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I Tested And Ranked The Best Step Ladders In 2024

Need to paint a ceiling or tuck away clothes on top shelves? You need a quality step ladder. I’ve rounded up the best options for the money, and I guarantee they wouldn’t tilt or waver while you're standing on them.

best step ladders

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. HBTower - Folding 3-Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: Arrives already put together.

Helpful review: I must say, buying this step stool has made my life soooo much easier. It's incredibly sturdy and can support up to five hundred lbs. While I don't need that much capacity, it's still reassuring to know it's built tough, cause I’m kinda clumsy.
When I stand on it, there's literally no wobbling, which is a huge relief. It folds up easily and fits right into my coat closet near the kitchen, making it super convenient.
Unfolding it is also a breeze, and it stays securely in place. I had been postponing washing my kitchen cabinets because my old step stool felt too flimsy. The day this one arrived, I tackled those cabinets without any issues. It didn't budge, and I didn't need anyone to hold it for me. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a reliable, sturdy step stool, even if you don't need the full five hundred pounds. It's lightweight, easy to fold, and takes up minimal space. Worth every penny!
I’ve used it for nearly everything, like all the chores I hate. Now I can change light bulbs on the higher ceilings in my house or paint trim. I’m a girl, so it’s nice to not ask for a man’s help for once haha.
And even cooler, I only use up to the fourth step, which is cool because I’m only five foot five. I can also comfortably hold onto the top rail, though I haven't felt the need to use that fifth step, and that’s a nice plus since heights make me kind of queasy. One important thing to note though: the instructions for the hardware were kinda confusing—it's not the usual nuts and bolts. Personally I think they could use clarifying. YouTube became a good friend haha, the videos online help.
Oh, and one last plus, it arrived sooner than expected and came pretty well-packaged. The fact that it was fully assembled was a bonus. For the price, it's honestly a great ladder, but if you’re planning on doing professional work with it, and you know, if you’re a heavier dude who is planning on carrying stuff on it, maybe do a bit more research. — Robert Deddo

Get it from Amazon now: $79.99 & FREE Returns


2. Louisville Ladder - Fiberglass 6-Foot Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: The slots at the top let you keep your tools within reach.

Helpful review: I finally took the plunge and bought a seriously solid ladder. For the price, you'd expect something flimsy, right? Nope. Def not. Just plain wrong!
This ladder is rock solid. I've used it all over my front and backyard, and it's steady on both grass and concrete. No wobbling or feeling like it's going to tip. The fiberglass body with aluminum steps is a winning combination, and the hand tool caddy on top is a lifesaver. Plus, with the fiberglass build, I don't have to worry about accidental contact with live wires—it's a shock-free zone. Can’t get cooler than that. Better safe than sorry is what my momma always told me.
Storing it in the garage is so easy, too . Some folks say it's a bit heavy, and it is, but it’s stable, so that’s kind of the point. Highly recommend this ladder for its sturdiness and safety.
It really came in handy when I moved from a high-rise to a house and realized I needed a decent ladder. A lot of the ladders I checked out only supported two hundred two fifty pounds. I'm a bigger guy, and I knew I'd be lugging heavy tools up and down, so the three hundred support on this one was perfect. It's also so great that it got delivered right to my door—no need to rent a truck for pickup. It’s now a staple in my new house. The magnetic strip on the top plate holds my tools, too, and that’s just a really nice touch.
After years of using those worn-out six-foot ladder and a couple rusty three-foot stools, all while praying to the Gods that I won’t fall and break my neck, I can’t scream it from the rooftops loud enough how happy I am to finally have this thing. It’s everything I’ve wanted and more! Woo! — Barbra Stiff

Get it from Amazon now: $235.17 & FREE Returns


3. Little Giant Ladders - Multi-Position Ladder with Wheels

best step ladders

Highlight: Wheels allows you to slide between jobs without problem.

Helpful review: Not all ladders are created equal—who knew? I didn’t, until I’d had enough buying cheap ladders. Of course, living life on the edge is fine for me, but after a close call with my son, I realized I needed something better. My kid’s a big dude for eighteen, (about six foot three, a hundred and ninety pounds), and the old ladder shifted and broke under his weight.
That was terrifying. LIke out of a horror movie. I finally decided to invest in a Little Giant. Initially, the price made me hesitate, but after reading about its OSHA ratings and industrial use, I was sold. This ladder was even on Deal of the Day, making it an even better buy. The Little Giant is solid, feels like a tank, and the adjustments are smooth. It's got wheels, which make it easier to move around, and despite its sturdy build, it's not much heavier than my old one. I feel way more secure on this ladder, and it's worth all the money. Life is priceless, after all.
Overall, the Little Giant really lives up to its reputation. The deal I got on it was a stroke of luck. It's also been great for all sorts of tasks, from gutter cleaning to trimming branches. I really like all the adjustments, too and how simple and precise they are. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's used by professionals and the military.
I'm happy I chose quality over saving a few bucks. It’s an investment, but a meaningful one. Both my son and I agreed there's no comparison to the cheaper ladders out there.
The Little Giant feels like a fortress. The wheels make it easy to move, and the extension feature is a game-changer. It's a bit of a workout to set up, but following the instructions makes it manageable. It's a sturdy, reliable piece of equipment, and one I would hands down buy again. — Alex Remington

Get it from Amazon now: $309.99 & FREE Returns


4. Best Choice Products - Heavy-Duty Steel 4-Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: Frame is solid steel and comes with anti-corrosion coating that evenly distributes up to three hundred and thirty pounds.

Helpful review: I got this ladder to prop up a fan to blow smoke back at my chain-smoking neighbor—true story haha! The smell was unbearable, and this ladder solved my problem.
It's solid and heavy, but in a good way. Balancing on chairs, the sofa, crates, or kitchen counters was just asking for trouble. It doesn't seem like it'll tip over easily. I'm sure it'll be great as an actual ladder too, though I haven't used it for that yet. It's got a nice slim design, which is a plus.
I also got sick of lugging a six foot ladder from the garage every time I needed to reach high shelves. This ladder is a good lightweight option, too. It's very portable and well-built. My only gripe is that the steps feel a bit flimsy, but not sure if I’m imagining it, cause I don’t think they'll break, but they give a little under my a hundred and ninety pounds, which is a little unnerving if you ask me. Some extra bracing would go a long way to making it feel more solid, and I think I may try to stabilize it extra when I use it. Still, for the price and its utility, it gets the job done.
Also, this ladder arrived so much faster than I expected and it didn't need any assembly, which was a nice perk. It also holds up well (once you figure out the little lock hook under the first step). The only downside is the sticker on the top step—it's an annoying mess to peel off. Maybe I'll try some chemicals on it. Still, I'm not displaying it as decor, so it's no big deal. Overall, it's a solid buy and I’m happy with it. — Heather Nielson

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


5. Delxo - Heavy-Duty 4-Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: Foldable and lightweight at only eighteen and a half pounds.

Helpful review: This is one seriously sturdy step stool if ya ask me! Says it can hold up to three hundred and thirty pounds, and it's rock-solid even when my wife or I stand on the top step.
The handle is convenient for climbing but doesn't reach high enough when you're at the top, so you'll want to hold onto something else if you're up there. I mainly use it in the kitchen to access those high cabinets that conveniently hold our nicest glassware (yes, that’s sarcasm). No more breaking glass with this thing! It's slightly taller than the countertops, so it's perfect.
It does weigh around twenty pounds, so plan to store it in the same room rather than lugging it around. It folds flat and slides easily alongside the refrigerator. The back legs stick out a bit when opened, but just turn it sideways, and you're good to go. I’m a kitchen climber through and through now.
And sure, it was kinda a spur-of-the-moment purchase, but I’m sick of those un safe tactics and standing on wobbling chairs. My brother always would bring a ladder over to clean my gutters, and give me crap I didn’t have my own so this year I decided to get my own, be safer, and prove him wrong. This ladder is rugged and sturdy, and the price was lower than I expected. As a bigger guy, I’m happy to see it supports some good weight. Oh, and I also cleaned my gutters with it, and it was so much easier thanI expected. I felt safe using the third step, too, which I’ve been wary about on other ladders. Plus, if you’re on a budget, this is good, too.
After a lot of research, I bought this Delxo to test it out for myself, but also to see if it might be good for our mother, who is getting up there in years. She broke her arm after falling off a step stool not that long ago so I wanted to give her a safer option, and I can definitely say that this does the deed. It's light enough for me to carry, has nice deep steps that don't hurt the bare feet, and the sides and top bar to hold onto. It’s good for me, and will be great for momma.
Oh, and it folds easily and fits behind the laundry room door. I couldn't ask for anything more. Happy camera over here. — Lee Picton

Get it from Amazon now: $59.79 & FREE Returns


6. Delxo - Portable 2-Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: With an overly large top platform you get heel to toe support.

Helpful review: We needed a step stool for our small pantry—something that wasn't too big but could still help us reach the top shelves. This Delxo fit the bill perfectly!
It's compact enough to fit in the pantry and sturdy enough to get us up high. It folds and opens easily, has non-slip black pads on the steps and feet, and doesn't rock when you're standing on it. The curved top handle is great for steadying yourself and makes it easy to move around. We store it against the pantry wall, so it's always handy. It's also great for changing overhead light bulbs and hanging pictures.
Some reviewers mentioned pads coming off and steps bending, but we didn't find that to be true with ours. Just keep within the weight limit, and you're honestly good to go.
The last step stool I got from a big box store, wobbled and felt way too flimsy, and the straight back handle made it uncomfortable to use the top step. We returned it and ordered this one instead, and we're so glad we did. The Delxo stool is much better quality, feels solid, and stays grounded when open. The curved, foam-covered handle provides good legroom and protects the walls when stored. The large rubber covers on the steps offer non-slip footing.
We've used it for painting, decorating, and even as an extra chair for visitors. It's sturdy enough for a two hundred and seventy pound person (me!), though the release catch could be easier to use.
My wife is short and hates climbing, so she also wanted a step stool that wouldn't wobble. This one is fantastic for her, too! How cool is it to find something that works for both of u? The back legs being one solid piece adds to its stability, which is great. It also has a handy handrail (see what I did there haha) at the top for steadying yourself.
It opens and closes smoothly and can support up to three hundred and thirty so it's built to last. The steps have nice treads, too. I'd recommend this to anyone needing a step stool, especially the elderly. It's 11 lbs but doesn't tip over easily. Even my seven year old grand baby can carry it. Great quality and worth every penny! — Kelly S. Coffman

Get it from Amazon now: $52.99 & FREE Returns


7. OSCO - Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip

best step ladders

Highlight: Slip resistant and extra large steps.

Helpful review: I'm seventy three and only a hundred and ten pounds, and half my back is fused due to polio surgery when I was a kid. I'm always wary of using anything that isn't super secure because one fall could be disastrous for me. This step stool has been a godsend. I plan to get a few more.
My last one, from a different brand and much more expensive, pinched my fingers badly twice. This one opens and closes easily and feels very secure on various surfaces like tile, cement, dirt, and grass. I use it almost daily in the kitchen for top shelves. It's well-constructed, and the gray color is a nice touch. The handle is great for leaning against, and I really appreciate the peace of mind this stool gives me.
Plus, after years of awkwardly reaching for things, this was a relief to finally get. Talk about the right tool for the job. I was so over dragging around a dining chair around the house, so I opted for this folding step stool. It's compact when folded, light to carry, and has a secure grip handle. It's sturdy enough to use as a temporary chair. I organized my kitchen cabinet and plan to replace the curtains next. It does everything I expected. The only downside is the numerous unremovable stickers on the metal pipes and steps, but that's a minor issue.
Despite what some negative reviews and ratings said, I’d say that this is a very nice, quality stool! This stool is functional, sturdy, and easy to use—the best I've owned. My friend is sixty and five foot three and I ended up getting one for her birthday, too. She’s had her fair share of step stools, and agrees with me that this one tops them all.
Oh, I must add–no one paid me for this review, just sharing my honest opinion, here! This is a great buy and worth it. Trust me! — Danielle Rackstraw

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


8. EdMaxwell - Portable 4-Step Ladder with Attachable Tool Bag

best step ladders

Highlight: With an attachable tool bag you’ll be able to hold all the work things you can ever want!

Helpful review: This ladder is the perfect size, not too big, not small, medium if you will. And look at those rails! Seriously the coolest thing ever. And the rails being on both sides let you go higher than you'd expect. As a woman in my 60s, I needed something manageable but strong and stable.
The storage pouch is a fantastic bonus for holding screws and tools while you're on the ladder. I’m a handywoman by trade, so this was important to me. It's a bit heavy to carry, so keep that in mind, but honestly that makes it stable and really safety is the most important thing, especially at my age where one broken hip is a down spiral. So yeah, it’s a trade-off for the stability it offers. It's always nice when you get exactly what you need, and this ladder felt hefty in the box but honestly it’s quite easy to move once assembled.
At two hundred and forty pounds, I was a bit skeptical about its sturdiness, but it’s very stable when used properly. Again, the side rails add a safety factor that I really appreciate. Assembly was also straightforward—the top part slides on, and the safety arms require a wrench and screwdriver for the screws and nuts. The steps are large enough to sit on if needed.
I also needed a ladder I could sit on while working, and the top step of this one is big enough for that. I can even touch the ceiling while seated, which is eight feet high, though that might not be the case for everyone. The steps are large and grippy, and overall, it really is a great product. I'm very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it, especially for seniors looking for a strong and stable ladder. — Eric Thompson

Get it from Amazon now: $139.98 & FREE Returns


9. HBTower - Wide Pedal 4-Step Ladder with Handrails

best step ladders

Highlight: Handrails are sponge covered, offering a better and softer grip.

Helpful review: I bought this step stool because I loved the tool holder, how sturdy it felt, and that the handrails offered an extra level of safety. I'm a senior, so having something that won’t topple over when I climb is really important.
It’s honestly an excellent option for anyone doing climbing–both in the kitchen, and in years! At sixty four years old and with a knee replacement, I find I can climb to the fourth step easily. It wobbled slightly on the different floor surfaces, but I figured out a solution by placing a rubber-backed rug under one leg and that pretty much solved the problem.
Keep in mind that the space between the handrails is a bit on the tighter for anyone carrying some extra weight. A few more inches of width would make it perfect. Opening and closing it is pretty easy, you just fold it up and the assembly isn't hard at all. The steps have a good grip, too and I really like how the stability feels when I stand on it.
Each step has these anti-slip bumps that just hug my shoes or feet. I really love the tool holder, too, it was easy to assemble and I like that I can move it around. Now, I can reach smoke detectors and change batteries without trouble, or without having to bother anyone for help!
I ended up buying another one as a gift for my wife to help her water indoor plants safely. Both of them arrived super early and included all the necessary tools in the assembly process. I just can’t say it enough, but the side handles are the longest I’ve ever seen on a step ladder, making it very safe. I also got it at a great price, but even at full value, it's worth it for the quality and safety. — Berry L. Davis

Get it from Amazon now: $129.99 & FREE Returns


10. SocTone - Lightweight 3-Step Ladder

best step ladders

Highlight: One year warranty with super friendly twenty four hour customer service.

Helpful review: This ladder seems pretty sturdy for my standards, though it can wiggle a tad when climbing up. I never felt unsafe, though. The biggest drawback is the shelf on the handle—it's not level, but that might just be me being a perfectionist. Just because with using things with an indentation, they might slide off if you’re not careful. I think it can be fixed pretty easily though.
Overall, it’s a step above our old ladder–no pun intended. Every time I used our two step ladder and had to climb to the top, I felt like I was about to fall over! I knew there had to be a safer way. And yep! That’s why I took the jump and got this three step ladder!
We also needed a ladder for our RV loft bed and I really like how wide the steps are and the safety handle makes it comfy for our son to join in and climb too. As long as you keep all legs on a flat surface, you can use it without worrying about falling, and I find I can clean all my RV windows now without panicking that one wrong move will lead to a broken neck.
Didn’t have any problems with the assembly or with folding it up. It's almost flat when folded, making it super easy to store in the RV, where space is on the limited side. It actually fits in the same place as our two step ladder, but it’s easier to close and open and you know it’s closed completely because it makes a clicking sound when you close it up.
I really can’t say enough good things about it. Other than the uneven tool thing, which I can fix easily, I highly recommend this for anyone needing a ladder that’s portable and reliable! — Lori Allemand

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


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