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I Tested The Best Electronic Ear Protection For Shooting In 2024

The best electronic hearing protection for shooting and hunting is not easy to find. I range-tested the most popular options on Amazon, and here’s my ultimate and (very) personal ranking.

best electronic ear protection for shooting

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Peltor Sport - Smart Shooting Range Protector with Bluetooth Connectivity

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Seeks voice within background noise and actively filters it for improved speech intelligibility.

Helpful review: "As someone who frequents the shooting range on a weekly basis, I can't help but express my absolute satisfaction with these ear protection headphones. Having tried three other models in the past, I can confidently say that this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Comfort is paramount during my range sessions, and these headphones deliver in spades. Their ergonomic design ensures they sit snugly over my ears without causing any discomfort even during extended wear. The large buttons for volume control are a practical and welcome feature, making adjustments on the fly a breeze.
What sets these headphones apart is their versatile functionality. I frequently use the Bluetooth capability to enjoy some music while at the range, which adds an enjoyable dimension to my shooting experience. To enhance comfort even further, I invested in the gel pads, and the difference is remarkable.
Admittedly, on scorching hot days, these headphones can make you a bit sweaty, but I consider this a minor inconvenience given the substantial benefits they offer. The most crucial factor, of course, is their ability to dampen sound. In this regard, they outperform any ear protection I've ever used. My hearing is precious, and these headphones do an exceptional job of safeguarding it without compromising my range experience.
In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse these ear protection headphones for fellow shooting enthusiasts. Their comfort, user-friendly controls, Bluetooth functionality, and sound-dampening capabilities make them a standout choice. While they may get a bit sweaty on hot days, their overall performance and safety benefits more than compensate for this minor drawback. These headphones have truly elevated my range sessions to a new level of enjoyment and safety." — Harold Daniels

Get it from Amazon now: $199.99 & FREE Returns


2. Walker's - Silencer Rechargeable Earbuds

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Rechargeable lithium battery.

Helpful review: "What an awesome bit of technology I never knew existed! These were great on my hunt trip in Colorado! Comfortable enough to wear all day, the battery lasted all day. Carry case recharges quickly. I could hear all my surroundings. Bluetooth worked great! Moto G7 w/Android 10. And now... the coolest part... they really do suppress gun fire. I shoot a .338. It's a cannon! I've had to shoot without protection before. Not fun. These suppressed the gun fire from my big rifle with ease.
Was amazing when I tested them at the range before the hunt. I just left them in the entire session. I could hear and talk with everyone and never had to fiddle with pulling foams out of my ears.
As good as they are, they are not perfect. But I'm keeping it a 5 star review.
Wind noise is a bit annoying. Not awful, but the microphone does cut in and out. I could see how some reviewers didn't like this. It was something I knew would be there. 90% it was great though.
They lasted the entire hunt trip, so they are good quality. But, Walkers needs to sell sets of the correct size, not just variety packs. Once you know your size, why purchase any other sizes. Just a waste and probably a way to simply make more money down the road.
These worked great this fall cleaning up leaves with a leaf blower, listening to music, and being aware of my surroundings as I live in a busy street.
If you're on the fence, get them! I chose to buy from Amazon incase I didn't like them. Easy returns. Fortunately, they met all my expectations, and then some! 100% recommend these!
I tried two pairs of isotune calibers before getting these. First set of the isotunes arrived D.O.A. Amazon took care of the replacement, no problem. Returned the second set of isotunes for these, because the isotunes were just horrible at noise cancelation and fell short in other areas also. These were cheaper anyway.
I was skeptical of these because every set of over the ear walkers I have tried, the ambient sound sounds like someone has recorded a live conversation on cassette tape and was playing it back. Nothing like the sound quality of MSA Sordins. But these have good ambient sound, and noise cancellation is great.
Can't report on battery life because I haven't used them enough yet.
The only two things I've found, so far that would be negative on these are:
1) The size of the case is huge compared to the isotunes and other in ear buds, but hopefully they will make that up with recharging of battery life on the buds themselves.
2) Ear tips get hard if they are cold. Makes squishing them down a little difficult when you are trying to put them in. I had them in a pouch outside of my hunting pack in just above freezing weather and the tips were hard to get squished down to insert in my ears. Next time I'll at least put them in my jacket pocket for my walk to stand. The tips are very dense to start with which should help with noise cancellation.
I like the fact they have an app for adjustments because with touch control on the buds it's a bit difficult with chilled fingers. But hey, even the Samsung buds I wear for work are touchy on the touch controls." — Joshua Hedman

Get it from Amazon now: $209.88 & FREE Returns


3. Walker's - Firemax Behind the Neck Earmuffs

best shooting earmuffs


Highlight: Unique Behind-the-Neck design for maximum support.

Helpful review: "I think these are hands down the best ear protection I have ever had. You really can hear voices very clearly and the protection cups are very comfortable, even when worn for an extended period.
1. No more disposable batteries.
2. USB-C rechargeable
3. Doubles as headphones with aux input
I have used a few other types of ear protection before. These are more comfortable than the other walkers I have and not having to change batteries is a major plus. Can't tell you how many times I got to the range and had to swap out batteries. I can just keep these on a charger or keep a portable battery with me for when I'm in a pinch. The comfort is a step up over the razor muffs. It feels much softer and comfortable, My ears don't get hot after a while of wearing them.
Being electronic ear protection, it has 2 mics to pick up outside sound and it has 4 filters that can be cycled through using a button on the left side. "Clear Voice", "High Frequency Boost", "Power Boost", "Universal". I use the default clear voice, and haven't really tested the others to notice a difference. There is an optional accessory that includes a walkie talkie mic that plugs into the usb port. I have bought that, but I like knowing there are options for extending functionality.
They are great for hearing protection and you can hear things clearly around you. I didn't see anything bad about them, and they definitely fit under a military helmet with adjustment (Took out the side pads and loosen the straps front and back). I do want to say that I have a small head. For anyone else it might be too tight or impossible to fit. I had a medium ACH. Also they are way better than my Razor Walkers, they are much more comfortable and hearing things is much easier. I used a clear voice setting which I feel is the best setting. I feel they were definitely worth it, glad I made the purchase. It's a night and day difference, I highly recommend them.
I shoot at an indoor range 1 - 2 times a week. I've been using my AOSafety over ear muffs (30 db noise reduction) from my woodshop for a long time. These have outstanding noise reduction but I can't hear anyone talking to me on the range. A problem when you shoot with friends. I purchased these Walkers and they work fantastic. I can hear everyone at least 5 lanes on either side of me talking like they are right next to me. Sound suppression of pistol and rifle shots is not a problem at all. Not as good as the AOSafety ear muffs, but plenty good enough even on the indoor range. They are very comfortable to wear as well. Not the cheapest set out there, but I can tell you these work well. Yes, there is some hiss coming through the headset, but I don't notice it when I'm on the range. I'm not missing bluetooth, no need to listen to music when I'm focusing on shooting. If you just want good comfortable hearing protection for the range that still lets you hear others talking, then these are a good choice. I haven't compared to less expensive alternatives. After reading a bunch of other reviews it seemed like these would do the job best." — Eddy Travis

Get it from Amazon now: $199.99 & FREE Returns


4. GLORYFIRE - Clear Voice Tracking Ear Plugs for Shooting

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Clear voice tracking technology optimizes vocal dialogues.

Helpful review: "I opted for these electronic hearing protection devices as a cost-effective alternative to pricier, renowned brands, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. Considering their price point, they offer exceptional value for money, making them a wise investment in preserving your long-term hearing health.
What sets these devices apart is their remarkable ability to amplify regular conversations with crystal clarity, even in the midst of hushed discussions within a duck blind. Simultaneously, they effectively suppress loud gunshots and other high-volume noises, providing a balanced audio experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of a convenient charging case, capable of multiple recharges before requiring its own, adds to the overall convenience.
While these devices offer approximately 25 dB of noise reduction, slightly lower than traditional foam earplugs that typically provide around 30 dB, their performance remains impressive. Despite wearing them, I can still accurately discern the direction of sounds, granting me a heightened situational awareness. While they may not allow me to detect the minute wingbeats of ducks a hundred yards away, they enable me to anticipate approaching ducks by detecting their whistle and determining their general direction. This improvement is a game-changer compared to relying solely on regular ear protection.
Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend these devices to anyone seeking reliable hearing protection that also enhances situational awareness. Their compact design surpasses earmuffs, allowing for comfortable use with hats or beanies, without interfering with cheek placement when aiming a rifle. Unlike my previous earmuffs that would consistently hit the stock, these compact devices eliminate that issue. I am eagerly looking forward to taking them hunting this weekend!
One of the standout features for me is the impressive directionality perception they offer. Unlike many other earmuffs I've tried, which tend to project sound into your ears without clear localization, these devices excel in accurately conveying sound direction. This is particularly valuable during hunting activities.
I was pleasantly surprised by how securely these devices stay in my ears, even during vigorous movement such as walking, climbing, and even while eating. In comparison, the fit of regular earplugs I use for work doesn't come close to the level of comfort and stability these provide. Moreover, the convenience of their rechargeable nature and USB-C compatibility, similar to my other electronic devices, eliminates the need for battery replacements. If you're still using anything else, you're simply wasting your money.
In summary, these electronic hearing protection devices are a standout choice among the options I've tried. Their affordable price, compact design, excellent directionality perception, secure fit, and convenient rechargeability make them a clear winner in the market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in superior hearing protection that truly delivers on its promises." — Ed Geoffrey 

Get it from Amazon now: $299.99 & FREE Returns


5. Sordin - Supreme Pro-X Ear Neckband Defenders

best shooting earmuffs


Highlight: Military-grade hearing protectors.

Helpful review: "If you wear hearing protection all day, the comfort level cannot be surpassed. My name is Gary, and I am going to give you my honest real-world reviews of the Sordin Supreme Pro muffs. As a lifelong shooter and many hours on the range as an NRA instructor, I can tell you some stories about the different build quality and lack of quality for hearing protection. Enough talking about my background, let’s look at the product.
The Sordin Supreme Pro hearing protection is the only one that I have ever seen that the box says they are waterproof. This claim made my head spin with the professional mischief I could perform for review testing, and I did all of it. To get this part covered first, I must tell you about the weather here in Utah in December. It’s cold and this year it is still dry. Since the weather did not provide, I had to improvise. First off, I don’t know why hearing protection muffs need to be waterproof, so I figured the best example would be duck hunting. To create a rainstorm, I put the muffs on and got in the shower. I told you I had mischief on my mind. The Sordin Supreme Pro muffs did not miss a beat, the microphones get water in them and give a lot of feedback!
Next test, I filled the sink with water and stuck it in there, fully submerged for two hours. When I removed them from the water, the inside liners of the earpieces did not drain water, and again the microphone screamed with feedback, BUT they worked without a hitch. If this approach to hearing protection is a good fit for you, you will want to order the orange camo finish as the black finish will be impossible to find in a river or along a shoreline if they fall in during the hunt.
I let the soggy set of muffs dry on the counter, grabbed one of the black finish sets, put them on my head, and headed into the gun shop. The Sordin Supreme Pro hearing protection made light work of the screeching noises from the lathe and mill, along with letting me listen to old cowboy songs on YouTube through the microphones. The microphones are directional, so it was nice to wear the earmuffs backward on my head, aim the microphones to the TV and hear the tunes. Sordin says the sound will never reach over 85db and I am sure of that.
The comfort level of the Sordin hearing protection is amazing, I would say the best feature of this option. I wore the earmuffs for about three hours – keep in mind that I wear eyeglasses – and the soft surface and foam rings did not make my ears sore after twenty minutes. That may sound like a minor thing unless you have been shooting all day and the hearing protection smashing your ear shell into your head makes you stop and go home.
The Sordin Supreme Pro hearing protection does have a 3.5 jack to plug into a two-way radio, and they do include the wire with the headset. From what I can see Sordin does not offer a radio, but they do offer an interface device, like a splitter that will allow a user to input two radios into one set of headphones, which is pretty cool.
If you go to Amazon and look for reviews on this set of earmuffs, you will see many people commenting on the battery loading and the large amount of cursing that happens. I agree, the batteries are fed into a rotary magazine-type cavity, and getting them out requires a visit to the gun shop for tools small enough to grab a battery inside a tight space. This battery compartment is watertight, by way of an aluminum cap that threads down onto a neoprene gasket. The cap can be a little hard to turn, but not a giant issue by any means.
The microphones did give a constant white noise when the area was quiet. I took the Sordin set, the dry set, to the outdoor range, and due to the cold weather and time of day, I was the only one there. The constant sound at the gun range would not be an issue, but to wear them at work I think will wear on a person after a few hours. The white noise issue can be fixed by just hitting the button and turning it off, the issue is solved.
The cost of these earmuffs is probably going to be the biggest issue folks have to overcome. If all-day comfort and quality build is what you need, this set will be great. If you plan to dive with hearing protection this may be the only manufacturer that can fit that bill, if you worry about ruining expensive hearing protection in the wet and muck of duck and goose hunting, the Sordin Supreme Pro will not get damaged. Happy shooting." — Gary Anderson

Get it from Amazon now: $319.00 & FREE Returns


6. Walker's - Razor Slim Electronic Shooting and Hunting Earmuffs

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: These muffs amplify safe sounds to provide clear omni-directional hearing. Enhanced low-end frequencies produce accurate, natural sound.

Helpful review: "I use these muffs so often, I’ve purchased a second pair, so that my wife and I can each have a pair when we’re at the range together. It’s nice being able to talk without having to get close to each other and scream over gun fire while repeating “WHAT!?” every 30 seconds.
Quality wise, they seem fine. I haven’t been blown out of the water. But I don’t have any concerns either. They fold up nice and compact, and have not yet shown any signs of wear and tear (first pair is a little over a year old).
At the end of the day, I would recommend these to others. They’re definitely worth getting at their current price point….That being said, since I still need to wear the foam ear plugs underneath them, I’m going to knock one star off. Otherwise, they’ve exceeded my expectations. 4/5 stars.
Both pairs are still going strong. And I have experienced no issues whatsoever. I did want to mention that I have swapped out the ear cups for Walker’s “Gel Cups”...
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have been super impressed. The gel cups not only seem to help form a better seal around your ear, but if you are going to be wearing them for more than a couple hours, you will really notice the difference.
Definitely still a product I would recommend. The gel cups aren’t an absolute necessity, but they definitely enhance the product." — Mike Crowley

Get it from Amazon now: $69.99 & FREE Returns


7. Howard Leight by Honeywell - Impact Sport Sound Amplification Earmuffs

Top-rated: 31,766 ratings

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact folding design for convenient storage.

Helpful review: "This is my initial review of the Howard Leight R-01526 Earmuffs, which I've had for a week now, so I will tailor it to my limited usage. That being said, these electronic earmuffs are exactly what I was looking for in my search for quality hearing protection (or "earpro" as we say in the military). I've been frequently going to the gun range for some time now and I found it difficult with regular earpro to hold conversations with the range officers and the other patrons around me.
The best ones I could find besides electronic types were the SureFire Sonic Defenders (which I've used for years). However, I have pretty touchy sound sensitivity and I had to keep the filter caps closed, which blocked out any hope for normal audible dialogue. I knew electronic was the only way to go, but I was halted by the astounding prices and size of many of these devices. Then, I was introduced to these beauties.
This is one of the, if not the slimmest and most compact designs on the market right now. The headband is very slim and the earpads (is that the right word?) are slim as well, but comfortable. I like how it folds up into itself quite compactly, with virtually nothing sticking out. Even the volume control and microphones are made flush with the outer shells so as to mitigate damage or accidental activation, as well as reduce exposure to the environment. The overall feel is very solid and it truly seems like they used quality materials in the construction. I especially like the tough leather upper of the headband, which comes slightly distressed from manufacturing.
The three main topics of concern here are battery life, amplification, and most importantly, attenuation. I've only used this twice, probably for a total of 5 hours, so I will refrain from commenting on the battery life for now. However, this earpro does have a 4-hour auto shutoff to conserve battery power. The amplification is excellent for this earpro. I'm hearing things I really should not be able to hear (like whispers from far away), and crystal clear as well. The quality is so good that if I adjust the volume just right, it almost sounds like I'm listening with my ears exposed. I do want to point out though, that in a quiet environment and on low volume, I do get some white noise, but it is very negligible and I completely forget about it once I actually use the earpro as intended. As for the attenuation, these protect my ears just as well as inserting foam plugs. I am able to notice the gradual return of amplification if someone is talking as a shot is fired, so it is not instant, but too brief to be of any bother.
Like I said these are very slim, so you can wear this under a hood without it bulging out or a specially designed helmet with the ears cut out. I tried wearing this with my Large ACH, but sadly it did not fully agree with the matchup. The cups were pressed a little too tightly on my head and the headband sandwiched on the top wasn't the most comfortable either. Maybe I should shift around my internal pads. The power switch/volume control is perfectly designed. It is just a rotating switch that clicks to let you know if it's on or off and has enough rubbery texture and grip that you can easily adjust it with the touch of a finger. It is not the easiest to find when on your head, but in short time muscle memory will take over and it will not be a problem. Also, this earpro is very light and since I have a large head, it fits really snug, but I had no problem wearing this for hours at a time as it is very comfortable, especially due to the soft earpads (too late to change now).
I haven't had these for that long so I cannot attest to how it stands up to wear and tear. But, it does feel very sturdy and rugged, and seems to be constructed with tough, quality materials.
Howard Leight manufactured a top-notch electronic earmuff that holds its own compared to earpro four times its price (I've personally tried the ComTac II). For the average shooter like myself, I could not find anything else coming close to this earpro in design, performance, and price range. Yes, I did check out the Peltor 6S, but their microphones and volume adjustments jut out from the shell, which some reviewers complain can be accidentally activated in a bag, and it takes 4 batteries, and it's more expensive. The Howard Leights are a steal." — Nelio Aguilar

Get it from Amazon now: $87.62 & FREE Returns


8. Pro For Sho - 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: Cheapest option; 'Large' size fits teens and adult alike.

Helpful review: "I have been doing a lot of woodwork lately with a buddy, a couple of projects around the house. I had a couple of my fiance's earplugs she uses when her dad stays with us (he saws more logs in his sleep than I could do in a lifetime), but some of the tools were getting through the ear plugs so I decided to hunt for a solution.
When I had shop classes we were always given earplugs in the shop so I sought the best noise-dampening ear plugs I could find. I turned to Flents Quiet Time ear plugs. They were effective when inserted properly, but unfortunately they often worked their way out of proper insertion and were therefore far less effective. But they were $15 bucks for 70 pairs, so I figured I could keep them for my buddies when they work on stuff with me, but I knew these earplugs weren't the everyday option I was looking for. I had seen other options when searching, so I took to the web again.
I pulled up other earplugs on Amazon, and the suggested links had earmuffs. I remember seeing them on children at concerts, so I clicked on a couple. (Good enough for developing ears, good enough for mine, right?) All the noise ratings were higher than industrial earplugs and the price was still in that $10-$20 range. I bought a couple of them to test by Pro For Sho and ClearArmor.
The Pro For Sho is a good set. They're sleek-looking and they fold relatively compact when not in use. I think they muff noise better than the Flents ear plugs even when the earplugs are properly inserted. However, I felt that they were tight. They aren't bad for a few minutes at a time, but I did feel the pressure with sustained use. My buddy tried them for a day and said he didn't have that problem, so maybe I just have sensitive temples? For the record, my cap size is S/M and his is M/L.
The ClearArmor is a GREAT set. They aren't as low-profile as the Pro For Sho, but frankly no ear muff is going to be invisible; it's not about looking cool, it's about being safe, right? Plus they also fold on the same mechanism that the Pro For Sho does, so they also fit in storage easily. They muffled the sound about the same as the Pro For Show, but I could almost forget they were on. The ear pad is soft and comfortable, the headband didn't feel too tight at all, and I could and did wear them all day in the shop.
I was going to return the Pro For Sho in favor of the ClearArmor, but my buddy said he would take them. So in the end I guess they were both good buys, just not for me. The earplugs weren't a bad buy--they'll get used--but I won't buy them again.
PS if you want all kinds of ear protection, pair the earplugs with the muffs. The internet says it adds something like +5 NRR to the one with the highest rating. I don't know numbers like that, but I did give it a try with the ear plugs inserted poorly and the earmuffs on and it was super effective. If I had some comfortable earplugs that stayed in, it would be easy to see myself using both when working on the loudest-of-loud tools in the shop.
So here's my ultimate ranking: Flents Quiet Time: 3 stars, effective but iconsistent. Pro For Sho: 4 stars, effective but uncomfortable. ClearArmor: 5 stars, effective and comfortable. I hope it helps;)" — Scott Richards

Get it from Amazon now: $20.55 & FREE Returns


9. Walker's - Razor Slim Electronic Muffs

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: A volume control knob that is slightly recessed for easy-to-use controls.

Helpful review: "I recently went on a camping shooting weekend trip, and I brought these ear muffs. I've used them at the range and was happy with them there, but this trip for me was where the comfort and versatility really came though. Mine came with Duracell batteries, so from the start you've got everything you need to use them, and you don't have to worry about the batteries dying like you do with other products that come with cheapo generic batteries.
Battery life is good too - I've used mine several times now with the original set of batteries, two days where I had them turned on for a significant part of the afternoon, and they were still working fine when I shut them off.
In a nutshell, I put them on, turned them on, and really didn't take them off all afternoon. The microphone and volume control help to be able to hear conversation and allow you to move about what you are doing in a normal way, but the noise cancellation kicks in when it needs to. I shot everything from 22s all the way up to a 4" S&W 500 Magnum and never felt like the noise cancellation needed to be more than it was.
The mic is good enough that you can actually hear some things in the background that you might not be able to hear with just your ears.
Sound quality - at this price point you aren't going to get a true recreation of sound, but it's more than functional.
If you are outside and the wind is blowing, you'll get a bit of wind noise - to my way of thinking, that's to be expected. They were also nicely comfortable. I kind of forgot I had them on, and with a 4 guys shooting at different and random times, in addition to my own shooting, it was nice to be able to go about the day, converse with the other guys normally, and not have to worry if someone else decided to load up and start shooting.
I've heard that they are even more comfortable with the aftermarket gel pads you can get. I might have to try those sometime, but I didn't have any discomfort issues. I like the color of the ones I got - I got the flat black patriot version with the Velcro flag that attaches to the headpiece.
Lastly, they collapse into a fairly nice size - I fit two pairs of these easily in the center section of my range bag. Bottom line: I'm glad I chose these and I'd get them again.
Comfortable, effective to 22db as most others in its category. The reality is 22db isn't much with your surrounded by significant noise in an indoor range, however, the noise-gating was effective. Research it yourself! As to hearing conversations with the muff in place, A+! Could actually hear conversations through the glass window in the showroom. That was very surprising. Didn't expect that at all." — TechNerd

Get it from Amazon now: $45.99 & FREE Returns


10. Awesafe - Electronic Headphones for Shooting

best electronic ear protection for shooting


Highlight: 1-year warranty at no additional cost.

Helpful review: "The padding around the ear cups is nice and soft. The headset does not squeeze my head. The batteries lasted for days. Nice and thin and does not mark the gun stock.
The only problem I have encountered with this headset is I use a Bluetooth remote waterproof hunting speaker for game calls. Bluetooth is a radio frequency transmission technology operating in the 2.4 gigahertz range. When I activate Bluetooth in any of my 3 Android devices I use, I immediately receive static and buzzing interference in this headset from the transmitted Bluetooth signal. Turn off the Bluetooth device I am using, and the interference stops.
The headset volume control has no effect on the interference. I've been a Ham Radio Operator for 60 years. I understand radio frequency transmission interference. The engineers who designed this headset could have included a 2.4 gigahertz blocking filter for about $1. But it's obvious they didn't even consider any interference from Bluetooth signals. I could wrap aluminum foil around the headsets to stop the interference, but don't want to look like Mel Gibson from the 2002 movie, "Signs."
This headset has analog audio technology. If you turn the volume up to "max," the audio is loud, but you also get hiss in the speakers. If you are using this headset without any Bluetooth remote devices, then it works fine for the very good purchase price.
Would recommend them to anyone wanting a nice electronic headset. Just want to say, I own 3 other brands of electronic headsets. A couple of them were over the $100 price point. They ALL receive interference from Bluetooth signals transmitted from my Android devices. Just shows that the manufacturers do not consider all options when designing their products.
Having worn through numerous standard hearing protection headphones, you know the ones you buy for yard work that cut out the lawnmower noise as well as anyone wanting to get your attention. I tried these for a shooting range as I wanted to block out the gun noise but be able to hear the instructor. These headphones are amazing. The selective noise reduction is so much better than traditional ear protection and you can hold a clear conversation without having to remove them. I can never go back to the old ones. These are my new go to headsets. Customer Service is amazing as well." — Mark S. Romney

Get it from Amazon now: $36.99 & FREE Returns


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