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I Tested And Ranked The Best Step Ladders In 2024

Need to paint a ceiling or tuck away clothes on top shelves? You need a quality step ladder. I’ve rounded up the best options for the money, and I guarantee they wouldn’t tilt or waver while you're standing on them.

best step ladders

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. HBTower - Folding 3-Step Ladder

Top-rated: 37,047 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Comes fully-assembled.

Helpful review: "I am so glad I ordered this stepstool! It holds up to 500 lbs. even though I didn't need that weight limit, but figured it had to be sturdy to hold that amount of weight! I love that it is very sturdy and does not move at all while standing on it. It folds easily and fits right inside my coat closet near my kitchen so it is handy to the whole house. I love that it is easy to open and I know it will not shift on me whatsoever. I have been wanting to wash down the fronts of my kitchen cabinets but my other step stool was kind of flimsy. I could not wait for this one to arrive. The very next day I washed down my kitchen cabinets and was thrilled I did not have to worry about it moving whatsoever the whole time. I did not need anyone to help hold it while I was on it. This is the only step stool I will ever need. I highly recommend it to others who are wary of their current step stool even though they don't need one that holds 500 lbs. you will love that it is light weight but extremely sturdy and easy to open and fold and takes up very little space in your closet! It is well worth every penny! You get what you pay for and found this was not much more than the flimsy ones!!!" — Alex Botelho
Trending review: "This ladder is very sturdy and makes me feel safe while changing light bulbs on my high ceiling fan or painting the trim on my house. I only go up to the 4th step, and I easily get everything I need done. I'm 5' 5". At that level, I can hold on to the top rail very easily if you feel a little nervous. I have not needed to use the 5th step yet, and I don't feel as comfortable about it because I would have to bend over to hold on to the top rail, which I think might be dangerous, though maybe others disagree (I don't like heights). **VERY IMPORTANT** The instructions were not very clear as to the use of the hardware. It's not your typical nuts/bolts system, and they should clarify how to use them. I found a customer video that clued me in." — Maggie Griffin
Reassuring review: "The ladder arrived early and it was packaged great. The ladder was fully assembled. which was a plus for me. I just opened the box and removed the ladder and plastic and I was ready to start my home cleaning project. This ladder can hold my weight of 260lbs. However, I'm very confident it WON'T hold a 500 lbs person (based on the structure and quality). I'm not sure if an actual customer weighing 500lbs has actually stood on this ladder, but I would say if you are over 350lbs. I would suggest you find a better quality ladder that can safely hold heavier weight. This ladder for the price is a good ladder, but not the best on the market." — Robert Deddo

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2. Louisville Ladder - Fiberglass 6-Foot Step Ladder

Top-rated: 4,053 ratings 

best step ladders


Highlight: Top has molded-in slots to help keep tools at hand.

Helpful review: "I finally broke down and bought a great ladder. For the price, one would expect something somewhat flimsy. This ladder is VERY sturdy. I have used it all over the front and back yard and it has stayed steady in the grass and of course on concrete. No shaking at all. No feeling of "opps", at all. The fiberglass body with the aluminum steps is very well constructed. The hand tool caddy on top is a plus and I have used it on several occasions with no issues. Being the body is fiberglass, you can rest assured, as well, should you touch a bare power line, you are not grounded. So far I have avoided such a shocking experience, but I do know, from past experience, on a fiberglass ladder, that this is a must to consider versus an all metal ladder. Easy to store in the garage. Some have stated it is a tad heavy. Yes it is, but for a sturdy work platform, you want great stability, which this ladder has, and with that stability, you will experience some weight. Highly Recommend." — Dale Hunter 
Trending review: "I recently moved from a high-rise condominium to a house, and realized quickly that I need a good ladder. It surprised me the weight limits of a lot of the ladders I looked at. A lot of them said they only supported 200-250lbs. I'm a bigger guy, and I knew I would be carrying heavy tools & materials up and down this, so I was happy that it supports up to 300lb's. I also do not own a truck and hate paying 40-60 dollars to rent one to pick up large items from the store. It was so awesome that Amazon delivered this right to my door so I didn't have to worry about it. I've used it several times now, and it's very strong & sturdy. I especially love that the top plate has a magnetic strip to help hold onto your tools. Overall, I am very pleased with this ladder & would highly recommend it." — Chad Marsh 
Reassuring review: "After many years, my six-foot ladder and three-foot stool both became so unsightly (the stool was rusty, as well) that I finally decided it was time for a change. I bought this five-foot ladder to avoid replacing two products (the ladder and the stool) and had it delivered to my home by since my car is too small to transport either product home from the "hardware" store. I am pleased! I bought the ladder because of its safety specifications. It is light-weight and stable, and the height is perfect for my needs. I read in some of the reviews of ladders that the product sometimes arrives dusty. This ladder was reasonably clean but did have dust on some of the steps and grooves -- as if it had been sitting in a warehouse. It had a few tiny dings -- nothing major -- similar to the kind of dings I would expect to see at my local hardware store for this kind of product. I weigh about 120 lbs and can't carry heavy objects easily. I am very, very careful when using ladders or stools. I follow all recommended safety practices; I like this ladder and feel safe carrying it and using it. Anyone who ignores safety guidelines is not safe on a ladder or stool, so you should know that my recommendation is only valid if you use the product as recommended. Safety first!" — Barbra Stiff 

Get it from Amazon now: $235.17 & FREE Returns


3. Little Giant Ladders - Multi-Position Ladder with Wheels

Top-rated: 3,708 ratings 

best step ladders


Highlight: Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport from job to job.

Helpful review: "Not all Ladders were created equal, who knew? I bought a ladder (NOT this one) two years ago. So why did I buy a Little Giant you may ask. Here's the story.
My son came over about a week ago to help me get the leaves out of the gutters. He is a big boy (OK, 30 year old man 6'2" 190lb) but obviously younger than I. He went up the ladder about 1/3 of the way and then there was a sudden shift in the ladder. Luckily I was holding it for safety reasons. At first I thought he had not "clicked" one of the adjustments into place. He assured me he did and it was. I looked again and was shocked to see that the right support had broken and crumpled. My heart went into my throat and I was glad that he wasn't hurt or worse.
I got that ladder here on Amazon and you can see numerous variations of it. Just look for the ones that are about $80. I like to save money. I shop on Amazon to save money. I cannot see how those ladders are rated at 330 lbs.
So I started looking at ladders. I looked at the Little Giant and just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money. Although it was on the top of my list I was going to go with my second choice which is the only other one with a lifetime warranty. This Little Giant ladder really was my top choice due to the OSHA and other ratings. I also read that it is on Air Force One and used by the military along with other industrial glowing recommendations.
My other ladder crumpled on a Saturday. On the NEXT day the ladder was in the Deal of the Day. I figured that it was providence. I got the Little Giant for $10 more than my second choice. A huge savings.
I got the ladder and my son came over to check it out. There is no comparison between this ladder and the junk I got before. We went up on the ladder and it feels solid as a rock. The adjustments work great and it actually weighs about the same as my old ladder which was 12.5'. It has wheels which make it easier to move from place to place. If you watch the video you'll see the guy just lift it up with ease to make it an extension ladder.
Did you notice the size of the guy? Yes, my son and I can do it that way but you know what? Lay it on the ground like the written instructions suggest. You'll be happier.
Like I said, I love to save money. It's almost a game with me to see how much I can save. However, when it's your or your son's life, is it worth it to save a couple of bucks?" — Alex Remington

Get it from Amazon now: $309.99 & FREE Returns


4. Best Choice Products - Heavy-Duty Steel 4-Step Ladder

Top-rated: 4,375 ratings 

best step ladders


Highlight: A solid steel frame with an anti-corrosion coating evenly distributes your weight (up to 330 pounds), making this ladder perfect for outdoor chores.

Helpful review: "I got the ladder because I needed height to prop my 20” fan to blow air back to my chain smoking neighbor. The smell was unbearable so I had to fight fire with fire. Love it because my problem solved. The ladder is solid & heavy. Doesn’t seem it’ll tilt over easy either. I’m sure it will work well as a ladder, but not using it for that purpose at the moment. Has a nice slim design." — Jenny Rosenbaum 
Trending review: "Needed a step ladder upstairs to save the trouble of lugging up the 6ft ladder from the garage every time we needed to reach upper storage areas and shelves. This ladder is good as a lightweight option. It's VERY portable. Overall, it's well built. My only criticism is that the steps themselves feel a bit flimsy. Not that they'll break or fail, but the amount of "give" that happens when a 190lb adult male steps on them doesn't inspire much confidence. Some bracing would be welcome under the metal sheet portion of the steps, as well as beefing up the suspended brackets on the inside portions of the steps would go a long way at stiffening up the overall ladder, with I believe not too much added weight. But given the price point of this ladder and it's utility - it does what it needs to." — C. D. Rosa 
Reassuring review: "I finally decided I could put off buying a step ladder no longer. Before the ladder (which has been my entire life) I was doing balancing acts on chairs, the sofa, a crate, kitchen counters, or anything else that could give me a nice dangerous boost. Anyways, onto the review... I received it quickly and intact. Yay!! No assembly required!! I’m 175 and it feels sturdy and gets me where I need to go. It folds up well (once you understand the little lock hook under the first step). I docked a star, because the sticker on the top step will not peel off entirely... it’s an ugly hot mess... maybe I’ll try some chemicals on it... or not... It’s not like I’m going to be displaying it as a fine piece of décor." — Heather Nielson 

Get it from Amazon now: $59.99 & FREE Returns


5. Delxo - Heavy-Duty 4-Step Ladder

Top-rated: 8,635 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Folds up easily and weighs only 18.5 lbs.

Helpful review: "This is a very sturdy heavy duty step stool. It is rated up to 330lbs, and even when I or my wife stand on the top, it still doesn't wobble at all. The "handle" which is a convenient grip for climbing up does not reach high enough once you get up to to the top. So you will want to hold on to something else (like the wall) if you are going all the way up. I mainly use this in my kitchen to access some very high cabinets. I used to use a smaller stepladder and have to stand on the countertops. This ladder is actually slightly above my countertops so it is perfect height. However, plan on storing it within the same room and not toting all around the house - it weighs a whopping 20 pounds!! For me that is fine, because it folds very flat and I slide it alongside the refrigerator. Also, when opened, the back legs stick out a distance, so if you stand on the ladder forward, you cannot reach the wall or a cabinet along the wall. Just turn it sideways and that problem is solved." — Sharon A. Losasso
Trending review: "Spur of the moment purchase. I usually use a pretty unsafe stool when I change light bulbs on my 10 foot ceilings. brother would bring a ladder to my house every summer to clean out my gutters. But this year I decided to spend a chunk of money and create a safer more independent environment. Imagine my delight when I discovered this rugged, sturdy step ladder. The price was much lower than I expected. Also, being a pretty big girl I was thrilled to see the 335 weight capacity. My purchase arrived 5 days early so I decided to clean out my gutters on the weekend. It was much easier than I expected and even felt safe using the third step. I was very proud of myself when I finished and would recommend this step ladder for anyone on a budget." — Kyle Payne
Reassuring review: "Wow! The perfect old lady stepstool! I have used the same sturdy little stepstool for decades. But with nothing to hold onto, I realized that my once gymnastic sense of balance was not what it used to be, and I could not get past the first step. Besides, I fell off a chair last year and broke my arm at age 78, totally freaking out my family, who have forbidden me to elevate myself. Well, they are just not available all the time, so after doing a LOT of reading, I took a deep breath and bought this Delxo. Who would have believed a little old lady could get excited over a step stool? It is light enough for me to carry comfortably, it has nice deep steps that don’t hurt bare feet, it has sides and a top bar to hold onto, with a paint and tool platform, it folds easily, and - ta da! it also fits behind the laundry room door. I could not ask for anything more." — Lee Picton

Get it from Amazon now: $59.79 & FREE Returns


6. Delxo - Portable 2-Step Ladder

Top-rated: 12,275 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Oversized top platform which offers heel-to-toe foot support.

Helpful review: "We needed a step stool for our small pantry - A little step stool was not high enough for us to reach the top shelves and a step ladder was too big to fit in the small room. This Delxo 3-Step Ladder was just right! It fits in the small room and we can reach the top shelves. It's well made, it folds and opens easily, has non-slip black pads on the steps and feet, and it doesn't rock when standing on it. The curved top handle is great for steadying oneself and also works great as a handle when the ladder is folded and being moved. We store it in the pantry against the wall and it is right there when we need it. Of course it also works great in other parts of the house to reach overhead lightbulbs that need changing and nails to hang pictures, etc. Some reviews said the pads were coming off and the steps bent under weight. We didn't find this to be true with the ladder we received. There is a weight restriction, of course, and you would have to be mindful of not only your weight but add on the weight of the item you are carrying while on the ladder. We find it great, sturdy, well made and really handy!" — Kael Dereck
Trending review: "We first purchased a step stool from a Big Box store and was quite disappointed. Stool wobbled when opened due to uneven legs and it felt flimsy. The straight back / handle limited full use of the top step and pressed uncomfortably into your legs when standing at the top. We took it back and ordered this one, and we couldn't be happier with the purchase. The Delxo stool is of quality construction and feels solid. Stool is firmly grounded when open. The curved, foam cover, chair back / handle not only provides good leg room or seating room on the top step, but it protects the walls when stored in our closet. The large vinyl / rubber covers on each step provides sure non-slip footing when in use. We have used it numerous times since it arrived for painting and decorating projects and as a quick extra chair when visitors arrived. I'm a big guy at 270 lbs and this stool provides a solid base when working from the top step compared to a small 3 step ladder I had used previously. In the "Easy to Fold" category I would have given this step stool 5 stars, but the release catch could be better designed for easier use. It takes a little getting use to in releasing it. The catch would have been better if it was spring loaded and had a bar, tab or button to release it. Not a deal breaker, but it is worth mentioning." — Stephanie Sullivan
Reassuring review: "I am short and I hate to climb. I wanted a step stool that would be sturdy and wouldn't wobble the way they tend to do. This stepstool is fantastic! I think it's so stable because the back legs are one solid piece. It also has that great grip able hand rail at the top to help me steady myself as I climb. It opens smoothly and closes easily. It has a maximum weight of 330lbs, but do you know what that means? It's made to last! There are nice treads on the steps too! I would recommend this to ANYONE needing a stepstool. Even if you don't need a larger one. I could see this as being especially nice for the elderly. It weighs 11 pounds but you don't have to worry about it tipping over while they are on it. Most people can handle picking up 11 pounds. I've been healing from a particularly bad back injury and I can manage it. My 7 year old grandson can carry it too. Great quality and well worth the purchase!" — Kelly S. Coffman

Get it from Amazon now: $52.99 & FREE Returns


7. OSCO - Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip

Top-rated: 8,717 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Extra large, slip-resistant steps.

Helpful review: "I'm 73, 110 pounds, female and half my back is fused due to polio prior to 13 and surgery. I'm fearful of anything that I use that isn't super secure because I know one fall because of all my interior and exterior projects that I would especially be in deep poop. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this step stool. I plan on getting several more. I have the 2 step but probably will get 3 step and another 2 step since my husband keeps wanting to take this for his shop. MY LAST STEP STOOL, not this manufacturer and I paid at least twice as much I have pinched my fingers in badly now twice. This will be given away with a warning. This one opens and closes so easy. It's HUGELY SECURE with the feet on tile floor, cement outside, dirt and grass when I did a shutter project, and right now I use it almost daily in my kitchen for those items on top shelves. GREAT JOB with construction. LOVE THE GREY COLOR, and something to kind of lean against with the handle. SO FOR MY PEACE OF MIND This is one safe item for me, and I appreciate this a whole lot." — Danielle Rackstraw
Trending review: "After all these years of feeling awkward and inconvenienced due to not being able to "reach," say to the smoke detectors, curtain rails, or top shelf of the kitchen cabinet, I finally told myself to get the right tool for the job. I didn't like the idea of carrying a dining chair all over the house to start out with, so my choice was to get something compact while carrying. The folding steps was exactly what I was looking for. It folds flat and compact, while the metal frame construct was light and easy for moving around with. The handle provides a secure grip while carrying as well as climbing the steps. It was sturdy and stable enough that I can use it as a temp chair too. I was able to organize the kitchen cabinet the other day. I will work on replacing curtains next week. This step does everything I expected it to do. The only con is that, as the other reviewer mentioned, the numerous unremovable stickers on the metal pipes and behind the steps." — R. Newton
Reassuring review: "THIS PRODUCT is a perfect example of why I will no longer put much stock in 'Fakespot review ratings'! Not ANYMORE! As of this moment, Fakespot has the good reviews for this item rated as a failing "F"! HOWEVER - Despite Fakespot's failing grade - this is a very nice - quality stool!! In terms of functionality, sturdiness, ease of use, everything... it is the best folding step stool that I've ever owned (& as a 60 yr old 5' - 3" female - I've owned my fair share). I have NOT been paid for this review nor have I been approached by the seller, the manufacturer, or ANYONE... This is just an honest opinion from a fairly critical reviewer, who doesn't dole out 5-star ratings unless I truly feel a product deserves it. In saying this, I must add that as a long-time Amazon shopper, I am becoming increasingly frustrated with 'Fakespot' and no longer trust their unstable, every changing, review ratings! Please allow me to explain why... As an avid Amazon shopper - I not only read reviews but investigate a product (sometimes to a fault) before purchasing! In doing so, I try to confirm the authenticity of reviews with websites such as Fakespot, Reviewmanta, etc.. For a long while - I relied on Fakespot review ratings more than any other to base my purchases on... UNFORTUNATELY - I have learned that Fakespot is NOW ALL OVER THE PLACE with their review grades / ratings!! They literally change from day to day and I don't mean a little!!! In the recent past, I have witnessed their ratings going from an "A" rating at the time of my purchase - to an "F" by the time it was delivered to my door! Not once but several times! HOW can this be possible?!!! Although I admit that I still glance at their ratings, I certainly do not rely solely on their rating but rather take their ratings with a grain of salt while checking how the product reviews rate with other review rating websites!!! Take it from one who has learned the hard way... DO NOT BASE YOUR CHOICE TO PURCHASE this stool (or any item) solely on Fakespot's rating because if you do, you will miss out on some great QUALITY items!" — Bodee Agate

Get it from Amazon now: $39.99 & FREE Returns


8. EdMaxwell - Portable 4-Step Ladder with Attachable Tool Bag

Top-rated: 3,591 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: An attachable tool bag is included for holding work necessities, such as screwdrivers, plyers, pencils, nails, etc. Can also hold paintbrushes, tape measures, and bottled beverages.

Helpful review: "This ladder is a medium size, but because of the rails on each side and on top, you can go much higher than expected. I am a female in my 60’s and needed something manageable but still strong and stable. The slip on storage pouch is a plus for screws, tools, whatever you may need once you’re on the ladder. It’s a little heavy to carry, but it’s doable. I highly recommend this for anyone, but seniors especially because of the balance factor of having rails." — Lori Jacobs
Trending review: "So nice when what you get is exactly what you needed! So, let me first say, though the weight of the package felt very hefty and solid, once it was assembled, it's quite easy to move around and doesn't feel as heavy as it does in the box. Now, I'm not a small person, though no where near the 500 lb limit. Around 240ish. My ladder is way too heavy to move in and out of the house from the garage for quick needs. I have to admit, just feeling this stool and looking at it once assembled, I questioned whether it would hold my weight, let alone 500lbs. Once you get on it, it's quite stable, sitting on the floor without my weight, it almost feels wobbly. I climbed to the 3rd step which was more than adequate for reaching my shelves and recessed lighting. I LOVE IT! The rails give me the added safety factor. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Though it might not feel like, it is engineered to carry your weight, nuts and bolts and weight bearing all in the right place. Use it properly, you'll be safe and you'll find it useful. Great product!!! I'll come back if anything changes. Oh, another note about the side rails. Make sure to use a wrench and screw driver to get the nuts and bolts as tight as possible. Be careful using a power screw driver. The instructions say to insert the nut/screw from the inside facing out. I think this is best as the screw sticks out quite a bit and could potentially scratch your ankles if facing in toward the step. So far, this is the only small flaw I found. You can buy caps for the nut to avoid scratching yourself when handling the stool and if you're handy, saw off the extra." — Marianne Thomas
Reassuring review: "I wanted this because I really need to be able to sit down while working on things and the top step is big enough for me to do that. I am able to touch the ceiling when seated, so that is 8 feet up, though I am reasonably tall and that might not be true for everyone. The ladder is sturdy, but a little heavy. Assembly was easy, the top part just slides on and some rounded protrusions snap it in place. The two safety arms require a wrench and a Phillips #2 screwdriver to install the 4 screws, 8 washers and 4 locking nuts. All the steps are quite large front to back and the top one is large enough to sit on. I fit between the two safety rails without difficulty, someone wider might have difficulty sitting. I am pleased with this purchase." — Eric Thompson

Get it from Amazon now: $139.98 & FREE Returns


9. HBTower - Wide Pedal 4-Step Ladder with Handrails

Top-rated: 3,559 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Sponge covered handrails give you a soft feel and better friction.

Helpful review: "I bought this particular step stool for its tool holder, its sturdiness to hold 500lbs and well-positioned handrails for safety. All are excellent EXCEPT the the last two features are not consistent. Anyone carrying extra body weight is not likely to fit in the space between those handrails. Had they made this ladder 2-3 inches wider, it would be practically perfect. Contrary to other comments, I do not have any difficulty opening or closing it. It was also sooooo easy to assemble. I am not going to return it because I needed a sturdy step stool ladder for when others do work for me. However, I will likely remove the right handrail and so I can hold on with my left hand while I work with my right hand. I wish this was designed to easily snap these handrails on and off with heavy duty latches instead of screws. While I’m at it, may I suggest the distance from the ground to the first step be less. I need a step stool to get on this step stool. Using the other steps on this ladder is impossible for me because of the distance between steps. I’ve looked into ladders for people with physical limitations but they do not fold, they have inadequate handrails and are useless for the other able-bodied people I hire for work that’s way above my head. I’m throwing my “wish list” out into the cosmos in hopes it finds the right ladder designer and manufacturer to manifest my “dream step stool”. Amen." — Anne Kipper
Trending review: "The HBTower 4-step ladder with handrails provides the added securiy with the handrails and riser at the top just right for seniors. I am a 64 yo female with a knee replacement and was able to climb to the 4th step. However, it is slightly wobbly possibly due to the back right leg being a little shorter than the others. On different floor surfaces (harwood and tile) it was wobbly, but when I placed a rubber backed bathroom rug under the back right leg it didn't wobble. Husband checked the leg to be sure the cap at the end of the leg was seated all the way on and it was. It doesn't wobble enough to concern us. Each step has raised bumps on the surface giving it an anti slip surface. Love the slip on tool holder for the top. My husband and I put it together very easily and isn't too heavy for me to carry or open/close. I can now reach the smoke detectors when they go off at 2 AM and need a new battery!" — Sharon True
Reassuring review: "This was a gift for my wife, in order for her to be able to safely water all the indoor plants she has. It actually arrived early, and that is always a plus, in my opinion. Very easy instructions, that made assembly quite simple. All hardware is included, and they even send TWO Allen Wrenches, which means that you don’t have to go around the house, looking for the proper tools. The side handles allow for safe climbing of the ladder, the handles are definitely the longest ones we’ve seen on other step-ladders. The steps have very good grips, so you don’t slip as you climb the ladder. Fortunately, we actually got a great deal when the price went down a bit, but price wasn’t an important consideration for us when we were looking for a new step ladder. Very sturdy once put together, no worries there!" — B. L. Davis

Get it from Amazon now: $129.99 & FREE Returns


10. SocTone - Lightweight 3-Step Ladder

Top-rated: 2,934 ratings

best step ladders


Highlight: Quality 1-year warranty and friendly 24-hour customer service.

Helpful review: "Seems sturdy enough. A slight wiggle when climbing but definitely didn't feel insecure. The biggest drawback is that the shelf on the handle is not at all level. Anything that doesn't fit in one of the indentations is in danger of sliding/rolling off. We will have to mod that. Other than that, it seems to work as expected. No problems assembling or folding back up. Basically flat once folded even with the handle on. Just as I expected. I will be storing it behind my kitchen door with no problem." — Kristen Lowry
Trending review: "Every time I would open up our 2-step ladder and have to climb up to the top step, I'd think to myself that there had to be a better and safer way. Well, duh. How about a folding step ladder with a third step?! This is so much more secure feeling. I doubt I'll ever actually use the top step, but it provides a sense of security as there's something to grab onto as I'm ascending (and descending). It folds down and fits into the space where I kept the other shorter ladder just fine. It's actually easier to open and close than the last one and the "click" of the top step locking in is a nice safety feature. I'm am totally delighted with this ladder." — Carl Eastwood
Reassuring review: "When our son contacted us and said he was coming to stay with us for a couple weeks, we realized we forgot to bring the ladder that goes with our RV loft bed. I ordered this ladder because the happy Jack bed couldn't be lowered as far as it could since we had a freezer below it. It worked great and with the wide steps and safety handle he was comfortable enough to use it at night too. I like to use it for cleaning the windows outside of the RV. Very sturdy as long as you make sure all legs are planted flat on the surface. Great for RV life because it's collapsible and easy to store!" — Lori Allemand

Get it from Amazon now: $89.99 & FREE Returns


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