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  • Christie Bolster

The Best Sex Toys For Women Are Actually Cheap (And Durable)

Looking for the best sex toy on Amazon? I've gone through thousands of reviews and rounded up the most affordable, hardwearing options for women. Let's find your new favorite toy.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. The Rose Toy - Sucking Vibrator for Women

Top-rated: 12,202 ratings | 131 answered questions

Highlight: The rechargeable Adorime Rose Toy for women (aka "the famous red rose clit stimulator") is a clitoris sucking vibrator with 7 intensity modes (and a very quiet motor). The rotating airflow generated by the internal vibration sucks and teases the clitoris. Reviewers are raving about this clit sucker. It simulates perfect oral sex!

Helpful review: "I can honestly say this Rose has made me contemplate life, look at things differently . Let me start off by saying, I’ve already ordered a second one just in case something happens with this one. I’ve never been more in love than I am now! How can one little thing like this make all ur problems fade away? I can’t wait until the kids go to bed. I even went out today and purchased a new outfit just for her . A little lace never hurt no one. She’s going in my safe with all of my most important things. STOP READING! And order two RIGHT NOW! Thank me later." — MOOCA

Get it from Amazon now: $54.99 & FREE Returns


2. PHANXY Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator with 9 Powerful Vibration Modes and a Wireless Remote Control

Top-rated: 13,860 ratings | 144 answered questions

Highlight: Always ready for travel or use in the bath or shower!

Helpful review: "This is the first toy we've bought that is quite like this. We enjoy trying out toys that we can use as a couple as well as use individually and this fits that description.
-Comfort: This toy is made of very comfortable material. It is incredibly smooth and easy to clean up.
-Versatility: This works great as a solo toy or for a couple and has a lot of different vibration patterns to work for anyone.
-Remote: The remote is super nice. Its a pain to have to go down to the toy itself while in use to change the vibration so the remote makes sure you don't need to do that.
-Size: We were a little worried at first that it would be too big to fit comfortably inside her while also having sex but once we gave it a shot that wasn't an issue. Make sure to use some lube but once it is in it really does a good job of staying out of the way and just providing the vibration needed to increase both parties pleasure.
-No real cons for us but I would say it seems likely that the part that goes over onto the clitoris may not be the right size for everyone. Different women need different lengths of toys so it could sit just below or just above the clit. It seems like even if that is the case the vibrations from inside are enough to make this worth it anyway but be aware if you need that clitoral stimulation that there isn't a such thing as one size fits all for this.
Overall this is a unique and very enjoyable addition to our growing collection. We would recommend this to anyone." — Mowgli

Get it from Amazon now: $33.99


3. Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator with Angled Tip for Precision and 10 Vibration Modes

Top-rated: 7,805 ratings | 65 answered questions

Highlight: This amazingly strong clit vibrator features 10 different settings - including 3 speeds and 7 pulsating patterns. To maintain its reputation for discreetness, the stimulator’s motor is virtually silent. You can confidently use it at home.

Helpful review: "I’ve never written a review in my LIFE but for this, I have to. Now, I’ve never been able to orgasm during sex, for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sex, but I wanted to know what an actual orgasm felt like. I’ve tried a few different vibrators and none have had the effect I wanted. But THIS. THIS ONE. I’m getting tingly just thinking about it. This thing is small but GOD is it POWERFUL. I could barely keep it together. The SOUNDS that came out of my mouth were scary almost. I felt like I was possessed but in the best way possible. In about a few minutes I orgasmed, for the very first time it was magical. Unbelievable. I had to just lie there and focus on my breathing because I felt like I was actually going to pass out. I’ve officially surpassed the need for men. This is all I need. Buy this. QUICKLY." — mkt727

Get it from Amazon now: $12.99 & FREE Returns


4. BOMBEX Waterproof and Rechargeable Clitoral Sucking Vibrator with 10 Different Frequencies

Top-rated: 9,960 ratings | 83 answered questions

Highlight: Forget about batteries. This stimulator comes with a mini USB charger and will run for up to 60 minutes.

Helpful review: "I have spent the last 6 months working from home in pajamas and a blazer, business up top, sad-single-30-something year old on the bottom. I would usually pour my first glass of moscato by 5:00, order UberEats, cry into my dinner, then pull it together for an evening chat with a girlfriend. I was telling her I bought a $70 sucking vibrator off Instagram because "some lady wrote a review so amazing it went viral" (insert eye roll here. Don't fall for it, save yourself the time, money, and disappointment). She told me about her BOMBEX (brilliant branding btw), that it was less than $30 and with prime could be here in 2 days. I was skeptical, 2020 has been nothing but a series of unfortunate events.
It arrived on a Monday, in a regular amazon box, I ripped it open thinking I would find some ridiculously obscene packaging, instead I found a sleek compact black box that said "BOMBEX- Your Trusted Life Partner". As I opened the tiny black box before me, I swear I heard the drums from the Jumanji movie. I was amazed at how tiny it was, it could fit in the palm of my hand! "When was the last time something this small, brought you any joy?" I whispered to myself as I finished my glass of moscato and plugged it in to charge. One hour later, it was GO TIME. I read the cute little instruction manual, finished off my bottle of moscato, faced my framed pictures of family and friends the other way, and turned the lights down low.
LADIES. LET. ME. TELL. YOU. THREE MINUTES. I have waited at red lights longer than that. Not even a full song had played on my Spotify playlist. It felt like time had sped up and slowed down all at once, did I die? For a second I swear I saw Jesus, or maybe it was Jason Mamoa...I can’t be sure, I’ve had a whole bottle of wine at this point. All I know is this little bad boy GOT IT DONE...4 more times throughout the evening. I had to take a break, stretch, grab a Gatorade to replenish my electrolytes, text my friend to tell her I am forever indebted to her, etc.
The next day I woke up with a pep in my step, did my hair and make-up, put on a cute outfit and left the house to grab coffee for the first time in ages. I paid for 2 orders behind me in the Starbucks drive thru and even let 4 cars merge in front of me. I got a few honks and couple of fingers but I didn’t care, if we weren’t socially distancing I would've been giving out high fives and hugs and spreading the word of my BOMBEX. The bottom line is this little sucker (no pun intended) changed my life. I went from borderline alcoholic/future cat lady with a fear of dying alone to a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man. BOOM! There you have it, you can save the remainder of this god awful year for less than $30 dollars with something so small and powerful that can fit in the palm of your hands. Everyone is getting one for Christmas… even grandma. THANKS BOMBEX! xoxo" — Aleesha1987

Get it from Amazon now: $32.98 & FREE Returns


5. LUXELUV Ultra-Soft Bendable and Rechargeable Dildo with 9 Vibration Patterns

Top-rated: 10,364 ratings | 199 answered questions

Highlight: A liquid silicone dildo vibrator that really feels life-like. No kidding!

Helpful review: "Meet our new houseguest Bob! I love Bob, yet I hate Bob. Bob does such a grand job filling in for me, I'm almost going to lose my status with my wife. The rubber is a bit tacky, so if you don't grease Bob up a bit, he sticks to the skin. Good God, if you grease Bob up though, you're in for a night of missing out on all the fun! The great thing about Bob though is, because of his flexible texture, there's no chance of chipping your teeth in the heat of the moment. The one thing I'm not a fan of Bob, he carries a flashlight in his rear end, thus blinding me from visually seeing where Bob is going. The light may cause misdirection and "whoops" you may drive Bob into the wrong parking spot! Still, even though Bob's bright headlights, he deserves a 5 star reviews due to the emotional noises that Bob has introduced into our quiet lovely home. Only if I could punch that damn headlight out! I will revisit this conversation if I find myself at the homeless shelter. Who needs me when they have Bob?" — Carl Sanders

Get it from Amazon now: $21.69


6. YTOY Wearable Panty Vibrator with a Wireless Remote Control and 12 Vibration Patterns

Top-rated: 7,141 ratings | 57 answered questions

Highlight: Simply put the wearable vibrator close to your sensitive area inside the panty for precise clitoral stimulation.

Helpful review: "I bought this product as a surprise gift for my wife as we had talked about using a toy that I could control remotely and would allow us to indulge in some private fun outside the house. We practiced with it in our lounge one evening after a few glasses of wine. As other reviewers have said, The toy itself was fantastic and after slipping it inside a pair of her own knickers my wife was soon on her way to a very intense and satisfying orgasm whilst I controlled the vibrations with the remote. The device is very discreet and quiet enough to be used in a public place without anyone realizing what is going on. Our experiment at home has given us the confidence to take it outside the house - something we are very much looking forward to. Whilst it is a bit expensive for a sex toy we felt that the quality of design, ease of use and, most importantly, the pleasure received was definitely worth the price. We doubt that we would have given a cheaper product such a glowing review." — Greg

Get it from Amazon now: $25.99


7. Feelingirl Rechargeable G-Spot Mini Vibrator

Top-rated: 2,541 ratings | 27 answered questions

Highlight: This purple clitoris tongue vibrator (aka "The Rose Clit Toy") has been on Amazon's best sellers list for a LONG time. Worth checking out!

Helpful review: "I need to start this review off by telling you all that my husband and I have a really healthy sex life. I mean REALLY REALLY healthy. We like to get down with the get down. We are both incredibly open minded and we love to try new things. I’m on the prowl, constantly, for off the wall stuff. Uniquely designed lingerie, fun little props at costume stores, sexy shoes, and – of course – toys. We have lots and lots of toys.
When I stumbled across this one my interest was immediately piqued because of the way it looks. It only took me a few moments of reading the description before I was hollering at Amazon – yet again – to take my money. I mean, really ladies, can you not tell me that EVERY single one of you would not love to have something readily on hand that will lick your pussy for as long as you want? Of course, my skepticism did exist. We've all seen or owned products that advertised one thing but in reality delivered no things. But I figured, ef it, it’s less than thirty bucks and no big loss if it’s not that great. On the day it arrives my first squeal of joy came when I opened the box. This little toy is SO cute! It’s all purple and pretty and looks like a little lotus flower sitting delicately on its charger pad ( Yes. I’m easily amused.)
The second, third, and fourth squeals of joy came later when I started playing with it in front of my husband.
This. Is. The. Best. Adult. Toy. In. The. Entire. World.
Hands down. No argument. You can’t change my mind.
If you have the extra money – BUY. IT. My lady parts have never felt so lovely in my entire life. It feels just like a tongue. But it never stops flicking and keeps perfect rhythm.
But. As we all know, nothing in life is perfect. There is a downside to this toy. My husband is jealous of it. Legit. The last few times I’ve reached over and pulled it out of the cabinet he sits there are glares at it with the same look he gives the television when Jason Mamoa appears onscreen. Push comes to shove, I’m sure my little lotus licker and I will live happily ever after." — Nell

Get it from Amazon now: $20.99


8. Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse Waterproof Clitoris Stimulator

Top-rated: 42,510 ratings | 271 answered questions

Highlight: The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses non-contact pressure-wave technology to provide feelings of suction and pulsations, similar to the sensations you feel during oral sex.

Helpful review: "This rose gold, silicone tipped beauty will make you feel like the Queen you were always meant to be. You set this bad boy into position and it stays. I'm talking hands free. You can watch your porn, eat a snack, browse Netflix, knit a sweater, whatever you want. Until 30 seconds later. When you approach orgasm numero uno. It'll be small but powerful. You'll de-clit this so fast you won't even remember what you were doing. Catch your breath. Then think to yourself "just one more won't hurt." A minute later, numero dos. By the time you hit number 3, your soul will separate from your body like some Doctor Strange move. Now you've reached, the need-an-Exorcism level. Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, weirdly craving spaghetti. You'll become your biggest cheerleader. "You're the freaking champion. You're going to cum. You deserve this. You freaking know you do." "Just one more orgasm, then you're done." maniacal laughter "Girl, you know I was lyin. Go again, you bad mamma jamma." If you've called yourself the champion at least once, you've reached the winners circle of masturbation. It's a small club. Growing by the day thanks to this suction, wave-length, science vibrator. Another word of caution if you think at any point "weird, feels like I can poop right now." DE-FREAKING-CLIT. You will undoubtedly poop yourself. Also, you may pass out. I maaaay be speaking from experience. Proceed with caution." — Goddess Divine

Get it from Amazon now: $52.99


9. HAOZHI Clear Dildo with Suction Cup for Hands-Free Play

Top-rated: 2,090 ratings | 28 answered questions

Highlight: Smooth lifelike head; ultra-realistic veiny wrinkly balls.

Helpful review: "The toy has never failed us. It is soft to the touch and not too hard like most other dildo products. I love the density and it's like the perfect size, very filling and real-like. The material has caused no discomfort, the shape seems to aid in providing pleasure, the length and girth of this particular model work well for our sex life, and in general it's been a great addition to our sex play: I enjoy having it done to me and he enjoys the doing. Of course, you'll need some foreplay and water based lube. Overall, highly RECOMMENDED!!" — Melinda Melancon

Get it from Amazon now: $11.99


10. Plus One Massaging Bullet with 10 Different Vibration Settings

Top-rated: 3,771 ratings | 7 answered questions

Highlight: Fully waterproof for enjoyment in the bath or shower; ultra-hygienic and easy to clean.

Helpful review: "Girl if you're trying to find a vibrator that is quiet, but powerful... this ain't it... its very loud haha but powerful! It sounds like it rattles a bit too but I live with my boyfriend and I don't need to hide the sound. During sex it's a bit distracting and there's a bright light on it which yeah makes it easy to spot but it's like having a flashlight on your lady bits and if you're used to having sex in the dark and don't like all your bits being lit up where your partner can see it then I would recommend putting your hand over the bright light. It does the job for sure and its lasted a long time!!! Very sturdy! And the material is sooo nice very smooth! I am not picky so I love it, but just trying to list things someone might be concerned about." — Jackie

Get it from Amazon now: $15.99


11. Fondlove Wireless Thrusting Dildo Vibrator

Top-rated: 4,195 ratings | 106 answered questions

Highlight: 6 telescoping and 10 vibrating intensity levels.

Helpful review: "This is the BEST dildo I’ve ever ordered online. I was recommended this by a friend. Previous dildos I have bought from other sites and place were ok, but were very hard (unrealistic touch) in addition some have had a smell that I can’t get rid of for the life of me. It’s like....gross. I don’t even use it. THIS one though is top shelf!!! I’m ecstatic to say there’s no smell and I will be using it promptly lol It came in a very discreet package. The box was in perfect condition and packaged well. No mention of the product inside. So no worries on someone seeing what you’ve ordered. The box itself is white and came Saran Wrap and this product is phenomenal. Charging is simple and easy and instructions are straight forward. I highly recommend this dildo Only thing is it cannot be completely submerged in water. Otherwise I’m quite satisfied." — Alana Davis

Get it from Amazon now: $39.97


12. Orlupo 2-in-1 High Frequency Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

Top-rated: 1,139 ratings | 16 answered questions

Highlight: Offers dual-stimulation for clitoris, nipples, anus and other sensitive parts.

Helpful review: "Package was discreet and delivered on time. My package included everything needed. It was precharged and ready to go. All the functions worked and it did have all the listed settings. The suction end doesn't suck at all. It vibrates. There's a type of suction that is created from putting it directly on your clit but it doesn't suck on you. It is soft and there's no discomfort putting it directly on you.
Now the different vibrations and patterns are low in intensity. More like a tickle to me. Which can be relaxing and more like foreplay but that won't ever finish the job for me. Just like the description says on the site, that end is more for beginners. Now the other end that is a precision stem. That does have a VERY HIGH POWER. Very intense. Not for those who don't want anything too strong. And I look for powerful. I'm glad this product listed it on the site. Saves me from disappointment. The precision stem also has a variety of patterns and intensities to choose from. It is direct stimulation and can finish you very quickly. It comes with two adapters for the tip. Which I recommend using. The precision stem is very stiff with nothing protective. It'd be great if it was covered in the silicone instead. I did try to use on my G-Spot with no success. Nonetheless I'll try again. It has a magnetic charger.
Connects quickly with no fuss. The light will blink when charging, then turn solid when complete. I didn't honestly time how long it was for a full charge but I want to say about an hour. The toy will stay charged for a long time and you can get many uses throughout. It lasted two straight hours before needing a recharge. It can be used solo or partnered. It's compact and easy to maneuver. The sound of it is like a hair trimmer. It's pretty low and dull. It works well with lube and cleans easily. I don't use in the shower, so I can't say how well it withstands being in prolonged water. I'll update later on the durability. As I'm a frequent user and I will use my toys to its extreme. I recommend it as a good buy and it's affordable. I am satisfied with my purchase." — Veronica

Get it from Amazon now: $23.99 & FREE Returns


13. YOSPOSS Realistic 9-Inch Dildo

Top-rated: 4,099 ratings | 47 answered questions

Highlight: "This extreme penis-shaped dildo for women will make you believe you are riding a real stud."

Helpful review: "I’m a straight male but enjoy anal play, especially with the wife. This also fits right into my wife’s harness. OMG!! This toy feels like my own penis. I tried it the day after I received it, and I thought I’d just give it a few quick in and outs while I was in the shower. About 15 minutes of riding this surprising amazing toy in my backdoor I actually blew a massive load like I haven’t done in a long time.
I had it stuck on the wall of the shower just at the right height, and just riding this and feeling the life like head and veins got me to unleash my load no hands needed! I was like damn ;-) It stayed right in place very well. The girth of this is just about right, it could be just maybe an inch or two longer with the same girth and the same material that this one is made out of. I would have given it a ten star if I could of!!
I was a pleasantly surprised at how life like it felt. I’ve never felt a another penis besides my own but wow it really does feel life like. The head and the veins feel really nice as it’s sliding in and out, and after a lil bit of play don’t worry about it coming out cause it’s just ridged enough that it’ll slide right back in and oh ya feeling the bottom of the head popping in and out is awesome. I highly recommend this toy. And no I didn’t get paid anything or get any off of the price, I paid full price, but it’s worth every penny that I spent! Great product washed up nicely with no odors from the toy or places it’s been. Definitely will purchase from Throny again fantastic toy and quick shipping and discrete packaging." — Jimbo

Get it from Amazon now: $16.99


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14. Tracy's Dog Vibrator and Nipple Suction Stimulator

Top-rated: 3,065 ratings | 55 answered questions

Highlight: 10 different modes to stimulate your clitoris, nipples and all other sensitive parts.

Helpful review: "Alright so I never write reviews but I had to do this because I am SHOOK. I have an entire chest of sex toys and this is absolutely the best toy I have ever used. At first I was surprised by how small it was. I tried the suction on my finger but I was unimpressed. I turned it on and I had an orgasm within seconds. I saw people complain about how loud it was but I thought it was relatively quiet. This thing put my magic wand to shame and it was only a fraction of the price. Not to get graphic but I couldn’t even feel my legs when I was done with it. Worth every penny." — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon now: $28.89


15. YOSPOSS Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug with 16 Vibration Modes

Top-rated: 2,334 ratings | 20 answered questions

Highlight: Graduated anal beads let you start slow with a 0.7” tip. Work your way slowly up to the 1.4” base for a thrilling, filling feel. Flared T-bar base prevents unwanted travel and stimulates perineum.