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  • Christie Bolster

The Best Shooting Earmuffs Are Actually Cheap (And Very Durable)

It's hard to find the perfect pair of shooting and hunting earmuffs. Luckily for you, these 27 affordable pairs come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Earmuff

Top-rated: 15,437 ratings | 295 answered questions

Highlight: Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included).

Helpful review: "Good quality powered muff for more than just shooting sports! About 10 years ago I suffered some hearing loss and now have tinnitus in my ears thanks to a very loud concert. Since then I do what I can to protect my hearing. I had a set of Peltor Sound Trap muffs that I liked but they were getting old and worn. I had heard about Walker products in the past and thought I would give them a try.
This is the Razor series which are geared toward the shooting market since the slim design allows for shooting long guns with the muffs on. The muffs feel sturdy and I like how the ear cups are soft; yet still firm enough to contour your head and stay in place. They come with batteries and you don't have to take the ear cup off to put batteries in which I really like (this is partially why my Peltor's no longer work!).
The on/off dial is easy to use and find with one hand. While wearing the muffs, I would describe the muffs having moderate pressure around my ears and head. Some cheap muffs are very loose feeling and would easily bounce around and break the protection seal if a gun goes off. Not these. I wore them for about 1.75 hours and had no problems at all with discomfort. The microphone is very sensitive; so much so that even when lightly picking up a shell from the case, I can hear the shell as it rubs against the foam insert! That is pretty impressive. I had no issues when I brought the rifle to my cheek, although with any muff, you will still rub against the stock some. The Peltor's were thinner than this, but still, no problems. Comparing it back to the Peltor brand I had, that would have a very sharp sound suppression when it detected a shot or loud noise. I found it to be annoying as it had a slow startup time again.
These muffs have a .02 second reaction time and I don't find it nearly as noticeable as the Peltor's, which I like. I can shoot, talk to the person next to me and even walk around without having to make any adjustments at all. For the price, this is an excellent powered muff that can be used for shooting or any other outdoor sport where hearing protection would be beneficial." — Minnesota Mike

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2. Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs by Howard Leight

Top-rated: 45,880 ratings

Highlight: Features low profile earcups for firearm stock clearance; adjustable headband for secure fit; compact folding design for convenient storage.

Helpful review: "So I tested the Howard Leights (HL), Walker Razors (WR), Peltor Rangegaurds (RG) and the Peltor 100's) (P1). Before I get into the results of all of them I ordered a total of two of each just to make sure I didn't get a lemon. I know most reviews are written like Novels so here goes the short and sweet version. I'm also not going to talk about looks and design because you will get used to the tactility and layout of your headset and layout doesn't make a headset better over functionality which is what ill be going over. The main purpose of Earpro for me is to cut out loud sounds and amplify ambient noise to a level that exceeds regular capability of your naked ears. Starting with Worst to Best.
4. The P1's are a digital Earpro system (I believe) and In my opinion I could hear the Earpro constantly picking and choosing what sounds to amplify and what sounds to cut out. It sounded like taking an empty cup to your ear and pushing it closer then pulling away, and repeating that process, It drove me nuts... Also these were terrible at amplifying ambient noise. In fact even at full blast I still couldn't hear as much as I could with my naked ear...
3. WR. now I know some people swear by these and people say that the sound quality is better and I would agree with you if you like noise that sounds like garbage... Seriously though, these earpro sets makes ambient noise sound like its very 'tinny' and very fake, almost the same effect as having an empty cup placed up to your ear where you can literally hear white noise CONSTANTLY, and it is so distracting. And if wind comes your way good luck, I know these have a wind cover inside but its far worse than earpro that have the wind cover on the outside. These do cut out sounds very well and fitment is great.
2. RG. These were a solid second place because fitment was amazing, and so was cutting out loud sounds and blocking out wind. The only reason these took number two was because at full blast, ambient noise was just slightly better than hearing the world around you with your naked ear, but man were these comfortable and cheaper than all the rest. about $40 compared to $50.
1. You guessed it. HOWARD LEIGHTS. for $50, UNBEATABLE. These outclassed all earpro I wore and here's why. I bought the Gel Inserts for these which makes them more comfortable but even without them these amplify sounds so well and so crisp at full volume you can hear so much more, without any white noise at all. They cut out loud sounds so well, and after shooting with all of them, the HL are just the best for ambient pickup and sound cancellation. I also play airsoft so using them with a radio, they are really good at playing voices and still keeping up with ambient pickup and shot reduction , with the HL's its nice to pick up on things that you otherwise couldn't hear.
Look at how many people have reviewed these... almost 20k... You wont look back with these and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They come with a 3.5mm jack and batteries, none of the competition does that. Howard Leight you have the earpro game locked in my friend. Keep Up the quality." — Addison

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3. Walker's Ultra Low Profile Passive Earmuffs

Top-rated: 5,449 ratings | 83 answered questions

Highlight: NRR 27 protection from noise. Compactly folds up for easy transport and storage.

Helpful review: "I purchased these to be used at an indoor range, with foam earplugs underneath. To that application, they are perfect (and my local range has terrible sound-proofing). They certainly live up to their name, being just about as low-profile as anything I’ve seen, and really quite stylish. I also really like that they allow me to easily get a good cheek-weld when shooting rifles. They are also fit fine on bigger heads. Being as slim as they are, they seem to have remarkably good sound-dampening - better that some bulkier pairs I’ve tried even. However, to shoot comfortably indoors, they really should be worn with in-ear protection as well. If you’re looking to over-ear only indoors, I’d recommend going with the bulkier version. Overall, for $20, they are a steal. I’m planning on purchasing a pair of the electronic version for outdoors." — Dan Howard

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4. Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection

Top-rated: 5,516 ratings | 112 answered questions

Highlight: The padded headband ensures you can wear these ear muffs all day long without getting a headache from the band being too tight.

Helpful review: "I wanted to share my experience with this product with those looking for a good, reasonably priced hearing protection. This set of hearing protection was sent to me for evaluation and review and I am NOT being paid to review it. I am a firearms instructor and use hearing protection almost daily.
I have probably worn no less than 100 different kinds of hearing protection sets in my 35+ years in law enforcement and 28 years as a firearms instructor. Most of the hearing protection we use is rated around 24-27 dB reduction and that is pretty good. And they have to be comfortable to wear for hours at a time as we teach in 4 hour blocks at the Police Academy where I am in charge of Firearms training.
We have tested and used scores of hearing protection devices. And if you do not think my profession needs a good set of hearing protection, ask my instructors that wear hearing aids now because even wearing hearing protection, unless its done correctly and of good quality, it can still cause you hearing loss over time. Thankfully I have not had that issue after all this time.
I used these while teaching firearms, while using an air compressor, while mowing the lawn, and just to get some quite around my home. And they were OUTSTANDING! I was very pleasantly surprised to find a pair of hearing protection muffs that were one, comfortable, and yet did a great job of reducing the noise level of all the types of noise I threw at it.
It is rated at 34dB reduction! And it really does the trick. I was so surprised when I first put them on at the firearms range I had to switch back and forth between the ones my police recruits use and these to make sure I wasn't missing something, The difference was very noticeable and these were much better at reducing the sounds on the range. A very noticeable difference from the 27dB sets that many wear.
I have been wearing them on and off for several weeks now and can tell the difference between these and the ones the students use. If you are looking for a really great pair of noise reducing hearing protection in the non-electronic style, then these are the ones you should get, take it from a guy who wears them daily. These are the best at noise reduction I have used in many many years. We use electronic hearing protection on our ranges to make verbal commands easier to hear, but for flat out noise reduction, I would highly recommend these!
Noise reduction is noticeably better than others I have tested or used. 34dB vs. 24-27dB. Small and compact and folds up easy for storage. Very cost effective. Fit is good and snug as they should be. Small profile when on the head. Only con I have is that they may not adjust enough to fit larger heads. (One of my instructors had trouble keeping them on at maxed out size).
They work so well that hearing voice commands on a gun range may be more difficult, but is still within usable range. Over all I would HIGHLY recommend these to you if you are looking for OUTSTANDING noise reduction hearing protection." — Chris Wagoner

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5. Elite Earmuffs - Hearing Protection for the Shooting Range

Top-rated: 11,176 ratings | 233 answered questions

Highlight: You can adjust the amplification effect. Can help you lower noise exposure by 23 db.

Helpful review: "I had a pair of these that were issued to me, but they were not working for some reason. We had range this past week, so I knew I could get these within two days and not spend a fortune. Well, the biggest suprise was when I turn them on. These actually cut the noise out more than my issued pair which cost well over $100. These only take a AAA battery, and not some fancy rechargeable battery. One button does everything. Turn it on turn the volume up, turn it off. No confusion about what I need to do. Also, I was able to plug my phone into it so while I was at the range, I could hear if I got a text or a phone call. I had one of my colleagues put them on because I wanted to make sure I wasn't just going crazy, and he said he was very surprised also. If you don't have a pair of electric headphones, you really need to consider these. I think the American flag is an extra added bonus also. And, these fold very compactly." — RG

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6. Walkers Razor Slim Electronic Shooting Hearing Protection Muff with a Protective Case

Top-rated: 1,630 ratings | 43 answered questions

Highlight: Equipped with full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound; comes with an audio input jack.

Helpful review: "First of all I found the Walkers Ear protection to be sound proof quality. They are very comfortable to wear. The audio sound of the Walkers is supreme. If you buy them you will love them. I have shot my 44 mag with no problem wearing the Walkers. And believe me that 44 mag is loud as hell. I highly recommend them. The storage case that comes with them is very nice to. You can buy cheaper ones or more expensive ones but these Walkers are about the middle of the road price for great quality ear protection. I really found nothing about the Walkers that I dislike." — David L. Mccoy

Get it from Amazon now: $59.95 & FREE Returns


7. Walker's Electronic Hunting Muffs

Top-rated: 26,439 ratings | 426 answered questions

Highlight: Most recommended and best-selling hunting hearing protection muffs.

Helpful review: "Tried the new Walker's Razor Slim muffs last Thursday at the shooting range and they worked great. I tested them against another brand of electronic muffs and Walker's won hands down. What I find the best is that they fit well when I use them to shoot trap or rifle. Other "slim" muffs I've tried hit the gun stock and pulled the protection off my ear. The volume control is sensitive and allows me to tune it to my liking.
At my age, I find they actually allow me to hear better when they are on my ears than when they aren't -- not surprising of course at 70 years of age. Walker's Razor deadened the gun shots of my buddy next to me extremely well, his 45ACP , but I could hear birds in the vicinity, the stream behind us about 30 ft. and a truck up a hill on the road about 50 yards + away like they were right behind me. I highly recommend Walker's and in fact ordered another set for my trainees, family and friends when we go to the range." — Nemo1948

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8. Walker's Razor Walkie Talkie - Handsfree Communication Up to 3 Miles

Top-rated: 2,801 ratings | 109 answered questions

Highlight: Push to talk or use Voice Activated Transmit for hands free communication.

Helpful review: "I bought the Walker's Razor Walkie Talkie set to use while shooting and hunting. While it works well (I can communicate with people in my hunting group over 0.5 mi away), wearing shooting earmuffs while hunting has it's drawbacks. Yes, with Walker's shooting muffs, it amplifies sounds and makes hearing animal footsteps easy, you lose almost all directionality of the sounds, and have to look around until you find whatever was making noise. Overall, these are great at the range and if you're going to wear shooting muffs while hunting. For those who wouldn't normally use shooting muffs while hunting, I'd suggest getting a regular set of radios with an earpiece." — Todd Johnston

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9. Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector - Ideal for Hunting and the Shooting Range

Top-rated: 2,480 ratings

Highlight: Featuring proprietary 3M technology that suppresses harmful gunshot noise while amplifying low-level sounds, the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 Electronic Hearing Protector is ideal for both indoor and outdoor shooters and hunters.

Helpful review: "I've used the Howard Leight Impact Sport and the Peltor Sport Tactical 100 and I'm liking the Peltors way more because of the ear seals on the Peltors. I get a full seal with prescription glasses and that keeps the sound of gunfire out especially in a indoor range. I can hear people too pretty easily with the electronic sound feature. Don't get me wrong the Howard Leight Impact Sport are good muffs too and cost less than the Peltors but with my glasses I wasn't getting a full seal and the sound of gunfire slipping through the ear seals was getting annoying and I want to protect my hearing. So if you're looking for electronic muffs and have prescription glasses I would suggest the Peltors but if you can get eyepro that is low profile and slim then the Howard Leight will do well for you." — Mark

Get it from Amazon now: $84.99 & FREE Returns


10. Caldwell E-Max Pro Adjustable Earmuffs - Electronic Hearing Protection with Sound Amplification 21-25 NRR

Top-rated: 4,101 ratings | 106 answered questions

Highlight: Runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) and is compatible with Caldwell's rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (sold separately).

Helpful review: "These muffs are awesome! Based on their price point, they absolutely CANNOT be beat. They work great. I have had a pair of these for years and have not had a single issue. I am even guilty of forgetting and leaving the batteries in them for expended periods of time, and the they haven't corroded and do not discharge. They came up on a Lightning Deal and I couldn't resist buying another pair for my kids to use when we go to the range.
They are great for noise reduction. You can hold your fingers up to them and snap, and they will instantly go to "protection mode." Even the closing of a chamber is enough to trigger them. The normal setting when there is no loud noise works well and you can have normal conversations with people at the range without removing them. No more yelling at people to have a discussion. I can't say enough good things about these. They are less than half the cost of other electronic muffs." — Chuck J

Get it from Amazon now: $49.99 & FREE Returns


11. Walker's Razor Quad Muffs - 4 Mic 360 Degree Sound Capture

Top-rated: 2,443 ratings | 97 answered questions

Highlight: NRR 23.

Helpful review: "Just what I wanted. I didn’t want them for shooting but for work. I work on aircraft and there always noise around you. Plus I wanted to be able to listen to music without making it obvious. I like the fact that you have two knobs. One for music volume and one for the ambient noise. When I turn my music up and ambient noise down I can’t hear a thing. The battery has lasted me 5 days and I have them on for at least 5 hours playing continuous music through Bluetooth." — Ricky

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12. Walker's Folding Infant and Children Ear Muffs

Top-rated: 843 ratings | 29 answered questions

Highlight: Designed to protect children's sensitive hearing needs; suitable for ages 6 months to 3 years; soft foam ear pads.

Helpful review: "I bought these for my 14 month old because we live in Central Florida and fireworks are a religion here (especially if you live on a lake). I want to protect his little ears from mortars, rockets, and quite possible cannons. The fit is perfect. They are snug which he's not crazy about, but necessary for them to provide the sound protection I'm looking for. I tried them on my adult sized female head and the band is too short so they don't go down all the way so the bottom of my ears stick out. So size is as described 6 months to 8 years old. The things that I like about these are: The size is perfect he doesn't have some huge band projecting from the top of his head. The band fits snug to his head to help keep in place. They fold up easily for travel and storage. They look cool. The camo is gender neutral.
These are also sold at the big box stores so I know the quality and sound protection is up to par vs. some questionable no name brand. They are light weight and comfortable. Things that could be improved: The band isn't adjustable lengthwise. The plastic and cushion on the band feels a little cheap. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and think they will hold up well under regular wear and usage. It is important to protect our little ones. Please let me know if you find this review useful by hitting the "yes" button below." — Furbie

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13. awesafe Electronic Earmuffs for the Shooting Range

Top-rated: 2,439 ratings | 38 answered questions

Highlight: Safety is delivered through distortion-free amplification (up to a safe 82 dB) of important low level sounds like range commands and conversation.

Helpful review: "Amazing. We were firing 50 cal and other high powered rifles in an indoor range and they killed the noise, but I could hear everyone talking (of course about how accurate all of my groupings were) just fine. Just don't turn the volume up too loud or even whispers will sound like yelling." — JustinB

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14. HearTek Kids Shooting Earmuffs

Top-rated: 3,428 ratings | 95 answered questions

Highlight: USA family-owned business.

Helpful review: "I’m 25yo and I have autism. I needed something for loud noises and my anxiety because I also suffer from an anxiety disorder that can be severe at times. I was worried they wouldn’t fit because it specifies they fit children but it also states they can fit small adults. They fit perfectly and muffle out a lot of sounds. I highly recommend these earmuffs. Even if you have anxiety and need to block out the world, it helps. I took a photo for those who aren’t sure if they would fit an adult." — Maxine

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15. Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic Shooting Earmuff by Howard Leight

Top-rated: 846 ratings

Highlight: Digital compression circuitry offers a .5 millisecond attack time (250X faster than the classic Impact Sport) to compress any noise that exceeds a safe 82 dB; NRR 22.

Helpful review: "Work great on the range, and the electronic feature makes me feel like I have super powers. I may start wearing these around the house to hear or not hear my wife as the situation warrants." — OceanLad

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16. YINSHOME Ear Protection Earmuffs with Gun Safety Glasses, Earplugs and a Protective Case

Top-rated: 903 ratings | 11 answered questions