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I Tested And Reviewed The Jabra Elite 75t (With Pictures!)

If you’re toying with the idea of going true wireless with your earbuds, you can’t go wrong with the newly redesigned Jabra 75t. They offer superior sound with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and incomparable fit.

jabra elite 75t

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Jabra Elite 75t: True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case

Top-rated: 13,162 ratings | 555 answered questions

jabra elite 75t


Highlight: Allows you to hear your surroundings while on a call. Plus, you can use just one bud with Mono Mode.

Helpful review: "I don't write many reviews unless I feel something really deserves it, so here we go! First off I moved from the Jabra Active 65t's and most of the issues/gripes I had with the 65t's look to be resolved with the 75t's. I'll cover the gripes/improvements, then some pros and cons.
Gripe Number 1: The charging case
The charging case on the 65t's was this weird type of case where you had to squeeze the side or the center to open them, not a pain, just different. The 75t's have that fixed, it's an easy open magnetic case, love the fact it's magnetic and a strong one at that.
Gripe Number 2: Earbuds in the case
The 65t's just kind of sat in the case, there was no positive engagement and you had to rely on a light to tell you if they were connected, sometimes if I was in a hurry and I didn't confirm the buds were properly inserted they wouldn't charge, same goes if I needed to open them in a hurry the buds would sometimes pop out and fall on the ground. The 75t's are magnetically connected, this is friggin fantastic! Such an improvement, can't say how much I love this as they stay in there, in fact the magnet is so strong that you have to be intentional to get them out.
Gripe Number 3: The on earbud buttons
I found the 65t's button on the earbuds themselves to be a bit stiff/hard to press and having additional pressure on my ear was a tad uncomfortable. The 75t's have much more sensitive buttons, and I love that they are single buttons, yes there are different combinations to remember but I feel having softer buttons is a huge plus.
On to the PRO's!
The sound:
I think the sound on these is definitely a tad better that the 65t's, there is a lot more bass, and I do mean A LOT. In fact I need to turn down the bass a little through the Jabra app, I guess you could say too much bass is a negative, but I enjoy hearing the lower end on all my songs.
Battery life:
I am getting an average 7.25 hours using middle volume, if I keep the volume high, the run time is a little lower, roughly 6.75 hours. One thing I haven't tested is run time without using the EQ in the app, I'm sure if I left the EQ as default or flat I could squeeze a tad more out? Also the case packs a lot more backup charge than the 65t's, overall a huge jump from the 65t's.
Hear through:
One of my favorite features is hear through...I can't rave enough about it as I use these primarily in an office setting and not having to take them out to hear co-workers or have conversations is a huge plus for me.
The Case:
Fantastic improvements on the case, love that it's magnetic, magnetic earbuds and strong ones at that, no more lost earbuds.
Charge port:
USB-C! Being that the industry is making a change to USB-C it's nice to have one less cable to support.
To the CON's!
The Bass:
One could say the bass is a tad to strong? However I rather enjoy it, I'm a big over the head, can wearing guy so getting a little more bass out of my on the go headphones is a rather nice plus, but some could be turned away.
Ear bud magnets:
The magnets holding these little guys in are strong, and with the ear buds being tiny they can be difficult to get them out. The other side of this is they won't be easily lost, so again choose your battles.
Overall thoughts:
I love the fact you get so much better battery life (and case battery too), strong bass, and great sound in such a tiny profile. Not to smash on the Air-pods, but these 75t's stay in my ears, I don't have a fear of them falling out during workouts, and they fit just as snugly (heck if not better) as the 65t's. I'm excited to use these in the warmer months on my longer bike rides. I think just the extra battery life these things pack to last me the work day and not need to do a mid day charge is a huge win and a reason to purchase and or upgrade." — J. Rhods

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jabra elite 75t


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