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My Verdict On The Daisy Powerline 880? Best Air Rifle Ever

It's hard to find the perfect air rifle. Luckily for you, I tested the Daisy Powerline 880 and it actually exceeded my expectations. Read on for hands-on reviews.

daisy powerline 880 review

FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

Daisy Powerline 880 Multi-Pump Pneumatic Rifle .177 Cal (BB or pellet)

daisy powerline 880 review


Highlight: The kit includes safety glasses and 4x15-millimeter scope with rings.

Helpful review: "First off, I must say, this is the first pellet/bb rifle, I've purchased in a long time. I'm 32 now, and when I was in my early teen years I think it was, I had an older Daisy Model 225, one-pump bb-gun. So going from that rifle to this, well, WOW! This rifle is so powerful and accurate, it just blows me away!
To me, it seems like Daisy always had made very high quality rifles and pistols, and this seems to be no exception to that rule. I've owned a bb rifle and bb pistol before, and have played with various other friend's rifles growing up, and to me, this is by far the most powerful I've used. I haven't even pumped it up to the recommended limit of 10 pumps yet, and it still seems so powerful, I'm just positive it is deadly to all small game, and would do some serious damage to a human, and possibly kill someone if pumped enough, and the shot was placed in the right area. Which I definitely wanted to mention, because to me, I wouldn't suggest a parent buy this for child, or give to a child as a present. I think it just has to much power with it, and I would recommend less powerful models for kids. But on the same side of that coin, if you have responsible parents, that will usually be present when their child is shooting this rifle, well then I would think it's okay to buy for them. But the world isn't that lucky to always have that kind of good parental supervision, so parents beware, and always follow and read all safety rules. And of course, always wear the safety eye protection, regardless of age.
I'm not an avid air rifle shooter, so I don't possess a large amount of technical knowledge and jargon, regarding this sport, but I'll do my best to give my impression of the rifle. I've been shooting about 25 - 45 feet, and I've been able to accurately hit my target zone, in decent size grouping, with only about 2 to 4 pumps. I prefer to just use pellets most of the time, and I have the Daisy Flat Head pellets that came with this kit, which are really good. And I also have some Crosman Destroyer pellets that I bought a while ago, and I really recommend those! They just absolutely tear and rip up anything you shoot at. So if you're looking for more clean shots, like with shooting at targets, the flat head one's seem to show better, where you shot.
The safety glasses that came with this kit outstanding, but well, I haven't compared other safety glasses. But I love the yellow tint these have, and they are really clear, and seem very well made, and would most likely stop most pellets or bb's that hit them. They also seem to have adjustable arms on them, so I would think they would fit a wide variety of faces. The bb's that came with the package are your standard silver bb's, they appear to be very good quality, and they all seem uniformed, and have no dents or imperfections that I could find. Now on to the thing that most people have a problem, and I'm no exception in this area either, the Daisy 4x15 scope...
Although, to be fair, I have no prior knowledge of attaching any kind of scope to a any kind of rifle, so honestly, I'm not sure I can judge this scope. I found it annoying to try to get on by myself, I'm sure it would be easier with someone to help hold it, or have the proper tools like a vise to hold the gun while you work. But once I did get it on, I found all of my shots went to the bottom right of my target, almost exclusively. But like I said, I have no experience with scopes, so take my review on this particular part of the package, with a grain of salt. I should add that, within the myriad of instructions that came with the kit, nowhere does it provide information on how to attach the scope properly, nor sight it in. I would have liked to have had that, because to me, without knowing what I'm doing, I haven't found a lot of helpful information on the net so far, but I'm going to continue to search. I would so the rifle's normal front and rear sights are very accurate, and I usually do just fine, using them only.
So overall, I would say this is an outstanding air rifle, for the beginner, and also for the expert. Of course, there are a lot more superior rifles out there, but for the price, well, I just think you can't do any better, with a rifle with the fps that this has, and just the outstanding accuracy and weight to it. I'm enjoying mine daily, and I assume if you make the choice to get this package, or the gun by itself, you'll be just as happy as I am :)." — Fuzzbucket

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daisy powerline 880 review



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