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  • Casey Wilson

What Is The Best Mounted Gun Safe In 2023?

Gunners know just how important it is to have a dependable mounted fingerprint pistol safe. These 10 affordable options come highly recommended from reviewers who really know their stuff.

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. RPNB Mounted Smart Handgun Safe with a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Top-rated: 3,154 ratings | 286 answered questions

RPNB Mounted Smart Handgun Safe with a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Highlight: The 500 DPI Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor immediately captures fingerprint images, with excellent match speed of less than ONE second.

Helpful review: "For the price, you cannot beat this safe. I have the fingerprint version. It works well as long as you program multiple prints in different positions. I saw youtube videos giving this safe a negative review due to the lock being easily defeated with some wire. HELLO! This isn't meant to be a thief proof safe. I have an actual gun safe with concrete bolts to try and prevent that. Curb your expectations. This is meant to provide a child proof way of securing your firearms and still making it easily accessible just in case. My 5 year old is not going to jerry-rig a lock pick to access this. And when your kids are of age, gun safety should be taught and instilled. For what it is it works well, fingerprint, keypad and manual key all work. You cannot find this type of safe at this price point elsewhere. Very happy." — J.R.
Trending review: "This simply is what it is!! I installed one in my bedroom and another under my desk at my office. I may just need to get used to finger placement. Code works every time and of course the included keys do as well. Fits every pistol I own from full size 1911 down to my subcompact Glock. Only thing I haven't checked it with is a revolver. For the money it is great at doing what it was designed to do!" — Honest A.
Reassuring review: "First and foremost, I bought this because I’ve got 2 boys, 5 years old and 18 months. I didn’t want them to grab the gun on accident and something terrible happen. It was fairly simple to setup and install. It doesn’t seem to want to pull off of my nightstand. Love the fingerprint reader. I saw a comment stating to program the same finger multiple ways so it will get it from all angles and that seems to work out well. For an idea of size, the gun pictured is a Sig P320 XCarry with Leupold DPP and Streamlight Tlr1. I did have to cut some foam to fit for the light. Not an issue, just be ready to do so if you have accessories mounted. All in all, I’m pretty stoked about it and will update down the road if need be." — DannyRoo

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2. Vaultek Slider Series Smart Pistol Safe with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and WiFi Connectivity

Top-rated: 560 ratings

Vaultek Slider Series Smart Pistol Safe with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and WiFi Connectivity

Highlight: Powerful WiFi connectivity for live data and instant alerts. Remote monitoring with the Vaultek WiFi app.

Helpful review: "If you want quality, look no further. It's a tight squeeze, but it does manage to fit a full sized HK USP 45 Tactical with a flat plate magazine, despite it being 5.9" at its tallest. Since there are few handguns larger than the USP Tactical, this safe is more than adequate for the vast majority of handguns. I also have the smaller VT10i with the biometric sensor and find that the Slider biometrics is much more accurate, likely due to the larger sensor. It can detect the fingerprint no matter the angle you apply your finger. I've also added the same fingers multiple times to increase readability. The app and web dashboards are incredibly slick, allows you to delete fingerprints or disable/activate different fingerprints on the fly. It immediately notifies you if the safe has been opened, tampered with, failed authentication, really anything that can happen to the safe. The only thing the app cannot do over WiFi is open the safe remotely, which I imagine is a security issue and honestly probably for the best. However while the WiFi features are neat, it's pretty extraneous to the actual function of the safe. None the less, you can tell from just about every aspect of the safe design that a lot of thought and care went into it. If cost is no object, this is hands down the best smart gun safe on the market." — A.L.
Trending review: "This is a great vault with awesome features My p365XL is a little small in the holster but the p365XL is a small gun so that's to be expected.. it still fits securely in the foam without cutting. As far as the Wi-Fi setup, I have setup quite a few devices in my home and the setup is run of the mill for that. I had no issues as long as I followed the instructions. I have only programmed my thumb, but out of probably 25 opens (it's fun don't judge) I've only had maybe 2 mis reads. There are also quite a few security parameters you can setup, from multiple users to 2 step verification to ensure accidental opens don't happen. All around I highly recommend this safe if you want protection ready at all hours." — Happy Camper
Reassuring review: "Buy once cry once... just buy it! I don’t regret shelling out money for this fancy metal box. It blends in with what’s in my room and I have it screwed in tight. That’s piece of mind that I don’t loose my pistol. The biometrics can be a little picky. If you don’t have your finger straight on the scanner, it won’t read correctly. I’ve had to rescan my prints a couple times too to get it working decently. I thought it would be like the biometrics on the iPhone. It’s cut for a pistol without any attachments, but I keep a subcompact pistol with a mini Valkyrie 2 flashlight on it, and it fits fine. The foam is forgiving and looks like it hasn’t lost its shape since I’ve used it. I’m fairly active at a local gun range so I’m constantly putting in and taking out my pistol every so often and still no sign of foam deformation. The app is User friendly, and the smart key (you have to buy this separately) is a huge plus for me. If I could, I’d beat the crap out of this thing just to see how much punishment it can take before it opens up, but I’m not made of cash. Anyway, if I ever get another handgun,I’d consider buying another slider for sure." — Vic

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3. Awesafe Drop Down Safe with a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Top-rated: 583 ratings

Awesafe Drop Down Safe with a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Highlight: Mountable from the right, left, or top side, depending on your preference.

Helpful review: "I ordered this safe after doing some searching around on Amazon. I just received it and immediately mounted it and I must say I am totally pleased with this purchase! For the money, it's tough to beat this rapid access safe as it has three modes of entry - fingerprint, 4-digit code, and key. All three modes work great. I have programmed in a number code and registered multiple fingerprints and all work perfectly! The feature I like best is that if for some reason you try to access the safe and it doesn't work (finger not on scanner straight, or fat finger the number code, etc...), the safe resets super fast so you can simply try again immediately. Most other safes require some amount of time (5 seconds or so) to reset, but this one resets immediately. Overall I can't be more pleased with this safe!" — Angie C Massengill
Trending review: "Wanted discrete handgun safe nearby with multiple access methods. Was easy to install and setup both pin and fingerprints. Tested fingerprint reader many times and works great - any failure to read fingerprint due to user error of badly placed finger on reader. Safe resets quickly on false read and also has pin backup. Two included keys for backup or if battery fails. Unit opens with a bit of a clunk sound when door drops open but not a concern with instant access. Safe requires vertical install for gravity to open reliably. Large enough for fully size handgun. No complaints!" — Brandon Y.
Reassuring review: "AWEsome Safe. Strong construction. Well made. Programmable Keypad and Biometrics works as they should. The internal light is bright enough to see yet not distracting. The Spring catch is strong enough for a silent open yet not to tight to bounce the door back closed. They have provided multiple installment options. Over all a great safe. Well recommend." — Jason Bell

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4. VERProof Sturdy Steel Gun Safe with a Biometric Option

Top-rated: 971 ratings

VERProof Sturdy Steel Gun Safe with a Biometric Option

Highlight: This steel mountable gun safe is tough, durable and corrosion resistant.

Helpful review: "Fits my Glock 22 well. Install was easy, took maybe 20 minutes. Have this set up on my dresser next to my bed. Setting a code is simple and self explanatory. Directions are easy to follow. I don’t use the fingerprint feature, just the code. I keep the keys locked away in my safe. When you open this with the code, the latch will drop giving you access to your firearm. There is a light that illuminates that I find very useful during the night. Isn’t too bright. My only issue is that when I remove my Glock - the “foam” protective layer comes out, so I have to brush it off every time. Also, it’s pretty noisy. If there were ever a situation where someone would need to get to their firearm, I feel like the noise of you putting in the code would give away what you’re doing if someone knew those sounds. And this isn’t just the code, if you go to scan your fingerprint and it doesn’t register, it makes the same noise. In the middle of the night this would be very easy to hear and could be dangerous. Overall, we’ll made, not that expensive, easy to use, reliable so far. It’s a good size but not too big that takes up much space." — Ryan
Trending review: "I was on the edge of whether or not my gun would fit, and glad I decided to find out. NOW THIS is for all my CPL, mechanically INCLINED humans. Hahaha...IF YOU WANT IT SILENT ADD WEATHER STRIPING on the side where the door rubs. It will slow the door and stop the impact from being hardly loud. Obviously there's gonna be a lot of cutting. Worth it though." — Jason Williams
Reassuring review: "This was easy for me to install about 10 minutes or less for full set up. Would be nice if there was a little more room for other items. However, I purchased knowing it would just fit the firearm. I have it right up against my bed and no one in my home has noticed it yet. That was the goal." — SheBoughtThat

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5. LANGGER V Biometric Slider Handgun Safe with Fingerprint, PIN Code and KEY Access

Top-rated: 704 ratings

LANGGER V Biometric Slider Handgun Safe with Fingerprint, PIN Code and KEY Access

Highlight: Anti-theft hidden latch.

Helpful review: "I have a very large stand up gun safe I bought in 1980. It weighs 700 lbs. empty so no 2 or 3 guys are going to be carrying it off. It is old technology with a 3 number dial combination so it requires a light source to see the dial and about 20 to 30 seconds to open due to the dial combination. I have been wanting to get a bedside gun safe to keep one handgun near by and easily accessible but safe from the grand kids. This fits the bill and is exactly what I was hoping for. Very straight forward instruction manual on set up and installation. I mounted it on my side of the bed head board cabinet shown in the pictures. The space is about 9 inches wide. I mounted it higher than normal to also discourage the grand kids from messing with it. When I first opened it with the factory settings the drawer only opened a couple of inches. I noticed a little clear grease on the slide so I manually cycled the drawer in and out a little to make sure the slide was well lubricated and that fixed that problem. It opens all the way every time now. I programmed my number into the keypad which was straight forward. The manual recommends saving at least 3 different positions of the same thumb/finger chosen on the scanner. I did my left thumb and right index finger both 3 time in slightly different positions. With light where you can see the keypad it recognizes my finger/thumb prints every time. I was pleased. In the dark I wasn't so successful. I actually caused the safe to go into "alarm" mode by trying 5 time to get it to read my thumb. I had failed to read that in the manual. Good to know. It will reset after 5 minutes or you can reset it by opening it with the provided key which is what I did. I was able to use the key by braille quite easily. Because of the limited space where I mounted it using my left thumb was the easier than using my right index especially in the dark. I ended up have to scan my thumb a total of 9 times to get it to work 99% the first time in complete darkness. If it does not recognize my thumb print the first time in the dark it at least lights up the keypad so I can see the numbers and the scanner button. To me this is very acceptable. It has worked very well doing it this way. I am very satisfied with the safe and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type safe." — H.W.
Trending review: "I got this gun safe because my new Sig P320 with Optic would not fit in my older biometric GunVault under my desk. This was easy to install, easy to program and has an instantaneous response to my fingerprint unlike my older GunVault which took several tries sometimes. I like that it not only has a key backup to open it but it also has a push button electronic combination that you can use to open it. I also like that the door opens straight out instead of dropping down which is much quieter and does not loosen the attachment to the desk over time. Overall a great product and I would suggest it for anyone looking for a quick access under the desk or bedside biometric gun safe." — Dr. E.
Reassuring review: "I love this safe. Mount is a bit tricky to install without the right tools, and if you have large hands, but I managed and I love it. Opening this thing feels like an event! Like your a secret agent about to jump into the thick of it, or Optimus Prime has just called on you to save the world... with your hand gun XD Super smooth action. I haven't had a single issue with the thumb reader. I don't know what the max fingerprints stored is, but I know it holds 2 with no problem. Solid construction, pretty thick steel used for the sidewalls. Super high quality foam used for the inside and the spare mag slot is great. The battery compartment is on the outside of the safe which is really nice cause it's not the best on battery life. I've gotten a little over a month on the 4 AAA batteries in there and it's giving me the "probably outta think about changing me" lights. Although if I'm being honest, I've probably opened this 200x since I installed it... IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN!" — Ben

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6. Dalmbox Mounted Gun Safe for Pistols

Top-rated: 327 ratings

Dalmbox Mounted Gun Safe for Pistols

Highlight: Soft rubber raffle designed to reduce the noise caused by opening the safe.

Helpful review: "Seems to be a sturdy unit, but installation was not as easy as it should be, and the fingerprint reader is not very accurate. I picked up this unit to keep my everyday pistol out of reach of my grandkids. It fits nicely under my desk and allows me easy and quick access to my pistol. It shipped quickly enough with no delays, and all parts were in the box when it arrived. Once installed, it's not going to be a "Fort Knox" kind of unit, but it will work for its intended purpose. The grandkids (or anyone else not authorized) will not easily gain access to the pistol. However, there were a few things that kept me from giving this a 5-star rating. First, installation was not as easy as it could/should have been. I needed to drill out the hole on the vault for the thumb-screw that holds the vault to the bracket. Why? The hole on the vault didn't exactly line up with the hole on the bracket. Once I made the hole on the vault a little bigger, I was able to finagle the screw into the bracket. That was a stupid problem to have, and pretty frustrating. Now, the battery compartment is not overly easy to access. Before you mount this vault, make sure you understand where the compartment is and how you're going to get to it later. Also, the fingerprint reader is not very accurate. I've enrolled by fingerprint twice, using 2 different fingers, and both time, my fingerprint fails to open the vault. Disappointing. Generally, I'm satisfied, and I'd honestly give this a 3.5 (in my world, 3 is average / works as expected). We'll see how it goes over time." — Sean McClanahan
Trending review: "This works amazing for what it needs to do. Someone could rip it off my night stand if they used a lot of force I suppose. But I needed something to mount to my nightstand, that was easy to access and would keep children and anyone else out. This works perfect for that! With one finger tip I can access my pistol in less than a second. It is loud when it opens, so if that's a deal breaker for you, I'm sorry. It makes a beep and it makes a loud clunk as it pops open. But that's not an issue for me. Super easy to mount and to figure out how to operate with making a code and adding fingerprints. It can store up to 50 fingerprints. I suggest to do all 10 of your fingers, that way in a hurry, it doesn't matter what hand or finger you use. I also bought the one without the bio metrics just in case the bio metrics sucked. It works well too, but I'm going to give it away and buy another one with the bio metrics since I like it so much. One for my night stand and one for the husband's." — Steven Parker
Reassuring review: "I purchased this to hang in my coat closet in the event of "unwanted guests" coming to call. So far I have been quite impressed as to the functionality and quality of the unit given the pricing. It is indeed smaller than you may figure but it will certainly perform the task for which it was intended. Happy with the purchase and will most likely get another." — Crabman

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