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I Tested And Reviewed The Best Fruit Fly Zapper In 2023

Fruit flies are a terrible nuisance, and having to chase them around with a swatter is insanely irritating. I tested the LiBa Electric Bug Zapper and can guarantee it works like magic.

best fruit fly zapper

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

LiBa Electric Bug Zapper - Lightweight and Easy-to-Clean

Top-rated: 10,680 ratings

best fruit fly zapper


Highlight: No chemicals! This bug zapper functions from two lightbulbs designed to attract flying nuisances.

Most helpful review: "Starts working in MINUTES! Worth every penny. It WILL kill pretty much every flying insect.
For two whole months now I've been dealing with a nonstop fly infestation that seemed to be coming from behind my apartments somewhere, possibly a dead dog or cat or animal feces. I was at my wit's end. I'm sitting at my computer trying to game or just take care of work, and I couldn't go more than 10 or 20 minutes without having another one of these tiny flies walking on my monitor and flying in my face, trying to get into my eyes, mouth and nose (as they're attracted to moisture - because that's what they like to breed in). So imagine having to worry about bugs trying to go into any hole in your body to lay eggs in you on a daily basis. This was extremely annoying and infuriating.
I tried rice vinegar, which I had around the house, both by itself and with dish soap or laundry detergent, and that did nothing. Bought apple cider vinegar and not even one fly was caught after a whole day. The flies seemed to really like my mango juice so I tried putting some of that in a cup with a little soap for them to drown in but that proved very ineffective as well.
Then I finally had enough of it and forked out the $55 to get this baby here, the Liba Bug Zapper. Within a FEW MINUTES of me turning it on I heard a single very loud SMACK sound (like when you're frying something on the stove with oil and you're getting those loud smacking sounds of the oil cooking... I went over to my new bug zapper and something had been cooked alright, I saw one dead fly lying on the collection tray. I was ecstatic! It really works! All the great reviews I had been reading for several days were right! No fake reviews here... and now I know that for sure after using this AMAZING bug zapper myself.
I've had this zapper going for just one day now and my fly problem was solved! Now that's not to say I don't have any flies coming into my house anymore, they still come in regularly because really the only way to eradicate these things completely much like other pests is to eliminate the source, their habitat, where they're laying the eggs and reproducing. But in my case, I'd just rather not go through all that trouble of going outside and investigating because I live in a pretty rough area and that wouldn't be a good idea snooping around in these parts, glad I'm moving very soon.
Now the flies that do come around don't even bother with flying on my monitor or my TV screens like they used to. They just go straight to this bug zapper and die! When you see the product description saying the zapper is highly attractive to flying insects they mean it, this is a literal statement. They don't come after me OR my computer monitor anymore, they seem to LOVE the lights in the Liba Bug Zapper... which is fine by me, and this is one of the reasons I love this product so much.
It's very easy to setup, you just take it out of the bubble wrap, make sure to read the very short manual that gives you warranty and safety information. Then you just place it where you want it, plug it in and let the insect cooking begin! Just make sure not to place it in any 'cramped' areas. Put it somewhere it can just sit or hang by itself because this thing definitely packs a punch when things get zapped and you don't want your kids, your pets, yourself or anyone else getting shocked by it from touching the bars on it that have electricity running through them.
I like how you have the two black rubber grips to hold onto if you need to move the product while it's on or if you just turned it off and want to avoid touching the bars at all costs (which I think you should). And it also comes with two extra bulbs, very generous of you, LiBa. Moreover, the power cord is of generous length, which is great in case your power outlet isn't as close as you would like it to be, if you're placing it on top of a counter or something, and the outlet is near the ground.
But just be aware everyone, the zaps are in fact very loud when these pests are killed... This is good because it ensures the insect will die and has no chance for survival, but - I will tell you right now - if you live with other people they will hear it in other parts of the house. Had to explain what these loud popping sounds were coming from my bedroom haha... But it's worth it if I can have the peace of mind knowing it's doing it's job and I don't have to deal with these flies any longer. This zapper takes care of them for me. And don't worry about having other light sources in the room that may be competing with the zapper. This zapper has everything covered. LiBa did such a great job on this product, the insects will go straight to the zapper and pretty much ignore the other light sources 99% of the time. The UV lights on this are bright and attract them very well.
All in all, this is an excellent product, it was worth every penny. Thank you, LiBa, for making such a great product for all of us to enjoy. You've relieved so much unnecessary stress, you have no idea. Now I am at peace once again. I had my doubts about this product, I was skeptical. But not anymore. I was wrong." — Jeff

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best fruit fly zapper


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