — Mara Bird

Get it from Amazon now: $24.99 & FREE Returns


5. ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag (Compression Sack Included)

Top-rated: 6,691 ratings | 80 answered questions

Highlight: Measures 83"L x 30"W; size fits most people; can accommodate an adult or two children.

Helpful review: "This bag is lightweight but well made. I used it when walking the Portuguese Camino from Porto to Santiago in April. Perfect for most nights but on few nights i needed to add clothes when in unheated albetgues. The 59°f rating is probably about right but with clothes it was good in the low 40s. I have used it on a few other camping trips and it has worked very well. The zippers, often the weak spot of sleeping bags are excellent. I have machine washed and dried the bag several times and so far it has held up well. This bag far exceeded my expectations." — Curmudgeon
Trending review: "This is a great 3 season bag on its own and can be used to low 40s if you layer and presumingly mid-30s with a sleeping bag liner, I took this on a solo camping trip in mid-summer in northern California, and temperatures came down to 39f that night and I was very warm through the night. I layered that night and had a sleeping bag liner. If you plan to sleep in temps below the low 50s, I recommend you pick up a sleeping back liner and layer, I'm a very cold sleeper and was surprised it kept me warm." — Diego
Reassuring review: "I read reviews before I bought the item. I did not purchase this sleeping bag because I thought it was going to give me the same results as an actual high-end $300+ lightweight hiking sleeping bag. I bought this because I needed something quick and didn't want to spend that much money. One reviewer mentioned they ripped the straps trying to pull the sleeping bag out of its sleeve. As I was trying to pull my sleeping bag out of its sleeve I heard a small pop and stopped. I remembered what the review said and it almost happened to me. It was long enough for me (6'2") and compacted to a good backpack size. Should hold up for at least 1 summer camping trip. That is what I an expected for $39.99. After I wrangled the sleeping bag back into the sleeve, I went to synch the straps down and 1 ripped right out of the stitching. It was just the sleeve so not a big deal. Again, I bought a cheap low-grade material sleeping bag and I will use it as such. Don't expect to hand this family heirloom off to a grandkid in 20 years.." — Kyle

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


6. REVALCAMP Ultralight Hiking Sleeping Bag

Top-rated: 9,149 ratings | 115 answered questions

Highlight: Easy to pack. There’s no need to fold or roll it. Just stuff it into the sturdy carrying bag, pull the straps, and it folds down into a small, light two pound package that will easily fit in any backpack.

Helpful review: "I swear I'm not getting paid for this lol. Anyways, I give this review a 5/5 because it came very fast, it was affordable, the color came as advertised, it did not smell bad like others had said, it's warm for me (you might want to add a blanket if you're in an obviously cold environment), it's somewhat comfy (better than the floor), it is very spacious, (I'm 5'5 and I can literally zip myself all the way), and it's easy to put back inside the bag. To put it back inside you literally just stuff it in. Don't roll it up... I mean, you can try and be all perfect. However, just make your life easy and stuff it in. I did notice a little insignificant stain, but I removed it. It's worth it!" — Miriam Munoz

Get it from Amazon now: $32.50 & FREE Returns


7. Coleman Adult 30°F Palmetto Sleeping Bag for Cool Weather

Top-rated: 7,072 ratings | 123 answered questions

Highlight: For camping in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Helpful review: "Okay, I bought these for a weekend camping trip that was supposed to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest. During the night there was a sudden unexpected freeze and it dropped down to 25! However, we didn't even notice because we were snug in these sleeping bags. When I woke up, there was a layer of ice on the sleeping bag, but I was still warm! These are awesome, especially for the price! The color was more of a cranberry/burgundy and they're a little tricky to roll up, but I would definitely recommend this sleeping bag." — Asa

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