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  • Keith Bailey

These Unisex Hoodies Will Keep You Warm And Comfortable In Different Types Of Weather

I’ve gone through thousands of reviews and I’m happy to report that WE THE PEOPLE carries the best hoodies. 100% made in America. 100% cotton body and hood. No-questions-asked returns. Excellent customer service!

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. We The People Pistol Hoodie

Highlight: Skin-friendly, breathable fabric.

Helpful review: "I’m 5’10”. Weight 183 pounds. The Large size basically fits me quite well. I like how it’s not overly large in any area. I need to feel comfortable in my clothes because I’m a working HVAC guy. I go in and out constantly. I work when it’s cold, when it’s hot, when it’s snowing, when it’s raining, to keep America running. You know. I’m not big on fashion. I just like it. Not much to add. Let's go, Brandon!" — FeelsYoungRoger

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


2. American Flag In Guns - Patriotic Colors Hoodie

Highlight: WTP products are 100% made in the USA.

Helpful review: "This hoodie is perfect if you want to keep warm, or just wear it as an extra layer on cold days. I especially love it on sunny winter days. The fabric feels nice and cozy, kind of like a bear hug, and I would recommend this over Hanes or Carhartt." — Gabriel Torres

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


3. Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Flag Hoodie

Highlight: Crafted from ring spun yarn, giving the hoodie its superior comfort.

Helpful review: "This is hands-down my favorite hoodie. I have no complaints whatsoever. It’s well-made, soft but tough. The material is warm without feeling smothering. I have worn it so many times in so many different weathers, from crisp fall to freezing winter, and it kept me warm and comfortable. I’m quite a big guy, 6’ 200lbs, and it fits me perfectly. I have a big head, and pulling this one on doesn’t hurt my ears like other brands. The large kangaroo pocket is perfect for stashing my stuff. I love it!" — Isaiah S.

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


4. Peace, Love & Hollow Points Hoodie

Highlight: Front hand warmer pocket for colder days. Durable enough to hold your wallet, devices and keys.

Helpful review: "I’ve been searching for this kind of hoodie for years. Comfortable, patriotic, and fits right. And yes, finally a product Made In America. This pull over hoodie is affordable and looks great. I purchased one a week ago and have already ordered another. I’ve cycled through so many brands over the years, some are really expensive, and this one is simply perfect for the minimalist. We The People - you are awesome. Keep up the good work!" — The Real Mateo

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


5. F Around & Find Out Hoodie

Highlight: WTP hoodies are made of 100% American cotton.

Helpful review: "This hoodie rules! I’m 5’5” and 165 pounds. I usually wear M but love the roomier fit so the L is perfect for me. The garment is slimming and looks good on me. Nothing to dislike here. Will buy this again. Use the 20% off coupon for your first purchase. I did." — Jayden Rivera

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


6. American Flag In Guns 2.0 Hoodie

Highlight: Smooth and cozy cotton interior.

Helpful review: "I bought this for my husband, 6’0 175lbs. He is quite lanky. Tall and thin with long arms and finding sweatshirts with long sleeves is nearly impossible. The M fit him perfectly and it checks all the boxes when it comes size and fit. The material weight is just right, and is built like a tank. Not one seam separated. No creases or curls. Highly recommended!" — Rachel007

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


7. We The People Ar-15 Hoodie

Highlight: Cuffs and bottom band with spandex for enhanced stretch and recovery.

Helpful review: "I’ve tried five or six different types/brands of hoodies, and WTF is definitely the last one. I would strongly recommend this for hikers and hunters, or for anybody who is working in the cold. And even though I'm hot-blooded (no kidding), I also wear this inside without sweating. It fits just perfect for me (I’m 6'4") and the quality is unmatched. It’s my favorite hoodie and I’m getting compliments everywhere." — Owen1979

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


8. Betsy Ross Gadsden Flag Hoodie

Highlight: Keeps the cold out and your gear in place.

Helpful review: "After reading the negative reviews I was sceptical about purchasing this sweatshirt, but now that I got it I can say that I’m a very satisfied customer. I ordered the 2XL because I'm 6'2". The neck opening is roomy, the hood is comfortable, the length is just the way I like it, and the shoulder width is perfect for me because I like to have room to spare. I would like to add that the price point is really affordable compared to the $150 alternatives." — IanIsRight2021

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: $49.00


9. Deadly AF Hoodie

Highlight: Mid-weight fleece.

Helpful review: "This one is made for fall and winter, and why I’m a WTP fan. Let me tell you, they are made in the USA. And I love the high quality. I recommend this and I’m telling you - it will last for a long time. I bought one for my son and another for myself. Since we wear the same size, it worked out beautifully because now we have 2 different prints. The inside is really nice and soft and comfy, and we love wearing them around the house on cold days. They are just a bit too long (3 inches below the waist). But other than that, I love it." — Joey1992

Get it from WE THE PEOPLE now: