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I Testes And Ranked The Best Full Auto BB Guns In 2024

I field-tested the most powerful fully automatic BB guns on Amazon. So if you're in the market for one, I'd highly recommend one of the following options.

best full auto bb guns

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Black DPMS - Comfortable and Realistic

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Up to 1400 rounds per minute.

Helpful review: "I've had this rifle for abt 2 weeks. After reading tons of reviews and getting some serious trigger time myself, I've come up with the following observations/recommendations:
Feels very real in your hands. Flip up sights are cheap junk and really don't look like they belong on such a great looking rifle. Crossman should really pony up and put some decent flip-up iron sights on this thing. How much would it cost at such volumes? Anyway, I took them off and replaced them with a cheap red/green dot scope before the first loading.
After handling his rifle for a few hours now I believe it would be excellent for introduction training for a real AR. All controls work very close to a real AR (except fwd assist which rarely gets used anyway). Trigger is a bit stiff and appears to behave like a 2-stage trigger. At abt 90% of trigger force applied, there's a faint click, then a bit more squeeze and it fires. Not sure if this was an intentional feature but it's very consistent and I like it.
At 30 ft, with fresh co2, I'm grouping 25 rounds within an inch in semi-auto (with a rest). Holds elevation pretty well for the first 6 mags. Elevation drops 2-3 inches @ 30 ft. on last (7th) mag. When co2 gets low, the rifle occasionally does some weird stuff like double firing or dry firing. When co2 gets really low, you have to use the charge lever between shots, but by then it's time to replace co2 anyway.
From what I've heard, to extend the life of the rifle, you shouldn't run full auto with fresh co2 cyls or near empty ones either. Shoot the first mag in semi-auto then switch to full-auto for a couple of mags, then back to semi-auto until co2 is gone. Also, not too much full auto until you have a few hundred rounds thru it. Seems like good advice since moving parts need to wear-in.
First 1500 BBs were Hornady Black Diamond since I heard they load easier (and they do). Speed loader takes a little getting used to, but after you get the hang of it, it's great. I spray a little Rem oil in the loader, load it between 1/2 and 3/4 full then another quick spray of oil. Then shake it to distribute the oil around. Switched to Daisy zinc coated BB's since the local store was out of Hornady's. They are a little more difficult to load but so far no issues with the first 1000 rounds.
Daisy grouped as well as the Hornady's.
When a speedloader plunger jams, don't force it. Just flip it upside down (while still connected to the mag) and gently work the plunger until it un-jams, then flip it back upright and continue.
At first it didn't seem to shoot more than abt 75-100 rounds before running out of co2 (semi-auto only). When removing the right (secondary) cylinder, a LOT of co2 escaped. Inspected piercing pin and it looked OK. Next time removing the co2 cylinders, I loosened the right cyl very very slowly. Noticed after abt 1/4 turn loosening, the right cyl got cold but wasn't leaking. I was then able to fire another 75 or so rounds.
Next time I loaded 2 new cyls, I tightened the left cyl normally. On the right cyl, I tightened until it was abt as tight as I could get it with the supplied wrench, then backed it off exactly 1/4 turn. Now it works as it should. I've run 6 cyls through it this way and so far so good. There's something odd going on inside the mag that makes the right cylinder not flow if cyl is screwed on really tight but this appears to be a good work-around so far.
Microscopic manual says to oil after ~1000 rnds. That's what I did. Maybe Crossman wants parts to wear-in before oiling?? I applied pelgunoil to the co2 tips and everything else that moves including the seal. Feels significantly smoother now. I've heard pelgunoil is actually non-detergent ATF. When the pelgunoil tube runs out, I'll probably refill it with ATF and keep rolling.
After a bit more research, it looks like silicone oil is supposed to be used on the green seal, in the cyl where the green seal slides into and on the seal at output of the magazine. I'll be switching over to silicone oil for these parts. Still using pellgunoil for tips of co2 cyls.
IMHO, this was such a a bargain. I've had a lot of fun with it and actually feel I'm improving my target acquisition time and muscle memory. Hats off to DPMS/Panther Arms/Crossman for releasing such a BB gun." — Lisa Aaronson

Get it from Amazon now: $219.99 & FREE Returns


2. Crosman CAK1 - Over 1,400 Rounds per Minute

Best Full Auto BB Guns


Highlight: Full-auto with semi-auto option.

Helpful review: "First off, just want to say this is one of the sickest full-auto CO2 air rifle out there. I grew up using Dad's Crosman .45 BB gun, pump action that I created loads of memories with I always dreamed of one of the full auto BB guns in Soldier of Fortune Magazine... which was a no-go having a full auto BB gun in Canada. I owned a few 9mm replica CO2 pistols and rifles over the years and good times were had.
Now I live in Murica, where freedom means that a responsible adult can actually live, so when I saw this CAK1 full auto I jumped on it. The box is attractive and when you unpack it will not believe your eyes how realistic this looks. Based on the AK-architecture, I have real AKs and this looks like one of them. That said, don't be brandishing this around town or in front of people, the SWAT team will be called cause it looks totally real from a few feet away.
We have an invasive Iguana problem in south Florida and this helps. Before people cry that's inhumane, they are invasive and destructive and it is totally legal open-season. What is inhumane is them burrowing and destroying $100,000 seawalls, attics, landscaping, garden, flowers or giving your beloved pet salmonella disease. No iguana is safe, and they now realize this is a no-go zone to flee and infest my older neighbor's dock and pool.
This gun is easy to load, use, clean and gets the job done. the blowback is loud... louder than my friend's AR15 with silencer anyway. The trigger it light and you can bang off all 28 rounds really quick.
I'm burning through CO2 and BBs but don't care, this gun is so much fun. The full auto experience that you want but would get you 5 year minimum sentence to try. I can even put all my real AK accessories on it.
PROS: low cost, realistic looks with many metal parts, heavy weight, quality operation, 1400 BB/min fire rate with real impact power of 410ft/s, full auto fun and sounds, operation and handling just like real AK for practice, use real AK accessories on picatinny rail.
CONS: 28 rounds in mag is a bit of a joke, should be 50-100 with all that space, expensive mags $50 for 28 rounds & $70 for the 300 round auto fill mag, CO2 goes quick, CO2 most powerful early on but drops if sitting for a while" — Dave Heller

Get it from Amazon now: $218.99 & FREE Returns


3. Barra 400E - Powered Completely By Electricity

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: This electric full-auto BB rifle is 100X cheaper to operate than CO2 rifles.

Helpful review: "I'm giving this one 5 stars for a stellar performance. It fires flawlessly - no jams - and it's and amazingly accurate. I'm very familiar with the M16A1 rifles , and this was an automatic fit right out of the box. And, yes, it puts a smile on my face while I'm shooting as I'm thinking about the money I save on bullets when on auto. It's powered by electricity!!
All metal construction. Consistent velocity and fpe across shot strings. Accuracy is as advertised. Comfortable platform. Very quiet. Multi-shot (50 round advertised magazine). Built-in M-Lock slots. Weaver rail for scope mount. LIPO Battery power. Automatic mode.
If I could, I would have allowed some other way to fill the magazine besides the auto-loader, which is cumbersome and I was not actually able to fill the magazine to 50 rounds. I managed 42 with multiple tries.
Data was gathered using FX Radar Crony. I could not believe my eyes when I ran the numbers showing up on my FX crony. I ran a 5 shot string and a 42 shot string and the fps averages were virtually identical!! I then ran a 5 shot string fpe and a 27 shot fpe and the numbers there were also too close with differences that were negligible. Using Umarex Steel 5.29 gr BBs and shooting a 5 shot string, High velocity was 398 fps. Low was 389 fps. Average velocity was 394 fps with an SD of 3.03 fps. My 42 shot string results were virtually identical but SD was 2.08 fps. Energy delivered over a 27 shot string was an average of 2.51 fpe with an SD of 0.0314!!!
The consistency in velocity and energy were virtually flat across each shot string. No fall off with shots fired. This outstanding BB rifle exceeded the original 380 to 410 mfg spec with a consistent average of 394 fps flat out. Max velocity was 398 fps. The rifle is a little heavy, since it is all metal but it shoots 1 inch groups at 28 feet consistently!!!
In Auto mode, it was pretty close in accuracy. I installed a Rex compact 1.5x5.1x24 red dot scope. The magazine is advertised as 50 BB capacity but realistically max I could get into the magazine was 42 BBs. BBs were Umarex 5.29 gr Steel. The batteries were Zeee 2200 mhr 3S LIPO and they performed flawlessly. This is a 5 Star performer. It is quiet, and is the most accurate BB gun I own. I would rate this rifle 5 Star all the way.
Several weeks after my purchase of the 400e I still think it is a great BB rifle. With a number of shooting sessions behind me I have learned a few things that I thought are worthwhile writing about and that others should know.
First and foremost, I was totally unaware of what a LiPo battery was; only that it delivers a lot of power for the money and is used extensively by Airsoft and other hobbyists in their rifles, cars, drones, etc. Here are a few things that I have learned about the care and feeding of LiPo batteries that I did not know beforehand.
(1) For safe and long-life health of a LiPo battery, you should make a point of checking the charge level, individual balance between each of the cells of your battery, and each cell's internal resistance. Checking your battery requires a much more functional balance charger than the basic one (although the basic balance charger will do the job, it will not tell you how good or bad your battery is... only that the cells are charged). A good LiPo Balance Charger will give you more details in most cases. Alternatively, a LiPo Battery Checker will do the same but it will not charge your battery.
(2) LiPo batteries should be charged in a fireproof safety bag. Although you do not need one, if the unexpected happens, you will wish you had used one when charging your battery.
(3) Storing a LiPo battery fully charged on a shelf is OK if it is in a safe storage bag, but storing a 'fully charged' LiPo battery for extended periods of time will decrease its overall life span. If you have several or many LiPo batteries for your 400e to use either through rotation or as 'on-the-shelf backups, you will need to store these batteries at a lower voltage by discharging them to the recommended storage level. A good LiPo Battery Checker can generally do this discharge safely for you.
(4) when I purchased my 400e I knew none of the above! I do not regret my purchase. I love the rifle and took the necessary steps to add a better charger, testing equipment and safe charging/storage bags to insure that I could continue to use my 400e safely. Knowing that taking some extra time before and after shooting sessions to check my battery's health will insure longer battery life.
While I am no LiPo battery expert, I think I would have made a more informed purchase had I researched a little more thoroughly beforehand. Hopefully, the above will help other potential buyers to understand the 'extra' care involved in using a LiPo battery. There are lots of excellent videos on YouTube on the care and use of LiPo batteries to get you up to speed on how to make the most of your purchase. Amazon and other suppliers do carry the additional items to check and maintain your LiPo batteries. Hope this helps. Hopefully, others might join in with their experiences and advice for novice potential buyers." — Mike Radduci

Get it from Amazon now: $424.97 & FREE Returns


4. Crosman CFAR1X - Includes an Upgraded Red Dot Sight

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Realistic weight and feel.

Helpful review: "I got this as a Christmas gift and have only shot it enough to use 4 Co2 cylinders, but the fun factor is off the charts! It's not a target rifle but for plinking and full auto fun... It's great.
The red dot works fine. I can refill the magazine at least 3, maybe 4 times before running low on Co2. The trigger has a pretty hard pull, but maybe it will get better over time.
The Crosman R1 is pretty darn realistic looking, and if you didn't know it was an air rifle you'd think it was a "real" AR-15 with a short barrel. It's not light weight and feels solid, the charging handle works just like a real AR, the safety/selector switch works just like the one on a real select fire AR (3 position), the bolt release, magazine release, and ejection port cover function just like a real AR.
The stock itself is realistic and is adjustable to 6 positions, but the buffer tube is not exactly the same as a real one. Even the take down pins work like on a real AR, except the front one can be pushed all the way out, unlike on a real AR. The only thing not functional is the forward assist button.
Put a drop of Crosman Pellgun Oil on the seals of the cylinders before you install them. Don't over tighten the screws after you break the seals on the cylinders. Don't leave cylinders in the magazine for long periods of time when you're not shooting the rifle. Remove them when you're done shooting (use them up before removing them).
Don't expect to shoot Aspirin sized targets at 30', but it will shred aluminum pop cans! You might want to lube the BB loader with a shot of silicone spray lube to make it function easier.
It truly is about as much fun as you can have without going through the huge hassle of a BATF check, the HUGE expense of a transferable full-auto weapon, and the outrageous cost of ammo these days. The cost of BB's and Co2 is small, but the fun is HUGE!
I've added a picatinny mounted front sling swivel and a tactical sling from Amazon. I had the vertical for grip with a flashlight left over from my days as a LEO." — Nancy Pemberton

Get it from Amazon now: $207.99 & FREE Returns


5. Umarex Legends MP - Full-Auto Realistic Blowback Action

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Durable and realistic all metal construction.

Helpful review: "I definitely recommend this, just wow. I was apprehensive about buying this, but after only one day of having it I've burnt through about 20 Co2 canisters and a half bottle of BBs. Not a single jam so far. The weight feels spot on, the look was enough to paint a smile on my face the rest of the day. It's worth the price alone if just being used as a display piece, it's absolutely spot on.
Accuracy is great out to 50ft the first 2 full mags you fire after that there's a bit of drop to the BBs but you can get 3 magazines out of 2 Co2 cartridges, otherwise you just swap them out early.
Reloading the mags is a bit of a pain but if you lock the manual spring back and hold your BB bottle and the magazine over a pan it's nothing terrible. If you want a sheer smile factor, this is absolutely a no brainer, I'm absolutely blown away with how fun this thing is.
I purchased a couple extra mags. Expect to pay 30$-50$ depending on who has them in stock. The rifle is still functioning like a top and I've now fired roughly 3000 bbs through it. At this point the only complaint I have is the original magazine has lost quite a bit of paint where it sits into the magwell and along the corners running the length of the mags, but for some the wear adds authenticity.
I'm using Crossman 12g Powerlet Co2 cartridges, and Hornady Black diamond BBs. 20$ in total for 20 Co2 and 1500 BBs
This is a really fun toy. It gives you a realistic feel of what it is like to shoot a real full auto submachine gun, with less noise and slightly less recoil. It does make noise as it is cycling that reminds me of shooting a suppressed 9mm using subsonic ammo. Very reminiscent of the suppressed MP5 that I fired in the Army. Not enough noise to bother your neighbors, but enough to tell you that you're shooting.
The weight and heft is very realistic. I have always wanted a real MP40, but since I don't have an extra 20K laying around, this is the next best thing.
I have just a couple of minor criticisms.
First, it eats CO2 cartridges like candy, so much so that I wonder if it is as close to as expensive to shoot as a real one. I get 2 magazines before my cartridges are empty. That's averaging one CO2 cartridge per magazine. And you can empty a 50 + magazine in seconds on full auto.
Second, the magazine is a little hard to load. You have to pull back the spring, hold it and pour the bb's into a small hole. I tend to spill a lot, and because the tab to pull back the spring is so small, it slips from my thumb a lot before I've finished loading. It makes you wish for three hands. With more practice, I'm sure I can work out a better system for loading.
But overall, I like it. It's fun to blast holes through a target, and imagine what it was like to face one of these back in the day." — Michael K. Lawson

Get it from Amazon now: $239.99 & FREE Returns


6. SIG Sauer MCX Rattler - Full-Size 30-Round Magazine

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Ambidextrous fire selectors and magazine release.

Helpful review: "I can't even say exactly why I ordered this other than to see exactly what sort of a BB gun you get at this price. We have a number of firearms and have been outdoors people for my entire life, and our kids went through the BB gun phase but never with one quite like this.
This gun is made of high-quality material and is actually quite hefty for a BB gun and will stand up to the wear and tear of use. Once the CO2 cartridge is in place you simply load the 30-round clip, and you are ready to go. You can either shoot single shot or in three round bursts, both of which are fairly accurate without any noticeable drop out to the thirty or so yards we were testing it.
Now with this short barrel the three round bursts don't put them all in the same hole, but it does keep them fairly well grouped all things considered. The gun has an open sight and a peep whole rigg you can pop up but we mainly stuck with the open sight for our first testing of the gun.
This was so much fun that only darkness sent us in the house and even my one son who isn't really into firearms had fun shooting this BB gun. Now it's up to you to decide if this price is a little to spendy for a BB gun and I honestly can't answer that for you.
I do think that this is pushing it for the cost someone should spend on a BB gun but with that said, it is so much fun that it sort of makes up for the price. If all of these points haven't changed your mind, I will say that if you decide to get this you won't be disappointed." — Daniel Fjeld

Get it from Amazon now: $179.99 & FREE Returns


7. FDE DPMS - 25-Round Drop Out Magazine

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Removeable pop-up sight and adjustable rear sight to have you stay on target.

Helpful review: "I originally bought this to start teaching the kids about rifle safety and how to shoot/handle the AR platform. While it does function as a pretty good training tool before we step up to a 22lr, it's also just a barrel of fun. For the money, there's few better ways to spend a couple of hours on a warm afternoon.
Now, it really has good C02 life... I get about 14 (or 350 bbs) magazines per pair of cartridges running full auto, and about 16 magazines if I run semi-auto. Muzzle velocity and therefore accuracy drops after about 8-9 magazines, but moving a few feet closer to the target when that happens negates this change.
This functions about 85% the same as a standard AR rifle, so its a great platform to introduce the kids on. Accuracy is pretty good for an inexpensive bb gun. We shoot it between 5-10 yards depending on weather conditions and C02 charge, and it makes consistent hits on the target (6" rubber "gong" in a homemade bb catch box).
My rifle has been 100% reliable since I've owned it... it's had somewhere around 2500 bbs down the barrel. I do lubricate the rifle each time we change C02. But keep in mind that the included sights are junk. I put a spare set of UTG flip-ups I had laying around on it and they've been much better. Trigger pull is a bit heavy for young kids. I have to squeeze the trigger for my 2-year-old as she learns to point and steady the rifle, whereas she can work the trigger on our Crosman PSM45 pistol on her own.
I haven't put a gauge on it, but I'd estimate it's about a 7-8lb pull. I don't have a whole lot of luck with the included speed loader, but it only takes about 20-30 seconds to load the magazine by hand. I have a few spares that are on backorder, so it'll be nice to have those.
The screws that push the C02 cartridges in place use a hex key (one is included). This is fine, but I'd rather just have a Philips slot so I could just use a regular screw driver.
Overall, I've been very satisfied with this product. Yes, it's mostly plastic, but it's well made and if you take care of it and realize that at the end of the day it's a toy, it should last for a long time. I'll probably end up ordering another one so we can shoot more than one at a time. So, yes, I totally recommend this gun, and I'll update this review later." — Colby Moritz

Get it from Amazon now: $168.48 & FREE Returns


8. Crosman Bushmaster - Ideal for Training

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Red dot sight included!

Helpful review: "I had to do my homework when it came to ordering this air rifle. My husband, who is a giant child, wanted good quality and full auto, in the style of his beloved AR-15. He simply would not want anything plastic or pump action. So after searching high and low, all stores and sites, I came across this gem. I saw the price and almost did not get it. But quality comes with a price, so he is the big show off right now. It is a replica basically, it shoots beautifully in full auto, tore through the targets they made. His twin got the DPMS, and they both say this is one to buy if buying such a type of air rifle. And I mean it is made by Bushmaster, same as his AR, so it speaks for itself. He is happy with his new toy, as he promised to rid us of some evil possums, and he got to "one up" his twin. I am happy he is happy!" — Hailey Martinez
Trending review: "So I bought this hoping for the best. I have several AR’s and never get to shoot them because of time and money for ammo. This gun is incredible and gives all the feels of an actual AR. It sounds like a suppressed 9m when firing. The blowback action provides legitimate firing inputs and all major functions are the same as the AR. The only difference is when you extract a mag there is nothing in the chamber. Unlike an AR that would feed a round. All of the action is in the mag so unless the mag is in you can’t go bang. Accuracy is as good as you need. I added a Sig Romeo 5 because I had it handy and the red dot that comes with it is super cheapo. It works fine but is low and hard to obtain. I wouldn’t have changed it if I didn’t have another optic available. Really, so much fun! Fire hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of rounds for the price of a 30rd 556 mag. Great training platform and a blast to shoot." — Jay Spencer
Reassuring review: "Wow! I own several AR15's and the realism of this air rifle is spectacular. It's got a picatinny quad rail, an actual AR15 adjustable butt stock. It even breaks down like an AR15! With the speed loader it's a breeze to load and the fully automatic mode is exciting to say the least. My only complaint is that my RMR optic had cracked lenses, but it still works. The beauty about this air rifle is you can customize it just like you can an actual AR15! Highly recommend!" — Jean Marin

Get it from Amazon now: $245.93 & FREE Returns


9. Umarex Legends M1A1 - Drop Free High Capacity Magazine

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Semi-auto and full-auto shooting modes.

Helpful review: "This is what you get when you want to pretend you're Al Capone, without spending Capone money, sort of. What I mean is you'll be spending a fortune on the CO2 bottles, but it'll still be less than buying the actual Thompson and you'll be spending way less in bottles and BBs.
This thing is one of the world's best Hypercars, as it'll go from 32-0 in about 2.8 seconds in auto mode, and it empties both bottles in about 3-4 mags. Warning: Heed all instructions and warnings listed and do not shoot others/animals!
I've put sizable dents in tin siding panels from 30-40 yards away that are noticeable. This CO2 rifle can shoot BBs hard enough to penetrate skin or even severely harm someone up close.
All in all, if you and the other neighborhoodlums need arms for your escapades and other dastardly deeds , this is probably the correct look and rifle for you. 10/10, blew 15 dollars in 5 minutes.
I’ve been using this for a few weeks. I did my research and this seemed to be the best option. I’m very surprised by the quality of the fake wood, the amount of actual metal furniture and the actual heft of the piece. Weighing 7&1/2 LB’s, blowback, and the realistic fire selector make this so much more fun. It looks like the real deal, and is a blast to use. Fairly accurate, and although it only USES 1 Co2 cartridge at a time, it requires 2 to operate. You can easily just slide the unused cartridge into the spot where the used one was, and put a new one under it, and then repeat when reloading. You can reasonably fire 90-120 bbs (3-4 magazines) with each new Co2, even at full auto. I’m very happy with this product." — Greg Palmer

Get it from Amazon now: $279.99 & FREE Returns


10. Umarex Steel-Strike - Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Rifle

best full auto bb guns


Highlight: Choose between Single Shot mode or 6-round Full-Auto Burst mode.

Helpful review: "I like the steel strike better than the steel force and steel storm and much prefer to use it over the other two once I figured out how to completely load the 30 round magazine from the reservoir. The manual says to use a rocking motion but for me that would only load 5-10 BBs. Unlike the other two models there is no visual indicator of when the 30 round magazine is full.
I found that I could load a full 30 BBs every single time by shaking gently while rocking from horizontal to barrel pointed down 45% four to five times. What I like best about the steel strike is the design with the main seal for the co2 cartridges on an easily replaceable end cap that is screwed on to pierce the co2 cartridges. The other two models have the co2 in the magazine that you have to remove every time you load c02 and that seal does not seem repairable or replaceable. I mean you can replace the magazine but the other part of the seal is inside the gun.
The steel strike actually seemed to shoot at a noticeably higher velocity than the other two, although the specs say it has a lower muzzle velocity. Mine would shoot around 200 shots before the pressure got low and the BBs no longer zipped. The steel force was about the same while the steel storm would shoot almost a full reservoir of 300 BBs with a single load of two CO2 cartridges but seemed to have noticeably lower average velocity although the specs say slightly higher or the same velocity.
Also, like the steel force but unlike the steel storm the fixed sights of the steel strike are accurate enough for me to shoot golf ball sized targets at over 30 feet. I'm no marxman but that seemed adequate for me. I had to buy a $20 adjustable optic sight for the steel storm because I couldn't hit the side of a barn with it at 30 feet with the fixed sights.
Time will tell how durable this model is, I'll try to update the review once I've shot over 5000 BBs with it.
It's been over 6 months and almost a complete bottle of 6000 BBs. It still works like a brand new air rifle. I did an initial lube, but never cleaned it or lubed it since. Maybe it's due. Maybe some people just got bad ones. I always put a drop of chamber lube on top of every co2 cartridge." — Joseph B. Rex

Get it from Amazon now: $124.99 & FREE Returns


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