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I Tested The Best Nightstand Gun Safe With Phone Charger In 2024

I tested this fingerprint handgun safe from Vaultek, and I loved its wireless phone charger. I highly recommend it for the money. Here's my hands-on review.

nightstand gun safe with phone charger

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

VAULTEK Smart Station™ - Biometric Smart Safe with Built-in Wireless Phone Charger + Auto Open Drawer + Bluetooth Safe Management

nightstand gun safe with phone charger


Highlight: New features and redesigned UI for managing and monitoring activity right from your smartphone.

Helpful review: "For years I’ve followed Vaultek and the products they’ve brought to market and I finally bit the bullet and purchased the D2Si. It’s great.
Actually... originally I was considering the SpeedVault Biometric but then I saw this one which isn't bulky and heavy and doesn't have to be fastened to something (like the SpeedVault).
Vaultek has offered awesome product since the beginning. But at first when I saw the smart station I was skeptical about it. Until I purchased it. Its advertisement does no justice. There are so many options featured with the safe. Sound or no sound, lights or no lights. Plenty room within the drawer also. Opens swift for immediate entry and it’s quiet.
Overall, I would recommend buying the smart station because just as Vaulteks other products this is definitely a solid product. The setup is straightforward and clear. The quality is excellent, Bluetooth, and biometrics top tier. It’s got every option you could want for a desktop/nightstand safe and none you wouldn’t.
Having the clock/Bluetooth charger/and safe all in one eliminates clutter on the nightstand. Well worth the price!"

Get it from Amazon now: $479.99 & FREE Returns

nightstand gun safe with phone charger



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