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I Tested And Ranked The Best PCP Air Rifle Compressors In 2024

Achieving that ideal air pressure makes or breaks your shot, so finding the right air compressor is a must. Check out my hands-on reviews of the best PCP air rifle compressors on Amazon.

best pcp air rifle compressors

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. GX PUMP CS4 - Max 5800Psi/40Mpa

Top-rated: 60 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Upgraded 350W motor; 15% faster filling speed.

Helpful review: "Used this compressor a couple of times to fill my PCP and, wow. Great quality, worked right out of the box, no leaks, no problems. Haven’t used it long term yet, but so far it's been good.
Some stuff no one has mentioned/ details:
1) The instructions are pretty good, and state that the air coming out of it is dry and suitable for breathing purposes. I wouldn’t, but that is what it says. It gives detailed instructions for the first time and then repeat startup procedures, and is written in readable English. It also has a full exploded parts diagram and parts list.
2) I went with a no-compromises set up, with an additional oil-water separator and an additional in-line drier and they don’t seem to be necessary. The compressor has a built in oil-water separator that works quite well! After filling, the bleed on my extra external oil-water separator was bone dry, and the bleed on the compressor itself spat out water as expected. I cautiously say you don’t really need an additional moisture solution if you live in a dry or semi-dry climate.
3) The air hose it comes with are standard air rifle Foster type quick-connects on both ends
4) It wasn’t clear but the water cooling is actually a small, very good functioning radiator and water pump. I was worried it might have just been a water jacket for the thermal mass, but that is not the case. The instructions say over and over to fill the water first before turning it on. Mine actually came with the water reservoir about half full of water already, so even if you were dumb and didn’t fill it, it probably wouldn’t have ruined the water pump outright.
5) The AC-DC converter appears to be of good quality and works well so far.
6) Comes with a quick-connect plug for the air line, and instructions that with the plug in place you should get 250 bar in 38 seconds or so. I confirmed this.
7) Took about 10 minutes to fill my ~600 mL bottle from 100 to 250 bar, including the extra volume of the external oil-water separator and big drier. It would probably be a lot faster without the extra volume, as stated above in point 2. Since I have them, though, I will continue to use them.
8) The automatic shut off with double-redundancy is, in my opinion, a critical safety feature. I couldn’t imagine filling a potentially dangerous high-pressure air device without one.
9) Manual states it can be used vertically or horizontally, in case that matters to you.
I've been using the CS4 for two weeks now and really like it. The longer run time, faster fill rate, detachable air hose, liquid cooling and the ability to add grease every 4-6 hours are all cool features. I read their instructions, flushed the cooling system and then filled it with a 70/30 Zerex G48/distilled water antifreeze mix to limit corrosion, and lubricate the pump. You can use distilled water if you so prefer. I tested the unit starting with just the air hose, then the air hose and the filter. I pressurized a 6.8 liter tank to 257 bar in 3 hours and 22 minutes straight and the exhaust temperature never went over 101F. The reason for the odd pressure is that the compressor's limit switches / stop switches actually stop short of the pressure you set. That's no big deal because once I realized it, I adjusted the stop switch and topped it off the rest of the way to the 300 bar. Since the initial fill I've topped that 6.8L tank again as well as my 1.5 liter carbon fiber tank. The CS4 is working great." — George Spafford

Get it from Amazon now: $649.99 & FREE Returns


2. GX PUMP CS2 - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 1,215 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: 0.5L container - from 200BARS to 300BARS in 8 minutes, from 0BARS to 300BARS in 18 minutes.

Helpful review: "I am new to PCP's, and, of course, having no prior experience, I did not know which compressor to buy. After much research and looking at the reviews I decided to order this one. I also acquired a scuba tank kind of by mistake so I decided to fill it to 4000 psi with this little compressor from zero.
I decided that I would only run the compressor for 5 to 8 minutes at a time so not to work it too long. I still had a return window and thought what the heck, let's check it out to see if it will work or I will send it back. Well, I also changed the filter out to a larger one to keep water out and around 22 sessions of the 5 to 8 minute later my tank is at 4000 psi.
This little puppy reminds me of the little engine that could and while it is slow to fill a large tank, it can, if you treat it right. It just kept chugging along. I still have a return window left but for this little puppy's portability and it's ability, if it continues to work as well as it has I am sure I will be keeping it. I will update this review if I have a problem in the future. I hope the seller is as reputable as many have stated should I have a problem. There are risk to buying these types of items at these prices especially when parts are hard to find but compared to other more expensive compressors you will be hard pressed to find one with this many good reviews. I hope this helps some of you on the fence about ordering this little unit. Good Luck.
After running this little gem for close to 3 hours or so total and right after filling the tank mentioned above, I decided that I wanted to check the Piston lube just to see how it was looking. I pulled the plastic plug that covers the piston connecting rod and right away I noticed that the piston had been wearing the end of this plug, in fact it had worn a curved wear mark in the end of this plug curved like the piston.
Obviously, it had been tightened too far into the cavity, the plug was worn to the point that you could see through the center hole. I thought well, I had better pull the piston to see how much plastic was down inside the cylinder. I pulled the piston and found the piston looked ok but there was very little grease on the piston and what was there was too dry but the cylinder wall looked fine. I noticed that there was indeed black plastic wear that had fallen down beside the high compression piston and there was black stuff up and down the high compression piston but the piston and rings had not been damaged at this point.
After watching YouTube videos of a broken compressor and the dried out grease that probably contributed to the drive gear wearing out in that video, I decided to take this one down and evaluate the grease inside the gearing as well as the rod bearing. I found that there was plenty of grease in these areas but I didn't trust the grease that had been used so I removed the old grease and used a high quality grease on the gears and the rod bearing and connecting rod. I chose red atom grease for these areas and I lubed the piston with white Lucas lithium grease both purchased from amazon. Both of these have high ratings and are not warranty breakers as you can see in the questions and answers section that the seller is asking about what kind of grease to use.
I put the unit back together after cleaning and greasing the unit and ran a pressure test which proved that the grease I used was definitely superior to what it had before as the unit ran a little faster and quieter than before and pressured up just fine. That test was without the plastic plug installed because I had filed the end of the plug down shorter and applied epoxy inside to seal it as it had not dried yet.
The next day I had to depressurize my Gauntlet air rifle .13 cu tank to perform some work on it, and, after that I installed the plugin, this compressor that had dried plus I installed an oring on it to insure that it would seal properly and not thread in too far, any oring the size of the plug should work as this area does not get too hot and this plug only needs to be snug to stay in place. I then aired up my gauntlet tank to 4500 psi and it took approximately 8 minutes from zero to 4500 with my newly greased compressor.
It is still the little engine that could. I hope I can continue to use this little unit and it is my belief that anyone with one of these units should go through it as I did and probably should make this a regular maintenance check. That is what I will be doing and I will update if I find any other problems. Again, this is a nice little workhorse but it probably needs some good old corrective inspection and maintenance for proper long term use. Hope this helps.
This little compressor is still working great. I continue to use it regularly to fill my scuba tank when it gets down in the 3600 psi range back to 4000, which are good ranges for filling my Umarex Gaunlet and my Umarex Origin 22. It takes only 2 to 3 eight to ten minute sessions to top off the tank and then I am good for several fills. I have to say that this little unit has proved to be worth the money, if taken care of. I will probably take it back down this winter and check it out and re-grease it where needed.
If you can plug an electrical plug into an outlet, distinguish red from black, "+" from "-", and turn a switch from off to too can set this baby up and use it. Is it slow? Not for what it does. I only run mine for 15 to 20 minutes at a session. Then I let it cool down for an hour or so. Does it work? YES!!! No water pump, no water hoses, and it is QUIET!!! I ran mine in the kitchen with the 110 voltage converter. You can also run it off your car/boat battery. (Suggest you let the car motor run to avoid running the battery down.) Oil??? No! Grease in an applicator, and two threaded plugs that you unscrew to put a bit of heavy grease on moving parts when the time comes. The compressor comes pre-greased!!! So plug and play upon receipt. Max pressure is 300 BAR/4500 psi. May I suggest you go no further than 4000 psi. Experience has shown fills above this pressure just do not return enough extra shots to be worth the effort.
My other Chinese compressor, water-cooled, is long gone. This one is too simple, too effective, too inexpensive, too reliable to save $100 USD and later struggle with the cheaper brands. It appears to have a larger second stage piston, so it can pump slower, run much cooler, built-in fans supply air need one of these.'s Chinese made, but a much superior design from the water cooled units. I'm 76,and did ten back-flips after filling my pcp, and a .5L pony bottle. The ambulance driver said to just use the pump next time, and rejoice quietly!!!" — Charles D. Angus

Get it from Amazon now: $349.99 & FREE Returns


3. OrcAir - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 394 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Benjamin Marauder Pistol (65cc): 0-3000 psi in 2 min; Diana Stormrider (100cc): 0-3000 psi in 3 min; Air Arms S510 Xtra FAC (231cc): 1450-2900 psi in 3 min; Airforce Texan (490cc): 0-3000 psi in 15 min.

Helpful review: "I really like this little guy. It's not made for filling large bottles, but if you use it with common sense, you can fill any bottle with multiple charging sessions. I filled a 66 cu ft bottle with it for my PCP air rifle addiction. It takes an ungodly amount of sessions to do that from 0 psi, but it will do it just fine if you monitor temps and give it adequate time to cool off in between.
Recharging the bottle after a pretty good day of shooting (300 ish shots through multiple different rifles, nothing over a .357) is typically 4 or 5 sessions spread over a 1 or 2 day time span. I run it for about 20 minutes the first time on the 20 oz tippmann bottles I have (from 0 psi) and then let it cool off and finish the 3000 psi with about another 10 minutes of run time. It heats up faster when the pressure is high already, so watch the temps.
It charges my Mega Pitbull Bulldog from 1500 to 3000 psi in about 12 minutes. Charges my Hatsan PCPs from 1000-1500 to 3000 psi in about the same time. Charges the Umarex Origin in about 8 minutes or less depending on current rifle pressure. It needs to be rested and cooled pretty much after each rifle unless it's just a light top off.
It's not quiet. At all. There's a high volume fan that runs to keep it cool and it screams like a jet turbine while it is running. The pump itself isn't bad on noise level, it's similar to some of those 12 volt compressors you plug into your cigarette lighter in your car, except the stroke is a little slower. Between the pump and the fan running at the same time, you definitely want it in a room far away from where you are.
I took mine apart to see how it was made and see what I could do for tweaks. Inside is a 12 volt motor from the little razor scooters they sold something like 15 years ago that had a little chain on it going to the rear wheel. I am confident that if it ever fails, replacements can be gotten for extremely cheap ($30 ish on amazon right now). It's attached to what looks like a 1.5" (ish) air cylinder with 4 ports. 2 ports are linked together with a copper tube, 1 is the inlet with a little bronze/brass filter, and then the outlet connected to the manifold with another short piece of copper pipe.
The manifold has a pressure gauge that's not in PSI, but glows in the dark when hit with bright light. The outlet nipple is one of the ones with an o'ring on the threads where it is screwed in. The vent valve is a typical bolt type with a flat side to release the air without removing the bolt. I really wish it had a light to illuminate the pressure gauge, but it's no big deal. I replaced the gauge with a pcp psi gauge anyway.
I also have a pressure gauge with the wiring to be able to turn the pump off at a set psi on the way from China that I will wire in. There is a cheap temperature monitor on it with a cheap little temp sensor. If this ever fails, again a quick search turns up many for under $5. I will install a 3rd switch to be able to power up the temp monitor without turning on the fan next. The temp sensor had been zip tied to the underside of the cylinder right where the fan would blow on it. I moved it to the top of the cylinder to more accurately reflect cylinder temp and hopefully preserve some life of the pump. It definitely showed higher temps faster than where it was at.
When I first got it and was filling rifles and tanks at 3k psi, I would disconnect the hose with roughly 100 psi still in it after I opened the bleed valve to remove the rifle. When I did this, the burst of air that comes out was laden with moisture. To get rid of as much moisture as possible on the infeed side, I bought a blue, empty, home drinking water filter housing that typically goes under the sink and a gallon jug of desiccant. I removed the brass/bronze inlet filter on the cylinder and replaced it with a hose quick connect, put another matching connector on the filter and attached the hose between both.
This dramatically reduced the amount of moisture from the hose after a charge. I then bought the black forty dollar 40 mpa filters to use on the exit side of the compressor, a couple of the short, blue aluminum filters for $20 and cannot detect any moisture going to the tank or rifle now. I use the big ones on the bottles and the filling of rifles, the blue ones on top offs.
Using oil less / greaseless compressors keeps the oil and grease out of the outflow of the compressor. You will need to filter the outfeed regardless of compressor type to get either water or grease / oil, so filters would need to be bought with any system you use. I really don't recommend using these compressors and filters for breathing air. While I'm sure many people have and have not had any issues, I did a little research into it and I'm not killing myself or destroying my lungs to save a few ten dollar bills.
I have not used the other types of compressors, but I can carry this one with me in the truck if I have to, whereas almost every other one I saw needed 120 volts. The other 12vdc compressors are essentially the same as this one, just more expensive and laid out a little differently, but will encounter the same issues I did. Moisture being the most prevalent on higher pressures. Moisture inside PCP rifles is a big no no.
I actually bought a second one to make sure I have a spare if it quits, so that I could fill multiple rifles at once, or I could continue to fill while the other one cools off. I am modifying it the same way as the first one.
Reviewing this after filling two 48ci paintball tanks right up to 4500psi. I had recently purchased the Umarex Ready Air compressor and that blew up in 7 minutes of run time, so I bought this one to try. This compressor is TINY! Extremely fast shipping, too, ordered Friday and received Monday. Right out of the box I noticed it was nicely packed, everything was included except the dead end plug it mentions in the manual. I ran the compressor twice so far, filled one 48ci tank from 2600 to 4500, took about 10 minutes. Temp reached 65 (limit is 95 before you're supposed to let it cool). Then I let it cool off, you can do this quickly because it has two switches, one is for the fan and one is for the pump. After a brief cooling period with only the fan on, I filled another tank from 3000 to 4500 in only a couple minutes. I was nervous about buying such a cheap pump, but so far so good! I also bought the 4 year warranty so if it fails - Amazon can deal with it! Will update later if something catastrophic happens! I will be using this pump heavily!" — Ralph Rauschenberg

Get it from Amazon now: $170.00 & FREE Returns


4. GX PUMP CS3 - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 969 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Hassle-free filling of a rifle or pistol with Auto Shut Off at desired pressure.

Helpful review: "Excellent GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor! I have used several different types of PCP air compressors with my friends and never found one that I wanted to invest my money into. Some were too loud, some too slow, some too messy with oil and or water, and most were all too bulky and too heavy. Add up all those negatives and you can understand why I was not happy to pay for any of those.
Then I found this one! The GX CS3 PCP Air Compressor! No water hassles and no oil hassles (it has built in fans to cool it). Supposedly not too loud (it was not, I could easily talk to someone in the same room). Supposedly could be used from my 110v house socket (Yes, it worked great as it comes with an included transformer to run from my 110v house current!) or from my car battery (Yes, that too worked great as it has wiring and clips to attach right to the car battery).
Did I mention the auto-shutoff yet? Yes, it has one and it is adjustable! Did everything work as hoped. To sum it all up as quickly as possible, YES! It worked flawlessly with every feature that I mentioned. The craftsmanship was impressive.
Also, one of the best features is its size and weight as it is small and light and extremely portable. Easy to lift, easy to carry, easy to set up with running from either the house or the car.
I held off reviewing it until I received it and used it several times, so my above comments were after I had used it on many occasions as my kids and my wife all have PCP air rifles!
Upon receiving it I had a feeling that I was going to love it. The packaging was triple secure, meaning it had 3 strong layers of boxes, foam, ties, staples, you name it, this thing was packaged excellently.
The instructions were also good and easy to understand. Tools and small supplies came with the unit which were nice additions. I can keep everything together and know that I have all the tools if needed.
Using it on PCP air rifles, the speed of filling up the tanks was excellent for its size. Much easier than all the messy, heavier ones and much easier than manual pumps.
Go for it, you will be quite happy with all of its capabilities and ease of use, especially with being so lightweight and portable. I usually do not write such long reviews but did so as it made my air rifle adventures a lot more fun for me and the family!
Last week I didn't tighten the bleed valve enough, and it fell out, and a small piece inside that helped keep it sealed also fell out and was lost. I thought I had ruined my compressor, since I didn't realize the small piece had fallen out. I contacted the amazon seller, and they were very prompt about helping me - I sent a video to them explaining the issue, and they immediately sent me the replacement part, with instructions on how to replace it. A few days later, it showed up, and my compressor is up and running again. I don't know how you can beat that! They did a great job. I would definitely recommend both the compressor, and the seller to anyone." — Justin Vails

Get it from Amazon now: $399.99 & FREE Returns


5. GX PUMP CS1-I - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 232 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Works quite well for PCP air rifles, air pistols, paintball guns, and HPA tanks.

Helpful review: "I am impressed and I really like this compressor. I ordered this model after another failed, and I’m happy I chose this model. It came packed well and everything was in the box. While doing the pressure check, I noticed the compressor didn't pull down. I moved on to filling a 500cc gun from 130 to 260 bar. The compressor ran at a constant speed, not slowing down at all, taking about 10 minutes (which is about average for a compressor of this kind). Also, I noticed the fan moved a lot more air than the one I was using before.
The converter had its own fan for cooling, which should help a lot.
It is quieter than most other models of this kind.
Since then, I have filled the gun a couple of times along with another 185cc gun @ 232 bar. Honestly, the 500cc gun will hold 300 bar, but is widely recommended to pressurize to 260 bar for performance and longevity.
So honestly I’ve been shooting a lot as of late, so I’ve been filling the 500cc about 10 times a week. It’s still running the same as it did out of the box. I did two 300 bar fills and found the fill slows down after 270… but… it will still get there. So I’m really very pleased with this purchase.
My compressor failed, but luckily it was still under warranty. Dealing with the seller was a breeze. The matter was settled to my satisfaction within 48 hours.
I have been air gunning for several years, I have 3 SCBA tanks but got tired of finding places to fill them. Bought a Yong Heng 4500psi compressor and quickly learned it was junk with no help from the seller. Saw reviews of this GX-CS1 compressor and bought one from this company through Amazon. At 11 months of service, it suddenly quit pumping. Expecting another hassle trying to get service, I emailed this company. Within 1 hour, I had a reply from the company who requested a video of what the compressor was doing, (or was not doing). After sending the video, about 2 hours later, I got a reply stating the video had been sent to their tech department who determined that it was apparent the motherboard had failed. And now comes a huge shout out to Ada with this company.... She expressed her sorrow that this had happened and was immediately sending out a replacement unit for this compressor. It arrived one week later, cost me nothing, and I am back in business. You can rest assured, this company will stand behind their products and customer support is over the top excellent." — Rick Keeling

Get it from Amazon now: $269.99 & FREE Returns


6. TUXING S-061 - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 474 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Smart overheat Auto Shut-Off.

Helpful review: "First and foremost, note that I’ve been into PCPs for a little over 6 weeks, so by no means am I an expert. I specifically got this for an Umarex Gauntlet and small .45L 4500 PSI bottle.
Fill Times and * Temperatures for Umarex Gauntlet:
- 0 to 3000 PSI = ~ 8 minutes | Temp = ~ 155 degrees
- 1000 to 3000 PSI = ~ 5 minutes | Temp = ~ 140 degrees
- 2000 to 3000 PSI = ~ 3 minutes | Temp = ~ 109 degrees
**Room Temps were about 68 degrees. I'm assuming that 195 degrees is the max operating pressure based on specs for Hatsan Spark. (I plan to stay well below that)
I tested running off of the car battery as well as using the included transformer.
Initially when I received the unit, the following pieces were not included: Terminal caps and bleed screw. Contacted the seller and within a week I had all of the missing parts plus a few extra. So take this into consideration when reading my pros and cons.
- Price. It’s about $150 less than the comparable Hatsan Spark Mini Compressors.
- Comes with a transformer, so it can be plugged in a wall.
- So far it seems to be working OK.
- Shipping was much faster than stated.
- Seller was quick to resolve issues with missing parts.
- Parts missing: Did not come with the bleed valve screw.
- Parts missing: Did not come with terminal nuts.
- Transformer came set to 220 (switch is hard to see) / no instructions.
- No instructions – ZERO / NADA.
- Ships from Hong Kong, so tracking is not very reliable.
This truly is a budget compressor. I’m concerned about the longevity of the unit given the lack of parts and missing instructions. My unit arrived Nov 5. I contacted the seller about the missing parts and by Nov 12, I had received all of the missing parts, plus the extras I mentioned above. In the week between, I was able to make mine work because I robbed some parts off of my hand pump and put some makeshift terminal caps on the posts in order to connect the wires. Most people who already have some PCP connections laying around could make this work.
How to set up and use the transformer? Sadly there are no instructions for that. So, first off, you need to check the switch for 110 or 220 and make sure it is set correctly. Move the switch all the way to the left for 110 and all the way to the right for 220. Initially, I did not check the switch, and the result when I ran the compressor was - slow and under-powered. An easy test is to hook it directly to a 12V battery and then run it off of the transformer. It should sound the same.
There’s no need for oil or water cooling. That’s a BIG plus. The days of the old Young Hen compressors might be at an end. AND… This can do everything from 220 to 12V. I mean really, how can you not love a portable with real outdoor abilities?" — Bryon Gaskin

Get it from Amazon now: $165.99 & FREE Returns


7. Spritech 110 - Max 4500Psi/30Mpa

Top-rated: 82 ratings

best pcp air rifle compressors


Highlight: Has a built-in converter and manual Stop Button to support AC 110V or DC 12V power supply.

Helpful review: "This is a good little compressor that gets the job done. It’s a little slower than my previous model but I’ll trade that delay in speed for the convenience of the built-in power converter. Be aware that as soon as you plug this in the fan starts running and it’s loud. No big deal. But you can’t just leave this plugged in without the fan running. As soon as the warranty expires, if it’s still working, I’ll be installing a separate fan switch so I can keep it plugged in on my bench ready to top off my guns.
As far as the price is concerned, this is a great bargain.
It comes with a 12v battery cable connection that makes it portable.
We got a good old car battery and a cheap harbor freight solar panel charger for the battery. So we use this as a portable power source for this compressor when out in the middle of nowhere.
The temp is easy to monitor. I ran it for 5 minutes first, and let it rest a little. Then for 10 minutes, and it brought my 1L bottle up to 200 psi. I like it, and after a 5-minute break, it seems like it is ready to go again to finish this fill up.
I bought this Spritech compressor to replace an old compressor that was giving me difficulty repairing. When I got it, the 115 volt feature didn’t work; only the 12 volt worked. Reading the included manual it discussed this possible problem and what to do about it if it occurred. An hour after emailing the Spritech. tech support team I received a response. They quickly mailed me an easy to replace part that corrected this problem.
I had selected this product as it was the lowest priced fully self contained unit available and I just needed air now. However, upon inspection, I have found it to at least equal the higher priced models out there in quality. It was intended to hold me over until I could restore my old one but it just works, so I will continue to use it instead. It came complete with a rebuild kit, including a check valve. Overall, I am pleased with what I call a good product.
These days good service can be rare, and, as a retired sales manager, I fully understand how this works. So, I will give their service team a thumbs up. Not only did they take care of my product issue, they helped me with my old compressors repair even though it was not one of theirs. I’m pleased and impressed, and that’s hard to say these days.
Great inexpensive compressor; was awesome while it worked. Unfortunately, the gear shaft on the electric motor snapped and the pump ceased to work. Opened it up to get to the problem. I must say it’s very well-made inside. Great parts. It’s very easily adaptable to other types of motors. I’ll give this purchase 5 stars just because of what I discovered inside. I genuinely believe that it snapped due to the QC of the metal gear used on the motor. The motor really works great. If I could find a replacement gear I can easily repair it myself. Great job, great product. Highly recommended!" — George L. Martin

Get it from Amazon now: $170.99 & FREE Returns


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