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I Tested And Reviewed The Best Asics Running Shoes In 2024

I decided to put these Asics running shoes to the test. I can report that they look great and fit well. They're also comfortable, durable and very affordable. Here's my hands-on review.

best asics running shoes

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Asics - Men's Road Running Shoes

best asics running shoes

Highlight: Lighter than expected, better than expected.

Helpful review: As a cadet, I need a pair of shoes that don’t weigh me down. They’re awesome, perfect for those extra long rucks in the outdoors. They didn’t need much breaking in, and they handled a 4-mile run with ease. The outsoles are flexible, making them feel like running shoes, which I just loved. However, if I’m being honest, the soles can wear out quickly, and the insoles could be better. Despite these itty bitty minor issues, they’re my favorite shoes for the past eighteen years. One hundred percent, without a doubt, and I’ll keep buying them.
One of the top features of these shoes in my opinion is how the design is so lightweight. They’re perfect for those who need to move quickly and efficiently, which is exactly what I look for when I do trail running. The outsoles provide moderate flex, making them comfortable for quick direction changes are hops over logs haha. However, I’ve noticed that this style does mean the soles are a bit softer and can wear out faster. But the upper construction is second to none. My oldest pair, which has seen heavy use, still has no frayed stitching or worn leather, and I love that.
These shoes also dry quickly, which is essential for field use. I’ve worn them in various conditions, and they’ve always performed well. They might be a bit cold for winter use, but for warmer weather, they’re perfect. I’d definitely recommend replacing the insoles for a better fit, but I do that on pretty much any shoe I wear. The laces tend to slip out occasionally, but it’s not a big deal.
Overall, they’re one of the lowest-priced high-quality shoes I’ve found. The soles do wear out fairly quickly because they’re made of light rubber and foam, and there’s no shank, so be careful stepping on sharp objects. The eyelets on the forefoot are just holes in the leather. Just keep in mind that if the leather dries out, the laces can rip through. Despite these issues, I think they’re great shoes, and I’ll buy them again.
So there you have it, whether you’re a cadet, a soldier, or just need reliable shoes for everyday hiking or running use, these will not disappoint. Ten out of ten, can definitely say yes! — Ray Campbell

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best asics running shoes


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