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  • Casey Wilson

The Best Lawn Mowers According To American Gun Owners

I’ve gone through thousands of hands-on reviews and rounded up the most affordable, well-made and long-lasting options for lawns of every size. Happy mowing!

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Greenworks 16-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower + 4.0Ah Battery and Charger

Top-rated: 7,451 ratings

Greenworks 16-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower with 4.0Ah Battery and Charger

Highlight: Up to 45 minutes of runtime on a fully charged 4.0 Ah Battery.

Helpful review: "After getting fed up with the high maintenance requirements of gas mowers and the hassle of using corded mowers, I finally sprung the $300 for this one. So far, it's been fabulous. I've never run out of juice from the battery yet, and I've done jobs that last about 45 minutes. The battery is easy to get in and out of the charger and the mower. The handle easily folds down for more compact storage. It runs very smoothly and quietly. My favorite part is the very easy lever mechanism to adjust the mowing height.
I can't talk about the bag, because I just mow with the bag off to get some mulch on my yard. Doing that, I don't get any grass splash on my pants, which is also nice. The only drawbacks to this thing are that it's only 16 inches wide, which is less than some other mowers, and it isn't self-propelling. However, I wasn't looking for a bigger or self-propelling mower. Now I really wish I had just bought this right off the bat instead of dealing with other, less convenient mowers in the past." — Spencer

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2. Sun Joe Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher with a Collection Bag

Top-rated: 11,480 ratings

Sun Joe Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher with a Collection Bag

Highlight: Detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal.

Helpful review: "I was a little wary about this product since it looks like so much plastic and I've never had much luck with plug-in lawn equipment. Of course I am going back 20-30 years for that statement! When I got the Sun Joe, it was packed very neatly in the box and everything came out easily. When assembling it, I found it very easy. I read that some people complained about the cheap Philips screws that screwed into the handle. I had only a slight problem with one so I screwed it into the handle first to start the threads and then removed it, put the handle together and then screwed the Philips screw back in. Worked like a charm! The cable clamps work okay but the cable seems to be much longer than needed so it sticks out in a loop and it did get caught once on something I was going around. I fixed that by moving the cable to the inside of the handle.
The real test was going over my very rough lawn the first time. I didn't really think it would do much because of the 4 year drought we've had here in California. The ground was not super dried out since our very wet winter but I just wasn't sure. I started it up and ran my first line down the yard. WOW! It cut right through that old grass like nothing. The motor felt very powerful and went through it like butter. I was amazed at just how much the scarifier pulled up! I was only going to test it but then got carried away and did the whole yard. It is about 550 square feet so it didn't take too long. I didn't want to rake all the thatch up so I used my blower to blow it all into a big pile. Then I threw it over the fence for the cows to munch on.
Then I decided "what the heck" and put the dethatching tool on and went at it again. This time I put the bag on to see if what people have been saying was true about it holding very little. They were right! I could only make 1 pass on each strip and then had to dump the bag or thatch would accumulate in front of the Sun Joe. In my case, I can just walk over the the fence and dump it over for the cows so it wasn't that big of a deal. It took a little longer but I ended up with a huge amount of thatch that the dethatcher pulled out even after the scarifier did its job. Then I did another quick pass with the blower and was done.
After not dethatching my lawn for the last 10 years, I was quite pleased with the results. The machine was quick, light and efficient. It comes with a two year warranty but if you think about it, how often would you use this machine? Once every year at most so you may only get 2 uses out of it before the warranty is up. If it breaks down on the 3rd use, well, your warranty is already up but I don't think that would happen after listening to it and feeling it cut through the mess I had. It handled it easily. I would highly recommend this product!" — frodoboy (Top Contributor: Photography)

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3. Four-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower by American Lawn Mower Company

Top-rated: 9,631 ratings

14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower by American Lawn Mower Company

Highlight: Capable of cutting grass up to 4 inches tall.

Helpful review: "Okay first of all, I'd just like to say that I am autistic, and I absolutely LOATHE mowing the lawn... I finally decided to see if any old-fashioned mowers still existed, because I would much rather deal with something slower and time-consuming if it meant I wouldn't have to deal with using a normal lawn mower. Imagine my surprise when I found that there are /new/ manual lawnmowers, and I can just order them from Amazon! So I decided I had nothing left to lose, and I would give it a try.
Best. Decision. EVER.
NOTE OF ADVICE: If you have difficulty putting it together (specifically, attaching the handle to the blade part), find someone with more upper-body strength to help you. They'll get it done in two seconds. (it took me half an hour of attempting to do so before I gave up and waited for my sister to get home so she could help me). Also: it only cuts while you're pushing it forward, so all you have to do to move it when you're not cutting is to pull it along behind you.
As for cutting grass? I love it. It works perfectly, aside from a few snags on branches that I didn't notice. If you move it forward and back a few times, you can cut even tall weeds! Much easier than pulling them out by hand in the areas that the normal gas mower can't reach.
It's not silent, but it's also not the deafening roar of a gas mower. If I had to describe the sound, I'd say it's a whooshing sound, and much much quieter than a gas mower. Plus, you don't have to deal with your arms vibrating or constantly having to turn the mower back on!
No more buying gas, no more struggling to pull on the cord hard enough to turn the mower on, and no more complicated wire-pulling to turn it off. All I have to do is push forward, and the grass gets cut. Stop walking, and it stops cutting. It's easy to maneuver, and it's not so heavy that I can't pick it up and carry it up a flight of stairs to my porch if I need to. I'm never using a gas mower again." — Micah

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4. Sun Joe Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower + Two 4.0-Ah Batteries and a Charger

Top-rated: 1,356 ratings

Sun Joe Mulching Walk-Behind Lawn Mower with Two 4.0-Ah Batteries and Charger

Highlight: Perfect for small to medium lawns, the battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 17" wide path with precision in a single pass.

Helpful review: "I will admit to being somewhat skeptic about a small lightweight battery operated mower, but WOW! I love it! Got here two weeks sooner than stated, lightweight even in the box. Took approx. 15 minutes for me to unpack it, and assemble it. Plugged in the charger and let them charge during supper and then went out to start it up to see how noisy it was. Super easy start...mowed one strip just to see how it mowed...raised it up a few notches (which by the way is done VERY easy with the lever) and ended up mowing the entire yard because it was so easy and fun!! Visited with a young man on bicycle who said he loved my mower, while I was mowing!!
When I finished, approx. an hour later, the yard looked amazing and I still had 2 bars left on the batteries. The handles very easily fold up so it can be stored just about anywhere, and I cleaned it up with the leaf blower. The only bad thing I can come up with is the small 17 inch blade...I was using a 21 inch gas mower so yes, it took a few extra swipes but seriously...I didn't even notice. I could have mowed all night!
To share: I am a 59 year old woman who had both knees replaced a year and a half ago and mowing is not going to be the worst chore anymore!! Thank you SunJoe!!" — Amazon Customer

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5. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower with Trimmer and Edger

Top-rated: 6,486 ratings

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger

Highlight: Corded mower, trimmer and edger combined in one compact machine.

Helpful review: "I live in an area where "lawns" are rock. I put in a small patch of grass between my back door and patio to accommodate two new fur babies I acquired. The area was too small for a regular mower. A rotary wouldn't work because it was Bermuda grass. So I tried this. It is great! I was gone for a little over a week and my grass, coming out of dormancy, just went nuts. When I got home I unboxed my B&D mower and went to work. It made short work of the mowing. With a touch of my toe the weed eater was released from the mower deck and I could trim around flower beds and sidewalk. It is lightweight so easy to carry to the garage. Super simple to assemble. I'm a 67-year-old widow who put this thing together and mowed my green area with it. So easy. I wouldn't want to mow a large lawn with it, but if you have a small area, this works like a champ and leaves the lawn looking finished and clean. So glad I bought it." — Zuker

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6. EGO Power+ Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower with a 5.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger

Top-rated: 1,260 ratings

EGO Power+ Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower with a 5.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger

Highlight: Up to 45 minutes of run time on single charge with the recommended 56V 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium battery.

Helpful review: "Amazon had this mower on sale for $399 which is a $100 less than anywhere else. That makes this mower a great bargain considering the battery and charger if purchased separately are over $300. I have a smaller lot in the city and find this mower to be the perfect size to mow my lawn. The mower is super easy to push and very quiet. The 20 inch steel deck combined with the 5AH battery and brushless motor makes this the perfect choice for people who have a smaller lot but still want the features and durability of a larger mower. We had a minor hiccup after the initial battery installation and trial mowing. We turned the mower off and then back on and it wouldn't start. Instead the power meter flashed orange. I pulled out the battery and reinserted it and the mower started right up and haven't had any issues since. I highly recommend this mower." — KendallTom

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7. Greenworks 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

Top-rated: 10,031 ratings

20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower by Greenworks

Highlight: Unlimited run-time with AC corded power.

Helpful review: "I've had this mower for a little over a year now. It has served me and my lawn well.
A little backstory about why i chose to go with an electric mower: My weekly chore growing up was having to cut the lawn at my parents (1/3 acre); my parents had a craftsman mower which had powered wheels and ran on gasoline. The powered wheels were nice to have because the backyard had a slight downward hill to it but I hated dealing with the gasoline. I disliked having to go refill (albeit occasionally) the gas can or getting gasoline on my hands while trying to fill the mower with gas. sometimes, I would spill a little gas while trying to fill the mower. Not a dealbreaker but it was just annoying.
I bought a new house recently and this lawn is significantly smaller (1/8 acre) and pretty level so I decided to give this corded mower a try. Plus, my neighbor across the street, whose house was situated on a similarly sized plot, used an electric mower and he told me that he's never had a problem.
The toughest part about using a corded mower is figuring out the best way to maneuver/cut the lawn without having to constantly adjust the power cord. Once you get that down, you will enjoy using this mower - it's got enough power to handle lawn mowing and even the occasional wayward branch. It's easy to maneuver and switch between bagging/mulching. I like how the top half of the handle is held by easy-release brackets so that you can fold the top half of the push bar when you store the mower. The craftsman one my parents had did not have this feature and the mower took up much more space in their shed. It's easy to adjust the height of the blade, there's only one lever to adjust.
Here's a couple of tips for those considering doing the switch to electric mowers.
1.Buy yourself a nice extension cord that will A) stand out from the lawn color and B) reach from the power source to the farthest corner of your lawn. I originally used the "outdoor" extension cord that i had for the christmas ornaments which was a dark green color. While I never had a mishap running over the cord, it took more effort trying to locate it as I was mowing the lawn. I switched to 50ft BRIGHT ORANGE power cord and have been using it ever since.
2. Figure out the best way to mow based on how your lawn is situated and where the power source is. NOW MEMORIZE THAT PATTERN. It took a few mowing sessions for me to determine the best way to mow without having to constantly reposition the power cord but I've got it memorized now and I just follow that same pattern every time I mow. I don't mind that its a corded mower one bit. Generally, its easiest to start at the point in the lawn that's closest to the outlet and end at the furthest point from the lawn. I keep the cord between my two legs while I mow so that when I do the U turn at the edge of the lawn to do the next line of grass, the cord easily follows behind the mower.
All in all, this is a great mower at a great price, its got all the power and features that one could need. It is a little quieter than a gas mower so for those of you go-getters who insist on mowing the lawn at 8am on Saturday when the rest of the world is sleeping in, your neighbors will thank you." — by12on

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8. Craftsman Gas-Powered 21-Inch Lawn Mower with Bagger

Top-rated: 2,175 ratings

Craftsman Gas Powered Push 21-Inch Lawn Mower with Bagger

Highlight: 21-inch cutting deck helps trim grass in one quick pass for an easier yard job.

Helpful review: "This mower was the best investment. The cutting was nice and clean looking, the maneuvering was easy, and light weight to handle made for a quick pass! When the package arrived, I was quite pleased that it didn't weigh a ton.
There were a few issues I had with how the shape of the box was in when it was finally delivered. You could tell it was roughed up from not being handled with care. There was the original tape that it was sent out with that was pulled at certain places and the top wasn't even closed. But the postal service had used shipping tape 7 times amongst the top to hold it shut. Which was a bit worrisome thinking that something could have fallen out in transit. Then when the carrier arrived, they carried it over to the designated spot asked to place it and just tossed it down as if it wasn't there problem anymore. I was mildly irritated, but after was definitely pleased when they left finally! And by no means was the manufacturer responsible for the shape it was in when it finally arrived. I just wanted to make that clear because a lot of the time, customers review certain items received being under the impression it's the sellers fault, when it isn't!!
Now with the mower itself, when I removed it from the box, it was in pristine shape, Thank Goodness!!! Great job on the coating and color choice for it. The manuals and oil were in a sealed bag which was nice. Didn't have to worry about a mess everywhere if something spilled or leaked out. Easy to read, and follow for the instructions on the "How To" parts. Looking at the mower itself to put it in place was actually pretty self explanatory! Pull this, bend here, screw this in place. And it was done. 20mins. Good from start to finish! And I really like how the pull cord is allowed to be pulled and in place along the side of the handle. Less back breaking bending over every time. And the gas cap has a feature in it that clicks when putting the cap on so you're not having to use a monkey wrench to try and get it off due to accidentally putting it on to tight. (Which I have done in the past accidently).
Now for the pleasure of the performance. It took 2-3 pulls to start it for the first time, as I was expecting being it was the first time. But it started up and ran so smooth! The Auto Choke feature of it is a nice touch, so no pushing a plastic bubble to prime it. The throttle/Red Handle is set at a great setting. Doesn't sound like a helicopter taking off or a motor boat on low. I was a bit excited to be honest. It doesn't have a handle grip, but again, it was not an issue being as it was a nice smooth finish with the coating so it doesn't feel rough on the hands. The red bar that you hold down before you pull the cord is the same nice smooth finish, and there's no hand pinching when holding the two together!
With the pushing, the shells are a nice size. Not bulky and over the top, but makes great for right maneuvers when needed in my opinion. We have a rough yard being out in the country, but it didn't faze it one bit. Ran over the bumps and dips as if they weren't there. (Not that it's like mowing in a rock quary or anything but still) No hitches or stalls with the tall grass areas. Which means the blade is beautifully sharp. I did choose the option of using the side chute for dispelling the grass. If I used the bag to catch it, I'd be emptying it every other row. The mulching option I thought about, but the grass was to tall for my comfort to use it at the time. But will try it out eventually, I Promise!!!
We live on a 1 1/3 acre lot outside of town, so that gives an idea of how much I had to mow with it. About 1 whole acre of yard with this was no trouble at all. And after I was finished mowing, I left it set to do the whole, "Cool Down" thing, as some may do just out of caution when a mower has ran for almost 4 hrs with 15 min breaks ever hour as to not over heat it to death. Tilted it back and wiped the excess grass off the blades and in the pocketed area behind the blades, as well as the top, and it was done.
I would highly recommend this mower for anyone who is looking for an affordable HIGH quality mower. It really saved me a bundle compared to the other options I had. Thank you Craftsman for making yet, another satisfied customer!!!" — Caleb A Temple

Get it from Amazon now: $359.99


9. WORX 14-Inch Lawn Mower with Two 20V Batteries

Top-rated: 1,732 ratings

WORX 14" Lawn Mower with two 20V Batteries

Highlight: A single lever lets you set the height you want to cut your lawn, depending on the season, or just your preference.

Helpful review: "I'm a huge Worx fan, but I'll admit that I was a little skeptical on how this would perform compared to a gas mower. I've had this mower for a couple of weeks now and it's great! It comes nicely packaged and mostly assembled. If you're someone that avoids assembly of any kind, don't worry about it with this mower, anyone can do this. The few assembly steps needed, takes about five minutes and doesn't require any tools.
In the box: The mower comes with two large capacity (4.0Ah/72Wh) 20v batteries and a dual charging station. If you have other 20v Worx products, you can use these batteries and any 20v Worx batteries interchangeably with their entire line. When using the included charger, it takes about four hours to recharge both batteries when completely drained. One cool feature that I really like is the battery level indicators on each battery and also on the mower. Aside from being able to check each individually, the indicator on the mower tells you the battery level when they're both installed. It comes with a very sturdy clippings bag that I haven't used. It comes with a mulching plug that you drop in when you want to recycle the clippings back into the yard, which is what I do. Please keep in mind that It's a bit on the small side and requires more passes than a typical gas mower. I don't mind, because it's so much easier to push and maneuver than a gas version weighing twice as much.
Even though I've only owned this for a few weeks, I'm impressed. If this machine proves to be well made like my many other Worx products, I look forward to using this mower for many years to come. If you have a small to medium sized yard and are in the need of a new mower, give this one a try, you'll be glad you did!" — Mark

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10. LawnMaster 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

Top-rated: 1,360 ratings

16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower by LawnMaster

Highlight: Adjustable handle and efficient grass collection (8 gallons).

Helpful review: "Lightweight and very easy to operate. It's so quiet. Looks requires to no maintenance. Generally cuts quite well. It's perfect for users who might not have much experience mowing their yards and might have been reluctant to do so with a heavy gas operated mower. I strongly recommend this product. No oil. No gas. Just plug it in. Very productivity." — Jiaka Xu

Get it from Amazon now: $139.73


11. Craftsman 21-Inch Self-Propelled Gas-Powered Lawn Mower with Bagger

Top-rated: 1,122 ratings

Craftsman 21-Inch Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with Bagger

Highlight: Powerful gas engine comes equipped with recoil and auto choke. No more fussing with a primer or choke - just pull to start!.

Helpful review: "It was an easy assembly out of the box. We had a little trouble because we didn't set the handle bar correctly, so some of it was still down by the blade, which made it so the blade wouldn't turn. But once we got that set we were good. Also, we read NOT to cut the zip ties, but we didn't read that until after we cut the zip ties. So we had to go to the store and buy more as they really are needed to hold the cords in place.
But it starts incredibly easy with one pull and has multiple speeds, so we have it going pretty fast right now and can get through the lawn in record time! :) This is a good lawn mower!" — Anne C

Get it from Amazon now: $395.19


12. StaySharp Max Reel Mower by Fiskars

Top-rated: 1,618 ratings

StaySharp Max Reel Mower by Fiskars

Highlight: New reversible grass chute can be positioned to direct clippings forward, away from your feet, or backward and downward.

Helpful review: "Look, I wanted to wait to write a review on this product until I used it for at least 3 months, and let me tell you this mower RUNS! Mowing the grass is not enjoyable period, regardless of what mower you have its still WORK. I think peoples expectations of this mower is that it will just cut the yard by its self which obviously is not the case. The mower takes the same amount of effort as pushing a standard gas mower as long as you do not allow the grass to turn into a jungle. Not going to lie the first time I cut it took some additional effort because the grass was so high. But as long as you put in the effort to cut frequently you will love this mower. If your the type of person that just lets the grass go and waits until you cant see out your windows then this mower is NOT for you.
The mower has some nice features and upgrades from previous reel mowers. The handle is adjustable to multiple heights. The blades cut to the outside of the wheels so you get a nice wide cutting path. Blade height adjustments are easy, just one lever chooses height of cut. Blade adjustments are easy in 3 months I had to adjust the blades once, which is simply just turning 4 bolts and taking a test piece of paper and running it through the blades to make sure it cuts. Very simple maintenance process. Biggest thing is this mower is chain driven. Most reel mowers I've seen have a plastic gearing system which are prone to breaking/stripping. Gear ratio is good and really gets the blade spinning fast even from a walking pace. The cut is smooth but from time to time it will miss a blade or two. I usually take two passes over the same spot to ensure it is even as possible. The mower does improve the quality of the grass, standard gas mowers tear and rip grass while this mower gives a clean cut like scissors and gives it a cleaner look.
And best of all NO GAS, NO NOISE I start cutting my lawn at 6-7 in the morning without disturbing the neighbors and while its still cool in the mornings, huge plus! Overall the mower is great for those who are not lazy and consistently keep up with their lawn." — Christian Frias

Get it from Amazon now: $192.97


13. Greenworks 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower with 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Batteries and Charger

Top-rated: 5,847 ratings

Greenworks 20-Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower with 4.0Ah + 2.0Ah Batteries and Charger

Highlight: 20-inch cutting deck offers a great balance of maneuverability and cutting capacity making it ideal for mid-sized areas.

Helpful review: "My wife and I wanted a mower that wasn't as loud and noisy as a gas mower, didn't require burning oil, and didn't vibrate as much. This mower fulfilled all of our wishes. We have a 1/3 acre lot, and this mower with two batteries works just fine. The only time we need to recharge the batteries half way through mowing is when we wait way too long between mowings, and the motors need to do some extra work to chop down the tall weeds. This mower is fairly easy to push, since it is much lighter weight than a gas mower. We also bought the electric trimmer that uses the same battery system, so we were sure to buy that kit with an extra charger and battery. Sometimes we use the extra battery, but it is nice to have just in case. Overall, I would buy this again and am quite satisfied.
Update 5/17- Still using this mower all the time, and it still works great. I've taken to only using one battery at a time, and keeping the other on the charger while mowing. Not sure it makes a difference, but I like it anyway to take a little break while mowing to switch batteries. When done mowing, I do tip the mower on its side and clean the underside. Some more expensive mowers have a water hose attachment to clean the underside, but I'm not sure I would spray water into the motor on this unit. :-) Using a stick works just as well, and seems to keep things working better.
Update 9/25- So, I may have let the lawn go a little. I ignored the grass for a few weeks thanks to overtime at work, family matters, and just generally being lazy when I got home. The grass in the back yard made it up to a good 8-10" tall. I thought for sure I would need a gas mower to power through that. Sure enough, my battery powered greed thing powered through it. Sure, I had to empty the silly bag way more often than I wanted (I never mulch), but the mower never stopped mowing because it was too thick. I'm still impressed, and still happy. Only thing I'm looking for is a grinder to sharpen the blades. Apparently a set of two replacement blades cost less than a "jackson" on Amazon with Prime shipping. I've found if I wait until the afternoon to mow when the grass is more dry, there is no need to clean the underside of the mower. Still 100% satisfied with this device, and 100% recommended." — A. Schuett

Get it from Amazon now: $339.15


14. PowerSmart Self Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with 5 Cutting Heights

Top-rated: 830 ratings

PowerSmart Self Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with 5 Cutting Heights

Highlight: Self-propelled 21-inch mowing deck; Equipped with powerful 170cc 4-stroke gas engine; Self propelled with 7" front wheel and 8" rear wheel.

Helpful review: "This lawnmower works like a top! It was all put together, I inserted a couple of screws to tighten the handle. And it was ready to go. The grass was a little bit wet from all of the rain and it still handled everything great right from the start no problems. I was concerned because of the mixed reviews, about 40% bad reviews but this review is going to go on the good side. This being my first self-propelled lawn mower brand new, five stars!" — pebs

Get it from Amazon now: $289.99


15. Earthwise 16-Inch Electric Dethatcher

Top-rated: 431 ratings

Earthwise 16-Inch Corded Electric Dethatcher

Highlight: Lawn cultivator with 16" working width and convenient 10-gallon debris catcher for quick and easy dethatching of your yard.

Helpful review: "Took a chance on this product as there was only a few reviews at the time and everyone was purchasing the Sun Joe version, and the additional width is what caught me first. Having this extra width versus the 10" sunjoe really made a difference and I did 12k Sq ft of