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I Tested And Reviewed The Best Fruit Fly Zapper In 2024

Fruit flies are a terrible nuisance, and having to chase them around with a swatter is insanely irritating. I tested the LiBa Electric Bug Zapper and can guarantee it works like magic.

best fruit fly zapper

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

LiBa Electric Bug Zapper - Lightweight and Easy-to-Clean

best fruit fly zapper

Highlight: A bug zapper that attracts annoying insects without chemicals.

Most helpful review: "When I say I hate bugs, I can’t emphasize that enough. I needed a solution, and I needed one fast. Enter the LiBa Electric Bug Zapper, the literal solution to all my problems. I’m not even joking! This baby started working in minutes, just as advertised. It’s exactly what I wanted and more, and not only that, but it kills pretty much every bug that flies near me. Seriously worth the value.
The fly infestation in my house was killing me. I couldn’t go to the bathroom without swatting a fly. And making food? Don’t even get me started. Bugs, bugs, bugs. Everywhere. I was so annoyed by all of it. I’m a big gamer, and when I’m free and have extra time, I like to just relax by my computer, and these things make it nearly impossible to actually relax.
They gravitate to my screen in no time. I literally couldn’t relax with the constant buzzing around me. Oh and even worse, when I found out that they were flying towards me because they’re attracted to the moisture in my eyes, mouth, and nose, I wanted to vomit. And then I learned that they needed moisture to breed. Like are you kidding me? I started having nightmares because of these pets. I wish I was joking. They’ve taken a toll on my mental health.
I tried everything before getting this zapper. Vinegar, dish soap, detergent, you name it. If a home remedy exists, I gave it a try. Apple cider vinegar? Yep. I have plenty of bottles now that I don’t even use. Mainly because the flies were too smart to be attracted to them. When they jumped for my mango flavored juice I have every morning, I decided to try that, and nope. Didn’t work. It’s almost like they have a vendetta against me and want to do whatever they can to piss me off. I’m not even joking lol.
Hence, me deciding to get this zapper. It was almost sixty bucks, which was more than what I wanted to spend, especially when you consider that I’ve already shelled out enough money trying to rid my house of these bugs. But I was at my last resort here, okay? So I did it.
And then I turned it on. And what happened?
ZAPPPPPPPPP. Yep. Within minutes of flicking this on, my house filled with the greatest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s like when you’re frying garlic–that popping sound, minus the smell. I walk over to the zapper and lo and behold there is a deceased fly on the little tray. IT WORKED. In minutes!
I can’t understate my excitement on this. I did a lot of research before taking the plunge with buying this one, and man am I happy I decided to go with this one. All the positive reviews were seriously accurate! I was worried the reviews were fake, but nope–they were real. It was like months of pent up worries had dissolved from me.
In one day, this thing took away such much anxiety I’d been keeping inside. And while, yes, I do have flies that occasionally wiggle their way through the holes in my screen, but this is nothing like the prior infestation I had. I’m not really sure where they’re coming from, but at this point it doesn’t matter. While I’m not necessarily finding them at their source, I’m killing them exactly where they’re bothering me most–in my safe space, in my home.
They don’t even appear on my blue screen monitors anymore. They literally will choose the bug zapper light bulbs over all other lights in my house, be it tv, lights, even the moisture in my face. I don’t even know what’s necessarily magical about the Liba Bug Zapper lights, but let me tell you, they are indeed freaking magic! Avada Kedavra you little pesky mofos!
When it comes to setup, it’s a serious breeze. It’s wrapped in bubble wrap, so you just have to peel it out. There’s a tiny little manual that is super easy to read and it lists all the safety and warranty info, you know just basic stuff that comes with normal products.
The biggest thing you want to pay attention to–don’t put it in a tight cramped spot. You want to make sure there’s some airiness around it, so when it murders the little bugs, no one else will get shocked by the zapper. Yeah, it’s that powerful. I’d definitely recommend putting it somewhere where there are no dogs, kitties, or kiddos. The bars have electricity on them, so that’s why. You just want to make sure you stay away from that.
Now there are little rubber black grips on the side, so you do have a safe place to grab it if you need to hold it. I definitely wouldn’t touch the bars, it’s just safer that way, trust me on that. The power cord is a solid, safe length too, so you’ll have some flexibility with where you decide to put it.
The one thing you should know though, these zaps are really loud when they electrocute the little buggers, so just keep that in mind when you use it. Honestly it’s now becoming music to my ears, like a rainfall, like a chorus to a symphony, I fall asleep listening to the sound of death, and I’m not afraid to admit it! Cue evil laugh! No other lights can compete with this thing. The bugs go straight to this thing, and then they die, and that’s that. It’s UV lights, and they’re more attractive than anything else.
When I say the money I spent on this is the best money I’ve ever spent, I seriously mean it. Like no joke. It’s saved me hundreds more on therapy for this bug infestation nightmares. I can’t recommend this product enough! It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought, and I mean that with my whole heart! If I could scream it from the rooftop I would–if you have a bug problem, you need this product, trust me on that!"

Get it from Amazon now: $55.99 & FREE Returns

best fruit fly zapper


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