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I Tested And Ranked The Best Garden Hoses In 2024

From growing your first sunflower to urban farming, a garden hose is a backyard necessity. Read my top picks for the best garden hoses on Amazon.

best garden hoses

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Flexzilla - Heavy Duty and Drinking Water Safe

Top-rated: 79,895 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: Long-lasting leak free connections.

Helpful review: "So, I gotta share my thoughts on this garden hose I picked up – it's been a total game-changer for my backyard adventures. First off, the length is just right – not too short that you're stuck in one spot, and not so long that it's a tangled mess. It's like the Goldilocks of garden hoses.
The material is sturdy without being a heavyweight champ. It's flexible and easy to maneuver, which is a blessing when you're navigating around plants and patio furniture. Plus, it doesn't kink up like my last hose, so I'm not doing a weird hose dance trying to untangle it every five minutes. I've only had it for a couple of months now but it feels very durable. It's really well made, so I think this hose is going to last a really long time!
The connectors are solid and leak-free, a total win in my book. No more surprise showers when I'm trying to water the garden. All in all, this garden hose is a backyard hero. It's made watering a breeze, and I didn't think I'd ever be this excited about a hose. If you're in need of a reliable garden sidekick, this one's a solid choice.
The hose I had for many years was difficult to untangle -- but it had no leaks or holes -- so I gave it away. The description for this hose said "HYBRID POLYMER - Won't kink under pressure, coils easily and lays flat with zero memory." It definitely doesn't coil easily -- and it didn't uncoil easily either. The hose came in a coil with zip ties around it. I cut the ties and then tried to figure out how to uncoil it because the two ends were tucked into the coils with no instructions on how to untuck them. I have a large metal pot/container that housed my last 100 foot hose in a coil, and wished to put this hose in it, so I needed to uncoil the hose and then wind it into the container. Trying to pull the hose in a straight line so I could coil it into the pot was a nightmare, and resulted in more tangles than the hose I had given away. While trying to untangle the hose into a straight line, there were plenty of kinks and tangles to deal with. The black printing on the hose made it easier to untwist the hose so that it would coil properly into the container. Just as reviews had indicated. the hose scuffs/smudges easily -- it was scuffed up quite a bit just trying to untangle it and put it in the metal container. The hose is lighter than the hose I had and takes less space in the container. Given how much trouble I had uncoiling it and putting it into the container, I am concerned about how much trouble I will have when taking it out and putting it back every time I water the lawn.
I'm a Costco cheerleader, but the hose I recently bought from them was advertised as kink-free or something to that effect. That couldn't have been a more inaccurate description. It kinked constantly, stayed kinked and eventually split at one of the kinks. As a replacement, I found this hose on Amazon. It appeared to have very good reviews, so I bought one. In short, it's the best hose I've ever owned. Absolutely, positively kink-free and it rewinds on my hose cart like a dream. The funny thing is, the hose leader that goes from the spigot to the hose cart which I've had for quite some time and love is exactly the same brand. I didn't even know it until I attached this new hose. I live in the desert southwest where the temps top 110 pretty consistently in the summer, and that hose leader hasn't shown any signs of wear or stress at all (even though it gets direct sun exposure). Thus, I'm pretty confident this new hose won't either since it's the same brand. I wouldn't hesitate at all to buy it again!" — Craig T. Larson

Get it from Amazon now: $39.98 & FREE Returns


2. Giraffe - Hybrid Hose with Swivel Grip Handle

Top-rated: 12,881 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: Movable handle allows the hose to rotate freely to prevent twisting.

Helpful review: "I wanted to purchase a small heavy-duty 5-foot garden hose to quickly clean around my small balcony, and this Giraffe hose was on the Amazon's Choice list (highly rated, well-priced products). I have used cheap expandable garden hoses in the past, and I loved them. However, I found them to break too easily and only last about one season. I wanted something that would last longer! When the Giraffe hose arrived, I saw it was made very well, and I could see this product lasting a very long time.
The ends of the hose looked like it had great sealing, and it had incredible ergonomic plastic grips to make twisting on/off an outdoor water spigot very efficient. This is definitely a 5/5 product as far as garden hoses go. Unfortunately, I had to return it because it didn't fit my exact requirements. This is not due to the manufacturer's fault, and I will share why.
My main reason for returning it is because I have purchased these garden hose holders from Gardzen that literally hang from my outdoor water spigots (faucets). I really like these because I can easily wrap my garden hoses around them when not in use, and they keep everything neat and tidy. I especially loved them with my expandable garden hose setups from before.
My issue with the Giraffe hose is that the ergonomic plastic grip (although amazing) makes the end of the hose very long and rigid and my setup becomes unusable. I am not able to twist the hose onto my outdoor water spigots because the mount gets in the way. It makes me wish that either the hose grips weren't so long or that the garden hose holder was bigger to give more leeway for the hose connection. This has nothing to do with Giraffe products itself. So, although their hoses didn't satisfy my requirements, they are very well-made and seem like they will last a very long time.
To compare Giraffe hoses with expandable hoses though, I personally like expandable hoses better (if they lasted longer). Expandable hoses are much lighter, shrink down when not in use, and they never kink. The Giraffe hose is amazing when compared with other heavy-duty garden hoses in their respective category, but their maneuverability is quite low compared to an expandable garden hose.
If Giraffe made an expandable garden hose with brass fittings and shorter ergonomic grips in variable sizes (5 ft, 15 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft, and 100 ft), they would be my favorite hose company of all time! I don't think I can change back to a normal hose after experiencing expandable water hoses (even if they don't last as long). Can somebody please point me in the right direction?
I have an outdoor sink in my carport; after two regular water hoses failed I found this Giraffe product during some research of durable water hoses. This area is exposed to all weather temperatures and direct sunlight for about 4 hours in the afternoon. I will not be moving this hose around and the water is always on except during freezing weather. I have had another hose of about the same material for 25 years mounted at my parent’s outdoor sink and today that hose looks worse but is still in service. Some reviews on this hose have said theirs leaked at the fittings but the Giraffe customer service has corrected each problem to ensure customer satisfaction. Keep in mind this is a thick, high pressure hose so when it is cold it becomes stiff and difficult to roll out, it is not the cheap flimsy hose you will find in hardware stores. This is not a hose for your roll-up hose reel. If you need a hose that you know the only care it will need is in the very cold of winter, this is the supply line hose you will be glad you got. 5 Stars for this product and 5 stars on Giraffe’s customer service. 2-Year Limited Warranty. Side Note; I needed this hose to attach to male fittings on both ends, so I also purchased these fittings from Amazon also.
My son bought a shorter one of this same hose 2 years ago. It has been out in the weather all that time and is just as flexible and great as ever so I decided to order a longer version. I previously have had black all rubber hoses and they are so incredibly heavy to drag around when they are full of water that I started looking for an alternative. I love the rubber hoses because they stay flexible, don't kink, and are very durable. What I don't like about them along with the heavy weight is that whenever I drag them around they get black all over my hands. They have done this ever since I bought them 4 years ago so I decided it was time to try a new type of hose. This new hose is partially made out of rubber and so it has many of the good properties of my old hoses but none of the bad. It doesn't turn my hands black, is very flexible, and it is much lighter to drag around. I am very happy with this hose and hope that it holds up like my old rubber ones but without the weight or mess." — Tom Trey Jr.

Get it from Amazon now: $34.99 & FREE Returns


3. Flexi - Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core

Top-rated: 16,352 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: Solid 3/4 inch brass connectors ensure the expanding garden water pipe fits typical outdoor garden taps.

Helpful review: "The guarantee was recently honored in my situation. The Flexi Hose developed a persistent leak near the faucet connection and months later near the sprayer. No hassle at all. I contacted the seller and described the problem. The reply was prompt and courteous. I was asked to provide my order number, and also a picture to verify the flaw. Fortunately I had not thrown the hose away, even though it recently had become badly breached on both ends and was no longer usable. I had the hose in its typical spot bunched below the faucet. I turned on the water and took a picture of the water spewing on both ends. Literally within minutes of forwarding that photo I received a reply that my replacement had been authorized. The new Flexi Hose arrived two weeks later.
Overall this item greatly expands versatility in the garden area as long as it is used sensibly. I have mine on a splitter. The other side holds either a soaker hose or a more standard rigid hose. Flexi Hose is great for quickly watering plants around the garden. I use it frequently while transplanting. Also for reaching around the corner of the house without needing to drag a heavy hose. Flexi Hose is not capable of sprinklers. That's why I occasionally need the traditional hose.
Make sure to turn the water off after every use instead of allowing pressure to build within the hose. Also to empty the hose after every use and recoil it to a bundled position. On a comparatively fragile item the less stress the better.
The spray nozzle is not the best. In fact, the one I recently received with the replacement hose is not even set correctly. The mist setting shoots out a long harsh spray while the adjacent setting supplies the mist. No big deal. Kind of amusing, actually.
I have no idea what some of these people are doing to have this thing fail. I drag mine across concrete and catch it under my car tires all the time and I have had absolutely no problems with it for nearly a year. If you "inflate it" at an even, medium pace each time you turn on the water, I suspect this hose will give you many years of trouble-free service. I never slam the water on quickly and I watch what I'm doing when I use it. Basically, I use common sense. This isn't a typical rubber garden hose. Treat it with respect and it will last just fine. I even used it all winter long in the snow to wash my car. I made sure to empty it of water that would freeze and ruin it each time and hung it up on the optional hanger you can buy that is specifically designed for it. I'm coming up on a year now and it's still in top condition.
We decided to purchase a flexible hose as our water hookup is in our side yard, and we didn’t have a ton of space to store a 50ft+ rubber hose. This brand had some of the best reviews, and for the fair price point, we figured we’d give it a shot. We had it for a little under a year and it worked really well, never kinked, and always contracted back to a manageable size which made it easy to wrap around the spigot and keep it out of the walkway. The hose is considerably lighter than a typical rubber hose, which made watering our backyard veggie garden less of a hassle. Although the exterior material is quite sturdy, after almost a year of use, the inner tubing at the base ended up wearing down and leaking. We reached out to the manufacturer directly, and they shipped out a replacement within a week. The warranty process was simple and we really appreciate that they stand behind their lifetime guarantee. We would definitely recommend this brand to anyone looking for a flexible hose, knowing down the line if you do happen to have issues they are willing to go the extra mile and make sure you're satisfied!" — Sheryl Ambrose Demro

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


4. Rosy Earth - Stainless Steel No-Kink

Top-rated: 5,718 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: One-year replacement warranty.

Helpful review: "I first ordered this hose (100 ft. length) in the spring, after finally getting fed up with kinking and leaking of our prior "lightweight" vinyl hoses. We have a .76 acre multi-level pie-shaped lot with abundant landscaping and, between watering the lawn and our flower-beds, trees, and shrubs, I do an awful lot of hose-dragging from two faucets on each side of the house. Since I'm in my 60's and have artificial joints, I need something lightweight, kink-free, and durable. In my nearly four decades of gardening and lawn care, I can finally state that I've reached "hose-heaven" with this hose. We've a hot, dry summer this year in PA, and did a LOT more watering this year than in several seasons past, so I really gave this hose a work-out before attempting to write a product review.
It is SO easy to maneuver, does NOT kink, spools easily onto our garage reel and, importantly, is mildew-proof.
Since my existing vinyl hoses got mildew when spooled up, I had no desire to try an expandable fabric hose because those seem to be an invitation to the same problem. Also important: the brass fittings are well-made, easy to screw/unscrew and do not leak. I read several reviews of this hose before ordering, and I noticed a few complaints about it not standing up to being run over by a car. Well, REALLY, why would you want to do that to a metal hose?? Seems quite brainless to me; if that's what's important to you, then buy a rubber one!
Bottom line, I liked this hose so much I just ordered two more - for a total of 150 ft. to replace the mildewy hose on the other side of our house, which has to be long enough to reach the far corner of our sloping lot. Also, I must say, and this is a minor thing, the hose is actually quite pretty, it looks kind of like yard-jewelry on your lawn, lol. When you get to a certain age, you just get tired of replacing poorly-made junk, and this hose is definitely worth the money.
I moved into a condo and as I don't have much use for a hose, I bought one of those "shrinking" hoses you see on tv. It worked fine for me - for about 3 months, and then it somehow developed a leak. Being angry with the pathetically short life span of my "shrinking" hose, I decided to try something a little tougher - metal! I had never heard of a metal hose and was skeptical when I first saw it on Amazon. After reading the reviews (and with the 3 month life span of my last hose still on my mind), I decided to give it a try - and boy am I happy I did! This hose is very light and super easy to maneuver around (it doesn't have the "memory" of rubber hoses). Trust me - you're going to be shocked at how easy it is to coil the hose up when done! And as you would expect, this hose is tough! I hate to say it but the very first time I used it, my screen door accidentally slammed on it - and nothing happened to the hose (no dent, no leak, no problem)! This hose is awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a hose!
I wish I had ordered the 50' hose but that's on me -- one of the unusual things about this hose is that the metal part that joins the hose to the hose fitting can be loosened -- I didn't un-screw it all the way because I thought I might cause a leek -- it's not a swivel, it just easily un-screws -- my guess is that it's made that way so they can put whatever sized fittings they want on the hose and use the same sized hose -- I would guess that the fittings are copper or something plated -- they are not very heavy like brass would be and they are shiny -- no loss of water flow -- definitely doesn't kink -- coils nicely -- would be able to coil the hose in a pot or bucket and pull it out without kinking -- added this to a plastic hose so I won't be doing that -- ordered this because it currently has a 20% coupon -- have no regrets other than wishing I ordered the 50' one." — Russell J. Miller

Get it from Amazon now: $99.99 & FREE Returns


5. Pocket Hose - Solid Aluminum Fittings

Top-rated: 15,843 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: The patented Bullet Shell outer casing won’t snag, tear, or wear.

Helpful review: "I live in an apartment with a balcony. In order to water my plants, I have to make about six trips with a watering can. Okay no problem but there are also spiderwebs all over the plants. We also have things that need hosed off. We needed a hose! We got an adaptor first to make sure we could hook a hose to our apartment sink. Then we got this hose. I ordered the 25', enough to get from my sink to outside.
The hose arrived and it was so light and compact! Perfect for an apartment. But wait! Extended, it was only about 10 ft. We pulled in but nothing. Before we sent it back, we read the instructions. Right! It expands! We'd forgotten. So we hooked it up and magically, sure enough, it expanded all the way to the balcony! Kind of an amazing thing. We watered the plants, my husband thought he'd be funny and spray my face until I screamed and my shirt was soaked 😆 and we got rid of the spider webs.
The nozzle has a thin jet, and also a misty spray. Turning the water off shrinks the hose, as you let water out it keeps shrinking. At one point the hose was so short that water would spill into the house, so I closed the nozzle and went to the sink, and opened it into the sink, into a bowl. The hose finished contracting. We hung it out for a bit to let the extra water drop out. Stored it back in its original container. I really like this hose out of the box. I hope it lasts us a long time. I'm quite pleased with it.
I didn't buy this hose for watering. I got it because it makes a great toy to play with my little dog. I cut it into thirds. Then I remove the expandable rubber/plastic inner hose. That leaves a great material that is strong and flexible. I call it the "snake". The dog also knows it as a snake. Then we play--I manipulate the hose and Cleo (the dog) kills it over and over. I can tangle her legs and she has devised many escapes, enough that she could be called Houdini. She goes for the head of the snake as well as Riki Tiki Tavi could. When the "snake" loses its flexibility and is tired and old, I order a new hose (the three segments last 1 1/2 years or longer. Whenever it's time to play, she brings me the hose to manipulate. It's by far her favorite toy.
I bought this one years ago. I think. After having bought the 1st one, I liked it so much I bought another as a backup. I'm a senior and a lightweight hose, for me, is a must. The 1st hose is still in beautiful shape and I have every expectation it will last a long time. It is left outside hanging at all times, even through the Florida winter. Enough cold snaps to have severely damaged some of my plants. The 2nd hose sat still in its container all this time. Today, I needed a second hose. Too late to return, of course. I took it out, hooked it up and turned on the water. Although I followed instructions to not release the valve yet, It did not fully extend to 25'. Very disappointing. It's quite short really. Couldn't use it for what I needed. Had to resort to unhooking and moving hose . Would I buy it again? We'll see. I'll let you know how it is, if I get another." — David R. Vincent

Get it from Amazon now: $29.88 & FREE Returns


6. SPECILITE - Puncture Resistant and Super-Flexible

Top-rated: 7,972 ratings

best garden hoses


Highlight: Upgraded 9-way sprayer.

Helpful review: "I am pleased with this purchase. I have a big yard and I’ve gotten very tired of dragging heavy rubber/vinyl hoses around. Very good price for a 100’ steel hose. I had thought it was going to arrive in a week, but it showed up in only a couple of days. It was packed very well, double boxed, although with very little extraneous packaging to have to dispose of. I hooked it up to the faucet immediately.
At first it dripped at the connection point. I unhooked it and found that the washer was on backwards. The way you can tell is that some hose washers have little tabs on them. The tabs are supposed to pop into the tiny groove at the bottom of the threads to keep the washer from falling out. When installed properly you will not see the tabs (because they’re on the bottom). If they are installed with the tabs on top it will still stay in place but the connection may leak. (If the connection leaks anyway I’ve heard that one can replace a washer with an O-ring). So I got some needle-nose pliers and removed the washer and turned it over and installed it properly.
It stopped leaking. The hose came with not just one but two sprayer attachments. It also came, thoughtfully, with three extra washers of varying thickness. I already have a couple of good sprayers, but I tried these sprayers out. One is a pistol-grip sprayer with the usual rotary dial . The second is a small wand-type.
I actually really like the little wand. It leaked a little at first but I switched the washer in it for one of the replacements they provided and it stopped leaking. The little wand twists to adjust the spray. It has a very gentle spray and is perfect for watering my many potted plants. Another reviewer complained that the hose was narrow and had lower water pressure than a conventional hose, but I haven’t noticed much difference . Something else I like is that if I leave the hose in the sun for a while the water doesn’t come out hot. The metal must deflect the heat. I cannot as yet speak of the longevity of this hose. As someone who has inadvertently murdered a lot of hoses, I can tell you of three actions that can extend the life of any garden hose:
1) Don’t store the hose in a pressurized state.
2) Try to put it away out of direct sunlight. I coil it up and drop a trash can lid or empty pot over it.
3) If the hose becomes stuck or kinked while in use don’t jerk on it but go back to where it is stuck and free it.
Oh, and another thing - I don’t think that this type of hose can get kinked! (Joy!) So far this hose has been a pleasure to use. A good purchase.
In the 20-some years I have lived in this house I have gone through so many hoses. I really love this hose. I have a lo--oong backyard, and this length goes everywhere. I have had no problems with the hose, it is so light, and it doesn't kink. It's easy to roll up because- should I say it again? It's light!
The hose and spout actually seem very good quality. I had never considered a metal hose, so was very skeptical with this purchase. I have been using the as seen on TV flexible hoses made for material that I actually love, but I get more than a few months of life out of them. This hose seems to have the benefits of these flexible hoses but with what I’m hoping will have the longevity of multiple years of use. It is incredibly light, and very easy to put away, and almost seems to wind itself when rolling it up into a pot or other type of container. It’s only been used for a pretty short period of time so time will tell of how long this will last. For now, it seems to be very sturdy, and would be surprised if it doesn’t last a year. As far as I’m concerned, if I can get a year of life out of it that’s a huge win. If I get even more, even better. I may update this review pending future performance of this house.
I have 4 of these now. I am older with a bad back and cannot lug around rubber hoses. I went to fabric hoses, loved them for as long as they lasted, though I kept them covered from the sun, etc. they require extra care so they last longer. My husband suggested these and I was doubtful till I got my first one. Then I kept getting them. No longer do I have to "baby" them like the fabric and they are almost as lightweight. I am on my second season with most of them. I can coil them while holding them on one arm. They rarely tangle and it is my fault if they do. I just love them. I never thought a metal hose could be this good. Soooo glad they came up with them. I would have nothing else now." — Angie DuFresne

Get it from Amazon now: $42.99 & FREE Returns


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