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I Tested And Ranked The Best Trailer Tires On Amazon In 2023

If you own a trailer, RV or boat, you need tires that can actually support heavy loads for long driving distances. Reviewers are raving about these affordable options.

best trailer tires for the money

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Before we begin, here's a tip. When you buy tires from Amazon, you can have them shipped to your home, work, or a selected service center. Here are my top tire picks with hands-on reviews.

1. Free Country - Set of 4 Premium Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 2,783 ratings | 139 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Scuff Guard ring on tire wall for better tire-side protection.

Helpful review: "Decent trailer tires. My first set lived 17,000 miles hauling skid steer loaders and a mini excavator on BOTH interstate secondary roads AND rocky, rutted, treacherous west Texas ranch roads. My new set has lived up to my expectations and performed as needed. This new set has just over 9,000 miles. No problems, no flats, no issues. Same miserable rocky ranch roads here in the Big Bend of Texas. I still stand by the tire. I can't even guess whether the people complaining had some other issue with axles, bearings, alignment or overloading. My original spare tire will be replaced next time I buy a set just because of its age. It has, BTW, never touched the ground. I will buy again and I highly recommend this set." — Jason L. Duncan
Trending review: "Put these on a car hauler trailer. When I got them installed the shop was impressed with the quality. Have used them for over three months on several trips and no problems. My application is part-time use, so I would definitely recommend these tires for THAT use. Would purchase again. On some reviews, I noticed that they mentioned getting 1 and 2-year-old tires. I checked the DOT code on these and the tires were only 2 months old when I got them." — Ernie Beard
Reassuring review: "I installed two of these tires so far and I like them over my older tires. They appear to be slightly larger (diameter) than the older tires I have. This isn't a problem as it's only a slight difference. The extra ply tires and higher load range than my current set should provide more protection for my trailer on those long hauls to distant camp sites. I've been fortunate enough to never have a blow out, but with these tires I feel more confident that those chances have been lowered even more. They were easy to install using a Harbor Freight tire changer. The old tires came off and these new tires pop right on the rims. What about applying air and sealing the tires against the rim? They air up fine and the bead seats at around 30 PSI. The tires air up to a max of 65 PSI and did so without issue. I installed solid valve stems and a wireless TPMS senders on the valve stems, took the two tires I have done to be balanced, and then installed those two on my travel trailer. Two more to go this weekend and all four will be on and ready for my trip to Colorado." — Jerry Flores
Most-discussed review: "I was a little worried after reading some reviews on here. But, at the end of the day the tires were GREAT! I traveled about 150 miles with my 20 ft travel trailer with no issues at all. It saved me allot of money getting them. I wanna say they had a small issue mounting the tires at the shop, but other then that they’ve been great so far. A huge thank you to the sellers and to Amazon for these. And I’d advise people to buy them for travel trailers for sure 👍🏻" — Scott McClain

Get it from Amazon now: $335.98 & FREE Returns


2. Carlisle - Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 2,475 ratings | 195 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Greater heat resistance.

Helpful review: "Fast shipping and a quality product that exceeded my expectations. I shopped around in order to replace six trailer tires on two trailers following a blowout on a heavy trailer, which resulted in me changing that 8 bolt tire and wheel along I 94 at 1:00 AM in the morning because my Premier AAA Membership failed to send out anyone to change this tire. I waited 3 hours and was told the service would arrive within 40 minutes. Three hours later and 3 phone calls back to AAA resulted in me doing it all myself with cars racing by at 70 mph plus. Needless to say, I do not want to experience that again. So I purchased replacements for both my trailers because I noted sidewall cracking especially on a Goodyear product that failed. It seems they are prone to that, because these Carlisle tires I replaced them with hold up much better. I was quoted almost double the price for this name brand and higher pricing for off-brand tires. These arrived in a couple of days in good order and were mounted by my local tire shop for 40 bucks. Because they are heavy-duty tires, I am taking them to another shop for balancing and will have piece of mind again that I will be trouble-free on future trips." — Ricky Barajas
Trending review: "Probably the best price on these types of tires for your trailer that you will find. They are extremely cost effective and had a higher load rating than the manufacturer originally installed on my trailer. I deduct 1 star since they "can" be a pain to mount. These tires are shipped from China. Such tires are packed in "like sardines" for the boat trip across the Pacific Ocean to help keep shipping cost down. Thus, the tire beads really didn't want to separate/widen like normal tires to easily seat on both rim beads for inflation. I had to resort to using the ether/lighter method along with extremely fast air fill in order to get the beads seated and finish the mounting process. I don't recommend this method, but I needed to get my trailer back on the road ASAP!" — Rob Knox
Reassuring review: "These tires work well. I placed four of these tires on a tandem axle flat bed, and inflated to the maximum rating with trailer weight and load exceeding 8000 pounds. The tires felt good, tracked well, braked well, and handled road conditions of dry and wet pavement without problems at maximum speed. This tire review is for a trip of over 1,200 miles with road temperatures from 100 degrees to the lower 50s. These tires shown little to no wear for this trip." — Jan Vest
Most-discussed review: "I have been researching tires for my tandem axle trailer (7'x16' enclosed) for over a year now. This seemed to be the best deal by far. I needed this tire for the high temp rating, low friction, high speed, and 8 ply rating to haul motorcycles across the desert from L.A. to Dallas at max load. When I got them, the manufacturing date showed that they were only 4.5 months old. This appeared to be the super-deal I've been searching for. Outstanding! I just returned from my travels from Los Angeles to Houston and Dallas round-trip. I traveled 70mph in record breaking heat (118 degrees in Arizona). 4k mile trip. Tires held up great. No problems at all and no visible wear. 6000 pounds!" — Brett Baker

Get it from Amazon now: $102.00 & FREE Returns


3. eCustomRim - Tire and Wheel Combo

Top-rated: 1,180 ratings | 33 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Tire weight rating 1360 lbs; maximum pressure 50 PSI.

Helpful review: "We got these tires for our 97 StarCraft star master pop up trailer. I was a little worried about them because of 2 reviews that said they had blown fairly fast. But I'm extremely happy with them. We have been on at least 4 or more camping trips with them between 30 mins and 3 hrs from our house and they have done great. You really couldn't get a better deal anywhere else. I was stressing because we had a trip coming up and needed them within the next 3 days. I looked everywhere and they were so expensive. I looked on here and got a set of 2 for $150 and delivered in 2 days. Couldn't be happier. They are a must buy." — Katina Canoot
Trending review: "These tires are superior to my old trailer tires. I only wish I had found them sooner. Hands down, top quality for the money. Really, great tire at an affordable price. Very durable. We use our trailer a lot to haul heavy loads and these tires stand up to the abuse." — Jerry Walker
Reassuring review: "For the money you can't go wrong with eCustom tire and wheel combos. The price point is a just right balance for durability. I have spent much more money for high quality tires and wound up replacing them years later, not because they wore out, but because they dry rotted without being used. I have also bought the cheapest thing I could find and wound-up unexpectantly changing flats in dangerous or awkward situations. I do not have a problem with replacing something I wore out. We have never had a tire failure with eCustom brand tires." — Cap'm Easy
Most-discussed review: "I replaced a set that barely are worn, but are dangerously cracked from exposure. What I can report is that they look great. The unloaded contact patch is minimal, not a feature one would want on a car tire but on a trailer it means less rolling resistance. One feature we do want is a decent, rain-diverting tread. These tires seem to have plenty. My boat trailer looks like new again with the brilliant white rims." — Kenneth Fish
Updated review: "The tire/rim combo package shipped fast and arrived in great shape. They were a quick and easy install on my 2008 trailstar boat trailer, and were new tires (only a couple months old). The first trip was a little less than 900 miles with no issues. I rechecked the torque after the first 50 miles and checked the condition of the tires at every fuel stop. I am perfectly satisfied with this purchase and would buy again if needed." — Jim Fry

Get it from Amazon now: $159.97 & FREE Returns


4. Hykolity - Set of 2 Radial Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 416 ratings | 53 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Constructed with double steel belts and double polyester cords for increased durability.

Helpful review: "These tires are pretty good quality for their cost. I put them on a tandem, actual trailer, and they pull real good at high-speed seem to grip the road real well. So far they seem to be great running tires. Put 150 miles on them at 70 mph with no issues. I would buy them again." — Jerri Crane
Trending review: "Purchased these for used on a boat trailer. The tread isn't that deep, but they won't be used during the snow months. I think these will be good to get us to the boat ramp and back for a couple of seasons. Seem to be a good value for the price. The bead on these was tough to set, but eventually got them mounted." — Eric Stevenson
Reassuring review: "Only had them on for a few days put so far thy work grate on my 21ft boat. Got the size I needed very quickly. Everything is working good. Just a feed back I just took a 300 mile trip and back and the tires worked grate." — Charles Gordon
Most-discussed review: "We needed a set of tires for our trailer. These look good and so far have held up great. The price was amazing. We got a set for what others have paid for just a single tire. The set shipped and arrived early. I highly recommend this brand. I don't have anything negative to say as far as cons. And I'm an introvert." — Jill Roberts
Favorite review: "Great value for the money. Mounted up no issues. So far not many miles on my boat trailer but did great on a loaded and unloaded trailer so far. I'm satisfied with this purchase and recommend it to others. Yes, I've never came across this brand name before, but I really am satisfied." — Arielle Zern
Updated review: "I was pricing tires for my 10 foot utility trailer. This was a good deal and they are holding up well. I drove from Virginia to Pennsylvania and picked up a 1 ton mini excavator and came back. No issues with the tires. so if you're looking for something that is good in terms of durability and reliability, I highly recommend these tires even though I've never heard of this company before. And besides, I trust Amazon! the customer service is great and I have nothing to complain about." — Jon Borel

Get it from Amazon now: $119.99 & FREE Returns


5. Carlisle - Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 2,371 ratings | 108 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Compatible with popular utility and cargo trailer brands such as Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, Quality Trailers, Remeq, Road Force, Teske, Top Hat, Triple Crown and Wells Cargo.

Helpful review: "I wish they would put the tire in a box and not just ship it loose. That said, the two tires I have gotten have had no issues and ride to the lake twice a week. They are exactly what they should be for the money. They're of good quality, with a production date from 2 months ago, which is much newer than most tires in a tire shop! I mean it, these tires are a very good value and are ideal for what they are intended to do - used for a small trailer on a 100 mile or less trip. These tires are NOT for cross country towing. That kind of towing would require an investment in a much better tire. But if you plan on using these for reasonable short trips, you can't beat the value. I have had a set on my utility trailer for a year now with no problems. Remember to carry a mounted spare for emergencies." — David Bartlett
Trending review: "I purchased these tires for my single axle Dutchman Aspen Trail travel trailer. Approximately 4400lbs loaded. ST225/75 D15. I kept the PSI at 65 cold and with a tire pressure monitor system. I would remove air from the tires and air down if the PSI reached over 73. In a 2-week road trip from New Jersey to Wyoming, I put nearly 5,000 miles on the tires and had zero issues whatsoever. All in all, it was a great $400 investment, if you count mounting and balancing. Would highly recommend these tires." — Thomas Kelly
Reassuring review: "I was a little reluctant to purchase tires online because sometimes you get old tires that are five to six years old. The ones I received have a manufacturing date of a few months ago, which is great. I recently went on a trip and put 1,200 miles with these tires on my trailer with no problems at all. Are they the best tires in the world? No, they aren't! But what do you want for this price? For the money, they are good tires and should last several years. My local tire shop was able to mount them on my rims for $10 a tire and that was likely easier than trying to mount them myself." — Joe P. Dougherty
Most-discussed review: "The sidewalls on our 2003 Snow Bear 8000 Utility Trailer tires were severely cracked from years parked in the elements. So the price point of these tires definitely met our expectations. Took them to the local auto shop for installation with no problems. I have probably put 15000 miles on this trailer with these tires since purchasing them. I must say, they are holding up way better than I thought. The tread is still like new. So if you need a good Carlisle Tire and don't want to spend a fortune, these are great. All I can really add is that I love the tread as well as the thickness of the tire. If I had to buy them all over again, I definitely would. It's a trailer, what more can I really say about the tires other than, it's a great Buy." — Joseph Warren

Get it from Amazon now: $56.00 & FREE Returns


6. Free Country - Set of 2 Premium Trailer Tires

Top-rated: 2,564 ratings | 102 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Full Nylon Cap Ply for extra strong structure and tread-separation prevention.

Helpful review: " The tires are code dated. They look & feel good. They are now mounted on a boat trailer with a 17ft deep V boat & 90hp motor & fishing gear, about 2200lbs total! So there is some weight there. Just did my road trip home from the hot south to the cold north. After 2,000 miles, the tires worked perfectly with no problems. I drove at interstate highway speed all the way, in temp from 94° to 24° even in some snow, with no sway at all. The tires & tread still look new. I'm very happy with them and would buy again. Highly recommend!" — Cary & Shannon Wells
Trending review: "I got these tires for a used popup trailer that I recently purchased. I've owned boats and RVs for many years and one thing you don't do is go cheap on the tires. It's just asking for trouble, isn't it? RV and boat trailer tires last for years because they normally don't get that much wear and will look good on the outside, even though they may be rotten and ready to blow out on the highway. These tires met the Load Range requirement of my camper, came at a good price, and are much better than the ones I replaced. I've only put about 1,000 miles on them, but so far so good. Yes, I would recommend these tires." — Jerry Hensen
Reassuring review: "Perfect tires. Radial, look nice. Have a 1.5 ton utility trailer. Mounted these on some old rims. Made 3 trips with a yard of dirt (approx. 1 ton), and all went smooth like a dream. These are much better then the previous dry rotted bias ply tires I used. Those old ones, I was always scared they were going to blow. One thing to note, though. Tires are 60 PSI and the PSI gauge I use for all my other vehicles only go to 50 PSI. So you may need to pick up a new gauge for these tires. Will buy these again!" — Kory Beasley
Most-discussed review: "Bought 5 sets of these tires (10 tires total) and so far I am very pleased. Easy to have mounted at Walmart with lifetime balance and rotation (but note there's no road warranty for trailer tires - only personal/commercial vehicles). Installed these on two separate 2-horse bumper pull trailers and one spare for each. What can I say, this is a very good tire with two dots marked on the exterior of each for balancing, which I have only ever seen on higher-end tires. A very good, beefy-yet-quiet tread (yes, that's a self proclaimed technical term I just used there) that effectively pushes water out of the tires and provides an excellent grip. These are a grade higher than what I needed, as these are D-rated where I only needed C. However, for the price and quality I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again and again. I am very pleased with this purchase." — Joshua Hurst

Get it from Amazon now: $141.99 & FREE Returns


7. Carlisle - Sport Trail Bias Trailer Tire

Top-rated: 962 ratings | 124 answered questions

best trailer tires for the money


Highlight: Premier stability in harsh weather conditions..

Helpful review: "I ordered 8 tires total, and they were all shipped with a shipping label. They were exactly the same and came from the same place, but arrived on 2 different days. 7 tires were perfectly shaped and easy to mount, but one was distorted at some point (I guess during shipping). I slightly heated it (<200°) in an oven which seemed to help. Got it mounted but it wouldn't bead on the rim. Left it out in the sun a day, used a lot of soapy water, wrestled with it a bit, and it finally beaded. Overall, they look good mounted. Hope they perform for years to come." — Joe Eaton
Trending review: "These are really excellent tires, I'm serious. I have been using this tire brand and model on tow truck dollies for years. To speak from my experience, I can tell you that even though these tires have been exposed to the weather 24/7, none has shown any sign of cracking and they all hold pressure well. Wear is always consistent. I will continue to use these tires. Other brands I have used have shown signs of cracking due to weather and have been replaced (even though their tread was decent). Cracked tires expose you to the risk of a blow-out while towing. When comparing this tire with the one shown below, please note that the tire pressure and work load are different even though they look the same." — Ed Jacobson
Reassuring review: "Product came as described. I read the description before making the purchase, so I knew I was only purchasing the tires. I had them mounted on my rims yesterday and towed my boat to the lake. The trailer had a smooth ride and really seemed to absorb the road bumps better than the tires I replaced. I'm completely satisfied with this purchase. But note that mine it going mostly short distances. Regardless, this is a name brand tire that I heard only good things about, and I tried it myself so I feel confident about recommending it to other trailer owners who are looking to replace their tires.." — Simon Lambert
Most-discussed review: "I shopped around locally for boat tires and then decided to order these. I'm glad that I did! Please note that this is the TIRE ONLY. There is no wheel included. I expect to get at least a few seasons of use from these, before I replace my boat trailer's tires again. I use these tires on a Bayliner 185 boat trailer. They appear to be good quality." — IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

Get it from Amazon now: $28.07 & FREE Returns

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