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I Tested And Ranked The Best Luggage Sets On Amazon 2023

Looking to upgrade your travels with a reliable, high-quality luggage set? These affordable options will keep your belongings safe and organized! Here are hands-on reviews.

best luggage sets

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Amazon Basics - 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

Top-rated: 41,812 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Easy to move with 4 double spinner wheels, telescoping handle, and short handle.

Helpful review: "I've purchased 2 sets of these. The first set I purchased for myself when I began traveling for work. It is now 6 years old, has been all over the world and still looks brand new! I purchased a second set last year for my son who is away at college and has to fly back and forth to come home for breaks. He was able to pack most of his belongings and fly home at the end of the year. Now, our daughter is getting ready to go away to college as well and I am going to purchase a THIRD set of this luggage because you simply can't beat the build quality and price point!" — Bryce Payton
Trending review: "We purchased 4 of the 21" version of the Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner for a two week trip to Europe. 4 bags (20 sets of wheels) toted on an off plans, trains, metro and through city walks (usually in the 0.5 to 1.0 mile range) as we made our way from London to Paris, the Pyrenees, Toulouse and back again. No issues whatsoever. The size was ideal four my wife and our 10, 14, and 16 year old girls to maneuver by themselves and we packed all that we needed for a summer trip with laundry access every 3-4 days. They also carried small-ish days packs if you're wondering (REI Flash 22 and Osprey Talon). We spent a lot of time thinking through this aspect of our trip and these bags were perfect, perfect, perfect. We did by separate TSA locks (Fosman Cable type). Highly recommend - enough to cause me to write my first Amazon review ever." — Michael Galvin
Reassuring review: "As far as carry-ons go, this is probably the best value on the market. It seems to meet the carry-on size restrictions for most airlines, and if it exceeds somebody’s rule by 1 inch, nobody’s going to notice, and it will still fit in the overhead bin. The zippers are sturdy— a good sign. What’s the first part that goes bad on anything with a zipper? The wheels are great and swivel in every direction. I love being able to push the carry on straight in front of me instead of tilting it, and pulling it shins me. The only problem with these things is that several passengers on your next flight will be shoving exactly this carry-on in the overhead bin, so you better follow your grandmother’s advice and tie a fuzzy ball of yarn or some red surveying tape on the handle. Otherwise you’ll feel a little panic when you think you see somebody walking off with your luggage." — Kathryn Bartlett

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2. Samsonite Omni PC - Expandable Luggage Set

Top-rated: 23,140 ratings | 962 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: 10 year warranty.

Helpful review: "The Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage is not just a suitcase. Oh no, it's the diva of airport runways, the unmissable flamingo in a sea of luggage monotony. The color? Let's just call it Radiant Pink or 'Where’s-My-Sunglasses-At' Pink! This 24-inch checked-medium luggage doesn't just hold clothes, it gobbles them up. I packed two weeks' worth of vacation outfits, a hoard of beach towels, three novels, and I'm pretty sure I lost my Chihuahua in there at some point. (Don't worry, Fifi was found safe and sound hiding in a shoe.) The hard-shell exterior is tougher than a diamond-coated armadillo. It took the full brunt of airport baggage handling like a champion, emerging on the carousel unscathed and gleaming like a pink beacon of victory. It scoffs at rough handling, chuckles at scratches, and has a hearty laugh at dents. And the spinner wheels! They should have their own Olympic event. They spun so smoothly, I half expected the suitcase to break into an ice-skating routine right there in the airport terminal. Whether we were making a mad dash for the gate or gracefully sidestepping foot traffic, this suitcase twirled with the grace of a prima ballerina. As for the expandable feature, it's like a magic trick. I'm talking rabbits-out-of-hats level of sorcery. It swallowed my impromptu holiday purchases with room to spare. I suspect it secretly leads to Narnia. All in all, if you're looking to travel in style, this is your ticket to ride. Not only will you have enough room for everything but the kitchen sink, but you'll also be the proud owner of the most dazzlingly pink suitcase this side of the galaxy. Just remember to keep a leash on small pets. They may get lost in the cavernous interior!" — Mary Magdeline
Trending review: "Bought two of these for a trip to Belize and they worked great. I picked the teal color so I could pick them out easily in the lineup of black suitcases which come out during baggage claim. These suitcases are large (holding everything for me and my family's 10 day trip), are sturdy and easy to maneuver. I packed one to 70lbs and it held up without any issues. We carted these suitcases around everywhere and they still look great. Oh, and they come with built-in security locks. Can't wait for our next trip so I can use these again. Highly recommend." — Andrea Lane
Reassuring review: "Samsonite has always been a name I have trusted for my luggage. About to do an overseas trip and wanted a larger bag, plus more of a hard case. I used it on another trip first and no issues. I just need to get used to a spinner. I am use to where you had to tilt your bag. Which isn't that big of a deal as this bag allows you do that as well. One thing, very minor. I bought the medium size bag as well. There was no instructions included on how to change the lock code. A quick google search however, solved that issue. Bag itself, is what I expect from Samsonite. Happy with the purchase." — Kevin Orozco

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3. Coolife - Lightweight 3-Piece Suitcase Set

Top-rated: 25,186 ratings | 780 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Squared full-capacity design.

Helpful review: "This was my best purchase of 2023, so far! I recently moved internationally, and I purchased the four-piece luggage set in the pink(ish) color. All four pieces of luggage traveled very well. The locks are very convenient. Since I brought the luggage set in April, I have traveled from the US to East Africa twice. I have been able to visit three different countries, and I have traveled domestically within the US. I traveled with different airlines and so far, the luggage is still holding up better than I could have anticipated. Of course, the TSA agents made sure to scratch and scuff my luggage as best they could. However, my luggage still looks and functions very well. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Scout's honor, you will not be disappointed in this luggage set. By the way, I brought the warranty as well just in case." — Enn Cognito
Trending review: "I ordered this set of luggage because the color stands out. I took them with me on a cruise crossing the Atlantic, a visit to Portugal, and flights home through Lisbon, Paris, and Atlanta. They held up extremely well, the wheels moved freely and didn't hang up, and of course the color made them easy to spot in baggage claim. I used a black sharpie marker to write my information on the top of the suitcases so even if tags were lost hey would make their way back to me. I love the variety of sizes and the built in TSA locks are great too. I am very pleased with my purchase." — Kay Lozano
Reassuring review: "After reading some reviews, I thought I might receive my white cases and have them look gray as some have said. This was not the case! These suitcases are so bright they almost hurt my eyes (in a good way😂). I just received them today so I can't attest as to whether they will hold up over time, but I love the color, weight, and ease of use programming the TSA locks. Oh, and my favorite thing is that the handles are all the same length when raised to max height! Lastly the smallest one fits my hockey skates (like a glove?). I'm very happy with my purchase. BTW my sister ordered them in orange and those look amazing too!" — Janet Blomquist

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4. SHOWKOO - Expandable PC+ABS Luggage Set

Top-rated: 19,231 ratings | 467 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Lubricating balls inside the wheels for smooth and silent movement.

Helpful review: "I absolutely love this suit case set. I have used each piece for multiple business trips now, including some that were international. Even after all of these trips the suitcases still look brand new and move smoothly. When I originally bought these, I was pretty concerned they might not hold up since they were much cheaper then your more "premium" brands. I could not have been more wrong. These are extremely durable and seem like they will last much longer. I have had two other premium branded suitcases about the size of the largest one in the set, that cost more then double this entire set, and each one of those have cracked, lost wheels, or have had other issues only after a small number of trips. I expect I will buy a second set for my wife in the near future, if only to acquire them before an inevitable price increase as this brand grows in notoriety." — Kevin Stranton
Trending review: "This is our second order for Showkoo Luggage (Model 07) in Army Green. Each piece fits easily into the next larger size for general storage purposes. The exterior is constructed of a textured heavier gauge vinyl material. TSA approved zipper locks, which are more substantial in weight, are included, as well as, an additional heavier quality zipper for width expansion of each case; every suitcase is designed exactly the same. The weight of each piece should be considered as moderate versus heavy. We would use another descriptive word to describe the outside color versus Army Green; this green is much more attractive in tint: more bluish green instead of yellow green. The inside of every case is the same as well: one side of the open suitcase includes a full zippered enclosure with additional zippered pockets located on top of the large flap. One end zippered compartment is also included. All interior construction materials used seem better in quality compared with so many similar products being currently manufactured, indicating more serious attention has been given to both design and quality control of this luggage. We recently made a European trip from the U.S. with this luggage and arrived back home with both pieces we took intact, except for a few light scratches on the larger 24" checked suitcase that occurred during baggage handling. Although the easy roll wheels appear somewhat small in size, they do appear to be well-made and, again, held up without damage during our recent international trip. We have noticed that Showkoo does sell replacement wheels through Amazon should eventual breakage happen, and we may pick up a few of these to store at home should they be needed in the future. Highly recommend this attractive, well-designed and durable luggage." — Ed Ochoa
Reassuring review: "I really wanted a hard shell luggage set for my upcoming trips. My heart was set on the light pink or the mint sets, however I am too OCD for scuffs and scratches to show. So I played it safe and got the charcoal gray set! I got some cute luggage tags to go on them as a compromise. I just received this set today. Unboxed everything, tried all of the zippers, the telescopic handles and the wheels! Everything is in great working order. Smooth rolling wheels, and I spun them in circles both left and right! No defects on the inside or outside either! Very happy with this luggage set! Will update if anything goes wrong or if they scuff easily soon! I’m going on a trip beginning of August and I’m curious how they hold up with airport luggage handling! So far I recommend these though!" — Rachel Freeman

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5. Kenneth Cole - Out of Bounds Lightweight Set

Top-rated: 1,863 ratings | 416 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Interior features double-sided packing and a zippered organization pocket.

Helpful review: "Prior to this purchase, we had never used hard-sided suitcases. We will never go back! We bought 2 of these for a 3 week fall trip to Europe with our 4 year old, during which we traveled via train to stay in a mixture of urban and wild areas in at least 6 cities across 2 countries. We wanted to avoid checked luggage and easily be able to move from place to place, whilst still having everything necessary for our varied adventures. To further complicate things, i also needed business wear for a weeklong conference. These suitcases, combined with 2 day packs, perfectly held it all! In addition to having amazing capacity (Tardis-like, even), they are extremely lightweight and the hard sides rugged. The telescoping handle has 2 heights, which made it easy for both my daughter and 6’ husband to roll them. The wheels have great action for the price. Unfortunately, it turned out the wheels on one of the suitcases were defective, tipping from side to side, such that it had to be pulled instead of rolled. Inconvenient in tight places. Once back stateside, I investigated buying replacement wheels, but none were to be found. My husband felt it a waste of time to contact the manufacturer given poor past history with a high-end luggage company and warranties. He said we should just buy a new suitcase given how inexpensive they are and how well they had worked overall. I decided to contact the manufacturer anyway to request new wheels. The warranty/contact process was extremely straightforward. Within 2 days of my email containing the requested information, I received a very courteous response that replacement wheels were not available. Instead, they would be sending me a new suitcase - which arrived in a week! When my daughter gets big enough that we need a third suitcase, I certainly will be buying another of these!!" — Andrew J. MacDonald
Trending review: "The Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds Lightweight Durable Hardshell 4-Wheel Spinner is a fantastic travel companion for those seeking durability and convenience. Crafted with a tough and impact-resistant hardshell exterior, this suitcase ensures your belongings stay protected during transit. The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, and the four-wheel spinner system allows for effortless gliding through airports and crowded spaces. The spacious interior provides ample storage, and the organization features keep your items neat and secure. With its sleek and stylish appearance, this suitcase is a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. The Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds Spinner is a reliable choice for any traveler." — Sue Samarista
Reassuring review: "We bought 5 of these for our family to use for frequent traveling. After many trips over three years with these suitcases, I am still very happy with the purchase. My kids as young as 9 could pack and roll these through the airport. They fit well in the airplane carryon compartments (we have never been asked to gate check them) and stack neatly in the trunk of cars. We have rolled these over bumpy roads, gravel, cobble stones and snow. We have accidentally sent one tumbling down an escalator, and it still looks almost new. The zippers are holding up well except I notice mine has a few bent “teeth” but still closes well even though I frequently overpack it. We are rough on our luggage, so I’m glad we picked these bags. Would buy again!" — Erica Meusel

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6. Travelers Club Midtown - 4-Piece Expandable Luggage Set

Top-rated: 14,984 ratings | 175 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Set includes two toiletry bags, big and small.

Helpful review: "Bought this set a year and a half ago for work, where I would have to move every 6-12 weeks, and it held up really nicely. I've had it for about a year and a half now and it's held up pretty well with only minor scratches on the exterior. The zippers haven't given me any problems, both interior and exterior. The smaller carry-on suitcase fell out of my trunk more than a couple times and it's only ever gotten one dent about a half inch wide on the corner because of the latest fall. I use the bigger toiletry bag for shampoo, brushes, medicine, hair tools, etc. to put into my checked bag. And I use the smaller one for day-to-day getting ready and take it with me on the plane/in my backpack. Perfectly fits toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, perfume, etc... Would definitely buy again if I needed more luggage, or if a family member/friend needed some." — Michael Guthrie
Trending review: "I bought these because I originally thought I was going on a trip and I wanted to feel like an adult who had her own luggage instead of using my families. But I never went on that trip. It wasn't until recently that I was able to use this/test it out. I moved to Florida and back to NJ. While the EMPTY bags are super light, when you start putting things in the suitcases, it defeats the purpose of them being lightweight. A couple outfits in the bigger bag put my bag at 40.8lbs. that bag is/was stretched out. I'm worried that it's not going to last as long as I hope it will. BUT, it is scratched up from being tossed, thrown, slid in and out from under beds, its been in basements, and its perfectly fine. It still looks brand new. I love the colors. I love how easy it is to pull. I love the little bags it has for toiletries and the personal items. If you want to feel like your life is together, this is the set for you. but if you plan on moving for 5 months (last minute) this is not 4 you LOL." — Stephanie Wilkins
Reassuring review: "So I ordered this luggage set reluctantly, especially after seeing the reviews stating that it couldn’t withstand international travel. Specifically, I saw a review of someone explaining how the luggage cracked during transportation on a trip to Bali, Indonesia. This was important because I also needed this luggage for a trip to the exact same place. I'm not sure if it’s dependent on specific airlines, or if some people got unlucky with the luggage handlers, but my luggage stayed durable throughout both my departure and returning flights! It’s extremely lightweight just as described, I had no problem with the wheels either. Although there were some scuffs on the exterior (typical), my luggage remains flawless after 30+ hours of flight time. The lavender set came exactly as pictured; the color is beautiful! There’s nothing more aesthetically satisfying than having a matching set of luggage, I’m thrilled to get to use these for a long time! I highly recommend anyone contemplating on buying this to buy it asap!!" — Jennifer Aiello

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7. American Tourister Moonlight - Expandable 2-Piece Set

Top-rated: 11,406 ratings | 274 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Helpful review: "My luggage doesn’t match anybody else’s, so I always know which one is mine at the carousel. I get so many compliments. And I got a sailor moon luggage tag that matches perfectly with it. I plan on getting a sailor moon decal to put on her. So worth the money… just so worth!!!! she’s a great size the extra zipper to open her up more for a little extra space is great. Just be careful because it’s easy to overload her and go over the way at the airport. That’s how spacious she is. The inside/in the middle pocket stitching is kinda undoing a bit but that’s my fault because I am pretty rough and pack her pretty tight. She is easy to roll around and the handles are super easy to use and pick up. My son will throw her around some times and she hasn’t cracked yet like others I have gotten in the past. Would buy the matching carry on if they had one 🥺" — Cindy Wayman
Trending review: "I took this suitcase to Europe and it was perfect! I fit everything in and with the expandable zipper I had no trouble expanding to add stuff I picked up on my way. The suitcase easily rolled over even the cobblestoned streets as I walked from trains to hotels. The sturdy outer case allowed me to no pack some breakable items without worrying about them being damaged when tossed around. The handle when extended was the only part that didn't feel as sturdy as I would have liked but it held up just fine. I love the color/pattern which made my suitcase instantly identifiable against all of the navy and black cases. I stored extra cash in the small zippered pocket inside and separated dirty from clean clothes with the zippered lining. All in all I was very happy with this suitcase and will be buying 2 more for future travel with the family." — Karmen Paterson
Reassuring review: "I gotta say, this suitcase is an absolute rockstar! I took it on a two-month adventure across the Middle East and Asia, and boy, did it hold up like a champ. From hopping between a dozen airports to dragging it through bustling streets and crowded train stations, this bad boy made my life so much easier. The wheels glided smoothly, making it a breeze to roll around, and the sturdy construction meant it could handle all the rough handling without breaking a sweat. Plus, the spacious interior made packing and finding my stuff a piece of cake. And let's not forget how comfy it was to carry with those sweet handles. This suitcase is a total winner!" — Ari Irwin

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8. Rockland London - 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

Top-rated: 10,499 ratings | 247 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Multi-directional double spinner wheels.

Helpful review: "The one thing I really like about this luggage set is the beautiful orange color it is! In a sea of boring black and grey suitcases I can pick mine out in 2 seconds flat. I recently took this set to Alaska on a cruise and two flights from Arizona to Seattle. All pieces held up well with not a scratch. The wheels were smooth rolling no issues there. I had no problems with the telescopic handle on any of the suitcases. I was able to pack quite a bit in each one. For the price point I was pretty impressed with them. I bought these for my hubby and I liked them better than my suitcases! For us they are a 10 out of 10!" — Quimbe K. Verduzco
Trending review: "BUY THIS! Stop shopping and buy this!! I was skeptical, I admit after reading some of the reviews… for one, my (turquoise) suitcase did not smell bad as some of the reviews have claimed, and most COOL… DURABLE!! First test: fell down a flight of stairs with it. Perfectly fine not a scratch on it. I wish I could say the same for myself. Then, we Uber to the airport where it PROMPTLY slides out of the back once the hatch is open and hits the pavement; HARD. HARDLY a scratch. Then, I wheel it through the airport to one of the furthest gates and the wheel’s function PERFECTLY. Despite the unintended abuse. Get to the gate, board the plane, my bosses bag that is (supposedly) the same size gets checked at the gate; while mine… passes right through. But, as I’m looking at the overhead compartment on this tiny plane, I was skeptical that my case would fit, but, AMAZINGLY enough, it DID!! This is the BEST carry on sized hard sided case you can buy. It’s tough as heck, and I didn’t even mean to test it, but test it I did on my trip, yet so light weight. It fit on one of the smallest planes I’ve ever been on. You will NOT be disappointed by this suitcase. It’s worth even more than they sell it for. Hope this helps!!" — Talina L. Staack
Reassuring review: "This baby is 3 1/2 years old and had traveled all over the world. Typically I travel 2-3 times a year and always take this. My most recent trip has been 14 days in Europe which entailed 4 plane rides, 5 train rides, and lots of cobblestone and irregular sidewalks at fast paced walking. The tires on this luggage has been a rockstar. The zippers and organizer have held up wonderfully despite over or under packing. I’ve checked it and carried it on and stuffed it into spaces on trains. You can’t kill it. It’s pretty scratch resistant, it’s a color I can usually spot, and it’s just plain hardy while being lightweight. I highly recommend this thing for the price." — Leslie Gilyard

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9. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero - Expandable Luggage Set

Top-rated: 7,343 ratings | 860 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Keeps items wrinkle-free with two large fully-lined compartments.

Helpful review: "The last time I bought a new roll-aboard it was at least a decade ago (maybe longer); it was a CalPak, and served me extremely well (someone inherited it, some nominal wear-and-tear but was still 100% functional and looked pretty good for a 10+yr old bag). I bought this because I needed something with a compartment that was better suited for folded items that tend to wrinkle (like dress shirts and blazers). Since my last bag served me 10+yrs (during some of those years I traveled once a month, and on slower years I traveled at least 4 times a year), I wanted my next bag to serve me a decade also - so I did a ton of research. I hope this helps others save time on researching.
Critical Criteria in my decision making:
(1) It had to fit practically all overhead bins (I refuse to check my bags).
(2) It had to be durable and covered by a solid manufacturer's warranty (minimum of 10yrs - from a manufacturer that's known for solid customer service). It also needed to be extremely resistant to the elements, in case it was ever gate checked (I live in a place where it snows a ton, and travel to places where it's not unusual for it to rain a ton).
(3) There needed to be a way to divide clean items from dirty items, built in.
(4) The wheels had to be GREAT - whether it was 4 or 2, was not as important as them rolling smoothly and lasting the life (10yrs) of the bag.
(5) There needed to be a built in compartment (main or otherwise) that handles items that wrinkle easily.
(6) Aesthetics (if I'm going to own anything for 10yrs, it needs to look nice and be something that should age well).
(7) Relatively spacious (I don't want to own one roll-aboard bag for 2 day biz-trips, and one for 10 day vacations).
(8) Bonus, something with additional compartments/pockets to separate items that need to be accessed quickly from clothes.
Verdict on this bag: a solid 9/10 (this is after 1 trip mind you - if anything changes about my verdict in the future I'll update this) Grade on each criteria below:
(1) GRADE: A- this thing is COMPACT, I was surprised to see how much I could fit in it, and do imagine that it'll fit practically any overhead bin. I flew a number of different aircraft on my most recent trip, and it EASILY fit everything from a CRJ900 (G7)'s overhead bin up. This did NOT fit in a CRJ200's overhead bin, but I don't think any hard-sided roll-aboard (or any practically sized roll-aboard) will. Even though some have said a roll-aboard will fit in the overhead bins, I imagine that only duffle bags, or underseat-sized roll-aboards could fit in those bins (so I can't really ding my grade of this roll-aboard given that... I imagine the vast majority of flights I'll take in the future will allow this to fit overhead easily). In addition, there are policies that require roll-aboards to be gate checked on these CRJ200 aircraft due to weight sensitivity issues of the aircraft - below is an explanation from a pilot, pulled from a travel message board:
As a CRJ200 pilot, I can tell you a 22” bag will fit. However, the CRJ200 is very sensitive when it comes to weight and balance. Due to the nose being heavy, all roller bags have to be gate checked and added to the cargo bin in the back to help balance the plane. So, just get the size you need and gate check your carry-on. You’ll be fine without it since CRJs are usually used for short flight, ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours max."
(2) GRADE: A I bought a soft-sided Delsey roll-aboard for a close friend 10yrs ago, who is a legit road-warrior (travels 3+ days a week, and might have actually been traveling more than that back then). He LOVED the bag, and it lasted him a long time (he may still have it). Delsey has one of the best warranties in the biz., and I know that their products have lasted others a long time in the past. From my experience thus far, the build quality seems to be top notch. Everything feels and sounds tight, the handles (which is one way I gauge the quality of a bag) feel exceptionally well engineered, and the telescopic handle has two different settings (and feels extremely sturdy at both settings). The zippers, interior and exterior - all feel solid, and the material is the best for hard-sided luggage currently in use (Polycarbonate - I wouldn't advise any other hard-sided material...others are more likely to crack if flexed too much). Hard-sided luggage does scuff/scratch easier than soft-sided, something you kinda have to compromise on if you want the added internal protection of a hard-sided bag. This thing did have to get gate-checked twice (two CRJ200's) during my trip, and it did get a little scratched on the bottom where handlers would've have slide it in and out of carts...VERY difficult to see though. Hard-sided bags (like this one) are also easier to clean than soft-sided bags, which can be really important if you're traveling to and from places where baggage carts might get dirtier (places with snow, for example).
(3) GRADE: A+ The clamshell design of this bag, along with it's tie-downs and zippered internal dividers does a great job of allowing me to separate items that are clean from those that aren't. This means I don't need an extra bag(s) for doing so.
(4) GRADE: A The wheels are excellent, only complaint I have (which is really a result of the 'type' of bag, and not this specific bag) is that when rolling onto and off of moving walkways, the bag tips if it is being pushed on all 4 wheels at high-speed...I imagine any 4 wheeled bag would experience the same issue, so I can't really take points off for that. Also like the dual wheels (so 8 technically), should help limit their wear, and ensure that as they wear they do so 'evenly'.
(5) GRADE: A The side of the clamshell that the telescopic handle isn't attached to, did a great job of keeping dress-shirts as wrinkle free as possible - the hard-sided luggage also does a better job of ensuring this result. The tie downs in this bag are also great at keeping items from moving during transport (durable and thoughtfully designed).
(6) GRADE: A+ This thing looks sharp. I also feel that the relatively simplistic and muted design will remain attractive for the life of the bag. The things that make this 'look' better than the competition - IMO - are: (a) it has a sheen without being shiney, so it doesn't have the muted appearance of a cheap plastic beach cooler, or the obnoxious shininess of a hefty garbage bag; (b) the accents on the handles, zippers, wheels, and logo are classy without being gaudy; (c) the color I went with was the 'brick', which ranges in appearance from brick to copper depending on lighting... I like this better than the more traditional colors most manufacturers offer AND, it's colorful without being 'loud'; and (d) the surface is smooth, which I personally like the look of versus a more 'textured' surface.
(7) Grade: A The capacity of this thing is darn impressive for a bag this size. Hard-sided luggage will always have slightly less capacity than similar sized soft-sided luggage (again, sacrifice for the protection), even with that factored in, this thing holds a ton. I almost never overpack, and when I do it's by a very narrow margin. For this trip, I wanted to put the bag through its paces and see what all could fit in it 'comfortably'. Below is what was packed, without the bag feeling like any of its zippers were being stressed (for reference as far as the size of the clothing items: I'm a 6'1" 175lb male, that wears a medium in all clothing items/38R in suits/jackets, and size 10 shoes):
- 5 pairs of briefs
- 2 pairs of ankle socks
- 3 pairs of dress socks
- 1 pair of size 10 tennis shoes (relatively pliable)
- 1 pair of size 10 dress shoes (not that pliable)
- Toiletries (I pack relatively light in this area)
- Beard trimmer with charger (average sized)
- 2 pairs of exercise shorts (I always pack board-shorts/swim trunks, because they can be cleaned and dry overnight if needed)
- 2 t-shirts
- 2 long sleeve henley's
- 1 pair of jeans
- 2 dress shirts
- 1 13" macbook pro w/charger (2015, newer model would fit easier) - IN THE FRONT POCKET (a nice added feature)
- 1 lightweight jacket with hood (think windbreaker thickness)
- 1 small tech-accessory case (holds two small battery packs and two usb chords)
- 1 small notebook (size of a shortish paperback)
- 1 kindle in its case
This was all WITHOUT expanding this bag, which is one of the nice features it has. As someone who is a very light packer, I am confident that I could do 2 weeks anywhere with this bag alone. I moved my tech items and light jacket to my 'personal item' (messenger bag) for this particular trip, but could've definitely fit everything outlined above in the roll-aboard alone. The only thing that would be a problem for a longer trip (and this is the case with any roll-aboard bag) is fitting my water bottle (don't know if many/any roll-aboards have sleeves/carabener hoops for water bottles...that aren't hideous).
(8) GRADE: A+ the additional front compartment is a nice touch... It DOES get tighter as the interior is filled because it's technically the same compartment, separated via a heavy duty divider. I like this though, because it allows you to choose if you want to put more in the main compartment, or split it between the two. The included TSA approved lock is another nice 'extra' incase gate-checking happens." — Alastair Knowles

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10. Samsonite Centric - Hardside Expandable Luggage Set

Top-rated: 5,912 ratings | 232 answered questions

best luggage sets


Highlight: Multi-directional oversized spinner wheels for effortless mobility.

Helpful review: "After almost 20 years with my 24" Samsonite suitcase, which was not a spinner, and covered with some fabric, it was time to replace it, due to wear and tear. I've taken many trips with my old suitcase, and being a typical girly woman who goes on a 3 day trip and packs for 3 weeks, well, what can I say....I needed something heavy duty and durable. I have 2 HUGE spinner suitcases (same type/color as this one which I'm reviewing) from Samsonite, which I use for my annual international travels, but they are way to big to use for the occasional week or 2 week trip domestically. The pics do not do this suitcase justice, bc it looks rather thin, or flat in those pictures. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, bc not only is it roomy and stylish, it's also matching my other 2 Intl. suitcases perfectly. This suitcase is large enough for my never ending, packing way to much, yet small enough for me to handle. I'm going away in 3 weeks for a few days and can't wait to test drive this baby, and see how she holds up. Overall, I will say, the craftsmanship and quality is superb, and I'll update this review after my 1st plane trip with my new domestic suitcase! A+ and recommended for anyone who has the same bad habit as me, packing way to much... but you just never know... lol... weather and situations change all the time, and we ladies must be ready for anything- anytime!" — Edna Lacrose
Trending review: "I got this for my son who was going to be traveling this season and I'm very glad I did. I did some research and saw that this case was well liked. I was impressed with the high tech looking style, the size and the quality. It moves as smooth as I've ever seen and has some great features. One side of the interior has a netting that zips up and the other side has buckle and straps to hold the clothes in place. I think I would have liked that to hold the clothes a little better because it can miss stuff that may fall aside but it was adequate. The zippered pouch along the interior back of suitcase doesn't hold much but it's good for small items. The lock was a little more complicated but he easily got it figured out. I guess only time will tell how it holds up through baggage when at the airport but after it's first trip it did well." — John A. Mcintosh
Reassuring review: "I bought it in 2019 before my trip to Cuba. The shipment was so quick that I packed up and headed to the airport the next day I received this luggage bag. The first time when I hold it on my hand, I was amazed by how smooth those wheels were, and how light it was. More importantly, the total size of it was so small but it still contained so many stuffs. With the help of it, the whole trip to Cuba was so convenient! I carried my favorite board games to play with my best friends, my clothes for daily exchange, some hand-made wooden statues that I bought from Cuba, and several books for someone who was living in Havana: my loved girl. Can't believe it can carry so many stuffs just in this tiny case! I can't have such a wonderful and harmonious trip to Cuba without it! A year later when the pandemic happened, my parents always wanted me to fly back to China to accompany them. Everything was so messy because my flights, my final terms, and the schedule for self-quarantine all came together at the same time. I literally couldn't carry so many luggages with me but this tiny luggage solved all problems! I carried my two laptops and one ipad in it because I had to continue my online study during quarantine. It was so easy to take them out for customs checking! Until now I have returned to Columbus and this luggage still accompanied my trip back to campus. There are no any damage during such a long time! I loved this luggage bag so much and I would use it for the rest of my lifetime!" — Shariden Jones

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