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The Best Pellet Guns On Amazon In 2023 (With Pictures!)

It's hard to find the perfect air rifle. Luckily for you, these affordable options come highly recommended by reviewers who really know their stuff. Here are hands-on reviews.

best pellet guns on amazon

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Caliber + Free Pack of Pellets

Top-rated: 2,073 ratings | 319 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: The integrated noise and muzzle blast reducer (molded over the barrel) makes this air rifle amazingly quiet.

Helpful review: "Started with a sub 100$ pump bb/pellet air rifle. Great for plinking but never consistently accurate enough for hunting of any sort. So I upgraded to a Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1. After putting a few hundred pellets or so through it, this is what I know.
First, out of the box, it’s easy to see that this is a quality product. It feels surprisingly solid more like what i would expect from a centerfire rifle vs an air rifle. The composite stock, from the butt, through the trigger guard and to the forward grip, is very solid and well made. The rubber kick pad is comfortable. The small square filler pieces come out easily when they're new, but if you remove them, handle them and put them back they seem to stay in place a lot better. The forward grip is comfortable, but wider than what you might expect due to the break barrel. The barrel seems well made and breaks solidly. Dovetail rails in the rear with the RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) already mounted. The manual sights are good quality and very easy to see. They were also dead accurate out of the box at 30 yards. The scope was not mounted and the mount/rings were already attached to the scope. Typical one piece, two ring, 1 inch, low profile, dovetail style scope mount. Needless to say, it was easy to install. It looks nice, the view is pretty good, the adjustments are audible and solid clicks. I didn't have any trouble getting it zeroed and was able to shoot a quarter size pattern at 30 yards consistently. The problem with the scope isn't that it doesn't work. It does! And it seemed to stay zeroed fairly well after I locktighted all the screws in the mount, including the screws for the RRR. The gun is so shockingly accurate, you’ll want to take it up a notch with a better scope. I picked up a Simmons 3-9x50 for about 30$ and it was worth the effort, until it broke, then I tried a Barska that was "designed" to withstand the reverse recoil. It also broke. So now I'm trying a UTG Bugbuster. If that breaks I'm going back to iron sights.
When it comes to shooting: The break barrel is a little tough to work at first. People claim its gets easier as it gets broken in. I think I just got used to it and also learned to grab the barrel a little further toward the front sight where the extra leverage makes it easier to cock. The Trigger is awesome. At first I wasn't too sure about the positioning of the safety right in front of it, but i got used to it quickly and don't mind it a bit. The first and second stage of the trigger are setup for long pulls by default. I prefer them much shorter and had no trouble adjusting both stages to a more suitable setting.
As far as noise and accuracy go, that's somewhat dependent on the pellets you shoot. The sub 1100fps pellets (the heavier ones) are pretty quiet (about 93db). The Gamo Platinum pellets that do 1440fps in this rifle are loud. They break the sound barrier in between 1100 and 1200 fps and there's a loud crack sound (like a centerfire rifle) as the pellet passes the sound barrier. Supersonic pellets in the back yard... probably not a good idea in suburbia. I'm having good luck (consistent accuracy) with the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets at 9.57 grains and the H&N Hornets at 10.03 grains. Dime size patterns at 30 yards. Overall, I'm very pleased. So far it seems like a well manufactured, high quality product... and it’s deadly accurate." — Stephen J. Rustum

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2. Umarex Ruger Blackhawk Pellet Rifle .177 Caliber Kit

Top-rated: 3,398 ratings | 437 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Scope and mounting rings included.

Helpful review: "We have a great fruiting Benton cherry tree and this year the crows and squirrels stripped the tree completely of the delicious fruit. Last year we harvested 6-1/2 pounds of the delectable treats and relished in their awesomeness over late spring and early summer. This year we got 5 cherries. I guess the word is out in the animal kingdom...we have goodies! My beautiful sweet wife with a gentle loving soul, while sampling the last 5 cherries said, "These trespassing thieves must die"!!!! Don't get between and Asian woman and her cherries :)) So as a loving doting husband I set out to find a solution and behold Ruger had the answer. Mind you, this is all for marital bliss! Not only is this complete package but it's as well built and heavy as my Marlin lever action 30-30. Of course I can't be knockin' crows and squirrels out of a cherry tree with a 30-30!? Waaaay too loud! My big surprise was this rifle was quietly driving 10.65 grain Crossman domed projectiles clean through 5/8" plywood, and several heavy card board boxes before lodging into a 4 ft. burm in my backyard. BWAAAHAAAHAAA I exclaimed in my best Dr. Evil laugh! Looks like booty is back on the table boys, as I reassured my angelic wife, next year the trespassers don't stand a chance.
The 4 X 32 scope was easy to mount and fairly easy to sight. This rifle has a kick - more than a .22 rifle - and while sighting the scope it loosened the screws quickly and I had to re-tighten everything. After a few adjustment I was putting rounds inside a quarter at 12 meters, (36-40 feet) consistently. Oh small woodland usurpers beware! I only put about 40 to 50 rounds after the second tightening. If the screws come loose again I'll set them with Lok Tite. It takes a fair amount of force to cock the weapon and I like the trigger pull. It has a little slack before you feel the resistance and then a nice squeeze to release the projectile. I'm not sophisticated enough to have a rifle vise and chronograph like some. Just the basics, small table, lawn chair, and canvas tool bag to rest the rifle and viola, pinpoint accuracy! Some friends tried it out and couldn't believe how accurate shot placement was for such an inexpensive rifle. Now, come next spring, when the varmints are busy creeping about, I'll be ready. Hiding in my blind waiting for the little pillagers to strike. When I have a couple of carcasses to show my bride I have defended her honor and her cherries. Maybe just maybe she'll ravage me relentlessly for protecting her delicious wonderful sweets. Thanks Ruger for making me feel like a sniper! Through the maple, over the bush, under the apple, into the cherry, on the branch, nothing but crow!!!! PRICELESS!!" — Stixxnstones
Reassuring review: "This is an awesome gun to use in an urban setting to kill destructive pests. For me that's primarily the rabbits destroying our garden, shrubs and other plantings. Honestly this gun is so accurate out of the box I have yet to mount the scope. In addition, I do all my rabbit reduction at night or early morning when they're most active. I spot them with my head lamp and then shoot them. It kills rabbits no problem. The gun is a little loud. Some have said it's as loud as a .22 but I don't agree with that at all because basically there's no explosion because there's no gun powder. I'd say it's more like a loud mechanical sound from the air piston in the gun. However it's not loud enough to disturb anyone in an urban environment. At the same time I am not putting myself on display eliminating pests in my yard. Some have said on these reviews that this Rugar is junk. I disagree whole heartedly. The other thing I would say is that it's fairly heavy. But this is not a problem for a grown man but it might be for a child or woman. Nuisance critters do not have a chance with this Rugar. I've had mine since July and I put away about 20 rabbits. I highly recommend this gun for eliminating unwanted pests. For the record I've had some success with live traps but only in late fall, winter and very early spring when forage is hard to come by. So this gun was a good solution for me." — HeadsAndTails

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3. Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle .177 Caliber Kit

Top-rated: 3,653 ratings | 436 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: The kit includes the rifle, safety glasses, a 4x15-millimeter scope with rings, 500 Daisy pellets, and 750 BBs.

Helpful review: "I don't think there's a better air rifle available for the cost, whether buying one all by its lonesome (around $35-$45.00) or as part of the handy and practical Daisy Poweline 880 Kit (around $55-$65.00). The airgun is very easy to set up and start using, the accuracy is almost unbelievable, the trigger is easy and responsive and it's phenomenally easy to pump up, click off safe and fire with no kick whatsoever. The sights on the air rifle are pretty good too; especially if, like me, you're one of those lucky enough to find yours dead-on right out of the box (once you find its favorite pellet), which absolutely amazed me. It seems that this actually happens fairly often, based on reviews I've read from buyers at websites everywhere. Unfortunately, if it isn't dead on right out of the box, you may have some work ahead to get it sighted in, as some users have reported trouble making adjustments to the rear sight, but you might get lucky there too.
Regardless, once you do get it sighted in, if that even proves necessary, this little gem is accurate, powerful (dangerously-so if used irresponsibly), super easy to use, has no notable recoil and even can stand up to a little rough handling, more so maybe than one might guess considering the majority of the construction material is some type of plastic. Even so, all the plastic, metal and other material was very carefully considered for its purpose in and on the rifle; was put together just so and the end result is obviously a very well-thought-out and fairly well-engineered air rifle that should last for years and decades with care. Of course, Daisy could and almost certainly does have the occasional flawed product end up on the shelf for sale, but judging from the vast majority of excellent reviews and professional press I've seen, it doesn't happen often and the model 880 Powerline Daisy air rifle often is included in just about any and every list of 10-Best Air Rifles one will find online or in print.
If you bought the kit, you probably ended up with the Black version of the 880, which I very much prefer over the Brown version, which is actually brown and black: brown plastic where wood might be on a firearm and black plastic everywhere else. I think she looks much better with everything the same color, and besides, with the all-black version, you know nobody is trying to convince you some of the plastic should be mistaken for wood, fake molded-in woodgrain or no (which the Black version has too). :-) Also included in the handy kit is a very basic, no-frills 4x "Daisy Model 808 Air Rifle Scope" (or equivalent) with reticle, adjustable windage and elevation controls, front, rear and control cap-covers and installation hardware. The built-in sights are no longer visible with the scope mounted, which is a shame. Still, many find the product helpful, although many others don't, and users already familiar and experienced with telescopic sights probably will be underwhelmed at best. It can be useful, but really isn't meant to to be anything more than an 'introductory'-level unit, so it can be tough to get your rifle zeroed in with it, it's lacking in features and the optics aren't fine enough for long periods of continued use without causing eye-strain (the included manual warns against this).
New shooters especially might enjoy trying it out and even putting it to use, but in my opinion, all users without exception should learn how to sight in and use their rifle first with only the 'iron' sights provided. Master those and you're basically ready to try aiming at a target with just about any rifle made, since nearly all have such sights built-in (although all may not have the same kick!). Even if the scope isn't particularly appreciated by a user, it can always be sold for a few bucks on eBay for those who'd like to try it. Also included in the kit is a decent pair of useful safety glasses, cheap, simple and basic but no worse than the less expensive models available alone at Amazon, Walmart and elsewhere for ~6-10 bucks. Daisy also thoughtfully includes a large tin of 500 lead, flat-head (wadcutter) pellets and a tin of 500 steel BBs (the rifle can fire both and has a 50-BB storage area built-in) so everything necessary to get going right away is included. Not bad at all! Figuring the rifle costs about $35-$45.00 alone, the glasses are about $6-$10.00 and the ammo at least $5 or $6.00 per container, so the cost of the kit is pretty much covered even if the user hates the scope and chooses not to inflict it on anyone else. :-) Such a deal!
It's not like I'm a die-hard, Daisy-only air rifle fanatic either. I am gettin' up there in age now, so I've tried and used MANY other air rifles over the decades. I've also owned a few, including four different Crosman air rifles over the years. All were nice and for the cost, I was happy enough with them at the time, but unfortunately, only the one around $150.00, more than twice the cost of the Daisy kit, was even close to this incredible and inexpensive air rifle. I can't remember the model off the top of my head (maybe 1077W?), but it was made with real wood and was totally gorgeous, used very handy 12-pellet 'magazines,' was semi-automatic, very well made and pretty accurate, but the trigger was awful and being CO2 powered, it wasn't nearly as powerful as the Daisy Powerline 880. In fact, none of them were, although one claimed to be in advertising, but fell well short in reality!
The first two were essentially the same and comparable to the Daisy in terms of being entry-level and able to use .177 pellets and BBs both, but the Crosman I had when a very young man, although made with real wood, wasn't even close to the Daisy in accuracy and power. The second, bought to replace the first one many years later was the new version and I had high hopes. It turned out to be pretty much exactly the same as the first, although the nice wood had been replaced completely with plastic by then and it was just as entry-level in performance and power as the first. I hardly used it and eventually quit altogether and don't even know where it is now. Not that long ago, I moved up to a mid-level Crosman pumper at just about $100.00, more in-line supposedly with middle-of-the-road quality air rifles, and while it was adequately accurate and nice enough, it too was man-made materials only and wasn't really nicer than the Daisy! To top it all off, yet again it lacked the power of the much cheaper airgun! I sent it back and I have to say I think I am a Daisy convert now. :-) If you happen to be interested in starting or restarting an Air Rifle Hobby, or introducing a mature young person, friend or spouse to shooting and money is a major consideration (when is it not?), this absolutely is the air rifle to get.
Sure, there always will be the possibility of a rare lemon coming off the assembly lines, but short of that unlikely event occurring, this is a great choice and in my opinion, the best you could do for less than twice its cost! The Daisy Powerline 880 has a fabulous reputation, it is very accurate, it's more powerful than anything comparable and nothing else comes even close to matching the performance at the cost. Do some research of your own and I feel sure any remaining doubts you might have pretty much will be dispelled and eventually disappear. Speaking from experience, this is an inexpensive air rifle and even looks the part, but it's well made and absolutely the best performing air rifle around for less than twice the cost. The Daisy Powerline 880 almost certainly is the very best choice possible for an introductory or entry-level airgun. Others may come close to matching its low price, but they won't match the performance of the Daisy. Do yourself or someone you love a favor and give the 880 a shot. ;-) I love it!" — Bubba Pearson

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4. Hatsan 95 Air Rifle .22 Caliber Combo

Top-rated: 762 ratings | 167 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Features a stock made from high quality walnut, a precision rifled German steel barrel, and Hatsan’s fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger system.

Helpful review: "OMG! I just took this rifle out today to sight the scope in, (03/12/2015) All I can say is this is one awesome air rifle. While cruising You Tube looking at reviews on the "Browning Leverage .177", which I was going to purchase (Even though it's made in China, it's still a pretty good under lever air rifle according to Rick Eutslers review from "AIRGUN WEB"), I happen to see a young mans video titled " Why this is the best pellet gun under $300.00". After watching it, I was very impressed and wanted to know more, so I watch a review by Rick Eutsler on Airgun Web and I knew then this was the best air rifle I had ever seen for the money. I researched this gun for 2 weeks. I've had many guns in my life, and being 59 yrs old I know quality when I see it. I use to own an RWS Diana Model 34 which is a great gun, but I can honestly say that the quality of the Hatsan 95 comes pretty close. I can't believe the price is so affordable, since it is obviously not junk.
First, the gun is made in Turkey, NOT CHINA, and the steel is German Steel. The stock alone would make this gun worth at least $300.00. It's solid Turkish Walnut with checkering on the forearm, and the pistol grip, and the checkering is as fine as you would see on expensive guns. It has a Gold trigger with 3 separate adjustments. Now about the trigger....I noticed there was about 1/16" play on both sides of the trigger. I thought I got a bad gun, as I have never seen a trigger that moved side to side like that. I called Hatsan and talked to tech services and emailed them twice. I also called Pyramid Air and talked to Tech Services. This is the conclusion. It is normal (and I quote) for there to be about an eighth of an inch of play from side to side . That's 1/16" on each side. Hatsan told me the triggers all their guns are like that. I've never seen that before, but after shooting it today, it wasn't an issue. I could only find one blog talking about the play in the trigger. Oh Well...I think I can live with it. I had to remind myself that this is not an $800.00 gun.
The barrel fits very tight up against the cylinder. (Nice quality fit) The scope is an "Optima", which Hatsan told me is made in China. It is a 3-9X32 with a duplex reticle, but it has no AO. But it gets the job done. You may want to upgrade to another scope. It's OK, but it's not a Leupold or Nikon. The optics are nice and clear. The gun comes with a scope stop mounted on it, but I had to turn it around in order to close the distance on the eye relief. It has fiber optic sights, and see through scope mounts. I tried the fiber optic sights today and they work great. Very easy to see. Nice recoil pad. I had a Gamo Showstopper, 1400 fps and I took it back for a refund. I don't have a very high opinion of Gamo air guns.
Even though there are a few things that aren't quite up to high standards, it's more a matter of some tweaking and minor adjustments. If your on a budget like I am, I don't think you'll find a nicer air gun in this price range, or even some higher priced air guns that I looked at.
All in All....For the price it costs, you can't beat the quality of this gun. It took me 22 shots to zero the scope in, but when I did I was hitting bulls eyes at 20 yards, and putting some pellets through holes I had already made. I forgot to mention, It also has a rifled barrel.
NOTE: It is a little heavy. 8.5lb.
AMMO: Beeman Kodiak Match .177 Pellets @ 10.65gr.
UPDATE: I have taken this gun shooting twice since this review, so here's what I have to say.
I tweaked the scope and it's holding dead on, point-of-aim just fine. The trigger has a little too much pull force to suit me, but I'll try to adjust it next time. I was hitting empty 20ga. shotgun shells at 20 yards with every shot. I REALLY can't say anything bad about this gun. Every time I go to the gun range, and come home, I am extremely satisfied with the choice I made. Also, I researched the factory where this gun was manufactured, and I can say that it is a STATE OF THE ART factory with CNC lathes, computerized machines and all the modern equipment of the best high tech factories you could ever find anywhere. It's in Izmir, Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Beautiful city. Anyway, this is a very good quality gun. I don't think you'd be sorry if you purchased it. It won the 2014 BEST SELLER AWARD at Pyramid Air." — Buckskin Bill

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5. Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle .177 Caliber Combo

Top-rated: 2,300 ratings | 359 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: The Gamo-patented Whisper Technology makes this gun really quiet.

Helpful review: "Bellow is my GAMO RAPTOR WHISPER .22 CALIBER review divided into sections:
TESTING PELLETS: .22 caliber H&N barracuda hunter 18.21 grain pellets. These are very accurate out of this rifle, the longest range in my backyard is 20 yards and at that distance it puts them in one big hole measuring about 0.5"- 0.75". After testing accuracy I then used my chronograph to see what velocity I'm actually getting, this part was kind of surprising and was lower than what I expected. The average velocity was 580.8 FPS giving me 13.64 FPE with these pellets. HOWEVER this rifle & pellet combo has already proven itself as I have taken down pigeons, crows, squirrels, rats, and moles and laid em down stiff with 1 shot. The EXCELLENT accuracy lets you put those 13.64 FPE where you need it. CHECK OUT INCLUDED PICTURE.
- OVERALL QUALITY SUMMARY: This rifle is an absolute tack driver. Will put my shots into the same hole at 20 yards and it does hit hard. Sufficient power for squirrels, birds, rabbits, etc... The cocking effort is very light and easy. Please note the included scope and rails is ULTRA CHEAP, When you purchase this rifle also purchase a separate scope and rings. I purchased the hammers 3-9x32 and rings. This rifle recoils very lightly and I have actually switched out to a regular (non airgun) scope (vortex crossfire II 3-9x50) and it is holding up and working just fine. The general consensus on gas pistons is to shoot with the artillery hold and not to rest directly on sandbags, well that's baloney, atleast with this rifle. I rest it directly on my Caldwell sandbags and as mentioned I get great consistent accuracy. At the current price its an EXCELLENT DEAL.
- ACCURACY: The rifle itself is VERY ACCURATE. This is probably more dependent on the pellets you use, your scope and how its mounted and MOST OF ALL, YOU. I noticed some reviewers saying the rifle has terrible accuracy, UHH NO. ITS YOU.
- NOISE LEVEL: At first it will be pretty loud but it does quiet down quite a bit after 50 shots or so. It's never too loud for backyard shooting though you will be fine. Use heavier pellets to help.
- SCOPE/RINGS: I'll make this short and to the point. the included scope sucks ash and you need to order your own rings and scope along with this rifle. Don't waste your time.
-CONCLUSION: If you want to see more testing results using different pellets hit the "helpful" button and leave me a comment so that I know. Currently the next testing pellet I will use is the "H&N TERMINATOR". Besides that, like I said this rifle is a excellent buy. Put a different scope on it, different rings, try out different pellets. You will not be disappointed. Also I will be leaving a review on the "Hatsan 135 vortex QE .25 caliber" air rifle if you want to check that out.." — VINE VOICE

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6. Crosman Legacy 1000 Variable Pump Air Rifle .177 Caliber Kit

Top-rated: 2,455 ratings | 200 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: 4x15mm scope included!

Helpful review: "The gun can put BB's into a 3" circle at 50'. BB's will go thru a cardboard target and stick into barn siding with 7 pumps (3-10 recommended). Does not jam. Has a very good green plastic / steel front sight and an adjustable rear sight. But do not consider the scope included to make your decision to buy this gun. Scope is junk. The eye relief does not allow for the slightest movement of your head. And the scope is fuzzy and it cannot be adjusted out. I don't know why Crossman devalued their gun with such a crappy accessary. But remember, you are buying a cheapo gun." — Indiana Tim
Trending review: "The accuracy of this air rifle puts every other one I've used to shame. Even with only three pumps(the recommended minimum, iirc), you can hit within about a 5 inch circle(though typically much tighter) at 75+ feet in moderate wind, or with more pumps you can hit within 1-2 inches very consistently with moderate wind. With no wind, it's pretty much dead on (within an inch, remember it's a BB gun) at essentially any distance that you can see your target with the included scope (in my case, I tried from up to 200 feet away because that's as far as I could get from my tiny target I had set up). The overall construction is good, there are only a few flaws in design. The most obvious flaw is that it is difficult to get BBs from the reservoir to the "magazine", you kind of have to twist and shake the rifle and hope for the best. The next most significant flaw(which is extremely minor) is the orientation of the loading door for the BB reservoir; it slides towards the back of the gun, which makes it very easy to accidentally open with your palm when moving your hand on the stock, as the door is on the bottom of the grip portion of the stock. Another pretty minor thing is that while the iron sights are good, the front sight is a little bit large(as is typical on air rifles), so at great distances for very small targets it can be a little bit more difficult to aim; they are, however, perfectly functional. Overall, I highly recommend this air rifle. Firing Zinc-plated BBs, you can visibly damage concrete with just 3-5 pumps, so keep that in mind before getting any ideas about shooting a living thing with a weapon that is in fact intended for killing living things. If you shot a person or animal at close range, you could definitely cause serious harm. Don't be like those psychopaths who want to use these kinds of things for "airsoft events"..." — Namington

Get it from Amazon now: $78.92 & FREE Returns


7. Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle .177 Caliber Kit

Top-rated: 1,978 ratings | 224 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Features the WHISPER noise reduction technology patented by Gamo.

Helpful review: "I have a Squirrel problem and my pecan trees needed relief from those pesky buggers. The price for this one was in the budget range I was looking for so I took a shot :) Can afford a higher end model but elected for this relatively inexpensive one to get started with. Scope mount and sighting in was easy as I'm quite experienced with that, if you're - not Youtube it. It did take a few shots to get a good feel for the trigger, but for $115 the package is very usable as is and has been very accurate for me. How accurate? I put down 6 out of the first 8 I shot at within 2 hours of getting it. This thing is awesome! I sit on the patio about 30-40 feet from the trees and when I spot one of those nut thieves jumping through the branches I grab the Gamo, rest it on the railing and drop that sucker first shot almost every time (6 for 8 so far anyway). My only complaint if I had to give one is the noise level is disappointing....which makes the name kind of amusing, "Whisper" ? It's not loud by any means, but certainly not a Whisper either! Overall, Great air rifle/scope combo for the money. I recommend it enough that I'd even buy it again." — A.D.
Trending review: "I purchased this air rifle after the spring broke on my old Crosman (worked great for 5 years?). I live on a big lake and I use this for pest control, mainly to keep the geese off my lawn, shooting long distance shots down the lake to scare them off. What fantastic range and accuracy! I was somewhat apprehensive when I noticed there were no iron sites, as previously I'd just toss the scopes that came with previous rifles and aim using Kentucky windage. So, forced to rely on the scope, I watched a short video (search for Gamo Scope Mounting - Gamo Tech video by AirgunWeb) and after following the instructions on how to mount it I was surprised at how accurate the rifle was even without bench firing it. Just used the scope as it was set up out of the box and it was more than excellent. The scope is a low end model but still usable and accurate. I did switch the scope out with an old higher end (Bushnell) scope I had in my gun safe and wow even better. And I had been very wary about how well this rifle would work based on some of the scathing reviews I read online. But my fears were unfounded. Maybe these other reviewers want a rifle for match shooting or driving nails at a thousand yards but that's not what I need it for. Very Very impressed with the quality, ease of cocking and mind blowing accuracy of this affordable gun. This is a .177 caliber and I find the best ammo long range shooting is crosman .177 pointed pellets." — BookWorm
Reassuring review: "After reading the mostly positive reviews on this riffle, I decided to buy one. So far I'm happy with the product, and satisfied with the purchase. It seems to be a well made product with quality components. It's also nice to buy something made in Spain, and not China. The riffling in the barrel looks to be fairly deep, clean and substantial. It was a little tricky mounting the supplied scope, almost needed three hands. Its not a conventional picatinny rail, but seems to work just fine. I've only fired five shots in my backyard at a 6" Shoot N See target. The initial results were excellent, at about 50' I was a 1/4" below bullseye straight in line. I didn't attempt to adjust the scope for elevation yet, but I'm confident it will be fine. I noticed a lot of people complaining about the scope......Really? It has a nice, clear, clean, fine, cross hair reticle that I personally prefer. Obviously its not world class, what did you really expect on a $120 pellet riffle, Nikon, Leopold? If your in the market for a quality, well made, single shot air riffle, with more than acceptable accuracy, and performance I think this is a solid contender." — Bob G.

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8. Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max Pellet Rifle .22 Caliber with Scope

Top-rated: 884 ratings | 211 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Includes a 3-9x32mm scope, and features the Umarex integral Nucleus Rail Platform engineered to reduce scope movement and vibration.

Helpful review: "Great for the money. It didn't take long to sight in the iron sights. So far I've shot only crosman domed pellets and it is extremely accurate. I feel like a lot of people aren't used to the quirks of air rifles as far as how to handle them, which brings me to the sling. The sling is very soft and doesn't have rugged edges, so your neck won't be rubbed raw. However, I never bothered to put it on because, unlike firearms, air rifles need to be able to jump a bit and aren't made to be tight to your body. I found just holding it loose in my left hand on the groove in front of the trigger guard (and using my shooting hand to pull it in my shoulder) was giving me my most accurate shots. The iron sights, I fully bottomed out. I'm not used to "lollipop sights" - but airguns are different from what I usually shoot. It's quiet. Really quiet, and easy to cock like the ads everywhere say. The scope impressed me, though it's not like my first focal plane SWFA. But it really works great for a pellet gun. I was able to shoot tent caterpillars whose nest was about 100m away. My groupings were very close. I can't think of anything I'd change about it. I realized that, depending on the pellets I put through it, the FPS will vary between roughly 650-1000 FPS. So, I didn't expect much, but was blown away by the quality of this air rifle." — Justin Davis
Trending review: "This gun works great! I ordered this gun to kill pest in city limits with close neighbors. It's quite enough that if there is more then one game animal close by 75% of the time get a second shot. That being said one neighbor did hear it when she was outside. I've kill several squirrels with it and it does a number on them. No more injuring the animal like my older .177 does with a bad shot. I've had some pattering issues. The Crosman LPH Hollow Point Pellets do not pattern out of this gun and the Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 16.0 Grains are giving a 1.75inch pattern at 30 yards. Ordered RWS Pellets because they are recommenced by the manufacturer for the gun. Have not been able to paper them but the RWS pellets are very uniform. Hopefully they will solve the patterning issue." — C.S.K.
Reassuring review: "I did a lot of research on pellets rifles before purchasing the Ruger Targis Hunter Max. I am familiar with the brand which got a star for that. However, the reviews on Youtube were the real decider. Just reading the features of this rifle are enough to make you want it. I especially like the noise suppressor. The Youtube videos really brought this feature home. It arrived on time and I was surprised at the high quality the rifle and scope which has yardage parallax compensation. Out of the box, I mounted the scope and took 10 shots at 25 yards to zero in a quarter size pattern. I had warned my next door neighbors that I would be shooting a pellet rifle so they wouldn't call 9-1-1. They did not hear the shots but did hear the pellets hitting my plywood backstop. I then put out a beer can at 40 yards and, using the parallax compensator, I hit the can 8 out of 10 shots. Pretty darned good for a $200. air rifle. Here in Hawaii, we have a lot of feral chickens that drive us crazy with crowing and tearing up gardens. NO MORE!" — Ret Leo

Get it from Amazon now: $229.99 & FREE Returns


9. Gamo Swarm Whisper Air Rifle .22 Caliber

Top-rated: 1,007 ratings | 99 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: The 10X Quick-Shot technology enables you to shoot up to 10 pellets without reloading: simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shots.

Helpful review: "Purchased this rifle because I always wanted one and because I have some tiny intruders that need to be dealt with. This air rifle with H&N projectiles and the included scope is suitably accurate to 25 yards from the bench--as in it will consistently hit an area about the size of a silver dollar with a crosswind. I am certain that a better scope would improve the accuracy, but when I was mounting the scope I discovered that the rings were ultra-tight on the 1-inch plastic tube. So I took everything apart and re-torqued the rings to 18 inch pounds before sight-in. I don't know if it made a difference, but I did it anyways. The scope bases are some metal and seem to work fine--I'll likely retain them when I invariably replace the free scope. Optimally, one would try several types of ammo and pick the most accurate, but the performance I experienced with H&N 18 grain Barracuda Hunters is acceptable for my use, so I didn't bother with trying a bunch. The rifle is quiet--from a distance, it sounds like clapping two sticks together. It certainly won't bother any neighbors, but it is a bona fide weapon for small game so all gun safety rules apply. The rotary mag works as intended. This thing is fun to shoot. I'm not crazy about the safety lever being inside of the trigger guard, which is a style that is obsolete at best, but it does work as intended. One final note--I wish Gamo would teach firearm companies how to build a stock. This rifle feels *good* in hand like a high-quality polymer, not hollow plastic." — Mat B.
Trending review: "My friend gave me an older Gamo pellet rifle, and despite its age, I found it lots of fun to shoot, and pretty accurate, so when it was time to get another one, I looked at Gamo. This rifle is a winner... not only because it has a ten round magazine, but also because it is super accurate. And very well made, not to mention it feels like a real rifle; not some toy. And the scope is also a bonus. If you are in search of a real tack driving air rifle, look no more. This is one great value." — Howard Frierman
Reassuring review: "So we were on lockdown and having target practice with my hubby's older BB gun. My brother told me that my hubby had an unfair advantage because it was scoped in for him! So I did what any feisty woman would do! I bought my own so I can beat him....and guess what....WINNER HERE! The gun is awesome. Has a little kick. The hardest thing is cocking it but with 975fps, what do you expect? I love it. I feel BA with it. LOL Now - I have to sigh loudly and roll my eyes to get it MY gun away from my hubby. Hahaha!!!" — MBZ

Get it from Amazon now: $169.99 & FREE Returns


10. Daisy Adult Red Ryder BB Gun

Top-rated: 3,417 ratings | 80 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: This is the adult full-sized version of the American Red Ryder classic.

Helpful review: "I bought the gun to target shoot and shoot squirrels. Does both great! Can hit a moving squirrel and with 10 shots I can get a sliver dollar radius of hits at 50 ft. This gun could be a bit cheaper but overall good price. I got the best experience with the "Daisy steel plated BBs." This gun WILL NOT kill squirrels or Agama Agama lizards! That is the job for a Gamo pellet gun. Actually, this gun can't even shoot through a fence picket. However, it can go far, so still be mindful of others around you. And one more thing - I haven't had a jam these past 4-5 months. So this is a great beginner's BB gun!" — Andrew Johnson
Trending review: "A few years ago, I wrote a one star review of the Red Ryder BB gun after a string of defective and broken-by-the-third-shot Red Ryders. At the time, Daisy products in general had suffered a massive decline in quality to the point that dollar store airsoft guns were better buys than a Daisy product. I'm happy to say that Daisy has made a full comeback and now lives up to their motto of "Take pride. It's a Daisy" again. You only need to look at the pictures to see the level of quality and craftsmanship that Daisy is putting into their products again. The gun looks just fine without doing that few seconds of polishing. As for accuracy, it's not as accurate as the one I had as a boy, but it's still accurate that I can hit a dish sized target from quite always away without aiming. Daisy still isn't back up to the level of accuracy that they're known for, but they've gotten pretty darn close. As for quality, it's not as good as the one that I had as a boy, but it's getting there. The wood feels like a fruit wood like apple or pear as opposed to something nicer like oak or walnut and the metal feels like it's aluminum instead of steel. It's still worth the price though. The leather tassel and the engraving on the side are top notch. Durability: ask me if it held up twenty or fifty years from now. That's how long Red Ryders used to last. I don't know if this one will go that long without repairs, but it feels durable. All in all, I'm glad I can recommend Red Ryder BB guns again. Definitely buy one!" — Simon Kidd

Get it from Amazon now: $49.99 & FREE Returns


11. Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle .177 Caliber Combo

Top-rated: 1,922 ratings | 157 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: The pump arm can be pumped 1 to 10 times to reach a maximum velocity of 800 FPS, making it capable of long-range target practice or short-range, small-game hunting.

Helpful review: "Great price, works well. Another reviewer mentioned it was difficult to load the pellets: it probably could be a little bit easier and if you were trying to load it real fast, or you had gloves on, it would not be practical, but it's not overly difficult. The pellets load one at a time and are bolt action. For the money, along with the included scope, this is a tremendous deal. I am definitely pleased with the results.." — A.G.
Trending review: "Arrived late but not a big deal. Working the pump is good when u hold your thumb up so it doesn't lock every time you pump it. Looks and feels great. And the shot sounds nice. Lol." — Heather RH
Reassuring review: "I purchased this rifle to try to control a racoon problem. I have several outdoor cats and the racoons are constantly stealing my pets food.So I was wanting to get an accurate gun with varying velocity settings. My goal is to try to deter the pests without having to kill them. If it gets to the point where they are a threat to my cat's lives however I have the power to take pest control to the extreme level. My pets come first! I just got my air rifle and since I received it I took the time to sight it in at 25 and 40 yards without the help of the scope and I am truly impressed with the accuracy of this gun.It is very consistent as well! So I am confident that I will have my racoon issue under control very soon and humanly too! Hopefully a sore behind will be the only deterrent needed to let my cats eat in peace!" — Michael Conlin

Get it from Amazon now: $69.97 & FREE Returns


12. Umarex Ruger Air Hawk Break Barrel .177 Caliber with Scope

Top-rated: 451 ratings | 99 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Shoots .177 caliber pellets at up to 1200 fps.

Helpful review: "After struggling to get a decent group with a beat up old Gamo Hunter that I borrowed from my brother, I read lots of reviews of different air rifles and liked what I read about this one. My main criteria were that I wanted decent open sights, but also a scope for shooting at small targets at a reasonable hunting range of 25 yards.
I like the weight and balance of this gun - but if you are expecting a BB-gun then you will be surprised. It feels much more like a full-sized rifle. I mounted a sling on mine, and with the scope it is weighing in at 8.25 lbs. The break action is stiff, but with a little practice it is not hard even for my 5'5" wife to cock it. I do really like the automatic safety feature, and the placement of the safety - it is a little tab at the back of the "receiver" that you push forward when you are ready to fire. It is quite intuitive and easy to use.
Another note - the power seems to be quite good. Some of the first rounds were punching through 5/8 plywood at 25 yards, although not all have managed to do so. The first couple shots were also very loud, but it seems to be settling down a bit as I shoot it more.
The fiber optic open sights on this rifle seem pretty good, although I only shot maybe 20 rounds through them before sighting in the scope. They came from the factory set up for 6-o-clock hold, so I adjusted them to shoot center-hold, and they were quite easy to get lined up with how I shoot. Windage seemed to be spot on out of the box
I had read some critiques of the scope, and particularly the scope rings, and at this price point, I was not expecting world-class optics. The rings are garbage, and one side of the dovetail mount has really rounded edges that I could see not getting a good purchase on the groove. I took a file and sharpened the aluminum down to a finer point, and then installed them nice and snug. I have only shot maybe 30 rounds with the scope on, but so far It is looking promising. I had a 4" group at 25 yards shooting from a chair and resting the gun on my barbecue (and a boot as my sandbag). I was shooting just your basic 7.4gr Crosman pointed lead pellets.
I will repost once I have put a good 200-300 rounds through to break the rifle in a bit, and will try some different ammo to see if I get better performance with any specific brand. Also, I will be curious to see if the scope stays zeroed.
I did clean the barrel right away after taking it out of the box, and the swabs did come out with quite a bit of black residue. I found that if you break the action without cocking it you can clean your barrel without having to shoot off a round when you are done (or messing with those cleaning pellets). At this point, I am very pleased with the rifle, and would definitely recommend it." — Neal Perry

Get it from Amazon now: $150.10 & FREE Returns


13. Daisy 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun

Top-rated: 4,076 ratings | 177 answered questions

best pellet guns on amazon


Highlight: Includes the Daisy 4x15 Scope and a Western Justice Lasso Mount.

Helpful review: "This is going to sound crazy but here goes. We have over an acre. We also have very big dogs! ( animal cruelty) I use a BB gun to get their attention-THEY ARE NOT HIT WITH THE BB's. The old BB gun (also a Daisy....was old & got dropped) It broke so we were looking for a specific replacement. Accurate, low velocity (so no one gets hurt) & this model is perfect. It loads with many more BB's than the older model & it "pumps" differently. Perfect velocity for our use (we also show grandkids how to shoot & never ever ever point a gun/rifle at a person/animal) Perfect for getting introduced to the proper way to handle a weapon & teaching accuracy. It comes with safety glasses & targets. I also used to have issues with the neighbors dogs but all animals have heard the clicking of the loading of the rifle & the neighbors dogs leave the fence line & our dogs immediately head for the house. DOGS HAVE NEVER BEEN HIT WITH BB'S. I have to stress that because never underestimate your weapon & a BB rifle can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Happy target practice everyone!" — Margo
Trending review: "OK. This little Red Ryder BB gun is not going to set any accuracy records or take down any wild beasts. But even for an adult, it's a heck of a lot of fun to shoot and it is actually reasonably accurate for a low power, smooth bore gun. I can get groups of an inch or two at 20 feet from a standing position. My gun arrived in excellent condition- thanks UPS- and so far I have not had any problems with it. It appears to be well made, even though it is now made in China. (Really now Daisy, would it have been that much more expensive to make it here and employ US workers?) The gun is all metal except for the front sight, trigger and lever that are made of a tough plastic material that should hold up well. However, Daisy does offer a replacement metal lever for $3 dollars plus shipping. The stock is wood and nicely finished. It is somewhat undersized for an adult, but still useable. The sights are not the greatest. The rear metal sight is not adjustable for windage and the shiny metal is somewhat reflective making it difficult to see clearly in bright light. Some people have painted the rear sight with a flat black paint to cut down on the reflections. Still, all in all, a really nice little gun and especially well suited for indoor shooting. Highly recommended." — MacMan
Reassuring review: "I am 66 years old and I've got to tell you.....I felt like I was 12 years old again when this gun arrived today. It's been many years since I received that first bb gun for Christmas in 1960. Being an "only child", it gave me lots of pleasure going down to the basement and shooting at various targets that I concocted, including shooting out birthday candles. I loaded her up this afternoon, after reading the manual and fired 5 rounds at a bulls eye target from about 21 feet. Two actually hit the 1/2" bulls eye, proving to me that the gun is very accurate. I love the feel of the cocking lever and the small strip of leather on the side is a nice decoration. What's really cool about this gun is that you can hear the bbs rolling around inside and therefore will know when it's time to reload. Of course, it holds hundreds at a time, so reloading isn't done that often. And, speaking of is so easy to flip open the "trap door" on the front of the barrel and pour the bbs in and then close it. I love this gun and along with my Daisy Model 25 pump action gun, I'm having a blast. Isn't that what it's all about....having fun? If you've been on the fence about getting this gun, jump off and buy it." — G. Donofrio

Get it from Amazon now: $30.92 & FREE Returns

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