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I Testes And Ranked The Best Full Auto BB Guns In 2023

I field-tested the most powerful fully automatic BB guns on Amazon. So if you're in the market for a CO2-powered BB air rifle, I'd highly recommend one of the following options.

best full auto bb guns

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Black DPMS - Comfortable and Realistic

Top-rated: 7,278 ratings | 627 answered questions

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: 6 adjustable positions make the gun easy to shoulder and handle.

Helpful review: "This gun is so much fun to shoot! Full auto mode leads to spontaneous giggling from the shooter and spectators alike.
Weight and balance are very much like the real thing. Charging handle, safety/fire selector, are very realistic, although the forward assist is non-functional. Did I say how much fun it is to shoot this thing? Surprisingly accurate. The attached photo is from my 1st 100 shots. The tight clusters are from 3 25-round full auto bursts. The others are from semi-auto file as I tried to use the flip-up sights. All were at 30 ft.
The flip-up sights aren't much use, at least for my eyes. In most lighting conditions, I found that the smooth inside surface of the cylindrical rear sight aperture was too reflective, causing enough glare to block out the front post sight entirely. It is far too loud to be back yard friendly, if neighbors are close.
The loading tool is temperamental at best, jamming frequently. It is made of light plastic that feels like it will break at any moment. When it's functioning properly, it is a major improvement over hand-loading, but of 10 loading attempts, I only had 1 load the full 25 BBs without failure.
In summary, if you are interested in this gun at all, BUY IT NOW. Once you fire it, you will honestly wonder why you waited at all. Ignore the loading tool. Buy your BBs in the dispenser with the little tapered spout. Just hold the bb follower back with your thumb (manual says "lock it back", but that's a misprint), tip the mag so the top end is a bit downward, and pour the BBs into the feeding hole till the slot is full. Release the follower. Don't worry if you spill some, cuz you'll be spilling a lot more real soon.
Order extra magazines! The 25 rds go so fast, you'll be glad you spent the $50 a piece, just so you can keep shooting. Mount a Red Dot reflex optic or Laser for better point and shoot target acquisition." — Drew Karin

Get it from Amazon now: $217.47 & FREE Returns


2. Crosman CAK1 - Over 1,400 Rounds per Minute

Top-rated: 1,007 ratings | 120 answered questions

Best Full Auto BB Guns


Highlight: Holds 2 CO2 cartridges for rapid-fire action.

Helpful review: "First off, just want to say this is the sickest CO2 air rifle out there. I grew up using Dad's Crosman .45 BB gun, pump action that I created loads of memories with I always dreamed of one of the full auto BB guns in Soldier of Fortune Magazine... which was a no-go having a full auto BB gun in Canada. I owned a few 9mm replica CO2 pistols and rifles over the years and good times were had.
Now I live in Murica, where freedom means that a responsible adult can actually live, so when I saw this CAK1 full auto I jumped on it. The box is attractive and when you unpack it will not believe your eyes how realistic this looks. Based on the AK-architecture, I have real AKs and this looks like one of them. That said, don't be brandishing this around town or in front of people, the SWAT team will be called cause it looks totally real from a few feet away.
We have an invasive Iguana problem in south Florida and this helps. Before people cry that's inhumane, they are invasive and destructive and it is totally legal open-season. What is inhumane is them burrowing and destroying $100,000 seawalls, attics, landscaping, garden, flowers or giving your beloved pet salmonella disease. No iguana is safe, and they now realize this is a no-go zone to flee and infest my older neighbor's dock and pool.
This gun is easy to load, use, clean and gets the job done. the blowback is loud... louder than my friend's AR15 with silencer anyway. The trigger it light and you can bang off all 28 rounds really quick.
I'm burning through CO2 and BBs but don't care, this gun is so much fun. The full auto experience that you want but would get you 5 year minimum sentence to try. I can even put all my real AK accessories on it.
PROS: low cost, realistic looks with many metal parts, heavy weight, quality operation, 1400 BB/min fire rate with real impact power of 410ft/s, full auto fun and sounds, operation and handling just like real AK for practice, use real AK accessories on picatinny rail.
CONS: 28 rounds in mag is a bit of a joke, should be 50-100 with all that space, expensive mags $50 for 28 rounds & $70 for the 300 round auto fill mag, CO2 goes quick, CO2 most powerful early on but drops if sitting for a while" — Dave Heller

Get it from Amazon now: $218.99 & FREE Returns


3. SIG Sauer MCX Virtus - Best PCP Air Rifle

Top-rated: 304 ratings | 110 answered questions

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: 1-year limited warranty.

Helpful review: "Well, Ill start with the good: Solid weight, just like the real version is based on. Semi-auto, decent performance, held a 2" group at 30 yards with a cheap red-dot I slapped on top, and I got stupidly shaky hands. So unless I just got super lucky with mine, people who complain about accuracy simply can't shoot.
Now for some of the bad: It does jam, rather often too. It seems that the mechanism for rotating the chain is not consistent. The tank was wobbly, which got fixed when I filled it. And the barrel itself, I had no issues with it.
So then what do I mean by you need to work with it? Well, there are several things I needed to do for "Ideal" performance. For starters, the gun jams, a LOT. I've come to realize that this is due to the trigger mechanism interacting with the chain. If you pull the trigger only slightly and release, it will move halfway between shots, and will not let you shoot. To fix, remove the mag and straighten the chain before reinserting.
Be sure to oil the gun properly. A small dab of Peloil on the tip of the tank before inserting should suffice, and remember it only needs to be done every few days.
And one thing I found that helped with the accuracy problem: CLEAN THE BARREL.
I used the cleaning kit I got for my actual .22lr, and after swabbing the barrel 3 times (I shot it twice after buying it) the swab came out black the first 2 times, with the 3rd coming out clean. I will admit I got slightly scared because I thought I pushed the rod too far through the barrel(?) And I locked the valve back slightly, causing a leak, though cocking the gun fixed that. To avoid it, put an obstruction in the magwell to prevent your swab from hitting the valve. I cant promise cocking it would resolve it with you.
No issues with cheap parts. The barrel is freefloat and isn't connected to the handguard, so wobble is expected. But it's heavy enough for it to not affect accuracy unless your really stupid about it. After filled to 3000psi, it will go through roughly 200-300psi on a mag, meaning you can push 3-5 mags before NEEDING a refill.
Overall, it's a good gun, although it does require some more maintenance than the traditional break actions. I think that this is what most people who are complaining are used to. This is an AR (sorta) platform, so it comes with the same maintenance requirements of an actual AR platform. Treat it right, and it will treat you right." — Raymond Castillo

Get it from Amazon now: $286.18 & FREE Returns


4. FDE DPMS - Best Value for Money

Top-rated: 2,346 ratings | 159 answered questions

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Removeable pop-up sight and adjustable rear sight to have you stay on target.

Helpful review: "I originally bought this to start teaching the kids about rifle safety and how to shoot/handle the AR platform. While it does function as a pretty good training tool before we step up to a 22lr, it's also just a barrel of fun. For the money, there's few better ways to spend a couple of hours on a warm afternoon.
Now, it really has good C02 life... I get about 14 (or 350 bbs) magazines per pair of cartridges running full auto, and about 16 magazines if I run semi-auto. Muzzle velocity and therefore accuracy drops after about 8-9 magazines, but moving a few feet closer to the target when that happens negates this change.
This functions about 85% the same as a standard AR rifle, so its a great platform to introduce the kids on. Accuracy is pretty good for an inexpensive bb gun. We shoot it between 5-10 yards depending on weather conditions and C02 charge, and it makes consistent hits on the target (6" rubber "gong" in a homemade bb catch box).
My rifle has been 100% reliable since I've owned it... it's had somewhere around 2500 bbs down the barrel. I do lubricate the rifle each time we change C02. But keep in mind that the included sights are junk. I put a spare set of UTG flip-ups I had laying around on it and they've been much better. Trigger pull is a bit heavy for young kids. I have to squeeze the trigger for my 2-year-old as she learns to point and steady the rifle, whereas she can work the trigger on our Crosman PSM45 pistol on her own.
I haven't put a gauge on it, but I'd estimate it's about a 7-8lb pull. I don't have a whole lot of luck with the included speed loader, but it only takes about 20-30 seconds to load the magazine by hand. I have a few spares that are on backorder, so it'll be nice to have those.
The screws that push the C02 cartridges in place use a hex key (one is included). This is fine, but I'd rather just have a Philips slot so I could just use a regular screw driver.
Overall, I've been very satisfied with this product. Yes, it's mostly plastic, but it's well made and if you take care of it and realize that at the end of the day it's a toy, it should last for a long time. I'll probably end up ordering another one so we can shoot more than one at a time. So, yes, I totally recommend this gun, and I'll update this review later." — Colby Moritz

Get it from Amazon now: $168.48 & FREE Returns


5. Bushmaster - Ideal for Training

Top-rated: 1,295 ratings | 174 answered questions

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Red dot sight included!

Helpful review: "I had to do my homework when it came to ordering this air rifle. My husband, who is a giant child, wanted good quality and full auto, in the style of his beloved AR-15. He simply would not want anything plastic or pump action. So after searching high and low, all stores and sites, I came across this gem. I saw the price and almost did not get it. But quality comes with a price, so he is the big show off right now. It is a replica basically, it shoots beautifully in full auto, tore through the targets they made. His twin got the DPMS, and they both say this is one to buy if buying such a type of air rifle. And I mean it is made by Bushmaster, same as his AR, so it speaks for itself. He is happy with his new toy, as he promised to rid us of some evil possums, and he got to "one up" his twin. I am happy he is happy!" — Hailey Martinez
Trending review: "So I bought this hoping for the best. I have several AR’s and never get to shoot them because of time and money for ammo. This gun is incredible and gives all the feels of an actual AR. It sounds like a suppressed 9m when firing. The blowback action provides legitimate firing inputs and all major functions are the same as the AR. The only difference is when you extract a mag there is nothing in the chamber. Unlike an AR that would feed a round. All of the action is in the mag so unless the mag is in you can’t go bang. Accuracy is as good as you need. I added a Sig Romeo 5 because I had it handy and the red dot that comes with it is super cheapo. It works fine but is low and hard to obtain. I wouldn’t have changed it if I didn’t have another optic available. Really, so much fun! Fire hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rounds for the price of a 30rd 556 mag. Great training platform and a blast to shoot." — Jay Spencer
Reassuring review: "Wow! I own several AR15's and the realism of this air rifle is spectacular. It's got a picatinny quad rail, an actual AR15 adjustable butt stock. It even breaks down like an AR15! With the speed loader it's a breeze to load and the fully automatic mode is exciting to say the least. My only complaint is that my RMR optic had cracked lenses, but it still works. The beauty about this air rifle is you can customize it just like you can an actual AR15! Highly recommend!" — Jean Marin

Get it from Amazon now: $245.93 & FREE Returns

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