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  • Casey Wilson

Are The Most Durable Sleeping Bags Actually Affordable In 2022?

Planning your next camping adventure? Here are the most durable sleeping bags from Amazon that are both affordable and maximized for comfort.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag for Warm & Cool Weather - Lightweight and Waterproof

Top-rated: 17,012 ratings | 103 answered questions

Highlight: Great quality for a great price; Amazon best-seller.

Helpful review: "We bought 75 sleeping bags from this seller (Oaskys) to give out to homeless, people in need. Before buying a large quantity, we bought a sample from each seller to compare the quality and temperature rating. We chose to buy this product from this seller because of the quality and great price. The smoothness of the fabric is very pleasant. The temperature rating is good for winter and raining season. It is not bulky and could be used for summer camping too. Seller is fast in responding to email. Seller also offer us extra discount when hearing that we are doing charity and buying a large quantity. A++." — Chau Le

Get it from Amazon now: $26.99 - $39.99


2. Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids

Top-rated: 5,571 ratings | 42 answered questions

Highlight: Perfect balance between waterproofness, breathable-ness and warmth.

Helpful review: "I bought these bags for camping in the Boundary Water Canoe Area of Minnesota, 45-50 degree Fahrenheit lows. The bags are very compact and lightweight. They survived rough treatment (24 portages and 7 camp setups & teardowns)! We ran inflatable bag pads underneath each bag. I treated the bags with a permethrin insecticide before the trip with no ill effects on the filler or liner materials. The bags required a machine wash and a line dry when we got back home, cause they had some stank. This is usually when a sleeping bag fails, but these bags survived! No lumpiness in the filling or anything ill.
These are great bags for mild weather. I would not take them camping when expecting really cold weather unless I was dressed adequately. Good for couch surfing, jam bags, office crashing, and as an emergency blanket for vehicles.
The only wrinkle we experienced was: There is a bit of hook and loop closure (like Velcro) near the head. My wife woke up with her hair in the hook and loop a couple of times and it took her some time to extricate herself while I giggled…
4.5 stars rounded up to 5. I highly recommend this bag to you as a great value and a quality product. Thanks for reading through! I hope this helps you make an informed decision." — JCG

Get it from Amazon now: $26.99 & FREE Returns


3. Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag

Top-rated: 4,179 ratings | 77 answered questions

Highlight: Keep the kids comfortable as they sleep under the stars with the Coleman Kids 50 Sleeping Bag, even when it's 50 °F outside. The Comfort Cuff design makes sure they only have soft fabric around their face while they sleep. Thanks to the ZipPlow zipper, they'll get snag-free opening and closing every time. A few small things, such as gloves or a flashlight, will fit inside the interior tuck pocket.

Helpful review: "I bought it because the price was great, $15, and I trust Coleman products. I ordered it for my 5 y.o. granddaughter. When it arrived, I washed it and came out good, no bunching of the filling. The pocket on the inside is cute and I never noticed the glow-in-the-dark design, honestly I forgot about it. The zippers are good quality. It will be used in the camper or when they go tent camping." — Sam

Get it from Amazon now: $34.99 & FREE Returns


4. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults

Top-rated: 10,236 ratings | 316 answered questions

Highlight: Can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Helpful review: "Great bag, keeps me super warm, I live in Colorado and do lots of camping and in the cooler months , this bag has been great . I actually became hot throughout the night ,when it was about 20 degree out side and snowing. I love the hood part , you can wrap your pillow in it and then pull the strings to fit your comfort level. Zippers work great can pull up when inside bag. Stuff sack is okay, I'd like it if was a little smaller . It's a little two big for back packing, which sort of sucks ,bc this is one reason why I got the bag. Other than that , it's a great bag." — Jaye34

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


5. Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Teens and Adults

Top-rated: 7,454 ratings | 33 answered questions

Highlight: A weather-resistant, waterproof sleeping bag.

Helpful review: "I work at a church that serves the homeless. I buy 4-5 sleeping bags at a time and keep them on hand for our homeless friends when they are new to the streets or have lost theirs due to theft, etc. These are perfect for distribution and are very economical." — Carlene Wood

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99 & FREE Returns


6. ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag (Compression Sack Included)

Top-rated: 5,390 ratings | 76 answered questions

Highlight: Measures 83"L x 30"W; size fits most people; can accommodate an adult or two children.

Helpful review: "I will say I was very skeptical how little this sleeping bag is I was not sure we'll be warm. I have purchased three and it blew my expectations it is so unbelievable warm all things considered we are backpacking in the summer and spring. Thank you for a great product that is very affordable. If you were just getting into backpacking I don't see a reason to spend a lot of money at the beginning this will just as much do." — Silvia

Get it from Amazon now: $30.99 & FREE Returns


7. REVALCAMP Ultralight Hiking Sleeping Bag

Top-rated: 8,768 ratings | 116 answered questions

Highlight: Easy to pack. There’s no need to fold or roll it. Just stuff it into the sturdy carrying bag, pull the straps, and it folds down into a small, light two pound package that will easily fit in any backpack.

Helpful review: "I swear I'm not getting paid for this lol. Anyways, I give this review a 5/5 because it came very fast, it was affordable, the color came as advertised, it did not smell bad like others had said, it's warm for me (you might want to add a blanket if you're in an obviously cold environment), it's somewhat comfy (better than the floor), it is very spacious, (I'm 5'5 and I can literally zip myself all the way), and it's easy to put back inside the bag. To put it back inside you literally just stuff it in. Don't roll it up... I mean, you can try and be all perfect. However, just make your life easy and stuff it in. I did notice a little insignificant stain, but I removed it. It's worth it!" — Miriam Munoz

Get it from Amazon now: $29.50 & FREE Returns


8. Coleman Adult 30°F Palmetto Sleeping Bag for Cool Weather

Top-rated: 6,265 ratings | 125 answered questions

Highlight: For camping in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Helpful review: "Okay, I bought these for a weekend camping trip that was supposed to be 40 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest. During the night there was a sudden unexpected freeze and it dropped down to 25! However, we didn't even notice because we were snug in these sleeping bags. When I woke up, there was a layer of ice on the sleeping bag, but I was still warm! These are awesome, especially for the price! The color was more of a cranberry/burgundy and they're a little tricky to roll up, but I would definitely recommend this sleeping bag." — Asa

Get it from Amazon now: $36.99 & FREE Returns


9. tuphen Backpacking Sleeping Bag - Lightweight and Waterproof

Top-rated: 131 ratings | 7 answered questions

Highlight: Equipped with a compression bag with straps; very convenient to store and carry.

Helpful review: "I purchased this for an 85 y/o man who could freeze in the middle of summer. We took it out into a houseboat for a few nights. At first, he wasn’t impressed. He said it was too light to keep him warm. I told him to just give it a chance and brought and extra couple blankets just to be on the safe side.
After just a few minutes inside this sleeping bag, he smiled and said, “I was wrong! I’m plenty warm...”. (This was one of only a handful of times he’s ever admitted to being wrong, so we got a kick out of that!). We never even unfolded the other blankets.
This sleeping bag comes up around the head and wraps you in warmth. I would highly recommend it. He’s about 5’5” and had plenty of room length wise. I would say at least another 6” would have easily still been comfy. The purple color is very nice, as well." — Suzie

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


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10. FARLAND Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Teens and Adults

Top-rated: 4,003 ratings | 136 answered questions

Highlight: Will keep you warm in extreme conditions; will prevent dampness.

Helpful review: "When I received the sleeping bag, it was in a vacuum sealed bag which made it easy to store until I needed to use it.
After opening the sealed plastic wrap the sleeping bag was not much larger. I already used it for two camping trips and two backpacking trips. It kept me warm on my trips. I was actually surprised that I did not get cold like the times I used my sleeping bag I bought from Costco. I really like how practical the bag’s design is.
Here are the pros:
+The bag comes in a stuff bag; you do not have to worry about rolling the bag tightly neat to put the sleeping bag into the stuff bag.
+The straps on the stuff bag makes it easy to attach to a backpack, or carry in general.
+The sleeping bag is not that big, I think it’s great for people that are 5 feet and 8 inches or shorter.
+The sleeping bag has a zipper at the feet AND a side zipper; I was able to unzip at the feet so that my feet do not get too hot.
+The bag is rated for 20 degrees; I slept in 0 degree whether with a jacket on.
-Sleeping bag may be too small for people taller than 5 feet 8 inches.
-The sleeping bag is not too wide either; I call it a mummy sleeping bag.
-The straps, used to compress the bag which are on the outside of the stuff bag, get in the way of the opening of the sleeping bag; It might be difficult at times to take the bag in and out of the stuff bag because the straps are in the way, maybe I am doing it wrong…
Overall, I would recommend this sleeping bag to friends and family. It’s a great and practical bag; it is compact and easy to carry. For the price, it is a really good bag compared to other bags in the price range. If you have the money and are tall, I suggest going for a 0 degree bag or negative degrees bag that has multiple zippers like this sleeping bag does to control the heat. If you are about 5 feet 8 inches tall or below, and you are on a budget, looking for a sleeping bag that is easy to pack and carry, then this sleeping bag may be a great fit" — Sophie

Get it from Amazon now: $36.99 - $55.99


11. VENTURE Backpacking Sleeping Bag - Single, XXL and Double

Top-rated: 3,387 ratings | 54 answered questions

Highlight: Comfortable, lightweight and water resistant sleeping bag; tested to the highest standards; designed to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable.

Helpful review: "We had our first back country camp trip recently and these sleeping bags were awesome. They were big enough for me (I'm a big hefty) The zipper was super easy to work and I LOVE the foot opening because I am one of those people who need to keep their feet out of the covers most of the time. I was expecting to have a fight on my hands to get them back in the packaging but it was not bad at all and when I was done my husband and I were both shocked.
If I have a negative thing to say it would be that these are slippery on the outside when they are on top of a self inflatable mattress. When I first turned in I was warm so I just left the bag unzipped and I was uncovered. Later it got cool but the sleeping bag had slid around so that I had to adjust the entire thing in order to get it to fit over me. I ended up having to zip it and adjust any time I turned. Other than that it was awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend these as they are super light weight, comfortable and seem to be well made. I can't attest to how they hold up in cold weather as we did not make it to our 6000' goal." — avid shopper

Get it from Amazon now: $24.95 & FREE Returns


12. SOULOUT Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Top-rated: 4,080 ratings | 66 answered questions

Highlight: The SOULOUT Waterproof double sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking, camping and hiking; suitable for spring, summer and fall camping; measures 59” W x 87” H; fits people up to 6.5’ tall; provides a queen size roomy experience.

Helpful review: "While I probably wouldn't use this sleeping bag on any ultra-light packing trips, I WOULD use this for most everything else. While not nearly as light as my nicer bag, it IS plenty warm, waterproof, durable, comfortable etc and a fraction of the price. Why beat up on my nice bag for car camping? What I really like most is the versatility. For warmer nights, this sucker can unzip into a blanket for car camping. For colder nights, zip the thing up completely and use the head pocket.
I also love that I can unzip the feet separately to get some needed venting for additional comfort while still maintaining insulation. Helps get the moisture (and farts) out. I think it would be more honest to call this a 3 season bag, but hell, if you throw on enough layers anything can be a 4 season bag. Would it hold up in snow? Yes. Would you be comfortable in it? Probably not, unless you have a well insulated pad, some layers on you, and maybe some wool blankets for good measure. I think this is a great bag for anytime you DON'T want to use your x hundred dollar "nice" bag for car camping, visitors, low distance hiking trips etc. Basically anywhere where weight isn't your priority and you don't want to beat up on your nicer gear for "basic" usage.
I plan on using this bag for my road trip /car camping trips, leaving in my car trunk in winter for emergency use and local camping trips with the family primarily.
For those of you hiking the AT/PCT, this bag isn't for you. For the other 99% of us "normies", this bag would work just fine for backyard camping, cub scout camping with/for the kids, unexpected guests, emergency/prepper usage, road tripping or whatever else that would require the use of a sleeping bag." — Adam Goldstein

Get it from Amazon now: $55.99 & FREE Returns


13. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking and Camping

Top-rated: 13,847 ratings | 157 answered questions

Highlight: Super sturdy and extremely comfortable.

Helpful review: ""This HEAVENLY Sleepingo sleeping bag made the perfect gift for my husband for our annual fall camping trip! We did the Grand Canyon South Rim which is open all winter.
I decided to surprise him with it and hid it until it came time for us to set up camp….as we prepared to hunker down I sent him out to fetch a bottle for me that I had intentionally “left in the car. “ As soon as he went out I quickly spread our brand new double sleeping bag across the floor… slid inside, and waited….
I wish I had videoed the look of shock and excitement on his face when he came back and discovered that he’d be cuddling with ME in this GIGANTIC, COZY BEAUTY- ALL night, EVERY night J J J! Haha!
It was definitely the highlight of our trip! The bag felt like it was tailor made for us! Just large enough (5 feet wide and 7'+ long ) to be spacious and roomy but snug enough to keep us cozy and warm!
We had decent weather most of our trip but our sleeping bag kept us toasty and warm right through the coldest of nights. (Even when the temp dipped just below 40 degrees) it is rated for 32F Mamamia...! It is also completely waterproof and kept us dry despite the moist ground (not to mention our Tibetan Terrier’s drool-y gnawing and chewing attempts which did not yield even the slightest hint of a hole or fray and let me tell you that pooch made a complete playground out of it!!= EXCELLENT QUALITY!... Thank G-d its machine washable… it really came out looking and smelling brand new!
We loved the fact that it has a double zipper, allowing him some air when he was hot, while I was still able to keep zipped right up to my chin. I also didn’t have to wake hubby while I read to fall asleep and he didn’t wake me when he got up to walk Charlie.
Other things I love about this bag is how lightweight it is (6lbs) and the compression sack! This stores at a 10th its true size! And of course, I love the color too… a really natural green, so campy looking!
The coolest feature by far is that this can become TWO - SINGLE sleeping bags!! Hubby says at least our trip is not ruined by the knowledge that we can’t afford to fight….!! (NOT FUNNY!!!) For those of you who hate prattle-y reviews and like to get the BOTTOM LINE: If you’re looking for a HUGE, LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH QUALITY, WATERPROOF, WASHABLE, COMPRESSIBLE, ADORABLE, COZY SLEEPING BAG that’ll keep you FREAKIN' WARM ALL NIGHT... CONGRATS! YOU FOUND IT!!" — Shaya Windley

Get it from Amazon now: $57.95 & FREE Returns


14. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows - Waterproof and Lightweight

Top-rated: 4,951 ratings | 89 answered questions

Highlight: Giant sleeping bag; fits two happy campers comfortably; detachable via zippers into two individual sleeping bags.

Helpful review: "Bought this Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag more than a month ago. I sleep on it every night-- it's too warm to sleep in it yet. Put it away every morning. I weigh about 350 lbs, 5'7". I fit nice. It still fluffy which is surprising. The sleeping bag is well built. The stuff sack is tough. I don't roll anything up in the morning, I just stuff it in the sack. It's rather therapeutic.
This sleeping bag comes with two little pillows. I never woke up with either under my head. It took me more time to track down these pillows in the morning than to stuff the bag in the stuff sack! And, I'm sleeping in a living room! Not like Bambi ran off with them in the middle of the night!? You can't even have a decent pillow fight with these two fancy cotton balls. Ohuhu, no one needs these little pillows-- drop them and the price. I'm still give you five stars for the sleeping bag and stuff sack though. You all got those right.
Ohuhu, you really should sell your stuff sacks separately. I got a Coleman sack I'm afraid to even try stuffing the bag back into... It's a flimsy piece of you know what. It fits in yours nicely just need to cinch up the straps a bit.
I'd buy it again so definitely recommend it." — JPK

Get it from Amazon now: $42.49 & FREE Returns


15. TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag - Great for Camping in Cold Seasons

Top-rated: 1,052 ratings | 89 answered questions

Highlight: Soft lining; half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm and your pillow clean; unzips at the top or bottom for easy access and ventilation; perfect for camping in all seasons.

Helpful review: "My family and I go camping about four times a year and I freeze my butt off if the temperature drops below about 45 F. In the past I have tried several different bags promising to keep you warm at 20 F or 0 F only to find I am still shivering at 40 deg F. And when my sleep is miserable then so is my trip. Decided to give this Teton Sports DeerHunter model a try because I like rectangular bags (especially the rare ones that have drawstring curved hoods) and this bag has a survival rating of -35 F. The bag is also not crazy expensive like many expedition rated mummy bags that advertise terrific warmth at very low temperatures but weigh only five pounds and cost $300 plus.
Amazon delivered the DeerHunter to me a week later and I unfolded it from the supplied carrying bag. My first impression was that it was thick. Very thick. And it weighs about 16 pounds (7.3 Kg), so definitely more of a bag for car camping or longer term hunting trips than for the expedition style camper. The bag also has heavy duty zippers and inner and outer pockets to hold cell phones, wallets, etc.. A great mummy style hood with drawstrings that can be pulled up tight around the head. This bag is hand wash only (and Teton recommends watching the video on their website first if you plan to hand wash it) which at first seems like a deal killer but the reason is that any washing machine will compress the synthetic insulation too much, causing the bag to lose a bit of its heat retaining characteristics. The same is true of storing the bag too tightly compressed for many months.
Crazy as it may sound, upon receiving the DeerHunter, I took it to my friend's cousin who owns a meat pack