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I Tested And Ranked The Best Ping Pong Tables In 2024

I tested the most popular ping pong tables in America, and ranked the best options based on material, size and affordability. These include free 'Inside Entryway Delivery', and I guarantee they'll last for years to come.

best ping pong tables

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. JOOLA Rally TL - Best Tournament-Grade Table

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Competitive grade regulation size ping-pong table.

Helpful review: After using the Jewel TL 500 ping-pong table I only have good things to say about it. Here's my breakdown. The delivery wasn't great if I’m being honest. It took almost 3 weeks to receive this ping-pong table, and they said it would show up by noon but they showed up at three. I wasn't pleased to say the least. In terms of packaging, again this sounds very negative, but I promise I'll get to the good stuff. The ping-pong table was in a really cracked box. However it was super protected despite being a little beat up. The rubber corners and boards put around it really protected the board inside so I guess it didn’t matter how it looked outside.
When it comes to assembly, I'll be honest the instruction manual wasn't great, and they did leave out a few things. If I had to give advice this would be it: First I'd recommend putting the table on a flat surface with both halves laying down on old towels or a blanket of some kind.
This will stop it from getting scratched. The last thing you want is for it to get damaged before you even play it. You're probably going to need two people to put it together, too. I did.
There were four plastic ball holders that you put into the corner of the tables with two screws for each holder, however the screws had nothing to go into so that was kind of weird. I ended up using hot glue for the whole thing, which wasn’t super great, but it was what it was.
After that I bolted the wheels to the frame which wasn't that hard. You'll find that you might have to retighten some of the things at the factory set which was kind of annoying but it happens. After that you're just going to lift it onto the wheels and you'll probably need two people for this also, so you won't have to damage it before you even use it.
There were four plastic ball holders that you put into the corner of the tables with two screws for each holder, however the screws had nothing to go into so that was
kind of weird. I ended up using hot glue for that the whole thing, which wasn’t super great but it was what it was.
After that I bolted the wheels to the frame which wasn't that hard. You'll find that you might have to retighten some of the things to the factory setting which was kind of annoying but it happens. After that you're just going to lift it onto the wheels, and again you'll probably need two people for this and then you're gonna have to play around with getting it to fold
For set up, pick an area to put the table in and then push it over to wherever that is going to be. There's levers to adjust the table height in both so to keep them flat, I recommend using an actual level for this then you'll install it. That's it!
My verdict: Despite some initial difficulties in the delivery, assembly and set up, overall I really can't complain about this table. It's great quality, it doesn't shake and I’m confident my game is even better now that I've started playing on this. Just a side note, the scorekeeper only goes to 11. Personally I like games that go up to 21 but that's just preference. — Sam Jordan

Get it from Amazon now: $549.99 & FREE Returns


2. STIGA Advantage Lite - Best for Easy Assembly

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Practically already assembled right out of the box.

Helpful review: This is the Ping Pong table for those of you who are somewhere in between professional and amateur. After scheduling delivery I finally gave it a shot and man I have to say I'm impressed.
PROS: This is considered a medium level table which puts the price at an average of 400 which is normal for this type of table. With this quality, you're going to get better construction and this one definitely is that and more. It has eight bolts which makes it super fast to set up, unlike other ping-pong tables I've used in the past.
Again, this is a mid-grade table--not a professional table so keep your expectation in check. If you've ever played a ping-pong table at a bar that's been used a lot you're going to get better than that so try not to be too picky. I was hesitant about getting a two-piece design but man I really have to say I love it. It takes up so much less space and it's so much easier to move. The net clips are awesome and so much better than low grade tables I've used in the past. When it comes to assembly I'd put it altogether by myself. Now I’m a 6 foot tall dude, but I think that if you can grab the table by yourself you'll be fine. And the packaging was great.
Cons: So the net did have a hole in it which kind of sucked and it was definitely one of the cheaper pieces of the product. It's a big item, so it's likely that shipping is going to have some issues, and I did get a few nicks but that was kind of expected. That’s it!
Really not a lot of cons as you can see. I've got a few tables that are cheaper than this, but this one is a huge step up. One thing I recommend if you’re thinking about getting this product: Make sure you do not screw the bolts too tight. Overall this is a great table and I highly recommend it. — Nick Asghar

Get it from Amazon now: $423.45 & FREE Returns


3. GoSports Medium - Best Small-Size Ping Pong Table

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Includes paddles with balls.

Helpful review: I bought this as a gift for my older sister because we used to play ping-pong as kids. We definitely picked up right where we left off. The table shipped in a double box and arrived in amazing condition. I was shocked at how easy this was to set up.
It only took about two minutes. The paddles and balls that came with the delivery were so much nicer than I expected and I thought that was a really nice plus that they came with it. Keep in mind this table is 3/4 of a normal size, however we can still keep it folded, and it's great for what we're using it for. We're kind of using it as therapy for hand eye coordination and keeping our brain smart and it's working.
The construction quality is incredible. The balls bounce so nicely you wouldn't even know this was a lightweight table. It also has a great aluminum frame. However because of the aluminum, when the ball hit they can bounce unpredictably. This would obviously be not allowed at an actual tournament, but we're just playing for fun so it really doesn't matter that much. I thought this was going to take hours to set up. It literally took me like four minutes. I actually ended up hanging out in the garage a little bit and playing a game by myself just like Forrest Gump. The storage is super great. It folds fast and there's a nice little case to put the paddles, net and balls in. It won't help you win any Olympics but I'm just trying to have fun with my family and it definitely gets that job done. — Justin Bitner

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


4. JOOLA NOVA Pro Plus - Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Brining Joola’s best indoor ping pong table outside.

Helpful review: Ordering the outdoor Joola, ping-pong table, at first I was a little concerned about the delivery process after reading reviews about poor packaging. However when my outdoor table tennis table arrived, it was in amazing condition. Not only was I given the option of different dates to receive my order, I was even given two multiple time slots. When it finally arrived the delivery people came on time and brought it inside my house.
The packaging was secure and overall super solid. Inside, there was a protective covering on the top of the table. Even the corners had plastic coverings on the edges to keep them safe.
Just a couple tips about set up: It's easier if you have two people to do it and make sure that you put a blanket beneath the table with the top side laying on the blanket. I definitely recommend putting the wheels on the legs first using the brackets to secure it in place. After putting in the bolts and nuts you'll need two wrenches to tighten it, but it's not too hard.
The wheels pop in effortlessly. After you have all that set up you and the other person can flip it over right side up, and you'll find that it stands on its own without effort. After you push both sides of the table together, then you'll attach the net to the bottom side of both of them.
When it comes to playing, my wife has already beat me multiple times which is slightly embarrassing to admit. However we're having a lot of fun and I'm getting better so I plan to beat her by the end of summer.
I really can't say enough good things about this table. However just keep in mind the two sides of the table bump into each other and there's a clamp for the net that connects to both of the sides. In other words you'll have to make sure you set up both tables and keep the legs level before you attach the net. If you're on the fence about getting this, then this is your sign to do that. It's a little more costly but honestly you're gonna get what you pay for, and trust me, it's going to be worth it. — Scott Christopher

Get it from Amazon now: $599.95 & FREE Returns


5. JOOLA Midsize - Best for Under-Bed Storage

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Compact ping-pong table for easy storage.

Helpful review: I’ve played ping-pong since I was a kid but never on a smaller table… always on a big full-size one. After my wife and I moved into a smaller home (downsizing after the kids flew the coop) we realized that although we wanted a ping-pong table we really didn't have the room for it and decided to take the plunge with this Joola Midsize table tennis table.
Honestly I had doubts, but within seconds of getting this set up it was exactly what we were looking for. We haven't stopped playing since. Although my wife and I are fairly good players I was still surprised how easy it was to take our previous playing style and adapt it to the small table. The coolest thing is that when we teach our grandkids to play it's actually a full size table for them because they're still small.
We’re in our 70s and found that putting together the table was actually super easy which I was a little concerned about. All you had to do is take it out of the box, open the legs, push the two sides of the tables together, put it on the net and there you go. It's a super solid build, very durable and sturdy, and honestly well-made.
When I go to store it, I just have to fold the legs back beneath each side of the table and there's no wheels on the legs, either. Took a little bit of time getting used to that, but it’s not an issue. It’s pretty light and it really doesn't need the wheels to move around. I can do it by myself if I wanted to.
When I started playing on this, I started having flashbacks to middle school and I have a hunch that this is the same type of table I played on as a kid. This midsize table is bringing back all the memories, keeping me and my wife brushed up on our skills, and is definitely going to be the prequel to a full-size Joola table. For now this compact one gets the job done.
I'm looking forward to seeing the evolution of my skills from compact to a full-size one. If anything I think this is going to make me a better player. It will be fun to beat the grandkids and then beat my children and my wife after I get a little bit better. Honestly you're not going to regret buying this Joola midsize table. And when you think about the price… If you can assume that a full-size table is $600, then $200 for a compact table is super reasonable. My wife has decided that we’re now playing ping-pong to see who gets to do the chores after dinner. It's definitely making me a better player.
This compact midsize table opens easily and stores just as effortlessly. It's smooth and has a great bounce, and I can store it super easily in my living room. Just keep in mind that it is on the smaller side. It was great for teaching my kids how to play, and it was a lot of fun watching them beat my brother during Christmas. I imagine this is the kind of table that Forrest Gump first used to train on so with that mindset think that this is your training wheels, and you're only gonna get better from here. It’s cool that you can even pull the two sides apart and play ping-pong as if each table is its own island. Kids come up with some fun alternative ping pong games with it and it definitely keeps me feeling young. Also because the two sides separate I found that they're surprisingly durable which allows us to use the ping-pong table for more than just ping-pong. We've used it to play card games, board games, even Jenga. 100% you won't regret buying this. — Steven S. Vrooman

Get it from Amazon now: $219.95 & FREE Returns


6. STIGA XTR - Best for All-Weather Performance

best ping pong tables

Highlight: Self-opening legs open and close without issue.

Helpful review: My wife and I put this thing together in about an hour and honestly I found that it was constructed really solidly. The two halves are pretty heavy, too. So keep in mind it's not a one person job to put it together, and I definitely recommend having help. Make sure you bring a wrench to tighten it up. Instructions could be better but they’ll do. It would be nice if these companies learn how to print better pictures of the installation process, but that's just me ranting.
Because of these mediocre instructions, it was kind of hard to put together but after a few minutes my wife figured out how to slide and secure the plastic. It only took a few steps to put it all together and the end product looks amazing. It comes with extra levelers to make sure that the table aligns and stays flat. I really can't tell the difference between a wooden indoor table and this table and I mean that in a good way. The bounce and spin work so well, it’s shocking. Apparently outdoor models are better staying dry which is a great perk.
I was skeptical when they said it was going to be almost 100% assembled in advance but honestly they weren’t lying. I was even able to put this together myself in 15 minutes or less. I wanted it placed on uneven grass in the yard so I just had to put down a few pavers to level things out, but it was a breeze. I do recommend making sure the two sides are level before adding the net, but it doesn't need to be 100% perfect. Almost enough will be good enough, I promise. Putting on the net actually levels the table out. It does the end of the work for you. The bounce on this table is insanely, amazingly great. I sound silly bragging so much, but I mean it. I even got the digger outdoor rackets to go with this table and then I feel like I'm Forrest Gump when I play on this. Only downside, my dog ate the ball we played with, but that was not the company's fault--that was my dog being a jerk. If I had any issues with this project as a whole it was that it’s packaged so well, that it took longer to open up the box then it did to put it together.
Kept this table outside during the summer in Florida for over a month and guess what? Still looks perfect. — Charles Tackett

Get it from Amazon now: $599.99 & FREE Returns


7. JOOLA Inside 15 - Best Single Player Playback Mode

best ping pong tables

Highlight: With lockable wheels I can roll this around in no time.

Helpful review: I think that this is one of the best overall value I've gotten out of a purchase before. The price is perfect, the construction is great, and the packing could not have been better. The construction is not only great but the appearance is so smooth. It took me less than 20 minutes to set this up--it was that easy. All I had to do was google YouTube videos on how to do it, but the Joola website also has an install instruction video on there that will help you a lot too.
Two people make the set up easier but one person can do it alone if you don’t have a choice. Once you get the wheels on, and it’s set upright, it's super smooth all around. Oh and the net attaches in minutes.
My only complaint is that I wish that they were unpacking instructions. Why? This is almost a 200 pound box! Just a couple extra tips with unpacking:
Keep the box facing up so you can just grab everything out. You'll need a box cutter, a screwdriver, and pliers. You also have to remove staples so I recommend getting a tool for that, however a screwdriver also works to pry out the stable.
After using the box cutter to cut the straps, you’ll find there's also an extra layer of particleboard and wooden boards inside to keep it from shifting and to keep it safe. Loved that. Even though there was damage to the exterior of the box, there were no issues on the inside. That’s how good the packing was. After everything, you'll remove the pieces of the table, and this is where I definitely recommend having extra help because they can be heavy.
And after that you’ll lock all of the wheels. This will help keep the table steady and secure and stop it from shifting as you're playing. Overall, if you're looking for a durable good quality ping-pong table, then this is your best option. I hope you win as many games as I have. — Ian Shearer 

Get it from Amazon now: $699.99 & FREE Returns


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