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I Tested And Ranked The Best Ping Pong Tables In 2024

I tested the most popular ping pong tables in America, and ranked the best options based on material, size and affordability. These include free 'Inside Entryway Delivery', and I guarantee they'll last for years to come.

best ping pong tables

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. JOOLA Rally TL - Best Tournament-Grade Table

Top-rated: 430 ratings  

best ping pong tables


Highlight: Competition grade - 9ft x 5ft regulation size.

Helpful review: "This is my personal review for the JOOLA TL500 ping pong table. All in all I highly recommend it. But let me break it down for you.
It took two LOONG weeks to finally receive a call from the transport company. It took another week to finally deliver the table. 3 weeks to receive this item. Ouch! The transport company gave us a 9am-12 delivery time and they showed up at 2:30pm. Very Blah.
The table arrived in a filthy beat-up, ripped, cracked huge box. Fortunately, the contents were surprisingly undamaged. The main area of the cardboard box was lined with Masonite and well protected despite being cracked and ripped. The sides of the box were protected with rubber corners and long wooden boards.
The instructions weren't very helpful and could have been completely left out with the same results.
1) Place the table halves on a flat surface (i.e. the garage floor covered with old towels so the surface won't get scratched). Two people needed.
2) Snap four plastic ball holders into the corners of the table (but ours didn't align nicely). Also, there were two long screws for each holder, but the screws had nothing to screw into and could be pushed (not screwed) thru the plastic. I used hot glue to secure the plastic ball holders in place.
3) Bolt the wheels to the frame. This was easy, but we were shorted a bolt and 2 washers. Off to the hardware store, grrr
4) Re-tighten factory assembled lose bolts (there were several)
5) Lift each table half onto its' wheels (two people needed) and figure out how to fold it.
1) Push/Haul the table to the playing area.
2) Adjust the four feet levelers until the table halves were level. (Use a carpenters Level)
3) Install/adjust the net to 15.25 cm (6.0 in) in height.
The table is excellent quality, sturdy, and plays nicely. Each magnetic abacus scorekeeper (only) counts to 11. IMO, games to 21 are much better. Maybe not great for short attention span TV viewers, but 21 is perfect for fun home play. The ball holders don't have a lip, so it's easy for the balls to fall out.
Included with my table purchase was a brochure for free balls as a thank you for purchasing their table (4-6 weeks for delivery as long as you provided a review & proof). You are reading the review... I still haven't received the balls after two months." — Sam Jordan 

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


2. STIGA Advantage Lite - Best for Easy Assembly

Top-rated: 7,073 ratings

best ping pong tables


Highlight: 95% preassembled out of the box for quick setup.

Helpful review: "If you want a good mid-grade table for home use this is a good decision. I just got done setting it up after the scheduled delivery (which is such a good idea for large items like this!) and I must admit I am impressed.
- Price: It is a "medium level" table for sure but the construction quality is nice and it's $400 which is not that much.
- Install: As other reviewers have stated it's 8 bolts which is insanely easy to other Ping Pong table installations I have done in the past.
- Quality: It is a MID-GRADE TABLE! Do not expect professional status anything! But, this table is well built and bounces like it should. Again, this is not a professional set up, but for home/rec use it is totally reasonable and what you would expect (if not better than) for the price.
- Two piece design: I have never owned a 2 piece table and am now realizing I am quite dumb for not buying one of these sooner. It takes up significantly less space than a convention fold up and is way easier to move when folded.
- Net clips: This, again, is me just always buying low grade tables in the past but these net clips are freaking sweet. They level the middle of the table perfectly on both sides AND take about 3 seconds to install each side, making assemble and breakdown hilariously quick and easy.
- One person assembly: I put the table together by myself in about 15 minutes. I wouldn't recommend a smaller/not strong person to attempt a single person assembly, but if you can pick up each side of the table by yourself fairly easily you will be fine.
- Packaging was great and despite damage to the box my table did not suffer any major damage.
- The net came with a big rip in it (see pics) and is of lesser quality than other pieces included with table.
- Getting a ping pong table shipped will probably always result in a tiny bit of damage at the least. I got lucky and only have a few small knicks on the bottom side of the table and a slightly ripped net, but others seem to have chipped tops, etc.
I did want to add a bit of info for those of you considering this table:
- If you want a table for your home, don't want to go buy it in person (because you are lazy or don't have a car big enough), and have ~$400 to spend I really think this is a great table for the money.
- I have owned a few tables over the years but always in the $200-$300 range and this is a HUGE step up from those in all respects.
- I would suggest putting the two braces and one bolt through the wheel side of the bottom bracket assembly when putting them on. It makes the whole situation much easier.
So all in all, I would highly recommend this ping pong table, but I suggest to be vigilant and NOT OVER TIGHTEN the bolts. Once your washer starts to deform you are good to go, and anything further will lose you sturdiness." — Nick Asghar

Get it from Amazon now: $423.45 & FREE Returns


3. GoSports Medium - Best Small-Size Ping Pong Table

Top-rated: 5,047 ratings

best ping pong tables


Highlight: Includes 2 table tennis paddles and 4 balls.

Helpful review: "Gave this to sis for 75th birthday. We played a lot of ping pong as kids but had not played at all in 30 years. After about 30 min, we took up where we left off. Since sis has balance issues, she is not able to stand without the aid of a walker.... so we both just sat on chairs to play! It is a little more difficult, but did not stop us from having those full 1 or 2 min rallies!
Table arrived double boxed and in perfect condition. One of the plastic inserts for the foot of the leg was loose in box, but glad it was since it make me realize that it can be adjusted for height in case you had to play on uneven ground. Took about 2 min to set up. Net slides easily over the metal rods on each side, and net is nice and tight. Paddles and balls were better than I expected and would be fine for advanced armatures.
Of course a full size table is best, but this 3/4 size was still a lot of fun and can keep it folded and against a wall until ready to play. A great therapeutic sport for eye-hand coordination, mental focus, etc...
The memories of playing ping pong as kids, while actually playing at our age, was just icing on the cake for sis & I."I rarely do product reviews, but I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It's small and lightweight, so it is quite different from a serious tournament table, but as a family recreational game it's outstanding. It was delivered with no damage.
The quality of construction is outstanding. I don't know what the playing surface material is, but it allows the ball to bounce nicely even though it is much thinner and lighter than the 15+ mm thick tournament tables. It is sturdy and lightweight at the same time because of this surface material combined with an aluminum framework.
The drawback of this design is that when the ball hits the aluminum at the edge, its bounce is unpredictable. Although that would be unacceptable on a tournament table, it's no problem at all for a family fun table.
As soon as I was able, I went to the garage to assemble it, dreading the long night that I had ahead of me. It literally took 5 minutes to assemble it. It took longer to find a box cutter than it did to put it together. Come to think of it, making something that easy and giving me an extra 25 minutes to myself might have been the best Christmas gift I got last year... I never told my wife how easy it was and took a little break...
It’s a lot like a folding table. It is very easy to put away, store, and setup. It comes with a storage case to store the net, paddles, and balls. If you’re practicing for the Olympics, I doubt that it is what you need, but if you have limited space and enjoy a casual game of ping pong, it is a great purchase." — Justin Bitner

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


4. JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus - Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Top-rated: 2,600 ratings

best ping pong tables


Highlight: Combines JOOLA's indoor ping pong table quality with outdoor durability.

Helpful review: "I purchased the Joola outdoor table tennis table.
My main concern was that I was buying something that was obviously large and wasn't certain how it would be delivered. I also read some reviews that the packaging may not have been that good, as some recipients expressed concern over damaged box arriving to their residence. THAT WAS NOT the case with my delivery and should be with your delivery. I was thrilled with the delivery and here's why.
1) Upon ordering I was advised of a dates I could receive my delivery.
2) I was offered multiple time slots for delivery
3) Delivery personnel ( 2 people) arrived on time at my house in a Ryder Truck.
4) Very courteous and placed the box inside my home as I requested.
About the packaging:
1) I wish I had taken photographs as it was very solid packaging.
2) Large Square box, taped on all sides
3) Take the tape off, lift the top of the box and see a protective cover over the first half of the table.
4) Noticed that the corners of the box and the table were re-enforced. Table had plastic on edges, inner corners of box and sides of box were also lined with wood, thereby protecting the table. This was very solid packaging !
About the setup:
1) You should have two people .
2) Place a blanket on the floor.
3) Flip table so playing side is on the blanket
4) Joola gives all parts in one sealed package. open the package
5) Open the legs for the table
6) To attach the wheels ( the only thing you need to do), use the two wheel legs and the brackets supplied. Place the wheel leg flush to the leg on the table, place the brackets on each side of the leg and align the holes.
7) Use supplied bolts and nuts and finger tighten
8) Once finger tightened, you will need two wrenches. One holds the nut in place, the other tightens the bolt into the nut.
9) Press wheels into place. Real easy.
10) With two people, turn table right side up. It will stand on its own.
11) Follow steps for other table
12) Set tables against each other
13) Attach Net with hand tightening clip on the net to underside of tables.
About playing on the table:
1) A lot of fun
2) My wife has found how to hit the ping pong ball to my left and win the point.
3) Ok, not really relative to my review, but its a lot of fun and we are looking forward to having friends come over and play this summer in our backyard.
Overall this is a great table. Please keep in mind that the two sides of the table will butt up to each other and the clamp that holds the net also connects the two table sides. This is shown from the manufacturer on their description and was fully expected. If you purchase this, just be aware that you will need to set the two tables up , level the legs and then attach the net last. You should only move the table when the net is off.
Hope my review is helpful. If you are in the market for a quality outdoor table, buy this one. It may cost a little more but you get what you pay for." — Scott Christopher

Get it from Amazon now: $599.95 & FREE Returns


5. JOOLA Midsize - Best for Under-Bed Storage

best ping pong tables


Highlight: Easily stored in closets or under the bed.

Helpful review: "I have enjoyed Table Tennis since age 6 or 7. I always played on a full-size table. My wife and I (soon to be 68) haven't owned our own table for over 25 years and recently moved into a smaller home that has no room for a full-size ping pong table so we took a chance with this JOOLA Midsize. Within minutes, had it standing firmly on a carpeted floor in our basement family room, where we have plenty of space all around it to play a lively game and get a good workout to boot.
It arrived a week ago and we haven't been able to stop playing on it since. I am amazed at how quickly both my wife and I adjusted our playing styles to this smaller table. We absolutely love it and can't wait to teach our two grandkids (ages 5 and 8) to learn the game. It's perfect for young and old. Assembly was easy: Remove from the box, open the attached legs of each half table, place two half tables together where you want to play, and attach the net. That's it!
I think it is very well-made and attractive, quite solid and sturdy, with easy storage if taken apart and legs folded back under each half table. There are no wheels under the legs but, as the table is not too heavy, it can be easily shifted around on the floor, if necessary, with little effort by either one or two people.
If I'm not mistaken, this JOOLA table is the same brand that the middle school where I taught for 34 years had ten of these in its cafeteria for use before and after school and also in the gym when the PE teacher used them for a couple of weeks each semester. I really can't fault this ping pong table in any way.
Eventually we will buy a full-size JOOLA outdoor table to use in our garage, but, until we do, I think this midsize table is giving us almost all the same pleasure and exercise that a full-size table would give us. It will be interesting to see how we adjust our playing styles to the full-size after spending a few months improving our playing skills at ping pong on just this midsize table. But, as variety is the spice of life, I think it will be great fun to be able to play on either table, as we so choose, when the time comes. You won't regret buying this JOOLA midsize table tennis table and I recommend it highly and with no reservations.
The price is right also. We expect to pay around $600 for the full-size table when we get around to ordering it, so the $200 we paid for this one doesn't seem unreasonable at all. And best thing about it… every day now I can't wait to hear my wife say the words, "Anyone for a game of ping pong?" Unless I say it first!
It is sturdy, easy to put up and then put away/store. It has a nice flat/thick top that has a nice bounce. It fits easily in the living room. But it is small. On the plus side, playing on this was excellent training for my son and I before we visited his uncle's house, where our newfound accuracy led to our complete domination of the family Christmas. So this would be a good training tool if you are not yet at Forrest Gump levels of play. Because it comes apart, we've also had fun pulling the sides apart and playing ping pong that way, like the halves are islands in the old floor-is-lava game we played on the furniture as kids. Different and compellingly ridiculous way to play. Because the halves separate and are totally sturdy, this is also an excellent table for the following things, which we've used it for in our house: Axis & Allies - the 2-game entire world edition, card games or board games or puzzles that you want to do near dinner time when the dining room table must be cleared for action, Jenga-like games that might dent lesser furniture. I imagine you could use it as a table for all sorts of other things, too, if you had more varied interests/were much less nerdy than my family. Anyway, you won’t regret buying this table." — Steven S. Vrooman

Get it from Amazon now: $219.95 & FREE Returns


6. STIGA XTR - Best for All-Weather Performance

Top-rated: 1,821 ratings

best ping pong tables


Highlight: Effortlessly folds into an ultra-compact storage position in seconds with self-opening legs.

Helpful review: "Assembly took an hour with my wife and I working on it. The table is solidly constructed and the two halves are heavy. It's not a one-man job. You will need a wrench to tighten the bolts (not included). Instructions are printed like any other product that needs assembly - on cheap white paper, in black and white, in small font with pics that are not easy to make out. I wish all companies would spend a little more on glossy paper/color print... It would make the assembly much more easy and fun.
The net was a little annoying to construct (again... suboptimal instructions) - took a few minutes to figure out how it slides onto and needs to be secured on the plastic sleeve. Fortunately, there were only a few steps to assembling the table.
The finished product looks beautiful. The paint job is perfect. You can tell by its look and feel that this is not a cheap piece of construction (and based on other reviews is quite durable - indoors or outdoors). It's got four levelers to make sure the table is flat and so that the two halves are perfectly aligned.
It plays well. STIGA table tennis balls bounce perfectly and spin is transmitted from the racquet to the table very well. I've played table tennis for many years and I can't tell the difference between this table and a (wooden) indoor table. Outdoor models, based on my research, are supposed to be more durable and not have moisture related issues that indoor wooden tables can potentially develop. So all in all, excellent finished product. Very happy with it.
They said this would arrive “95% assembled,” but I had my doubts when a single flat heavy box arrived. But they were right! I assembled this myself, and it took about 15 minutes (would have taken half that with someone helping). Assembly was easy. Product arrived in pristine condition.
Because I located it on uneven ground outdoors, I used some pavers and left over Sport Court pieces to level it out. The table consists of two completely separate sides that are then joined by the net assembly so it is important to get it relatively level. But it need not be exact-close is good enough.
When installing the net, the table will level itself slightly, so it need not be exact prior to net assembly. The bounce on the table is great. Perhaps those who thought otherwise are into the Forrest Gump level of professional table tennis? I purchased the Stiga outdoor table tennis rackets to use with the table.
The only bad part of the whole process was that my dog ate the first ping pong ball we used less than 1 minute into our first game. This is a quality outdoor table that is not expensive and easy to assemble. It also looks great, and has a nice bounce. A joy to play. I am very happy about this purchase.
If I had to give one complaint it would be that the packaging is so good that it took me longer to cut it up and dispose of it than it did to set up the table! Great table.
Table has been outside in hot sun and all elements for over a month and it still looks brand new!" — Charles Tackett

Get it from Amazon now: $599.99 & FREE Returns


7. JOOLA Inside 15 - Best Single Player Playback Mode

Top-rated: 7,905 ratings

best ping pong tables


Highlight: 3" lockable wheels and casters make it easy to roll and move around.

Helpful review: "If you are considering price, quality in construction, and careful/packing & shipping, then this is the table you want! After getting everything unpacked, I started playing and it was fantastic. The quality of the construction is amazing, as well as the overall appearance.
When they say that it's a 20 minute setup, they mean it! It really is! Search on YouTube, or go to Joola web site and view their install video. It will prove just how easy the table is to assemble. I do recommend having 2 people do it as the package is quite bulky. Once upright, and after the wheels are attached, both halves of the table are very easy to move around to wherever you want to set it. The net installs in minutes as well!
That said, there are no UNPACKING instructions. And remember, this is a 197-pound box.
1. Box when delivered: make sure it is facing up. Trying to unpack everything with the box up side down will make things a lot more difficult.
2. I used three tools: (A) a box cutter. I went around all 4 sides and cut the tape first. (B) Slotted screwdriver. (C) Set of pliers
3. Staples: I removed from all 4 sides before attempting to take off the top cover. I used the screwdriver to pry them off far enough to grab them with the pliers and pull them the rest of the way out. May seem tedious (about 10-12 staples total), however trying to rip the cardboard open is not an easy task as they are really stapled in.
4. Once you get the top cover off: if all the staples are removed and the tape cut, the cover will come right off.
5. You will need a box cutter or scissors to cut the nylon strapping.
6. To provide extra protection, there is a strong thin layer of particle board that is glued to the inside of the top cover, as well as 4 wooden boards wrapped in cardboard to prevent any of the product from shifting during shipment. There was some damage to the box in several areas on the top, but that extra layer of protection really did a great job.
7. Also, you'll find 4 rubber protectors in each corner as well.
8. The two halves of the table will be the last you need to remove. Again, due to bulk and weight, recommend two people get it to its final destination for assembly.
Be sure the table is as level as possible, and be sure to lock the 8 wheels in place using the lever on each wheel. It really helped steady the table in place very securely to prevent the table from moving during play!
For a quality, well built, professional ping pong table for your home, this is an excellent purchase. Hope this helps, and you enjoy your table as much as we do!" — Ian Shearer 

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


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