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I Tested The Best Electronic Ear Protection For Shooting In 2023

The best electronic hearing protection for shooting and hunting is not easy to find. I range-tested the most popular options on Amazon, and here’s my ultimate and (very) personal ranking.

best electronic ear protection for shooting

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Peltor Sport - Smart Shooting Range Protector with Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

Top-rated: 10,448 ratings | 201 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Seeks voice within background noise and actively filters it for improved speech intelligibility.

Helpful review: "As someone who frequents the shooting range on a weekly basis, I can't help but express my absolute satisfaction with these ear protection headphones. Having tried three other models in the past, I can confidently say that this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Comfort is paramount during my range sessions, and these headphones deliver in spades. Their ergonomic design ensures they sit snugly over my ears without causing any discomfort even during extended wear. The large buttons for volume control are a practical and welcome feature, making adjustments on the fly a breeze.
What sets these headphones apart is their versatile functionality. I frequently use the Bluetooth capability to enjoy some music while at the range, which adds an enjoyable dimension to my shooting experience. To enhance comfort even further, I invested in the gel pads, and the difference is remarkable.
Admittedly, on scorching hot days, these headphones can make you a bit sweaty, but I consider this a minor inconvenience given the substantial benefits they offer. The most crucial factor, of course, is their ability to dampen sound. In this regard, they outperform any ear protection I've ever used. My hearing is precious, and these headphones do an exceptional job of safeguarding it without compromising my range experience.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse these ear protection headphones for fellow shooting enthusiasts. Their comfort, user-friendly controls, Bluetooth functionality, and sound-dampening capabilities make them a standout choice. While they may get a bit sweaty on hot days, their overall performance and safety benefits more than compensate for this minor drawback. These headphones have truly elevated my range sessions to a new level of enjoyment and safety." — Harold Daniels

Get it from Amazon now: $199.99 & FREE Returns


2. Walker's - Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds

Top-rated: 887 ratings | 98 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Rechargeable lithium battery.

Helpful review: "All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. Although they're not perfect - well, nothing is - I think they will be incredibly useful. They do a good job, and the app makes it so much easier to control them. I definitely recommend these to anyone.
I tested these in a 3-gun competition, involving a 12 gauge shotgun, an open pistol, and an AR-15 with the biggest compensator imaginable. My ear drum was comfortable the whole time, and I no longer needed to worry about my stock pushing off my earmuff and blowing my ear drum.
I only tried the normal mode so far. It sounds just fine. They're just as good as my MSA supreme pro X.
I wore these earplugs throughout the whole day. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, and they're certainly a lot cooler than my old earmuffs.
I don’t understand why the left and right sound amplification are adjusted separately. I know you can link them in app, but I don’t know why it isn’t the default option. Also when I was using it with my phone, it just randomly disconnected and then reconnected. I will not connect it to my phone in the future. I guess the idea behind it is to extend the battery life.
If you're on the fence, get them! I'm just a VERY critical person and nothing is perfect in my opinion. Just ask my wife;) So maybe I'm being to overly picky here. I chose to buy them from Amazon in case I didn't like them. Amazon means super-easy returns. Fortunately, they met all my expectations, and then some!" — Sam Loftin

Get it from Amazon now: $209.88 & FREE Returns


3. Walker's - Razor Slim Electronic Shooting and Hunting Earmuffs

Top-rated: 19,582 ratings | 318 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: These muffs amplify safe sounds to provide clear omni-directional hearing. Enhanced low-end frequencies produce accurate, natural sound.

Helpful review: "I use these muffs so often, I’ve purchased a second pair, so that my wife and I can each have a pair when we’re at the range together. It’s nice being able to talk without having to get close to each other and scream over gun fire while repeating “WHAT!?” every 30 seconds. Quality wise, they seem fine. I haven’t been blown out of the water. But I don’t have any concerns either. They fold up nice and compact, and have not yet shown any signs of wear and tear (first pair is a little over a year old). At the end of the day, I would recommend these to others. They’re definitely worth getting at their current price point….That being said, since I still need to wear the foam ear plugs underneath them, I’m going to knock one star off. Otherwise, they’ve exceeded my expectations. 4/5 stars.
Update (February 3rd): Both pairs are still going strong. And I have experienced no issues whatsoever. I did want to mention that I have swapped out the ear cups for Walker’s “Gel Cups”... I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have been super impressed. The gel cups not only seem to help form a better seal around your ear, but if you are going to be wearing them for more than a couple hours, you will really notice the difference. Definitely still a product I would recommend. The gel cups aren’t an absolute necessity, but they definitely enhance the product." — Mike303

Get it from Amazon now: $69.99 & FREE Returns


4. Howard Leight by Honeywell - Impact Sport Sound Amplification Earmuffs

Top-rated: 31,766 ratings

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact folding design for convenient storage.

Helpful review: "I bought these earmuffs after trying a friends' pair. I am older, and have quite a bit of hearing loss. I had always used foam earplugs and had great difficulty in hearing people talking. These earmuffs, which are rated at 22 db, exceeded my expectations as they worked so well! It was easy to adjust the ear cushions so as to be able to wear a ball-cap type hat. The volume control is easy to adjust while wearing, I can actually carry on a conversation now and hear people talking to me. A feature that greatly affected my purchase choice is that the battery life of the 2 AAA Alkaline type batteries is listed at 350 hours. Some of the other brands that I had investigated only had a battery life of around 8-12 hours. More features include an automatic shutoff after 4 hours, I haven't tried that function yet as I always turn them off when I'm done using them. They are also able to connect to iPod, MP3 and other devices. I don't use any of these features so I cannot review them. The earmuffs do come with a 3.5 mm connection cord, approximately 37" long for the iPod, MP3 and other devices. Lastly, the foam ear cushions are very comfortable, and look to be replaceable, which is a nice feature. Overall, these earmuffs are a great value for the price." — Johal
Trending review: "This is my second purchase of these after someone stole my first pair. Paired with some aftermarket gel earpads, these are THE standard for budget low-profile electronic muffs. The earmuffs are serviceable with the stock earcups, but in my opinion only if you're shooting pistol and have low-profile eyeglass arms (since the stock foam cups aren't as form fitting as gel ones). There are more expensive electronic over-the-head earmuffs, but these are sufficient until you start getting into the $500+ range of Comtacs and Peltors. I have a pair of Walker Razors, and prefer the HLs since these are omni-directional, while the Walker's are mono-directional in terms of incoming sound. Loud noise attenuation also seems to cutout faster with the HLs, but that's anecdotal (the Walker's still do a sufficient job.) These are compatible with getting a good cheekrest on rifles and shotguns, versus thicker non-electronic muffs. If you're shooting at an indoor range, as a general best practice I strongly recommend wearing earplugs under ANY electronic earmuffs--way more sound energy will be bouncing back at you from all the walls versus an outdoor range, unless all that's being shot is 22LR. I like the new cardboard packaging, MUCH better than the plastic clamshells in terms of recyclability and ability to unpack. Includes two AAA batteries (Duracell) and an aux cord, but I don't plan on doing any aux in. Lastly, pretty sure mine are authentic based on the guides online and some other pairs I have available." — JPC
Reassuring review: "I've tried 5 brands at this point: HL, Peltors Rangeguards, Zohan, Walker Razors, and AXIL Blu. These are basically tied with the Peltors as the best. The overwhelming reason for this is the directional audio. Only the HLs and Peltors have real directional ability; you can even mistake it for your own natural hearing while wearing them. None of the other 3 are worth using if you need to be able to detect the direction of sounds. Walker's are directionally blind. The Zohans don't even suppress noise very well. The AXILs cost over twice as much and aren't as good as the HLs, though they do have wireless connectivity. The Peltors are lighter, and more comfortable right out of the box. The sound quality might be a hair better. The HLs seem to have a bit better amplification of quiet noises, and I feel more confident of the build quality; Peltor has some known issues with durability. HLs + gel cups are basically on par with the Peltors, and everything comes out similar in cost. I'm sure there are better electronic muffs at higher price points, but at least in the sub-$100 range HLs are as good or better than everything I've tried so far." — Jesse Boyd

Get it from Amazon now: $87.62 & FREE Returns


5. Pro For Sho - 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

Top-rated: 20,967 ratings | 383 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Cheapest option; 'Large' size fits teens and adult alike.

Helpful review: "Usually I have to buy a child size ear protection bc I am a small person (visually speaking, in my head I'm way bigger than I truly am). LOL. I have multiple pairs of these for different reasons. I use a pair when I am using my firearm(s) and I use another pair when I am addressing my lawn care needs. They work perfectly. The noise is greatly reduced, even when my husband is yelling when he brings me a drink of water - I can't hear him. I highly recommend these. They fit well, they DO NOT squeeze my head, they truly cancel out very loud noises. I do recommend taking off any ear decorations (earrings/cuffs ), the cushioning pushes the piercing(s) into the back of your upper neck and it is not comfortable! I wipe them clean with a Clorox wipe and spray with Lysol. I do keep them in a air-conditioned home bc the Southern & Summer heat can and will warp the plastic portions of them. So far, I have had NO discoloration from using in the Summer sun (and I do a lot of yard work)." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "I bought two of these to use in my workshop. The reviews were very high on them so I was expecting them to work well. I was not disappointed. It gets pretty loud when I’m using my woodworking tools. These muffs block out all that loud noise. They keep the noise out well enough that when I was working on a project yesterday, I put my earbuds in then put these muffs on and I was able to easily listen to music without needing to crank the volume up. They are also comfortable to wear. I worked around 5 hours in my workshop yesterday and had them on most of the time. With some ear muffs, my head is always sore around my ears after wearing them for a while. These didn’t bug me at all. If you need good hearing protection then these are a great option. They are comfortable to wear and protect your ears very well." — Michael Leonard
Reassuring review: "I purchased these for use at an indoor range that allows anything up to a .300 Winchester Magnum, which if you're not familiar with firearms, is HUGE. So even if the biggest thing you're shooting is a .40 caliber pistol, you're going to want some serious protection. You never know when someone in the lane next to you is going to break out a .44 magnum or a high-powered rifle. I had been using bulky red earmuffs, mainly shooting outdoors. For that purpose they served quite well. One day while shooting at my indoor range, I had borrowed a rifle and with the first shot, the recoil bumped my earmuff on the right out of place. I paid the price for that for a couple of days. So, I figured it was time for an upgrade. I quickly found that slim earmuffs that wouldn't interfere with shouldering a rifle didn't seem to offer the protection I wanted. If I wanted that, I had to go for gigantic ones that would get in the way when shooting a long gun. That's when I stumbled onto these. I haven't tried shooting a rifle while wearing these yet but I'm confident that I'll be able to do so. I have, however, been to my indoor range and they work like a dream. To be fair, though, I double up with these earplugs which I also recommend. I didn't think that I could get the kind of protection that I was looking for at such an affordable price, but here we are. I know that some users have found these too tight and put them on the box overnight. I didn't feel this was necessary but your results may vary. I also appreciate that the headband part of these are padded, whereas you can see the old ones I had been using, it was not. I can't recommend these earmuffs more highly! You don't have to spend $70+ to get good hearing protection. Buy these and some good earplugs and you'll be set." — Justin

Get it from Amazon now: $20.55 & FREE Returns


6. ACT FIRE - Ear Protection for Range Shooting

Top-rated: 12,297 ratings | 219 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Affordable following a major price slash.

Helpful review: "I had a pair of these that were issued to me, but they were not working for some reason. We had range this past week, so I knew I could get these within two days and not spend a fortune. Well, the biggest surprise was when I turn them on. These actually cut the noise out more than my issued pair which cost well over $100. These only take a AAA battery, and not some fancy rechargeable battery. One button does everything. Turn it on turn the volume up, turn it off. No confusion about what I need to do. Also, I was able to plug my phone into it so while I was at the range, I could hear if I got a text or a phone call. I had one of my colleagues put them on because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just going crazy, and he said he was very surprised also. If you don't have a pair of electric headphones, you really need to consider these. I think the American flag is an extra added bonus also. And, these fold very compactly." — RG
Trending review: "I had been using hearing protection that you heated in hot water and then moulded to your ear. Over these I wore a non-electronic hearing protection. Problem was there was no way to hear any conversation. With the ACT free hearing protection I wore only these without the moulded ear plugs. The noise level from the gunfire was less that my old system and I could still hear others talking or the range officer giving commands. I should have bought these years ago. I also read about one indoor range that would not allow you to shoot without electronic hearing protect as you had to be able to hear the range safety officer." — Carroll B.
Reassuring review: "This is my first pair of this style of hearing protection, they are fantastic!!!! Easy volume button, fit well and they do as described! I could not believe my ears! You still can hear everything around you but when firing a my 40 cal. The noise was reduced in such a way I can’t even explain. Highly recommend these to anyone who works in a noisy environment or a trip to the range! I even shot my 223 super sonic rounds which are very loud and again the noise was reduced to a level that you just need to try these to experience what they do! Best have purchased in quite some time, truly the wow factor for me! Buy and enjoy!" — Johnny Hershberger

Get it from Amazon now: $45.99 & FREE Returns


7. Walker's - Ultra Low Profile Passive Earmuffs

Top-rated: 10,229 ratings | 107 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Ultra low-profile; light-weight; slim design; rubberized ear cups.

Helpful review: "You will have to be precise in what you are expecting here. If you want basic ear pro that'll block out sound, these are great. They fit flush and don't leak that much sound from around the eye pro. If you want an uber comfortable pair though, these aren't it. They squeeze your grape on a level that implies hatred or retribution. The band is incredibly stiff too. Helps keep out the sound but it makes it hard to find a comfortable fit. The best thing about these is the sound protection. It's really what they are for though. I've got Howard Leights and those don't fit as well. They don't crush my skull with a supernatural animosity but they don't fit flush and leak far more sound. Oh, and by the way, I have a smallish skull. Eyewear and headwear always look odd on me because I have a narrow skull. I barely extend the earpro at all. These are just that crushing. In the end I would buy them again. They aren't going to be those that you claim that you forgot you were wearing them, but they do exactly what they are meant to do. I originally got them for the cost and have found more expensive earpro to be far less effective. Definitely a purchase I'm happy to have made." — KG
Trending review: "I've been carefully looking for noise cancelling headphones for a while. I wanted to make sure I got something perfect as I'd probably be using it daily. These are PERFECT! They fold up to the size of a grapefruit for storage/travelling. They're SO comfortable! I can wear these while I'm laying in bed on my side (with the headphone on the pillow) and they're still comfy. I can also wear them for a long time without getting sore. The noise cancelling is not 100%, you can still hear talking but it's muffled. (I prefer it this way honestly)." — Phil
Reassuring review: "There's an old story about how during the space race, Nasa spent a ton of money developing a pen that would work in space. The Russians just used a pencil. I tried to borrow that mindset, as I didn't want to pay $$$ for noise cancelling headphones. Especially since most of them are good, but not amazing. My solution was to use in-ear buds for audio, and throw these earmuffs over them. This set up allows me to get work done in coffee shops and distracting environments without looking like I'm off to go duck hunting. No regrets with this buy." — CrimsonAngel

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


8. Walker's - Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

Top-rated: 7,908 ratings | 101 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: A volume control knob that is slightly recessed for easy-to-use controls.

Helpful review: "Better than Howard Leight by Honeywell IMO! Having used both extensively, they literally do the same thing. The biggest complaint about these is the "wind" noise. The Howards do as well. For the people that think there is no muffle foam material to prevent wind noise, these have them built in under the metal screen, in front of the speaker. Whereas, the Howards have the muff exposed to the elements. This ends up causing the Howards muff to wear out with tough use. I believe this to be a better protective design and for the price, these are better than the Howards. I know what you're thinking, for the price of all this you might choose a more expensive option all together but, hey, it works. Yay for that!" — John Lovell
Trending review: "I recently went on a camping shooting weekend trip, and I brought these ear muffs. I've used them at the range and was happy with them there, but this trip for me was where the comfort and versatility really came though. Mine came with Duracell batteries, so from the start you've got everything you need to use them, and you don't have to worry about the batteries dying like you do with other products that come with cheapo generic batteries. Battery life is good too - I've used mine several times now with the original set of batteries, two days where I had them turned on for a significant part of the afternoon, and they were still working fine when I shut them off. In a nutshell, I put them on, turned them on, and really didn't take them off all afternoon. The microphone and volume control help to be able to hear conversation and allow you to move about what you are doing in a normal way, but the noise cancellation kicks in when it needs to. I shot everything from 22s all the way up to a 4" S&W 500 Magnum and never felt like the noise cancellation needed to be more than it was. The mic is good enough, that you can actually hear some things in the background that you might not be to hear with just your ears. Sound quality - at this price point you aren't going to get a true recreation of sound, but it's more than functional. If you are outside and the wind is blowing, you'll get a bit of wind noise - to my way of thinking, that's to be expected. They were also nicely comfortable. I kind of forgot I had them on, and with a 4 guys shooting at different and random times, in addition to my own shooting, it was nice to be able to go about the day, converse with the other guys normally, and not have to worry if someone else decided to load up and start shooting. I've heard that they are even more comfortable with the aftermarket gel pads you can get. I might have to try those sometime, but I didn't have any discomfort issues. I like the color of the ones I got - I got the flat black patriot version with the Velcro flag that attaches to the headpiece. Last thing - they collapse into a fairly nice size - I fit two pairs of these easily in the center section of my range bag. Bottom line: I'm glad I chose these and I'd get them again." — Patrick Gleason
Reassuring review: "Comfortable, effective to 22db as most other in its category. The reality is 22db isn't much with your surrounded by significant noise in an indoor range, however, the noise-gating was effective. Research it yourself! As to hearing conversations with the muff in place, A+! Could actually hear conversations through glass window in showroom. That was very surprising. Didn't expect that at all." — TechNerd

Get it from Amazon now: $49.99 & FREE Returns


9. Awesafe - Electronic Headphones for Shooting

Top-rated: 7,570 ratings | 87 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: 1-year warranty at no additional cost.

Helpful review: "I was surfing through shooting headsets on amazon and stumbled across these bad boys. There are very expensive headsets and very cheap ones. I had a set of Peltor Comtac 3s in the Marine Corps that lasted me a few years and I had nothing to complain about with them. This time I didn't want to spend that money though, and searched for sub 100 dollar headsets. I liked what I seen from the reviews of the Awesafe headset and decided to give them a shot. I paid roughly 37 dollars for the Awesafe headset. At this price range you can expect to sacrifice a few things such as comfort and reliability. This is not the case here, when I opened the box I was very surprised! they include two gifts in the box, very easy to read instructions and the headphones secured in a custom fit foam material that can act as a protective case. The unboxing is something you would expect from a luxury item. Now let's move onto the product itself. They work the same as my comtacs. I am telling you there is no difference besides maybe how they would fit into a kevlar as I am not able to test the fit of these in a tactical helmet. It's not for me, but there is an option to play music while you shoot if that is something you would like to do. It is always nice to have options. The headset picks up every sound around you so it is very easy to hear conversations or instructions at the firing line. When the bullets start flying, the headset lowers the sound so you can shoot in a most comforting way. I am very pleased with this product and am going to order another pair just in case something happens with these ones. I can't put in an opinion on how long they last since I have not had them to long but I will update this review in a couple of months as these headsets make me want to go to the range just to put them on!" — Shane
Trending review: "My wife was the first to get a pair and she loved them so much she wanted to try them for our kids who have auditory challenges at school. There classroom can get really noisy and it’s hard for my kids to focus and still hear directions from their teacher. They can now decide how loud the classroom volume is and still hear their teacher speaking. Doesn’t hurt it came in camo colors. They use them now both at school and for playing special ops at home pretend play. No walk-in talkie function but they can still pretend." — Frederick Han
Reassuring review: "Very sturdy and they work great around the house. It has the adjustable knob so the volume is just where you want it. I thought it was a little big but sits on my head almost perfectly. After using these at work (while I know they are not meant for that) they worked pretty well. I have a quite coworker and these definitely help me hear him a lot better. You do get a lot and I mean a lot of background noise. All that aside actually using it for shooting it works perfect. I had to adjust my head a little so it wouldn't bumb up into the gun. Was a little nervous about shooting with the sound on but all in all works like a charm! Can't wait to use these for hunting. Should have got the camo ones." — Ashley Mattos

Get it from Amazon now: $36.99 & FREE Returns


10. PROHEAR - Passive Hearing Protector

Top-rated: 4,067 ratings

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: 90-day no-risk money-back guarantee; 1-year warranty.

Helpful review: "Haven't gotten to try these with a rifle or indoors yet, but they handle firing (9mm) pistols outdoors just fine. I THOROUGHLY, however, recommend that you go for the gel pad version or just upgrade to them. Those are miles more comfortable with glasses, safety or otherwise, and provide a way better seal than the foam ones. Going to an indoor range sometime in the next week or so and I'll be bringing along IEM headphones for an extra layer of protection, as well as for music. Will update then.
Update: Wore them with some cheap IEMs (likely adding to the overall NRR, so take that into consideration and, frankly, you should probably go for that or earplugs anyway due to the echo) on underneath for music at an indoor range. Fired off over 100 rounds of 9mm from a subcompact and they worked perfectly, no ringing, no buzzing, no issues whatsoever. I can't, however, vouch for its effectiveness if you're right next to some dude with a short barreled .308 and a muzzle brake. Maybe move a few lanes down. Again, go for the gel pads or the version that specifically comes with them. Other than that? No complaints whatsoever." — Anon

Get it from Amazon now: $18.99 & FREE Returns


11. ZOHAN - Electronic Shooting Ear Protector with Sound Amplification

Top-rated: 2,356 ratings | 55 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: When the surrounding noise exceeds 82dB, these muffs will actively reduce it within 0.01 seconds.

Helpful review: "I got these for my son (9) for duck hunting. They protect his hearing well, and allow us to talk in a blind friendly volume. The audio jack is also great for him to watch shows on his tablet when the action is slow. Battery life is also very good as they didn't get shut off a couple times and are still on the 1st set of batteries." — Charles C.
Trending review: "I love these, they work fabulous. They block range noise and amplify conversation. Great for the range, hunting, or the work shop. Buy with total confidence!" — L.S.
Reassuring review: "You can use them as just muffs, but if you want to talk to people, you have a knob to increase the active hearing of your surroundings, above human hearing levels even. Upon a sharp Soundwave perceived by the muffs, they cut the sound off for the full duration of effect. Very VERY impressed." — Reef

Get it from Amazon now: $29.99 & FREE Returns


12. TRADESMART - Protection Kit

Top-rated: 2,151 ratings | 22 answered questions

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: 10-year easy-claim warranty.

Helpful review: "I love these earmuffs! I work in construction & the older I get, the more I recognize the importance of ear protection. Over the years, I have tried many different styles & brands only to find myself, for one reason or another, totally disappointed in them. These TRADESMART Earmuffs are a great buy. Not only are they far more reasonably priced than any of the others I've bought in the past, they cut out just the right amount of noise for someone who needs to protect their hearing while also keeping an eye on other things that are going on around them. TRADESMART offers many other buying options, but the one I chose also came with earplugs & two pairs of really nice quality safety glasses, (one clear pair & the other sunglasses.) WOW! The glasses are important to me because, after witnessing so many eye injuries on my job sites over the years, I've also become extremely conscientious about eye protection too. Additionally, my set also came with a high quality hard, but padded carrying/storage case, which is perfectly molded for everything to fit snugly in it. If you've ever used earmuffs or safety glasses, then you don't need me to tell you how important that is, especially when you work on job sites where people often carelessly toss other people's things out of their way. When these earmuffs or glasses are taken off, it's just as easy to lay them in the fitted case, as it is to lay them on a table. If I'm not going to be using them again for a while, then I can zip the case up so they are totally protected & easy to carry too. I hope this review is helpful to others trying to make the all important decision about how to protect their ears & eyes. We only get one pair of each, & my feeling is that it makes far more sense to pay the small price of protecting them as much as we can, than to pay the huge price of irreversibly losing the use of either or both of them." — MGF
Trending review: "I got these for my 10 year old daughter. We go to the gun range often and the old set she had would hurt her head. It was the glasses she was wearing. They had round stems. They were pressing against her head to much causing discomfort. The glasses on these are flat and the muffs are softer around the ear than her older pair. The combination of the flat glasses, larger/softer padding has made a huge difference. We used to be at the range for about 1/2 hour before she would start to complain. Last week we were there 2 hrs and she never said a word. I asked how the noise was while shooting and she said - and I quote "Oh my god, this is so much way better". She has always worn the foam pads along with earmuffs, so it is good that these come with a bag of them already. Case is easy to pack and is a hard case. This means you do not have to worry about it getting crushed and breaking the glasses. Both pair of glasses come with a soft case to keep them from scratching. She also loves that there are sunglasses and clear. Very well thought out product." — Robert Miner
Reassuring review: "I went shooting and I blew an eardrum using just ear plugs... I bought this earmuffs set and I am so pleased with the product! I went shooting again and used the earmuffs and they worked like a charm! I could hear voices close to me, but the loud sharp noise of the range shooters were totally muffled. When I went home after a couple of hours shooting my 9mm, my ears felt great and my hearing was perfect! The safety glasses also felt good on, and I highly recommend this product. For the price, it's awesome - as hearing is priceless and these earmuffs did the job!" — Brenda in Tucson

Get it from Amazon now: $42.99 & FREE Returns

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