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I Tested And Ranked The Best Small Gun Safes In 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best safe for your handguns? I tested the most affordable options on Amazon and ranked my top picks. Read these helpful reviews.

best small gun safes

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. VAULTEK LifePod - Best for Cars

Top-rated: 6,058 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Advanced Non-Metal T3™ Polymer.

Helpful review: "There are not many products that actually excite me. As a disclaimer, I have no connection with Vaultek at all....especially enough to go and buy 3 of their products in a matter of days. I spend a lot of time with guns and am very supportive of anything that promote safety and keeps them out of the hands of criminals. This seems like a great option for our lifestyle so I thought that I would share my thoughts.
I conceal carry near constantly. However... there are times that I am obligated to store my gun in my vehicle. Up until now that has been a challenge mostly because most portable gun safes are not designed for true automotive use (in particular, the rigors of off road and open vehicle usage. They F'n rattle and provide virtually zero protection from the elements. The locks are not reliable and if they are....they are tedious at best to open.
Enter the Vaultek Lifepod series travel vault!
- Inexpensive
- Airtight/Water resistant (Enough to float)
- Programmable to any combination between 4-8 digits
- Big enough for a Glock 19 and spare magazine
- Has a few cool options, like an organizer for cards and cash. It also has a cable loop to secure it almost anywhere. Although.... I think it is dumb that they don't include the cable loop for free. A little tip.... if you order the black one from Amazon, some have been reported to come with a cable. I ordered 2 black safes, one came with it and one did not.
- Multiple colors (Black, Gold(ish), Grey, Orange, Multicam, and a couple special editions).
- It is composed of a tough polymer (feels much like a Glock). It feels very sturdy. I know that it is drop-tested but not sure to what extent. I am sure that if someone spent enough time trying to open it with some effort and tools they could. But it's the most secure of all the other portable gun safes.
- I don't think that it particularly looks like a safe which is nice and cool.
- I have found the lock to be super reliable and easy to operate.
- I hard-mounted one of mine to my Springtail Tailgate Table
MOLLE rack.... it seems like a perfect place to discretely stow the gun before proceeding into the places where I'm restricted. It matches the Punk'n and does not appear out of place in the Jeep.
Note: One of the life pods had to be returned because the program button would not work.... Amazon replaced it promptly and without any hassle." — Lucas Gilchrist

Get it from Amazon now: $149.99 & FREE Returns


2. Awesafe - Best Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Top-rated: 12,877 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Secure storage for two standard handguns + ammunition.

Helpful review: "As a responsible gun owner, my primary concern is always the balance between quick access to my firearm and the security of its storage. The awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock is a game-changer that has surpassed my expectations in both areas.
First and foremost, the fingerprint identification and biometric lock features are outstanding. The setup process was seamless, and the scanner has proven to be extremely accurate, granting me access to my firearm within seconds. This feature alone sets it apart from traditional lock-based gun safes, providing me with the confidence that, should I need to react quickly during a home invasion, I can do so efficiently and effectively.
Having this gun safe bedside is essential. In the unfortunate event of a home invasion, every second counts, and this product ensures that you have the ability to defend yourself and your family without delay. The compact design of the Awesafe Gun Safe allows it to fit discreetly on a nightstand, while the solid construction ensures it remains securely in place.
The importance of this product goes beyond just quick access. The biometric lock is a vital feature for families with children or for those who have guests frequently. It guarantees that only authorized users can access the firearm, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. Moreover, the awesafe Gun Safe offers additional features such as a silent mode and a built-in LED light, which are valuable during high-stress situations where discretion and visibility are crucial.
In summary, the Awesafe Gun Safe is an indispensable product for any responsible gun owner who values both security and the ability to respond swiftly during a home invasion. Its advanced features and reliability have made it an invaluable addition to my home security setup, and I highly recommend it to others in search of a reliable bedside gun safe." — Michael Little

Get it from Amazon now: $129.00 & FREE Returns


3. RPNB - Sturdy and Well-Built

Top-rated: 8,508 ratings | 228 answered questions

best small gun safes


Highlight: Upgraded smart biometric scanner.

Helpful review: "I recently purchased a gun safe from Amazon, and I am extremely pleased with my purchase. This gun safe has proven to be a reliable and secure storage solution for my firearms, providing me with the peace of mind I was looking for.
One of the standout features of this gun safe is its solid construction. It is built with durable materials that give it a sturdy and robust feel. The door thickness and overall build quality inspire confidence that my firearms are well protected. The safe also has a pry-resistant design, adding an extra layer of security against unauthorized access.
The locking mechanism on this gun safe is top-notch. It utilizes an electronic keypad, which allows for quick and easy access while keeping my firearms secure. The keypad is backlit, making it convenient to use even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the safe comes with a backup key in case the electronic system malfunctions, providing an alternative way to access my firearms if needed.
Another aspect that I appreciate about this gun safe is its spacious interior. It comfortably accommodates multiple firearms, ammunition, and other valuables. The adjustable shelves and interior organization options make it easy to customize the storage space according to my specific needs.
Furthermore, the safe offers excellent protection against fire and water damage. It is fire-resistant, providing a specific duration of fire protection for my firearms in case of an emergency. The water-resistant feature adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding my firearms from potential water damage." — Selena Clarins

Get it from Amazon now: $159.99 & FREE Returns


4. XDeer - Storage for Several Handguns

Top-rated: 561 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Advanced semiconductor fingerprint scanner.

Helpful review: "It is sturdy, the company is good, the keypad is great, and the fingerprint reader is flawless. An added benefit is that it plugs in, so that if your battery fails you still have power. The key backup design is nice. You actually have to a flathead screwdriver to get the cover off. An extra cover was included.
So overall, this is a great safe for 1 or 2 pistols. You really could fit 3-4 depending on size, but without extra mags. This is my suggestion: put only 1 or 2 pistols in it! The top shelf is for your easy access home defense pistol with extra mags. This one will have plenty of light to see and you can easily draw since the top shelf has a little more space. The bottom space is for your CCW with extra mags. You'll have the room light on anyway, and you won't be in a hurry usually (with the removeable shelf installed there is no light on the bottom).
If you only want this safe for 1 pistol you can remove the shelf. For one pistol I would say this is perfect. I have a large pistol with weapon lights extended beyond the barrel, 2 extra mags in a pouch standing up in the safe, a knife, and ear protection. I would have room for a small flashlight as well if I wanted to. Using this for one pistol is ideal for me because my draw does not have to be perfect. I have more space without the shelf. There is plenty of light. Again, it is sturdy, great fingerprint reader, and I know customer service would be helpful if you ever had questions." — Sharon Gallagher

Get it from Amazon now: $154.99 & FREE Returns


5. SentrySafe - Best for Revolvers

Top-rated: 4,084 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Improved gas strut for long-lasting performance.

Helpful review: "I've purchased numerous handgun safes over the ensure the safety of myself and those around me. They've worked and discharged their intended task with varying degrees of success but NONE so as to make me totally satisfied.
I bought this unit due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, reviews that almost made me think they were too good to be true. But now, after having used it for about a month, I can say unequivocally that this product deserves the highest rating in its class.
The biometric feature works with the first stroke 95% of the time, 100% of the time with the second stroke. Since the second stroke can be made quickly after the first, theirs hardly any delay caused by misplacing your finger the first time. And yes, I did say, "misplacing." If I take care to place my finger correctly relative to the fingerprint reader, it opens every time... and it's easy to do in the dark! But, even if it didn't, the stored sequence I programmed in for the four buttons does work with 100% reliability. And if that's not good enough...say you forget to replace the batteries...the key works 100% of the time.
Beyond it's reliable functioning, the safe appears to be well built, sturdy (HEAVY) and is a good value... at about 1/2 to 1/3 the price of comparable units. It is also sized appropriately to fit easily into most bedside drawers and the top opening lid makes it easy to access your firearm(s): mine holds my Glock 27 w/two extra mags AND my wife's 3" S&W model 66 revolver.
Oh yeah, Amazon shipping and delivery was prompt and the safe arrived with no problems or damage. I'm not usually this gushy but this product deserves all the praise I can give it." — Elijah Graham

Get it from Amazon now: $203.00 & FREE Returns


6. ONNAIS - Great Value for Money

Top-rated: 4,550 ratings | 76 answered questions

best small gun safes


Highlight: The fingerprint lock can store up to 30 user fingerprints for access by multiple users.

Helpful review: "I have had this product a few days shy of 1 year and it now only operates with the key. The thumbprint was a joke. My wife and I used the number code all the time until the wheel gear inside that opens the latch gave out. For the money we paid for this, it is sad. Plastic inside pieces making up many of the key components. Spend the money and buy a better safe!
UPDATE: Customer service has reached out to me and is replacing the broken safe free of charge without me having to reach out to them. They are even refunding me the charge for the broken safe for any inconveniences. I have to say that their customer service is absolutely one of the best I have ever had to deal with. I have been using the other safe and it hasn't had any issues and is very sturdy. I have assigned my finger prints as well as my wife's and it has worked without any issues. )Just got to install these safes. First one works great. The second one will not close and stay locked. It just keeps opening up and of course I missed my return window by 4 days. The customer service really saved the day and their effort to make things right will have my always looking for their products in the future!" — Caleb Miranda

Get it from Amazon now: $139.99 & FREE Returns


7. BBRKIN - Outstanding Customer Service

Top-rated: 3,508 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Backlit Keypad, LED light and Silent Mode.

Helpful review: "After an exhaustive search, I settled on this one. I was surprised by how difficult it was to find a good biometric gun safe that was not easy to break into. This one hit all of the marks - interior lighting, fingerprint scanner that holds multiple entries, pin pad, a decent key lock that was not easily bypassed, and no obvious or quick ways to break into the thing. There are all kinds of safes that can be opened with a paper clip, a steel zip tie, or by dropping the safe from a certain height. I have had this one for over a month now, and I have zero complaints, this is everything I was looking for.
The fingerprint (biometric) scanner is very accurate. I was concerned about how this was going to function. However, after recording my and my wife's fingerprints, the scanner has about an 85% success rate when a finger is wildly or quickly placed on the scanner. In a more deliberate, controlled motion, the scanner is above a 95% success rate.
The key is solidly made. The pin pad is responsive. Both the pin pad and the fingerprint scanner are easy to program. Battery compartment is easy to access. The interior light is an LED that is bright enough to see the interior of the safe when it is opened in the dark. The safe top is spring loaded and opens quickly after it is unlocked. The safe is big enough to hold a larger pistol, an extra magazine, and a small flashlight. Take the flashlight out and you could store two decent sized pistols.
The safe construction is solid and comes with a strong security cable and decent bolts (and drywall anchors). It is padded on in the interior. Several reviews cite that if you drop or hit this safe on the bottom, the top will pop open. Maybe they had a defective unit. I am a fairly strong guy, and I could not get the top to pop open by striking the bottom of the safe. I dropped it from a decent height a few times, it did not pop open. Another reviewer posted video that actually shows the safe popping open after hitting the top a time or two. I could not replicate that on my safe, either. Again, maybe they received some defective units. My experience with this safe has been nothing but positive.
I'm curious to see how long the batteries will last. At this point, I open the safe a few times a month, just to make sure the batteries are not draining too rapidly on me. I will post an update to this review, if I get less than a year out of the batteries.
I did have an issue getting it registered, so I emailed support. They responded almost immediately and were incredibly helpful, which really surprised me. I figured at this price point, support was going to be non-existent. After all of my research, by this point, I believe this was exactly the gun safe I was looking for. Very happy with my purchase." — Jose Gomez

Get it from Amazon now: $189.99 & FREE Returns


8. RPNB - No-Questions-Asked Warranty

Top-rated: 2,230 ratings | 59 answered questions

best small gun safes


Highlight: Sturdy 16-GAUGE carbon steel construction.

Helpful review: "I just received my gun safe and set it up. I read many reviews before making the purchase and saw many that mentioned the programming of the fingerprints did not work well. There were many others that said it was fine if you followed the directions.
For me, I had absolutely no trouble programming fingerprints by following the simple instructions in the booklet that came with the safe. I added one fingerprint at a time to test it. I ended up adding 4 prints in total. After the addition of each print I attempted to open the safe with each programmed finger and with fingers that were not programmed. The safe worked just at it should. It always opened with my registered prints and never opened with prints that were not registered. Programming was simple. Use the included screwdriver to open battery compartment, put in the batteries (it did not bother me that the batteries were not included), and press the reset button. It beeps once and the light around the sensor blinks blue. Hold your finger on the sensor until it flashes green, do it twice more and it flashes green twice indicating your print is registered. There is also a button inside the safe you can press to disable or reenable the electronic beeps. You can use the screwdriver to press the button.
I have not yet attempted to erase the prints so I cannot attest to how well that works. Also, I have not used it over time yet to see if the prints will work as well after several days - though I don't know why that would matter.
As for the safe itself, it appears to be solidly constructed and quite secure. I am planning on using it in the home and taking it in vehicle so I can put it under a car seat. It certainly is low-profile enough to go under the car seat. I am using it to hold a Ruger Security 9 Compact and two stock 10-round magazines and there is plenty of room. If anything changes I will update my review but so far it has been just as advertised." — RJ in WA

Get it from Amazon now: $99.99 & FREE Returns


9. AINIRO - Best for Thick Fingers

Top-rated: 439 ratings | 63 answered questions

best small gun safes


Highlight: Anti-corrosion, solid steel construction for increased durability.

Helpful review: "If you need a handgun safe that will keep children out, or in my case a very curious brother in law with Down syndrome, this safe is perfect.
The first one I got was perfect except for the fingerprint reader. It would not remember any finger prints after about 30 minutes. I didn’t want to return it though, because I loved everything else about it. The inside is fully padded, which is a must! It has the ability to have the sound silenced. Also important! It comes with 3 keys, and a really awesome fireproof envelope. Great for documents or passports. So I left a review here, and outlined my experiences.
The company reached out to me immediately, and apologized for the defective fingerprint reader. Super professional, and empathetic to my situation with my brother in law as well. They sent me a new one, and it’s perfect! I guess it really was defective. Because now, I’ve set my index and my thumb, and both work every time. Super happy about that.
Don’t hesitate to buy this safe, it’s honestly the best package that I’ve see on Amazon at an affordable price. And it’s from a company that will take care of you." — Felix Sharp

Get it from Amazon now: $129.99 & FREE Returns


10. MAXSafes - Unconditional 1-Year Warranty

Top-rated: 316 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: 3-Way Access and Portable.

Helpful review: "My dad always had a pistol gun safe/vault with a fingerprint reader, but just like my old fingerprint logon laptop, it’s finicky. Any new scrapes, dirt, etc. or if it’s not *perfectly* aligned, you’re swiping your finger over and over and getting locked out. When it comes to accessing a gun, reliability’s important. I’ve wanted to get some kind of mini safe for a while, but have been waiting for a better keyless entry method. Vein recognition technology intrigued me, and since it has PIN and key access as well, I figured I’d try it out.
It was easy enough to configure with the quick start guide. It opens quickly and reliably, with a hydraulic shock lift. Since the marketing materials claim it works with damaged skin, debris, water, etc. I made sure to try it out. My guns aren’t safe queens, they’re handled rough and put through the paces. Any piece of hardware I get relating to my guns needs to be as durable. Dunked my finger in water, dragged it in dirt, and tried it multiple times each way – worked every time. As long as you put your finger in straight and hold it down against the surface, it seems like it will definitely function in adverse conditions.
Function’s what it’s all about, but the form is also fantastic. Love the rugged yet professional look. Even the box it comes in gives off a high-end feel." — Emilio Shaw

Get it from Amazon now: $179.99 & FREE Returns


11. ONNAIS - Easy to Use and Convenient to Carry

Top-rated: 1,050 ratings

best small gun safes


Highlight: Can hold up to 30 fingerprints for multiple users.

Helpful review: "I am happy with this ONNAIS safe. The construction is sturdy, and the textured powder coating is perfect. The safe comes with clear and easy-to-understand directions, which made setting up the keypad lock and fingerprint biometrics a breeze, under 2 minutes. Resetting the lock options are also easy, simply by holding down the reset button for a few seconds. I love that the safe came with two keys, a metal cable for securement, and screws so the safe can be bolted down. The safe gives the option to save up to 30 fingerprints! That is fantastic! That way you can scan every finger on both hands and have a spouse or whoever might also need to access the safe scan their fingers as well. I like the option of being able to scan so many fingerprints because in a jam, you never know what finger might be hitting the biometric fingerprint reader. You can also use some of the 30 scans for multiple parts of your fingers, so no matter where on your finger you hit the biometric pad, it should pickup your print.
Let us talk about the biometric scanner, it is good. I found that it was quick to scan and open the safe. The safe did not come with batteries, but I almost prefer it that way, as I can put new high-quality batteries in myself for both longevity and reliability. The size of the safe is perfect for me, it is big enough to keep all those certain things out of the hands of the people that should not be handling them. ONNAIS advertises this as a pew safe, but you can keep anything of worth in it that you would want to keep hidden and secured
I like that there is padding on the inside of the safe. This keeps the items more secure and less clunking around also helps keep expensive things looking expensive. Overall, it is a great little safe and I feel the price point is exactly right. I do recommend this product." — Jeep Sinclair

Get it from Amazon now: $109.99 & FREE Returns

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